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    Imperial Chinese Famille Rose Vase
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    Chinese Song Dynasty Ge-Yao Brush Washer
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    Chinese Famille Rose Ding Censer
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    Cecil Kennedy English Still Life Painting
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    Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Oil
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    Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Castilian Red Pheasant Macchia Set
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Urn
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    Édouard Cortès Parisian Street Scene Painting
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    Thomas Hill Yosemite Oil Painting
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    Morris Graves "Winter Bouquets" Painting
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    Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Oil
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Vase
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    Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing Painting

Thursday November 7, Northwest Estates Auction

Great Items from NW Estates featuring Mid Century Modern Furnishings, Antique Chinese & Asian Furnishings, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Fine Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Sterling, Fine Antique China, Artworks, Paintings, Vintage Wrist Watches, Clocks

Mid-century Modern: Swedish Bodefors Teak Dining Extension Table, 4 MCM Dining Chairs, Widdecomb Walnut MCM Dresser w/Mirror, King Headboard & Night Stand, Teak Roll Front Tall Cabinet w/sm Drawers, Teak Serving Tray w/Stand, Mid Century Modern Round Glass Top Coffee Table, Lots of Studio Pottery, Heywood Wakefield Nest of Tables, etc. Antiques, Vintage & Modern Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Period Chippendale oversize Armchair, Period Chairs, Johnson Furniture Mahogany Inlaid Secretary Desk w/Eagle Finial, Carved French Chaise Lounge, French Carved Bench, Chaperone 3 seat Round Chair, Tripod Tip Table, Fine Antique Mirrors, Bamboo Armchair, Chestnut Library Table, Recliner, etc. Advertising & Country Store: Oak Table Top Showcase, Tins, Ironware, Apple Corer, Utensils, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, 18th Century Engravings, Watercolor Paintings, 7 Salvador Dali Lithographs, 5 Elton Bennett Serigraphs, Marble Bust, Framed Prints, Antique Maps, Spy Prints, Pair of Early 1800s Portrait Paintings, Group of 3'x4' NW Mountain Photos, Giovanni Piranesi Engraving, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine Jewelry, Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry, Pearls, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Tea & Coffee Sterling Service, Antique English Sterling, Fine Silver Plate Tea & Coffee Service, Muffineers, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Baccarat Perfume Bottles, Waterford, Lots of Perfume Bottles, 18th & 19th Century Fine China, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Serving Pieces, Old Paris, Flow Blue, Transferware, Depression Glass, Crystal Stemware Sets, Carlo Moretti, Cobalt Blue, lg Cut Glass items, Studio Glass, Lladro Hummels, Goebel Figurines, Fine China Sets, Noritake Colburn Set, Stangl Golden Harvest Pottery Dishes, Bauer Ware, Very Large Grouping of Vintage Fiesta Ware, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches: Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks, Vintage Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches, etc. Oriental Rugs: Very Nice Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, 3 long Runner Rugs, Antique Rugs, etc. Doll Collection: Antique Bisque Dolls, A&M, lg Lenci Doll w/Box, Doll Houses, etc. Chinese & Asian Antiques: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Furnishings, Antique Chinese Tables, Chests, Qing Alter Coffer Cabinet, Alter Tables, Round Carved Swivel Pedestal Base Table, Pair High Back Armchairs, Carvings, Pairs of Chinese Small Stands, Pottery, Cloisonne, Chinese Carved Figures, Large Jade Bi Discs, Large Jade Fish Figure, Tibetan Decorated Chest, Large Chinese Ceramic Vase & Double Happiness Jars, Lots of Antique Chinese Ceramics, 18th Century Chinese Export Ceramics, Cinnabar, Yixing Tea Caddy & Teapots, Snuff Bottles, Chinese Paintings, Rose Medallion, Carved Soapstone Items, Imari Wares, Laquer Wares, Antique Chinese Rosewood Stacking Miniature Nest of Tables, Satsuma, Table Screens, Chinese Sewing Baskets, Textiles, etc. Items of Interest: US Coins, Figural Lion Head Wall Mounted Fountain, Paper Mache Cow, Fine Mink Jacket & Coats, Accordian, Sleigh Bells, Vintage Toys, Ironware, African Masks & Spears, Many Antique Leather Bound Books, Vintage Childrens Books, Stamps, Antique Brass Candlesticks, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 24, Northwest Estates Auction

Items from NW Estates featuring Antique & Period American Furnishings, Advertising Tins, Lots of Fine Jewelry & Sterling, Fine Glass & China, Artworks, Paintings, Vintage Wrist Watches, Clocks

Antiques, Vintage & Modern Furnishings & Accessories: Antique American Pine Corner Cupboard, Primitive Chests, Antique early 1800s Chests, Vintage Chippendale Double Chair Settee, Sheraton Mahogany Settee, Fancy Floor Mirror w/Carved Frame, Early 1800's Mahogany Dining Chairs, Display Cabinets, 4 Oak Pressback Chairs, Mica Shade Triple Floor Lamp, Heavy Carved Oak Desk, Antique Heavy Carved Mahogany Desk, Drop Leaf Tables, Oak Bookcase, Fancy Metal Patio Table & 2 chairs, Victorian Oak Stick & Ball Easel & Wall Racks, Fine Georgian Oak & Mahogany Serving Tray Collection, Oak Boxes & Mini Drawers, Antique French Vitrine, MCM Chrome & Black Side Chairs, Console Cabinets, Antique Large 3 Drawer Rosewood Chest, Pair Mahogany Butler Chests, Oak Mantle, etc. Advertising & Country Store: Hanging Scale, Grocery Scale, Counter Top Jar, Advertising Tin Counter Top Dispensers & Displays, Original Paper Packaged Items, Cigarette & Cigar Boxes, Advertising Thermometers, Vintage Kitchenwares, Advertising Seed Wood Containers, Tobacco Tins, Levi's Advertising Promotional Standing Cowboy Figure, Levis Shirt, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Luigi Kasimir, Marble Bust, Framed Prints, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Large Quantity of Fine Jewelry, Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Bracelets, Fine Jewelry Earrings, Darla Nordstom Necklace, David Yurman Jewelry,Tiffany Sterling Golf Tee, Jade, Lots of Sterling, Mexican Sterling Jewelry, Danecraft Sterling Jewelry, Court Beads, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Beads, Pearls, 6pc Set Gorham Tea & Coffee Sterling Service, Reed & Barton Renaissance Sterling Flatware Set, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Meissen Blue Onion Fine China, Meissen Serving Dishes, Villory &Boch Fine China Service, Caster Sets, Paden City, Heisey, Fenton, Fostoria Opalescent Sea Scape, Royal Doulton Vases, Jugs, Mugs, Bunnykins, Snow White & 7 Dwarfs, Elegant Depression Era Glassware & Crystal, Cobalt Blue, Ruby, Pink, Blue & Green, large Cut Glass items, Studio Glass, Portrait China, Large Crystal Wine Dispenser, Peacock & Wild Rose Vases, German Figural Vases, Royal Strssbourg, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches: Mantle Clocks, Large Figural Mantle Clock, Vintage Tank Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches, etc. Asian: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Pottery Cloisonne, Chinese Carved Figures,Cinnabar, Asian Chest on stand, Yixing Teapot & cups & Saucers, Court Beads Collection, Antique Chinese Long Carved Alter Table, Emperor & Empress Chinese Paintings, Rose Medallion, Puzzle Teapot, Carved Agate Chinese Fruit, Carved Soapstone Items, etc. Items of Interest: (3) Vintage Iditarod Full Size Dog Sleds, Sheepskin Rugs, Fossils, Orthoceras, Trunks, Sage Fishing Rods, Antique Books, Brass Blade Vintage Fan, Antique Kitchen Wares & Utensils, Egg Cookers, Wire Racks, Dish Dryers, Decoys, Brassware, Vintage Macintosh M0001 Computer w/Keypad & Mouse w/Original Boxes, Antique & Modern Oriental Rugs, Large Parrot Bird Cage, Safes, Guitars, Oak A&C Stained Glass Lamp, 50's Panther TV Lamps, Marble Lamps, Mixing Bowls, Collection of Pie Birds, Vintage Water Skis, 120 Vintage Still Banks, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 10, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antique American Primitive Furnishings, Advertising Tin Collection, Advertising Signs, Beer Trays, Country Store Displays, Large Still Bank Collection, Lots of Fine Jewelry, Fine Glass & China, Artworks, Paintings, Sterling Flatware, Clocks

Antiques, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Vintage Oak Telephone Booth w/Bi/Fold Door, Vintage Arts & Crafts Oak Rocker, Umbrella Stand & Bench, Oak Art Nuveau Dresser w/Mirror, American Primitive Chests, Pie Safe, Kitchen Cupboards, Antique early 1800s Drop Leaf Tables, Secretary Desks, Postmaster's Desk, Display Cabinets, Oak Arm Chairs, Oak Rockers, Figured Maple Chest, Antique Children's Chairs & Rocker, Victorian Settee, Marble Top Lamp Table, Modern Arts & Crafts Oak Morris Chair, End Tables, Mica Shade Table & Floor Lamps, Vintage Roll Top Desk, Oak Wall Cabinets, Set of Oak Dining Chairs, Heavy Carved Library Oak Table, Pipe Cabinet, etc. Advertising & Antique Country Store: Advertising Tin Counter Top Dispensers & Displays, Counter top Peanut Jars, Original Paper Packaged Items, Cigarette & Cigar Advertising Signs, Advertising Thermometers, Vintage Ice Cream Scoops, Advertising Seed Wood Containers, Antique Beer Trays, Soda Trays, Tip Trays, Advertising Hand Mirrors, Advertising Fans, Advertising Clock, Large & Small Tobacco Tins, Lunchbox Tobacco Tins, Peanut Tins, Lighted Anheuser Busch Counter Top Glass Sign, Several Hundreds of Advertising Tins, Tobacco, Coffee, Cookie, Wafer, Marshmallow, Candy, Advertising Signs, Advertising Posters, Advertising Hand Mirrors, Tin Spice Sets, Soda Bottles, Levi's Advertising Promotional Items, Jeans, Coolers, Notebooks, Shirts, Dispensers, Advertising Paperweights, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Elton Bennett Print, Raoul Dufy Print, Machetanz Lithographs, Weighorst Signed Lithograph, Large Parrish Print, Lee Bogle Lithographs, Charles Gause Lithographs, Advertising Posters, Art Posters, Vintage North West Mountain & Scenic 16" x 20" Photographs by Asahel Cutis & Norman Edson in Heavy Bronze frames from the Origiinal Artwork Displays at the Exchange Building in downtown Seattle, etc. Vintage Still Bank Collection: 700+ Banks: Figural Banks, Advertising Banks, Some Mechanical Banks, George Washington Banks, Indian Head Banks, Counter Banks, Globe Banks, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Large Quantity of Fine Jewelry, 40 + Fine 14K Rings, Fine Jewelry Earrings, Elsa Peretti Tiffany Platinum & Diamond Earrings, Gold Coin Ring, Credit Suisse Pendants, Chinese 22K Pendants, Turquoise Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Navajo Jewelry, Beads, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Beads, Pearls, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Tiffany Favrile Glass, Steuben Aurene, Baccarat, Waterford, Burmese, Cranberry, Rubena, Mt Washington, Victorian Art Glass, Studio and Modern Pottery, German Stein Collection, 30+ Steins, Antique Pattern Glass, Fine Cut Glass, Intaglio Glass, Lenox Holiday Tartan Fine China, Bohemian Glass, Lladro Figures, Cups & Saucers, Roseville, Weller, Spode Tower Plates & Dish Sets, Flow Blue Dishes, SW Pots, Belleek, Fenton, Cut Stemware, Moorcroft Items, Cambridge Glass, Pickle Casters, Biscuit Jars, Carnival Glass, Old Country Roses Royal Albert Fine China, Tureens, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches: Ships Clocks, Grandmother Clock, Mantle Clocks, Table Clocks, Antique Clocks, Howard Miller Wall Clock, Darigold Advertising Clock, Starburst Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches, etc. Asian: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Chinese Carved Figures, Chargers, Asian Bronzes, Cinnabar, Chinese Silk Garments, Large Chinese Junk Boat Model, Japanese Cloisonné Foil Vase, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Brass Blade Fan, Cigar Cutters, Lighters, Navajo Rugs, Aubusson Tapestry, Linens, Old License Plates, Scrimshaw, Mother Of Pearl Opera Glasses, Antique Fans, Minox & Mamiya Spy Cameras, 35MM Cameras, Antique Oriental Scatter Rugs, Plateau Mirror, Student Lamp w/Glass Shade, Uncut Sheet of $32 US $1 Bills, Pair of Lustre Lamps, Stained Glass Lamp Base, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 26, Asian Arts & Antiquities

Featuring Asian Arts, Textiles, and Antiquities Online, Including Large Silent Auction with Over 100 Lots of Asian Objects and Art!

Collection of Jades: Fine Pierced White Jade Plaque on Stand 19th Century, Fine Pierced White Jade Buckle 19th Century, Fine Jade Carved Covered Vase with Taotie Masks Early 20th Century, 3pc Carved Jade Dragon Belt Hooks Late 19th/Early 20th Century, Jade Mountain Carving with Monkeys Mid 20th Century, Large Collection of Jade Bangles and Pendants Mid 20th Century, Large Green Jade Carved Table Screen with Immortals, etc. Snuff Bottles & Cinnabar: Fine Three Color Carved Cinnabar Snuff, Group of Carved Agate and Lapis Snuff Bottles, Group of Chinese Porcelain Snuff Bottles, Pair Chinese Carved Cinnabar Round Qing Boxes, etc. Asian Jewelry & Silver: Collection of 22k Chinese Gold Dragon Necklaces with Lock Pendants, Group of Antique Chinese Silver & Jade Toggles, 3pc Chinese Wang Hing Sterling Dragon Teaset, Japanese Sterling Silver Decorated Tea Kettle, Fine Japanese Hammered Tetsubin Silver Teapot, 2pc Fine Japanese Silver & Maki-e Lacquered Jewelry Chests, etc. Asian Porcelain & Yixing: Chinese 18th Century Blanc de Chine Seated Guanyin, Early Chinese Yixing Pottery Tea Caddy 18th Century, Collection of Qing and Republic Yixing Teapots, Fine Republic Porcelain Mountainous Landscape Vase Artist Signed, Chinese Blue Monochrome Rouleau Vase with Carp Fish 19th Century, Pair Chinese Blue Monochrome Bottle Vases Republic Era, 2pc Republic Porcelain Seated Buddhas, 2pc Chinese Ming Style Blue & White Porcelain Large Vases Mid 20th Century, Fine Chinese Republic Plate with Birds, Pair Chinese Qing Porcelain Dragon Platters, etc. Chinese Textiles: Chinese Kesi Gold Silk Dragon Robe Fragment, Chinese Silk Brocade Dragon Robe Fragment, Group of Chinese Silk Embroidered Panels & Runners, Chinese Silk Embroidered Robes & Wedding Skirts, Collection of Silk Embroidered Sleeve Panels, Pair of Cut Velvet Phoenix & Foo Lion Hanging Panels, etc. Samurai Swords: Fine Japanese Samurai Katana with Maki-e Lacquered Scabbard, Early Japanese Katana with Wood Sheath, Fine Japanese Tanto Dagger with Engraved Dragon Blade and Shagreen Sheath, etc. Asian Furniture & Sculpture: Fine Qing Chinese Rosewood Carved Opium Bed with Dream Stone Roundels, 3pc Chinese Huanghuali Armchair & Tea Table Set, 3pc Chinese Zitan Black Rosewood Horseshoe Chair & Tea Table Set, Chinese Archaic Ming Style Zitan Alter Table, Qing Chinese Rosewood Carved Alter Table, Fine Chinese Carved & Gilt Rosewood Dragon Armchair 18th/19th Century, Japanese Gilt Bronze Samurai Warrior Sculpture Signed, Japanese Figural Bronze Ikebanas, etc. Asian Scrolls & Prints: Rare Chinese Imperial Edict Scroll on Silk Brocade 19th Century, 2pc Chinese Imperial Decree Scrolls on Silk Brocade, 2pc Empress Dowager Cixi Scroll of Scholarly Objects & Flowers, Qing Silk Embroidered Scrolls with Guanyin and Star Gods, Zhang Lijia Modern Mountainous Landscape Scroll, Zhao Shenfu Mountainous Landscape Scroll, Impressive Large Wang Shen-Sheng Scroll of Macaque Monkeys, Gu Jianlong 17th Cent. Scroll Painting of Courtesans and Deer in Landscape, Collection of 7pc Paul Jacoulet Japanese Style Woodblock Prints, etc. Fine Antiquities: Fine Chinese Qianlong Cloisonne Shou Large Plaque with Bats and Carved Rosewood Frame, Chinese Han Dynasty Fanghu Covered Vessel, Japanese Koichi Saku Mixed Metals Okimono of Benkei and the Bell, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday September 19, Northwest Modern & Western Arts

Featuring Fine Northwest & Western Artworks, also WPA Era Northwest Artworks

Northwest WPA Art: Impressive Zama Vanessa Helder "Cottonwood Creek" Landscape Watercolor, Zama Vanessa Helder "Neighborhood Pine" Small Watercolor, Amanda Snyder "Paper Boy Clyde from Texas" Portrait Oil Painting, Amanda Snyder "The Peddler" Constructivist Wood on Board Composition, Dorothy Milne Rising "Silver Tip" Mountain Landscape Oil, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Ruby Beach" Northwest Scene Oil Painting, May Marshall Abstract Still Life Oil, Edgar Forkner "Lake Union" Watercolor, etc. Modern Art: Guy Anderson "Man and The Sea" 1984 Large Oil Painting 38"x52", William Cumming "Running Girl, Walking Man" 1999 Acrylic Painting, William Cumming "Old Man Walking" 1962 Large Tempera Painting, William Cumming 1964 Acrylic of Little Girls, 2pc Carl Morris Large Abstract Acrylic Vertical Paintings, Exceptional Spencer Moseley "Black Crowds White" Large Geometric Oil, Spencer Moseley "Ad Four" Geometric Oil, Early Alden Mason "Support Your Arch" Pop Art Oil Painting, Boyer Gonzales "Verticals in Yellow" Abstract Oil, Early George Tsutakawa "Song of the Nightingales" Sumi Work, George Tsutakawa Gansai Painting of Shrimp, John Matsudaira Small Abstract Casein, Early Max Benjamin Abstract Oil, Early William Ivey Abstract Expressionist Oil, Early Lee Kelly Mask Welded Metal Wall Sculpture, Philip McCracken Hanging Nature Wood Panel, Kathleen Gemberling "Spring Burst" Large Abstract Oil Painting, William Hixson Large Modern Oil Painting of Trees, Z.Z. Wei "Barn Shadows, Winter" Oil Painting 48"x36", Morris Graves "Plant with Insects" Ink Painting (Foster/White Label), Morris Graves "Bird with Egg" Graphite Drawing, Joseph Goldberg "Fly By" Encaustic Painting, Louis Bunce Large Abstract Oil Painting, Everett DuPen Bronze Female Torso Sculpture, Paul Horiuchi "Autumn Series #2" Casein Collage Early 1960's, Paul Horiuchi "Autumn Dawn" 1959 Casein Collage, Kenneth Callahan "Panorama" Blue & Yellow Abstract Tempera, Kathleen Gemberling "Hunter's Pond" 1960's Abstract Oil, Margaret Tompkins 1969 Abstract Oil Painting, Virginia Banks "Hammer & Sickle" Surrealist Oil, 2pc William Cumming 1950's Women Paintings, Ambrose Patterson "Mountain Top" Abstract Oil, Neil Meitzler Mountain Abstract Casein Painting, 3pc Pehr Hallsten Abstract Paintings (Otto Seligman Labels), 2pc Rosalyn Gale Powell Floral Watercolors (Foster/White Labels), Pat De Caro "Standing Figure" 1987 Large Oil Painting, William Kimura (AK) "Walrus Herem" Large Monotype, 3pc Walter Brettingham (British) Futurist Oil Paintings, 2pc Robert Watson Surrealist Oil Paintings (Maxwell Galleries Labels), 2pc Richard Johnson (Louisiana) Mod Abstract Large Acrylic Paintings, David John Barr (MI) Constructivist Relief Hanging Sculpture, William Tillyer (UK) Large Abstract Landscape Watercolor, Lloyd Blakely Large Abstract Oil Painting, etc. Traditional Art: Impressive William Trost Richards Large Seascape Watercolor in Period Framing, Impressive Grafton Tyler Brown Mt. Hood Large Oil Painting, Carducius Ream (American) "Still Life with Rasberries" Oil Painting, Francois Flameng (French) Soldiers in a Square Oil Painting, 2pc Giuseppe Gazzardi Realist Oil Paintings, 2pc Donatus Buongiorno Old Man with Children Oil Paintings, Bernard Neville (Alfred Neuville) French Oil of Cats and Dog in Interior, Carlo Santini (Italian) Woman with Child Large Carrera Marble Sculpture on Pedestal, Henry Andrews (British) "The Picnic" Impressive Oil Painting, George Chann (CA) Oil Painting of Seated Little Boy, etc. Western Fine Art: Frederic Remington "Trail of Texas Cattle" Ink Drawing (Closson, Cincinnati Gallery Label), 3pc Impressive Fred Oldfield Indian and Cowboy Large Oil Paintings from Late 1960's, Beverly Carrick Snow Southwest Landscape Large Oil Painting, Hans Ressdorf "Canyon Floor" Impressionist Oil Painting, Large Collection of Northwest Western Paintings by Ron Smith, Jack MacGinnis, Ned Mueller, Sharon Sharpe, Bill Conant, Robert Thomas, Doug Brown, Robert Walton, Randy Van Beek, Doug Studebaker, etc. Native Baskets, Pottery, & Implements: 2pc Blue Corn San Ildefonso Feather Jars, Maria & Popovi Blackware, Antique Apache Olla Basket, Antique Tlingit Rattle Top Basket, Grouping of Antique Inuit Scrimshawed Implements, etc. Fine Art Glass: Exceptionally Rare 1909 Tiffany Exhibition Floral Glass Vase for the Alaska Yukon Exposition, Large Lalique "Masque" Frosted Glass Plaque, Large Examples of Lalique and Daum Crystal, Fine English Repousse Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, Camusso Peruvian Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, Pair Antique French Enamel Cabinet Vases, Fine Guilloche Enameled Pill Box with Courting Scene, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Dale Chihuly 4pc Multi-Color Ocean Persian Studio Set 2002, Dale Chihuly Marigold Persian Edition Work with Original Case & Box, Dale Chihuly Fiesta Macchia Basket with Original Case & Box, David Huchthausen "Uranium Chrysalis" Glass Sculpture, Pino Signoretto Large Murano Glass Aquarium Sculpture, David Schwartz Z.A.O.F. 1991 Etched Glass Optic Bowl, Rare George Tsutakawa Studio Pottery Abstract Decorated Charger, Clayton James Torso Ceramic Sculpture, Exceptional Betty Feves Decorated Slab with Face, Rudy Autio 1960's Slab Thrown Vessel, Akio Takamori Early Handled Vase with Lovers, Howard Kottler 1960's Vessel with Applied Textile, Several Robert Sperry Stoneware Pieces, Mary & Edwin Scheier Pottery, Michael Lucero Early Decorated Bust, Phillip Moulthrop Exotic Wood Bowl, etc. Prints & Multiples: Jim Dine Multicolor Robe" 1988 Signed Serigraph, 2pc Mark Tobey Signed Abstract Etchings, Robert Rauschenberg "Benayora Hall" Signed Poster, Jean Francois Millet Lifetime Etching, Reginald Neal "Red Circle Moire" Lithograph, Art Hansen Poppy Floral Etching, etc. 20th Century Design: Eames for Herman Miller Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Niels Moller Danish Teak Dining Set with Sideboard, Robsjohn Gibbings Designer Dining Set, Torbjorn Afdal for Bruksbo Teak Bench, Limbert Oak Mousehole Library Table #183, Rare King Craft (Oregon) Oak Armchair, Lifetime Stickley Rocker, J&H Young Armchair, Adrian Pearsall High Back Armchair, Laurel Mushroom Floor Lamp with Table, Tom Emerson Steel Art Chair, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 29, Online Collectibles, Advertising, Posters, & Firearms

Featuring Men's Wristwatches: Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch, Vintage Rolex Bubble Back Wristwatch, 2pc Heuer NOS Chronograph Watches in Boxes, 14k & 18k Wristwatches by Movado, Universal, Baum & Mercier, Bucherer, LeCoultre

Guns: Vintage Mauser P08 Lugar 9mm Pistol Serial Number 73609, Vintage Colt Cobra .38 Special Revolver, S&W 125th Anniversary Engraved .45 Revolver Presentation Pistol with Box, Winchester Model 94 Bicentennial 30-30 Lever Action Rifle with Box, Vintage Walter P38 Pistol with Original Holster, Vintage Colt .38 Police Special Revolver, Randall .45 Semi-Automatic Pistol, Antique Parker Engraved Double Barrel Shotgun, Antique Parker Double Barrel Damascus Steel Shotgun, Winchester Model 1897 Pump Action Shotgun, Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle, Fox Gun Co. Double Barrel Shotgun, Winchester Model 1897 Pump Action Shotgun, Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle, Winchester Model 61 Pump Action .22. Rifle, Antique English Flintlock Blunderbuss, Antique Turkish Flintlock Rifle, etc. Militaria: Rare WWII German Kriegsmarine Flag, Group of WWII German Patches & Insignia, 2pc Signed Adolf Hitler Book & Photo, 2pc Civil War Letters, etc. Advertising Items: Collection of Antique Tobacco Tins, Collection of Antique Tin Tip Trays and Soda Trays, Group of Vintage Levi Advertising Materials including NOS Group of Andy Warhol Posters, etc. Comics & Sports Cards: Collection of Silver Age Comic Books Marvel & DC with Superman, etc. Collection of 1950's & 1960's Topps Football Cards (Estate Fresh), 1971 San Francisco Giants Team Signed Baseball, Collection of 1950's and 1960's Hot Rod Magazines, etc. Space & Car Collectibles: Grouping of manuals and reports from the Apollo Missions from former NASA Employee, Vintage Boeing Desk Models, 1970's Mercedes Concept Car Original Artwork, etc. Music & Instruments: Signed Van Morrison Electric Guitar, Signed Ringo Starr Drum Head, Vintage Martin Ukelele in Case, etc. Rare Maps & Posters: Rare Abraham Ortelius "Typus Orbus Terrarum" 16th Tinted Map Engraving, Rare Abraham Ortelius "Americae Siv Nobi Orbus" 16th Tinted Map Engraving, 6pc Vintage Ringling Bros. NOS Posters, etc. Stein Collection: Dozens of Antique Mettlach and Regimental Steins, Capodimonte, etc. Rare Books: Signed Albert Einstein 1953 "My Later Years" Book, The Works of H.G. Wells Atlantic Edition Signed and Numbered Book Set in Original Shipping Crate, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 8, Great Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates Featuring Antique Chinese Carved Furnishings, Antique India Furnishings, Royal Doulton Figure Collection (100's), Large Vintage Wrist Watch Collection, Fine Jewelry, Fine Glass & China, Artworks, Paintings, Lots of Sterling

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: Alvar Aalto Laminated Tables & Chairs, MCM Long Bench, Dansk Teak Handle Flatware Set, Convertible Dining/Coffee Table, Set of 4 Laminated Formed Wood Dining Chairs w/Metal Legs, MCM Desk, etc. Antique & Contemporary Furnishings: Vienna Marble Top Commode w/Mirror, Vintage Cherry Roll Top Desk, Set of 9 Councill Craftsman Dining Chairs, Candlestick Telephone Stand, Gun Cabinet & Stands, etc. Chinese & Asian: 3 Carved Chinese Wash Stands w/Dragons, Antique Rosewood Low Cabinet w/Sliding Doors, Chinese Carved Rosewood Bar Cabinet, Japanese Dragon Carved Desk & Chair, Carved Chinese Bench, Chinese Lacquer Cabinets & Chests, Indonesian Carved Ceremonial Rice Cart or Cabinet, 6' Fine Carved Vishnu Figure, Antique Chicken Coop Cabinet on Legs from India, Chinese Antique & Vintage Ceramics, Jade Carvings, Snuff Bottles, Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Carved Jade & Soapstone, Carved Figures, Chargers, Asian Lamps, Cinnabar, Pigskin Boxes, Temple Bell, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Group of 1820's Luigi Rossini Italian Architectural Engravings, Antique Bird Lithographs, Iditarod Posters, Vintage Mountain Photos, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Prints, Framed Feather Fan, etc. Vintage Toys: Miniature Soldiers, Collection of Lead Ship Models, Britains, Vintage Plastic Model Cars, etc. Dolls & Teddy Bears: Vintage Barbie Dolls, Many New Mint in Box Dolls including Barbie, Ashton Drake, Effanbee, Kewpie, Madame Alexander Dolls, Steiff Stuffed Animals, Teddy Bears, Gund, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Jade Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, (2) Sets of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Sterling Trays, Candlesticks, Sterling Box, Vases, Turquoise Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, English Fish Services in Presentation Boxes, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Collection of 400+ Royal Doulton Figures, Bunnykins, Beswick, & Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures, Doulton Rouge Flambe, Collection of 100+ Oyster Plates, Moorcroft, Majolica, Cut Stemware & Crystal, Venetian Glass, Studio and Modern Pottery, Fine Cut Glass, Royal Copenhagen Figures, Noritake Angel D'Amour Fine China Set, Set of Noritake Gold Band White Fine China, Set of Lenox Peach Tree Fine China, 30+ English Bone China Cups & Saucers, Roseville, Fine China Figural Compotes, Franklin Mint Paperweights, Artglass Paperweights, SW Native Pottery, Rubena Verde, Victorian Artglass, Bohemian Glass, Portrait Plates, Royal Vienna Vase, Antique Lenox Vases, Antique China Covered Servers, Fiesta Dishes & Teapots, Vintage Pottery Mixing Bowls, Depression Glass, Shaving Mugs, Nippon, etc. Lamps: Pair of Red Satin GWTW Hurricane Lamps, etc. Rugs: 7'x10' Blue Persian Medallion Rug, (2) 6'x9' Silk Inlaid Persian Medallion Rugs, 6'x8' Caucasian Rug, 6'x9' Bokara Rug, Runner Rugs, Scatter Rugs, etc. Designer Women's Clothing & Designer Handbags: Massoni, St. John, Jaeger, Ferragamo, Fendi Bags, Louis Vuitton Bags, Burberry, Evening Bags, Vintage Women's Hats, etc. Clocks, Vintage Wrist Watches: Vintage Banjo Clocks, 3 Weight Wall Clock, Large Quantity Vintage Wrist Watches, Lots of 14K & 18K Wrist Watches, Tissot, LeCoultre, Omega, Hamilton, Gruen, Bulova, Longines, Elgin, Lord Elgin, Tank Watches, Curvex Watches, 100+ Vintage Wrist Watches, etc. Stereo Components & Speakers: Klipsch Speakers, Acoustic Response Speakers, Sony & Denon Stereo Components, Infinity Speakers, KEF Speakers, etc. Items of Interest: "The Indiana" Saxaphone by Martin Saxophone, Andre Revan Saxophone, Banjo, English Brass Long Fireplace Wood Box, Indian Baskets, Vintage WWII German Flag, Ironware Pots, Still Banks, Vintage Books, Nikon 35mm cameras, Puppets, German Figural Nut Crackers, Arabian Sheath Knives, Horse Figures, Marble Pedestal, (2) Antique Tea Caddies, Antique Valentines, Pewter, Vintage Crocks, Jugs, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday July 25, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antique American Oak Furnishings, Advertising Tin Collection, Country Store & Apothecary Store Fixtures & Equipment, Large Pocket & Wrist Watch Collection, Fine Jewelry, Fine Glass & China, Artworks, Paintings, Lots of Sterling, American Primitves

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: 4 Danish Teak Display Cabinets w/Glass Doors, Pr MCM Arm Chairs, Coffee & End Tables, Fine Lamps, etc. Antiques, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Oak Bookcase w/Glass Doors, Oak Secretary Desk Display Cabinet, Oak Highboy, Carved Oak Sideboard w/Leaded Glass Door Upper Display & Lower Doors, Oak Hat & Umbrella Stand, Fancy Victorian Stick & Ball Wicker Lamp Tables, Magazine Racks, Planter Boxes, Chairs, Stands, Lamps, etc., 3pc Antique Spoon Carved Bedroom Set w/High Back Bed, Dresser w/Mirror & Commode, Antique Children's Chairs & Rockers, etc, Square Oak Dining Table & Chairs, Deco Oak Small Display Cabinet, Antique French Brass Fancy Andiron Set, Soldier Iron Andirons, Stucco Bamboo Display Stand, Antique Iron & Enamel Wash Stands, etc. Antique Country Store & Apothecary Store Fixtures & Supplies: National Fancy Brass Cash Register, Very Nice Nickel Plated Brass Curved Glass Tower Counter Top Display Cases, Table Top Nickel Plated Brass Curved Glass Display Case, Country Store Cheese Round Cutter, Fairbanks Morse Platform Scale, Diamond Dye Cabinets, Antique Balance Scales, Square Counter Top Display Case, Lg Advertising Tin Counter Top Dispensers & Displays, Soldier & Drug Store Displays, Vintage Frederick & Nelson Display Figure, Drug Bottles, Countertop Planters Peanut Jars, Mortars & Pestles, Apothecary Bottles, Original Paper Packaged Items, Straw Dispensers, Rubber Stamp Holders, Cigarette & Cigar Advertising Posters, Store Display Cabinets for Minters Candies, Millers Falls, Ice Cream Pie Makers, Vintage Ice Cream Scoops (30+), Stamp Dispenser, String Holders, Advertising Seed Wood Containers, Advertising Egg Carrier, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Large Vintage Currier & Ives Print, Vintage Robert Wesley Amich Indian w/Canoe Print w/Batwing Frame, Advertising Posters, Art Posters, Kinsey Photos, Goldtone Photos, Vintage North West Mountain & Scenic Photographs, Rolf Armstrong Vintage Prints Beautiful Ladies, Antique English Hunt Scene Lithographs, etc. Vintage Toys, Ride on Cars, Amusement: Ride On Vintage Cars & Trains, Drums, Typewriters, Blocks, Mint in Box Toy Sets, Mint in Box Cars & Trucks, Pressed Steel Cars & Trucks, Registers, Iron Cars, etc. Advertising Posters, Tins, Trays, Signs, etc.: Several Hundreds of Advertising Tins, Tobacco, Coffee, Cookie, Wafer, Marshmallow, Candy, Advertising Signs, Advertising Posters, Advertising Hand Mirrors, Tin Spice Sets, Coca Cola Vintage Cooler, Thermoses, Soda Bottles, Advertising Calendars, Advertising Seltzer Bottles, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine14K Rings, Fine Jewelry Earrings, Jade Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, 150+ pc Set of Oneida Heirloom Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Sterling Tea & Coffee Service Bowls, Candlesticks, Vases, Sterling Vanity Brush Set, Sterling Art Nuveau Liquor Set, Turquoise Jewelry, Squash Blossom Necklace, Conch Belt, Fetishes, Beads, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Beads, Pearls, Mabe Pearls, (3) Very Fine Neo Classical Carved Shell Cameo Pendants, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Daum Pate de Verre Leaf Dish, Steuben Aurene, Lalique, Steuben Crystal, Baccarat Crystal, Waterford Lismore Stemware & Crystal, Waterford Colored Cut to Clear Stemware, Venetian Glass, Lots of Studio and Modern Pottery, Fine Cut Glass, Royal Copenhagen Fine China, Bohemian Glass, Mintons Ancestral Pattern Fine China Set, Set of Gorham Midnight Contessa Fine China, 20+ Lladro Figures, (many with original boxes), Cups & Saucers, Roseville, 1920 Van Briggle Vase, Rookwood Vase, Fulper Vase, Erte Plates, George Jones Majolica Cheese Tower w/Dragonflies, Gouda Pottery Vase, Fine Hand Painted Spode Vase, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches, Movements & Watch Parts: (2) Grandfather Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Figural Clocks, Table Clocks, Large Quantities Wrist & Pocket Watches, Omega, Girard Perregaux, Tudor, Skeleton Bucherer, Tiffany 18K Ladies Wrist Watch, Lots of 14K & 18K Wrist Watches, Hundreds of Vintage & Antique Watch Movements, Fusee Watch & Clock Movements, Vintage & Antique Pocket Watches, Railroad Watches, Watchmaker's Tools, Seiko Wrist Watches (Many Mint in Box, New Old Stock), etc. Asian: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Carved Jade & Soapstone, Carved Figures, Pair of Ceramic Goldfish Bowls on Carved Wood Stands, Chargers, Asian Lamps, 2 Color Cinnabar, etc. Aftrican Artworks & Carvings: Lots of Carved African Figures from 2 Estates & Masks, Ethnic Carvings, etc. Items of Interest: Brass Birdcages & Stands, American Primitives, Pennsylvania Dutch, Paddles, Implements, Wall Hooks, Drying Racks, Hand Implements, Candle Molds, Mallets, Food Grinders, Antique Typewriters, Vintage Brass Blade Fans, Oak Wall Telephones, Scales, Vintage Woodworking Tools, Stanley Combination Planes, Wood Planes, Shavers, etc, Boy Scout Books, Cylinder Records, Vintage Coffee Grinders, Tobacco Cutters, Cigar Molds, Copper Pans, Nice Vintage Indian Baskets, Alaskan Carved Totems, Mukluks, Native Volcanic Grinding Stone, Antique Ride On Childs Horses w/Iron Wheels, Charles McCarthy Doll, Copper Boilers, Russian Brass Samovar, Teddy Bears, Vintage WWII German Flag, Miniature Swivel Bookcases, Skates, Some Currency, Mother of Pearl Umbrella Handles, Hats, Comics, Ironware Pots & Implements, Shoe Lasts, Grundig Radio, Hand Woven Rope, Pocket Knives, Mechanical Banks, Lighters, Copper Foot Warmer, Kraut Cutters, Bookends, Accordian, 4'x6' Oriental Rug, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday July 11, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antique Furnishings, American Oak, Fine Jewelry, Fine Glass & China, Artworks, Paintings, Lots of Sterling

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: Lounge Chairs, End Tables, Lamps, Light Fixture, Mid Century Blue & White Desk & Chair, etc. Antiques, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Oak Kitchen Queen, Oak Ice Box, Swivel Standing Bookcase, Fold Up Bookcase/Breadrack, Primitive Pine Sideboard, Carved Oak Bookcase, 2 Carved Marble Top Console Tables, 2 Fancy Bentwood Cane Seat Settees, Wicker Morris Chair, Wicker Floor Lamp, Wicker Oak Top Dining Table, Pair Empire Armchairs w/Carved Wings, Rosewood Antique Canterbury/Magazine Rack, etc. Country Store Fixtures: Very Nice Curved Glass Counter Top Display Cases, Square Counter Top Display Cases, Oak Spool Cabinet. Artworks & Bronzes: Oil Paintings, 2 Oil Paintings by Dennis Ramsay, Antique Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Signed Lithographs by Maurice Utrillo, Salvador Dali, Erte, Thomas Rut, Jurgen Gorg, (21) Rie Munoz, Wistrom, Elton Bennett, John Van Zyle, Bergstrom, Art Posters, Norman Edson Photographs, Bronze Figures, Lg Maxfield Parrish Daybreak, Antique English Hunt Scene Lithographs, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K Rings, Diamond Rings, Pendants, Brooches, Bangles, Lots of Sterling, 2 Sets of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Vases, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Beads, Pearls, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Large Pickard Hand Painted Limoge Punchbowl w/Base, Venetian Glass, Lots of Studio and Modern Art glass, Fine Cut Glass, Meissen Blue Onion Fine China Set, Easterling Fine China Set, Set of Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fine China, Depose Antique French Hand Painted China, Russian China, Noritake Polonaise Fine China Set, Dish Sets by Wedgwood, Spode Palyx Ware China Set, , Wedgwood Collector Plates, Fenton, 30+ Lladro Figures including The Three Wise Men, Cups & Saucers, Modern & Studio Pottery, Set of Denby Pottery Dishes, Inverted Fan & Feather Northwood Pink Slag Glass, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 & 8x10 Oriental Room Size Rugs, Runner, Oriental Rug & Scatter Sizes, Flat Weave, etc. Coins & Stamps: US & Foreign Coins, Mint Sets, Silver Rounds, US Stamp Collection, First Day Covers, Albums, etc. Clocks & Watches: (2) Atmos Clocks, Seth Thomas Regulator Wall Clock, Ashcroft Ships Clock, Antique Wall Clocks, 14K Gold Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches, etc. Asian: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Carved Soapstone, Japanese Block Prints, Chinese Needlework Textiles, Thai Carved Figures, Carved Chinese Buddha, Very Large Set of Imari Dishes, Imari Punch Bowl, Large Charger, etc. Items of Interest: US Coins, African Carved Barrell Chair w/Head Carving, Framed Antique Fan, Large Longabarger Basket Collection (50+), Marrantz 2215, Turntable, Antique Large Birdcage, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday June 27, Coins & World Currency

Featuring a lifetime estate world currency and coin collection being offered with NO RESERVES!

Coins: Collection of Vintage US Silver Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Standing Liberty Halves, Kennedy Halves, Washington Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, 1899-S $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin, etc. Lifetime Collection of World Currency: Featuring thousands of pieces of uncirculated currency from countries worldwide including many specimens and consecutive notes.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday June 20, Northwest Modern & Western Arts

Featuring Fine Northwest & Western Artworks

Modern Art: Diego Rivera 1936 Watercolor with Emiliano Zapata, Morris Graves "Plant No.3" Tempera Painting, Mark Tobey Untitled Abstract Forms Tempera on Paper 1964, Mark Tobey Red Abstract Monotype, Helmi Juvonen "Petroglyph" Painting (Hatch Collection Label), Paul Horiuchi "Winter Gray" Casein Collage 1960's, Richard Gilkey "Golden Barn" Oil Painting 24"x36", Impressive Michael Spafford "Head of Medusa with Sword" 1984 Mixed Media Artwork 50"x60", Roger Shimomura Samurai Acrylic Oil Painting, Gaylen Hansen Large Oil Painting of the Kernal with Wolves, William Cumming "Old Man with Little Girl" 1960's Large Acrylic Painting, Kathleen Gemberling "Earth Glow" 1970's Oil Painting, Joseph Goldberg "Snow Field" Large Encaustic, Paul Horiuchi "Fantasies in the Dark" Long Casein Collage, Gerard Tsutakawa "Mobus Sun" Starfish Bronze, Alden Mason Abstract Head Acrylic Painting, Impressive Kenneth Callahan "On the Shore" Tempera on Board, Kenneth Callahan "The Battle" Mixed Media, William Cumming "Woman Jumping" Acrylic Painting, Mark Tobey "Woman Reading" Watercolor (Otto Seligman Label), Lois Graham Mixed Media with Collage Abstraction, Kenneth Callahan "Panorama" Tempera Painting, Fay Chong Abstraction Watercolor, Fay Chong "Cherry Blossoms" Large Watercolor, Carl Morris Deciphered Stone Watercolor, 4pc Jay Steensma Northwest Sea Life Oils on Paper Bags, Kenneth Callahan "Squirrel" Sumi, Bill Hoppe "Fountain" Watercolor, Albert Tuohy "Owl" Abstract Painting, 4pc Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction Paintings, Jacob Elshin "Provence" Tempera Painting, David McCosh "Reclining Nude" WPA Era Oil Painting, Yvonne Twining Humber Small Lake Scene Oil Painting, Bill Hoppe Large Geometric Abstraction on Canvas 58"x106", 2pc Bill Hoppe Geometric Abstract Watercolors, Michael Schultheis Large Red Abstract Oil, 2pc Ilene Meyer Surrealist Oil Paintings, Emily Hall Morse Abstract Collage, Earl Hebert (Louisiana) Mardis Gras Modern Oil Panting with Book, Keith Martin Abstract Forms Watercolor, Benny Andrews (GA) Modern Ink Figure Drawing, etc. Western Fine Art: Impressive Eustace Ziegler "Indians Drying Fish" Oil Painting 16"x20" (Double Sided with Seattle Street Scene on Verso), Sydney Laurence "Morning Twilight" Mt. McKinley Small Oil Painting, Jules Dahlager "Deer Mountain" Oil in Original Frame 10"x12", William Lee Judson (CA) Indians in Landscape Oil, Frank Vavra (CO) Impressionist Landscape Oil, Ace Powell Large Indian with Horse Oil Painting, 9pc Collection of Important work by Fred Oldfield including "The Inspectors" Oil Painting (The Cover of the Fred Oldfield Book), 3pc Elizabeth Lochrie (Montana) Sioux Indian Portrait Paintings, 4pc Terrance Guardipee (MT) Native Ledger Paintings, 4pc Hulan Fleming Coastal & Winter Scene Oil Paintings, 2pc Arthur Pillsbury Yosemite Goldtone Large Photographs, Collection of Southwest Decorated Pottery, etc. Native Art & Masks: Large Cedar Sun Mask by John Livingston, John Livingston Sisiutl Carved Serpent Mask, John Livingston Bentwood U-Form Painted Storage Box, John Livingston Carved Cedar Beaver Grease Bowl, Tony Hunt Sr. Carved Cedar Moon Mask with Inlaid Abalone (Exhibited), Tony Hunt Jr. Carved Cedar Moon Mask, Tony Hunt Jr. Kwagiulth Killer Whale Articulated Mask, Tony Hunt Jr. Cedar Sun Transformation Mask, Beau Dick Abalone Inlaid Cedar Frontlet, Reg Davidson Carved Killer Whale Frontlet, Joe David Carved Portrait Mask, Henry Hunt Carved Cedar Thunderbird Totem Pole Model, 2pc Makah Woven Spruce Root Hats with Whaling Motifs, Alex McCarty Carved Rattle, Makah Carved Whaling Boat Model & Painted Paddle, Greg Colfax Dzunukwa Mask, etc. Southwest Pottery Collection: Antique Zuni & Zia Olla Polychrome Decorated Pots, Ceramics by Marie & Julien Martinez, Martha Appleleaf, Joy (Frogwoman) & Fawn Navasie, Marcellus Medina, E.P. Routzen, Anderson Peynetsa, J. Kalestewa, etc. Traditional Artworks: Monumental Francois Boisrond (French) San Francisco Modern Oil Painting 6'x9', Francois Boisrond Abstract Acrylic of Face & Figures, Fine Antoine Blanchard (French) Parisian Street Scene 13"x18" Oil Painting, Alfred Howland (American) Rainy Day Landscape Oil, Nell Walker Warner (CA) Pink Roses Still Life Oil Painting, Mary Creamer (CA) Pink Dogwoods Floral Still Life Oil, George Moreland (Britihs) Interior Scene 18th Century Oil Painting, Avard Fairbanks (Utah) Canyon Scene Oil Painting, Franklin Miller (Massachusetts) Still Life with Steak Oil Painting, etc. Prints & Multiples: Peter Lik "Kauai Dreaming" Large Acrylic Color Photograph, Peter Lik "Bella Luna" Large Acrylic Color Photograph, Peter Lik "Ancient Spirit" Large Color Photograph,Imogen Cunningham "Two Callas" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Edward Weston "Cypress, Point Lobos" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Bruce Barnbaum "Wall Curves" Silver Gelatin Print, Patrick Jablonski "Rocks & Tide" Silver Print, John Sexton Silver Print, Mark Tobey "Musee de Arts Decoratifs" Signed and Numbered Lithograph, Erte "Y" Serigraph from Alphabet Series, Mary Cassat "Looking into the Hand Mirror" Etching, Pablo Picasso "La Celestine" Etching Edition of 350, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Clayton James "Runner" Ceramic Sculpture, Museum Quality Howard Kottler "Screwball" 7" Ceramic Dog Sculpture (Published with 2 Color Pages in Book), Dale Chihuly 7pc Tan Glass Tabac Basket Set 1987, Dale Chihuly Burnt Sienna Glass Persian with Blue Lip Wrap, Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Bowl, 2pc Benjamin Moore Palla Bowl and Vase, Danny Perkins Large Fused Glass Vase, Jay MacDonell Allium Glass Sculpture, John Takehara "The Great Wave" Large Pottery Charger, 8pc Mutsuo Yanagihara Cobalt & Gold Luster Pottery, Impressive Virginia Weisel Mid Century Ceramic Lamp, 2pc Virginia Weisel Stone & Wood Sculptures, etc. 20th Century Design: Fabulous Gustav Stickley Complete Oak Dining Set with Original Finish including Display Cabinet 815, Sideboard 814, and Round Table 634 with 6 Chairs (349 1/2, All Labeled), George Nakashima Walnut Lounge Chair with Rocking Arm, Rare Stig Lindberg Enameled Copper Coffee Table, Eames for Herman Miller Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Hans Wegner "Presidential" Rosewood Sideboard, Red Seat Belt Rocking Chair by Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, etc. Horse Racing Items: 2pc Kenneth Callahan "Longacres Paddock" Tempera Painting and Drawing, The Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park Sterling Figural Winner's Trophy, 2pc Oak Tree Sterling Winner's Humidors, 2pc Breeders Cup Sterling Trophies, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday May 16, Antiquities from Europe & Asia

