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  • Prices Achieved

    $270,000   Learn More >
    Imperial Chinese Famille Rose Vase
  • Prices Achieved

    $130,000   Learn More >
    Chinese Song Dynasty Ge-Yao Brush Washer
  • Prices Achieved

    $40,000   Learn More >
    Chinese Famille Rose Ding Censer
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    $17,500   Learn More >
    Cecil Kennedy English Still Life Painting
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    $25,000   Learn More >
    Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Oil
  • Prices Achieved

    $11,000   Learn More >
    Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Castilian Red Pheasant Macchia Set
  • Prices Achieved

    $40,000   Learn More >
    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Urn
  • Prices Achieved

    $22,000   Learn More >
    Édouard Cortès Parisian Street Scene Painting
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    $22,500   Learn More >
    Thomas Hill Yosemite Oil Painting
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    $50,000   Learn More >
    Morris Graves "Winter Bouquets" Painting
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    $10,000   Learn More >
    Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Oil
  • Prices Achieved

    $30,000   Learn More >
    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Vase
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    $7,000   Learn More >
    Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing Painting

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Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm
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717 South Third Street
Renton, Washington 98055


Fax: 425-255-0236 

Email: info@mbaauction.com

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Our Team

Larry Mroczek Lawrence C. Mroczek (Larry) - Owner, Head Auctioneer 

Lawrence Mroczek is the founding partner of Mroczek Brothers Auctioneers & Associates also known as MBA Seattle Auction House. He grew up in the auction business started by his parents in 1966 and has been a licensed auctioneer since 1967. At the age of 26 Larry co-founded MBA Auctions in 1977 and has been running it ever since.

Lawrence always had a passion for fine objects and artworks beginning his focus on traditional northwest art. The link between Alaska and the Northwest first interested him collecting Indian artifacts and paintings by Sydney Laurence and Eustace Ziegler. He has since opened his palette to modernism and the entire northwest school focusing on "The Mystics" including Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and Guy Anderson among others.

Michael Mroczek - Co-Auctioneer
Michael Mroczek

Michael was born into the auction business, with his father, Lawrence Mroczek, leading the family-run company. At the age of 8, Michael began helping his father at the company's estate auctions. Years of exposure to the auction business, antiques, art, and rarities not only confirmed Michael's interest in becoming an auctioneer, but also prompted him to attend the University of Washington, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. During this time, Michael discovered his passion—as well as his aptitude—for modern art.  

In 2005, after graduating from college and becoming a licensed auctioneer, Michael was finally able to use both his extensive experience working with the family business and his breadth of knowledge from college as an auctioneer at MBA. His experience and education has allowed him to recognize quality in all genres of antiques and collectibles. Michael is truly passionate about his career, and feels so lucky to be able to work with so closely with his family. 

His specialties include extensive knowledge in:  
    ▢ Northwest Modern and Contemporary Art
    ▢ Studio Ceramics and Pilchuck Glass
    ▢ Northwest Coast and First Nations Art
    ▢ Asian Arts and Ceramics

Tarod Hembry - Floor Manager


We here at MBA strive to do the very best for our clients and maintain a strong integrity for our business. With over 50 years of experience we continue to handle the best artworks and objects to come out of the Northwest, breaking new records every year. 2016 marked our 50th Anniversary as a family-run company. 

Our History

1966-1975Seattle Auction Palace at 6512 15th Ave NE, Seattle
1975-1977Seattle Auction Service, 403 31st Ave S, Seattle
1977-1982Mroczek Brothers Auctioneers & Associates (MBA), 211 1st Ave S, Seattle
1982-1985MBA, 16204 Cedar Mountain Pl SE, Renton
1985-1994MBA, 700 SW 4th Pl, Renton
1994-1995MBA, 401 S 3rd St, Renton
1996-1997MBA, 257 Rainer Ave N, Renton
1997-Present   MBA/Seattle Auction House, 717 S 3rd St, Renton