European Art & Marble Sculpture: Bernard Neville (Alfred Neuville) French Oil of Cats and Dog in Interior, George Moreland (British) 18th Cent. Pub Interior Oil, Lammert Van Der Tonge (Danish) Mother & Child in Interior Oil, Frits Ohl (Dutch) Indonesian Junk Ship Oil Painting, Carlo Santini (Italian) Woman with Child Large Carrera Marble Sculpture on Pedestal, Galileo Pochini (Italian) Carved Marble Standing Woman Sculpture, etc. Fine Jewelry & Couture: Art Deco Platinum 2.48ctw Diamond Cocktail Ring, 2pc Diamond Platinum Art Deco Cocktail Rings, Antique Chinese 22k Jade Dragon Ring, Christian Dior Full Length Black Glama Fur Coat, etc. Asian Porcelain & Jades: Impressive Chinese Imperial Dragon Jade Seal with Sterling Mounts from Yokohama Dated 1898, Chinese White Jade Pierced Dragon Plaque Table Screen, Large Collection of Chinese Jade Pendants and Small Carvings, Impressive Pair of Qing Large Porcelain Vases with Polychrome Peach & Deer Scenes, Republic Era Large Seated Famille Rose Buddha, Republic Gilt Porcelain Seated Buddha with Children, Chinese Realgar Imitation Peking Glass Vase, Antique Flambe Glazed Porcelain Meiping Vase, Antique Chinese Langyao Oxblood Glaze Tripod Censer, Pair of Republic Porcelain Bulb Planters, Large Pierced Polychrome Glazed Bottle Vase, Large Grouping of 18th Cent. Export Porcelain (Many with Armorials), etc. Asian Bronzes: Antique Chinese Gilt & Lacquered Bronze Censer on Stand with Jade Finial, Chinese Bronze Tripod Censers, 4pc Indian Figural Oil Lamp Altar Pieces 19th Cent., Collection of Chinese Guanyin & Deity Bronze Statues, etc. Asian Furniture: Fine 3pc Chinese Carved Zitan Black Rosewood Armchair & Table Set, Chinese Huanghuali 3-Part Large Desk, Chinese Huanghuali Ming Style Altar Table, Chinese Huanghuali Carved Altar Table, Antique Chinese Rosewood Square Carved Table, 3pc Chinese Huali Horseshoe Chair & Tea Table Set, Antique Japanese Dragon Bench with Figural Owl Finials, Fine Antique Chinese Jade & Hardstone Applique Table Cabinet, etc. Asian Paintings & Sculpture: Exceptional Jianhua Liu "Obsessive Memories" Large Ceramic Couch Sculpture, 2pc Peng Xiancheng Scroll Paintings with Figures on Horses (Purchased at a Gallery in Seoul, Korea), Chuah Teng Fine Batik Painting with Figures, Tao Weihong Chinese Night Scene Scroll Painting, etc. Woodblock Prints: Elizabeth Keith "Singapore" Woodblock, 5pc Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints, 4pc Kawase Hasui Woodblock Prints with Early Watanabe Seals, 2pc Oharu Koson Bird Woodblock Prints, Clifton Karhu Early Japanese Woodblock, Sadao Watanabe "Three Wise Men" Woodcut, etc. Items of Interest: Georg Jensen Sterling Compote, Group of Early Crown Milano & Pattern Glass, Rare Oyster Plates, 1926 Venice Biennale Murrine Glass Box, Grouping of Chinese Peking Glass & Porcelain Snuff Bottles, Chinese Lapis Bead Court Necklace, Enameled Silver Filigree Box with Symbols of the Buddha, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday April 25, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates featuring Mid Century, Asian & Antique Furnishings, Fine Jewelry, Fine Glass & China,
Artworks, Paintings, Lots of Sterling, Coins

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: MCM Walnut Lane Cedar Lined Chest, 8' wide Danish Teak Sideboard/Display Cabinet, Hand Made Pine Long Bench, Pine Tables, Pine Small Chest, Ekornes Stressless Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Lunstead Mid Century Modern Walnut Executive Desk, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Baker Square Glass Top Table & 4 Matching Wood Chairs, Antique Pedestal Game Table, American Oak Carved Secretary, Spindle Back Carved Rocker, Vintage Twin Poster Beds, Lamps, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Oil Paintings, Antique Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Antique Gold Frame Mirrors, Signed Lithographs by Salvador Dali, Erte, Chagal, Itzchak Tarquay, Marcel Mouly, Japanese Block Prints, Art Posters, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K Rings, Diamond Rings, Chains, Pendants, Brooches, etc., Bangles, Lots of Sterling, 2 Sets of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Randahl Sterling Bowl, Bowls, Candlesticks, Vases, Sterling Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Lalique Bowls & Large Nude Bacchantes Vase, Val St Lambert Crystal, Venetian Glass, Orrefors, Fine Cut Stemware, Lots of Studio and Modern Art glass, Fine Cut Glass, Cut Glass Punch Bowl Set, Meissen, Capo di Monte, Fine China, Dish Sets by Lenox Blue Ridge, Haviland, Blue Danube, Fenton, Lladro Figures, Hummel Figures, Pottery Mixing Bowls, Cups & Saucers, Modern & Studio Pottery, Ragnor Reinholdsten, Louis Mideke, Virginia Weisel, John Fassbinder, Sam Scott, Ulla Wiinblad Hjelmqvist, etc. Glass Works by Rollin Karg, Scott Curry, Susan Glass, Glasshouse Artists, Dale Chihuly Signed Books, William Morris Books, Murano Glass, Vintage Pitcher & Bowl, Carnival Glass, Set of Arabia Pottery Dishes, Arabia Collector Plates, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9'x12 '& 8'x10' Kirman, 8' Round Rug & Scatter Sizes, Flat Weave, etc. Coins & Stamps: US & Foreign Coins, Mint Sets, Silver Rounds, US Stamp Collection, First Day Covers, Albums, etc. Clocks & Watches: Atmos Clock, Seth Thomas Wall Clock, China Case Mantle Clock, Antique Table Clocks, Antique Oak Kitchen Clock, Gold Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches, etc. Lighting: Antique Brass Ceiling Fixture w/ 4 Frosted Glass Shades, etc. Precision Equipment: Vintage & Antique Microscopes, Sextant, Transit, Precision Balance Scales, Binoculars, Precision Instruments, Tripods, etc. Asian: Chinese Carved Teak Tables, Plant Stands, 2 Chinese Long Carved Benches, Chinese Laquer/Inlaid Cabinet, 4 Panel 6' Silk Screen, Ceramic Lamps, Pottery Vases, Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Jade Carvings, Carvings, Cloisonne, Carved Soapstone, Japanese Block Prints, Antique Chinese Pottery Lamps, Chinese Needlework Textiles, Kimonos, Obi, Pigskin trunks, etc. Items of Interest: NSM City-II Juke Box, Ship Models, Fur Coats, Patchwork Quilt, Nice Oak Map or Print Flat Cabinet, Ships Wheel, Ships Bell, Antique Fishing Reel, Brassware, Violins, WWII Signal Corps Field Radio, Vintage Top Hat, African Beadwork, Vintage Dolls, Vintage Hand Fans, Totems, Poker Chips, Baseball Mits, Postcards, Trains, Pewter, Ephemera, Books, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 11, Fine Northwest Art & Objects Auction

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: MCM Lunstead Walnut Executive Desk, Hundevad Teak Sideboard/Display Cabinet, 3 MCM small Marble Top Square Tables, Walnut Long Drop Leaf Dining Table, Lunstead Glass Top Dining Table, 3 MCM Teak Wall Units, MCM WalnutBar, MCM Armchair, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Massive Antique Period Gothic Cabinet w/Columns, Antique Rosewood Pedestal Game Table w/claw feet, Windsor High Back Armchair, Antique Primitive Pine Drop Leaf Table, Antique Cherry Twist Leg Drop Leaf Dining Table, Wicker Childrens & Doll Furniture, Drexel 3 Drawer Chest, Mahogany Butler's Chest, Antique French Night Stand, Pair of Small Oval Pedestal Inlaid Mahogany Tripod Pedestal Tables, Marble Top Brass Fancy Fern Stand or Lamp Table, Antique Blanket Chest Hand Painted dated 1815, Upright Gun Cabinet, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Oil Paintings, Olive Bristol, Richard Kirsten, Antique Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Antique Gold Frame Mirrors, Signed Lithograph by Miro, Prints by Rembrandt, Chagal, Itzchak Tarquay, Japanese Block Prints, Vintage NW landscape Photographs, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 22K long chain necklace, 14K Rings, Chains, Pendants, Brooches, etc., Bangles, Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, 3 Sets of Sterling Flatware, 117pc Gorham, 71pc Shreve, 139pc WMF 800 Silver Flatware Set in Original Boxes (Knives have Henckels Blades), Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Vases, Sterling Brush Sets & Mirrors, Sterling Jewelry, Turquoise, Costume Jewelry, Miriam Haskell Bib Necklace, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Tiffany Pinecone Letter Holder & Pen Trays, Waterford Crystal, Baccarat, Val St Lambert & Steuben Crystal, Venetian Glass, Orrefors, Fine Cut Stemware, Art glass, Fine Cut Glass, Meissen, Fine China & Pottery Dish Sets by Lenox Westchester, Franciscan Desert Rose, Haviland, Roseville, Wedgwood, RS Prussia, Royal Bayreuth, Paperweight Collection including Orient & Flume, Correia, Craig Zweifel, Vandermark, etc, Gibson Glass, St. Clair Glass, Very Large Collection of Elegant Depression Glass, Heisey, Cambridge Imperial, ACB Amethyst Glass, Depression Glass, Pink, Blue, Green, Cobalt, Ruby, Cranberry, Caramel Slag, Crystal Caster Set, Flow Blue, Stretch Glass, Blenko, Satin Glass, Burmese, Diamond Quilted, Brian Brenno Glass, lots of Fenton Glass, Antique Epergne, Crystal Double Candelsticks w/drop crystals, Pottery Mixing Bowls, Fiesta Mixing Bowls, Advertising Crock, Spatterware, etc. Carnival Glass Collection: Large Collection includes lots of Amythyst & Marigold, Northwood, Dugan, Imperial, Tiffin, Decanter Sets, Bowls, Plates, Compotes, Punchbowl Set, etc. Oyster Plate Collection: 50+ Majolia & Fine China Oyster Plates, Asparagus Plates, Octopus Plates, etc. Horse Racing Memorabilia: Bronze Figural Horse Trophies, Plaques, Crystal Trophies, Photos, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 & 8x10 Kirman, 19' Runner Rug, Room Size & Scatter Sizes, Flat Weave, etc. Vintage Toys: Wind Up Antique Toys by Chien, Unique, Marx, etc, Steiff Animals, Sir Galaxy Robot, Pull Toys, etc. Clocks: Unusual Figural Wall Clock w/Weights, 4 Antique Table Clocks, etc. Lighting: Antique Brass Ceiling Fixture w/ 4 Frosted Glass Shades, Heavy Ormolu Mounted Table Lamps, 2 Light Brass Ceiling Fixture w/Carnival Glass Shades, Sm Antique Crystal Chandelier, French Ceiling Fixture w/Art Glass Shades, Pair of Antique Theater Wall Light Fixtures with Figural Bronze Friezes, etc Asian: Pr Chinese Horseshoe Chairs, Large Carved Asian Wood Foo Dog, Chinese Carved Teak Camphor Chest, Chinese Laquer Cabinets, Tonsu Cabinet, Chinese 4 Panel Coromandel Screen, , Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Many Japanese Block Prints, Chinese Ceramic Lamps, Antique Chinese Pottery Lamps, Chinese Nest of Tables, Chinese Needlework Textiles, etc Objects of Interest: Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine (just refurbished), Seal Skin Jacket, Victorian Jeweled Stained Glass Windows, Victorian Iron Filigree Arched Door Topper w/Birds, Antique Advertising Country Store Cut Plug Tabacco Tin, Copper Cookware, Brassware, Ironware, Native Weavings, Inuit Carvings, Seahawks Plaque, Antique Spool/Needle Cabinet, Fine Inlaid English Travel Box w/Bottles, Zebra Skin African Drum, African Masks & Bench, Ancient Pottery Jar, Antique Dragon Andirons, Pocket Knives, Thimbles, Hamilton Beach Enamel Shake Mixer, Wood Bowls, Antique Dolls, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday March 28, Fine Northwest Art & Objects Auction

Featuring artworks of the Northwest Mystic School

Modern Art: Ernst Neizvestny (Russian) Abstract Acrylic Painting with Faces, Z.Z. Wei "The Delivery" Southwest Large Oil Painting 40"x30", 4pc Z.Z. Wei Small Landscape & Barn Oil Paintings, Important Mark Tobey "Portrait of Kenneth Callahan" Tempera on Panel Painting (Exhibited Musee des Arts Decoratifs), Early Mark Tobey "Elija's Cave" Acyrlic Painting, Mark Tobey Abstract Figure with Wings Small Painting, Impressive Morris Graves "Duck in Marsh" 1950's Tempera Large Painting, Impressive Guy Anderson "Flight Before Moonrise" Long Oil Painting, Guy Anderson "Sacred Ground – Winter" Long Oil Painting, Important William Cumming 1965 Large City Scene Painting (Exhibited at the Guggenheim), Impressive Kenneth Callahan Large Abstraction with Figures Oil on Burlap, Kenneth Callahan "Fusion" Tempera Painting (Exhibited San Francisco Museum of Art), James Fitzgerald Abstract Bronze Assembled Sculpture, Impressive Paul Horiuchi "Remnants of the Past" 4-Panel Collage Screen, Paul Horiuchi "Winter" Landscape Casein Collage, George Tsutakawa "Crab, Squid, & Clams" Sumi Painting, Morris Graves Bird Study Graphite, Paul Horiuchi 1959 Mountain Scene Watercolor, Ambrose Patterson "Brilig" Abstract Painting (Atrium Gallery), Art Hansen "The Woodcutter" Early Large Oil Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Floating Worlds" Abstract Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Insect" Sumi Ink Painting, 2pc Joseph Goldberg Abstract Encaustic Paintings, 6pc Rosalyn Gale Powell Intricate Floral Still Life Oil Paintings including the Original Cabbage Watercolor for the Pike Place Market Poster, Robert Baribeau 1976 Impressive Large Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting, Walter Froelich "Landscape" Abstract Oil, Windsor Utley "Winter Rooftops" Oil Painting 1954, 3pc John Franklin Koenig Abstract Paintings, 2pc James Martin Whimsical Abstractions, 2pc Gillian Theobald Monochrome Abstract Paintings, 2pc Pierce Mulholland Floral Oils, Lisel Salzer Limoge Enamel of Governor's Mansion, Large Emily Hall Morse Abstract Collage, 3pc Nancy Mee & Dennis Evans Contemporary Artworks, Peter Lobello Folding Stainless Steel Sculptrue, William T. Wiley California Funk Small Painting, Gerald Stinski (CA) Fruit Still Life Oil, Jose Luis Romo "Primodial" Abstract Painting, Adolph Gottlieb Small Personalized Abstraction, etc. Western & Traditional Art: Impressive Lawren Harris Modernist Canadian Landscape Oil on Masonite (Dominion Gallery Labels), Ilya Efimovich Repin (Russian) Portrait of the Artist's Wife Oil Painting with Provenance, Sydney Laurence "Cabin in Winter" Oil Painting (Exhibited Frye Art Museum), Eustace Ziegler "Hunter in Snow" Small Oil Painting, Harvey Dunn "The Stars Bent Below" Western Oil Painting (Work is the cover for the book "West is West" by Eugene Rhodes), Anton Otto Fischer "Serious Discussion" Maritime Oil Painting (Painted for the Saturday Evening Post), Anton Otto Fischer "Fly Fisherman" Oil Painting, Walter Martin Baumhofer "Busting" Western Oil Painting, George Gage "Downed Rider" Oil Painting, Charles John Andres "Kid Galahad" Boxing Illustration Oil Painting, Michael Coleman "Indian Encampment" Gouache Painting, Emery Horsky Montana Landscape Oil, Orrin White "Sierra Landscape" Small Oil, Edwin Landseer (British) Bulldog Portrait Painting, American School 19th Century Identified Gentleman Portrait Oil, Asahel Curtis Tinted Photograph in Piecrust Frame, etc. Native Arts: Edward Curtis "Three Chiefs" Orotone Photograph 11"x14", Large Collection of E.S. Curtis Photogravures, Andy Wilbur Early Cedar Portrait Mask, Mike Brown "Frogs" Argillite Tray, Karen Olanna "Celebrating the Family" Bronze Sculpture, Wayne Coryell Native U-Form Motif Painting, Old Apache Indian Basket, Maria & Julian Martinez Blackware Feather Jar, Blackware Feather Jar, Collection of Navajo & Zuni Jewelry with Squash Blossoms, etc. Prints & Multiples: Picasso "Sculpteur Avec Coupe et Modele Accroupi" Pencil Signed Etching (Bloch 152, From the Suite Vollard), Roy Lichtenstein 1978 Whitney Museum Lithograph, 2pc Karel Appel S/N Lithographs, Ernst Neizvestny "Through the Wall" Print Suite in Folio 126/185 Edition, Salvador Dali "Homage a Newton" Bronze Sculpture Edition of 350, Mary Cassatt "Mother and Child" Lifetime Etching, 2pc Jock Sturges Nude, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Dale Chihuly 7-Piece Red Persian Set 1993, Dante Marioni 2pc Venetian Red & Yellow Set, Italo Scango Art Glass Flame Sculpture, Early Dale Chihuly 1976 Pilchuck Basket Form, Early Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick Wire Decorated Glass Bowl, William Carlson "Contrapuntal Series" Glass & Granite Sculpture, 3pc Randy Walker (William Morris Studio) Glass Leaf Sculptures on Stands, Pair Beth Fishman Glass Candelabras, Alison Chism Sculptural Nude Glass Vase, 3pc Karen Willenbrink Glass Flower Vessels, Elin Chrisopherson Battuto Glass Stoppered Bottle, Impressive John Takehara Large Covered Stoneware Urn, John Takehara Large Oxblood Pottery Ball Vase, 2pc Robert Sperry Hanging Crackle Glaze Slabs, Group of Contemporary North Carolina Pottery Face Jugs, etc. 20th Century Design: Robert Venturi "Urn" Designer Dining Table, Eames for Herman Miller Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Pair Hans Wegner "The Chairs" Armchairs, Yngve Ekstrom "Arka" Chair, Borge Mogensen "Safari" Leather Armchair, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: Impressive Patek Philippe for Tiffany & Co. 18k Split Second Up/Down Chronograph Pocket Watch (Presented to Walter "Longshot" Cox (1868-1941) Famed Harness Racing Jockey), Lady's 10.6ct Emerald Cabochon Ring, Large Citrine & Diamond Women's Ring, Impressive Collection of Modernist 14k & Silver Jewelry by John Morgan 30pc (Student of Ramona Solberg), Bulgari Heavy Sterling Folding Travel Frame, etc. Fine Glass & Porcelain: Set of Antique Baccarat Acid Cut Pink Bubble Stem Stemware, R. Lalique "Actinia" Frosted Glass Vase, etc. Antiquities: French Ebonized Gilt Ram's Head Pedestal Round Table, French Empire Gilt Bronze Cherub Portico Clock with Automaton Function, Chelsea Brass Ship's Bell Clock on Stand, Italian Pietra Dura Sparrow Bird Plaque, etc. Objects of Interest: Pair of Monumental Greaves & Thomas Contemporary Coronelli Terrestrial & Celestial 5' Globes (Modeled after Original 17th Century Globes), 1920's Louis Vuitton Steamer Strunk with Liners, Antique Hawaiian Calabash Wood Bowl, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday February 21, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates Featuring Mid Century & Antique Furnishings, Fine Jewelry, Fine China, Artworks, Paintings, Lots of Sterling, Pilchuck Glass

Mid Century, Modernism Furnishings: Danish Modern Teak Refractory Dining Table & 6 Chairs, Hundevad Teak Sideboard/Display Cabinet, Danish Modern Teak Floating Top Desk, 3 MCM Teak Wall Units, MCM Smoked Crystal Glass Set, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, Wicker Chaise Lounge, Wicker Table & Baskets, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Pair Art Deco Style Lamps, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Oil Paintings, Spinelli Oil Italian Street Scene, Watercolor Paintings, Keith Hoffman, Charles Huntley, Charles Mulvey, Antique Gold Frame Mirrors, Modern Abstract Paintings, Alaskan & Western Art, Signed & Numbered Lithographs by Salvador Dali, Lebadang, Peter Hurd, Joseph Correale, Ed Tussey, Merv Corning, Assorted Vintage Art Posters, Carol Grigg, Mucha Prints, Don Swann Etching, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, 2 Sets of Sterling Flatware, Wallace Grande Baroque & Reed & Barton Spanish Baroque, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Trays, Sterling Jewelry, Persian Silver, Birk's Sterling Pedestal Bowl, Anton Michelsen Enamel Sterling, Turquoise, Lots of Bakelite Jewelry, Amber Jewelry, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany Crystal Vases & Bowls w/Boxes, Lalique, Waterford Millinium Stemware & Bowls, Lots of Waterford Crystal, Waterford, Steuben & Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments, 100's Blown Glass Ornaments, Glass Icicles Ornaments, Venetian Glass, Fine Cut Stemware, Art glass, Fine Cut Glass, Fine China & Pottery Dish Sets by Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur, Wedgwood Swallow, Lenox Winter Greetings, Franciscan Apple, Bavaria Silver Deposit China, Haviland, Lg Set of Blue Danube Dishes,Spode Christmas Tree, Lalique Black Crystal Leaf Plates, 9 Sets of Lalique Christmas Plates (1966-1976), Steins, Quimper Large Set of Villerory & Boch Pottery Dishes, Weller, Van Briggle & Roseville Vases, Wedgwood Jasperware, Hummels, Cambridge Caprice Crystal, ACB Amethyst Glass, Depression Glass, Fitz & Floyd, etc. Studio Glass Collection: More Pilchuck School Artists Works, Sculptures, Goblets, Figures, Guns, Grenades, Charles Friedman, etc. Oriental Rugs: 10x14, 8x10 Heriz, 2 Runners, Room Size & Scatter Sizes, Flat Weave, Hooked Rugs, etc. First Nations Native Items: Indian Baskets, Alaskan & Eskimo Carved Ivory Animals, Figures, Carved Ivory Tusk w/Whales, Cribbage Board, Eskimo Ivory Sled Runner, Masks, Beadwork, Inuit Carvings, Cedar Bark Baskets & Conoe, etc. Asian: Chinese Pierce Carved Rosewood Pair of Settees, Large Group of Antique & Vintage Chinese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonn´e;, Carved Jade, Block Prints, Satsuma, Imari Vases, Lamps, Japanese Cloisonne, Chinese Wedding Basket, etc. Items of Interest: Conn Saxaphone, Rivoli Deluxe Accordion, Zeiss Microscope, Pendleton Blanket, Mollas, Doll Bed, Vintage Postcards, Books, Vintage College Football Programs, Comic Books, WWII Photo Album, whale ear drum, Antique "City of Seattle" Map, African Masks, More Hard Black Cases by Vaultz, Black Footlockers, Mardi Gras Masks, Belgian Iron Enamel Pot Set, Vintage Pottery Mixing Bowls, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday February 7, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates Featuring Mid Century, Modern & Antique Furnishings, Fine Jewelry, Fine China, Artworks, Paintings, US Silver Coins, Lots of Sterling, Watches

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Danish Modern Teak & Leather Lounge Chair, Pair MCM Armchairs, MCM Cherry Inlaid Drop Leaf Dining Table, MCM Corner End Table, MCM Rugs, Danish Teak Wall Unit Secretary, MCM Drop Leaf Dining Table w/6 matching cane back chairs, Moroccan Rugs, Stressless Brown Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Artisan Inlaid Cherry End Table, Eames for Herman Miller Eiffel Chair, Saarinen Tulip Stool, Pair MCM Black High Back Armchairs, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, set of 5 Carved Victorian Dining Chairs, Side Chairs, Oak A&C Vintage Armchair, Trunks, Set of 7 Antique Rush Seat Stencil Back Dining Chairs, Mahogany Dressing Table w/Oval Mirror, Pair of Arts & Crafts Style Brown Leather Recliners, Iron Frame Sofa/Bench, Smoke Stand, Narrow Display Case/China Cabinet, Antique English Marble Top Commode, Carved Stand, Tables, Lane Cherry Cedar Chest, Antique Marble Top Stands, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Large Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baliley Circus Poster, Oil Paintings, Elizabeth Warhanik, Antique Stag Oil Painting, Watercolor Paintings, Original Carol Grigg, (3) Jovan Obican Painitngs, Antique Mirrors, Many Modern Abstract Paintings, 7' Outdoor Modern Metal Sculpture, Bali Paintings, Steve Largent signed Leroy Nieman Print, Betty Boop Cels, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Pair German Silver 800 large Candelabras, Set of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, etc., Sterling Jewelry, Turquoise, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Lladro Figures w/Boxes, Waterford, Steuben, Lalique, Tiffany & Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments, Venetian Glass, Fine Cut Stemware, Art glass, Cut Glass, Fine China Sets by Lenox, Wedgwood Conway, Royal Worcester, Spode, Royal Copenhagen, Shelley, Theodore Haviland, Limoge China, Lalique Black Crystal Leaf Plates, Lalique Christmas Plates, Steins, Face Jugs, Delft, Cobalt Glass, Prussia Plate, Large Set of Denby Pottery Dishes, Roseville, Caster Sets, Jasperware, etc. Studio Glass Collection: Pilchuck School Artists, Sculptures, Goblets, Figures, etc. Oriental Rugs: Runners, Room Size & Scatter Sizes, Morroccan Rugs, etc. First Nations Native Items: NW Coast Prints by Terry Williams, Barry Harem, etc., 5 Large Kachina Dolls, Beadwork, NW Coast Masks & Rattle, Inuit Carvings, etc. Coins & Stamps: Lots of Vintage US Silver Coins, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Mercury, Nickels, Pennies, Indian Heads, Foreign, Large Collection of Stamps, etc. Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches: Large Collection Antique Pocket & Wrist Watches, Mantle Clocks, etc. Asian: Chinese Lacquered Cabinets & Screens, Chinese Carved large Camphor Wood Chest, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Carved Jade Plaques & Beads, Japanese Robe, Japanese Block Prints, Chinese Needlework Textiles, Satsuma, large Imari Bowl, etc. Trains, Dolls & Toys: Antique Dolls, Story Book Dolls, Barbie Vintage Clothing, Britains Soldiers in Sets & Boxes, Lionel & MTH Trains, Toy Cars, etc. Items of Interest: Edison Cylinder Record Player w/2 horns, small brass & large Morning Glory Horn, Antique & Vintage Typewriters, Photos, Posters, Antique Shoe Last Set, Primitives, ironware, Antique Chocolate Molds, Candlestick Telephone, Fencing Swords, Pin Back Buttons, Crocks, & Crockery, Collection of Banners, Sound Percussion Drum Set, Baskets, Tins, Iron Bulldog Door Stop, Antique Brassware, Candlesticks, Vintage Hats, Clarinet, 35MM Cameras, Vintage Auto Items, MG Steering Wheel, Rare Vintage Motorcycle Motor, German WWII Hitler Youth Education Films & Projector, hand guns, knives, Music Box, Vintage Soda Bottles, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 24, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates Featuring Antiques & Mid Century Furnishings, Fine Jewelry, Fine China, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Watches

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Smith & Hawkin Teak Outdoor Settee, Pr Armchairs & Coffee Table, Set of 6 MCM Dining Chairs, Lunstead Low Console Cabinet or Sideboard, Lane End table, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Restoration Hardware Chandelier Floor Lamps, Koch & Lowy Double Desk Lamp, Pair of Murano Mid Century Lamps, MCM Folding Floor Screens, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Chests, Chairs, Settees, Antique Armchairs, Trunks, Mahogany Bookcase, Mahogany Card Table, Mahogany Nest of Tables, Lamps, Set of 8 Dining Chairs w/Rush Seats, Antique Ship's Chest, Antique Primitive Chests, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Oil Paintings & Watercolor Paintings,Signed Luigi Kasimir Lithographs, Picasso Etching, AAA Etchings, Antique European & American Oil Paintings, Many Antique Mirrors, Many Modern Abstract Paintings, Bronze Figures, Antique Frames, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings,14K Gold Chains, Cameos, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Set of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, etc, Sterling Jewelry, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Waterford, Baccarat, Steuben, Lalique, Swarovski, Fenton, Heisey, Large Collection of Royal Doulton Figures, Venetian Glass, Burmese, Amberina, Fine Cut Stemware, Art glass, Lenox, Cut Glass, Fine China Sets by Mintons for Tiffany, Royal Worcester, Spode, Evesham, Schumann, Longchamp, Spode Fitzhugh, Haviland, Limoge China, Precious Momemts, Belleek, Pair large Rookwood Vases, Rozanne Pottery, Lalique Black Crystal Leaf Plates, Lalique Christmas Plates, Simon Pearce Ornaments, English Crystal & Bristol Glass, etc. Studio Glass Collection: Pilchuck School Artists works by Kathryn Gray, Bray, Glass Leaves & Flowers, Artglass Shards by William Morris & Chihuly, Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments, Goblets, Figures, etc. Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches: Large Collection Antique Pocket & Wrist Watches, Wall Clocks, etc. Asian: Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonne, Jade, Japanese Block Prints, Textiles, etc. Luxury Items: Prada Luggage & Hand Bags, Evening Bags, etc. Sports Items: Russell Wilson Autographed Seahawks Footballs & Helmets, Autographed Posters by Clint Dempsey, Gary Payton, Sports Memorabilia, etc. Christmas Items & Decor: 100's of Crystal Christmas Decorations by Steuben, Lalique, Waterford, Swarovski, (most with original boxes), blown glass ornaments, etc. Items of Interest: 50+ Black Storage Cases in various sizes, 12 Footlockers, Many Vaultz File & Storage Cases & Containers, 16 Velvet Lined Vinyl Storage Cases, Japanese Glass Fish Floats, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Clocks, Silver Plated Trays, Vintage Patchwork Quilts, Russian Lacquer Boxes, Books, Russian Brass Samovar, Women's Vintage Hats & Boxes, Vintage Toys, Trains, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 10, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates Featuring High Quality & Mid Century Furnishings, Fine Jewelry, Fine China, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Vintage MCM Dux Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Selig Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Herman Miller Shell Chair, Philippe Starck Lord Yo Chairs, Pair of Smith & Hawkin Teak Lounge Chairs, Teak Square Coffee Table, Lane Walnut Coffee & End Tables, MCM Walnut Triple Bookcase Display Wall Unit, MCM Parquet Desk, MCM Table Lamps, Large Set of Dansk Pottery Dishes, Burlwood Pedestal End Table, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Pine Large Harvest or Dining Table, Antique Pine High Chest, Antique Pine Primitive Cupboard, Tsukamoto Executive Desk & Credenza, Antique Victorian Convertible High Chair, Art Deco Wrought Iron Marble Top Console w/Matching Mirror, Carved Oak Small Chest, Set of 6 Baker Asian Style Dining Chairs, Tall Bookcases, Pair Antique Inlaid Lamp Tables, Antique Period Work Tables, Swivel Office Armchair, Carved Oak Chair w/Dog's Head, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Oil Paintings by NW Artists, Louis Anderson, Cucaro, Kuvshinoff, Rusty Russell, Large Audubon Print, Signed Luigi Kasimir Lithograph, Antique European & American Oil Paintings, Kuvshinoff, Cucaro, Louis Anderson, Japanese Block Prints, Antique Audubon Print, Mirrors, Many Modern Abstract Paintings, Antique Oil Paintings & Watercolor Paintings, many Bronze Figures, fine Wood Sculptures, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Set of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, etc., Sterling Jewelry, Sterling Rounds, Sterling Souvinir Spoons, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Turkoman Bag Face Textiles, Navajo rug, Belgian Tapestries, etc. Clocks & Watches: Antique Wall Clocks, Regulator Clocks, Seth Thomas Antique Mantle Clock, Large Collection of Antique Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Large Lladro Figure Group, Lladro Figures, Large Group of Waterford Crystal, Lismore, etc , many Steuben pieces, Lalique, Venetian Glass, Schafer & Vater, Hatpin Holder Collection, Art glass, Set of Birds of America Audubon Plates, Old Paris, Royal Beyreuth, Bisque Ware, Antique Minitures, Lenox, Cut Glass, Mikado Occupied Japan China Set, Tulipiere, Fine China Sets by Shelley, Villory & Boch, Port Meirion, Pamona, Botanic Garden, Rookwood Vase, Roseville large Baneda Vase, Figural Indian Head Tobacco Jar, Steins, etc. Asian: Carved Japanese Dragon Armchair, Chinese Nest of Tables, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Carvings, Cloisonné, Antique Brasswares, Japanese Block Prints, Textiles, Inro, Imari Items, Laquerware, Japanese Dolls in Glass Cases, etc. Collector Trading Cards & Games: Large Group of vintage Baseball Cards, Hockey Cards, Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Sci Fi Games, War Games, Mad Magazine Board Game, Sniper, etc. Kitchenwares: Quality Kitchen Small Appliances, Kitchen Aid, Vita Mix, Food Saver, Chef's Knives, SS Pots & Pans, SS Flatware Sets, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Utensils, etc. Items of Interest: 4' Electric Automaton Figure from Frederick & Nelson Christmas Window Display, Coca Cola Cooler, Antique Doctor's Medicine Display Cabinet, Firestone Red Wagon, Copper Boiler, Copper Fire Extinguisher, Copper Pans & Utensils, Military Uniforms, Antique Poker Chip Set in Oak Carrying Case, Indonesian Masks, Drums, Helmets & Shadow Puppets, Chase Coffee Server & Cocktail Shakers, Antique Oak Wall Telephones, Candlestick Phone, Large Iron Bear Trap, Antique Book Press, Vintage Saddles, Cap Guns, Holsters, Western Items, Rope, Antique Leather Bound Book Volume Sets, Big Little Books, Figural Ink Well Collection, Native Stone Implements, Pestles, Treenware, Advertising Items, Sad Irons, Antique Dolls, Stereo Viewer & Stereo Cards, Zootrope, Magic Lanterns, 35mm Cameras, Pr Brass Antique Cuspidors, Miniatures, Snuff Boxes, Fine Antique Portrait Frames, Antique Oak Stationary Box, Vintage Chandeliers, Alladin Oil Lamps, Heintz Copper A&C Desk Set, Pocket Knives, Violin, Slot Cars, Auto Model Kits, Antique Post Cards, Antique Photos, Pendleton Blankets, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Friday December 14, Antiquities of Europe & Asia

Featuring a large silent auction with Northwest Art and Asian antiques

Chinese Silver: Impressive Hung Chong Chinese Decorated Silver 3pc Tea Service, Pair of Impressive Chinese Enameled Silver Baskets with Flowers, Mongolian Silver 3pc Teapot & Stem Cups Decorated with Inset Jade & Coral, etc. Collection of Carved Jades: Antique Chinese Pierced Jade Peach Form Brush Washer on Stand, Fine Chinese Jade Teapot with Lotus Flower Finial & Chain Links, Chinese Pierced Dragon Jade Finial on Stand, Chinese White Jade with Russet Splash Carved Archer's Ring, Large Chinese Recumbent Ox Boulder Carving on Stand, Chinese Grey Jade Covered Phoenix Vase on Stand, Chinese Miniature Jade Censer, Collection of Chinese Carved Jade & Pierced Pendants, etc. Chinese & Japanese Porcelain: Impressive Large Famille Jaune Precious Ornaments Vase with Relief Decoration, Pair of Chinese Kangxi Powder Blue Porcelain Vases with European Bronze Mounts, Unusual Large Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Vase with Carp Fish Motifs, Large Chinese Blanc de Chine Baluster Vase, Antique Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Lotus Umbrella Stand, Large Carved Celadon Porcelain Charger on Stand, Chinese Turquoise Interior Porcelain Lotus Bowl (Republic Copy), Collection of Qing Porcelain Snuff Bottles, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Impressive Tiffany Favrile Art Glass Floriform, Meissen 179 Man Writing at Desk Porcelain Figurine, Set Sevres Hand Painted Cabinet Plates with Putti, Quezal & Loetz Silver Overlay Cabinet Vases, Webb Cameo Glass Scent Bottle, Galle Fire Polished Cabinet Vase, Steuben Green Acid Cut Center Bowl with Matching Plates, etc. Robes & Textiles: Chinese Qing Gold Thread Dragon Robe, 2pc Chinese Silver & Red Thread Wedding Skirts, 3pc Chinese Silk Embroidered Court Robes, Chinese Red Ground Lotus Flower Embroidered Panel Framed, 4pc Chinese Door of Hope Missionary Dolls with Embroidered Clothing, etc. Furniture & Rugs: Impressive Chinese Huanghuali Rosewood 3-Part Desk with Drawers, Impressive Chinese 3pc Huanghuali Horseshoe Chair & Tea Table Set, Antique French Malachite Top Gilt Carved Putti Stand, Group of Semi Antique Persian Scatter Rugs, etc. Fine Art & Paintings: Maurice Brianchon (French) Still Life with Fruit on Table Large Oil Painting, Maurice Brainchon (French) Ballerina Portrait Oil Painting, Impressive Romeo & Juliet Italian Marble Sculpture, Art Nouveau Italian Marble Woman Sculpture, Henri Carnier (British) Venice Scene Oil Painting, Wenceslas Vaclav Brozik (Austrian) Man Smoking Oil Painting, Max Kuglmayer (German) Hunter Portrait Oil Painting, Charming Pair of Antique Playful Dachshund Dog Oil Paintings by A. Rudiger (Austrian), etc. Clocks: Lange & Sohne Ship's Chronometer Clock, Art Nouveau J&J.G. Low Majolica Tile Clock, Collection of French Empire Gilt Bronze Mantel Clocks, etc. Fine Print: Collection of Vintage Japanese Woodblock Prints by Hiroshi Yoshida, Toshi Yoshida, Yoshitoshi Mori, Fumio Fujita, Paul Jacoulet, Tsuchiya Koitsu, Elizabeth Keith, etc. Group of 18th Century Piranesi & Ricci Italian Engravings, Collection of 18th Century Captain Cook Original Engravings, Antique Hand Colored Map Engravings, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Russian Lacquered Icon, Collection of Antique Carved Santos Figures, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday December 13, Holiday Northwest Fine Arts & Jewelry

Featuring a Large Silent Auction of Northwest & Asian Artworks

Modern Art: Museum Quality James Washington Jr. "Life Surrounding the Astral Altar" 25" Stone Sculpture on Pedestal (Published Spirit in the Stone on Page 66), Impressive Richard Gilkey "Bouquet of Sunflowers" 1980 Large Oil Painting, Monumental Richard Gilkey "The Durham Bull" Exhibited Oil Painting 8', Monumental & Impressive Z.Z. Wei "Barn Shadows" Oil 50"x85", Impressive Z.Z. Wei "Sunday Visit" Eastern Washington Landscape with Car Oil 48"x32", Impressive Large John Cole "The Opening" Northwest Landscape Oil 50"x40", John Cole "Rock Jety" 24"x30" Oil Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Birds" Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan 1950's Tempera with Swirling Figures, Kenneth Callahan Seated Figure Tempera Painting, Paul Horiuchi 1968 "From Mind to Hand" Large Collage, Large Paul Horiuchi "Shifting Forms" Abstract Collage, Paul Horiuchi "A Touch of Blue" Large Collage, Kathleen Gemberling "Early Burst" Large Abstract Oil, 2pc Kathleem Gemberling Small Abstract Oils, Impressive Neil Meitzler "Autumn Leaves" Large Acrylic, 2pc Neil Meitzler Small Mountain Paintings, William Cumming "Running Girls" 1960's Watercolor, Richard Gilkey "Night Landscape" Small Oil, John Matsudaira "Cathedral" Small Abstract Painting, 2pc George Tsutakawa Sumi Abstract & Mountain Small Paintings, Early Frank Okada Abstract Painting, Robert Colescott Early Nude Figure Graphite, William Ivey 1975 Green Abstract Oil, William Ivey 1989 Abstract Oil, Robert Cushman Jones Abstract Oil, 5pc Margaret Tompkins Abstract & Figurative Oil Paintings, Doris Chase 1950's Floral Oil, 3pc Boyer Gonzales Abstract Oil Paintings, 3pc Boyer Gonzales Abstract Oil Paintings, 2pc Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction Paintings, Robert Sperry Mural Study 1980's Mixed Media, Impressive Lee Kelley "Loch Key" 1996 Steel Garden Sculpture, 2pc Melvin Herard Modernist Bronze Sculpture, Bruno Laverdier "Angel Head" Steel Sculpture, George Roberts "Moon Dog" Large Cut Steel Sculpture, 2pc Loyde Claussen 1960's Figure Paintings, Joseph Petta Jr. Painting, Lisel Salzer Limoge Enamel of Little Boy, Helmi Junvonen Woodcut on Newsprint, etc. Traditional Art: Important and Large Eustace Ziegler "Hunter with Cache" Alaskan Mountainous Landscape Oil Painting 40"x30", Impressive Harvey Goodale "Northern Lights" Oil Painting, Harvey Goodale Alaskan Harbor Oil Painting, Norman Edson "Mt. Rainier" Oil Painting, Carol Grigg Woman on Horseback Watercolor, Edward Bruce (NY/CA) Large Landscape Oil Painting, etc. Native Arts: Impressive Mili Johnson Carved Cedar Bentwood Storage Large Box, Tony Hunt Carved Cedar Eagle Mask, Tony Hunt Carved Bear Mask, Bill Henderson Carved Cedar Mask, Collection of Santa Clara Carved Blackware by Carmelita Dunlap, Stella Chavarria, Jenny Borts, etc. Prints & Multiples: Jacob Lawrence "Flotilla" AP Signed Serigraph, 3pc Michael Spafford Early Woodcut Prints, Elizabeth Sandvig Serigraph of Horses, Erte "Belle of the Ball" Bronze Sculpture, Jean Jansem S/N Lithograph, Mary Cassatt "The Manicure" Drypoint Etching, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Robert Sperry White Crackle Hanging Slab, Robert Sperry Black & White Crackle Hanging Charger, 2pc Brother Bruno Laverdier Pottery, 3pc Rupert Deese Pottery Bottles, Timo Sarpaneva for Venini "Kukinto" Vase, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: Impressive Art Deco Diamond & Sapphire Platinum Brooch, Art Deco 1.5ctw Diamond & Sapphire Platinum Cocktail Ring, 1.7ct Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring, Large Aquamarine Art Deco Ring, Vintage Rolex Precision Men's Wristwatch, Vintage Tiffany & Co. Rolex Men's Wristwatch, European 18k & Diamond Lion's Head Brooch, Etruscan Revival Carved Shell Cameo Brooches, Heavy 14k Gold Rope Chains, US Indian Head $10 Gold Piece Pendant, Group of Misc. Small Gold Coins, etc. 20th Century Design: Eames for Herman Miller Rosewood 670 & 670 Black Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Bruno Matthson Chaise Lounge, Pair Ingmar Relling for Westnofa Leather & Chrome Lounge Chairs, Pair of Vintage Dux "Junker" Leather Arm Lounge Chairs, Set of Gio Ponti for Reed & Barton "Diamond" Pattern Sterling Flatware Service, Raymond Loewy for Wallace "Discovery" Sterling Flatware Service, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday December 6, Collectibles, Firearms & Comic Books!

Comic Book Collection: Amazing Spider Man Issue 129 First Appearance The Punisher Graded 8.5, (2) Amazing Spider Man Issue 101 First Appearance Morbius Graded, Long Runs of Silver/Copper Age Amazing Spider Man, Iron Man (Including First Issue), The Avengers, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, etc. Sports Collectibles: Original LeRoy Neiman Watercolor of Mariner's Pitcher Gaylor Perry, LeRoy Neiman Willie Mays Batting Serigraph, Collection of Game Worn NHL and WHL Game Worn Jerseys, Group of Early O-Pee-Chee Cards Including Gretzky in High Grades, Vintage Hockey Souvenir Uniforms & Autographed Hockey Sticks, Some 1980's Baseball HOF Rookie Cards, Huge Collection of 1980's/1990's Metal Sporting Pins 1700+, etc. Advertising Signs: Large Mobile Pegasus Enameled Sign, Vintage Pan Am Enameled Signs and Memorabilia Collection, Vintage Coca Cola Signs, Antique Scandinavian American Line Tin Sign, 1960's Frederick & Nelson Caroler Xmas Electric Window Display, etc. Toys & Soldiers: Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Banks, Early German & Britains Toy Soldiers in Boxes, Antique Horse Drawn Carriage with Cast Iron Wheels, 1950's Disney Donald Duck Animation Cel, Early 1930's Disney Books in Excellent Condition, etc. Firearms: Antique Remington Hexagon Barrel Single Shot Rifle, Mauser No.9 Broom Handle Pistol, Beretta Series 81 Pistol in Box, Winchester 94 John Wayne Comm. Rifle, Winchester Illinois Sesquicentennial Comm. Rifle, Winchester Buffalo Bill. Comm. Rifle, Winchester Over/Under Shotgun, 2pc Vintage Colt Woodsmen Target Pistols, Vintage Colt Revolver, High Standard Derringer Pistol in Box, etc. WWII & Militaria: Rare WWII German Kriegsmarine Wall Clock, WWII Japanese Osaka Rifle with Bayonet, WWII German Camouflage Helmet, WWII German Hanging Banner, Several Antique British Military Swords, Group of Vietnam Era Military Watches, etc. Items of Interest: Autographed Queen Band Drum Head, Historical Original Photos of Buffalo Bill & Sitting Bull, Group of First Edition Books, Vintage Bob Dylan Poster, Bound Volumes of Early Rolling Stone Magazines, Limited Edition NESFA Press Science Fiction Books, 1960's Frederick & Nelson Electric Caroler Window Display, etc.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday November 15, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring High Quality & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, Bakelite Jewelry, Vintage Stained Glass Lamps, Large Collections of Fitz & Floyd, Carnival & Vaseline Glass, Vintage Toys & Collectibles, Fine China, Studio Glass, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling

High Quality Vintage & Modern Furnishings & Accessories: Arts & Crafts Style Leopold Stickley Original Large Cherry Dining Table w/Pull Out Leaves & (8) Matching Arm Chairs & Buffet, Stickley Oak & Cherry Lamp & Side Tables & Cabinets, Authur Lauer Teak Furnishings including Settees, Chairs, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Folding Tables, Mahogany Pedestal Tables, 5 Matching Designer Bar Stools w/Formed Wood Seats, Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Leather Recliner, Sectional Bookcase, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Large Audubon Elephant Portfolio Prints by Havell, Itzchak Tarkay s/n Lithograph, Original antique Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Engravings & Etchings, Bronzes, Many Small Framed Paintings,etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings , Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Carved Coral Jewelry, Bakelite Jewelry Collection (over 100pc bracelets, etc), Costume Jewelry, Miriam Haskell, Lots of Sterling, 100+ pc Set of Royal Crest Castle Rose Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, etc., Sterling Jewelry, Sterling Charm Bracelet, Turquoise Jewelry, Jade Jewelry, Lapis Beads, Rock Crystal Beads, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, 8x10, 4x6, 3x5, etc., Oriental Scatter Rugs, Karastan Runner Rug, etc. Fitz & Floyd Collection: Very Large Quantities of Fitz & Floyd items including Cookie Jars, Christmas Serving Pieces, Trays, Tureens, Holiday Theme, etc. Clocks: German Regulator Wall Clock, Carriage Clock, etc. Toys: Marx Lil Abner Windup Band, B/O Tin Robot, Wind Up Tin Toys, Tin Airplane Toys, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Studio Glass, Lundberg, Stuart Abelman, John Walsh, Claude Duperron, William Glasner, Fine Glass including Large Collection of Antique Vaseline Glass, Amberina, Steuben, Waterford, Moser, Carnival Glass, Victorian Colored Glass, Colored Cut to Clear Cut Glass, Many Fine Cut Glass pieces, Murano Glass, Depression Glass, Fine China Sets, Limoges, Meissen, Fine Belleek, RS Prussia, Chintz China, Perfume Bottle, Red Wing Pottery Collection, Spatterware, Mixing Bowls, Stoneware Mason Fruit Jars, Advertising Jugs, American Primitive Pottery Jug, Crockery, Swan Pitcher & Bowl, Large Pitcher & Bowl Set, etc. Pan Am Collection: Many Airplane Desk Models, Bags, Signs, Mugs, Accessories, Cards, Posters, Pins, Badges, Vintage Toys, etc. Indonesian Collection: Vintage Carved Masks, Temple Carvings, Implements, Chests, Trunks, Textiles & Needlework, Utensils, Baskets, Kitchen items, Stonewares, Shadow Puppets, Indonesian Paintings, Kriss Knives & Carved Kriss Handles, etc. Asian: Carved Chinese Temple Panels, Temple Carvings, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Pair of Chinese Ceramic Figures w/Stands, Imari, Carvings, Scrolls, Chinese Cloisonné, Chinese Sewing Basket w/Peking Rings, Chinese Needlework panels, Textiles, Yixing Pottery, Antique Chinese Lacquer Boxes, etc. Lighting: (4) Vintage Stained Glass Lamps, Antique Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures, Modern Floor Lamps & Table Lamps, Cut Glass Dome Lamp w/Crystals, Oil Lamps, Crystal Drops, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Edison Table Top Disc Player w/Brass Horn, Russian Samovar, Antique Teak Deck Chairs, Antique Trunks, Large Aluminum Desk Airplane Models, Travel Label Collection, Antique Typewriter & Office Machines, Stereo Slides, Antique Eye Glasses, Antique Bisque Dolls, Hat Boxes, Large Shaker Basket, Antique Colonial American Fire Bucket, Carved Inuit Ivory & Stone Carvings, Fine Antique Decorated Laquer Glove or Jewelry Box w/hand painted porcelain inset, Rock & Roll Vintage Record Albums & Obscure Rock & Roll and Related Items, Large Vintage Postcard Collection, Comics, Zap, Independent Press Comics, Tarzan, Postage Stamp Collection, Playboy Items, Antique Photos, Matchbook Collection, Books, Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Folding Chairs, Antique Copperwares & Brasswares, Ship Model, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday November 1, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring High Quality & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, Period French Antiques, Large Train Collection including Vintage Toys & Collectibles, Fine China, Elegant Glass from the Depression Era, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Pairs of Mid Century Lamps, Mid Century End Tables, Chest on Chest, MCM Bar Cart, Restoration Hardware Pair of Side Chairs, Restoration Hardware Chandelier Floor Lamp, etc. Antiques, Vintage & High Quality Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Period French Carved & Gilt Marble Top Center Table, Set of 4 Antique Carved & Gilt French Armchairs, French Inlaid Sideboard w/Ormolu, Antique French Canterbury w/Ormolu, (2) Antique French Marquetry Bombe Marble top Chests w/Ormolu, Antique French Display Cabinet w/ormolu, French Round Dining Table w/4 Matching Carved French Oval Back Chairs, Baker, Councill & Heritage Fine Furnishings, Large Sideboard Display Cabinet w/bevelled glass, Oval Inlaid Heritage Dining Table, Pairs of Side Chairs, Pair of Baker Small 3 Drawer Chests, Chippendale Mahogany Chest, Widdecomb Bombe Chest, Antique & Designer Mirrors, Pair of Carved Chippendale Armchairs, Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, Antique Triple Carved Back French Settee, Statton Library Table & Chair, Mahogany Hall Tables & Console Tables, College Armchair, Antique Period French Carved & Gilt Marble Top Center Table, etc. Artworks & Mirrors: Signed Michel Delacroix Lithographs, Antique European & American Oil Paintings, Japanese Block Prints, Antique Framed Maps, Many Fancy Gold Framed Mirrors, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Pearl Necklaces, Fine Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Set of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Goblet Sets, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, etc, Sterling Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Gorham Sterling Christmas Ornaments, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, 9x12, 4x6, 3x5, etc Oriental Scatter Rugs, Afshar Soumakh Salt Bag, 2 Navajo rugs, etc. Trains & Toy Collection: Very Large Quantities of Lionel Trains, Engines, American Flyer, Gilbert, Train Sets, Passenger Sets, Cars, Accessories, Manoil Soldiers, Toy Cars, Trucks, Buses, etc., (mostly from the 1930's & 1940's), Collectible Pin Back Buttons, Pep Pins, Captain Midnight Items, Little Orphan Annie Items, Nevada Toy Slot Machine, Yoyos, etc. Clocks: Ridgeway Grandfather Clock, Ansonia Mantle Clock w/Royal Bonn China Case, Electric Wall Clock, Atmos Clock, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Fine Glass including Large Collection of Elegant Depression Era Colored Glass & Crystal, Heisey, Cambridge, Imperial, Cobalt, Ruby, Green & Amber Crystal, Heisey Animals, Northwood Spanish Lace, Pointsetia, Snowflake, Opalescent Swirl, Pitchers & Tumblers, Pickle Casters, Diamond Quilted Satin Glass, Brides Basket, Amberina, Custard Glass, Cranberry, Fabulous Set of Old Paris Hand Painted Floral & Gold Dinner Service, Fine French Desert Services, Set Wedgwood Fine China Dinnerware Service, Mikasa, Fine Cut Crystal Stemware, Swarovski Crystal Items, Franciscanware, Cups & Saucers, Shelley, Punchbowl Sets, Perfume Bottles, Waterford Lismore Stemware, Venetian Glass, Lenox, Cut Glass, Pair of Noritake Hand Painted Vases, Weller Hudson Vase, Rookwood signed Floral Vase, etc. Asian: Korean Tonsu Chest, Chinese Apothecary Chest, Coromandel Cabinet, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Ming Wares, Imari, Carvings, Scrolls, Chinese Ceramic Lamps, Garden Seat, Antique Brasswares, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Carved Wood Carousel Horse w/Glass Eyes, Vintage Bird Cages, Large Japanese Glass Fish Floats, Small Uline Wine Refrigerator, Small Safe, Pioneer Stereo, 2 Lovebird Glass Lamps, RR Calendars, Christmas Items, Pin Up Calendar, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Old Photographs, Lanterns, Glass Lovebirds Lamps, Carved Wood Bird Decoys, Stained Glass, Larger Steiff Animals, Teddy Bears, etc.  See photos, and text catalog.


Friday October 19, The Fine Arts & Native Americana

Western Art: Original Rosa Bonheur Stag Oil Painting in Ornate Frame, Eustace Ziegler "Hunter in Snow" Small Oil Painting, Eustace Ziegler "Trees and Rock, Paradise Park" Oil Painting, Michael Coleman "Landscape with Bears" Oil Painting, 2pc Carol Grigg Modern Horse Watercolors, 3pc David Manuel Western Bronze Sculptures, 2pc William Reese Western Watercolors, etc. European Art: A collection of Antique European Landscape Oil Paintings in Ornate Frames, 3pc Antique Maritime Watercolors from the 18th & 19th century, Italian Gouache of Mt. Vesuvias Erupting, etc. Fine Collection of Edward Curtis Photography: A rare and large Canyon de Chelly Orotone Photograph, Large "Vanishing Race" Platinum Print, 4pc Rare Unpublished Platinum Prints with Indians, Collection of Large and Medium Original Photogravures on Van Gelder Paper, etc. Native Americana: Large Collection of Antique Northwest Coast & California Indian Baskets, 3pc Old Navajo Rugs, Early Old Pawn Navajo Squash Blossom, Early Duane Pasco Carved Mask, Early Joe David Carved Mask, Several Carved Northwest Coast Decorative Masks, 2pc David Manuel Western Bronze Sculptures, Collection of NW Native Serigraphs by Robert Davidson, Bill Reid, Susan Pointe, etc. Oriental Rugs: Semi Antique Persian Kazvin Palace Size Rug, Semi Antique Red Floral Kashan Oriental Rug, Antique Quom Oriental Rug, 2pc Antique Caucasian Oriental Rugs, etc. Music Boxes: Incredible Antique Stella Swiss 25 Disc Upright Music Box with Inlaid Walnut Case & (26) Original Discs, Antique Swiss 6-Bell Cylinder Music Box on Stand. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday October 18, Northwest Modernism & Contemporary Art

Fine Art: Impressive Z.Z. Wei Coastal Scene with Car Oil Painting, Z.Z. Wei Telephone Booth with Car Oil, James Washington Jr. "Stripes" Cat Granite Sculpture on Base, George Tsutakawa "Pink Clouds" 1960 Colorful Sumi Painting, Impressive Large William Ivey "Pacific Eagle" Oil Painting 60"x70", William Cumming "The Surfer" Acrylic on Board, Margaret Keane "Big Eyed Girl" 1958 Oil Painting with Provenance, Museum Quality Paul Horiuchi "Explosive Expanse" 1960 Collage 50"x66", Impressive Paul Horiuchi "Aki" 1959 Colorful Collage, Impressive Richard Gilkey Skagit Valley Landscape Oil 16"x21", Richard Gilkey "Skagit Valley Barn" Oil Painting, Leo Kenney "Seed and Beyond" 1966 Large Gouache Painting, Guy Anderson "Man & Sea" Small Painting, William Cumming "Man Reading Newspaper" Small Acrylic, Michael Dailey Large "Night Landscape by the Sea" Acrylic Painting, Michael Dailey Medium Abstract Acrylic, Large Joseph Goldberg Encaustic Abstract Painting, 3pc Frank Okada 1980's Color Field Oil Paintings, Paul Horiuchi Abstract Diptych Collage, 3pc Fay Chong Northwest Scene Watercolors, Thomas Wood "Lummi Island" Oil Painting, Charles Kraft Early Exhibited Painting, Charles Stokes "Oceana" Abstract Painting, Neil Meitzler "Leo Passing" 1965 Casein, Several Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction Paintings, 2pc Pehr Hallsten Small Abstract Paintings, Allan Lobb Metal Constructivist Sculpture, Claire Cotts Untitled Two Women Oil Painting, Several Paintings by Fred & May Marshall, Charles Mulvey Watercolors, etc. Sculpture: James Washington Jr. "Stripes" Cat Large Granite Sculpture, Hilda Morris Orb Bronze Sculpture, Tom Hardy Abstract Bronze Table Sculpture, Harry Bertoia for Knoll Table Sculpture, Erik Nelson Shino Glazed Ceramic Idol Figure, Jeff Day Bronze of Woman, Nicolai Kuvshinoff Bronze Busts, etc. Prints & Multiples: Rare Pablo Picasso "Face 2" Madoura Plate Edition of 150, Picasso Madoura "Hen" Ceramic Vessel, Jasper Johns "Pyre II" Color Lithograph, Elizabeth Murray Rare Gemini AP Lithograph, Dale Chihuly "Venetian Chandelier" Acrylic Lithograph, Thomas Hart Benton S/N Lithograph, Marsha Burns "Dreamers" 1981 Silver Gelatin Print Portfolio, Sam Francis Untitled Abstract S/N Lithograph, Several Salvador Dali S/N Lithographs, Salvador Dali "Double Nike de Samothrace" Bronze Sculpture, Mark Tobey Abstract S/N Serigraph, 8pc Tomoe Yokoi Still Life Mezzotint Etchings, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Impressive Yoichi Ohira "Gioco del Fuoco" 2000 Glass Vessel, Yoichi Ohira Original Concept Drawing for Glass Vessel, Early 4-Piece Dale Chihuly Seaform 1986 Glass Set, Dale Chihuly Rippled Green Orange Seaform 2000, Dale Chihuly Red Basket with Blue Lip Wrap 1999, Dale Chihuly Lime Green Seaform 2000, Richard Marquis Rare Snowman Teapot Form, Richard Marquis "Marquiscarpa" Red/White/BlueTazza or Compote, 2pc Bryan Rubino Large Floral Groups, Collection of James Mongrain Glass Stemware, Lino Tagliapietra Glass Stemware, 20pc Karen Willenbrink Jensen Glass Flowers, 2pc Paul de Somma Glass Sculptures, Akio Takamori Porcelain Head Vase, Large Robert Sperry Floor Vessel, David Shaner Stoneware Slab, John Takehara Large Crackle Glaze Vessel, Anne Hirondelle Ceramic Sculpture, Boyd Sugiki Incalmo Glass Bowl, 2pc Luciano Gaspari for Salviati Glass Bottles, Betty Feves Sculptural Vase, etc. 20th Cent. Design: Florence Knoll Office Storage Cabinet, Pair Knoll Mies Van Der Rohe Brno Brown Leather Armchairs, Pair Knoll Mies Van Der Rohe Chrome Tube Armchairs, 2pc Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chairs, Knoll Barcelona Brown Leather Stool, Knoll Barcelona Glass Top Coffee Table, Florence Knoll Square Table, Eames for Herman Miller 670 & 671 Black Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Borge Mogensen Teak Six Drawer Dresser, Troeds Swedish Rosewood 5pc Dining Set, etc. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday October 4, Fine Watches & Timepieces

Featuring a Lifetime Collection of Wrist & Pocket Watches from a Single Collector

Rolex: Vintage Rolex Pepsi Chronograph, Rolex Oyster Perpetual 18k SS Watch, Several Vintage and Early Rolexes, Women's 14k Vintage Rolex Watch in Box, etc. Omega: Impressive Collection of 1970's Omega Speedmaster Diving Wriswatches, Group of Vintage Seamasters, etc. Breitling: Vintage Breitling Navitimer, Collection of Vintage Breitling Chronograph Wristwatches, etc. Tag Heuer: Vintage Autavia GMT Chronograph, Carrera Chronographs, etc. Misc. Brands: Patek Philippe Tank Wristwatch, IMC Vintage, Vintage Movado Chronographs, etc. Pocket Watches: Large Collection of Antique 14k & 18k Gold Cased Pocket Watches and Repeaters, etc. See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday September 20, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Restoration Hardware Furnishings, Fine 14K & 18k Jewelry, American Antiques, Fine China, Pilchuck Artglass Collection, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Kipp Stewart for Drexel Walnut Dining Table, 8 dining chairs & matching sideboard, Danish Teak Refractory Dining Table, Set of 4 Danish Teak Dining Chairs, Dux Folke Ohlsson Cane Back Modern Lounge Chair w/loose cushions, Teak & Walnut MCM Coffee & End Tables, Pair of Gordon & Jane Martz Teak & Ceramic Lamps, MCM Chests, Danish Teak End Table w/2 Drawers, Pair MCM Wood Side Chairs w/loose cushions, Dansk Enamelware, etc. Restoration Hardware Furnishings & Items: Chandelier/Floor Lamps w/Cut Crystals, Industrial Style Shelving & Display Units, Heavy Plank Top Low Coffee Table, Heavy Plank Top Bench, Luggage Racks & Costumers, Glass Top Coffee & End Tables, etc. Antiques, Primitives, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Antique English Art Nuveau Armoire, Set of 4 Bent Wire Ice Cream Chairs, Trunks, Carved Window Seat Bench, Marble Top Fern Stand, Large Antique Open Mail Cabinet or Store Display Cabinet, etc. Artworks: Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, Russian Oil Paintings, Salvador Dali s/n prints, Boulanger s/n prints, Linda Le Kinff s/n prints, Mikail Chemiakin s/n print, Collection of Max Hayslette signed & numbered prints, Collection of Michael Gentry s/n Lithographs, Japanese Block Prints, Antique Prints, Fancy Gold Frame Mirrors, Etchings, Early Prints, Group of Contemporary Bronze Figures, Miniature Paintings, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Tiffany Sterling Flatware & Serving Pieces, Large Set of Kirk Steiff (188pc) Flatware & 66pc International Wild Rose Sterling Flatware, Shreve & Co Sterling A&C hand hammered Covered Large Server, Sterling Spoon Sets, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, Muffineers, Sterling Jewelry, Mikimoto Pearls Strand & Earrings, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: 7x12 Afghan Rug, Scatter Rugs, etc. Lighting: Mid Century Wall Lighting Sconces from original Seattle Opera House, Pairs of Quality Modern Table Lamps, Crystal Chandelier, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Lots of Lladro Figures (20+), Bing & Grondahl Figures, Steuben, Waterford, Moser, Baccarat, Large Set of Rosenthal Classic Rose Fine China set, Silver Overlay Cut Glass, Fine Venetian Glass Stemware & many Murano Figures, Birds, Elephants, Val St Lambert Colored Cut to Clear Glass Vases, Versace crystal Bowl, Belleek, Wedgwood Jasperware, Haviland Set Tea w/Roses, Cranberry Glass, Studio Pottery, Pilchuck Artglass Collection, Herend China, Chintz Ware China, Group of Bjorn Wiinblad Danish China, Victorian Satin Glass, Lundberg, Loetz Art Glass, Kralik glass, Art Glass Chargers, Signed Libbey, 100's mini china animal figures, Paper Weights, Lg Murano Fish Figure, Milkglass Refrig container w/S&P, etc. Asian: Decorated Pigskin Trunk, Japanese & Chinese 4 & 6 fold Silk Floor Screens, Scroll Paintings, Ming Chinese Bowls & Small Pots, Ceramics, Cloisonne, Bronzes, Rank Badge w/Phoenix, Thailand & Asian Carvings, Elephant Ceramic Garden Seat, Black Decorated Laquer Small Stand, Ceramic Umbrella Stand, etc. Items of Interest: Fine Carved & Inlaid Austrian Music Box Side Chair, Louis Vuitton Luggage, Vintage Telechron Table Radio, Small Strong Box, Antique & Bisque Dolls, Clocks, Crystal Regulator, Crystal Chandelier, Carving Sets, pipes, Christmas Ornaments, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 6, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & 18k Jewelry, Period Antiques, American Antiques & Primitives, Fine China, Artglass, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Sterling, and More Items from the Paramount Theater

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Dillingham Mid Century Walnut Dining Set w/6 Chairs & matching Sideboard Hutch, Pair Walnut Armchairs, Chrome Coffee Table, Chrome Armchair, Chrome Floor Lamps, Whittemore Sherill Ltd Leather Armchair, Pair Motioncraft Brown Leather Wing Back Recliners, (2) Sherrill Tapestry Love Seats, Baker Chinoiserie Low Chest, Baker Bamboo Style Cane Seat Armchair, etc. Antiques, Primitives, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Period Low Stand, Parquet Refectory Table, Set of 6 Antique Oak Dining Chairs, Round Marble top Pedestal Bistro Table, Pair Bent Wire Ice Cream Chairs, Antique Victorian Needlepoint Arm Chairs & Side Chair, Pair French Style Wing Back Armchairs, French Marble Top Small Tables & Pair Carved Antique French Armchairs from Paramount Theater, Marble Top Chest, Commode, Marble Top Table, 30's Banded Inlay Chest on Chest & Matching Dresser w/Mirror, Antique Twin & Double Fancy Brass Beds, Marble Fireplace Surround, Miniature Boxes, 3 section Oak Barrister Bookcase, 18th Century Rosemaul Decorated Chest, etc. Artworks: Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, Collection of Hisashi Otsuka s/n Mixed Media Prints, Collection of Original Watercolor Paintings by Listed Artists, Dennis Curry s/n Lithos, Charles Frace s/n Lithos, Lee Mann Photos, Krasayansky, Vintage Parrish Prints, Lg Rubiat, Japanese Block Prints, Antique Prints, Fancy Frames, Gold Frame Mirrors, Etchings, Early Prints, Pair of Small Ship Paintings by G H Wheatley, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Victorian Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, (2) Sets of Shreve & Birks Sterling Flatware, Steiff Sterling, Sterling Tea & Coffee Services, Sterling Spoon Sets, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, Sterling Desk Sets, Sterling Jewelry, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, 9x12 Isfahan, 8x10 Oriental Rug, (2) 4x6 Oriental Rugs, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Lighting: Miller Stained Glass Lamp, Pairs of Cut Glass Lamps, Pairs Marble Column Lamps, Many Nautical Lamps, (2) Antique European Chandeliers, Ship's Lanterns, Oil Lamps, etc. First Nations Items: SW Fine Line Pots, Lg Indian Basket w/Butterflies, Beadwork, Moccasins, Kachina Doll, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Royal Beyreuth pitchers, Collection of Old Sleepy Eye Pottery Pitchers, Antique German Regimental Steins w/Lithophanes, Moser, Baccarat, Vienna Plates, Mintons Fine China set, Silver Overlay Cut Glass, Fine Venetian Glass Stemware & Figures, lots of Waterford Stemware, Scottish Thistle Pattern Crystal , Murano Art Glass Duck Figure, Bohemian Cut Glass, Belleek, Jasperware, Schafer & Vater, Fine China Sets by Wedgwood, Bouscher Bavarian Service Plates, 74pc Set Lenox Pinehurst, 50pc Set Mintons Gold Band China, Flow Blue China, Large Game Serving Platters, Coalport Cabbageware China, Blue Onion Fish Server, Mintons Cabbageware plates, Perfume Bottles, Cranberry Glass, Studio Pottery, Artglass, Majolica, Doulton, Antique Pattern Glass, Carnival Glass, Herend China, Wedgwood Chinese Tigers China, Lundberg Glass, Leon Applebaum Glass, etc. Clocks: Ansonia Swing Ball Figural Clock, 2 Long Case Clocks, Kitchen Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks, Mark I US Navy Clock in Wood Case, etc. Nautical Antiques & Scientific Instruments: US Navy Ship's Compass, (2) Gimballed Compasses w/boxes, Sextants, Weight Set, Karl Zeiss Microscope w/wood box, etc. Asian: Rosewood pair tall Bookcases, Rosewood Alter Table, Carved Rosewood Coffee Table & Pair of Square End Table Cabinets, Pair Horseshoe Armchairs, Tall Rosewood Stand, Carved Chinese Camphor Wood Trunks, Chinese Ceramics, Temple Panels, Asian Paintings, Japanese Block Prints, Peking Glass Bowl, Japanese Bronzes, Scrolls, Chinese Needlework Piano Shawl w/long fringe, Japanese Cloisonné, Chinese Cloisonné, Chinese Hand Warmers, Japanese Imari Wares, Chinese Ceramic Garden Stool, Pair Chinese Figural Ceramic Pillows, Tetsubin Iron Pots, 4 Panel Coromandel Screen, etc. Items of Interest: (2) Large Model Boats w/Sails, Lionel Trains, Vintage Toys, Vintage Quilts, Antique Wood Dovetailed Chests, Bulldog Cast Iron Doorstop, Antique Photos, Varga Prints & Books, Vintage Calendars, Pin Up Art, Fruit Box Vintage Labels, Foreign Coins, Trading Cards, Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, Vintage Cameras, Large Format Camera, Antique Tea Caddies, Antique Wall Sconces, Antique Books, Antique Coal Hod, Fine Antique Decorated Papier Mache Tray, Antique Copper Cookware, Brassware, Australian Items, Sports Photos, Binoculars, Vintage Shotgun Shells, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Friday August 17, Interiors of the Paramount Theater Auction

Exceptional Antiquities from the Interior of the Historic Paramount Theater, Downtown Seattle

Paramount Theater Interior: Collection of Bombay Parquetry Inlaid Marble Top Cabinets, Collection of Fine Antique Oriental Carpets including Sarouks, Kirmans, Heriz, etc. Collection of Impressive and Large Carved Marble Bust Sculptures on Pedestals, Fine European Oil Paintings of Antiquity, etc. Fine Arts: Multiple Listed European Artworks and Portraiture form the interiors of the Paramount, by William Dolland, Paolo Bedini, Eduardo Leon Garrido, Honorio Romero Orozco, Onorato Carlandi, Georges Washington, Joseph Paulman, Cornelis Creedenburgh, James Campbell Noble, Albertus Verhoesen, Stuart Forbes, Goeorge Arthur Hayes, Carl Heinrich Hoffman, James Riddell, Aloysius O'Kelly, Charles Schreyvogel, Frederick Moucheron (17th Cent), Edgar Nye, John Costigan, etc. Bronzes by Maiximilian Fiot, Auguste Carrier, Simon Louis Boizot, Impressive Large Woman with Jug Impressionist Oil Painting in Ornate Frame, Collection of Classical Motif French Bronzes, Collection of Large Marble Bust Sculptures, by Prof. Aristide Petrilli, Ferdinando Vicchi, Pietro Bazzanti, Adolfo Cipriani, A. Batacchi, etc. Silver & Virtue: Museum Quality Edward Farrell Chinoiserie English Silver Teapot on Stand, Fine Edward Farrell Hunt Scene English Teapot on Stand, 3pc Edward Farrell Figural English Silver Tea Service, Impressive German Gilt Silver & Jeweled Automaton Singing Bird Box or Casket, Antique Whiting Sterling Ornate Pitcher with Face Spout, Group of Antique English Repousse Silver Table Pieces, Large English Sterling Serving Trays, Set of Queens Pattern Heavy English Sterling Flatware, etc. Oriental Rugs: Palace Size 1930's Sarouk Oriental Rug, Fine 9'x12' Kashan Floral Rug, Antique Heriz Room Size Rug, Princess Bokhara Bag Face, Many Mid Size and Small Antique Scatter Rugs from the Paramount Theater Interior, etc. Fine Furnishings: English 18th Cent. Chinoiserie Longcase Clock, English 18th Cent. Chinoiserie Chest of Drawers, English 18th Cent. Chinoiserie Miniature Table Secretary, Pair French Gilt Carved Sofas and Settees, 2pc French Gilt Carved Marble Top Coffee and Side Tables, Louis XV Style Gilt Vitrine Cabinet, Impressive French Bombe Ormolu Mounted Ram's Head Chest, French Bombe Ormolu Mounted Marquetry Inlaid Chests, Italian Renaissance Revival Hall Bench with Carved Putti, etc. Items of Interest: Group of Antique Russian Icons, Exceptional Spanish Santos Figure with Glass Eyes, Tiffany Studios Zodiac Bronze Inkwell, Hagenauer Bronze Sailor Figure, German Gilt Bronze Jewelry Casket, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 16, Fine Chinese Porcelain & Ethnographic

Featuring Fine Asian Porcelain and Antiquities from the Ming to Qing Dynasties

Asian Porcelain: Impressive 17th Century Transitional Blue & White Jar, Impressive 19th Century Rose Canton Large Punchbowl with Periwinkle Blue Glazes (Perfect Condition), Fine Pair of Qing Blue and White Phoenix Barrel Shaped Garden Stools (Excellent Condition), Large Chinese Guangxu Molded Dragon Crackle Glaze Jardinier or Fish Bowl, Chinese Guangxu Porcelain Figural Lotus Libation Cup "Qiucao", Pair of Coral Ground Blue Underglaze Peony Bottle Vases (Late Qing), Pair of 17th Cent. Transitional Famille Verte Beaker Vases with Edward Farmer Labels, Unusual Qing Chinese Robin's Egg Blue Glazed Quatrefoil Warming Dish, Set of Chinese Foliate Rim Peony Export Plates (19th Cent.), Group of 18th Century Unusual Export Porcelain, Kangxi Blue & White Porcelain Charger with Basket of Flowers, Blue and White Peony Shallow Charger with Copper Red (19th Cent.), Famille Rose Porcelain Peony Large Charger (19th Cent.), Fine Chinese Reclining Porcelain Buddha (Republic Era), etc. Cloisonné: Museum Quality Ming Hu Form Cloisonné Vessel with Handles, Large Cloisonné Camel Figure, Pair of Fine Cloisonné Bottle Vases with Seal Marks, Chinese Miniature Shou Teapot 19th century, etc. Fine Furnishings: 3pc Huanghuali Horseshoe Chair & Table Set, 5pc Huanhuali Table & Bench Set, Huanghuali Carved Altar Table, Fine Qing Rosewood Curio or Collector's Cabinet, Early Export Carved Rosewood Tea Cart with Grape Motif, Collection of Korean Bandaji Chests, 2pc Impressive Coromandel Room Screens, Impressive Qing Rosewood Screen with Metal Chased Plaques, Set 6 Qing Rosewood Dining Chairs, etc. Artworks: Zhang Jian Zhong Modern Large Chinese Painting "The Chinese Woman's Life is Hard", 4pc Noparat Livisiddhi Thai Impressionist Paintings, Zhang Chang Pair of Chinese Scroll Paintings, 2pc Kiyoshi Saito Modern Woodblocks, etc. Jewelry: Selection of 22k Chinese Jade Jewelry, 18k and 14k Jade Pendants and Rings, 3pc Large Chinese Jade Pebble Carved Pendants in Heavy 14k Mounts, 22k Indian Ruby Earrings, etc. Ethnic Weaponry: Collection of Indonesian & Philippines Swords and Daggers, 2pc Maori Long Wood Weapons, etc. Items of Interest: Qing Imperial Silk Dragon Robe, Group of Silk Embroidered Chinese Robes, Pair of Qing Carved Rosewood Shou Document Boxes, Collection of Gilt Carved Temple Panels, Group of Ornate Rosewood Display Stands, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday July 12, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & Diamond Jewelry, Period English & European Antiques, American Antique Primitives, Fine China, Moorcroft, Artworks, Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Sterling, Pocket & Wrist Watches

Mid Century, Modernism & Contemporary Furnishings: Knoll Loveseat, Set of 3 Magis Lyra Wood & Metal Bar Stools, Modern Lamps, SW tall cabinet w/door, display cabinets, (3) Wrought Iron matching Bar Stools, Pair Wrought Iron Grape or Wine Themed Bar Stools, Stickley Oak small Drop Leaf Table & Mirror, etc. Antiques, Primitives, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Period English Sheraton Mahogany Dining Table, Set of 4 Antique English Mahogany Dining Chairs, Period Mahogany Biedermeier Secretaire Abbatant, Antique Period English Inlaid Library Table, French Ormolu Side Chair, Period French Walnut Sideboard, Antique Wing Back Armchair, Pedestal Small Marble Top Tables, French Walnut Side Cabinet w/Marble Compartment, French Marquetry Inlaid Side Table w/Drawers, Bookstand, Mahogany large Secretary/Sideboard w/bubble curved glass doors, Inlaid Italian Pietra Dura Marble Coffee Table on Metal Base, etc. Artworks: Michel Delacroix s/n Lithograph, (7) Luigi Kasimir s/n Lithographs, Stephen Lyman s/n Lithographs, Bev Doolittle s/n Lithographs, Harold Altman s/n Lithographs, Western Artworks, Collection of Fine Etchings: James Smillie, Peter Moran, Thomas Wood, etc, Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, Thomas Kinkaid s/n giclee prints, Watercolor Paintings & Prints, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Vintage Mountain Photographs, Victorian Prints, Large Fancy Frame Mirrors, Vintage Parrish Prints, Japanese Block Prints, Richard Kirsten, etc. Guitars & Stereo Equipment: Fender DG25S-NS Acoustic Guitar, Ovation Celebrity Model CC24 Guitar, (3) SDGR Soundgear by Ibanez Electric Base Guitars, SRX400, SR500, S2520 Ibanez 6 string Guitar, Bang & Olufson Stereo Components, Turntables, and Pairs of Speakers, Ampeg Model SVT-15N Speaker Box, SVT-410HE, Yorkville Y115, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Victorian Jewelry, Stick Pins, Lots of fine Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings, Lapis Beads, Costume Jewelry, Miriam Haskell, Set of Sterling Flatware, Sterling Spoon Sets, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Goblets, Candlesticks, Boxes, Trays, etc, Sterling Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, 9x12 & 8x10 Chinese Rugs, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Lighting: Arts & Crafts Oak Floor Lamp with Stained Glass shade, Glass Light Shades, Ships Lights w/Brass Cages, etc. Watches & Clocks, Clockwork, etc.: Ladies Rolex 18K Gold Wrist Watch, 14K & 18K Gold Pocket Watches, Railroad Pocket Watch, Asst Wrist Watches, Oak Kitchen Clock, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: (3) Faberge Eggs w/original boxes, Large Collection (25+) of Moorcroft Pottery (many w/original boxes), Many Fine China Dinnerware Sets, 84pc Set of Ginori Claudio La Viola Fine China Dinnerware Service, Very Large Set of Royal Doulton Simplicity Fine China, Set of Vincenzo Pinto Vietri Italian Pottery Dishes, Set of 49pc Royal Worcester Evesham Pattern Fine China Dinner Service, 38pc Spode Wicker Lane Dishes, Belleek Collection, Moser, Orrefors & Fine Cut Crystal Stemware, Weller Pottery High Glaze & Hudson Vases, Swarovski Crystal Figures Collection, Rookwood Vase, Malachite Glass, Amberina Vase, Goldschieder lg Madonna Bust, Limoges HP Miniature Boxes, Wedgwood Fairyland Butterfly Lustre ware, Wedgewood Jasperware, Studio Art Glass & Studio Art Pottery, Frankoma Pottery, Fine Nippon, Orient & Flume Glass, Steven Lundberg Glass, etc. Sewing Machines: Bernina Artista 730 Computerized Sewing Machine w/Accessories & Carry Case, Bernina Artista 180 Computerized Sewing Machine w/Accessories, Evolve Babylock Serger, etc. Asian: Chinese Ceramics, Antique Chinese Tall Cabinets w/doors, Chinese Decorated Temple Panels, Chests, Trunks, 2 Alter Tables, etc., Thanka, Asian Dolls,Chinese Rosewood Corner Chair, Asian Paintings, Japanese Block Prints, Carved Peking Glass Bowl, Japanese Silver Inlaid Bronze Hibache, Japanese Scrolls, etc. Items of Interest: Wurlitzer 1952 Wurlimagic Brain Model 1500 Juke Box, African Queen Scale Model Boat, Stained Glass Windows (from Rosellini's Four-10 Restaurant), Collection of Russian Lacquered Boxes, Antique Lg Dictionary on Metal Stand, Metal B47 Stratosphere Airplane Model on Stand, Figural Bookends, Antique Boxes, pocket knives, Antique Primitive American Crocks, Copper Pans, Indian Baskets, Vintage & Modern Toys, National Conference Electric Football Game, Lg Figural Clown Balloon Blower Head, Vintage Dolls, Kewpie Dolls, Linens, Patchwork Quilts, Circus Posters, Collection of Wicker Covered Picnic Bottles, Philco Console Radio, Vintage Women's Handbags, 1910 Tabacco Trading Cards, Signed Movie Star Photos, Vintage Poker Chips, Antique Balance Scale, Antique Tin "The Bread & Cake Cabinet", Antique World Globe, Antique Ship's Wheel, Antique lg format Book of the Presidents, Carved Wood US Eagle Emblem, Olympus BH2 Microscope, Carl Zeiss Microscope w/Controller, African Carved Masks, Vintage Women's Hats w/Boxes, Drizabone Oilskin Heavy Duty Riding Coat, Mink Stole, Antique Oak Ship's Tool Chest, NW Coast Totem Pole, African Beaded Armchair, Wrought iron Floral Planter Stand, Very large Wicker Basket, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Friday June 22, Fine Western Art & Native Americana - Session Two

From the private art collection of M. Lamont Bean (1924-2004), of Washington State. Bean was the former Chairman, CEO and President of the Pay 'n Save Corporation which owned Ernst Hardware, Lamonts Apparel, and Malmo Nurseries. Mr. Bean was also the former President of the Board at the Frye Art Museum, a Founding Owner of the Seattle Seahawks Football Team, President of the Board at the Washington Athletic Club, Director of Peoples National Bank of Washington, and Chairman of the Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau. His works and others include ...

Western Painting: Important Fred Machetanz "Face to Face" 1978 Oil Painting 52"x32" (This image was used for his numbered lithograph edition of 950, Published 1980 Book on the Artist Plate 4), Sydney Laurence "Mt. McKinley" Oil Painting 20"x15" with Placard on Frame, Sydney Laurence "Night Scene with Cabin, Alaska" Oil Painting 10"x8", Sydney Laurence "Venetian Sailboat" Oil Painting 12"x9", Sydney Laurence "Mt. McKinley, Sunset" Watercolor Painting, Eustace Ziegler Figures Near Mt. McKinley Oil Painting 12"x12", Eustace Ziegler "Eskimo" Portrait Oil Painting (Published in Exhibition Booklet), Eustace Ziegler "Alaskan Landscape" Watercolor Painting, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Mt. Rainier" Oil Painting 24"x20", 3pc Harvey Goodale Alaskan Landscape Oils, Harvey Goodale Eskimo Dancers Oil Painting, Robert Wood Mountain Landscape Oil in Ornate Frame, William McDermitt Impressionist Landscape Oil, C.J. Wells Southwest Indian Portrait Oil, Rie Muñoz Original Alaskan Watercolor Painting, Clyde Aspevig "Greaswood Flats" Oil Painting, William F. Reese "Kneeling Nude" Oil Painting, William Reese "Umatillo Warrior" Watercolor, 3pc Ramon Kelley Western Artworks, Frank Hagel Indian on Horseback Small Oil, Jim Norton Cowboy on Horseback Oil, 11pc Don Gray Western Theme Original Paintings, Important Libby Berry UofW Husky Mascot & WSU Cougar Oil Paintings (Images were used for limited edition prints), Donald "Putt" Putnam "Wine and Roses" Oil Painting, Lee Rommel Southwest Still Life Watercolor, etc. Western Bronzes: Impressive David Manuel "RollingThunder" 4' Standing Bronze Indian, Impressive 5' Eagle in Flight Bronze, Jerry Snodgrass 3' "The Last Battle" Indian Sculpture, Jerry Snodgrass 3' Cowboy Sculpture, Jerry Snodgrass 3' Indian Warrior Sculpture, James Stafford Large Rams Patinated Bronze Sculpture, Lorenzo Ghiglieri "Strongest Bond" Bronze, Gary Schildt Indian on Horseback Bronze, Joe Halko Rams Bronze Sculpture, 3pc RobertBroshears "Wyatt Earp" – "Buffalo Bill" – "Doc Holliday" Large Bronzes, Sandra Koop Large Eagle in Flight Bronze, David Manuel "The Buffalo Hunterse" Children Bronze Sculpture, C. Alan Johnson Eskimo Hunter Bronze, Ace Powell Small Horse Bronze, etc. Maritime & Seascape Art: 2pc Thomas Wells "Archibald Russell" Schooner Ship Oils, 3pc William E. Ryan Maritime Oil Paintings, Robert Sticker "Banks Dory" Sailboat Oil Painting, 3pc Tom Browning Coastal Scene Oil Paintings, Eugene Garin Turbulent Waters Oil Painting, etc. Photographs & Prints: Collection of 7pc Fred Machetanz Signed Stone Lithographs, 2pc Eustace Ziegler Drypoint Etchings, Edward Curtis "Three Chiefs" Goldtone Photograph, Rare Edward Curtis "Hopi Figures" Platinum Print, 3pc Edward Curtis Original Photogravures, 2pc Asahel Curtis Silvertone & Goldtone Landscape Photographs, Rare Norman Edson Box Camera with Provenance, etc. Native Americana: Impressive NW Coast Carved Canoe Model with Bear & Human 19th Century, Plains Antique Beaded Moccasins, 2pc Apache Indian Baskets, Group of Southwest Silver Jewelry & Silver Spoons, Collection of Coast Salish Baskets, Tlingit Baskets, Hupa Basketry Hat, Carved Cedar Grease Bowls, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday June 21, Fine Northwest Artworks & Modern Design - Session One

From the private art collection of M. Lamont Bean (1924-2004), of Washington State. Bean was the former Chairman, CEO and President of the Pay 'n Save Corporation which owned Ernst Hardware, Lamonts Apparel, and Malmo Nurseries. Mr. Bean was also the former President of the Board at the Frye Art Museum, a Founding Owner of the Seattle Seahawks Football Team, President of the Board at the Washington Athletic Club, Director of Peoples National Bank of Washington, and Chairman of the Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau. His works and others include ...

Northwest Modern Art: Important Mark Tobey "White Writing" 1955 Large Tempera Painting 22"x15" (Foster/WhiteGallery Label), Important Mark Tobey "Cosmic Vibrations" (White Writing) 1960 Tempera Painting 7"x5.75", Mark Tobey Abstract Figures 1960 Small Tempera Painting, Mark Tobey 1960 Colorful Monotype (Exhibited), Important Morris Graves "Winter Bouquet" 1975 Tempera Painting (Foster/White Label, Published Morris Graves "Flower Paintings" Figure 28), Morris Graves "Zoo Bird Seeking Nest" 1947 Tempera & Ink Painting (Foster/White Gallery Label), Paul Horiuchi 1963 Abstract Collage, Paul Horiuchi 1961 Scattered Abstract Collage, Guy Anderson "Earth & Sea" Pastel Painting (Otto Seligman Label), Guy Anderson Small Orb Mixed Media, Richard Gilkey "Stanwood Landscape" Oil Painting, Leo Kenney "Natural Occurrence in a Pond" Large Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Horse and Dog" Sumi & Watercolor Work, 4pc George Tsutakawa Shrimp and Mountain Landscape Paintings, 3pc John Matsudaira Watercolor Paintings, Frank Okada Colorfield Oil, George Tsutakawa "Chanterelle" 1977 Sumi Ink Painting, Francis Celentano 1971 Optic Airbrush Painting, William Cumming "Standing Boy" 1966 Large Acrylic Painting, Rosalyn Gale Powell "Poppies" 1977 Oil Painting (Foster/White Gallery Label), Windsor Utley "Italian Field" Acrylic Painting (Foster/White Gallery Label), Tony Angell "Winter Sole" Carved Stone Sculpture (Foster/White Gallery Receipt), Helmi Juvonen "Northwest Totem" Graphite & Colored Pencil Drawing, Jay Steensma Oil of House, Paul Ripley Jenkins "Invention" Watercolor, Paul Havas Large Landscape Panoramic Oil Painting, Important Jeff Day "Football Players" Large Bronze Sculpture, Frank Evans "Memorial Seahawk" Bronze Sculpture, Verne Mittlestadt Abstract Figures Gouache Painting, Large Collection of Josef Scaylea B&W Art Photographs (Frye Art Museum Exhibition), Karen Guzak 1974 Mixed Media, etc. Fine Arts & Print: Original LeRoy Neiman "Matador" Oil Painting, Collection of LeRoy Neiman Signed & Numbered Serigraphs including "Elephant Stampede", "Zebra Family", "High Seas Sailing", "Touchdown", etc. Jasper Johns "Pyre 2" 2004 Color Lithograph Signed Edition of 250, Ellsworth Kelly "Orange" (Curve) Signed Artist Proof Edition, Frank Gehry "Study for a New Frank Gehry House" 2004 Signed RTP (Right to Print) Proof Lithograph, Andy Warhol "Cow" Whitney Museum Silkscreen, Robert Rauschenberg "Rays" Large Screenprint, 2pc Rufino Tamayo Signed Lithographs, Collection of Anders Zorn Signed Etchings, 2pc James Whistler 3rd State Etchings, Camille Corot Lifetime Souvenir of Italy Etchingon Tissue, 2pc Lyman Byxbe Early Landscape Etchings, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Important Yoichi Ohira "Laguna" Vase (Published in Book on Artist), Yoichi Ohira "Catena" White & Red Vase, Important Richard Marquis Glass Trophy, Richard Marquis Murrini Car Sculpture, Richard Marquis Marquiscarpa Compote, Robert Sperry White Crackle Ball Vase with Lustre Glazes, 2pc RobertSperry White Crackle Glazed Boxes, Large Robert Sperry Splash Charger, 2pc Mutsuo Yanagihara Funk Pots, 2pc Jim Kraft Coiled Pots, 2pc Frank Boyden Ceramics, David Shaner Large Covered Bowl, etc. 20th Century Design: Eames 1st Generation Office Cabinet and Small Cube, Pair of Hans Olsen for Vatne Mobler Rosewood Armchairs, A Rare George Tsutakawa Hand Made Table Lamp Circa 1960's, Arne Vodder Teak Boomerang Desk, Eero Saarinen "Womb" Chair, Bertoia for Knoll Diamond Chair, Custom Made Selig Rosewood Sofa & Armchairs, 2pc Georg Nelson for Herman Miller Slat Coffee Tables, Isamu Noguchi Cyclone Table, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday May 31, Estate Luxury & Fine Jewelry Auction

Fine & Designer Jewelry: Fancy Pink Diamond Pendant Necklace, 11ct Emerald & Diamond Ring, 5ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Van Cleef & Arpels Ruby Ring, Cartier Sapphire & Diamond Ring, Stephen Hafner Platinum & Diamond Necklace Earring Set, Diamond/Sapphire/Ruby Leopard Bracelet Brooch, Group of Estate Victorian Jewelry, Lots of Estate Rings with Stones, Vintage Figural Gold & Diamond Brooches, 2pc Van Cleef & Arpels 18k Compacts, Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany 18k Diamond Turquoise Brooch, etc. Fine Glass: Large Pieces of Contemporary Lalique, Daum Nancy Pate-de-Verre, Baccarat Crystal, Steuben Sculptures in Boxes, Moser Stemware, Steuben "Van Dyke" Stemware, Venini Latticino Finger Bowls, Seguso for Oggetti Art Glass Bowl, Hawthorne & Nowak Large Aquarium Bowl, Mark Eckstrand Aquarium Vase, 2pc Monumental Erte Figurines, Tiffany Siam Green Porcelain, Tiffany French Porcelain Tea Service, Group of Herend Rothschild Porcelain, Collection of Armani Figures in Boxes, etc. Luxury Bags & Design: Louis Vuitton Women's Handbags in Pouches, Louis Vuitton Shoes in Pouches, Cartier Leather Handbags in Pouches, 2 Pairs of Patek Philippe Gold Cufflinks in Boxes, etc. Coin Collection: $20 US Gold Piece, $5 and $2.5 Gold Pieces, Hundreds of Morgan Dollars, Collection of Vintage & Antique Silver Coinage, Morgan Dollars, Walking Liberty Halves, Mercury Dimes, etc. Collection of (650) Sterling Christmas Ornaments in Boxes by Gorham, Wallace, Lenox, Buccelatti, Tiffany, etc. Fine Art: Robert Wyland Large Jumping Whale Bronze Sculpture, Robert Wyland Neptune Bronze Sculpture, David Lee Large Original Flowers Watercolor, 4pc Original J.J. Audubon Bird Tinted Etchings in Artech Gilt Frames, 2pc Early Erte Serigraphs, Romero Britto Pop Art Serigraph, Andy Warhol Shoes Large Lithograph, Boulanger Serigraph, Collection of Giuseppe Armani Clown Figures, Group of Signed Baseball & Football Items, Joe Montana Signed Art Print, etc. Designer Furnishings & Oriental Rugs: 18th/19th Century Italian Baroque Marble Top Console Table with Drawers, Italian Pietra Dura Hexagonal Table, Barcelona Style Chrome Dining Table, Pair Barcelona Style Red Leather Chairs, Maitland Smith Double Light Chandelier with Crate, Hawaiian Floral Art Glass Chandelier, Selection of Designer Rugs purchased at Pande Cameron for Thousands Each, 5pc Persian Bijar fine oriental rugs, Runner Rugs, etc.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday May 3, Northwest Estates Auction

Featuring Fine Antique Furnishings, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & Diamond Jewelry, Mettlach Steins, Western Art, Ham Radios, Military Radios, Vintage Fishing Rods, Reels, Golf Clubs, Skiing, Musical Instruments, Collectibles

Mid Century Danish Teak & Modernism: Danish Teak Dining Table w/Tile Insets, Set of 6 High Back Teak Dining Chairs, Danish Teak Sideboard, Danish Teak Side Table, Pair Teak Small Chests & Display Cabinets, Danish Teak Low Chest on Legs, Pair of Danish Teak: High Stools, 4 large rolls of vintage Mid Century Upholstery Fabric, Mid Century Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Danish Teak Small End Table, etc. Antiques, Primitives, Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: American Walnut Corner Cupboard, Oval Drop Leaf Oak Dining Table, Antique Cherry Drop Leaf Table, Many Early Dovetailed Chests, Antique Primitive Rockers, Children's Boston Rocker, Painted Chests, Mirrored Low Table, Oak Twist Leg Lamp Table, Clark's Spool Cabinet, Empire Mahogany Pedestal Work Table, Large Arts & Crafts Oak Arm Chair, Victorian Walnut Postmaster's Desk, Victorian Commode, Figured Maple Tall Chest, Oak display cabinets, etc. Artworks: Jack Ferrel Pottery Mosaic Wall Hanging Panel w/Femaile Nudes, (4) Elton Bennett Signed Serigraphs, Large Collection of Stephen Lyman Signed & Numbered Lithographs (20+), Bev Doolittle Lithographs, Western Artworks, W. A. Carson Watercolor & Pastel Painting w/Deer, Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings & Prints, Persian Miniature Paintings, Vintage Photographs, Carved Stone Figure, Victorian Prints & Frames, Modern Mid Century Paintings by C. Duke Washington (Former Art Teacher at Ingraham High School, Large Fancy Gold Frame Mirror, Parrish Prints, etc. Indonesian & Native Arts Collection: Very Large Collection of SE Asian Items, Robes, Carved Masks, Large Indonesian Hand Puppet Collection, Brass & Copperware, Implements, Chests, Artworks, Paintings, Swords, Wood Carvings, Bows & Arrows, Cabinets, Baskets, Tools, Native Beadwork, etc. Militaria: Collection of Scottish Guard Prints, Vintage Books, Paper Goods, etc. Vintage Cane Collection: More Canes & Walking Sticks, Silver Handle Walking Sticks, Carved Canes, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches, Victorian Jewelery, 14K Eisenberg Ring w/lg Citrine Stone, Lapis Beads, Rose Quartz Beads, Costume Jewelry, Set of Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Flatware, Sterling Spoon Sets, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Teapots, Goblets, Candlesticks, Vintage Mother of Pearl Handle Flatware sets, Fine Silver Plate Serving Trays, Footed Salts w/Cobalt Liners, Pitchers, Servers, etc. Rugs & Tapestries: Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, Bohkara, Kilims, 4 large French Tapestries, (2) 8x10 Karastan Rugs, 9x12 Raffa Red Rug, etc. Lighting: Large Crystal Chandelier, Antique Double Whale Oil Lamp, Twist Wood Floor Lamp, Stained Glass Lamp Shade, Pair of Theater Crystal Wall Sconces, Oil Lamps, etc. Automobilia: Many Vintage Auto or Boating Picnic Sets in original Wicker Baskets or Cases w/plates, flatware, cups, Antique Brass Auto Horns, etc. Watches & Clocks, Clockwork, etc.: Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, German Grand Father Clock, English Long Case Clock, Arts & Crafts Oak Grand Father Clock, Banjo Clock, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Many Fine China Dinnerware Sets, Set of Schumann Strawberry Fine China, Set of Philippe Deshoulieres Porcelaine Limoge France Dinerware Service, Group of Nymphenburg Hand Painted Fine China, Very Large Set of Minton's Fine China (formerly belonged to the Frye Family Seattle, Set of Royal Doulton Goodwood Pattern Fine China Set, Set of Lenox Weatherly Pattern Fine China Dinner Service, Lenox Holly Dishes, Wedgwood Willow China Dinnerware Service, Wedgwood Etruria Dishes, Spode Items, Austrian Art Glass, Waterford, artist signed Waterford Vase, Moser Crystal Decanter, Several Sets of Fine Cut Crystal Stemware, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Studio Glass Bowls, Weller Pottery Vase, 50's Glassware, Antique Glass Salts Collection, American Pattern Glass, Large Pressed Glass Punchbowl w/pedestal, Historical Staffordshire Dishes, 18th Century Worcester Dishes, Crystal Candlesticks, Val St Lambert Crystal Plates, etc. Asian: Chinese Ceramics, Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Antique Chinese Figural Roof Tile on Stand, Japanese Kimono & Obi, Scrolls, Asian Dolls, Chinese Rosewood Square Table, Large Carved Camphorwood Chest/Trunk, Asian Paintings, Large Ceramic Chinese Fish Bowl, Asian Stone Carvings, Brass Vases, Opium Pipes, Chinese Enamelware, etc. Items of Interest: Commercial Mannequin, Wood Boat Model, Large Collection of Antique Copper & Brass Wares, Pots, Pails, Mugs, Jugs, Cookers, Pans, etc, Shaker Baskets, Antique Bisque Dolls, Antique Doll Bed, Dental Portable Tool Box w/Tools, Large Collection (40+) Steinbach & German Nutcrackers w/Orignial Boxes, Large Collection of (50+) Longaberger Baskets, Pedal Car, Lionel Picatinny Arsenal 42 Engine w/cars, Vintage Level Sight on Tripod, Edison Cylinder Record Player w/Horn, 35mm Cameras, Antique Folding Cameras, Antique Tins, Sleigh Bells, Vintage Patchwork & Crib Quilts, Antique Trunks, Antique Cast Iron Still Banks, Jolly Black Mechanical Iron Bank, Wagner Child's Size Waffle Iron, group of Fossil Items, Mastadon Full Tooth Specimen, Bird Points, Brown Bear Rug, Antique Bird Diorama Display, Pair Antique Andirons, Large Pinocchio Jointed Doll, Ruger 22 Semi Auto Rifles, Winchester Bolt Action 22Long Rifle, Chopping Block on Legs, Pair of Antique Stained Glass Panels w/Jewels on Stands, Ironware, Belgian Enamel Iron Descoware Cookware, Vintage Suitcases, Childs Crank Sewing Machine, Fish Decoys, Primitive Signs, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 19, Northwest Estates Auction

Featuring Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & Diamond Jewelry, American Antique Primitives Collection, Western Art, Antique Picnic Sets, Canes, Large Collection of Indonesian & Native Masks, Dolls, Paintings, Implements, Brass & Copper, Jewelry, and Collectibles from Northwest Estates \

Mid Century Danish Teak & Modernism: Danish Niels Moller Teak Refractory Dining Table, Set of 6 Niels Moller Danish Teak Dining Chairs, Danish Teak Sideboard, Moreddi Teak Side Table, (3) Folding Lucite & Aluminum Chairs, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: American Mahogany Curved Glass Curio Display Cabinet, Victorian Inlaid Marble Top Display Cabinet w/Curved Glass, Austrian Marquetry Court Cupboard or Sideboard, Carved Antique Walnut Chests, Large American Mahogany Arm Chair w/Carved Lion Heads, Vintage Mahogany Sewing Stands, Victorian Chairs & Rockers, Pr Victorian Armchairs, Marble Top Brass Fern Stand, Large Venetian Mirror, Pier Mirrors, Antique Side Tables, Pair of Marble Top Night Stands, Oak Dresser w/Mirror w/Carved Claw Feet, Antique Wrought Iron Double Bed, Antique Oak Game Table, Antique Cherry Drop Leaf Table, French Inlaid Small Stand w/Ormolu, Mirrored Low Table, Pedestal Piecrust Table w/Claw Feet, Oak Twist Leg Lamp Table, etc. Modern Furnishings: Pair of Leather Overstuffed Armchairs, etc. Artworks: (2) Hulan Fleming Oil Paintings, Signed Bev Doolittle Lithographs, Signed Judy Larson Lithographs, Signed Sunol Alovar Lithograph, Charles Bragg Signed Lithograph, Western Artworks, Signed Michel Delacroix Lithograph, Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, Eiichi Shibuia Etching, Haku Maki Etchings, Persian Miniature Paintings, Illuminated Manuscript Page, Palenske Prints, Antique Oil on Board, Vintage Norman Edson & Asahel Curtis Photographs, Carved Marble Figures, Stone Figures, Inuit Soapstone Carved Figure Group, English Watercolor Paintings, etc. Vintage Cane Collection: Gold Top Canes & Walking Sticks, Silver Handle Walking Sticks, Sword Canes, Complicated Canes, Carved Canes, Crystal Cane, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, (2) 1 carat+ Diamond Rings, 14K Gold Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Brooches, Cameos, Victorian Jewelery, Designer Sterling & Taxco Mexican Jewelry, Lots of Costume Jewelry, Set of Wallace SS Flatware in Box, Set of Westmorland Sterling Flatware, Vintage Mother of Pearl Handle Flatware set in Presentation Box, etc. Musical Instruments: Gibson Banjo Ukulele, Hawaiian Ukuleles, Horns, etc. Vintage Photos & Movie Still Photos: Dags, Tin Types, Ambrotypes, Vintage Movie Still Photos, Real Photos Vintage Postcards, etc. Rugs: (15+) Antique Oriental Rugs in Various Sizes, Runners, Kazak, Caucasian, Bohkara, etc. Lighting: (2) Large Crystal Chandeliers, Vintage Art Deco Jester Table Lamp, Pair Arts & Crafts Style Lamps, Pair of Carved Alabaser Lamps, etc. Automobilia: Many Vintage Auto or Boating Picnic Sets in original Wicker Baskets w/plates, flatware, cups, Antique Brass Auto Horns, etc. Vintage Radio Equipment & Music: Hammerlund, Heathkit Radios, Transmitters & Testers, US Coast Guard RC-123, Globe Scout Model 680-A, Hallicrafters Sky Champion Receiver & SX105, S-40B, Pr Bose Speakers, (2) Zenith Trans Oceanic Radios, Vintage Table Top Radios, Testers, Radio Tubes, Akai Reel to Reel Tape Recorder w/Speakers, Rare E H Scott Chassis Radio, R L Drake & Company $-4B Receiver & Transmitter, Fisher Chassis SA-300Guages, etc. Vintage Hunting, Fishing & Sporting Equipment: Vintage Snow Shoes, Snow Skis, Water Skis, Wood Shaft Golf Clubs & Bags, Vintage Fishing Rods, Fly Rods, Fishing Creels, Fishing Wicker Chairs, Vintage Fishing Reels, Fishing Plugs & Lures, Vintage Camping Equipment, Back Packs, Leather Bags, Vintage Baseball Mits, Vintage Footballs, Fishing Hats, Folding Fishing Nets, etc. Watches & Clocks, Clockwork, etc.: Hamilton Ship's Chronometer Gimballed Clock in Wood Case, Gimballed Compass in Wood Box, Collection of Pocket Watches, Crystal Regulator Clock, Cloisonne Mantle Clock, (3) German Wall Clocks, Regulator Wall Clock, Arts & Crafts Oak Grand Father Clock, Antique Tall Case Clock, Ships Clock in Ship's Wheel, Singing Bird Automaton in Birdcage, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Many Mettlach Steins, Minton's Fine China, Austrian Art Glass, Waterford, Murano, Cranberry Glass, Mary Gregory, Royal Copenhagen, Moser Crystal, German Steins, Set of Cut Crystal Stemware, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Studio Glass Bowls, Pr Cranberry Lustres, etc. Asian: Large Collection of Vintage Rose Medallion Chinese Ceramics, Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Chinese Antique Double Happiness Jars, Chinese Ceramics, Chinese Silk Needlework Piano Scarf w/long Fringe, Rosewood Snuff Bottle Display Cabinet, Jade Kwan Yin, Imari Bowls & Ceramics, Tonsu Double Chest, Yixing Teapot Set, Chinese Laquerware Box, Antique Chinese Figural Roof Tile on Stand, etc. Native Americana: Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth Cribbage Board, Navajo Rugs, Implements, Alaskan Eskimo items, SW Pottery Pots, Turquoise Jewelry, etc. Lionel Trains: Pullman Passenger Car Set #2640 w/boxes & original shipping box, 675 Engine Set, 259E Engine Set, etc. Items of Interest: ( 2) Tooled Leather Saddles, Vintage Wood Airplane Propellers, Wood Boat Models, Mink Stoles, Navajo Rugs, Vintage Boat Anchor, Copper & Brass Wares, Hand Made Knives, Shaker Baskets, Store Display Mini Gas Pump, Antique Bisque Dolls, Vintage Erector Set, Vintage Poker Chip Sets, Vintage Hamilton Beach Shake Mixer, Store Display Thermos Display, Collection of Vintage Thermoses, Set of Marples Chisels, Machinist Tool Boxes, Antique Wood Planes, Combination Planes, Antique Folding Rules, Antique Squares, Collection of World Coins, Ancient Roman Coins, Vintage Model Airplane Gas Engines, Model Airplanes, Lionel Train Sets, 4' Carved Wooden Indian Figure, Antique Toys & Steam Engines, Mechanical Bank, Vintage Spurs, Vintage Drafting Sets, Steinbach & German Nutcrackers, Beaded Bags, Large Leather Bound Bible, Vintage Transit, Precision Balance Scales, Staking Tools Sets, Oak Case Antique Columia Table Model Wind Up Phonograph, Small Cylinder Record Player w/Horn, Vintage Calliope Disc Music Box, Minox Camera, WWII GI Helmets, Canteens, Sm Telescope, Trippensee, & Hawkes Vintage Planetariums, Model of Knight in Armor, Vintage Seltzer Bottles, Roman Brass Stirrups, Door Hardware, Antique Tins, Vintage Stepstool/Ironing Board, Vintage Crossbows, Flexible Flyer Sled, Store Model large Slide Rules, Old Wood Boat Oars, Miniature Antique Doll Furniture, Antique Double Barrell Pistol, Russian Icons, Hand Crank Grinder Stone, Early KPro Computers, Sleigh Bells, Steiff Large Lion & Leopard, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 5, Asian Arts & Artifacts – Session Two

Featuring Fine Estate Collections of Chinese & Japanese Artifacts

Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: A Rare Chinese Buff Colored Yixing Teapot with Rope Handle Qing Dynasty, Pair Late Qing Biscuit Glazed Square Vases withLatticework, Qing Blue & White Jars, Qing Sand de Boeuf Langyao Vases, Pair of Qing Peacock Blue Vases, Pair of Gilt Black Monochrome Vases Qing, etc. Carved Jade: Fine Carved White Jade Two Layer Dragon Plaque on Stand Qing, Carved Nephrite Jade Prayer Wheel Pendant on Stand, Finely Carved Jade Locket Pendant on Stand Qing, Carved Jade Guanyin & Covered Vase, etc. Cloisonné: Fine Qing Cloisonné Censer on Rosewood Stand with Zitan Pierced Wood Cover, Ming Dynasty Cloisonné Prunus Vase, Pair of Qing Cloisonné Meiping Vases with Squirrels, Pair of Late Qing Millefleur Urns, Pair of Qing Cloisonné Floral Covered Urns, etc. Silver & Jewelry: Large and Ornate Burmese Repousse Silver Lime Casket, 2pc Persian Worked Sterling Perfume Bottle & Betel Box, Fine Jade & 14k Jewelry, etc. Furniture: Qing Chinese Carved Rosewood Dragon Display Cabinet, Ebonized Chinese Rosewood Carved Plant Stand with Marble Top, Qing Carved Rosewood Table Screen with Mirror, Group of Meiji Japanese Carved Elmwood Elaborate Furniture, Chinese Rosewood Table Screen Mirror Qing, etc. Paintings & Scrolls: Pair of Qing Cobalt Ground Pheasant Scrolls, Collection of Qing Landscape Scrolls by Known Artists, etc. Textiles: Qing Imperial Gold Thread Dragon Robe, Qing Imperial Dragon Silk Summer Robe, Ornate Gold Thread Dragon Silk Embroidery Theater Robe, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday March 29, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities Auction – Session One

Featuring Fine Northwest Artworks & Rarities; Also Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks

Modern Art: Impressive Paul Horiuchi 4-Panel Abstract Collage Screen, Large Paul Horiuchi "Tangible Remembrances" Collage, Impressive Kenneth Callahan "Exodus" Early Tempera Painting, James Washington Jr. "Grouse" 198 Carved Stone Bird, Mark Tobey "Final Fragments" Original Abstraction, Collection of Work by Asian American Northwest Painter James Leong, 4pc Harold Balazs Abstract Enameled Medium Wall Plaques, Kenneth Callahan "Spindrift" Tempera, Alden Mason "Shrine of the Unknown Flower" 1998 Large Acrylic Painting, Alden Mason "Guinea Head" Abstract Acrylic, Gregory Grenon "No Escort" 1999 Oil on Glass of Mermaid, Alexander Petrov Large Oil of Women on Elephant, Impressive Kenneth Callahan "The Fisherman" Oil on Canvas, Kenneth Callahan "Whirlwind" Small Tempera, Callahan Sumi of Mountain, Paul Horiuchi "Rain" Casein Painting, Ambrose Patterson Birds in Flight Abstract Painting, Rosalyn Gale Powell "Apples in Silver Bowl" Still Life Oil, Mark Tobey Market Sketch Ink Painting, Morris Graves "Evening Light" Large Still Life Signed Lithograph Edition 120, Guy Anderson Woodcut of Male, Dale Chihuly Venice Chandelier Acrylic on Lithograph, Large Grouping of NW Artwork by P.K. Nicholson (From Family Collection), Carl Morris Early Abstract Sumi with Figures, Thomas Wood Pastel Painting of Bear, Anne Kutka McCosh WPA Era Watercolor, 2pc Ella McBride Seattle Camera Club Photos, 2pc Dorothy Milne Rising Watercolors, 2pc Lois Silver Contemporary Pastel Paintings, George Brownlee NW Coast Modern Bronze Box, Early Fay Chong Linocut, Emily Hall Morse Abstract Collage, Ray Ho Collage, Richard Kirsten Acrylic, Marilyn Bergstrom Abstract Collage, Leo Meiersdorff (NY) Jazz Watercolor Framed, 2pc William T. Wiley (CA) Watercolors, Vincent de Felice Patinated Bronze Sculpture, Wayne Chabre Modernist Chicken Bronze, etc. Traditional Art: Important Andrew Wyeth "Wooden Staircase" Watercolor with Provenance, Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley at Sunset Watercolor, Impressive Kesler Woodward Mount Rainier Oil Painting in Ornate Gilt Frame, Edward Curtis "Canyon de Chelly" 11"x14" Orotone in Original Frame, Loren Babcock (CA) Impressionist Landscape Oil, Rowena Alcorn (WA) "Sentinels by the Sea" Impressionist Oil, George Kaumeyer (CA) Desert Scene Landscape Oil, Rudolf Bem (Czech) Slovakian Girl Oil Painting, Henry Ranger (NY) Tonalist Landscape Oil, Ruth Gay (NY/Canada) Expressionist Female Nude Oil, Eugene Dyczkowski (NY) Woman on Rock Oil Painting, Harvey Goodale Alaskan Landscape Oil, 3pc Karl Albert (CA) Desert Scene & Landscape Oils, etc. Fine Print: Josef Albers "Gray Instrumentation IIa" Signed Serigraph, Robert Motherwell Green Abstract Etching Edition of 32, Robert Motherwell "Roth Handle" Etching Edition of 6, Rare Picasso Still Life with Skull Aquatint Signed Etching, Picasso 1966 Los Angeles Graphics Signed Lithograph & Poster, Picasso Villauris Signed Linocut, Early Miro Artist Proof Signed Abstract Lithograph, Miro "The Owl" Signed Artist Proof Lithograph, Georges Braque Edition of 100 Signed Lithograph, Collection of Roy de Forest S/N Lithographs & Etchings, Abe Blashko S/N Lithograph, 4pc Peter Milton Surrealist S/N Etchings, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Important Yoichi Ohira Murano Glass Vase, Impressive Dale Chihuly 1987 Eight Piece Cadmium Red Basket Set, Dale Chihuly Colorful 1991 Persian Bowl, Dale Chihuly Portland Press Orange Basket, 3pc Dino Martens "Oriente" Murano Glass, Rare Fratelli Toso Red Murrini Glass Vase, Fulvio Bianconi for Venini Fasce Verticali Covered Bottle, Fulvio Bianconi for Venini Small Bowl, Ingeborg Lundin Green Apple Vase, 2pc Orrefors Tulpanglas Stems, Robert Arneson "Tree" Form Funk Vessel, Picasso Madoura Fish Pitcher, Akio Takamori Early Bird Platter from KCAI, Jim Kraft Coil Built Vessel, Robert Sperry & Louis Mideke Group of Northwest Studio Ceramics, Group of Virginia Weisel Ceramics, etc. Northwest Craftsman Jewelry: 2pc Ron Ho Silver Art Necklaces (One Published in Book), Pair of Ron Ho Sterling Art Earrings, 3pc Ramona Solberg Sterling Art Necklaces, Kiff Slemmons "Kurusawa Shades" Silver Art Necklace, etc. Fine Glass & Pottery: A Very Rare L.C. Tiffany Floriform Acid Cut Lily Form, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Blue Iridescent Bowl with Etched Leaves, Quezal Pulled Feather Floriform Vase, 2pc Steuben Aurene Bulbous Vase & Tazza, 2pc Loetz Oil Spot & Threaded Vases, R. Lalique Poissons Iridescent Fish Bowl, R. Lalique St. Francois Iridescent Bird Vase, Rare Moorcroft Waratah Flambe Floral Vase, etc. 20th Century Design: Set of Georg Jensen Argo Modern Sterling Flatware, Eames 670/671 Black Leather & Rosewood Lounge Chair & Ottoman (Excellent), Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck Round Coffee Table, Pair Langlo Danish Modern Lounge Chairs, Pair Bertoia Wire Chairs, Eames Eiffel Tower Orange Chair, Curtis Jere "Raindrops" Wall Sculpture, Curtis Jere Unusual Table Sculpture, etc. Antiquity & Silver: Impressive Antique Judaic Jeweled & Enameled Torah Silver Crown, Group of Russian Silver Cigarette Cases, Tiffany Sterling & 14k Cigarette Case, Faberge for Tiffany Silver & Gold with Precious Stone Floral Groups, German Gilt Silver Presentation Chalice, KPM Religious Plaque Holy Water Font, Pair of Polychrome Gilt Spanish Wood Religious Figures, 17th Century Italian Madonna & Child Painting, 17th Century Italian Christ Painting, etc. Oriental Rugs: A Rare Antique Persian Pictorial Rug (Kashan or Isfahan), Rare Antique Persian Pictorial Portrait Rug, Antique Persian Floral Field Rug, Persian Salt Bag Textile in Shadowbox Frame, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday March 8, Northwest Estates Auction

Important NW Estates featuring (2) Book Collector's Estates which include Rare 1st Edition Books, Documents, Cameras, Fountain Pens, Nautical Items, Fine European Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Stickley Furnishings, Fine 14K & Diamond Jewelry, Fabulous Russian Pattern Cut Glass Collection, Collectibles

Book Collections: 1000+ Books: Rare Books & Documents, First Editions by Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Ernst Hemingway, Norman Mailer, etc., Napoleon Books, Presidential signed Documents, Revolutionary War Documents & Letters, Harrison Fisher Illustrated Book, Book Sets, 1000+ Modern Hardbound Novels: Patterson, Clancy, Ludlum, Lovell, Sanders, Connelly, Griffin, etc. Civil War Collection: Dags, Photos, CDVs, Scrapbook, etc. Golden Age Comics and More: Superman, Superboy, Flash, Strange Adventures, Captain Marvel, Weird Fantasy, Shock, Tales from the Crypt, Mad Magazines, Zap, etc. Cameras: Norita, Mamiya, Military, Kodak, Lenses, etc. Mid Century Danish Teak & Modernism: Michael Aram Skeleton Chair, Charles & Ray Eames DKR (Eiffel Tower) Chair, Danish Teak Frame Sofa, Danish, Pair of Danish Teak Armchairs, Danish Moreddi Teak Nest of Tables, Danish Teach Dish Top End Table w/2 way drawer, Teak Serving Cart, Mid Century Slat Adjustable Coffee Table, Teak Double Dresser, Teak Desk & Chair, Teak File Cabinet, Teak Cabinets, Rosewood End Table, Modern Glass Top Marble Cube & Brass Base Table, Pr MCM Oak Seat Stools w/Iron Legs, Pr MCM Teak Lamps, Chrome Ball Floor Lamp, Mid Century Metal wares & Wood Bowls, etc. German, French & Italian, Antiques & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: French Marble Top 3 Drawer Inlaid Antique Chest w/Ormolu, French Art Nouveau Inlaid Desk in the manner of Louis Marjorelle, German Carved Oak Parquet Top Library Table w/Matching Carved Armchair, German Carved Bibliotech Cabinet, 7 pc Carved Settee Set, Ornately Carved Antique French Bench, (2) Pairs Carved Stools or Benches, Small Antique Stands & Tables, Pair Carved Wood Gilt Lamps, (2) American Arts & Crafts sm Oak Stands, Carved German Game Table, Carved Wood Sconces, French Chandeliers, Ceiling Fixtures, Fancy Brass Wall Hooks & Hardware, Antique Bevel Panel Cupboard, etc. Modern Furnishings: Stickley End Tables, Stickley Stands, Stickley Sofa, Leather Wing Back Recliner, Italian IMS SRL Glass Top Oval Table & 8 Chairs, Milling Road Wing Back Armchair & Ottoman, Modern Metal Dinette Table w/Oak Top & 4 Chairs, Modern Queen Size Bedroom Set including Queen Bed Frame, High Chest, Dresser w/Mirror & 2 Night Stands, Queen Box Spring & Mattress, Stiffel Lamps, Many Modern Accent Pieces, Sculptures & Decor, etc. Artworks: 5'x7' Lavalliere French Tapestry, John Connor Oil Painting, Signed Bev Doolittle Lithographs, Signed Curtis Jere Wall Sculpture of Birds, Modern Artworks, Antique & Vintage Oil Paintings, etc. Nautical: Vintage Ships Telegraph & Binnacle Compass, Vintage Nautical Clocks, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, Victorian Jewelery, Tiffany Jewelry, Bangles, Lots of Costume Jewelry, etc. Fountain & Pen Collection: Mont Blanc, Parker, Cross Pens, Sterling, Fatties, etc. Rugs: Oriental Scatter Rugs & Runners, etc. Stereo Equipment & Music: Bang & Olufsen Stereo Components & Speakers, Beomaster 4500, Beocord 4500, Beogram CD 4500, Pr Beovox CX50 Speakers, Pr Beovox CX100 Speakers, Pr Beovox RL6000 Speakers w/Stands, Pr Beolab 5000 Type 2703 Speakers, B&O Subwoofer, Large Collection of Vintage Rock & Roll LP Records, Frank Sinatra CD Collection, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Tiffany Pinecone Frame, Tiffany Favrille Salts, Collection of Russian Pattern American Brilliant Cut Glass, Large Set of Weimar Gold Band Petra China, Studio Artglass, Orient & Flume Artglass Vases, Baccarat, Art Pottery, etc. Asian: Chinese Rosewood Carved Coffee Table, Chinese Cloisonne, Chinese Ceramics, Ge Yao Vase, Carved Jade, Snuff Bottles, Japanese Obi, Antique Japanese Bronze Pots, Set Hammered Brass Japanese Gongs, etc. Items of Interest: 1982 Honda Motocompo Compact Trunk Bike or Scooter, Russian Samovars, WWII Posters, WWII German Medals, Colt Firearms, Sword, Stained Glass Lamp, Many pieces of Antique Copper & Brass Wares, Vases, Teapots, Jugs, etc., Metal Sculpture Yard Art, Bookends, Carved Wood Figures, Henckels Knives, Jewelry Boxes, Fountan Pen Box, Glass Bricks, Sewing Baskets, 18th Century Waistcoat & Vestcoat, Antique Miniature Bisque Dolls, Curta Calculators, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday February 15, Fine Jewelry Auction

An Important Fine Jewelry Collection from a Single Owner

Designer Jewelry: Most of the jewelry was purchased at Turgeon Raine Fine Jewelers and includes Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany, Carrera y Carrera, Ambrosi, Jean Vitau, Jose Hess, Stephen Webster, Stefan Hafner, Christopher, Brinkhaus, Richared Krementz, etc. Art Deco & Edwardian Jewelry: Fine Cartier Style Moonstone Jabot Pin, Black Opal & Diamond Pendant Necklace, Emerald & Diamond Deco Bracelet, etc.  See photos and hammer prices. See article in April 2018 Maine Antique Digest: Part 1, Part 2.


Thursday February 8, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Fine English & French Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings & Decor, Large Collection of 35mm Cameras & Equipment, Telescopes, Microscopes, Watchmaker's Equipment, Jeweler's Lathes & Tools, Doepke Construction Toys Collection, Fountain Pen Collection, Pocket Knife Collection, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, Sterling, Waterford Crystal, Oriental Rugs, Collectibles

English, French & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Large Napoleon III Boulle Gilt Bronze Display Sideboard, Period English Oak Drop Front Desk, Antique Mahogany Inlaid Buffet/Server, Inlaid Mahogany China Cabinet & Matching 6 Inlaid Mahogany Dining Chairs, Mahogany Inlaid Coffee Table, Nest of Tables, Pembroke Table, Game Table, Kittinger Mahogany Hepplewhite Style Boxwood Inlaid Mahogany Desk, Pair Mahogany Oval Back Armchairs, Antique Six Board Blanket Chest, Pair Early Ladder Back Ball Top Side Chairs, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings & Decor: 2 Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller DCW Chairs, Thomasville Bogart Line Dining Set w/Double Pedestal Parquet Top Dining Table, Marble Top Matching Sideboard & 6 Dining Chairs, Hollywood Regency Mirrored Cabinet, Triple Round Chrome Folding Coffee Table, Marble Top w/Ormolu Mounts Side Table, Round Mahogany Drum Table, Round Glass Top Bamboo Table w/4 Chairs, Set of 4 High Back Designer Leather & Chrome Dining Chairs, Table Lamps, etc. Fine Artworks, Mirrors & Bronzes: Guillame Azoulay "Fantasia" AP Etching, 2pc Charles Bragg S/N Etchings, 3pc Dan Allison S/N Etchings, Rene Carcan "Le Depart" Etching, Luigi Kasimir Etchings, Umberto Fiani Serigraph, Jerry Schurr Serigraph, Gary Garner Mixed Media Artwork, 2pc Claude Tremblay (Canadian) Large Impressionist Garden Paintings, 2pc Sean Dietrich "Twilight Zone" & "Breaking Bad" Paintings, 4pc Vincent Gordon Seattle Themed Commissioned Artworks, Mary Stoppelman Northwest Watercolor, Botanical Prints, Howard Chandler Christy Print, Large Fancy Gold & Silver Framed Mirrors, Thomas Kinkaide s/n lithographs, etc. Large Vintage 35MM Camera Collection: 300+ Cameras: Dozens of Zeiss Ikonta, Super Ikonta, Contessa, Contax, etc. Dozens of Voigtlander Bessa, Vitessa, Vito, etc. Yashica TLR Cameras, Mamiya C33 & Mamiyaflex TLR Cameras, Panon & Horizont Panoramic Camera, Norita 35mm Cameras with Lenses, Vintage Russian Cameras, Dozens of Graflex, Super Speed Graphic, Minesix, Certo, Realist & Revere Stereo Cameras, Several Rollei 35 Cameras, Hundreds of Kodak, Ansco, Agfa cameras and accessories, Leica Meters, Viewfinders, Hundreds of Accessories, Bogen Tripods, etc. 300+ Cameras: Dozens of Zeiss Ikonta, Super Ikonta, Contessa, Contax, etc. Dozens of Voigtlander Bessa, Vitessa, Vito, etc. Yashica TLR Cameras, Mamiya C33 & Mamiyaflex TLR Cameras, Panon & Horizont Panoramic Camera, Norita 35mm Cameras with Lenses, Vintage Russian Cameras, Dozens of Graflex, Super Speed Graphic, Minesix, Certo, Realist & Revere Stereo Cameras, Several Rollei 35 Cameras, Hundreds of Kodak, Ansco, Agfa cameras and accessories, Leica Meters, Viewfinders, Hundreds of Accessories, Bogen Tripods, etc. Telescopes, Microscopes & Binoculars: Several Celistron Astro Telescopes, Bausch & Lomb Telescopes, Zeiss WWI Binoculars, Monoculars, etc. Watchmaker's Equipment: (7) Precision Scales, (3) Jeweler's Lathes, Jeweler's Micro Drills, 6 Watchmaker's Staking Sets, Crystal Grinder, Large Group of Watch Crystals, Watch Crystal Metal Cabinet w/Contents. Fine Jewelry, Designer Costume Jewelry & Sterling: Fine 14K & 18K Fine Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Chains, Gold Bangles, Tiffany, Costume Colored & Crystal Pins, Earrings, Brooches, Amber Beads, Cameos, Women's Gold Wrist Watches, Garnet Pin, Sterling Covered Dresser Jars, etc. Chinese & Asian Items: Chinese Ceramic Figures, Red Monochrome Vase, Pith Paintings, Asian Cabinets, Pr Garden Stools, Asian Lamps, Large Brass Tray Table, Carved Rosewood Corner Chair, etc. Crystal, Glass & Pottery: Moser, Cut Glass , Hand Painted Nymphenburg Floral China, Hutchenreuther Charger, Set of 12 Hutchenreuther Service Plates w/large Gold Border, Large Set of Thomas Bavaria Gold Rim Fine China Servie for 12, Large Set of Haviland Fine China Service for 12, Limoges Bisquit Jar, Quimper Covered Box, English cups & saucers, Vases, Bowls, Collector Plates, Majolica Pots, etc. Items of Interest: Large Sailfish, Several WWII Chelsea & Seth Thomas Ship's Clocks, WWII Radioactive Tester, 3pc WWII Altimeters, 2pc Antique Steam Engine Indicator Testers, Crystal Regulator Clock, Anniversary Clocks,Coo Coo Clock, Wall Clocks, Grandfather Clock, Collection of Doepke Construction Toys, 10+, Pair Klipsh KG4 Speakers, Floor Lamps, Fountain Pen Collection, Sterling Pen Sets, Cross Pen Sets, Mechanical Pencils, Pocket Knife Collection, Coins, Pair Antique Carved & Gilt Cherub Lamps, Postage Stamps, Oil Lanterns, Vintage Telephones, Miniature Antique Bisque Dolls, Miniature Iron Doll Furniture, Medievil Weapon, German Sword, Bayonets, Shark Tooth Sword, Native War Club, Mother of Pearl Card Case, Stereo Components, BSR Quanta 500 Turntable, Akai AP-B110 Turntable, Pioneer SX 303 Stereo Receiver, Pioneer SX-6 Stereo Receiver, Pioneer SX -580 Stereo Receiver, Tandberg TR-1055 Stereo Receiver, Group of Vintage Comics & Mad Magazines, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday January 25, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Fine English & French Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings & Decor, Moorcroft Pottery Collection and Vintage Radio Collection, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, Sterling, Chinese Jade, Fine Crystal, Oriental Rugs, Collectibles, Kachina Doll Collection, SW Fine Line Native Pottery

English, French & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Napoleon III Boulle Gilt Bronze Display Sideboard, Period Pine Drop Front Desk, Antique Mahogany Georgian Chest, Pedestal Dumb Waiter 3 Tier Stand, Antique Inlaid Mahogany Queen Anne China Cabinet, Inlaid Mahogany Console Table, Antique Cherry Drop Leaf Dining Table, English Mahogany Sideboard, Walnut Bookcase, 2 Butler's Serving/Coffee Tables, Deco Wrought Iron Console Table w/marble top, Antique Inlaid Edwardian Game/Work Table, Antique Fireplace Mantle, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings & Decor: Chrome Designer Mid Century Armchairs, Pr Wing Back Green Leather Recliners, Collection of Alessi Italian Designer Chromewares, Chrome Teapots, Collection of Chase Chromeware items from the 40's & 50's, etc. Artworks, Mirrors & Bronzes: Antique Oil Paintings, Fancy Framed Mirrors, Vintage French, English & Roman Etchings & Engravings, Wildlife Prints, Botanical Prints, Bev Doolittle s/n Lithograph (The Forest Has Eyes), Ogden Pleissner s/n Lithograph, Miniature Portrait Paintings, etc. Vintage Radio Collection: 30+ Radios, Atwater Kent, Motorola, Bendix, Fada, Silvertone, Table Models, Catlin Cases, Speakers, Tubes, Tube Testers, Signs, etc. Mid Century Lighting: Many Chrome Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Isamu Noguchi Lamps, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Fine 14K & 18K Fine Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Gold Bangles, 14K Gold Pocket Watches, 14k Wrist Watch, Watch Chains, Fobs, Collection of Eisenberg Colored & Crystal Pins, Earrings, Brooches, lg Eisenberg Pin on Sterling, Costume Jewelry, Cameos, Navajo Turquoise Necklace, etc. Sterling Silver & Plated Wares: Sterling Flatware & Serving Pieces, Figural Dog Antique Silver Inkwell, Large SP Serving Trays, Antique 750 Silver Coffee Pot on Stand, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 Oriental Rug, 8x10 Oriental Rug, 9x16 Karastan Rug, Oriental Runner Rug, Oriental Scatter Rugs, Antique 4x6 Tribal Rug, etc. Miniatures: Carved Bone Miniature Doll House Furniture, Miniature Antique Chests, Dollhouse Antique Mahogany Items, etc. Crystal & Glass: Studio Glass & Pottery, Pr Antique Lustres, Waterford Stemware, Baccarat Stemware, Cut Colored Crystal Stemware, Moser Vases, Decanter & Figures, Bohemian Vases & Stemware, Antique Cut Glass, etc. Native Americana Kachina Dolls, Fine Line SW Native Pots, Hopi Kachina & Southwest Pottery: John Poleahla "Squash" Kachina, Hand Carved Kachina Dolls by Tino Youvella, Preston Ami, E. Salestewa, Tim Tungovia, Ernest Chapella, Watson Namoki, Earl Numkena, etc., Fine Line and Blackware Pots by Andres & Rosa Loya, Julio Mora, Ana Mendez, Claudia Sanchez, etc., Large Carved Mastadon Ivory Bridge w/Dog Sled & Dogs Figural, Scrimshaw Nautical Ivory, Carved Alaska Jade Eagle & Bear, Indian Basket, etc. Porcelain & Pottery: Meissen, Collection of Moorcroft Pottery, Shelley cups & saucers, Vases, Bowls, Spatterware, Royal Copenhagen, Bisque wares, Jasperware, Pottery Antique Pots, etc. Asian: Chinese Carved Low Table, Cloisonné, Chinese Carved hardstone & Jade, Tibetan & Pakistani Carved & Decorated Cabinets, Asian Textiles, Chinese Temple Carvings, Wood Carvings, Jade Beads, Chinese Ceramics, etc. Items of Interest: Wind Up Oak Table Top Record Player, Art Metalware & Yard Art including Fencing, Signs, Tete a Tete double Chair, Harley Davidson Metal Bench, etc, 5 Antique Prams & Carriages, Neon Beer Signs & Mickey Mouse Neon Sign, Antique Coin Counting Machine, Oak Wall Telephone, Old Trunks, Brasswares, Wall Clock, Antique English Wall Barometer, Antique Candle Snuffers w/trays, Collection of Cribbage Boards, Large Group of Crystal Drops for Chandeliers & Lustres, Antique Candlesticks, Antique Domino & Game Sets, Antique Photos & Dags, Antique Chess Sets, Seth Thomas Bracket Clock, Antique Steeple Clock, Antique Ironware, Antique Fire Tools, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday January 4, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates featuring Fine English & American Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Steiff Bear Collection and Madame Alexander Dolls, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, Lots of Sterling, Chinese Rosewood Furnishings, Chinese Cloisonné, Fine China Sets, Fine Crystal Stemware Sets, Oriental Rugs, Collectibles, including items from a closed Toy Store (closed many years ago).

American, English & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: American Oak Hat Box Dresser w/Mirror, Period English Half Round Wine Tasting Table, English Period Chippendale Drop Front Desk, Designer & Antique Mirrors, Lg Mahogany Pedestal Drum Table, John Widdecomb Orientalist Buffet & Mirror, Antique Inlaid Knife Box, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Danish Teak Designer Furnishings, Sets of Dining Chairs, Armchairs, Teak Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Danish Teak Tambour Front Sideboard, Danish Teak Bar, Mid Century Small Desk, Mid Century Walnut Double Size Bed Frame, Sligh Ladies Writing Desk, Henkel Harris Mahogany Chest, Leather Loveseat, Large Leather Armchair & Ottoman, Mahogany Curio Cabinet, Marble Top Traditional Sideboard, Ekornes Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, etc. Artworks, Mirrors & Bronzes: Large Collection of over 100 NW Watercolor Paintings, some by listed Artists, Mulvey, (3) John Lennon Limited Edition Lithographs, Mid Century Oil Paintings, Vintage French Etchings & Engravings, Wildlife Prints, Botanical Prints, fabulous Pair of Designer Gold Frame large Mirrors, etc. US Coins & Currency: Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Indian Head Pennies, block of 100 US Silver Certificates w/consecutive serial numbers. Mid Century Lighting: Many Ceiling Hanging Fixtures, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Fine 14K & 18K Fine Jewelry, Designer Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Gold Bangles, Costume Jewelry, Cameos, etc. Sterling Silver & Plated Wares: Set of Wallace Golden Aegean Sterling Flatware, Sterling Flatware Services, Lots of Sterling including Serving Pieces, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 Chinese Rug, 8x10 Oriental Rug, Oriental Runner Rug, Oriental Scatter Rugs, Kilims, etc. Clocks: Mantle Clock, Howard Miller Mid Century Wall Clock, Vienna Wall Clock, etc. Dolls Steiff Collections: Dozens of Madam Alexander Dolls in Boxes, Steiff Bears & Animals, Steiff Ride On Bear, Sasha Dolls & Clothing Sets, Vintage Composition Dolls, Set of Beatles Dolls, Little Dandles Dolls, Carved Wood Bunnies, Paddington Bears, Norman Rockwell items, Schmid Figures, Steinbach, etc. Crystal & Glass: Lenox Eclipse Stemware, Waterford Stemware, Blenko, etc. Musical Instruments: Violin, G&L F100 Guitar, Harmony Acoustic Guitar, Christy Banjo, Autoharp, etc. Porcelain & Pottery: Set of Franciscan Desert Rose Dishes, Hall Pottery Teapot, Bauer Green Oil Jar, Set of Lenox Lowell Fine China, service for 16, Set of Lenox Eclipse Crystl Stemare, service for 16, Set, Spatterware, studio Pottery, etc. Asian: Chinese Rosewood Alter Table, Pair End Tables, Large Square Coffee Table, Rosewood Stands, Cloisonne Bowls, Vases, Plates, Rosewood Display Stands, Carved hardstone & Jade, Tibetan Decorated Cabinets, Asian Textiles, Chinese Temple Carvings, Heavy Carved Asian Pedestal Small Table, Censers, Wood Carvings, Coral, etc. Items of Interest: Oversized 4' Wood Rocking Horse, (used as trade display for toy store), Navajo Rugs, Seal Skin Jacket & Rugs, B&O Stereo Components, Telefunken Console Stereo, Old Oak Table Top Cash Register, German Glockenspiel, Judaica Items, Edison Cylinder Player w/Morning Glory Horn, w/cylinders, Antique Wicker Carriage w/large Wood Spoke Wheels, large Model Airplane, Swords, walking sticks, large Japanese Glass Fish Float, Some Indian Baskets, Large Antique Persian Worked Brass Trays, large Carved Wood Elephant, Ancient Whale Oil Lamp, Judaica Items, Harvard Classics Books, New Old Stock Toys from closed Toy Store, (closed many years ago), etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday December 8, Asian Arts & Artifacts - Session Two

Featuring Fine Estate Collections of Chinese & Japanese Artifacts.

Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: Pair of Qing Blue & White Prunus Jars, 3pc Kangxi Blue & White Covered Vases & Children Jar, Fine Chinese Republic Porcelain Plaque with Scholars, Tongzhi Period Blue Monochrome Cong Vase, Qing Ge Type Double Gourd Tall Vase, Late Qing Porcelain & Rosewood Display Stand, etc. Snuff Bottles & Jades: Fine collection of antique Chinese snuff bottles including two Qianlong polychrome enameled Peking glass bottles, Qianlong Canton Enamel Snuff Bottle, Daoguang Period Porcelain Snuff Bottle, Jiaqing Molded Porcelain Snuff Bottle, Qing Spinach Jade Censer with Rosewood Cover, etc. Silver & Jewelry: Meiji Japanese Imperial Gold & Silver Box, 3pc Antique Chinese 22k Gold Ingots, Chinese 22k Solid Gold Wine Cup, Collection of Qing Silver Lock Pendants & Court Necklaces, etc. Monumental Cloisonné: Pair of Massive 10' Chinese Cloisonné Palace Vases, Pair of Monumental Yellow Ground Cloisonné Censers 4' Tall Each, Pair of Large Cloisonné Covered Jars, 4' Cloisonné Camel Statue, Large Cloisonné Fish Bowls, etc. Furniture: Impressive Chinese Rosewood Dragon Room Screen with Jade & Hardstone Applique, Huanghuali Carved Settee, Set of Chinese Dream Stone Inlaid Rosewood Star Gazing Chairs & Table, Fine Japanese Maki-e Gold Lacquered Shodana Cabinet, 3pc Chinese Huali Wood Horseshoe Chair & Table Set, Chinese Rosewood & Burlwood Vase-Form Display Stand, etc. Paintings & Scrolls: Li Chien Cheung Abstract Painting on Cloth, Anatole Eminoff Watercolor of the Imperial Palace China, Pair of Cobalt Ground Chinese Scrolls with Sparrows, 2pc Antique Chinese Fan Painting Scrolls Framed, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday November 30, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities - Session One

Featuring the Skagit Valley School of Northwest Art. Also Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks.

Modern Art: Important Morris Graves "Consciousness Achieving the Form of a Libation Cup" Tempera Painting (Exhibited Museum of Modern Art), Leo Kenney "Summer Structure" Oil on Board, Leo Kenney "Demon" Small Oil (Gifted to Philip McCracken), Important Alden Mason Burpee Garden "Watermelon Grabber" Large Painting 70"x80" (Ex. Denver Art Museum Collection), Z.Z. Wei "Winter Sunset" Large Oil 36"x36", Kenneth Callahan "Requiem" Oil Painting (Exhibited Universal Voyage), Ambrose Patterson "Rolling Tide" Abstract Painting, William Ivey1969 Abstract Oil (Exhibited SAM), Richard Gilkey "Dodge Valley Landscape" 1997 Oil, Guy Anderson Floating Form with Horses 1978 Oil, Paul Horiuchi "Remaining Aesthetic on Gold" Collage, Paul Horiuchi Diptych Collage Framed, James Washington Jr. Large Bird 1970 Granite Sculpture, Important Philip McCracken "Satyr" 1974 Polychromed Cedar Sculpture (Published Work), Philip McCracken Bird Family & New Hatch Bronze Sculptures, Jacob Lawrence Original Still Life Drawing, Large Dale Chihuly Baskets Acrylic Painting 40"x60", Dale Chihuly 1993 Venetian Acrylic Painting, Max Benjamin Large Abstract Landscape Oil, Group of Small Early Max Benjamin Works, Neil Meitzler 1967 Mountain Abstract Oil, Toni Onley Sumi Ink Still Life, 2pc Early Paul Havas Small Oils, Art Jorgensen Carved Stone Bird & Animal Charcoal, 2pc Lisel Salzer NW Enamels, Harold Balazs Floral Enameled Panel, Jay Backstrand (OR) "Prism" Early Large Oil Painting, Richard Kirsten Abstract Painting, Charles Krafft Abstract of Kite, Mark Rediske Encaustic Floral Painting, James Leong Large Abstract Painting, 3pc Winston McGee Abstract Oils (One Large), 3pc Tiefeng Jiang Original Gouache Paintings, etc. American & European Art: Rare Honore Daumier Bust of Hippolyte-Abraham Dubois Edition of 25, William Powell Frith N.A. "Sophia Western at the Inn Fire" Fine Oil Painting (Exhibited at the Royal Academy), Michele Frederico "Coast of Spain" Oil, Attributed to William Hogarth 17th Cent. Self Portrait Oil Painting, After Jean Marc Nattier 18th Cent. French Lady Portrait, Ettore Caser (NY) "Girls & Sea" Art Deco Oil Painting, Peter Hohnstedt Winter Scene Landscape Oil, 2pc Edwin Lockey (BC) Impressionist Landscape Oils, Impressive Lionel Salmon Seascape Oil, F. Mason Holmes (CT) Landscape Oil, 3pc Erte Bronze Limited Edition Women Sculptures, Peter Max Original Watercolor, Sydney Laurence Early Coastal Scene Oil, Sydney Laurence Landscape with Cache Watercolor, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Near Fall City" Landscape Oil, Harvey Goodale Landscape with Cache Oil, Harvey Goodale Autumn Landscape Oil, 2pc Fred Oldfield 1955 Large Hunting & Fishing Scene Oils, Frank Rademacher Alaskan Mt. McKinley Large Pastel, Robert Wood "Barn Scene" Oil Painting, 4pc James Gleeson (Australia) Surrealist Paintings, Gyorgy Kepes 1961 Abstract Small Oil, Collection of Eugene Berman (Russian) Surrealist Ink & Color Drawings, Group Gosta Werner (Swedish) Abstract Paintings & Drawings, Jack Zajac Abstract Figure Bronze, Tom Swimm Southwest Large Oil Painting, etc. Fine Print: Andy Warhol "Giant Panda" Large Screenprint Edition 75 of 150, Pablo Picasso "Still Life with Skull & Onions" Etching with Aquatint Edition of 150, Pablo Picasso "Exhibition Vallauris" Linocut Edition of 175, Yaacov Agam Polymorph Editioned Work, 2pc Joan Miro Artist Proof Lithographs, Georges Braque Small Abstract Lithograph Edition of 30, Marc Chagall Small Etching from the Bible Series Edition of 100, Rolf Nesch Abstract Figure Metal Print, Espolin Johnson Woman in Boat S/N Lithograph, William Scott (Irish) S/N Abstract Lithograph, LeRoy Neiman Sailing S/N Serigraph, Helmi Juvonen Little Girl Linocut, William Cumming S/N Print, Early Philip McCracken Salmon Woodcut, Dorothy Dolph Jensen Landscape Etching, Fred Machetanz "Proud Master" Stone Litho., Collection of Fred Machetanz Stone Lithos including Artist Proofs, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Impressive Martin Blank "Finding the Balance" Double Torso Wall Sculpture, Nancy Callan "Watermelon Winkle" Art Glass Sculpture, Dale Chihuly Teal Persian Glass Basket (Studio Edition), Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick Latticino Glass Vase, Large Collection of Northwest Studio Ceramics with works by Paul Soldner, Toshiko Takaezu, Erik Gronborg, Robert Sperry, Fred Bauer, Mutsuo Yanagihara, David Shaner, Mar Hudson, Patrick McCormick, Linda Coghill, Jerry Glenn, Howard Kottler, Howard Kottler Bi-Plane Decal Plate, Bjorn Wiinblad Ceramic Center Bowl, Group Victoria Avakian Ross Ceramics (Some Published), 2pc Newcomb College A&C Pottery Vases, etc. Fine Jewelry & Objects: Russian Imperial Cloisonné Silver Tankard by Pavel Ovchinnikov, Antique 5pc Gorham Durgin Repousse Sterling Tea Service, Antique Tiffany & Co. Sterling Loving Cup Trophy with Provenance, 20pc R. Lalique "Marienthal" Crystal Decanter & Glass Set, etc. Native Arts: Jacques & Mary Regat "Raven Totem" Large Bronze Sculpture, Darren Yelton "Grizzly Bear" Cedar Mask, Eugene Hunt Large Painted Drum, Large Inuit Green Soapstone Bird Sculpture, etc. 20th Century Design: 2pc Eames Rosewood Lounge Chair & Ottomans, Designer Teak Furniture, Fabulous Italian Art Glass Coat Rack, etc. Items of Interest: Fine Steinway & Co. Mahogany Baby Grand Piano with Bench, Semi Antique Palace Size Sarouk Rug, Several Antique Caucasian & Persian Scatter Rugs, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday November 16, Online Collectibles & Historical Auction

Featuring Lifetime Collections of Silver Age Comics, First Issue Magazines, WWII Posters, and Civil War Memorabilia.

Silver Age Comics: Amazing Spider Man Issues #11+, Sgt. Fury Issues #1+, Early Avengers and Fantastic Four Comics, Strange Tales #101 Key Issue, Early X-Men Comics & Captain America #100 Key Issue, etc. Vintage Magazines Issue #1: A Rare Playboy #1 in Excellent Condition, Collection of 1950's Men's Magazines, 1950's Men's Adult Magazines, 1950's Men's Adventure Magazines, etc. Dolls & Toys: 1930's Madame Alexander Scarlett O'Hara Doll in Box, 1930's Ideal Shirley Temple Doll in Box, etc. Rare Books & Manuscripts: Collection of Revolutionary War Signed Letters & Documents by Prominent People, Napoleon Signed Documents, Martin Luther King Jr. Signed Book, Civil War Books, etc. Alaskan Items: Collection of Old Alaskan Paper & Postcards, Several Florence Malewotkuk Larger Drawings, Several George Ahgapuk Drawings, Several Wilbur Walluk Drawings, Fred Machetanz Signed Books & Prints, etc. WWII Posters & Ephemera: Large Collection of WWII Propaganda & Enlistment Posters 100+, Popeye & Lil Abner WWII Poster, Baseball Ted Williams & Yogi Berra WWII Posters, Collection of Leaflets & Mini Posters, Enlistment & War Bond Broadsides, Collection of WWI and WWII American & German Medals, WWII German Banner, etc. Guns & Swords: WWII German Luger, S&W Revolver in Box, Vintage STAR 9mm Military Pistol, WWII Japanese Sword, Pair of Coppel Swords, Case of Vintage WWII German Luger Ammo, etc. Civil War Items: Collection of Soldier CDV Photographs including Matthew Brady Rare Spies Photo, Civil War Soldier Tintypes and Ambrotypes, Some Field Gear including a Kepi Hat and Pouches, Large Collection of Antique Photography including Store Fronts and Logging Scenes, etc. Misc.: Rare Antique Tom-Jack Magician Large Poster, 3pc Disney Sleeping Beauty Animation Cels, Mills 10c Upright Slot Machine, Group of Art Nouveau Advertising Posters, etc.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday October 26, Northwest Estates Auction

Important NW Estates featuring Fine French, English & American Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Steinbach Nutcracker Collection, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, Lots of Sterling, Chinese Rosewood Furnishings, Chinese Cloisonné, Fine China Sets, Fine Crystal Stemware Sets, Oriental Rugs, Dolls, Collectibles, including items that have been in storage for 20 years from a Vancouver, BC Mansion Estate, etc.

American, French, English & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: American Oak Large Carved Sideboard w/large Winged Birds and Mirror Back, American Oak Oversize Carved Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet w/large Carved Mirror Back Gallery, English Oak Oversize Carved Dining Table, English Heavy Carved Oak Set of 16 Dining Chairs w/2 Armchairs & 14 Straight Chairs, Mahogany Inlaid Demilune Tables, Mahogany Nest Tables, Mahogany Ladies Inlaid Desk, 2 Mahogany Antique Game Tables, Sligh Carved Mahogany Twin Poster Beds & Large Dresser w/Mirror, Chippendale Secretary, French Vernis Martin Curio Cabinet, Ormolu Mounted French Bombay Chest, Ormolu Small Tables, Ormolu Small Curio Cabinet, French Marble Top Gilt Carved Center Table, French Marble Top Round Coffee Table, French Pair Antique Gilt Carved Armchairs, Italian Inlaid Games Table w/Roulette Wheel & Gaming Board, Needlepoint Footstools, Antique Carved Oak Blanket Chest, Mahogany Tip Table, (3) Small Round Gilt Carved Round Marble Top Tables, French Carved Marble Top Antique Chest, Round Convex Mirror, American Oak Round Lamp Table w/Twist Legs and large Glass Ball Feet, Fine Brass Marble Top Antique Center Tables, etc. Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings: Ferguson Copeland Chest, Danish Square Drop Leaf Teak Dining Table, Stickley Modern Blue Overstuffed Sofa (Like New), Double Recliner Sofa, etc. Artworks, Mirrors & Bronzes Oil Paintings by listed Artists, Victorian Beautiful Ladies Advertising Posters, Yardlong Floral Prints, Paul de Longpre Print Collection, Lithographs, Block Prints, Fancy Framed Mirrors, Vintage French Etchings & Engravings, English Watercolors, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Fine 14K & 18K Fine Jewelry, Designer Opal 14K Pendant w/14K Chain, Opal Rings, Gold Bangles, Turquoise Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace, More Turquoise Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, etc. Sterling Silver & Plated Wares: Sterling Flatware Service, Lots of English Sterling including Serving Pieces, Bowls, Plates, Shakers, Salts, Muffineers, Sterling Brush Sets, Dresser Jars, Large Set of Rogers Alhambra Silver Plated Flatware 100+pcs, Dome Servers, Trays, Covered Servers, Victorian SP Caskets, etc. Stained Glass Windows & Lamps: Collection of Vintage Beaded Shade Lamps, 2 Antique Stained Glass Lamps, Antique Lamp Bases, Glass Dome Lamp, Several Exceptional Victorian Stained Glass & Leaded Windows with Bull's Eyes (very colorful), Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, French Figural 2 Light Lamp w/Glass Beaded Shades, Desk Lamps, etc. Oriental Rugs: (2) 9x12 Oriental Rugs, 8x10 Oriental Rug, Oriental Runner, Scatter Rugs, etc. Clocks: OG Clock, Austrian Regulator Wall Clock, German Grandfather Clock, Deco Table Clock, French Ormolu Mantle Clock w/handpainted porcelain inset, German Coo Coo Clock, Large Burl Wood Wall Clock, Women's Wrist Watches, etc. Dolls & Nutcracker Collection: Dozens of Steinbach Limited Edition Nutcrackers (Some Ink Signed), 3pc Katherine's Collection Large Christmas Dolls in Boxes, Collection of Lilliput Lane & David Winter Cottages in Boxes, Collection of Gerber Pewter Animal Figurines, Collection of Early Dept.56 Winter Villages, Madame Alexander Dolls in Boxes, Ginny & Goetz Dolls in Boxes, Robin Woods Dolls in Boxes, Effanbee Patsy LE Doll in Box, 2pc Heidi Ott Swiss Dolls in Boxes, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Doll in Box, Vintage Composition Dolls, etc. Victorian & Studio Glass: 2pc Bertil Vallien for Kosta Vase & Perfume Bottle, Craig Zweifel Art Glass Vase, Robinson Scott Studio Glass Bowl with Faces, Shafaq Malik for Barovier & Toso Pear Jar, Lots of Murano Glass including Bowls & Swans, Early Mont Joye Enameled Glass Vase, Victorian Ruffled Bride's Baskets, Victorian Satin Coralene Vase, Stuart Cut Crystal Drape Decanters & Stems, Libbey Cut Glass Bowl, Group Venetian Enameled Glass Stems, Kralik Glass Squat Vase, Set of Bohemian Cranberry Cut to Clear Stemware, Set of Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Stemware, Mid Century Glass, Blenko, Set of Cranberry cut to Clear Cut Stemware, Millifiori Lamp Base, American & English Antique Cut Glass, Caster Set, Fine Antique Enamel Decorated Murano Stemware, etc. Porcelain & Pottery: Very Large Group of Spode Christmas Tree China & Glass Stemware, Large Set of Franciscan Desert Rose Dishes including Mixing Bowls, Large Set of Sasha Brastoff Pottery Dishes, Victorian Tile Plaques & Wall tiles, Majolica, Ralph & Lorene Spencer Pottery Punch Bowl Set, Louis Mideke covered Pottery Jar, Nippon, Moriage, Roseville, Vienna Charger, Haviland, Chocolate Pots, Partial Sets of Royal Crown Derby, Spode Copeland China, Wedgwood Florentine Pattern, Set of Haviland Decorated Service Plates, etc. Asian: Chinese Rosewood Mah Jong Table w/4 Chairs, Chinese Rosewood Inlaid Pair End Tables, Chinese Carved Rosewood Coffee Table, Rosewood Stands, Cloisonné Bowls, Vases, Plates, Chinese Cloisonné Large Horse Figure, Rosewood Display Stands, etc. Items of Interest: Permobil Model M300 Power Wheel Chair (Like New), Antique Fire Equipment, Screen, Coal Hod, Fire Tools, etc, Life Size Human Skeleton Model, Victorian Brass Door Hardware, Glass Door Knobs, Konica FT1 Camera Outfit, Graflex Camera Outfit including tripod, Photo Lights, Standards (King 5 TV Camera Outfit), Old Pinback Political Buttons, Alaskan Ivory Cribbage Boards, Old Photos, Antique Books, Group of Art Deco & Modern Enamelware Bowls, Cups & Saucers, Wine Racks, Louis Steinbach & Sons Mink Coat, Designer Ladies Silk Scarves, Stereo Viewers & Slides, Mandolin, Yamaha Keyboard, Nakamichi 620 Power Amp, Nakamichi 630 FM Tuner Pre Amp, Nakamichi 600 2 Head Cassette Console Desk, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday October 12, Northwest Estates Auction

Important NW Estates featuring Period American Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, 2 Sterling Flatware Sets, Chinese Rosewood Furnishings, Antique Chinese Carved Cabinets, Chinese Cloisonne, Jade, Vintage Duck Decoys, Fine China Sets, Fine Crystal Stemware Sets, Oriental Rugs, Bronzes, Collectibles, etc.

American Period Antiques & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Late 18th/early 19th Century Pennsylvania Cherry Tall Chest & Pennsylvania Figured Maple Secretary, American Early Cherry Wash Stand, 18th Century French 8' Painted Armoire, Early Pine Large Storage Chest w/Key, Victorian Side Lock Walnut Carved Tall Chest, (3) Victorian Marble Top Lamp Tables, Carved Alabaster Figural Lamp, Primitive Painted "Egg" Drop Leaf Dinette Table, Tall Swivel Stool, Pair Oak Office Armchairs, Antique American Cherry Curio/Display Cabinet w/Mirror, Carved Philippine Mahogany Wood Frame Cane Back & Sides Sofa & 2 large matching Armchairs, Berkey & Gay Mahogany Buffet, Antique Napoleonic Trumeau Mirror, Gold Leaf Framed Mirror, Primitive Painted Corner Cabinet with Shell top, Carved English Deco Display Cabinet, Antique Vienna Walnut Sideboard/Hutch, Mahogany 2 Door 4' Bookcase w/2 drawers up, etc. Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings: Memphis Style Red Leather Oversized Armchair & Ottoman, Memphis Style Black/Red Wood Dinette Table, Memphis Style Lamps, Mid Century Round Dining Table w/2 leaves, Mid Century Walnut Sideboard, Mid Century Drexel Folding Walnut Stand, Mid Century Teak Pair Armchairs, Industrial Style Round Metal Tall Table w/2 Stools, Overstuffed Wood Frame Arm Chair, Pair of Martz Pottery Mid Century Lamps, Designer & Decorator Lamps, Baker Oak 3 Drawer Chest, etc. Artworks, Mirrors & Bronzes Robert Mannix Oil, (3) Wysocki signed & numbered prints, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Lithographs, Block Prints, Sydney Laurence Prints, Persian Miniature Paintings, Vintage Triple Overmantle Mirror, Folding Dresser Gold Frame Triple Mirror, Spy Print, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Many lots of Fine 14K & 18K Fine Jewelry, Coral Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Amber, etc. Sterling Silver: German Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, 2 sets of Wallace Rose Point Sterling Flatware, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Plates, Loving Cup, Tiffany Sterling Leaf Dish, English Sterling Muffineer, David Anderson Sterling, etc. Native Americana: NW & Alaskan Indian Baskets, 5 Navajo Rugs, SW Sand Paintings, etc. Wine Coolers & Racks: Pair Stainless Steel N-Finity Pro HDX Model BU4900-A1 Wine Cooler/Refrigerators, Vinotemp Model VT-27TS Wine Cooler, Magic Chef Model MCWC50DST Wine Cooler, Sanyo Model SR-3500 Wine Cooler, (2) 6' tall Wood Wine Storage Racks, Table Racks, etc. Oriental Ruge: 10x13 Oriental Rug, 7x9 Rug, Chinese Rugs, 6x8, 4x6, Runner, etc. China, Crystal & Pottery: Pair of Enamel Glass Lustres/Lamps, Royal Doulton Lady Figures, Capo di Monte Covered Box, Copeland Garrett Antique Partial China Set, Farolina Large Fine China Set, PMR Bavaria "Moss Rose" Fine China Set, Royal Doulton "Booths Real Old Willow" set, Porsgrund Norway Fine China Set, Royal Worcester Regency Pattern Fine China set, Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" China, Colored Bohemian Wine Hock Stemware Sets, Cut Glass Stemware Sets, Latticino Glass Bowls, Murano Glass, Royal Vienna Plate, Hummel Figures, Studio Pottery, etc. Asian: Chinese Needlework Dragon Robes, Chinese Antique Carved Daybed, (2) Chinese Large Antique Carved Elmwood Open Fretwork Cabinets, Chinese Carved Elmwood Bookcase, Chinese Rosewood Dining Table, Rosewood Coffee Table, (2) Rosewood Carved Step Tables, Rosewood Tall Jardinier Stand, (3) Pairs of Chinese Rosewood Armchairs, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Chargers, Cloisonne, Carved Wood Figures, Hardstone & Quartz Carvings, Carved Soapstone Figures, Carved Temple Panels, 4 Panel Japanese Screens, Chinese Reverse Paintings on Glass, Asian & Ethnic Jewelry, Bronzes, Carved Bali Busts, Jade Bowls, Chinese Ceramic Table Screen/Plaque, Figural Roof Tile, Large Chinese Lantern w/Glass Panes, Japanese Riceware Dishes, etc. Items of Interest: Anri Carved Wood Chess Set & Key Holder, Large French Tapestry, Large Antique Auto Trunk, Collection of German Steins, Collection of Vintage Duck Decoys, Firkin, Sm wood keg, Citron Designer Woman's Clothing, Candelabra Sets w/marble, Antique Andirons, lots of vintage & antique copper & brassware, set of Chefs Pots & Pans, Memphis Style Alessi Teapots, Vintage Travel Typewriter, Antique Wind Up Disk Record Player w/large Horn, Ships Lantern, Sm Cider Press, World Globes, Antique Candle Sticks, Antique & Vintage Canes, Antique large Magnifier Glasses, Designer Handbags, Old & Vintage Photos, Postcards, Lg Antique Bisque Doll, Umbrella handles, Books, Automaton Singing Bird, Steinbach Nut Cracker, Antique Violin, lots of Antique Silver Plated Items, Carved & Tole Painted Woodenwares, Display Store Fixtures, Primitive tools, (3) Ventriloquist Dummys (one is carved wood), etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday September 28, Northwest Estates Auction

Important NW Estates featuring French Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Danish Teak, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, NW & Fine Art, Rifles, Shotguns & Hand Guns, 4 Sterling Flatware Sets, Oriental Rugs, Bronzes, Collectibles, etc.

French Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Danish Teak Sideboard w/Sliding Doors & Drawers, Danish Teak Refractory Table & 8 Teak Chairs, Danish Teak Bar/Serving Cart,Danish Teak Small Stands, Pair of Chrome Lounge Chairs w/Cushions, Wood Frame MCM Armchairs, Floor & Table Lamps, Modular Wood/Sectioned Glass Door Bookcases & Office Ensemble including (5) 6' wide Sections, (4) 3' wide Sections, Tall Wood Bookcases, Shelving, Crate & Barrel Oak Sideboard/TV Stand, etc. Artworks & Bronzes, Fine Art Collection: Jose Mateu Royo "Prima Luca" Large S/N Lithograph, Jose Mateu Royo S/N Woman Giclee, Judith Bledsoe Large S/N Serigraph of Women, 2pc Itzchak Tarkay S/N Women Serigraphs, Igor Medvedev S/N Boat Giclee, Victor Spahn S/N Sailboats Lithograph, 2pc Guillame Azoulay Lion & Horses Etchings, Michel Delacroix Parisian Street Scene Lithograph, Dave Badger S/N Tree Serigraph, Georges Roualt & Miro Verve Prints, Picasso & Modigliani Etchings, Sunol Alvar S/N Serigraph, 4pc Beniamino Bufano S/N Modern Lithographs, Collection of Paintings & Print Work by NW Artist Max Hayslette, Elton Bennet Early Silkscreen, John Ebner S/N Coastal Scene Print, Tom Wells S/N Maritime Print, Collection of Paintings by NW Artist Paul Chalk, Collection of NW Print Work from the Haseltine Collection, Bernard Buffet Vintage Print, Edna Hibel S/N Portrait Print, 3pc James Miller NWS Landscape Oils with Figures, Olivier Foss S/N Abstract Cityscape Serigraph, Dong Kingman Park Scene Serigraph 1 of 300, Gunner Erman Large Market Scene Oil Painting, Tony Evans Copper Charger on Stand, 7pc Sirajuddin India Watercolor Paintings, C. Foster Still Life Oil, Luis Large Fish Plaque Edition of 48, R. Fairfield 1966 Abstract Etching, etc. Mid Century Furniture & Stereo: Set 8 Erik Buck for Domus Danish Dining Chairs, Svend Madsen Danish Teak Dining Table, Georg Jensen for Kubus Teak Side Table, Hans Wegner Attr. Danish Teak Sideboard with Modular Top, George Tanier Danish Teak Secretary with Tambour Door, Westnofa Teak Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Pair Westnofa Leather Lounge Chairs, Aksel Kjersgaard Teak Small Entry Table & Mirror, Pair of Danish Teak Side Tables, Brass Glass Top Coffee & End Table, Denmark Teak Rocking Ottoman, Thonet Boomerang Chair, Vintage Maple "X" Lounge Chair, Pair Danish Teak Small Bookcases, Group of Dansk Teak Serving Pieces, Set of Kay Bojesen Teak Bowls, Nissen Denmark Teak Wine Rack, etc. Rifles, Shotguns & Hand Guns: Colt 32 ACP 1903 Hammerless Semi Auto Hand Gun, Browning Hi-Power Semi Auto 9x19mm, Glock 22 .40S&W Semi Auto, Heckler & Koch 45 CT Var 7 Compact Semi Auto, Kahr CW40 .40 S&W, Semi Auto, Colt 38 Police Model Revolver, Browning 20 Guage Shotgun, Winchester Model 94-30 WCF Lever ActionRifle, Lever Action Marlin 30-30 Rifle, Remington Sportsman 48 12 Gauge Shotgun, Steven DB Shotgun, Remington 22 SL or Long Rifle Bolt Action, Winchester 22 SL or Long Model 61 Pump action Rifle, Lots of Assorted Ammunition (Luger, 9MM, 30-30, 32auto, etc. Clocks & Watches: Antique English Grandfather Clock, Mantle Clocks, Banjo Clock, Wall Clocks, 14K Pocket Watch, Wrist Watches, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Many lots of Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, Emerald, Opal, Topaz, Bracelets, Victorian Jewelery, Lapis, Asian Jewelry, Alsakan Jewelry, Jade Beads & Rings, Pearls, Garnet, Bangles, Niels Erik From Sterling Necklace,Coral Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, etc. Sterling Silver: 4 sets of Sterling Flatware, Brush Sets, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Plates, Steiff, etc. Native Americana: NW & Alaskan Indian Baskets, SW Indian Pottery Pots, Food Bowl, Toys & Implements, Navajo Turquoise Silver Jewelry, Eskimo Indian Food Bowl, Eskimo & Inuit Carvings, Tlingit Dance Paddle, etc. Oriental Rugs: 10x13 Oriental Rug, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Stereo Equipment: Sansui QRX-6000 Amplifier & SP-3200 Four Speaker System with Original Boxes, etc. China & Pottery: Wedgwood Dragon Luster Lg Covered Jar, Scottish Cranberry Glass Wine Claret Jug, Baccarrat Stemware, Steuben Crystal set of Plates & Compote, Collection of Delft Tiles, Studio Art glass, Rockingham Ware, etc. Asian: Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Chargers, Cloisonne, Carved Wood Figures, Hardstone & Quartz Carvings, Carved Soapstone Figures, Carved Temple Panels, Screens, Japanese Silk Obi panels, Chinese Reverse Paintings on Glass, Laquer Covered Large Box, Asian & Ethnic Jewelry, Bronzes, Snuff Bottle, etc. Items of Interest: 3 Round Top Antique Trucks, large collection of antique Photographs, Postcards, Stereo Views, Photo Albums, Living Insignia Photos, Zebra Hide, Flapper Dresses, Silk Robes, Desk Lamps, National Fancy Brass Cash Register, Caster Set, Antique Sampler, Vintage Halloween Items, Antique Binoculars, Porter Blanchard Hand Hammered Pewter Tea & Coffee Service w/Tray, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday September 14, Northwest Estates Auction

Important NW Estates featuring French & Period Antiques, Mid Century & Designer Furnishings, Baker, Henredon, Fine 14K & 18K Jewelry, Fabulous Crystal Stemware Sets, Sterling Flatware Sets, Collection of First Issue 1950's Magazines, Bronzes, Collectibles, etc.

American, Italian, English & French Period Antiques & Vintage Furnishings & Accessories: Antique French Marble Top Bakers/Pastry Table, French Carved Settee, French Large Cabinet w/Fitted Mirror & Glass Shelf Interior, Italian Hand Painted Baroque Style Decorated Antique Secretary & Lingerie Chest, Italian Period Console Table, Fine English 18th Century Burl Chest, Vienna Marquetry China Cabinet, Small European Cabinets, French 18th Century Marble Top Commode, American Period Chippendale Slant Front Desk w/Hidden Compartments, Cast Iron Fancy Outdoor Settee, Iron Base Pub Table, Carved Armchairs, Victorian Side Chairs, Antique Lap Desk, Figural Pair of Spelter Lamps, Carved Oak American Buffet, etc. Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings: Danish Teak Teak Sideboard w/Tambour Front Doors, Modernist Westnofa Breakfast Adjustable Round Table w/Metal & Chrome Pedestal, Danish Teak Pedestal Round Dining Table w/2 Leaves, Mid Century Round Inlaid Walnut Drexel Declaration Coffee Table attributed to Kip Stewart, Crate & Barrel Modern Oak Long Sideboard/TV Stand, Hooker Heavy Carved Sideboard/Buffet, 60" Round Pedestal Dining Table, Set of 8 Heavy Carved Dining Chairs, Baker Chest, Console, Coffee Table & Small Tables, Pair Henredon Bar Cabinets, Pair of Campaigner by Dixie Side Cabinets, Pair Large Chapman Pottery Lamps, Pair Designer Side Tables w/Drawers, Modern Curved Glass Curio Cabinet, Pairs of Fine Side Chairs & Arm Chairs, Teak Small Stand, Pair of Austman Durante Woodshop Designer Upholstered Armchairs, Large Fancy Gold Framed Mirror, Many fine Floor & Table Lamps, Pair Emu Cuba Hiaramonte/Marin Wicker & Chrome Armchairs, 2 Section (5 drawer per section) Lyon Industrial Metal Chart Cabinet & Hamilton One Section 5 drawer Chart Cabinet, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: Elton Bennett Serigraphs Many Original Oil Paintings & Watercolor Paintings, Nancy Taylor Stonington WC, Joseph Eidenberger Etchings, Byron Birdsall s/n Lithograph, Red Skelton s/n Print on Canvas, Rusty Rust Clown Paintings, Bronze Figures, Vintage Print Collection, Antique Paintings, Vintage Photos & Rock Posters, WWII Posters, Etchings & Prints, Alaska Eskimo Paintings, Large Group of Richard Sloan s/n Bird Print Portfolios, Mid Century Marble Sculpture, 25" Cuno Von Uechtritz-Steinkirch Bronze Figure Group Girl w/Geese, Triple Overmantle Mirror, Jeannie Stewart Watercolor Paintings, Maps, Charts, Sports Posters, Flat Antique Engravings, Contents of Chart Cabinets, etc. Clocks & Watches: Fine German Antique Grandfather Clock, Mantle Clocks, Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Many lots of Fine 14K & 18K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, Emerald, Opal, Topaz, Bracelets, Victorian Jewelery, Lapis, Asian Jewelry, Alsakan Jewelry, Jade Beads & Rings, Pearls, Tiffany Jewelry, Bangles, Niels Erik From Sterling Necklace,Costume Jewelry, etc. Sterling Silver: 3 sets of Sterling Flatware, Easterling, Treasure Pattern & Whiting, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Plates, Set of Apostle Spoons, etc. Native Americana: NW Indian Baskets, SW Indian Pottery Pots, SW Watercolors of Indians, Kachina Dolls, Navajo Turquoise Silver Jewelry, etc. Rugs: 10x13 Oriental Rug (Sellers paid $7,000), 9x12 Vintage Kirman, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Guitars & Stereo Equipment: Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster Guitars, Takamine C132S Acoustic Guitar, Ibanez EX Series Guitar, Peavey Classic 50 Amp, Marshall Valve State 40V Model 8040 Amp, Yamaha Small Amplifer, Pair Acoustic Research Speakers, Spirit 162 Model, NAD Power Amplifer 2400 & Monitor Series Preamp Tuner 1600, etc. China & Pottery: Large Set of signed Hawkes Fine Cut Stemware Downing Pattern, Set of Stewart Crystal, Set of Cranberry cut to clear Crystal Stemware set, Set of Deruta Italian Pottery Dishes, Set of Stavangerflint Norwegian China, Studio Artglass, Blue Danube Fine China, Royal Doulton Figure Collection, Orient & Flume, Edinburgh Crystal Set, Haviland China, Lladro Figures, Venetian Lamp, Large Val St Lambert Vase, Lenox, Dog Figurine Collection, Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, etc. Asian: Large Japanese Step Tonsu Chest, Korean Tonsu Chests, Small Spice Chests, Tables, Chinese Ceramics, Cloisonne Bowls, Carved Wood Figures, Carved Soapstone Figures, Scroll Paintings, Pair Emperor & Empress Paintings, Several Japanese Tetsubin Iron Pots, Japanese Bronze Okimono Figure, 2 Mah Jong Sets, Carved Lapis Elephant Figure, Carved Marble Bear, Thanka, Miniature Paintings, Forbidden Stitch Needlework Panels, Screens, etc. Items of Interest: Life Size Carved Blackamoor Figure holding Tray, Large Collection of First Issue, (Hundreds of Volume 1 Number 1) Magazines from the 1950's including, Mens, Sports, Science Fiction, TV, Movie, Scandal, Political, etc., Vintage Signal Corps Theodolite double center ml-474/gm, Red Wing Crocks, Advertising Crocks, Vintage Lionel Trains, Cast Iron Bulldog Door Stop, Steiff Bears, Schoenhut Doll Furniture, Cameras, Zeiss Iconta, Photo Albums, Mint Plate Block Stamp Collections, First Day Cover Stamp Collection, Postcards, WWII Books, Posters & Memorabilia, Vintage Hats, Vintage Pin Back Button Collection, Seafair Pins, Vintage Fountain Pens, Antique Santos Figures, Carnival Chalk Figures, signed George H W Bush Photo, Old Kitchenware Wood Handle Utensils, Brass Telescope, 2 Hand Tooled Leather Saddles w/Silver Work Bridle by Fleming, Fine Old Patchwork Quilts, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Friday August 25, Asian Arts & Artifacts - Session Two

Featuring an Important 18th Century Chinese Imperial Nine Dragon Ningxia Silk & Gold Thread Room Size Carpet with Full Provenance. Also an Impressive Collection of Song to Ming Porcelain including Longquan, Qingbai, and Blue and White (Collected in the Philippines 1970-1995).

Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: Ming Longquan Bowls and Dishes, Melon Form Water Dropper, Ming Blue & White Meiping Vase with Cranes, Several Ming Blue & White Porcelain Chargers, Song Qingbai Covered Boxes, Rare Qingbai Wine Ewers with Basins, Qingbai Small Bowls, Pair of Wucai Porcelain Bells on Stands, Pair of Republic Porcelain Tall Landscape Plaques by Chen Baochang, Republic Porcelain Laughing Buddha Figure, Decorated Celadon Garlic Bulb Vase Late Qing, Tongzhi Porcelain Jar with Various Figures & Calligraphy, Fine Kutani Charger with Karuta Game Cards, Group of Japanese Cloisonné Vases, Collection of Yixing Pottery including Teapots, Tea Jars, and Cricket Boxes, etc. Asian Jewelry: 22k Chinese Jadeite Butterfly Brooch, 14k Red Coral Bracelet, 22k Chinese Lapis Bracelet, 18k Amethyst & Emerald Ring, Carved Amethyst Buddha Necklace, Carved Nephrite Jade Necklace with Pendant, Carved Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace, etc. Bronzes & Jades: Fine Chinese Ming Period Archaic Ding Censer on Rosewood Stand, Set of Chinese Jade Tea Cups in Fitted Box Qing Dynasty, etc. Collection of Stone Carvings: Including full size Khmer torsos, head fragments, frieze fragments, buddhas, and bodhisattvas. Includes Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Indonesian, and Burmese Pieces. Pre Columbian Objects: A Museum Quality Olmec Carved Stone Anthropomorphic Drug Palette or Bowl, Several Olmec Stone Head Figural Fragment, Persian Kashan Fritware Garlic Bulb Vase with Turquoise Glazes 13th Century, Ancient Roman Bronze Figural Oil Lamp, etc. Fine Asian Furniture: Ornate Chinese Miniature Rosewood Altar Cabinet 18th/19th Century, Collection of Japanese & Korean Tansu Chests from Edo to Meiji Periods, etc. Woodblock Prints: Ryohei Tanaka, Sadao Watanabe, Kawase Hasui, Hiroshi & Toshi Yoshida, Tsuchiya Koitsu Prints, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 24, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities - Session One

Featuring Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks. Featuring the Japanese American School of Northwest Art including Paul Horiuchi, Frank Okada, George Tsutakawa, and John Matsudaira.

Modern Art: Important Kenneth Noland "Second Lure" 1969 Colorfield Acrylic Large Painting, Salvador Dali 1961 Figure with Drawers Ink Drawing with Authentication, Salvador Dali Mixed Media Portrait Artwork with Authentication, Carl Morris 1960 "Winter White" Large Oil Painting, Hilda Morris "Mountain Piece" 1971 Maquette Bronze, 3pc Carl & Hilda Morris Early Sumi Paintings, 5pc Early Frank Okada Large Abstract Oil Paintings, Gerard Tsutakawa 1991 Bronze Duo Sculpture, Important George Tsutakawa 8pc Bronze Lily Pad Fountain Feature from his 1960 Commission at the Lloyd Center, Portland Oregon, Morris Graves "Minnow" 1955 Tempera, Mark Tobey Market Scene Figure Watercolor, George Tsutakawa "Hood Canal Sunset" Sumi Painting, Tsutakawa Small Hood Canal Sumi, John Matsudaira Abstract Night Scene Gouache, Collection of Works by Northwest Master, Paul Horiuchi. Including "Movement in Gray", "Segment of Oblivion", "Memory from Mediterranean", and "Winter Landscape". Frank Okada "Sato III" Colorfield Oil Painting, Frank Okada "Blue Horizontal" and "Cadmium Red" Oils, Impressive Large Kenneth Callahan Abstract Figure Oil Painting, Kenneth Callahan Large Mountain Sumi, Collection of Works by Northwest Artist, Guy Andrerson. Including a large early double sided oil painting from the 1930's. 4pc Early William Cumming Tempera Paintings of Children, Large Collection of Lisel Salzer Enamels & Etchings, Collection of Harold Balazs Enamels & Watercolors, Two Richard Gilkey Charcoal Works of Bird/Frog, Early Neil Meitzler Figure Abstract Oil, Virginia Banks Abstract Oil Painting, Albert Patecky Abstract Collage, Large Camille Patha 1965 Abstract Oil Painting, James Lee Hansen "Missive" Abtract Bronze, Peter Juvonen Abstract Acrylic, Alfredo Arreguin Frida Kahlo Small Oil, 3pc Jaimie Olaya Pastel Paintings, Pehr Hallsten Figure Gouache, Leonardo Nierman "Genesis" Abstract Oil, Frank Meisler Modern Dolphin Sculpture, Dennis & Bonnie Phillips (Utah) Abstract Paintings, etc. American & European Art: Jessie Hazel Arms Botke "Duck Pond" Oil Painting, Allan Clark "Black Dancer" Bronze Sculpture, Paul Morgan Gustin Large Mt. Rainier Oil, Fine Antoine Blanchard Parisian Street Scene Oil, Gustave de Beaumont (Swiss) Painting of Putti, 18th Century Italian School Portrait Oil, Sam Charin Alabaster Sculpture, etc. Fine Print: Impressive Robert Rauschenberg Sling Shot Lit #8 Lighted Screenprint Display, Roy Lichtentstein "Ode to Max Ernst" AP Serigraph, Jane Hammond "Love & Laugh" Lithograph & Collage, 2pc Rare Josef Albers Signed Square Serigraphs Editions of 36, Several Authentic Salvador Dali Lithographs and Etchings, Richard Cottingham "Orpheum" Pop Art Serigraph, Robert Gordy Jazz Serigraph, Early Roger Shimomura Silkscreen Print, Collection of Guy Anderson Woodcut Prints, Thomas Wood Modernist Etchings, Erte S/N Serigraph, Waldo & Wendell Chase NW Woodcuts, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Early William Morris Shard Glass Vessel, Peter Voulkos Archie Bray Era Bowl, Akio Takamori Pair of Tea Cups, 11pc David Shaner Rock Sculptures, Ben Sams Ceramic Cups & Sculptures, Akio Takamori Fish Wall Vase & Early Bowl, Mutsuo Yanagihara Luster Glazes Ceramics, Rare Howard Kottler Early Decal Bowl, Howard Kottler "The Lecher" Decal Plate, 2pc Frank Boyden Sgraffito Fish Vases, Robert Sperry White Crackle Glazed Deep Charger, Picasso Madoura Bird Dish, Karen Willenbrink Johnsen Glass Flower Vase, 3pc Alison Chism Nude Glass Vases, Anne Hirondelle Soda Fired Ice Bucket, Thomas Philabaum Scavo Glass Vase, etc. Fine Jewelry & Objects: Collection of 14k Diamond Rings & Pendant Necklaces, Steuben Crystal Salmon Figure, Versace Crystal Bowl in Box, etc. Native Arts: Rare 1880's Inuit Hoop Drum with Handle, Kevin Paul 6' Cedar Totem Pole, Patty Fawn Sterling Killer Whale Necklace, Danny Dennis Worked Silver Bracelet, Robert Davidson S/N Serigraph, Susan Pointe S/N Serigraph, Carved Bentwood Box by Richard Sumner, Large Soapstone Sea Otter Sculpture by Gene Drake, etc. Modern Furniture: Early Eames for Herman Miller Lounge Chair & Ottoman, McGuire Rattan Glass Top Dining Set, Set 4 McGuire Rattan Armchairs, Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Severen Office Chair, Evert Sodergren Custom Game Table, Swedish Teak Dining Table, Arthur Umanoff for Howard Miller Desk Clock, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday July 20, Western Art, Photography, & Collectibles Auction

Featuring an Extremely Rare 1865 Lincoln Assassination Broadside with Full Family Provenance and History. Featuring the estate collection of former University of Santa Clara Curator of Photography and Professional Photographer, Don Beatty of Helena Montana.

Western Artworks & Artifacts: Sherry Salari Sander "Fall Reunion" 1985 Moose Bronze, 2pc Heinie Hartwig Oils of Teepees, William Reese Landscape Oil, etc. Vintage Taxidermy Bison Head from Montana, Antique Oak Figural Frame Caged Lion Lithograph, etc. Historical: An Extremely Rare 1865 State of Maryland Lincoln Assassination Broadside (One of very few in existence), Historical Items off of Seattle's M.S. Kalakala Ferry including the Helm (Wheel), Telegraph, and Binnacle, Ko Ga Ne Maru 1939 Brass Ship's Bell, Mechanical Monkey Window Display from Ruby Montanas Downtown Seattle, etc. Modern & Antique Photography: Collection of Emmy Lou Packard Signed Platinum & Silver Gelatin Photographs of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo also a Group of Rare Original Contact Photographs of the Artists, Photographs by Aaron Siskind, Wynn Bullock, Steve Crouch, Javier Silva Meinel, Robert Heinecken, David Howard, Peter Stackpole, Don Beatty, Jack Welpott, Leslie Krims, Ray Belcher, Jeff Shyshka, Ana Barrado, John Weiss, etc. Also a collection of antique Real Photo Postcards and Stereoviews from a local collection. Collection of Vintage Silver Prints from Jack Ho (President of the Chinese Camera Club of South Africa in the 1930's), Also a collection of antique Real Photo Postcards and Stereoviews from a local collection. Prints & Posters: Collection of Early Grateful Dead Concert Posters from the Avalon including Family Dog FD-26 and FD-33, Jefferson Airplane Concert Poster, Monterey International Pop Fester Foil Poster, Robert Fried Uncut Stamp Sheet (Rock Poster Artist), Rupert Garcia Frida Kahlo Signed Poster, Ester Hernandez Frida Kahlo Etching, 2pc John Lennon S/N Serigraphs. etc. Victorian & Modern Art Glass: Fulvio Bianconi Black Etched Glass Vase, Venini 1984 Art Glass Vase, Collection of Murano Glass including Seguso, Salviati, Barovier & Toso, etc. Modern Glass by Lundberg, Orient & Flume, Robert Held, etc. Large Collection of Victorian Glass including Tiffany, Thomas Webb, Loetz, Steuben, Crown Milano, Bride's Baskets, Pickle Castors, Epergnes, etc. Fine & Costume Jewelry: Vintage Men's Omega Constellation Pie Pan Wristwatch, St. Gaudens $20 Gold Piece Money Clip Set in 14k, Patriotic 14k Diamond/Sapphire/Ruby Bow Brooch, 14k Baume & Mercier Women's Wristwatch with Rope Band, Tiffany & Co. 18k Gold Earrings in Box, Tiffany 18k & Sterling Heart Bracelet, Movado Tiffany & Co. Sterling Travel Clock, Ming's 14k Jade Earrings & Other Jade Jewelry, Diamond 14k Rings, Group of 14k Diamond and Precious Stone Rings, Collection of Lea Stein Figural Plastic Brooches 90+ Pieces, etc. Fine Silver: Antique Russian Silver for Tiffany & Co. Ornate Ewer, Samuel Kirk Repousse Teapot with Indians Circa 1830's, German 800 Silver Pheasant Table Sculpture, Set of Gorham Gadroon Sterling Flatware, Set of International Modernist Sterling Flatware, Collection of Georgian Silver Spoons, Forks, & Fruit Spoons, Various American Silver Hollowware, etc. Items of Interest: Hank Ketcham 1974 Dennis the Menace Sunday Comic Strip Art, Antique Heyn German Wood Carousel Horse, Whistle Advertising Soda Clock, Tacoma Brewery Tin Sign, First Issue of Sports Illustrated, Martin Acoustic Guitar, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday June 29, Northwest Estates Auction

Featuring American Oak Antiques, French Antiques, Fine Jewelry, Stained Glass Lamps, St Louis Crystal Stemware, U S Coins, Sterling, Bronzes, etc.

American Oak, French Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Oak 3 Section Attorney Stacking Bookcase, Oak Roll Front File Cabinet, Globe Wernicke 2 Section File Cabinet w/narrow drawers, Oak Carved Gone w/the Wind Armchair, Childs Oak Morris Chair, Carved Oak Sideboard w/Claw Feet, Large Carved Oak Display Cabinet, (3) Adirondack Oak & Twig Rockers, French Inlaid Games Table w/Ormolu, French Dressing Table w/Ormolu, Pair French Armchairs w/Ormolu, Set of 6 French Dining Chairs w/Ormolu, Victorian Carved Armchair, (2) Italian Inlaid Music Box Tables, 18th & 19th Century Blanket Chests, Console Table, Fine English Marquetry Breakfast Table, Vienna Court Cabinet, Small European Cabinets, Marble Top Commode, Antique Drop Front Desk, Cylinder Roll Top Small Desk, Carved 1930's China Cabinet, English Oak Carved Drop Leaf Breakfast Table, etc. Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings: Hooker Heavy Carved Sideboard/Buffet, 60" Round Pedestal Dining Table, Set of 8 Heavy Carved Dining Chairs, Danish Rosewood Coffee & End Tables, (2) Danish Teak Sideboard/Display Cabinets, Mahogany Chest on Chest, Mahogany Small Tables, Mahogany Drop Leaf Small Dining Table, , Stowe Davis Walnut Parquetry Large Library Table, 2 Curio Cabinets, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: (5) Oil Paintings by d'Elaine Johnson, Several Small Bronze Figures Vintage Print Collection, Antique Paintings, Vintage Photos & Prints in Antique Frames, etc. Group Antique Prints & Photographs, Etchings & Prints, Vintage NW Mountain & Scenic Photos, English Fox Hunt Framed Prints, etc. Lighting: 4 Vintage & Antique Stained Glass Lamps, Contemporary Lamps, Figural Lamps, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: 14K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, Bracelets, Victorian Jewlery, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Mens Wrist Watches, etc. Sterling Silver: Sterling Souvinir Spoons, Randall Sterling Bowl, Serving Pieces, Antique Silver Plate Items, etc. Clocks: Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, Figural Mantle Clocks, Westminster Chime Clocks, etc. Coins & Silver: US Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Indian Head Pennies, etc. China & Pottery: Large Set of Blue Danube Fine China, Studio Pottery, Meissen, RS Prussia, Large Collection of Roseville Pottery, Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, Juvenile Ware, Kitchen Ware, Bauer Mixing Bowls, Fiesta Ware, Space Needle Bottle, Flow Blue Items, etc. Native Americana: NW Indian Baskets, Atlatl Spear Thower, etc. China & Pottery: Large Set of Royal Worcester Lavinia Fine China, Blue Danube Fine China, Royal Doulton Figures & Toby Jugs, Old Paris China, Haviland China Set, Delft Wares, Pottery, Bauer, Flow Blue Items, AYP Plates, etc. Glass & Crystal: Large Set of Saint Louis Heavy Cut Stemware, Perfume Bottles & Atomizers, Victorian Art Glass, Murano & Venetian Glass, Cranberry Glass, Ruby Glass, Stemware, Decanters, Waterford, American Brilliant Cut Glass, American Antique Pattern Glass, Jadeite, Lots of Cambridge Caprice, Large Collection of Duncan & Miller Sandwich Pattern Blue & Clear Crystal, etc. Asian: Chinese Ceramics, Cloisonné Bowls, Large Pots, Carved Wood Figures, Carved Teak Nest of Tables, Large Carved Chinese Alter Table, 4 Panel Floor Screen w/Carved Stone, (2) Elephant Pottery Garden Seats, Japanese Hibache, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Metal overlay Casket Jewelry Box, Collection of Encaustic Portrait Tiles, Vintage Lionel Trains, Transformers, Antique Bisque Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Muffy Vander Bears, Pair Bose 301 Speakers, Miniatures, Banjo Clock, Guitars: Franciscan Model C39 Japan & Protocol MAG #830, Bookends, Stereo Views, Antique Photo Albums, Tin Types, Dags, Mahogany Knife Box, Steinbach Nutcrackers, Books, Copperware, Snow Shoes, Travel Typewriter, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday June 15, Northwest Estates Auction

Featuring American Oak Antiques, 11 Bookcases, Fine Jewelry, Stained Glass Lamps, Parrish Print Collection, Roseville Collection, Sterling, Antique Art Glass, Bronzes, etc.

Fabulous Collection of American Oak, Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Important American Renaissance Revival 3 Section Ebonized Cabinet, (6) Carved 2 door bookcases, (4) Oak, & (1) each Cherry & Walnut, (2) Oak Single Door Bookcases, (3) Oak Attorney Stacking Bookcases, Carved Oak Corner Curved Glass China Cabinet, Carved Oak Hall Seat, (5) Carved Oak Hall Mirrors w/Hooks, 3 Oak Lamp Tables w/Glass Ball Feet, (3) Antique Shaving Stands, (2) Oak & (1) Mahogany, Unusual Oak Narrow Highboy w/Oval Mirror, Carved Oak Morris Chair, Spanish Style Oak Refractory Dining Table w/6 Chairs & Buffet, Oak 2 Door Ice Box, Oak Kitchen Queen, Oak Drop Front Desk, Carved Oak Sideboard, Pine Doughboy Table w/Side Bin Drawers, Primitive Long Bench, French Walnut Dining Table w/5 chairs, (2) Oak A&C Mission Style Rockers, Closed Case Carved Oak Case Treadle Sewing Machine, Waterfall Cedar Chest, French Carved Frame Settee or Loveseat, Antique Carved Foot Stools, etc. Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings: Westnofa Leather Chair & Ottoman, Brandt Nest of Tables, Mahogany Rope Edge Open Bookcase, Stowe Davis Walnut Parquetry Large Library Table, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: Double Bronze Figure Group 18", Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print Collection (over 25 Pieces), Antique Paintings, Vintage Photos & Prints in Antique Frames, etc. Group Antique Prints & Photographs, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Lithographs, Serigraphs, Etchings & Prints, etc. Lighting and Stained Glass: 4 Vintage & Antique Stained Glass Lamps, (2) Stained Glass Window Panels from Carroll's Fine Jewelers, Crystal Chandelier, Large Ceiling Fixtures, Oil Lamps, Banquet Lamps, (2) Pairs Wrought Iron Standing Candelabras, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: 14K Diamond & Precious Stone Rings, Bracelets, Gold Ladies Pin Watch, Victorian Jewlery, Costume Jewelry, Navajo & Turquoise Jewelry, etc. Sterling Silver: Sterling Flatware, Spoon Sets, Serving Pieces, Salts, Sterling Sets in Presentation Boxes, Antique Silver Plate Items, etc. Oriental & Designer Rugs: (7) Antique & Vintage Navajo Rugs, 9x12 Sarouk, Kirman Scatter Rugs, Nice Lillihan 3x5 rug, Several 4x6 & 3x5 Oriental Rugs, SW Woven Rugs, Chinese Scatter Rugs, etc. Clocks: Buillseye or Cartel French Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Westminster Chime Clocks, etc. Coins & Silver: US Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Silver Rounds, Silver Collector Sets, etc. China & Pottery: Large Set of Blue Danube Fine China, Studio Pottery, Meissen, RS Prussia, Large Collection of Roseville Pottery, Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, Juvenile Ware, Kitchen Ware, Bauer Mixing Bowls, Fiesta Ware, Space Needle Bottle, Flow Blue Items, etc. Glass & Crystal: Steuben, Lalique, Baccarat, Perfume Bottles & Atomizers, Victorian Art Glass, Bride's Baskets, Baskets, Vases, Studio Art Glass, Fenton Glass, Murano & Venetian Glass, French Cameo Glass, Satin Glass, Stemware, Decanters, Waterford, Pickle Casters, Brides Baskets, American Brilliant Cut Glass, American Antique Pattern Glass, Jadeite, Collection of Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, Vaseline Glass, Sunkist Juicers, Victorian Caster Sets, Tantalus Decanter Set, etc. Asian: Antique Chinese Leather & Brass Tack Trunk, Cloisonne Bowls, Pair Framed Rosewood Carved Rosewood Chair Backs, Lacquer Cabinet, Large Pots, Carved Wood Figures, Sewing Basket, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Mills 5 Cent Castle Front Slot Machine, National Fancy Brass Candy Store Cash Register, (3) Railroad Lanterns, Vintage Advertising Signs, Vintage Toys, Antique wood Duck Decoys, Stereo Viewer & Views, Photos, Large Tapa Cloths, Large Folio Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings, Plans & Designs Portfolio, Large Collection of Framed Butterfly Specimens & Insect Specimens, Antique Tins, 50 plus Collection of Childrens Sad Irons, Ruffle Irons, Copperware, Picnic Tins, Swords, Rifles, Spinning wheel, Triple Mirrors, Antique Ladies Fans, 3 Showcases, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday May 25, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Fine Quality Modern Furnishings from a 5000sf Bellevue Estate Home, Paintings, Art, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Asian Ceramics, Art Glass Collection, Sterling, Antiques, Modern & Antique Art Glass, Art Wood, etc.

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: French Carved Walnut Center Table, Large French Carved Armchair, Carved French Tapestry Fire Screen, Mid Century Teak Double Wall Unit, Designer Italian Carved Coffee & End Tables w/Marble Tops, Antique Triple Overmantle Mirror w/carved Shell, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Pair E J Victor Inlaid Mahogany Butler's Chests, High Quality Large Modern Henkel & Moore Executive Desk w/matching Wall Unit & 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, Baker Nest of Tables, Ethan Allen Poster Queen Size Bedroom Set, Cherry Queen Size Bedroom Set, Queen Size Sleigh Bed, Quality Queen Size Mattress Sets by Chattam & Wells, Stearns & Foster, Spring Air, Pair of Ethan Allen Tapestry large Overstuffed Armchairs & Ottomans, 2 Lift & Vibrating Reclining Chairs by Golden Technologies, White Overstuffed Loveseat, Leather Bench, Leather Sofa, Armchair & Ottoman, Modern Coffee Tables, End Tables, Wrought Iron Bar Stools, Iron Tables, Heritage Console Table, Round Table & 4 Chairs, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: Double Bronze Figure Group 18", Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print Collection, Luigi Kasimir Etchings, etc. Group Antique Prints & Photographs, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Lithographs, Serigraphs, Etchings & Prints, etc. Stereo & Electronic Items: Bose 901 Pair of Speakers, Denon Integrated Network AV Receiver AVR-2112CI, Monster Power HTS 3600 Unit, Pr Vienna Acoustics Speakers Model HAYDN, 2 Flat Screen TVs. Wood Items: Solid Wood Block Benches, Art Wood Lamps. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: 14K Gold Ladies Pin Watch, Victorian Gold Jewlery, Group of 14k Rings & Stone Earrings, Mens Wrist Watches, etc. Sterling Silver: Set of Gorham Sterling Flatware, Souvenir Spoons, Antique Silver Plate Items, etc. Oriental & Designer Rugs, Large Group of Mackenzie Childs Floral Scatter Rugs, 2x3. 4x7. 5x7. etc. Flatweave French Needlepoint Rug, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Royal Doulton, Hummels, Large Set of Spode Buttercup Dinnerware, Large Set of Wedgwood Strawberry Fine China, Studio Pottery, Steins, Meissen, Herend, RS Prussia, Fine German China Figure Groups, Figural Candelabras, Wedgwood Dragon Lustre Bowl, American Brilliant Cut Glass, American Antique Pattern Glass, Nippon, etc. Art Glass: Steuben, Lalique, Victorian Art Glass, Bride's Baskets, Baskets, Vases, Studio Art Glass, Cranberry Glass, Mary Gregory, Souvenir Ruby Flash Glass, Ruby Glass, Fenton Burmese, Orient & Flume, Murano & Venetian Glass, French Cameo Glass, Tiffany, Satin Glass, Diamond Quilted Satin, etc. Asian: Chinese Bronze Pots, Chinese Ceramics, Pots, Pair of Asian Arm Chairs, Rosewood Armchair, Satsuma, Plique a Jour Cloissone Bowls, Snuff Bottles, etc. Items of Interest: Spurs, Ships Lantern, Lionel Train Sets, Tonka State Hwy Dept Construction Toys, Large World Globe on Stand, Oil Lamps, Stained Glass Lamps, Antique wood Duck Decoys, Stereo Views, Photo Albums, Stereo Viewers, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Friday May 5, Asian Arts & Artifacts - Session Two

Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks

Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: Fabulous Lifetime Collection of Ge Type and Geyao Crackle Glazed Porcelain including Brush Pots, Brush Washers, Ink Pots, Vases, Footed Bowls, etc. (160+ Pieces Collected from 1960 to 1980 in Hong Kong), Fine Kangxi Mark & Period Peachbloom Brush Washer, Republic Era Clair de Lune Garlic Vase, Pair of Tongzhi Porcelain Hat Stands with Calligraphy, Group of Ming Longquan Celadon Handled Vase & Small Bowls, Collection of 1970's Jindezhen Porcelain Vases including Langyao & Monochrome Pieces, Collection of Blanc de Chine Guanyin Figures, etc. Bronze Seal Collection & Jades: Fabulous Lifetime Collection of Chinese Ancient Bronze to Qing Bronze Artist and Official Seals (72pc), 4pc Ming Bronze Mirrors, Qing Jade Mutton Fat Bat Belt Buckle, Rose Quartz Carved Bat & Shou Ink Box, Large Carved Jade Relief Plaque on Stand, etc. Robes & Textiles: Chinese Imperial Dragon Robe Silk Brocade Framed Panel, Qing Silk Embroidered Crane with Peach Panel, Group of Qing Forbidden Stitch Embroidery, Ornate Sleeve Panels & Collars, etc. Furniture & Temple Panels: Fine Chinese Huanghuali Pair of Horseshoe Chairs & Tea Table Set, Fine Chinese Huanghuali Three Drawer Coffer Altar Table (Both Purchased in Hong Kong Circa 1980), Fine Chinese Rosewood Bone Applique Storage Cabinet, 3pc Fine Chinese Rosewood Armchairs & Table Set, etc. Chinese Silver: Hammered Silver Bamboo Tea Set Qing Dynasty, 4pc Sammy's Hong Kong Silver Overlay Decanters, Set of Four Chinese Silver Dollar Coin Dishes in Original Sammy's Box, etc. Scroll Paintings & Prints: Collection of Antique Chinese & Japanese Scroll Paintings, Group of Hiroshi Yoshida Japanese Woodblock Prints, etc. Tibetan Antiquities: Fabulous Set of Eight Tibetan Bronze Buddhist Gilt Altar Pieces, Collection of Gilt Bronze Dorje, Double Dorje, Phurba, Kartika Axe, etc. Antique Tibetan Dhangro Dami Drum, etc. Misc. Antiquities: Antique Korean Painted Drum, Carved Boxwood Ruyi Scepter with Foo Lions, Collection of Fine Japanese Cloisonné Miniatures, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday May 4, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities - Session One

Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks

Modern Art: Important Alden Mason "Alfred" Large Acrylic Painting of Abstract Head 80"x70" (Exhibited Multiple Times), Impressive William Cumming 1986 Park Series Tempera Large Painting, Impressive Alfredo Arreguin "Heron’s Lake" Large Acrylic Painting, Early Z.Z. Wei "Summer Patterns" Oil, Large Z.Z. Wei "Back to School" Oil, Lyle Silver "Valley Fields" Landscape Oil, Susan Bennerstrom "Narrow Window" Pastel, Richard Gilkey Skagit Valley Landscape Oil Painting, Exceptional Group of Early Art Hansen Northwest Landscape Oils 3pc, Exceptional Group of Charles Stokes Surrealist Artworks 3pc, James Washington Jr. "Deep Sea Fish" & "Blue Ox" Granite Sculptures, Early Robert Colescott Female Nude Painting, Fay Chong City Scene Watercolor, Kenneth Callahan "Judgment of Paris" Tempera, Francis Celentano "Delta Spectrum" Large Optic Painting, 3pc Paul Havas Skagit Landscape Oils, Small Works by John Franklin Koenig & Albert Fisher, Group Danny Mayes Large Acrylic Paintings, Group Sydni Sterling Koi Fish Acrylic Paintings, Several Juan Alonso Floral Artworks, 2pc Matthew Dennison Abstract Figure Paintings, Christopher Martin Hoff "City Grid" Oil Painting, James Deitz Abstract Oil, Edward M. Cox Large Horse & Rider Oil, William E. Ryan Montlake Bridge Oil, Jerry McMillan (CA) Paper Bag Photographic Construction, Johannes Girardoni Encaustic Wall Sculpture, Sergei Spitzer "Law Blanks" Mixed Media, Joseph Amar (NY) "Black Corner" Sculpture, etc. American, European Paintings & Sculpture: Lionel Salmon Mt. Rainier Oil Painting, 2pc Fine Pieter Van Veen Landscape Oil Paintings, Pair Johann Huggler Swiss Black Forest Carved Hunting Plaques, Italian Old Masters 17th Century Religious Painting, Collection of European Bronze Sculptures including Dimitre Chiparis "Accidente de Chass", Auguste Moreau, Leon Pilet, Eduardo Rossi, Berndorf, Theodor Von Gosen, Franz Iffland, etc. Prints & Multiples: Jacob Lawrence "The Coachman" AP Serigraph, Jacob Lawrence "The Birth" Edition of 100 Serigraph, 2pc Sam Francis Abstract S/N Lithographs, Peter Max 1970's Signed Serigraph, Joan Miro Vintage Edition Lithograph, Vintage Marc Chagall "Paradise II" Lithograph, Vintage Piet Mondrian Serigraph, 2pc Arthur Secunda Serigraphs & Sculpture, Harold Joe Waldrum Etchings, Robert Graham "Six Rooms" AP Print Set, Group RC Gorman Signed Serigraphs, Erte Signed Serigraph, Marvin Oliver S/N Native Serigraph, etc. Studio Ceramics, Glass & Wood Art: Museum Quality Dale Chihuly 85" Fiori Garden Sculpture with Float, Museum Quality Dale Chihuly 7-Piece Honeysuckle Blue Seaform Set with Yellow Lip Wrap 1990, Dale Chihuly Piccolo Venetian Glass Sculpture, Dante Marioni Leaf Vessel, Paul Cunningham "Leaner" Vessel, John Littleton & Kate Vogel "Bag Explosion" Glass Sculpture, Exceptional David Salvadore Large Battuto Glass African Vessel, Naoko Takenouchi Glass Rain Forest Vase, Richard Marquis Noble Effort Sculpture, 3pc Museum Quality Large Betty Feves Stoneware Bench Sculptures, Early Robert Sperry Stoneware Vase, Extensive and Large Collection of 20th Century Turned Exotic Wood Vessels & Furniture by Known Artists, Al Tennant Salt Fired Stoneware, etc. 20th Century Design: Pair of Eames for Herman Miller Black Leather Rosewood Chair & Ottomans, Finn Juhl Teak "Bwana" Chair & Ottoman, Pair Erik Buck Teak Bar Stools, Set of Three Han Andersen Hexagonal Occasional Tables, Peter Lovig Nielsen for Dansk Teak Floating Top Desk, etc. Native Americana: Marvin Oliver S/N Serigraph, Fawn Navasie Southwest Pot, Pima Indian Basket Tray, Large NW Coast Carved Cedar Totems by Williams, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Lady's 18k Rolex Presidential with Diamond Numerals, 2pc Konstantino Silver 18k & Diamond Medieval Revival Bracelet & Ring Set, Valentino 18k Lady’s Semi Precious Stone Necklace, Lady’s 14k Opal & Daimond Bracelet, Lady's Large Emerald and Diamond 14k Ring, Lady's Diamond & Sapphire 14k Ring, etc. Fine Glass & Porcelain: Steuben Aurene Pedestal Bowl & Bud Vase, Daum Cameo Glass Egg Cup, Group of Early Belleek Baskets & Vases, 3pc Loetz Art Glass Inkwells, etc. Antiquities & Reliquaries: Large Italian & Spanish Polychrome Carved Wood Santos Figure, Collection of Antiquarian Books 17th Century, etc. Collectibles: Wonderful Collection of Presidential Signed Photos from Former White House Chief Usher & Author James Bernard West, Disney's Sleeping Beauty 1959 Prince Philip with Samson the Horse Animation Cel, 1970's New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball, 1913 Heintz Sterling Over Copper Swimming Trophy, 3 Volume Frank Lloyd Wright LE Portfolio of Selected Drawings, etc. Oriental Rugs & Other Antiquities: Antique Shirvan Oriental Scatter Rug, Collection of Antique Caucasian & Persian Rugs, Collection of Figural Bronze Inkwells, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday April 6, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antiques, (14) Oak Attorneys Stacking Bookcases, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, Asian Ceramics, Lots of Sterling, Antiques, Double Harpsicord, including more Artworks from Weyerheauser, Art Wood & Glass Collection from the
Estate of Francis Iwasawa, (Olympia)

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Superb 18th Century Period County French Carved Armoire, (14) Oak Attorney Stacking Bookcases, 3 section, 4 section, 5 section, 6 & 7 section bookcases, (65 sections in all with bases & tops, Oversize large sections, stacking oak file cabinet, antique Display Store Fixtures, large cabinets w/sliding glass doors, French Carved Settee & sets of Carved French Chairs, Pair of French Inlaid Side Cabinets, Vintage Bookcases & Book Stands, Music Stand, Pair of Antique Round Back Windsor Chairs, Cast Iron Hall Tree Stand, Marble Top Square Table, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Large Modern Rosewood Executive Desk, Henredon Rosewood Buffet, Italian Designer Inlaid Buffet/Sideboard, Ekornes Lounge Chairs & Ottomans, Red Glass/Black Metal Square Dining Table, Set of Hollywood Regency Dining Chairs, Baker parquet side table, Thomasville Large Leather Wing Back Chair & Ottoman, 3 Swivel Office Armchairs, 2 drawer Traditional Walnut Lateral File Cabinet, 3 very nice swivel wood/upholstered bar stools, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: Carved Marble Busts, 3pc Impressionist Paintings by Alexander Antaneka, African soapstone sculptures by Tutani Mgabazi, Bryn Tauri Mteki, Agnes N, Slaton, Robertson, M. Tacks, etc. Group Antique Prints & Photographs, Borghese PrintsVintage to Modern Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Lithographs, Serigraphs, Etchings & Prints, Large Grouping of NW Studio Glass & Pottery, Bronze Figures & Statues, Remington Bronco Buster Bronze, Mirrors, Vintage Framed Photos,Delacroix, Nagel, N Taylor Stonington, Botanical Prints, etc. Turned & Sculptural Wood Art from the Estate of Francis Iwasawa (Olympia): Large selection by Northwest Woodturners including Dave Schweitzer (bowls, vases, sculptures), Rick Gardner (bowls, vases) Helga Winter, Warren Vienneau, Ken Goodrich, R. Sauls, John Kennitzer Large Burl Bowl, 2pc Jones Locust Wood Objects, Brent Knott Inlaid Wood Vase, Joe & Karen Kovecses Wood Ikebana, etc. Also clocks, lamps, pedestals that are all hand made of exotic woods. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry: Grouping of Victorian Gold Jewlery, 14k Lapis Watch Chain, 14k Deco Watch Chain, 2pc 14k Gold Pocket Watches, Group of 14k Rings & Stone Earrings, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Jewelry, Group Tiffany Sterling Bamboo Flatware, Stephen Dweck Sterling Necklace Earring Sets, Judith Jack, Lois Hill, Barse, Swarovski, Burberry Jewelry, Ornate Miriam Haskell Costume Necklaces, D&C New Women's Watch, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, etc. Lots of Sterling Silver: Georgian Silver Repousse Mug, Georgian Silver Fish Server, Lots of Old American Coin Silver, Group of Tiffany & Co. Bamboo Sterling Flatware, Early Gorham & Alvin Sterling Flatware, Souvenir Spoons, Misc. Floral Sterling Spoons, Dutch Silver Pierced Server, etc Oriental Rugs, 2 Room Size Chinese Rugs, Round Oriental Rug, Flatweave French Needlepoint Rug, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Scott & Laura Curry Threaded Glass Bowl, Beth Fishman Threaded Glass Vase, Catherine Miller for Blenko Etched Glass Rose Bowl, 4pc Jiri Ryba Glass Sculptures, Josh Simpson Glass Bowl, Various Pieces of Blenko & Murano Glass, 12pc Saint Louis Etched Glass Stemware, 12pc Cranberry Bohemian Cut Stems, Steuben & Barracat Crystal Animals, etc.Waterford, Artglass, Studio Art Glass Collection, Cut Glass, Antique China, Carnival Glass, Old Pattern Glass, large group of Blenko Glass, Tumblers, Vases, Bookends, etc., Satin Glass, 2 rare large Stangl Head/Hat Displays, Franciscan Desert Rose & Apple Dishes, Pottery Jardinieres, etc. Asian: Pair of 4' Carved Granite Guardian Figures, Carved Jade Items, Carved Rose Quartz, Yixing Pottery Teapots, Chinese Cloisonne, Ceramics, Chinese Rugs, Chinese Ceramics, Beads, Small Wares, Chinese Brass, Antique Asian Lacquer & Decorated Cabinets, Coromandel Coffee Table, Garden Stool, etc. Items of Interest: Antique 5 cent Bryan's Twelvewin Clock Slot Machine, Double Harpsichord, 8'6", 2 swivel oak piano stools, Antique Book Press Lamp, 16th Century Vellum Music Sheets, Antique US Flag, Antique Photo Albums & Photos, Paper Goods, Maps, Antique Typewriter, Cuspidors, Antique Books, Antique Candy Store National Brass Fancy Cash Register, French Bulls Eye Wall Clock, Lamps, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday March 23, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antiques, Mid Century, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, Asian Ceramics, Lots of Sterling, Inkwell Collection, etc., including Artworks from Weyerheauser

Mid Century: Danish Teak Round & Square Dining Tables w/leaves, 2 sets of Danish Teak Dining Chairs, Hundevad Bookcase/Sideboard, large Walnut Double Bookcase, Danish Teak Bench, Danish Teak Desk, Mid Century End Table w/Drawer, Large Set of Bjorn Winblad "Lotus" Fine China by Rosenthal, large set of Heath, Ceramic Pottery Dishes, Set of Stainless Flatware, Studio Pottery & Glass, World Globe on Stand, Raffa 4x6 Rug, Danish Teak Revolving Bookcase, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: English Inlaid Mahogany Fine Vintage Walnut Secretary Desk, Queen Anne Highboy, Antique French Chairs, French Armchair, Child's Oak Chairs, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Nautica Home Lexington Inlaid Dining Table w/6 Chairs & Matching Display Cabinet, Set of 4 large Wicker Patio Chairs, Glass Top Wrought Iron Patio Table, Pair Chrome Bar Stools, Large Bamboo Low Bench, Modern Whitewash Dresser, Chest & Night Stand, Leather Recliner, etc. Artworks & Bronzes: Antique Hand Painted 3 Panel Divider Screen, Antique, Large Quantity of Vintage to Modern Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Lithographs, Serigraphs, Etchings & Prints, Nautical Needlework Panels, Large Grouping of NW Studio Glass & Pottery, Bronze Figures & Statues, Remington Bronco Buster Bronze, Mirrors, Vintage Framed Photos,Delacroix, Nagel, N Taylor Stonington, Botanical Prints, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Assorted Costume & Fine Jewelry, 14K Gold Diamond, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire Rings, Tiffany Jewelry, Omega Seamaster Wrist Watch, Earrings, Bracelets, Lots of Sterling Hollowware & Serving Pieces, Vases & Bowls, Sheffield Plate Antique Coffee Urn, Sheffield Plate Coffee & Tea Service, etc. Oriental Rugs, 2 Room Size Chinese Rugs, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben Crystal Vases, Lots of Meissen Fine Hand Painted China, Cups & Saucers, Plates, etc., Pair antique Barber Bottles, Inkwell Collection, French Figural Inkwell, Waterford, Artglass, Studio Art Glass Collection, Cut Glass, Large Set of Haviland Limoges Gold Band China (120pc), Gien France Scenic China, Large set of Royal Worcester, Antique China, Cut Glass, Decanters, Lord Nelson Chintz China set, Fine Elegant Colored Crystal Stemware, lots of Baccarat Crystal, etc. Asian: Chinese Cloisonné, Ceramics, Chinese Rugs, Beads, Small Wares, Chinese Brass, etc. Items of Interest: SW Native Pottery, Blackware, Vintage Indian Baskets, NW Carved Masks & Totems, Native Ivory Carvings, Button Blanket, Antique Balance Scales, Vintage Light Fixtures, Sconces, Steins, Copper & Brassware, Enamelware, Bundy Saxaphone, Banjo Clock, Regulator Wall Clock, 2pc Gucci Luggage, Ship Model, Cast Iron Cat Doorstop, Minolta Dynex 7 Camera Outfit, Bausch & Lomb Discoverer Zoom Telescope, Antique English Stick Barometer, Nautical Instruments, Inkwell Collection, Bronze, Glass & China, Medals, Antique Indenture Document Frames, Antique Books, Antique Fireplace Equipment, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday March 9, Northwest Estates Auction

NW Estates featuring Antiques, Mid Century, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, African Masks, Asian Ceramics, Antique Woodworking Tools, etc., including items from Carroll's Fine Jewelry (closed in 2008)

Mid Century: John Stuart Mid Century Walnut Buffet, (2) Large Teak Wall Display Cabinet/Sideboards, Tulip Table w/48" Round Top, (2) Kevi Stole Jorgen White Swivel Chairs, Small Desk, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Pair of Large Gold Baroque Armchairs, 17th Century Blanket Chest on Stand, Period Pine Table w/Drawer, German Carved Oak Sideboard, English Carved Walnut Sideboard, Norwegian Hand Painted 2 door Cabinet, Chinoiserie Oval Coffee Table, Pairs of Carved French Side Chairs, English Arts & Crafts Secretary, Spanish Renaissance Oak Poster Bed Set, Bed, Vanity, Dresser, HighBoy & Chair, Iron Base Pub Tables, (2) Square Oak Dining Tables, Oak Press Back Rocker, Small Oval Marble Tob Table,Teak Deck Chair, Pair of Oak Cane Side Loveseats w/Leather Cushions, Antique Fireplace Screen & Equipment, etc. Artworks & Prints: Antique, Vintage & Modern Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Nautical Paintings, Large Grouping of NW Studio Glass & Pottery, Bronze Figures & Statues, Mirrors, Vintage Framed Photos, R C Gorman, Rie Munoz, N Taylor Stonington, Antique Maps, Mexican & Phillipine Art, etc. Items from Carroll's Fine Jewelry: Jeweler's Rolling Mill, Jeweler's Stake/Punch Tool Set, Mettler H 800C Weighing Instrument, (2) Gem Utility Lamps, Pro Craft 17-016 Vacuum Casting Machine, New Hermes Engravograph, American Optical Spectroscope, J J Kagan Ring Roller, Electro-Vulc Mark II Mold Vulcanizer, Procraft 66-1 Jewelry Bender Tool, Jewelry Displays, Velvet Boxes, Rock & Mineral Specimens, etc. Stained Glass: Large 6' Round Custom Stained Glass Panel, 2'x7' Stained Glass & Leaded Panel, Group of (6) Smoked Glass Panels w/large NW Coast Indian Designed Etched In, Amber Leaded Glass Window, etc. Jewelry: Assorted Costume & Fine Jewelry, 14K Gold Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Sterling Items, Art Silver Jewelry, Turquoise, Jade, Sterling Serving Pieces, Sanborns Mexico Sterling Items, Mexican Art Copper w/Sterling, etc. Oriental Rugs, Fine 5x8 Oriental Rug, Pair of 3x8 Chinese Rugs, Assorted Scatter rugs, etc. Clocks & Watches: (3) Antique Cartel Wall Clocks, French Figural Mantle Clock, Antique French Brass Mantle Clock, wrist watches, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: R Lalique Guerlain Bouquet de Faunes Perfume Bottle, Baccarat Crystal Stemware, Studio Art Glass Collection, Cut Glass, Large Noritake Nippon Center Bowl w/Base, Bisque Figures, Fine French Lamps, Set of Limoges Service Plates, Antique Wedgwood large Tureen & Serving Pieces, Antique China, Signed Rosenthal, etc. Asian: Carved Screen Panels, Temple Carvings, Large Chinese Censer, Chinese Scroll Paintings, Large Group of Japanese Block Prints, Yoshida Block Prints, Japanese Fine Silk Tapesty Material Roll, Pair Chinese Abacus Lamps, etc. Items of Interest: SW Native Pottery Figures, Kachina Dolls, Silas Roy Carved Kachina, Indian Beaded Moccasins, NW Coast Copper Small Box, Native Wood & Whale Bone Carvings, Antique Pedal Car w/Wire Spoke Wheels, Antique Woodworking Tools, Broad Axes, Large Chisels, Native Carved African & Native Masks, Antique Balance Scale, Wood Hobby Horse, Neycraft JFF2000 Fiber Casting Furnace Small Kiln, Antique Sled, Edison Cylinder Phonograph w/Horn, Old Toys, Manoil Soldiers, Tootsie Toys, Metalcrafters, Airplanes, Cars, Trucks, Large Leather Dome Top Trunk, Antique 16th Century Spanish Panelled Door, Vintage Crystal Chandeliers & Light Fixtures, Sconces, Coffee Grinder, Tantalus, Scrapbooks, Paper Cutters, Madame Alexander Dolls w/boxes, Eclipse Electric Scooters, Large Groups of Diecast Model Autos, Planes, Texaco, Trains, Buddy L, Train Sets, etc in Original Boxes, Jet Piano Dolly, Vintage Figural Salt & Pepper Collection, Collection of Jim Beam Auto Decanter Bottles, & Train Decanter Bottles, Large Century 21 Photos, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Friday February 24, Asian Arts & Artifacts, Session 2

Fine Porcelain & Ceramics: Fine 18th Century Cloisonne Handled Foo Lion Vase, Japanese Imari 6' Temple Vase, Qing Ge Type Porcelain Bottle Vase on Stand, Qing Blue & White Porcelain Kendi, Collection of Sung & Ming Dynasty Ceramics including Jarlets and Small Boxes, Kraak Ware, Celadon Foliate Rim Bowl, Celadon Dishes, Fine Chinese Copper Red Lotus Bowl Qing Dynasty, Set of Four Fine Chinese Republic Porcelain Plaques, Collection of Early Japanese Oribe & Mingei Ceramics, 3pc Rosanjin Pottery Sushi Trays, 2pc Large Shiwan Pottery Seated Figures, Pair of Yixing Clay Planters with Undertrays, etc. Jades & Carvings: Qing Miniature Jade Censor on Stand, Chinese Jade Dragon Belt Hook Hand Mirror, Collection of Jade Pendants & Bangle, Fine Translucent Jade Cabochon 14k Ring, Pair of Carnelian 14k Rings, etc. Robes & Textiles: 18th Century Kesi Silk Imperial Dragon Robe, Pair of 18th Century Foo Lion Rank Badges, Impressive Qing Gold Thread Building Banner 23.5'x5', Collection of Gold & Silver Thread Qing Banners with Foo Lions & Phoenix Birds, Pair of Silk Embroidered Panels with Beadwork Ends, etc. Furniture & Temple Panels: Impressive Pair of Polychrome Wood Temple Foo Lions, Impressive Gilt Carved Temple Mirror, Pair of Soapstone Inlaid Pheasant Panels, Gilt Carved Shou Symbol Temple Panel, Pair of Polychrome Large Foo Lion Temple Carvings, etc. Scroll Paintings: Collection of Antique Chinese & Japanese Scroll Paintings, George Chann Portrait Oil Painting, etc. Misc. Antiquities: Collection of Indonesian Bronze Teapots & Oil Lamps, Pair Chinese Large Cloisonne Vases, 2pc Large Cloisonne Archaic Handled Censers, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday February 23, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities, Session 1

Featuring One of the Finest Selections of Museum Quality Studio Glass & Sculpture in Our History!  Featuring Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks

Modern Art: Z.Z. Wei "Boulevard Shadows" Oil, Z.Z. Wei Large "Back to School" Oil Painting, Z.Z. Wei Floating Houses Oil Painting, Francis Celentano Optic Large Vertical Painting (Gifted to Evert Sodergren in 1970, NW Cabinet Maker), Large Kenneth Callahan "Shadows of the Past" Oil Painting, Impressive Paul Horiuchi 4-Panel Abstract Collage Screen, Early Paul Horiuchi Oil of Birds, Paul Horiuchi Landscape Watercolor 1950, 2pc Mark Tobey Ink Market Sketches, Paul Horiuchi 1961 Abstract Collage on Canvas, George Tsutakawa Abstract Ink Drawing, Wesley Wehr Abstract Oil Painting, Pair Carl Pappe (OH/NY) Abstract Bronze Sculptures, 2pc Robert Bennet Abstract Bronzes, Several Benjamino Bufano Abstract Bronzes & Artworks, Dale Evers Bronze Sculpture of Dolphins, Humbert Howard (PA) Abstract Face Painting, Osamu Tezuka "Astro Boy in Flight" Ink Drawing (Father of Manga), Michael Silver 1950's Illustration Painting, Dan DeCarlos Jughead Comic Book Cover Art, Stephanie Frostad (WA) Woman with Chickens Oil Painting, Brian Kershisnik (Utah) Abstract Oil Painting of Figures, Van Teal Abstract Acrylic Sculpture, etc. American Artwork & Sculpture: Museum Quality Frederick Hart "Ex Nihilo Figure No. 5" Life Size 6' Bronze Sculpture, Collection of Frederick Hart Bronzes & Acrylic Sculptures including "Cross of the Millennium", "Three Soldiers", "St. Paul", "Daughters of Odessa", "The Three Graces", etc., Pieter Van Veen Impressionist Landscape Oil, Two Pieter Van Veen Forest Scene Oil Paintings, 2pc Sam Hyde Harris (CA) Desert Scene Oil Paintings, Milford Zornes Seascape Watercolor, etc. European Paintings: Victor Szczeblewski Bronze of Standing Boy, Alex Lefort (French) Oil of Notre Dame, Germano Russo (French) Painting of Little Girl, European Old Master Portrait Painting 18th Century, etc. Prints & Multiples: Robert Indiana "The American Four" 1970 Signed Serigraph Edition of 200, Rene Magritte "La Traversee Difficile" Lithograph Signed by Mourlot, Collection of Salvador Dali Signed Lithographs including the Divine Comedy and The Three Graces of Hawaii, 2pc August Renoir Nude Etchings, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Museum Quality & Exceptional Davide Salvadore Three Spouted "Dinosaur" Glass Sculpture with Battuto Cutting 36", Museum Quality & Monumental Dale Chihuly 1989 Soft Cylinder Basket 19", A Large & Impressive Dale Chihuly 1990 Venetian Glass Vase with Spirals, 5pc Dale Chihuly Red Seaform Set from 1986, Large Hiroshi Yamano "Fish Catcher" Vase with Two Hanging Fish, Impressive Martin Blank Torso Hot Sculpted Glass Sculpture, Richard Marquis Zanifirico Teapot Goblet, Alessandro Pianon "Pulcini" Murano Glass Bird, Paul Revere (SEG) Pottery Saying Plate, Paul Revere Pottery Lamp, Erik Gronborg Nude Male & Female Ceramic Charger, 2pc Erik Gronborg Early Nude Ceramic Mugs, Toshiko Takaezu Small Moon Pot with Rattle, (All of These Ceramics Exhibited at the Syracuse National with Provenance), etc. 20th Century Design: Pair of Mies Van Der Rohe for Knoll Barcelona Chairs, Arne Vodder for Sibast Teak Desk with Receiver, Ole Wanscher for Poul Jeppesen Denmark Teak Sofa & Loveseat, Set of Six Peter Hvidt & O. Molgaard Nielsen Teak Dining Chairs, Bruno Mathsson "Maria" Folding Dining Table, Peter Hvidt & O. Molgaard Nielsen Teak Vanity Dresser, 3pc Aksel Kjersgaard Rosewood Bench + Box + Mirror, Tue Paulsen for Willy Beck Tile Top Square Table, Hans-Agne Jakobsson Pyramid Table Lamp, Set Severin Hansen Teak Nesting Tables, Grete Jalk for Glostrup Coffee & End Table, Magnus Olesen Reversible Side Table, Pair of Evert Sodergren Custom Made Side Tables, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Pair of German Silver Knight Figures with Ivory Faces, Collection of India 20-22k Gold Jewelry with Rubies & Emeralds, Collection of Southwest Native Silver & Turquoise Jewelry, Dutch Silver Reticulated Putti Bowl, etc. Antiquities & Reliquaries: Medieval 16th Century German Suit of Armor, Early 18th & 19th Century Pewter Collection, Collection of Spanish Colonial Carved Wood Santos Figures of Various Sizes, Collection of Antique Mexican Retablos on Tin, 18th Century Italian Religious Small Paintings, etc. Oriental Rugs & Other Antiquities: A Rare W. & L.E. Gurley New York Brass Solar Compass in Original Box, 19th Century British Saber Sword, Rare Birds of China Elephant Print Portfolio Edition of 100, Group of Antiquarian Books, Group of Santa Clara Pottery by Known Potters, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday January 26, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates featuring Mid Century, Antiques, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, Asian Ceramics, Stickley Arts & Crafts Modern Oak Furnishings, etc., including items from Carroll's Fine Jewelry (closed in 2008) & More Items from Weyerhaeuser

Mid Century: Stanley Mid Century Modern Dining Table w/3 leaves, 2 arm chairs & 4 side chairs with matching Sideboard/Room Divider, Teak Bookcase, Ekornes Reclining Armchair & Ottoman, 4 Tulip Dining Chairs, Murano Art Glass Lamp w/Glass Shade, Chrome Golfer lamp, Light Fixtures, Mid Century Wall Sculptures, Set of Dansk Dishes & Odd Servers, etc. Stickley Oak & Arts & Crafts Oak: Stickley Oak Morris Oversize Morris Chair w/Leather Cushions, Stickley Footstool w/Leather, Stickley Oak Settee, Stickley Oak Round Lamp Table, Stickley Oak Tile Top Lamp Table, 2 Double Arts & Crafts Oak Table Lamps, Set of Dansk Pottery Dishes, Dansk Serving Pieces, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: American Oak Kitchen Queen, Oak Double Ice Box, Mahogany Bookcases, Pair of French Inlaid Curved Glass Curio Cabinets, Mahogany Small Desk w/Claw Feet, French Needle Point larger Footstool, Oak Night Stands, Walnut Triangular Center Table, Carved Antique Chest, Pairs of Carved French Side Chairs, Walnut English Armoir w/Custom Interior, Set of 4 Thonet Bentwood Chairs, Primitive Pine sliding door cabinet, Oak Telephone Booth, Carved Pedestal Tables, etc. Artworks & Prints: More Artworks from the former Weyerhaeuser Corporate Headquarters, Large Grouping of NW Studio Glass & Pottery, Dan Bergsma, Curtis Brock, Artisan Wood Bowls & Sculptures, Signed Boulanger, Suno Alvar, Leroy Nieman, R C Gorman, Rachel Warfield, Max Hayslette, Harold Altman, Michael Delacroix, Lois Bresaw, Lithographs & Prints, Bronze Figures & Statues, Mirrors, Vintage Framed Photos, Antique Prints, Antique Oil Paintings, NW Artworks by Henry Becker, Ross Gill, Bowen Bird Plate, Large Remington Bronzes: Coming Through the Rye & Mountain Man, More smaller Bronzes, Miniature Paintings on Porcelain, etc. Items from Carroll's Fine Jewelry: Hershede Tall Mahogany Case Grandfather Clock w/9 Bells, Reed & Barton Christmas Ornaments, Bells, Decorations, Large Silver Plate Trays, Crystal Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Pair of Large Outdoor Spotlights, Light Shades, etc. Jewelry: Fine Jewelry, 14K & 18K Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Diamond Rings, garnet, Assorted Costume Jewelry, Sterling Items, Art Silver Jewelry, Sterling Serving Pieces, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, Native Alaskan Jewelry, Omega & Cyma Mens Wrist Watches, Collection of Mens Wristwatches, etc. Oriental Rugs: Chinese 6x9 Rug & (2) 3x5 Chinese Rugs, etc. Clocks & Watches: Top of the Line Hershede Model 248 Wellington 9 Tube Large Flame Grain Mahogany Case Grandfather Clock, Oak Case Victorian Regulator Wall Clock, Victorian Walnut Kitchen Clock, Seth Thomas Westminster Chimes Bracket Clock, German Schatz Anniversary Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Set of 18 Moser Decorated Stemware in 3 sizes, Large Lalique "Champs" Leaf Bowl w/Box, Set of 4 Steuben Aurene Light Shades, Large Rosenthal Nude Figure, Fine Art Glass, Hot Island Jelly Fish Paperweight, Fine Artglass Paperweights, Large Collection of English Sebastian Figures, Lladro Figures & Bells, Group of 20+ Arabia Christmas Plates 1976-1996, Group of Rosenthal Bjorn Winblad Christmas & Collector Plates, Wedgwood Collector Plates, DeGrazia Collector Plates, Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Large Steuben Crystal Bowl, More Steuben Crystal Bowls, Waterford Crystal, Italian Ceramics, Belleek Basket, Belleek serving pieces, Pair of Amethyst Candlesticks, Reed & Barton Christmas Bells, Fiesta Purple, etc. Asian: Pair of Oversize Large Famile Noir FishBowl Pots w/Stands, Vintage & Antique Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Censers, Chinese Robes & Textiles, Needlework Shoes, Ice Skates, fine Needlework Wedding Kimono, Masks, Chinese Scatter Rugs, Asian Carvings, Carved Vase Stands, Satsuma, Japanese Cloisonne, Pair of Double Happiness Covered Jars, Japanese Block Prints, Large Carved Asian Figures, Carved Temple Panels, large Abacus, etc. Items of Interest: Oak Telephone Booth, Ernst Leitz Wetzler Microscopes , antique brass telescope, large Composition Indian Chief Figure, Antique Oak Tool Box, Wood Planes, Zenith Console Radio, Indian Baskets, Nice Kachina Dolls, Antique Ice Skates, Marklin Train Set, Chrome Golfer Lamp, Vintage Baseball, Basketball & Golf Trophies, Signed Ken Griffey Jersey, Vintage Baseball & Basketball Trading Cards, Signed Hank Aaron First Day Covers, Modern Jukebox Radio, Antique Sled, Vintage Telephone, Old Toys, Vintage Marco Doro Accordion w/Case, Glass Balls, Coral, Vintage Crystal Chandeliers & Light Fixtures, Sconces, Glass Light Shades, Antique Books, Arcade Cast Iron Doll House Items Collection, Old Magazines (Trains & Holiday), Large Leather Bound Bible, Wood Burls, Hummel Doll, Tapestries, Antique Bisque Head Dolls, Collection of Antique Metal Doll Furniture & Accessories, Needlework, Small Coca Cola Oak Barrell, Vintage Games, Decoys, Ancient Iron Hinges, Carved Wood Deer Heads w/Antlers, Antique & Vintage Photo Albums, Antique Postcards, Native Cribbage Boards, Pair Heavy Brass Candlesticks, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday January 5, Northwest Estates Auction

Featuring NW Estates featuring Mid Century, Antiques, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, Asian Ceramics, Militaria, etc., including items from The Brocklind's Costume Shop (closed in 2013) & More Items from Weyerhaeuser

Mid Century: Teak (4) Domino Mobler Denmark Matching Teak double Wall Shelving/Display Cabinets, Mid Century Modern Rosewood Secretary/Sideboard/Bookcase, Teak Secretary Bookcase/Display, Rosewood Bookcase, Dish Top Teak desk, Teak pair small chests, Teak night stands, teak serving cart, McGuire Armchair & Ottoman, Pair of Mid Century Wood Frame Armchairs, Lamps, Dishes, Mid Century Sculptures, Set of 6 Mid Century Dining Chairs, large Mid Century Chandelier, etc. Antiques & Furnishings: American Period Figured Maple Queen Anne HighBoy, Period American Figured Maple Drop Front Desk, Napoleonic Ormolu Mounted Marble Top Chest, French Ormolu Mounted Easy Chair w/Lions,, Moorish Islamic Side Chair, Mahogany Curio Cabinet, Early 1800's Walnut Plank Table, Cedar Chest, Dated 1625 English Oak Armchair, Baker Tall Display Stand, etc. Artworks & Prints: More Artworks from the former Weyerhaeuser Corporate Headquarters, 2 large Religious Antique Pictorial Stations of the Cross in Fabulous Frames, Antique Engravings & Etchings, Bronze Figures & Statues, Japanese Block Prints, signed Howard Terpning Indian Lithograph, Large Eagle Brass Figure, Studio Glass, Parrish Print, Pair Carved Marble Busts, Antique Bronze Figures, Miniature Paintings, Pietra Dura Plaques, etc. Items from Brocklind's Costume Company: Old Leather Fireman's Helmets, US & Foreign Military Hats, Ribbons, Medals, Belt Buckles, Badges, Buttons, WWII German Fireman Helmet, Movie Star Photos, Silent Movies stills, Books, Trunks, old Fishing Tackle Box, Fishing Lures, Fishing Reels, 2 Roller Organs, Flags, Masks, Swords, Costumes, lots of Antique & Vintage Beadwork, Banners, etc. Jewelry: Assorted Costume & Fine Jewelry, 14K Lapis & Precious Stone Rings, Cameos, (2) sets of Sterling flatware, Art Silver Jewelry, Sterling Serving Pieces, etc. Oriental Rugs, Many Oriental & Chinese Rugs in Varied Sizes, 8x10 Sculptured Chinese Rug, Assorted Antique to Modern Oriental Rugs, Antique Kashmir Paisley Shawls, etc. Clocks & Watches: Le Coultre Atmos Clock, Antique Wall Clocks, Regulator Clock, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Large Collection of Hummel Figures w/boxes, Lladro Figurines, 200 pc group of Deruta Italian Pottery Dishes & Serving Pieces, Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Steuben Calcite Vase & Crystal Bowl, lots of Waterford Stemware, Lismore, etc., signed set of St. Louis Cranberry/Clear Stemware, Schumann Reticulated Dishes, Red Wing Mixing Bowls, Roseville, 30's & 40's Glassware, Italian Ceramics, Ruby Stemware, Art Glass, Tiffany Footed Salt, Coronet Oyster Plate, Art Glass Paperweights, etc. Asian: Lots of Vintage & Antique Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Large Satsuma Bowl, Satsuma Buttons, Laquerware, Small Tonsu Chest, Large Chinese Cloisonne Lamps, Silk Screens, Asian Banners, fine Needlework Wedding Kimono, Asian Masks, Chinese Scatter Rugs, Peking Rugs, Asian Carvings, Block Print Books, Jade items, Cinnabar, Carved Stone Seals, Bronze Mixed Metals Ikebana Stand, Carved Wood Japanese Fish Sign or Pot Holder, etc. Items of Interest: Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Singer Play Sewing Machine for Little Girls w/original box, Large Japanese Fish Floats w/Netting, Deco Lamps, Crystal Lamps, Old Rifle, Swords, Postcards, Paper Goods, Antique Books, Quilts, Totems, Salt & Pepper collection, Heavy Iron Book Press, Piano Stool, Vintage Baseball & Basketball Cards, Old Catchers Mask & Mitt, Collection of Vintage Steam Engines, Mamod Steam Roadster, Mamod Steam Wagon, Tractors, Trucks, etc/, Antique Lap Desk, Tramp Art Double Frame, Airplane Model, Powder horns, Moccasins, Sheath Knife, Antique Yarn Winder, Antique Wood Churn, Antique 3 Bell Religious Chimes, Boot Jack, Vintage US Flags, Antique Woven Paisley Shawls, Monks Silk Robe, Silk Embroidered Piano Scarf w/long fringe, Dulcitone Musical Instrument, Very Nice Antique Books, Antique & Vintage Halloween Jack o Lantern & Die Cut Decorations, (2) Concert Roller Organs, (4) Life Size Cigar Store Wooden Indian, Jester & Solder Figures, Antique Magic Lantern & Slides, Indian Baskets, Crystal Chandelier, Wagner Cast Iron Doll Waffle Iron,1951 Seafair Pin & Patch, Antique Toys, Cast Iron Arcade items, Amos & Andy Open Air Taxi, Antique Black Forest Carvings, Carved native Masks, German Wind Up Singing Bird Automaton, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Friday December 9, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities Auction

Featuring the Collection of Cheney Cowles, Former Owner of The Crane Gallery, Seattle; Also Seattle Estate Collections

Chinese & Japanese Antiquities: Collection of Ming & Qing Dynasty to Republic Porcelain, Antique Ge Type Arrow Vase, Antique Shangping Sang de Boeuf Vase, Langyao Lobed Porcelain Vase, A Pair of Fine Republic Porcelain Powder Blue Vases with Calligraphy, Republic Period Famille Rose Laughing Buddha on Stand, Yongzheng Mark Famille Rose Bottle Vase, Carved Jade Miniature Table Screen, Antique Red Carved Peking Glass Yen Yen Vase, Kesi Silk Hanging Panels, Silkwork Hanging Panels, Antique Rosewood & Elmwood Furniture Pieces, Japanese Kitchen Tansu and Smaller Tansu Chests, Netsukes & Inro Collection, Snuff Bottle Collection, Komai Inlaid Silver Pieces, Japanese Imari & Kutani Wares, Collection of Satsuma, Horseshoe & Antique Chairs, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday December 8, Premier Fine Arts & Antiquities Auction

Featuring Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks

Modern Art: Michael Dailey "Auric Landscape" Large Colorfield Acrylic Painting, Impressive John Franklin Koenig "San Antonio Oscuro" Large Vertical Abstract Oil, Carl Morris Large Acrylic Abstract Painting, William Ivey 1991 Impressive Abstract Expressionist Oil, Paul Horiuchi 4-Panel Abstract Collage Screen, Paul Horiuchi Small Abstract Collages, Richard Gilkey "Spring Bouquet" Oil, Kenneth Callahan "Panorama" Abstract Tempera on Board, Kenneth Callahan 1957 Tempera on Board of Tall Figure, Paul Horiuchi Colorful 1983 Collage, Morris Graves Mandala Tempera Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Segments of Oblivion" Vertical Collage, Early Paul Horiuchi "Cliff Dwellings" Casein Collage, Morris Graves 1934 Dog Graphite Drawing, Kenneth Callahan "Cascade Range" Sumi Painting, Carl Morris Deciphered Stone Acrylic, Carl Morris Deciphered Stone Ink, Art Hansen 1967 Large Landscape Oil Painting, Neil Meitzler 1958 Floral Abstract Casein, Impressive Helmi Juvonen Bird Watercolor, Helmi Juvonen Native Linocut, etc. Western & Traditional Artwork: Sydney Laurence "Evening Golden Glow, Mt. McKinley" Oil on Canvas 20"x24", Magnus Rusty Heurlin Impressive Large Alaskan Mt. McKinley Painting, Paul Morgan Gustin 1943 Large Mt. Rainier Oil Painting, Maude Wanker "Pinnacle Peak, Tattoosh Range" Oil Painting, Harvey Goodale Indian Chiefs with Totem Pole Oil Painting, Merlin Enabnit Alaskan Landscape Oil, Carter Lucas Impressive NW Landscape Oil, Carter Lucas Small Landscape with Tree Oil Painting, Charles Partridge Adams Landscape Watercolor, Robert Wood "Mt. Hood" Oil Painting, Edith F. Watkins (NY) WPA Era Winter Scene with Brooklyn Bridge, Dwight Holmes (TX/CA) "Snake River at Yellowstone" Oil Painting, James Rogers Rich (MA) 1888 Large Pastoral Landscape Oil, Jacob Elshin Logging Scene Watercolor, Carmen Lombardi (PA) Rural Landscape Oil, Jack Dumas Illustrator Wildlife Painting, Buckeye Blake (MT) Taos Landscape with Adobes Oil Painting, Eugene Dycowski (NY) "Lobster Warf" Oil, Antique Felix Darley (NY) American Illustration Watercolor, Marc Whitney (CA) Roses Still Life Oil, Ralph Waterhouse (CA) Seascape Large Oil, William Darling (CA) Desert Landscape Oil, etc. European Paintings: Edouard Cortes "Gare du Nord" (North Station) French Oil Painting, Ricardo Corchon y Diaque (b.1855 Spain) "Speak Sir!" Oil of Couple with Parrot, Antoine Blanchard Parisian Street Scene Oil, David Fulton (UK) Woman on Garden Path Oil, Gerard Antoine Crehay (Belgian) Reims Cathedral Oil Painting, Roberto Sgrilli Italian Street Scene Oil, 17th Century Italian School Religious Painting, 19th Century Russian Madonna & Child Painting, etc. Prints & Multiples: Original Andy Warhol 1971 Cow Silkscreen, Collection of AAA Prints including Thomas Hart Benton "Arkansas Evening", Joe Jones, Thomas Handforth, Gordon Grant, Joseph Margulies, Robert Von Neumann, Aaron Bohrod, Walter Bohl, John Taylor Arms, Federico Castellon, Ken Davies, etc. Impressive Collection of Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock Prints (20+), Collection of Peter Max Vintage Ink Signed Psychadelic Posters, LeRoy Neiman "London Stock Exchange" Signed Serigraph, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Impressive Gertrude & Otto Natzler Blue Chalice Form, Impressive Galle Cameo Glass Scenic Fishing Pillow Vase, Legras Enameled Cameo Glass Pillow Vase, Quezal Pulled Feather Floriform Vase, Steuben Aurene Trumpet Vase, Antique Webb Glass Vase, etc. 20th Century Design: George Nelson for Herman Miller Rosewood Desk with Three Drawers, Group of Gio Ponti Designed SS Flatware, Dale Gottlieb Designer Story Rug, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Pair of Tiffany & Co. 18K & Sapphire Cufflinks, M. Buccellatti Impressive Boar Hunting Scene Silver Figure Group, Pair of Antique Austrian Silver Candelabras, Antique Russian Silver Cigarette Case & Purse, Pair of Antique Judaica Silver Candlesticks, etc. Native Arts: Kay Hendrickson Eskimo Ivory Tree Sculpture, Siberian Koryak Fire Board Guardian, Vintage James Omnik Alaskan Eskimo Baleen Basket, Several Inuit Soapstone Carvings, Eddie Omnik Ink Drawings, Clyde Boyd Metlakatla Carved Totem Pole, Abner Johnson Carved Totem Pole, Group of Native Jewelry & Carvings by Edward Saburo Ohashi, 3pc Fish Spear Decoys by Nick Hockings aka Gray Eagle, etc. African & Ethnographic Artifacts: Nomoli 17th Century Stone Figure from Sierra Leone, Antique Lega & Boule Tribe Carved Wood Fertility Figures, Patung Flores Islands Carved Wood Statue, Vigongo Kenyan Ancestral Pole on Stand, etc. Oriental Rugs & Other Antiquities: Semi Antique Sarouk Scatter Rugs, Fine Brass Congreve "Rolling Ball" Clock, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday November 10, Antique & Estate Auction

NW Estates featuring American Period Furnishings, Paintings, Sterling, Crystal, Meissen, Firearms, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Antique Dolls, etc.

Antique & Vintage Furnishings: 18th Century French Daybed with Tapestry Cover, 18th & 19th Century American Drop Front Desk & Chest, Period Chairs, Pair of Carved French Side Chairs, Pair of Oversize Wing Back Chairs, Oak Ice Box, Large Cedar Chest, Turtle Top Table, Several Ornate Framed Mirrors, Mahogany Dining Table & Chairs, Tooled Tin Mounted Chair from India, Hand Made Cherry Wood Wine Cabinet/Bar, Mahogany Inlaid Drop Front Desk, Mahogany Sideboard w/Mirror Wrought Iron Wine Serving Cart, Tile Top long Table, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in Varied Sizes, 11'6"x16' Karastan Kirman & 9x12 Sculptured Chinese Rugs, 15 Assorted Antique to Modern Oriental Rugs, Runners, 6x9, 4x6, 3x5 & 2x4, rugs, etc. Dolls & Toys: Antique Bisque Dolls, Toys, Childrens Books, Childrens Dishes, SFBJ 301 Paris Bisque Head Doll, Adolph Wislizenus "My Sweetheart" Bisque Head Doll, Otto Dressel Jutta 1914 Bisque Head Baby Doll, SFBJ 60 Bisque Head Girl Doll, SFBJ 230 Bisque Head Girl Doll (Good), SFBJ 8 Bisque Head Girl Doll, Antique French Fashion Dolls, Collection of Kewpie Dolls, Vintage Buddy Lee Composition Dolls, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Vintage & Mid Century Oil Paintings, NW Artworks, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Block Prints, Several Ornate Framed Mirrors, Antique & Vintage Frames, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Costume Jewelry, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, Bracelets, Rings, Lots of Sterling, 7 Sterling Flatware Sets,Candelabras, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Compotes, Mexican Sterling, Silver Plated Ware, Lg Dome, Servers, Lots of Sterling Silver! - 7pc Heavy Vigueras Mexican Sterling Goblet & Serving Tray Set, 12pc Antique George Shiebler Sterling Serving Spoons with Nymphs, 113pc Wallace "Grand Colonial" Flatware Service, 36pc Gorham "Old English Tipt" Sterling Flatware, 86pc Gorham "Epic" Sterling Flatware Service, 53pc Gorham "Chantilly" Sterling Flatware Service, 58pc Steiff "Queen Anne" Williamsburg Reproduction Sterling Flatware, Large 179pc Gorham "Etruscan" Sterling Flatware Service, (2) Smaller Gorham Sterling Flatware Sets, 4pc Baltimore Silversmiths Mfg. Hammered Sterling Tea Service and Matching Bowl, Set Kershaw German Stag Handle Dinner Knives, Misc Sterling Bowls and Weighted Sterling Candelabras, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Art Glass, Meissen, Haviland Fine China Set, Haviland Oyster Plates, Spode China, Fine Cut Glass, Antique & Vintage B&G Christmas Plates, Childrens Dishes, Demi Tasse sets, Antique Plates, 18th Century Delftwares, Royal Vienna Portrait Plate in heavy Gold Frame, etc. Clocks, Barometers & Watches: American Antique Long Case Grandfather Clock made by L Watson, Cincinatti, with wooden workis, early 1800's, Antique Oak Time Clock, Vienna Regulator, Large Bracket Clock, Antique Kitchen Clocks, Crystal Regulator, Dome Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Antique English Large Barometer, French Barometer, Pocket Watch, Mens Wrist Watches, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Seiko, etc. Asian: Asian Lacquer Cabinets, Tables, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Wood Block Prints, Satsuma, Laquerware, Pair of Large Chinese Cloisonne Lamps, Japanese Hibache, Chinese Rank Badges, etc. Items of Interest: Large Collection of Books on Native American Indians & Western Subjects, Lots of Fine Art Books, NW Art Books, Needlework, Linens, Textiles, Antique Toys, Lots of old Post Cards, Old Valentines, Paper Goods, Viewmasters, Harmonicas, Adirondack Chair, Redwood Cart & Chair, Antique Brass Candlesticks, Fireplace Fenders, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Antique Christmas Ornaments, Sewing Goods, Scissors, 2 large Antique Beer Trays, Antique Delft Tiles, Large Dictionary, 1930's Mills Slot Machine, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday October 27, Antique & Estate Auction

Featuring NW Estates featuring Mid Century, Antiques, Paintings, Art, Jewelry, Sterling, Crystal, Limoges, Coins, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Cylinder Phonographs, etc., including items from the Estate of one of the former member of the NW Rock & Roll Group "The Viceroys"

Mid Century Teak 2 door cabinet & Teak desk, Tulip side table, Lamps, Dishes, etc. Antiques & Furnishings: (2) Fine Austrian Ormolu Mounted Court Cupboards, Oak Curved Glass Carved Secretary, Mahogany Carved Bed w/matching Dresser w/Mirror, Mahogany Lowboy w/Oval Mirror, Mahogany Chest on Chest,Victorian Settee, Oak Music Cabinet, Antique English Tea Caddies, Antique Lap Desk, Small Boxes, Oak Machinist's Chest, French Marquetry Inlaid Coffee Table w/Glass Serving Tray Top, French Inlaid Drum Table, Carved Corner Chair w/Claw & Ball Feet, Fine Mirrors, etc. Large Collection of Modern Artworks & Prints: Several Works by Stephen Lyman, Robert Bateman, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Erte Framed Silk Scarf, Early Michael Delacroix AP Lithograph, Several Early Harold Altmann Etchings, 2pc Mackenzie Thorpe S/N Serigraphs Gallery Framed, Zvonimir Mihanovic S/N Harbor Scene Serigraph, 3pc Colleen Ross S/N Women Serigraphs, Howard Behrens "Parasol" Serigraph with Book, Art Hansen, Diane Katsiaficas, Nori Sato, C.T. Chew, Dozens of Works by Max Hayslette, Group of Barbara Wood S/N Prints, 2pc Trevor Southey Abstract Etchings, Karen Guzak Framed Etching, Hoi Lebadang Signed Serigraph, Elton Bennett Signed Serigraphs, Z.Z. Wei Signed Poster, Collection of Work by Jim Haseltine (Print Professor at Oregon), Gebhard Smith Intaglio, Martha Estus Intaglio, Gregory Crane Serigraph, Mimi Partlow Still Life Watercolor, Milton Levey Woodcuts, Fritz Meyer Listed German Mountain Scene Oil Painting, Large Renaissance Revival Ornately Framed Needlework, Large Antique Tonalist Pastel Painting in Ornate Frame, Antique Engravings & Etchings, Bronze Figures & Statues, Modern Marble Sculpture, Modern Studio Glass, etc. Lots of Sterling Silver: (8) Sets of Sterling Flatware, 5pc Dunkirk American Sterling Tea Service, Hand Hammered Sterling Taza, 71pc Wallace Grande Baroque Sterling Flatware Service, 55pc Birks Gadroon Heavy Sterling Flatware, 50pc Lunt Eloquence Sterling Flatware, 73pc International Spring Glory Sterling Flatware, 82pc Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Flatware Service in Chest, 62pc Towle Sterling Flatware Set, 21pc Rogers Old Charleston Sterling Flatware, Whiting & Davis Sterling Salad Set, Misc Sterling Bowls & Trays, Set Belleek Sterling Base Stemware, Collection of Designer Sterling Jewelry, Souvenir Spoons, Arts & Crafts Scandinavian Silver, etc. Firearms & Fishing Rods: Colt 45 Army Semi Automatic Pistol, Colt Pocket 32 Pistol, All Rifles New & Never Fired in Original Boxes: Remington Model 788 22-250, Remington Model 700 6mm, Remington Model 541P 22 Match, Remington Model 700 22-250, Remington Model 788 .223, Remington Model 700 250 Savage, Remington Model 581-S 22 Long Rifle, Sako .220 Swift Model LS79, Ruger 77/22, Sako .17 cal SAKO, Orvis Fly Fishing Rods, Sage Fly Fishing Rods, Jewelry: 14K Gold Amethyst & Diamond Designer Ring, Diamond and Pearl Rings, Gold Chains, Fine Costume Jewelry, Eisenberg, Miniature Framed Portrait, Opera Glasses, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in Varied Sizes, 8x10 Sculptured Chinese Rug, Assorted Antique to Modern Oriental Rugs, etc. Dolls & Bisque: Antique Bisque Piano Dolls, Many Victorian Bisque Figures in all sizes, Kachina Dolls, etc. Clocks & Watches: Danish Grandfather Clock, Mantle Clocks, Ships Clock, Carriage Clocks, Table Clocks, (2) Cartier Wrist Watches, Many other Wrist Watches, Gold Pocket Watch, etc. Coins US & Foreign Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Silver Rounds, Currency, large group of coins, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben Vases, Antique Tall Loetz Vase, Austrian Artglass, Westward Ho Boots & Saddle China Set, Lenox Meredith Fine China Set, Theodore Haviland Cheverny Fine China Set, Royal Albert China, Mikasa Fine China Set, Royal Crown Derby, Murano Glass Large Vase, Fine Cut Glass, Large Set of Fine Cut Crystal Stemware, Inkwells, Cameo Glass, etc. Asian: (5) Fine Tsubas, Antique Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Fine Satsuma, Laquerware, Several Tonsu Chests, Antique Mother of Pearl Inlaid Marble Top Carved Rosewood Chinese Low Table, Carved Jade Items, Cloisonne Vases, Bowls, Chargers, Figures, Bronze Gong, Chinese Pots, Large Chinese Cloisonne Lamps, Pair of Framed Chinese Reverse Paintings on Glass, (3) Folding Japanese Decorated Silk Screens, Chinese Warmers, Elephant Bronze Vases, Rosewood Coffee Table, etc. Items of Interest: Seeburg Selectomatic 100 Juke Box, Lots of 45 records, (3) Edison Cylinder Phonographs (2 w/horns), Cylinder Records, Oak Table Top Wind Up Record Player, Large Iron Bell w/ Yoke, Antique & Vintage Typewriters, Large Commercial Spotlights, Tripods, Aloe Precision Balance Scale, Brass Blade Table Fan, Wood Bowls, Antique French Fireman's Helmet, Stamp Collection, Postcards, Paper Goods, Vintage Radio Control large Boats, Chris Craft, Johnny Speed Sting Ray Autos, Alladin Oil Lamp, Vintage Table Top Radios, Kachina Dolls, Leicaflex Camera, Bayonet, Food Dome, Several World Globes, Pair of Ornate Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows, Conn Model F-312 12 String Guitar, JG Model A1 Guitar, Christmas Items, Antique Books, Century 21 Oversize Photos, Vintage Calculators, Old Cameras, Atari Games, Star Wars Hotwheels Cases, Hudson Bay 4 point Blanket, Quilts, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday October 13, Premier Art & Antiquities Auction

Featuring Fine National, International, and Northwest Modern Artworks including Sculpture, Studio Glass & Ceramics

Modern Art: Yuri Kaluta (Russian) Woman in Red Impressive Oil Painting, Kenneth Noland Horizontal Color-Field Painting, Vasa Velizar Mihich 9ft Tower and Cubes, James Havard Abstract Oil, Lowell Nesbitt, Juan "Quick-to-See" Smith, Delos Van Earl, Luis Felipe Noe (Argentinean), Ronni Tjampitjinpa (Australian Aboriginal), Linda Syddick Napaltjarri (Australian Aboriginal), Piera McArthur (New Zealand), Maximiliano Pruneda, Sane Wadu (African), John Geldersma, Nancy Genn, Anne Grgich, Charles Clough, John Laddie Dill, Mark Fuller, Keiko Gonzalez, Ivan Huerto, Peter Santino, Kiff Slemmons Studio Silver Necklace, Collection of Peter Lobello (NY) Abstract Chrome Sculptures & Large Paintings, etc. Northwest Art: Museum Quality Leo Kenney "Seed & Beyond No.1" Large Tempera Painting (Exhibited at SAM), Impressive Z.Z. Wei Large Industrial Scene Oil, Z.Z. Wei "White Roadside Barn" Oil, Small Z.Z. Wei "Barn Shadows" Oil, Impressive Z.Z. Wei "The Real Thing" Large Coastal Oil, Z.Z. Wei Medium and Small Barn Shadow Oil Paintings, Z. Z. Wei "South 101" Coastal Scene Oil, James Washington Jr. "Phoenix Hatching" Granite Sculpture, Impressive Kenneth Callahan "The Trio" Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan Universal Voyage Tempera, Impressive Paul Horiuchi "As Day Follows Night" 1965 Large Casein Collage, Paul Horiuchi Casein Painting of Flower, Peter Camfferman Double Sided Abstract Painting, Large Hilda Morris "Sound of Drums" Sumi Painting, Carl Morris Deciphered Stone Watercolors Three Works, John Franklin Koenig Large Abstract with SAM Label, 3pc Wesley Wehr Small Landscape Paintings, 2pc Helmi Juvonen Ink and Linocut Works, Kathleen Adkison Gemberling Large Oil, Jacob Elshin Landscape Oil, Demetrios Jameson Large Abstract Oil of Boys, Impressive Demetrios Jameson Woman with Bird Large Oil, Early Kathleen Gemberling Oil of Dragonflies, 5pc Gregory Grenon Female Portrait Painted Plexiglas Cube, Francis Celentano "Cirque Variation" Painting, William Slater Large Oil of Adirondack Chair, Bill Brauer "Europa" Oil Painting, Bill Brauer "Dawn’s Arch" Large Oil Painting, Two Small Bill Brauer Women Oils, Elizabeth Sandvig Large Painting of Horses, Two Bill Braun Tromp l’oeil Paintings, Three Tyson Grumm Whimsical Oil Paintings, Three Alfred Currier Northwest Oil Paintings, Joe Max Emminger, Jack Chevalier, C.T. Chew, Jack Portland, Mary Ann Peters, Gaylen Hansen, Art Hansen, Norie Sato, Jeffrey Simmons, Jeffrey Bishop, Randy Hayes, etc. Western Art & Bronzes: Important Carl Rungius "Bear in Stream" Oil on Canvas 25"x30" from Private West Coast Collection, Paul Morgan Gustin Large Oil of Mount Rainier 31"x37", Impressive Joseph Foxcroft Cole "San Juan Mission" Oil Painting (Exhibited Work), Burt Proctor (CA) Large Oil of Native Girl, Alexander Proctor Bronze of Grizzly Bear, Bye Bitney (MT) Coach Scene Landscape Oil, Douglas Ricks (ID) Mountain Landscape Oil, Y.C. Smith Oil of Cowboys on Horseback, Tom Browning (OR) Oil of Women in Landscape, Lorenzo Ghiglieri (OR) "Urgent Message" Bronze, Bob Scriver (MT) "War Prize" Bronze, 2pc Bruce Killen (OR) Duck Bronzes, Tim Sullivan (MT) Bronze of Wolf Chasing Rabbit, Leo Beaulaurier (MT) "The Hunter" Bronze, Dan Huber (OR) "Lost Dutchman" Bronze, Impressive Louis Potter (NY) Indian "Medicine Man" and "Dancing Brave" Large Bronzes, etc. Traditional Artwork: Paul Morgan Gustin Large Oil of Mount Rainier 31"x37" Image,Impressive Early Robert Wood Autumn Landscape Oil, Impressive Joseph Foxcroft Cole "San Juan Mission" Oil Painting (Exhibited Work) , Two Jules Eugene Pages (CA) Small Oils of China Town San Francisco, Joseph Sacks "Chinatown" Oil Painting, Nels Hagerup (CA) "North Beach" Seascape Oil, Two Jules Dahlager Small Alaskan Oil Paintings, Bengino Ruiz (Peru) Tonalist Landscape Oil, Viggo Pedersen (Denmark) Haystacks Long Oil Painting, Sheldon Schoneberg (CA) "Les Miserables" Pastel Painting,George Vicat Cole (UK) Cottage Scene Painting with Haystacks, Fine Collection of French & European Bronzes and Art Deco Nudes, etc. Prints & Multiples: Donald Sultan "Ace of Spades" Etching, Fritz Scholder Abstract Native Lithograph, 3pc Will Barnett Women and Cat Lithographs, 2pc Early R.C. Gorman Native Lithographs, Alexander Calder "Birds in Flight" Signed Lithograph, Sunol Alvar 4pc Lithograph Set with Portfolio, Early Kiyoshi Saito "Notre Dame" Woodblock, Early Kiyoshi Saito "Manjushage" Portrait Woodblock, Mary Peck Silver Gelatin Photograph, Group of Eustace Ziegler Signed Etchings, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Museum Quality Dale Chihuly Navajo Blanket Peachblow Cylinder Vase, Impressive William Morris Crow on Bottle Glass Artifact, William Morris Small Bird Head Glass Artifact, Ross Richmond Face in Hand Glass Sculpture, Impressive Yoichi Ohira Murano Glass Bottle Vase, Yoichi Ohira Murano Glass Bowl with Fitted Box, Dale Chihuly Coral Pink Glass Basket, Shelley Muzylowski Allen Horse Head Glass Sculpture, Three Rik Allen Rocket Sculptural Glass Vases, Four Impressive Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen Glass Bird Sculptures, Two Veruska Vagen Glass Bead Mosaics "Vincent" and "Einstein", Impressive Hiroshi Yamano Sculptural Glass Vase, Hiroshi Yamano Small Vase with Fish, Randy Walker "TV" Painted Glass Vase, Pair of Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Glass Windows, Ann Gardner Cast Glass with Gold Leaf Wall Sculpture, Several Impressive Pieces of Robert Sperry Crackle Glaze Chargers & Slabs, 30pc Robert Sperry Stoneware Dinner Service 1960's, Rudy Autio Slab Vessel 1966, Early Peter Voulkos Wax Resist Bowl, Impressive Clayton James Sculptural Torso Floor Vase, Early Peter Shire Ceramic Teapot, Impressive Tom Coleman Ash Glazed Sculptural Vessel, Erik Gronborg (CA) Funk Pottery Teapot, Erik Gronborg Funk Pottery Vessel & Marilyn Monroe Mug (Exhibited Work), Group of Vivika & Otto Heino Ceramics, Laura Anderson (CA) Red Glaze Vase, 2pc Bob Stocksdale Wood Art Bowls, Therman Statom Glass House, Buster Simpson Hanging Fish, Michael Lucero Hanging Ceramic Sculpture , Monumental Bjorn Wiinblad Onion Shaped Floor Jar with Letter from Studio, Kifff Slemmons Studio Silver Necklace, etc. 20th Century Design: Pierre Paulin "Orange Slice" Chair & Ottoman for Artifort, Edward Wormley for Dunbar Long Board Coffee Table, Verner Panton Green Cone Chair, Danish Tambour Door Credenza, etc. Native Arts: Greg Colfax Large Bear Carved Cedar Mask, Two Frank Smith Carved Cedar Bird Masks, Collection of Kelley Moses Tulalip Carved Cedar Native Masks 11pc, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of Fine Antique Carved Rosewood Display Cabinets, Pair of 18th Century Horseshoe Chairs, Large Cloisonne Elephant Handled Censor, Kangxi Blue & White Covered Jar with Ornaments, Fine Chinese Carved Jade Covered Vase (Well Hollowed), Chinese Gray Jade with Russet Skin Elephant Brush Washer, Unusual Kangxi Foo Lion Jar with Flambe Glazes, Kangxi Prunus Blue & White Jar, Fine Chinese Two Color Carved Cinnabar Round Box Qing Dynasty, Fine Famille Rose Porcelain Tile with Blossoming Chrysanthemum Flower, Carved Quartz Brush Washer with Kylin, Pair of Peacock Blue Large Opposing Foo Lions, 4pc Chinese Tilework Warriors on Horseback, Ming Celadon Footed Brush Washer, Group of Early Korean Ceramics, Pair of Yuan Style Covered Jars, Pair of Antique Peacock Blue Large Porcelain Foo Lions, Early Chinese Cloisonne Teaset with Dragons, Group of Tileworks Polychrome Warriors on Horseback, Qing Carved Jade Pi Disc on Stand, Jade Handled Paktong Teapot with Tray, Qing Carved Cinnabar Foliate Rim Plate, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Pillows, etc. Fine Jewelry: 1.5ct Art Deco Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring, 1ct Diamond Men's Ring in Heavy 14k Setting, Platinum Diamond & Large Opal Art Deco Ring, Platinum & Rhodolite Stone Bar Pin, etc. Collection of Oriental Rugs: Semi Antique Room Size Kirman, Kirman Scatter Rugs, Antique & Semi Antique Sarouk Scatter Rugs, 2pc Fine Kashan Scatter Rugs, Antique Kazak Caucasian Scatter Rugs, etc. Other Antiquities: Tiffany Studios 11pc Venetian Gilt Bronze Desk Set, Meissen Candelabra Suite of Three, KPM Porcelain Plaque by Wagner, Pair of Odiot Parisian Silver Wine Coasters, Impressive Bailey Banks & Biddle 5-Piece Sterling Tea Service, A Rare Lenci Pottery Figurine, Collection of Original Kewpie Action Figure Porcelain Figurines, Fine Kirschner Ormolu Mounted Wall Clock, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday September 15, Antique & Estate Auction

NW Estates featuring Mid Century, Knoll, Designer Quality Contemporary Furnishings, Paintings, Sterling, Crystal, Limoges, Coins, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Antique Dolls

Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Roche Bobois 3 Section Sectional Sofa, Pair of Morrison & Hannah for Knoll Armchairs, MCM Double Sided Oak Bar, 3 MCM Bar Stools, MCM Designer Floor Lamps, MCM Walnut Bar, large Teak MCM Wall Unit/Sideboard, Dansk Items, etc. Designer & Antique Furnishings: Oak 4 section Atty Bookcase, Baker Library Table & 3 Drawer Cabinet, Century Dining Table & 6 Chairs w/Matching Large China Cabinet, Heckman Curio Cabinet, French Inlaid Parquetry Library Table, Ormolu Tall Marble Top Pedestal, Art Nouveau French Dining Set, Sideboard & Server, Many Fancy Framed Mirrors, Victorian 3 Drawer Chest, Pair of Carved Cherry Small 3 Drawer Chests, Needlepoint Long Bench, 3 Way Antique Gilt Floor Dressing Mirror, French Needlepoint Carved Armchair, Large Designer Armoire, California Mission Monterey Bedroom Set w/Highboy, Vanity, Mirror, Chair & 2 Tables, Antique English Period Chest On Chest Highboy, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in Varied Sizes, 10x14 & 9x12 Sculptured Chinese Rugs, 25 Assorted Antique to Modern Oriental Rugs, Chinese Runner, 9x12, 8x10, 4x6, 3x5 & 2x4, Kirmans, Caucasian Rugs, Tribal Rugs, large assortment of Rugs, etc. Dolls & Toys: Antique Bisque Piano Dolls, Cast Iron Items, Small Doll Size Ice Cream Maker, Books, Steiff Animals, Teddy Bears, Native Dolls, etc. Clocks & Barometer: English oversize Inlaid Barometer, Vienna Regulator Wall Clocks, MCM German Wall Clock, Marble 3 Pc Antique French Neoclassical Clock Set, China Case Clock, Black Forest Coo Coo Clock, Cloisonne Unusual Regulator Clock, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Vintage & Mid Century Oil Paintings, Very Large Carved Marble Bust by J Hutchison R.S.A. dated 1883, 5 Elton Bennett Serigraphs, NW Watercolors, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Japanese Block Prints, many Fancy Framed Mirrors, Large Assortment of NW Mountain & Landscape Photographs by Asahel Curtis, Norman Edson & Others, Hiroshi Yoshida Block Print, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, Diamond rings, Diamond Earrings, Antique Victorian Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, 3 Sterling Flatware Sets, Large Set of Lunt Eloquence, Wallace Rose Set, International Set, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Compotes, Pocket Watch, etc. Coins, US Gold $20, $10, $5 Coins, Gold Coin Sets, Silver Rounds, Currency, large group of coins, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Set of Tiffany Favrille Sherbets, Moser, Lalique, Steuben, Baccarat, Orrefors, Art Glass, Satin Glass, Large Group of Very Fine China Items, Old Paris, Fine Elite Limoge Game Set, Very Large Extra Fancy Set of Hand Painted Limoge Fine China, Minton China Set, Theodore Haviland Fine China Set, Spode China, Mikasa Fine China Set, Murano Glass, Rare Triple Horse Figure Lladro Figure Group, large Pair of Bisque Figures, Tennis Player, McCoy Jardiniere & Pedestal, California Pottery Oil Jar, Coffee Pots, Bowls, 2 Fine Bohemian Glass Lamps, Fine Cut Glass, Set of 12 Sarreguemines Pictorial Plates, Royal Beyreuth, Sandwich Glass, Large 5 Light Crystal Candelabra, Large Set of Fine Cut Crystal Stemware, etc. Asian: Carved Wood & Marble Buddha Statues, Kwan Yin large Standing Figure, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Japanese Wood Block Prints, Satsuma, Laquerware, Tonsu Chests, Chinese Lacquer Moon Cabinet, Hand Decorated Lacquer Cabinets, Carved Teak Chinese Chow Table, Carved Jade Items, 4' Japanese Cloisonne Palace Vase, Bronze Rain Drum, Chinese Pots, Chinese Lamps, Flambe Bowl, Sitar Instrument, Japanese Hibache, Carved Rosewood Snuff Bottle Cabinet, etc. African & Ethnic: African & Philippine Masks, Mask Collection, Artifacts, Hand Made Art Birdhouses, etc. Items of Interest: Unusual Indonesian Carved Elephant Seat for Riding Elephants, Metal Garden Bench,Fine Needlework Bedspreads & Tablecloths, Books on Indians & Western Subjects, Needlework, Needlepoint Victorian Framed Panels, 7 Light Wrought Iron Wall Candle Sconce, Large Antique Brass Cherub Ceiling Fixture, Antique Triple Glass Beaded Shade Ceiling Fixture, Antique Scrapbooks, HO Trains, Tramp Art Item, Cherub Items, Indian Quill Basket, Inuit Carving, Wood Bowls, Military Medals & Patches, Antique German Helmet, Railroad & Stock Certificates, Collectible Nutcrackers, Carved Wood Figures, Pin Back Buttons, Shaving Mirror, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Thursday August 25, Online Art & Collectibles Auction

Featuring Northwest Artworks and Sculptures, Native Americana, Old Dolls and Toys, Music Boxes, Cameras, & Scientific Instruments

Artworks by: E. Martin Hennings Small Landscape Oil, James Montgomery Flagg Attributed Oil Painting of Western Silent Movie Star, Waldo Pierce Hunting Scene Oil Painting, Several Fred Oldfield Early and Exceptional Western Paintings, Large Ed Quigley Cowboy on Horseback Oil, Harvey Goodale Large Oil Painting, Several Small Ellen Henne Goodale Alaskan Paintings, Edward Borein Etching, Ace Powell Bronze & Etchings, Buckeye Blake Bronzes & Paintings, Gary Schildt Bronzes, Charles Beil Western Bronzes, Cyrus Afsary & Newman Myrah Western Oil, Hulan Fleming Landscape Oils with Teepees, Wah Chang Bronze Bear Sculptures, Arne Jensen Northwest Watercolor, Peter Hayward Oils, Collection of Henry Evans Botanical Woodcut Prints, Salvador Dali Etching, Alberto Giacometti Etching, Pierre Renoir Etching, Rembrandt Van Rijn Etchings, etc. Native Americana: Collection of Alaskan Inuit Artifacts by Missionary Circa 1900 including Siberian Pipes, Food Bowl, Figural New Weights, Snow Scoops, Photo Negatives of Natives, etc. 2pc Baleen Baskets, Edward Curtis Photogravures, Indian Baskets, etc. Music Boxes, Cameras, & Scientific Instruments: Antique Regina Oak 15" Disc Player with 60 Discs, A Rare Capitol Table Lamp Phonograph, Vintage Leica IIIg Camera with Lenses & Box, Rolleiflex SLX & SL66 Camera Outfits with Lenses, Leitz Microscope with Lenses, Leitz Photo Enlarger, Antique K&E Surveyor’s Transits in Cases, Antique Cummins Check Perforator, Antique Dayton & Toledo Countertop Scales, Antique National Candy Store Cash Register, Old Tin Hires Advertising Sign, etc. Old Dolls & Toys: Rare Cuno & Otto Dressel Uncle Sam Doll, Antique French Bisque Head Dolls, Rare Simon Halbig Japanese Doll, Armand Marseilles Dolls, Antique Automaton Guitar Player, Louis Wolf Dolls, Steiff & R. John Wright Beatrix Potter Animals, Old Super Chief Toy Race Car, Wilkins Horse Drawn Push Toy, etc. Silver, Glass & Porcelain: Peruvian Sterling Tea Service, Large Set of German Sterling Modern Flatware Service for 12, Dominick & Haff Sterling Large Framed Mirror, Large Italian 800 Repousse Silver Bowl, Austro-Hungarian Repousse Silver Bowl, German Pierced Silver Bowl with Cherubs, Large Weller Eocean Pottery Vase, Liberty Tudric Handled Vase, Teplitz Amphora Handled Art Nouveau Vase, Set of 10 Tiffany Favrile Iridescent Glass Stemware, Set of 10 Kew-Blas Iridescent Glass Goblets, Pair of Antique Baccarat Candlesticks, Rare & Unusual American Brilliant Cut Glass, Libbey Cut Glass Punchbowl Set, etc. Fine Jewelry: 1.2ct Marquis Cut Diamond Ring, Several Diamond Engagement Rings, Pair of Emerald & Diamond Earrings, Mikimoto Pearls & Pearl Flapper Necklace, 18k Long Bead Necklace, Group of 14k Jade Jewelry, Orianne 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet with Appraisal, etc. Rare US Coins: Estate Fresh US Type Album with First Issue Coins, 1793 Chain Back Penny, 1793 Copper ½ Cent, 1797 Draped Bust Dollar, 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, Rare 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar, etc. A Fabulous Art Nouveau Louis Majorelle Marquetry Inlaid Dining Set, Display Cabinet, Server, and Tray Table.   Instruments: Old Martin Acoustic Guitars, Collectible Electric Guitars, etc. Guns: WWI Remington 1911 Pistol, Vintage Colt 1911 Pistol, Vintage Polish Radon Pistol, Vintage Smith & Wesson Revolvers, Collector Naval Revolver in Fitted Box, Antique German Hunting Rifle, Martin Hunting Rifles, Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun, Group of Remington & Savage Rifles, etc.  See photos, catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 18, Rare Sports & Historical Memoribilia Auction

Featuring the rarest T-206 baseball card, Joe Doyle NY Nat'l Hands Up error card (PSA 2) and Trophies from the first female competitive auto racer Joan Newton Cuneo (active 1905-15 until woman were banned from racing)

Baseball Cards: Rarest 1909-1911 T206 Joe Doyle NY Nat'l Hands Up error card. It's believed the error was discovered almost immediately and 99.99% of the cards were printed correctly. With approximately 12 known examples this is the scarcest of all the cards in the legendary T206 set, Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps #311 Rookie card graded (Beckett 1), the 1952 Topps Mantle RC is a must-have for any collector if Mantle cards, 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie #253, large estate collection of T205 and T-206 cards from same find as the Joe Doyle error card including Ty Cobb T206 with Old Mill back, T205's of Cobb, Johnson, Young and Mathewson just to name a few, four 1933 Goudey R309-1 premiums including Babe Ruth (EX/EX-MT), nice estate collection of 1940's/50's Bowman including Berra, Rizzuto, Musial and lots more with some graded as high as PSA 5, 1958 Topps complete set all EX to NR-MT, an impressive group of 1968-1972 Topps baseball High Grade complete sets, NR-MT/MT or better, these were consigned by a very discriminating collector years ago who would only purchase the highest grade sets he could find, 1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson, 1947 Tip Top Bread, 1948 Blue Tint, many Mickey Mantle cards being sold individually and in groups, The National Game by S & S card game loaded with Hall of Famers, 1984 Fleer Update set with Puckett, Clemens, Gooden, Randy Johnson display of Rookie cards (one signed) and ticket stub from 1990 No Hitter, plus many, many more including premiums and rarities. Sports Memorabilia: Obtained directly from the estate of former Major Leaguer, PCL player and University of Washington baseball coach Bubba Morton include his 1966 Rawlings Silver Glove Award, Angels Old Timers Day game used uniform, University of Washington coaches uniform and jacket and many team signed baseballs, rare Brooklyn Dodgers professional model bat gifted to owner by Mrs Ebbetts, 1966 Los Angeles Dodgers team signed baseball with 21 signatures including Koufax (PSA/DNA LOA), Seattle Supersonics 1995-96 team signed basketball, many single signed baseballs and basketballs, signed books and more. Important Sports Autographs: Robert T. "Bobby" Jones signed album page (PSA/DNA), Horton Smith cut signature (PSA/DNA), Lou Gehrig signed photograph (PSA/DNA LOA), Babe Didrickson Zaharias signed album pages (PSA/DNA), James Naismith signed banquet program page (PSA/DNA LOA) plus many more! Joan Newton Cuneo: Obtained directly from a family member are trophies awarded to Mrs. Cuneo who was the first woman to compete in auto racing. Active 1905-1915 she regularly won or finished in the money until women were banned from racing in 1915. Included is a truly museum quality and historic sterling shield placque. Commissoned to Gorham Silver Co. By Rainier Motor Company this sterling silver placque depicts Mrs. Cuneo in her race car and was awarded for completion of the 1909 Glidden Tour. Space Collectibles: Important NASA Project Mercury First Day Cover bearing the signatures of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (with letter from The White House stating that this was signed by the President), Gus Grissom, Alan Shepard and more, rare Gemini (Molly Brown) Flown Crew Signed one-dollar bill. Grissom and Young have signed this piece twice and this is an EX/EX+ example of this highly desirable item, Original Gemini 11 and 12 authentic crew patches, group original Gemini 3-12 authentic White Room badges and more. Historical Autographs: From the estate of Samuel Dennis descended down through Sam Dennis Marsh a fine Andrew Jackson ALS signed letter with full provenance, William Tecumseh Sherman signed letter, General Philip Sheridan signed letter, Millard Fillmore signed letter, William Howard Taft, Charles Evans Hughes, Henry Clay, Chester Nimitz, Raymond Poincare, John Pershing, William McKinley, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Ferdinand Foch and many more. Signed books of 20th century U.S. Presidents and politicians: Lyndon B. Johnson, Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixin, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Herbert Hoover and many more. Historical Medals including an 1899 Gold Medal awarded by the President of the United States to a hero who was one of four civilians that rescued the men of the schooner ship S.S. Hera that was sinking off of Vancover Island, antique Japanese Order of the Rising Sun medals, 1937-1945 China Incident War Medal and more. Original Comic and Illustration: Raymond Moore & Lee Falk signed original The Phantom daily strip artwork, also original daily strip artwork from Popeye, Blondie, Terry and the Pirates and Mandrake the Magician, Kenneth Riley original Saturday Evening Post artwork, Marc Davis drawing of Maleficent, Disney cels and more. Posters: Vintage India travel posters and a scarce 1967 San Francisco Sound Seattle concert poster. Antique Photographics: Important group of original CDV's of Hawaiian Royalty including King Kamehameha I-V and family, very scarce group of Michigan Volunteers named Civil War CDV's by James Brush, Detroit, Michigan, antique photos, postcards, cabinet cards and more!  See photos, flip catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 11, Antique & Estate Auction

Northwest Estates featuring Mid Century, Dunbar, Designer Quality Contemporary Furnishings, Paintings, Sterling, Crystal, Belleek, Doulton, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Antique Dolls

Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: MCM Dish Top Dining Table w/2 leaves, Set of 6 MCM Teak Dining Chairs, 2 Dunbar Mixed Woods End Tables, MCM Wood Frame Arm Chair, MCM Double Sided Oak Bar, Westnofa Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman, MCM Dresser w/Mirror & Chest, etc. Designer & Antique Furnishings: French Inlaid Marquetry Center Table w/Ormolu, Antique English Satin Wood Inlaid Game Table, Maitland Smith Drop Front Desk (Cost $7,000), Pair of Designer Rolled Back Loveseats w/Center Large Ottoman, Pair of Large Wood Frame Designer Armchairs, Set of 10 High Back Queen Anne Upholstered Dining Chairs, Designer Sofa, King Size Double Side Electric Adjustable Bed w/Upholstered Headboard, Pair of Hollywood Regency Mirrored Pedestal Stands/Faux Chests, Many Fancy Framed Mirrors, Large Concrete Urn, Antique Chests, (2) Cut Down Victorian Carved Tables, set of 4 Mule Ear Dining Chairs, English Toleware Painted Coal Hod, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in Varied Sizes, (3) 9x12, (2) Matching Runners, 4x6 & 3x5 large assortment of Rugs, etc. Dolls & Toys: Large Assortment of Antique Bisque Dolls, Doll Furniture, Buggys, Chairs, Displays, Cast Iron Fire Engine, Original Gibson Girls Wood Puzzle in Original Box, collection of Victorian Wood Puzzles, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Large Oil Paintings with heavy frames (purchased at Valley Interiors), NW Watercolors, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Japanese Block Prints, large Religious Print in heavy Batwing Frame, Machetanz Framed Lithograph, many Fancy Framed Mirrors, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Antique Victorian Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Squash Blossom Necklaces, Lots of Sterling, Sterling Flatware Set, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Compotes, Set of 8 Sterling Tumblers, Sterling Jewelry, Pocket Watches, Group of David Anderson Green Enamel Sterling Flatware, Pair Antique Triple Silver Plated Candelabras, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Victorian Art Glass, Satin Glass, Waterford Lismore Stemware, Depression Glass, Hand Painted Limoge, Murano Glass, lifetime very large collection of Belleek, Fine Baskets, Early Marks, Bowls, Vases, also large Collection of Royal Doulton Figures, Toby Jugs, Plates, Commercial Ware, etc, Decanters, Mettlach, Pottery, large sets of China, etc. Asian: Collection of Thai Carved Wood & Gilt Buddha Statues, Standing, Reclining & Sitting, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonné, Japanese Wood Block Prints, Satsuma, Jade Trees, Laquerware, Pair of Antique 5' Brass Butterfly Incense Burners, Large Asian Carved Wood Shrine, Asian Floor Standing Frame, Chinese Bird Cages, etc. African & Ethnic: African & Philippine Masks, Artifacts, Bracelets, Beads, etc. Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson Photos: (18) 16x20 Mountain & NW Scenic Photos with heavy Bronze Frames originally from the Exchange Building, Seattle, 1920's, Also: Collection of Vintage Mountain Photos by various NW Photographers in Pie Crust & Bat Wing Frames, etc. Items of Interest: Antique English Salesman Sample 3 Drawer Inlaid Chest, Louis Vuitton Luggage, Kowa Spotting Scope, Leitz Wetzler Enlarger, Pendleton Blankets, Military Uniforms, US Flags, Native American Paddle, Indian Beadwork, 2 Carved Totems, Stained Glass Lamp & Lamp Shade, Stained Glass Doors, Books on Indians & Western Subjects, Needlework, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Tuesday July 21, Antique & Estate Auction

Northwest Estates Featuring Mid Century Teak Furnishings, Chinese Rosewood Furnishings, Italian Hand Painted Consoles & Mirrors, Sterling, Crystal, Art glass, Coins, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Trains

Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Martin Borenstein MB Design, Oakland CA Walnut Long Sofa & Loveseat, Dux Large Armchair, Swedish Leather Armchair & Ottoman, Danish Sofa, Bar Cart, Wood Lamps, Ludwig Pontoppidan Teak Nest of Tables, Glass Top Brass Inlaid Walnut Sofa Table, End Tables, Teak Foot Stool/Bench, etc. Vintage Furnishings: Inlaid Mahogany Game Table, Oak 3 Section Attorney Bookcase, French Carved Frame Chaise Lounge, Italian Hand Decorated Console Table & Mirror, Italian Hand Decorated Chest & Mirror, Italian Hand Decorated Nest of Tables, Antique Oak Buffet w/Mirror, 18th Century Country French Large Pine Clothes Press, Walnut China Cabinet, 2 large Modern Double Oak Bookcases, Baker Nest of 2 Tables, A Rudin Leather Down Filled Love Seat, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in Varied Sizes, 10x14, 9x12, Runners, 4x6 & 3x5 large assortment of Rugs, etc. Coins: Large Collection of Coins, Bullion, Silver Rounds, Sets, Mint Sets, US & Foreign Coins, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings by listed artists, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Watercolors, Collection of Japanese Block Prints, Picasso, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Antique Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Sterling Flatware Set, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Compotes, Servers, Large Oversized Domed Food Server w/Reservoir, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Victorian Art Glass, Satin Glass, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Waterford Lismore Stemware, Cut Stemware, Hand Painted Limoge, Murano Glass, lifetime very large collection of green Depression Glass including mixing bowls, Vases, Pitchers, Stemware, Kitchen wares, Decanters, Bristol Glass, Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, Green Twisted Glass Shepherd's Staff, etc. Asian: Carved Rosewood Side Table, Carved Rosewood Low Table, Carved Bar Cabinets, Chinese Antique 4 Panel Screens, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Japanese Wood Block Prints, Scroll Paintings, Robes Satsuma, Jade, Jade Trees, Laquerware, etc. Items of Interest: Glass Ball Floats, Vintage Grocery Scales, Lehmann Gross Bahn LGB big trains, 6 Violins, 2 Guitars, Antique China Case Mantle Clock, Leitz Microscope, Leitz Enlarger, Life Magazines, Military Items, Vintage Cathedral Radio, Boat Model, Large Klipsch Klipschorn Speaker, Pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab Tower Speakers, Pair of B&O Beovox S45 Speakers, Fur Coats, etc.  See photos and catalog.


Tuesday July 12, Coin, Silver, and Stamps Auction

Featuring Coins, Silver, Stamps Collections and more from several estates

Coins: This auction features hundreds of silver and gold coins, silver and gold bullion, rare foreign mint and proof sets, currency, graded silver Morgan and Peace dollars, ANACS Proof coins and sets, U.S. gold double eagles, eagles and half eagles, British gold sovereigns, Canadian coins and bullion, scarce China mint sets and much more. Stamps: Several estate collections of U.S. stamps including albums, plate blocks, covers and more. Silver: Large assortment of ornate sterling flatware sets including Francis I, Grand Baroque and many more, 18 & 19th century silver articles including vases, bowls, mugs, spoons, platters and more. Sterling trophies and match safes, antique Chinese silver, Dutch silver and much, much more.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday June 30, Premier Fine Art & Antique Auction

Contemporary and Antiquity, Featuring Fine Northwest, American & European Artworks. Also Fine Chinese & Japanese Antiquities

Northwest Art & Sculpture: James Washington Jr. "Phoenix Hatching" Stone Sculpture, Large Frank Okada 1975 "Tervalent" Colorfield Painting, Richard Gilkey "Heron in Flight" Large Oil Painting, Impressive Paul Horiuchi "Fragments of Antiquity" 4-Panel Collage Screen, Morris Graves Abstract Bird Painting (Exhibited MOMA New York & Willard Gallery), Paul Horiuchi Medium Abstract Collage 1967, Large Rosalyn Gale Powell Pears Still Life (MONA Deaccession), Early Robert Colescott Still Life Oil, Early Alden Mason "Curly Cone Land" Acrylic, Early Guy Anderson Seattle Waterfront Small Oil Painting, Early Jack Shadbolt Watercolor of a Fish Cannery, William Ivey 1960's Black & White Abstract Oil, Early Paul Horiuchi Lake Washington Watercolor, Paul Horiuchi Small Abstract Collage, Spencer Moseley Abstract Still Life Painting, Kenneth Callahan Small Abstract Tempera, Kenneth Callahan Miniature Figures on Horses Tempera, Kenneth Callahan Sumi Mountain Scene, Guy Anderson Small Figure Painting, Helmi Juvonen Bird Color Drawing, Michael Dailey "Mexican Beach" Acrylic, Paul Havas Small Landscape Oils, Herbert Siebner Abstract Figures Artwork, Walter Isaacs Abstract Figure Oil (Zoe Dusanne Label), Walter Isaacs 1945 Abstract Floral Still Life Oil, Pehr Halston Abstract Face Artwork, Impressive Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction Paintings, Norman Lundin Landscape Painting, Gary Faigin Still Life Oil (Woodside Label), James Martin Monkey Painting, Paul Ripley Jenkins Space Ship Drawing, Paul Immel Floral Watercolor 2 Works, Harry Bonath Watercolor, Margaret Fischer Abstract Watercolor, Original 1999 Pike Place Market Calendar Cover Artwork by Sarah Clementson, Drake Deknatel Abstrat Painting, Harold Balazs Watercolors, Ruth Pennington S/N Lithograph, Glen Alps Abstract Birds Lithograph, George Johansen S/N Etching, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Museum Quality Ann Toots Zynsky "Bursting Chaos" Large Filet-de-Verre Glass Bowl (Exhibited Work), Yoichi Ohira "Catena" 1998 Murano Glass Vase, Yoichi Ohira Murano Glass Bowl in Box, Richard Marquis Large Murrini Egg in Cage, Early Richard Marquis Striato Glass Squat Vase, Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick Large Nectarine Glass Sculpture, Dale Chihuly Portland Press 2-Piece Orange Seaform Set, Preston Singletary Glass Squat Vase, Giles Bettison "Cells No.16" Large Murrine Glass Vase, Giles Bettison "Black Series", Irene Frolic "Twice Born" Large Glass Sculpture, Pino Signoretto "Rape of the Sabine" Murano Glass Sculpture, Laura de Santillana Venini Battuto Glass Charger, Ross Richmond Classic Bust Glass Sculpture on Pedestal, Early David Schwarz Z.A.O.F. Art Glass Sculpture, Early William Morris Blue Shard Art Glass Vase, Early William Morris 1979 Pilchuck Shard Glass Vase, Hank Murta Adams Large Cast Glass & Patinated Copper Bust Sculpture, Fritz Dreisbach 1985 Latticino Glass Bowl, Charlotte Meyer Cast Glass Torso Sculpture, Benjamin Moore Pink Palla Bowl with Gold Leaf, Sonja Blomdahl Commissioned Leaded Glass Window, Mary Van Cline Mixed Media & Glass Wall Sculpture, Early Patti Warashina Ceramic Pyramid Treasure Box, Howard Kottler "Wishful Thinking" Silver Luster Ceramic Sculpture, Early and Large Robert Sperry Stoneware Vase, 3pc Robert Sperry Stoneware Decorated Lamps, David Shaner Sculptural Bowl, Anne Hirondell Cadent Teapot Set, Getrude & Otto Natzler Yellow Bowl, Large Jim Kraft Ceramic Slab Bowl on Stand, Robert Sperry Early Bottle Vase, Group of Louis Mideke Blue & White Pottery, Polia Pillin Vase with Women, Fred Bauer Funk Pottery Charger, Benjamin Sams Early Face Mug, 2pc Todd Warner Large Ceramic Animal Sculptures, etc. Prints & Multiples: Ruth Asawa Large Cut Paper Fan Sculpture in Plexiglas Frame, Impressive Frank Stella "Shards V" Color Variant 1985 Large Signed Lithograph Edition of 30, Peter Max "Roseville Bouquet" Large Original Acrylic Painting, 3pc Joan Miro Signed Artist Proof Etchings from the Hammer without a Master Suite, Salvador Dali S/N "L'Age d'Or" Don Quixote Large Color Lithograph, Jack Zajac (OH) Abstract Bronze Sculpture, Sam Francis "Opened" 1973 Lithograph Edition of 21, Sam Francis Untitled 1979 Lithograph Edition of 75, Jacob Lawrence "Hiroshima" LE Book with Screenprints, Roy De Forest S/N Dog Lithograph, Richard Misrach "Chemical Air Base" 1989 Art Photograph, Sebastiao Salgado "Brazil" 1980 Silver Gelatin Photograph, Berenice Abbott Silver Gelatin Photograph, Morley Baer Silver Gelatin Photograph, Ronald Wohlauer Book & Silver Gelatin Print Sets, Set of Vasa Mihich Acrylic Cubes, Parks Anderson Acrylic Sculpture, Sergio Bustamante "Ark with Boys" & "Large Fish with Winged Boy" Sculpture, Sergio Bustamante Frieda Kahlo AP Sculpture, Markus Pierson S/N Wall Plaque, 3pc Erte S/N Dancer Serigraphs, 2pc Elizabeth Keith Japanese Woodblock Prints, Fumio Fujita Woodblock Print, Hiroshi & Toshi Yoshida Woodblock Prints, Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints, etc. American & Western Artwork: Eustace Ziegler "Mother & Child" Small Oil, Jules Dahlager Small Mountain Scene Oil, Two Tonalist Landscape Oils by George Inness, George Ames Aldrich (IL/MA) Large Impressionist Winter River Scene Oil, Sydney Laurence Northern Lights Small Oil in Original Frame, A Large Fred Oldfield Western Oil of Cowboys on Horseback (Public Commission), 2pc Fred Oldfield Small Cowboy Oils, Edward Quigley Large Oil of Cowboys with Cattle, Edward Quigley Large Oil of Cowboys on Horseback, Austin Dwyer Tugboat Oil Painting, Ned Mueller Small Western Acrylic, William Reese Landscape Oil & Cowboy Portrait, Delbert Gish Still Life Oil, Ace Powell Bronze Horse Sculpture, Buckeye Blake Bronze Sculpture & Paintings, Gene Speck (NV/CA) "Twilight Bay" Oil Painting, Robert Striffolino (NM) "Pasture" Oil Painting, Chester Fields (WA/OR) "Fly Fishing" Large Eagle Bronze Sculpture, Sherry Sander (MT) Running Horses Bronze, Deborah Copenhaver (AZ) Woman with Dog Bronze, Lorenzo Ghiglieri Large Elephant Bronze Sculpture, Jerry Snodgrass (ID) Cowboy Portrait Bronze, Mark Hopkins (CO) Bear Bronze, Gary Schildt (OR) 2 Small Boy Bronzes, Charles Bragg "Midas Touch" Bronze Sculpture, Renee Radell (NY) Abstract Round Oil, Leonard Creo (CA) Orchestra & Market Scene Oils, Group of Leonard Schwartz (CA) Nude Abstract Bronzes & Stone Sculptures, Stephen Watson (CA) Large Abstract Framed, Geer Morton (CA) Abstract Landscape Oil (Gumps Label), Kenneth Riley (AZ) Original Illustration Artworks 2pc, Michael Lenson (NJ) Surrealist Large Oil Painting, Michel Delacroix Original Landscape Watercolor, William DeShazo (CA) Seascape Oil, Eugene Garin (Russian) Seascape Oil, Mark King (NY) Impressionist Garden Scene Oil, Balcomb Greene (NY) Abstract Large Oil Painting, etc. Native Americana: James Omnik Baleen Small Basket, Antique Haida Rattle Top Basket, Haida Basketry Covered Bottle & Small Rattle Top Basket, Hupa Basketry Hat, Antique Yupik Drum Handle Ivory Implement with Human Head, Antique Walrus Ivory Figural Cribbage Board with Animals, Museum Quality Native Style Carved Rosewood Triptych Relief Panel by Robert Ohashi, 2pc Robert Ohashi Native Rosewood Cvrd Bowls, Group of Robert Ohashi Native Art Silver Jewelry, Rie Muñoz S/N Prints, etc. European & Old Master Artworks: Abraham Bloemart (16th Cent. Dutch) Crucifixion Oil on Copper, Carlo Maratti (17th Cent. Italian) Madonna & Child Large Oil, Sir Godfrey Kneller (18th Cent. English) Impressive Monumental Portrait of Lord Clifford & Lady Jane Oil Painting, A. Lambourg (French) Beach Scene Small Oil, Philippe Noyer (French) Woman with Cheetah Large Painting, Charles Levier (French) Still Life Landscape Oil, Charles Levier (French) Oil of Boats, Isaac Maimon (Israeli) Large Woman in Interior Oil Painting, Isaac Maimon (Israeli) Seated Woman Bronze Sculpture, Giuseppe Guerreschi (Italian) Abstract Oil Painting, Xavier Escueda (Mexican) Constructivist Oil Painting, Alexandra Nechita (Russian) Abstract Watercolor Drawing, etc. Asian & Middle Eastern Antiquities: Pair of Museum Quality Yellow Ground Famille Rose Butterfly Jardinieres (Early 19th Century, Qing), A Fine Antique Robin's Egg Blue Handled Jar, A Fine Robin's Egg Blue Porcelain Bowl, Antique Blue Monochrome Hu Form Beaker Vase with Handles, An Unusual Antique Carved Cinnabar Guanyin Figure, Ancient Chinese Warring State Ritual Food Bronze Censor, Ming Bronze Brush Pot with Relief Figures, Pair of Yellow Peking Glass Vases with Carved Calligraphy, Antique Qajar Worked Silver Ram Figure, Antique Anglo Indian Brass Mounted Chest, Persian Islamic Silver Inlaid Teapot & Warmer, Group of Ancient Amlash Iranian Ceramics, Antique Chinese Bronze Censor, Old Famille Verte Puzzle Teapot with Pewter Mounts, Pair of Aloeswood Carved Wine Cups with Shou Symbols, Fine Pair of Republic Gilt Porcelain Vases, Pair of Yellow Monochrome Crackle Glaze Vases, Antique Chinese Gilt Lacquered Gaming Box, Chinese Hardstone Signs of the Zodiac Figure Set in Case, Antique Chinese Gold Thread Framed Embroidery, Pair of Fine Cloisonné Rams on Stands, Collection of Tongzhi Porcelain Bowls & Dishes, Enameled Peking Glass Vase & Snuff Bottle, A Chinese Bronze Dragon Bulb Shaped Vase, A Republic Famille Rose Garden Seat, Group of Chinese Silkwork Collars, Korean Ox Horn Decorated Small Chest, etc. Fine Jewelry, Watches, & Silver: Fabulous Estate Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Pendant Tie Necklace, Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Basket of Flowers Pendant/Brooch, Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Lady's Platinum & Diamond Bracelet, Peruvian Heavy 18k Women's Jewelry Suite, Edwardian Mine Cut Diamond & Pearl Brooch, Horse Shoe Gold Diamond & Ruby Custom Made Brooch, Russian Faberge Guilloche Enameled Cigarette Box or Compact, Men's Rolex 18k Presidential with Diamond Numerals with Box, Vintage Rolex Precision Stainless Men's Wristwatch, Vintage Rolex Men's Wristwatch, 2.21ct Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14k Diamond Cluster Ring, 14k Diamond & Sapphire Cluster Ring, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Rene Lalique "Six Figurines Et Masques" Frosted Glass Vase, Rare Stevens & Williams Intaglio Cut Art Nouveau Vase, Tiffany & Co. Pinecone Humidor, 2pc Rookwood Vellum Glaze Vases, Meissen Allegory of Autumn Porcelain Figure, Pair of Hochst Fine German Porcelain Figures, Fine Dresden Triple Figure Group, etc. Fine Table Lamps: Tiffany Studios Lemon Leaf Leaded Glass Table Lamp with Original Bronze Base, Pairpoint Puffy "Pansies" Glass Shade Table Lamp with Original Base, Pairpoint Puffy "Grapes" Glass Shade Table Lamp with Original Base, Pairpoint Reverse Painted Roses Table Lamp with Original Base, Pairpoint Puffy Small Dresser Lamp with Original Base, Antique Reed & Barton Egyptian Revival Bronze Base Table Lamp with Leaded Floral Glass Shade, Handel Slag Glass Shade Table Lamp with Marked Base, Edward Miller Floral Leaded Glass Shade Table Lamp, etc. 20th Century Design: Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Black Leather Egg Chair & Ottoman, Finn Juhl for Niels Vodder Teak Oval Dining Table, Set of 8 Moller Teak Armchairs, Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Teak Round Pedestal Coffee Table, Hans Wegner for RY Mobler "President" Tambour Door Teak Credenza or Sideboard, Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck Teak Tea Cart & Folding Round Table, Pair of Kofod-Larsen Denmark Teak Lounge Chairs, Pair of Aksel Madsen for Billy King Mid Century Armchairs, Vistosi Murano Glass Disc Chandelier with Matching Sconces, Fortuny Italian Designer Chandelier, ABBONDinterni Italian Designer Desk, Set of 4 Moller Rosewood Dining Chairs, Rene Herbst "Sandow" Side Chair, William Moore Large Figure Wood Sculpture, etc. Fine Oriental Rugs: Antique Kirman 17' Oriental Runner Rug, Antique Persian Hunt Scene Palace Size 11'x17' Oriental Rug, Fine Persian Silk Small Carpet, Collection of Antique Caucasian Oriental Scatter & Prayer Rugs, Kazak, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Swiss 14" Cylinder (8 Songs) Music Box in Marquetry Inlaid Case, Impressive Italian Carved Alabaster Tiger Large Sculpture, Persian Khatam Framed Large Painting (Frye Art Museum Label), etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday June 2, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates featuring Mid Century Teak Furnishings, Chinese & Asian Rosewood Furnishings, Oriental Rugs, Sterling, Crystal, Artglass, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Trains, RC Planes & Boats

Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Hans Wagner Attributed Daybed, Arne Vodder Pea Green Armchair, Denmark Pea Green Sofa and Lounge Chair, Denmark Teak Shelving Unit, Florence Knoll End Table, Johannes Anderson for Silkeborg Round Coffee Table, Pair of John Kael for Brown & Saltman Hexagonal End Tables, Harry Lunstead Design Dining Table, 5pc Harry Lunsted Design Coffee & End Tables, Jorgen Rasmussen for Kevi Denmark Office Chair, Hans Andersen for Gunnar Schwartz L.A. Teak Coffee Table, Pair Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy Butterfly Chairs, Edward Wormley for Dunbar Armchair, Group of Murano Glass, Dansk Teak Ice Bucket & Flatware, Paul McCobb Compote Set, Group of Blenko Glass, Holmegaard Stemware Set, Palshus Denmark Pottery Vase, Group of Studio Glass Hanging Sculptures, A. Rudin Leather & Upholstered Loveseat, Large Teak Wall Unit, Narrow Teak Tall Bookcase, etc. Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Arts & Crafts Oak Rocker, Austrian Walnut Linen Cupboard, Queen Anne Games Table, Queen Anne 3 drawer Stand, Antique Chests, Heavy Carved Antique Dining Table & 6 Carved Chairs, Deco Walnut Executive Desk, Karges Fine Quality Carved Console Table & Large Carved Coffee Table, Pair of Metal Base Marble Top Small Tables, Marble Top Victorian Lamp Table, Marble Top Contemporary Designer Chest, Large Fancy Gold Frame Bevelled Mirror, Brass Cheval Floor Standing Mirror, Brass & Iron Bread Rack, Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table, etc. Childs Antiques: Very Nice & Unusual Children's Toy Furniture, Childs Oak Display Cabinet, Oak Dresser, 3 Doll Beds, Victorian Strollers, Oak High Chair/Youth Chair, Doll Quilts, etc. Lighting: 2 Vintage Stained Glass Lamps, Floor & Table Lamps, etc. Oriental Rugs: Antique Oriental Rugs, Sarouks, 4x6, 3x5, 3x12 runner, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Signed Hoi Lebadang Abstract Lithograph, Signed Michael Bedard Lithograph, New Yorker Twin Towers Signed Lithograph, Antique Frames, Oil Paintings, Lithographs, Block Prints, Engravings, Etchings, etc. Photography: Many Deco Bronze Framed 16"x20" Photographs by Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson from the Exchange Building in Seattle, Vintage Norman Edson Suns Last Glow in Batwing Frame, etc. Antique Etchings & Engravings, Watercolors, Collection of Japanese Block Prints, Elton Bennett Silkscreen Prints, etc. Clocks: Vienna Regulator, Antique American & German Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Regulator Clocks, Kitchen Clocks, Coo Coo Clocks, Clock Parts, Carriage Clock, Table Clocks, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Antique Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Navajo Jewelry, Sterling Serving Pieces, Basket, Candlesticks, Compotes, Servers, US Coins, Antique Victorian Silver Plate Tea & Coffee Service, Large Silver Plate Trays & Serving Pieces, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Collection of American Brilliant Cut Glass, Signed Libbey & Hawkes, Waterford Lismore Stemware, Waterford Lamps, Cut Stemware, Pair of Cranberry Lustres w/prisms, Hand Painted Limoge items, Studio Glass, Lladro Figure Group, Majolica Tray, Sets of China: Royal Doulton Chiltern, Floral Lenox, Russell Wright, Coalport, very large set of Currier & Ives Dishes, Liberty Blue, Set of 12 Fine China Service Plates, Yellow & Green Depression Glass, Elegant Depression Glass, Heisey, Fostoria, Roseville, Weller, Studio Pottery, Very Nice Studio Glass Items, Large Italian Pottery Head Vase/Planter 20", Steins, Fenton Glass, Carnival Glass, Beswich Figures, etc. Asian: Chinese Carved Rosewood Large Desk & Credenza/File Cabinet, Carved Round Table, 2 Pairs of Chinese Armchairs, Lacquer Curio Cabinet & Console, Chinese 4 Panel Screen, Jardinier Stand, Lamp, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Lots of Fine Imari Wares, Chargers, Bowls, Japanese Wood Block Prints, Garden Stool, Teapots, Scroll Paintings, Satsuma, Snuff Bottles, etc. Items of Interest: Lionel Pre War Trains, 1666E & 253 Engines, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Mink & Fur Jackets, 2 Violins, Brass & Copper Planters & Pots, Antique Books, 1930s Cathedral Radio, Radio Control Planes & Boat Models, Vintage Typewriter, Stained Glass Panel, Bronzes, Patchwork Quilt, Maps, Carbide Lamps, Large Brass Figureal Door Knocker, Large Brass Inkwell set, Old Bottles, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday May 19, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates including Perkins Lane Magnolia Estate, featuring Modern & Designer Furnishings, Chinese & Asian Furnishings, Antique Victorian Furnishings, Oriental Rugs, Sterling, Crystal, Artglass, Chinese & Asian

Modern & Designer Furnishings: Gastone Folding Bar Cart by Antonio Citterio w/Oliver Law, 1991, Leather Covered Armchair, Pair of Stuart Leapord Style Upholstered Armchairs, 4 piece Sectional by Bernhardt, Pair of Pace Glass Waterfall Chrome/Glass Small Tables, Lucite Serving Cart, Round Glass Top Table & 4 Chairs, Stilnovo Milano Table Lamp, Arerlux Milano Floor Lamps, Pair of McGuire Armchairs, MCM Lane Coffee Table, Walnut Night Stand, Oak Tall Slim Curio Cabinet, Pair of MCM Armchair, Spanish Style Trestle Dining Table, Set of 6 Designer Leather & Mohair Dining Chairs, etc. Antique Furnishings: Signed Hunzinger Esthetic Movement Side Chair, Victorian Walnut Double Door Tall Bookcase, Victorian Burl Walnut Cylinder Roll Top Secretary Desk, Victorian Marble Top Commode, (5) Victorian Marble Top Lamp Tables, Victorian Armchairs, Lifetime Cherry Curved Glass China Cabinet, English Inlaid Game Table, Mahogany China Cabinet, Dining Set Oval Double Pedestal Table, set of 4 Dining Chairs, 2 Mahogany Bedroom Sets, Mahogany Kneehole Desk, Art Deco Style Walnut Executive Desk, Waterfall Cedar Chest, Miniature Child's Boston Rocker, Antique Framed Mirror, etc. Lighting: Designer Floor & Table Lamps, Wrought Iron Double Double Ball Floor Lamp w/Carved Marble Base, Antique French Bronze Table Lamp, Pair Cranberry Hurricane Lamps, Pair of Italian Milano White Adjustable Table Lamps, etc. Guitars: C F Martin Guitar as-is (needs repair), Mateo M-80 Guitar, St George Guitar, Handmade Double Neck Guitar, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Antique & Vintage Oriental Rugs in various sizes, Room size to small scatters, Runners, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Vintage French & American Paintings, Chagall Print, Bernard Buffet Print, 3 Signed R C Gorman Prints, NW Watercolors by Helen Everett, High Quality Etchings, Lithographs & Engravings, Japanese Block Prints, C Maron French Etching, Modern Sculptures by listed artists, Bronze Bust, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Antique Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Set of Lunt Sterling Flatware, Lots of Sterling Flatwares, Early American Coin Silver Flatware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Pocket Watches, Hatpins, etc. Coins & Currency: US Vintage Coins, Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Canadian Silver Dollars, Silver Rounds. Crystal, China & Pottery: Signed Studio Glass, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Waterford, Stemware, Large Bowls, Murano Glass, Royal Copenhagen, Heisey Crystal, Royal Doulton Lady Figures, Depression Glass, Majolica, Set of Franciscan Desert Rose Dishes, Black Knight Adams Bavarian Dishes, Studio Pottery, Group of Rosenthal Geese figures designed by Tapio Wirkalla, Paperweights, Glass art, etc. Asian: Large 2 part Tonsu Chest, Antique Chinese Carved Rosewood Alter Table & Cabinets, Chinese Antique Armchairs & Side Chairs, Japanese Temple Bell, Carvings, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonné, Large Chinese Jars, Jade Jewelry, Japanese Wood Block Prints, Garden Stools, Teapots, Scroll Paintings, Textiles, Imari, Satsuma, Jade, Iron Tang Horses, Carved Soapstone Items, Japanes Bronze Small Head signed, etc. Antique & Vintage High Quality Woodworking Tools: Stanley Planes, Compass Plane, Combination Plane w/blades, Saws, Draw Knives, Adz, Drills, Chisels, Large Tool Chest, etc. Items of Interest: Large Antique Bronze Centerpiece Comport w/Horses & Putti, African Wood Carvings & Masks, Vintage & Antique Books & Ephmera, Antique Bound Magazines: Chatterbox, Harpers, Vintage Photos, Vintage License Plates, Lots of old Postcards, Bronzes, signed Baseballs, Pez Dispensers, Airline Hat Badges & Memorabilia, Northwest Airlines, Year Pins, Russian Brass Samovar, (3) Masonic Swords, Girl's Own Annuals from 1890's, Pin Back Buttons, Fine Linen Tablecloths, Needlework, Furs, Rosaries, US Postage Stamp Dispenser Coin Op, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday May 5, Northwest Estates Auction

Northwest Estates including Estate of North West Artist: Louis Anderson, featuring Mid Century Teak Furnishings, Chinese & Asian Rosewood Furnishings, Giant South Seas Shells & Shell & Coral Pier Mirror, Sterling, Crystal, Artglass, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Trains

Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Domino Mobler (2) large bookcase display cabinets, Glass Top Teak Base Round Dining Table w/6 matching Teak Dining Chairs, DIFC Teak Table & 4 High Back Chairs, Bornholm Oak Bar Cabinet on Legs, Glass Top Teak Base Coffee Table, John Keal for Brown & Saltman Extension Coffee Table, Walnut Double Wall Unit, Teak Night Stand, Teak Credenza, France & Sons Teak Dish Top Side Table, Boomerang Shape Teak Desk/Bar, Teak China Display Cabinet w/Curved Glass, Teak Serving Cart, Italian Red Leather large Armchair, etc. Other Furnishings: California Mission Style 8 sided Coffee Table from the William S. Hart Estate, Vintage Cedar Chest, Old Trunks, etc. Firearms: Many Rifles New & Mint in Box: 03-A3 30-O6 Sporterized, .220 Swift Ruger #1, Ruger m77 .25.06, Winchester Model 70 .225, Model 70-XTR Sporter 25.06 Rem, Kimber Model 8.17 mach IV, 1937 M91-30 Ivshev, M91, 1897 Ivshev, Black Powder Rifles, Air Rifles, more antique rifles, etc. Lighting: Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Studio Glass Lamp by Susan Glass, Floor & Table Lamps, Victorian Brass Ceiling Fixtures w/hand painted dome shades & crystal prisms, etc. Oriental Rugs: Many Oriental Rugs in various sizes, Room size to small scatters, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: 4' Bronze Flapper Girl Figure after Chiparus, Oil Paintings by listed artists, Louis Anderson paintings, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Watercolors, Collection of Japanese Block Prints, Elton Bennett Silkscreen Prints, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K Jewelry, pins, rings, Antique Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Navajo Jewelry, Pearls, Lapis, Malachite, Early American Coin Silver Flatware, Sterling Flatware Set, Sterling Serving Pieces, Bowls, Compotes, Servers, Souvinir Spoons, some Coins, Pocket & Wrist Watches, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Daum Nancy Deco Amber Vase, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Waterford Stemware, Cut Stemware, Ruby Cut to Clear Pitcher, Hand Painted Limoge large Tankard & Vase, lots of Studio Glass by Susan Glass, Large Bowls & Lamp, Kosta, Goran Warff, Murano Glass, Salviatti, etc. Asian: Antique Chinese Carved Rosewood Alter Table & Cabinets, Chinese Antique Armchairs, Benches & Side Chairs, Carved Teak Chinese Camphor Chest, Temple Carvings, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Jade Beads, Collection of Japanese Wood Block Prints, Urns, Teapots, Scroll Paintings, Robes & Kimonos, Chinese Stacking Wedding Basket, Large Imari Charger, Satsuma, Jade, Prayer Wheels, etc. Items of Interest: (3) Giant South Seas Shells w/Custom Iron Stands, Fabulous Shell & Coral Pier Mirror, Nautical Clock & Barometer, Railroad Calendars, Books, Time Tables & Ephemera, Lots of Toy Trains, LGB Standard, HO Trains, Bachmann, CCU Ready, Walthers, Train Line, Proto, Toys, TWA Aluminum Table Model Airplane, Mink & Fur Jackets & Coats, Primitive Native Drums, Violin, Brass & Copper Planters & Pots, Vintage Collection of License Plates, Antique Books, Art Books, Persian Brass large Tray Table 4', Vintage Stock Certificates, Old Police Badges, lots of Pocket & Sheath Knives, 1950s Box Type large Television Camera GPL, Graflex WWII Ariplane Camera, 35mm Cameras & Accessories, vintage Typewriter, large Artist's Easel (Louis Anderson), Alladin Lamp, Postcards, Bronzes, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 21, Northwest Estates Auction

Teak Office Furnishings, Period Furnishings, Musical Instruments, US & Foreign Coins & Currency, Fine Chinese & Japanese Antiques & Collectibles, Fine China, Crystal, Jewelry, Advertising

Antique Furnishings: Period English Furniture, Mahogany Secretary, French Arm Chairs & Side Chairs, Walnut Victorian Desk, Country French Walnut Desk, Austrian Bentwood Cane Seat Settee, English Period Pedestal Tip Tables & Candlestands, Period Mahogany Game Table, Large Venetian Mirror, Wing Back Chair, Dry Sink & Antique Covered China Sink in Wood Cabinet, Wicker Armchair, Column Pedestal, etc. Oriental Rugs, 9x12, 8x19, 6x9, 4x6, Scatters, etc. Mid Century & Modern Furnishings, Pair Modern Formed Lucite Bar Stools, Scan Design Teak L Shaped Desk & Accessories, Teak Bookcases, 2 Lunstead Bars, Mid Century End Tables, 4 sections Teak Modular Display/Book Stands, Norwegian Tapestery, etc. Coins: US & Foreign Coins & Currency, Proof Sets, Silver Dollars, etc. Sterling & Jewelry: Sterling Flatware, Souvinir Spooons, Tiffany Silver Jewelry, 14K & Costume Jewelry, Pearls, Lots of large Silver Plated Serving Pieces, etc. Print and Photograph Collection & Artworks by: Salvador Dali AP Signed Surrealist Etching, Alberto Giacometti Figure Etching, Vintage Pablo Picasso Cubist Figure Lithograph, Michael Delacroix "Arc de Triumph" S/N Lithograph Retail $2,650, Michael Delacroix "Tour Eiffel" S/N Lithograph Retail $2,550, Richard Paul Gailey Egyptian Wall Fragments 3pc Cast Resin, 2pc Miloslava Vrbova (1909-1991 Czech Republic) Ballerina Dancer Oils, Jon Van Zyle "White Night" S/N Dogs Lithograph, 2pc Nancy Taylor Stonington S/N Lithographs, JoAnn George "Southeast Village Angoon" S/N Lithograph, 3pc Sharon Norton Alaskan Woodcut Prints, Jack Quisenberry "Old Standard Oil Dock, Junea" Original Watercolor, 2pc Marcus Davis Native Drawings, Janet Turner Large Wildlife Lithograph Framed, 2pc Robert Nicoidski Signed Abstract Lithographs, Harold Altman S/N Park Scene Lithograph, Collection of Liza Jones (Oregon) Wildlife & Landscape Etchings, 4pc Phyllis Taplitz (CA) S/N Fruit Etchings, Collection of Meiji Period Japanese Woodblock Prints, 2pc Toshi Yoshida Modern Woodblock Prints, Edna Stoddart (CA) Abstract Nude Pastel, Frederic Shore "Cotton Prairie, Peoples Valley AZ" Signed Photograph, A. Skarin "Iris" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Andrew Anderson-Bell 1997 "Seagulls on Rock" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Marilyn K. Yee 1993 "View from Brooklyn" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Several Richard Hill (CA) Art Photographs, Various Mid Century Abstract Paintings & Print Work, Collection of Japanese & Chinese Painting Hanging Scrolls, Pair of Chinese Ancestral Scroll Paintings Framed, 2pc Japanese Painted Room Screens, James Audubon Bird Lithographs, Group of Antique Engravings, Lots of Decorative Framed Prints & Artwork from Several Estate Collections MORE THAN AVERAGE! Chinese & Asian: Rosewood small chests, Rosewood Low Table, Chinese Deep CArved Camphor Chest, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes, Carved Wood Figures, Temple Carvings, Carved Jade, Fans, Tonsu Chests, Tibetan Items, Prayer Bells, Figures, Bronzes, Brasswares, Prayer Beads, Copal Amber Beads, Elmwood Desk, Tall Narrow Cabinet, Buddhist Shrines, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Crystal & Glass: Art Glass, Royal Dux, Opaline, Wedgwood, Carnival Glass, Fine China, Paperweights, Scent Bottle, 6 bottle Caster Set, etc. Dolls: Barbie Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Steiff Lion, small antique dolls, etc. Items of Interest: Old Country Store Cheese Cutter, Ships & Railroad Lanterns, Porthole, Ships Wheel Table, Ships Clocks & Barometer, Vienna Regulator 2 Weight Clock, Royal Bonn China Case Mantle Clock, French Cartel Clock, Old Tin Advertising Signs, Posters, Saxaphones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Accordian, (2) I Magnin Fur Coats, Coach Purses, Candlestick Phone, Navajo Rugs, Pendleton Blankets, Hawaiian Menus, Handcuffs, Nikkormat Camera, Exotic Wood Carvings, Sculptures, Boxes, Old Postcards, Lots of Pocket Knives, Vintage Jazz & Blues Records, 2 Flat Screen TVs, Kef Speakers & Subwoofer, Stereo Components, Turntable, Stained Glass Panel, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 7, Sports Memorabilia, Collectibles, Historic Items, Photos, First Nations & Antiques Auction

NW Estates Collections, Sports Memorabilia, Autographs, Collectibles, Photos & Posters, First Nations & Antiques; Part 1 - Online Auction    Part 2 - NW Estates Regular Auction

Part 1 - Online Bidding via Live Auctioneers
Art: Peter Hayward Oil Paintings, Hawaiian Landscape painting, Antique Paintings on Copper, Norman Rockwell signed & limited Edition Lithographs, Erte Suite [The Vamps], Erte Lithographs, 17th & 18th Century Engravings, etc. Posters: Including some of the Rarest 1960's Era Rock & Roll, Psychedelic Posters including, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & The Fish, Rock Festivals, Black Light Posters, WWII Posters, Railroad Posters & Advertising, etc. Autographs, Baseball & Sports: Rare Lone Jack Cigarette Card, Early Baseball Tobacco Cards, Boxing & Collector Cards, Baseball Player Signed Photos, Autographs by Paul Waner, Mickey Cochrane, Hank Gowdy & many, many more, Baseball Cards, Signed Baseballs & Bats, Basketballs, Pinback Buttons, Pennants, Programs, Ticket Stubs, etc. Native Americana & First Nations Items: 3 Edward Curtis Goldtones, 11x14 The Fisherman, 8x10 Homeward, 8x10 Before the Storm, many carved masks, Sun Masks, Paddles, Plaques, Rattles, Dishes, Indian Baskets, Navajo Squash Blossom Necklaces, Silver Conch Belts, Scrimshaw, Beadwork, Native Silver Decorated Spoons, etc. Paper, Photos & Historic Items: Movie Star Signed Photos, Large Format Historic Photos, lots of Excellent Subject Matter Real Photo Post Cards, Black Memorabilia Photos, Flood Photos, Store Fronts, Western, Roosevelt, Railroad, Exploration, Horse Racing, Sporting & Team Photos, Birds of the Pacific Slope Books & Prints, Antique Travel Brochures, Antique Menus, Autographs by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joan Crawford, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Dorsey, etc. Primitives: Circa 1900 Carved Wood Carousel Rooster on Pole, 2 Early Painted Pennsylvania Small Domed Top Boxes, Early Samplers, Quilts, Antique French Jointed Artist's Model, etc. Fine China, Steins, Glass: Mettlach Steins, Minton Oyster Plates, Majolica, Penzo Hand Painted Pottery Dishes from Zimbabwe, Africa, Capo di Monte Service Plates, Box, Mug & Table Screen, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, US Silver Coins, Rare Coins, etc. NASA Items: Prototype early 1960's Space Ship Helmet, Early 1960's Signed Astronaut Photos & Letters. Fine Sterling: Georgian, English, Tankers, Salvers, Pitchers, Candle Sticks, Teapots, Boxes, Salts, Souvenir Spoons, Continental Silver, Tiffany Items, Large Silver Plated 44" High Domed Serving Cart from Weyerhaeuser Corporate Headquarters. Items of Interest: Scale Model of Ships 2 Cylinder Engine, Elastolin Play Toy Sets, Noah's Ark Set w/over 50 figures, Farm Sets w/Animals, Store Display Pocket Knife 11", Store Display 12" Spectacles or Glasses by Defiance, Early Pewter Flagon, World's Fair Items, Sheath Knives, Miniature Printing Press, Carriage Clock, Antique Easel, Boeing Items, Franklin Press Books over 150, 1930's Bound Fortune Magazines, Collection of 1940's/1950's jazz records from the Estate of Former Tacoma, WA, Disc Jockey, Don St. Thomas. Includes many on Norgran & Clef Records with LP's, EP's & 45's by Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson, Roy Eldridge, Lionel Hampton, Flip Phillips and many many more. Rare group of California Photographs by Frasher's Foto including photographs from the Dedication of Walter Beery Airport, etc.
Part 2 - Regular NW Estates Auction with In-house Bidding Only and 3 Silent Auctions
Antique Furnishings: Period European & American Furniture, Carved & Gilt French 3 compartment Settee & Chair, Pairs of French Arm Chairs & Side Chairs, Period English Mahogany Secretary, Mahogany Extension Dining Table, Mahogany set of 6 Inlaid Dining Chairs, Mahogany Inlaid High Chest, Mahogany Inlaid Buffet, Settees, American & English Period Pedestal Tip Tables & Candlestands, Antique Carved Victorian Chest, Antique Fireplace Tools & Andirons, Fender, Mahogany Pedestal Game Table, French Ormulu Half Round Game Table, Carved & Gilt Console Table, Antique Carved & Gilt Framed Mirrors, Oak Lamp Table, Carved Chaise Lounge, 18th Century Italian Cassone, etc. Oriental Rugs, 10x14, 9x12, 4x6, Runner, Scatter, etc. Mid Century & Modern Furnishings, Credenza, Florence Knoll Chromed Steel/Marble Top Coffee & End Tables, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Glass Top Center Table, Glass top/Brass Coffee Table, Red Vinyl Love Seat, Brass Sofa Table, Pair of Heckman Oval Inlaid Side Tables, etc. Sterling & Jewelry: 4 sets of Sterling Flatware all services for 12, French Sterling Basket, Dutch Silver, English Silver Shakers, Salts, Serving Pieces, Spooons, fine 14K Diamond Rings, Gold Coin, English Mother of Pearl Handle Fish Service for 12 in Wood Box, Lots of large Silver Plated Serving Pieces from Weyerhaeuser Corp, Platters, Covered Servers, Pitchers, Jugs, large Pair of Candelabras, Cuff Links, Gold Pocket & Wrist Watches, Gold Match Safe, Gold Findings, etc. Art: NW Art, Paintings, English Hunt Scene, Watercolors, Prints, Posters, Modern Iron & Bronze Sculptures, etc. Chinese & Asian: Pair Carved Armchairs, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Lots of Rose Canton Chinese Dishes, Bronzes, Carved Wood Figures, Carved Jade, large Temple Bell, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Crystal & Glass: Moser Stemware & Decanter Set, SW Pot, lots of Marquis Crystal MIB (never used in original boxes), Staffordshire Fairing & Spill Vase, Set of Foley Fine China, Art Glass, Royal Copenhagen Figures, Paperweights, etc. Items of Interest: NW Totem, Primitive Dome Chest, Fur Coats, Figural Ink Well, Figural Oil Lamps, Wrought Iron Candelabra, Vintage Stained Glass Lamps, Antique Paisley Shawls, Pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab Tower Speakers, many large lots of Vintage Jazz Records, Baseball Themed Magazines, Antique Lap Desk on Stand, Chinese Stamps, DeLonghi Expresso Maker, Showtime Rotisserie, Logging Photos, etc.  See photos, part 1, photos, part 2, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday March 24, Premier Fine Art & Antique Auction

Featuring a Selection of Fine Japanese & Chinese Antiquties From Local Estate Collections; Important American & European Artworks including An Original Auguste Rodin Seated Nude Watercolor Drawing & Karel Appel Abstract Acrylic Painting; Fine Northwest Artworks Featuring the Skagit Valley Artists

Northwest Art and Sculpture: Exceptional Z.Z. Wei Large 36"x48" Landscape Oil, Richard Gilkey "Night Landscape" Skagit Valley Oil, Large Alden Mason 1975 Abstract Acrylic, Morris Graves Chalice with Snake Tempera Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Daybreak" 1964 Abstract Collage, Exceptional Boy Gonzales Jr. "Intimate Landscape" 1940's Oil, Large Boyer Gonzales Jr. Abstract Seascape Large Oil, Philip McCracken "Young Hawk" 1962 Bird Bronze, Impressive Rosalyn Gale Powell "Autumn Flowers" Trompe l'oeil Oil, Carl Morris "Deciphered Stone" Series Abstract Oil, Kenneth Callahan Two Early Landscape Works, Kenneth Callahan Horse Sumi (Frederick/Nelson Little Gallery Label), Frank Okada Gray & Blue Abstract Oil, Impressive Charles Edward Heaney Oil of Fish (Exhibited Work), Neil Meitzler Abstract Mountain Painting (Former SAM Collection), Charles Krafft Disasterware Painting, Morris Graves Chalice with Snake Tempera Painting, Carl Morris "Deciphered Stone" Series Abstract Oil, Kenneth Callahan Two Early Landscape Works, Frank Okada Gray & Blue Abstract Oil, Impressive Charles Edward Heaney Oil of Fish (Exhibited Work), Frederick Heidel (OR) Fused Glass & Steel Sculpture, Richard Kirsten "The Magic Frog" Bronze Sculpture, Mark Rediske Abstract Paintings (2 Works), Lloyd Blakley Large Abstract Oil, Marc Bohne Landscape Oils (2 Works), Pete Jordan Landscape Oil, Dale Lindman Abstract, Manfred Lindenberger Mountain Scene Watercolor, Karen Guzak Abstract Oil, Angie Dixon Painting of Horses, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Rudy Autio 2' Abstract Ceramic Sculptures (2 Works), Toshiko Takaezu Early Weed Vase, Frederick Heidel Fused Glass & Steel Sculpture, Shoji Hamada Plate & Jar in Original Boxes, Tatsuzo Shimaoka Bottle Vase in Box, Mutsuo Yanagihara Vase & Plate, Large Collection of Louis Mideke Pottery (50+ Pieces) from former friend of artist, etc. American & European Paintings: Important Auguste Rodin Seated Nude Watercolor & Graphite with Full Provenance, Maurice Prendergast Woman with Umbrella Watercolor, Karel Appel "2 Boys & Bird" 1973 Acrylic on Paper (Martha Jackson Gallery Label), Hans Hofmann Untitled Gouache Abstract with Provenance, Stella Mertens (French) Abstract Still Life Oil, Rene Andreau (French) Large Lake Scene Oil Painting, Guido Idierna (Italian) Sailboat Oil, 18th Century Italian School Religious Oils, etc Fine Prints: Robert Motherwell Aquatint Etching Edition of 6, James Whistler Pencil Signed "Old Westminster Bridge" Etching, James Whistler "Nursemaid & Child" Lifetime Etching, Victor Vasarely Large Optic & Golfer Serigraphs, Early Kawase Hasui Woodblock Print, Several Tsuchiya Koitsu Early Prints, Collection of Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints, Early Yoshida Woodblock Prints, Several Early Kiyoshi Saito Prints, Elizabeth Keith Woodblock Print, Pair of Early Kiyoshi Saito Children Woodblock Prints, etc. Japanese Antiquities: Antique Samurai Swords & Tonto Daggers (5pc), Inlaid Bronze & Iron Tsubas & Sword Mounts, Gold Inlaid Bronze Seated Daruma Okimono Signed, Bronze Fukurokuju Okimono Signed, Mixed Metals Koro Censor, 5pc Japanese Heavy Sterling Tea Service, Japanese Silver Dragon Tetsubin Teapot, Several Japanese Sterling Serving Items in Boxes, Satsuma Vases & Imari Porcelain Collection, Pair of Large Satsuma Bird Vases on Stands, Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Shoji Hamada Plate in Box, Tatsuzo Shimaoka Bottle Vase in Box, Mutsuo Yanagihara Pottery Vase & Plate, etc. Chinese Antiquities: A Rare Blue & White Porcelain Garlic Vase Late Qing Dynasty, A Fine Chinese Clair de Lune Porcelain Censor with Qianlong Marks, Fine Guangxu Famille Rose Bottle Vase, 18th Century Transitional Blue & White Porcelain Jar, Antique Imitation Bronze Archaic Censor with White Jade Finial (Comes in Fitted Presentation Box), Antique White Jade Floral Belt Buckle, Antique Shou Symbol Belt Buckle, Fine White Jade Miniature Censor with Relief Flowers, White Jade Carved Dragon Pendant on Stand, Antique Jade Carved Twin Horse Figure on Stand, Antique Jadeite Butterfly Pendant on Stand, 4pc Antique Red Cinnabar Pieces, Fine Republic Porcelain Charger with Scholars, Antique Porcelain Cricket Box, 2pc Antique Brass Ink Box with Seal Marks & Calligraphy, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Art Deco Platinum 1.75ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Antique Chinese 22k Gold Dragon Bracelet, Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch with Box, Vintage Men's Rolex Wristwatch with Box, Women's 18k White Gold & Diamond Piaget Wristwatch, Solid 14k Band Boucherer Women's Wristwatch, Antique Italian Gold & Micro Mosaic Floral Brooch & Earring Set, 5pc Japanese Sterling Tea Service, Group Japanese Sterling Serving Pieces in Fitted Boxes, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Group of French Cameo Glass Vases, Meissen Bird Figure, etc. 20th Century Design: Herman Miller Zebra Wood & Chrome Desk, Edward Wormley for Dunbar Dining Table, Edward Wormely for Dunbar Credenza, Set 6 Moller Danish Teak Dining Chairs, 2pc Marshall Martz Tile End Tables, George Nelson for Herman Miller Dresser Chest, Joe Columbo "Elda" Italian Armchair, etc. Items of Interest: Austrian Guilloche on Silver Annular Egg Shaped Clock, French Ormolu Hanging Wall Clock, Indo Persian Koftgari Inlaid Horse Head Dagger, Amethyst Kirman Oriental Room Size Rug, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday March 10, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates including Antique Collections from the Estate of Stewart Stern, Famous Playwright & Author of "Rebel Without a Cause" starring James Dean in the Movie, featuring American Primitive Pine, Flame & Grain Painted Furnishings, 18th & 19th Century, Mirrors, Artwork, Majolica, Primitives, Sterling, Crystal, Artglass, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Ham Radio Items

Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Period American Green Paint Corner Cupboard, Sunshine Early American Display Shelving on Cabinet, Mennonite Cupboard, Early Green Paint Pierced Tin Pie Safe, Kentucky Painted Sugar Bin on Stand, Pine Settle w/Original Paint, 2 sets of (6) Hitchcock & (6)Pennsylvania Dutch Dining Chairs, several Primitive Provincial American Pine Tables, Early Period Pub/Game Table, Early 19th Century Pembroke Drop Leaf Tables, 2 American Oak Curved Glass China Cabinets, Primitive Pine One Door Cabinet, Primitive Grain Painted Blanket Chest, (2) More Period Blanket Chests, Grain Painted Cradle, French Parquetry Table w/Drawer, Primitive American Rocker dated 1837, Early American Primitive Youth High Chair, Early Primitive Painted Game Table, (4) Fancy Victorian Wicker High Back Straight Chairs, Fancy American Oak Square Lamp or Music Box Table, Period Mahogany 4 drawer chest, Pair of high back Twin Size Brass Beds, Antique Buggy Seat, Primitive Pine Double School Desk, Antique Adjustable Architect's Work Table, Pair of Early Wing Back Chairs, Early American Poster Rope Bed, etc. Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Kittenger Mahogany Buffet, Inlaid Center Table w/2 Drawers, Brown & Jordan extra fancy wrought aluminum benches, chairs & table, Tufted Green Leather Armchair, etc. Lighting: Student Lamp, Oil Lamps w/Glass Shades, Studio Pottery Lamps, Designer Floor & Table Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings by listed artists, Antique Etchings & Engravings, Watercolors, Mirrors, Sydney Laurence Prints, Many Japanese Block Prints, Antique frames, etc. Gold & Sterling: 14K & 18K Jewelry, pins, rings, Costume Jewelry, Amber, Sterling top Dresser Jars, Tiffany Sterling spoons & tongs, Early American Coin Silver Flatware, Sterling Flatware, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Servers, etc. Clocks & Watches: E. Edwards Early American Long Case Pine Clock with Wooden Works, Behive Clock, Watches, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Large Collection of Majolica, Pitchers, Trays, Cups, Plates, Candlesticks, etc., Lalique Vase & Card Holder, Tiffany Aurene Salt, Steuben Crystal Vase, Orient & Flume small vases, Sabino Bowl, Daum Nancy Bud Vase, lots of American Brilliant Cut Glass, large set of Mintons Fine China, Cut Stemware, R S Prussia, Meissen, lots of Hand Painted Limoge including large vases, pitchers, lg Doulton Pitcher, Satin Glass, Thumbprint Cranberry Perfume, Early Creamware, Victorian Brides Basket, Delft Chargers, Double Crystal Inkwell Set w/Holder, Wavecrest, Moser, Capo di Monte, Cut Crystal Stemware Sets, Cobalt Cut Stemware, Pink Crystal stemware, etc. Asian: (2) Antique Low Chinese Rosewood Tables, Pair Chinese Antique Armchairs, Antique Chinese tall Rosewood Carved Stand, Lots of Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Cloisonne, Lg Cloissone Crane Figure, Many Japanese Wood Block Prints, Chinese Ceramics, Vases, Urns, Teapots, Incense burners & Censer, Many Scroll Paintings, Coral Beads, Tetsubin Iron Teapots, Antique Mah Jong Game Set in Rosewood Box, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Carousel Rooster Figure on Pole Stand w/Glass Eyes, Napoleon's Son, Napoleon II items, portraits, plates, medals, etc, Several Early American Brass & Iron Andiron Sets, Primitive American Antique Hand Wrought Iron Fire Tools, Early American Patchwork Quilt, Wood Carvings, Silver Plate Serving Pieces, Food Servers, Early 1950's Admiral Bakelite Cabinet Small Screen TV, WWII Era Radios, Signal Corps Radio BC-224-B,Tubes, Books, etc, Antique Fans, Foreign Coins & Currency, Oak case Victor Type E Disc Phonograph w/Horn, 1940's Mills Bursting Cherry 5 Cent Slot Machine, Victorian Black Lacquer Piano & Oak Piano Stool w/glass ball feet, Large Dictionary on Stand, large Collection of NOS Pocket Knives, lg Hiawatha Chalk Figure, Early Pewter Wares, Hooked rugs, Antique American Esthetic Movement Adjustable Easel, Chalkware, Wood Buckets, Early Copper & Brass, WWII Military Items, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday February 18, Rare Print & Poster Collection Auction

Featuring a collection of vintage Soviet Propaganda Posters and Associated American Artists (AAA) Lithographs, Etchings and Woodcuts.

Soviet Propaganda Posters: Impressive collection from local estate all dated 1950-1954 with posters by N. Dolgorukov, K.K. Ivanov, Kukrynisky, V. Briskin, Ivan Demenov, Mikhail Soloviev, N. Ponomarev, N.P. Smolyak, I. Solomennyi, Valentin Viktorov, Yosif Ganf, Mark Abramov, Boris Efimov, A.I. Lavrov, A. Kokorekin, V. Naryshkin, V. Suryaninov, V.B. Koretsky, L. Golovanov, B.A. Mukhin, S. Zabamev, N. Karpovskii, Peter Golub, E.S. Maloletkov, A. Luppov, Yurii Chudov, N. Tereshenko, V.I. Vekshin, Valentin Vittorov, O. Kapshaninova, M. Khazanovskii, P.Y. Karachentsov, V.G. Kalabin, P.V. Karachentsov, V. Viktorov, N. Akimushkin, Boris Belpolsky, N. Vatolina, A. Kossov, Boris Berezovskii. Prints: Fine group of lithographs, etchings and woodcuts, many issued by Associated American Artist's (AAA) in the 1930's. The majority were never framed and are in rarely found near mint condition. Includes works by John Steuart Curry "John Brown" lithograph, John Sloan "Night Windows" etching, Peggy Bacon, George L.K. Morris lithograph, Pablo Picasso, Louis Lozowick "Silver and Gold", Ernest Fiene, Adolf Dehn, Paul Cezanne "Paysage a Auvers", George Grosz, Andre Kormendi. Jean Charlot, Alice Tenney, Victor De Pauw, Joan Miró, Joe Jones, Raphael Soyer, Alexander Brook, Jon Corbino, John De Martelly, Philip Cheney, Gordon Grant, William Gropper, Lawrence Beall Smith, Glen Alps, Stow Wengenroth, John Noble, Louis Corinth, Walter DuBois Richards, George Jo Mess, Emil Ganso, John Costigan, Joseph Margulies, Luigi Lucioni, George Elbert Burr, Walter Breene, Spencer Edward Sanders, John Taylor Arms, Edouard Manet, Richard Correll, Paul Landacre, Carroll Thayer Berry, Raymond Loewy, Miles Davis, Gerhard Marcks, R.C. Lee, Robert Bruce Invarity, Fumio Kitaoka, Elton Bennett, Marvin Oliver and more. Posters: Andy Warhol Fifth New York Film Festival, WWII U.S., advertising, movie posters including Back to the Future, Star Trek. Rock posters including Led Zeppelin, Rush, REM, Bob Dylan and more. Photography: "Short Stack, Fourteen Photographs in a Box" featuring Larry Sultan color photo "Sharon Wild", Peter Simon photo of Bob Dylan, Francois Tuefferd, Bill Owens, Stephen Shore, Lisette Model, Richard Scott Hill and more. Items of Interest: Frank Lloyd Wright Building Plans and Designs numbered edition, Seattle World's Fair photos and posters.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday February 11, Native Art & Artifacts Auction

Featuring the lifetime family collection of Northwest Artist, Danny Pierce. Also contemporary carvings and print work from various collections.

Alaskan Paintings: A fine collection of paintings by Eustace Ziegler. Including a 20"x24" oil entitled "My Studio - Mt. McKinley Alaska", a 16"x20" Eskimo portrait oil, Doxie & Basil Oil with Letter From Ziegler, "My Camp" Oil of Prospectors & Horses, A Reclining Female Nude Oil, a small Madonna & Child Oil, etc. Also an exceptional Merlin Enabnit "Paradise Valley" Oil and Watercolor of Pack Horses. Indian Baskets: A fine selection of Tlingit Open and Rattle Top Baskets, A fine Pomo Basket with Beading, Various Cowlitz (Salish) Pictoral and Geometric Design Baskets, Fine Alaskan Aleut Covered Basket & Hat Basket, Various Yup'ik Eskimo Covered and Open Baskets, Alaskan Baleen & Ivory Covered Baskets (3 Pieces), Various Hupa Basketry Hats and Open Baskets, Several Makah or Nootka Trinket Baskets, Nuuchahnulth Painted Basketry Hat with U-Form Design, etc. Artifacts: A Rare Eskimo Bentwood Box with Ivory Fittings & Opposing Whale Finial, Antique Tlingit Bentwood Storage Boxes, Eskimo Bentwood Basket with Ivory Handle and Polar Bear Motif, Collection of Carved Tlingit Mountain Goat Horn Spoons with Totemic Handles, 1850's Haida Argillite Carved Dish, 18th Century Tsimshian Shaman's Rattle, Early Ivory & Stone Adz, Various Carving Tools, Antique Eskimo Sewing Kit and Needle Case, Collection of Carved Walrus Ivory Miniature Implements, etc. Hunting & Fishing: Antique Eskimo Bird Harpoon, Antique Eskimo Heavy Duty Harpoon with Figural Finger Rest and Spur-Shod Butt, Old Tlingit Carved Halibut Hook, Eskimo Ivory & Whale Bone Fish Weights, Strand of Wood & Ivory Wound Plugs, Eskimo Whale Bone Bird Bola, Pair of Seal Skin Moccasins, etc. Masks, Rattles, & Grease Bowls: Impressive David Boxley Eagle Spirit Mask, Impressive Steve Brown Eagle Transformation Mask, Don Lelooska Carved & Painted Bukwus Mask, Duane Pasco Carved & Painted Bear Mask, Duane Pasco Owl Headdress on Stand, Wildman Mask by Micah Vogel, Mark Westby Carved Masks (2 Works), Micah McCarty Carved Pook-Oops Mask, Glen Rabena Carved Shaman Mask, Don Lelooska Loon Carved & Painted Grease Bowl, David Boxley Covered Canoe Box, Rare David Boxley Experimental Double Bentwood Box, Early Henry Hunt Bentwood Cradle, Bill Henderson 6' Carved & Painted Spirit Stick on Stand, Sam Johnson Dzunukwa Mask, Andy Wilbur Wildman Mask, Derald Scoular Large Crooked Beak Mask, Large Polychrome Painted Raven Mask with Interior Salmon, Willie Marks Carved Human Mask, Old Inupiaq Raven Mask, Old Yup'ik Walrus & Seal Carved Masks, Contemporary Yup'ik Humanoid Mask, Painted Bird Alder Rattle by Don Smith, Carved Alder U-Form Design Bowl by Glen Rabena, etc. Southwest: Nez Perce Cornhusk Bag, Plateau Beaded Floral Bag, Collection of Old Pawn Jewelry & Southwest Squash Blossoms by Known Artists, etc. Sculpture: Early Robert Davidson Argillite Totem Pole, Pat Dixon Argillite Totem Pole, Steatite Dancing Walrus by Axangaya Shaa, Serpentine Muskox by Seepee Ipeelee, David & Goliath Soapstone Carving by Samson Lingalik, October Moon Maquette Sculpture by Tim Paul, Ivory Halibut Scene by Brian Kulik, Gary Olver Carved Argillite Raven Dancer Miniature Box, R.C. Gorman Large S/N Ceramic Vase, etc. Fine Print, Photography, & Artwork: Photographs by Edward & Asahel Curtis, Leroy Updyke Mount Rainier Oil Paintings (2 Works), Delane Northwest Landscape Oil, Edith Wiley Mt. Rainier Oil, Early Northwest Mountain Scene Landscape Oils, Collection of Contemporary Native Serigraphsy by Bill Reid, Robert Davidson Jr., Susan Pointe, Bill Holm, Art Thompson, Berry Herem, Beau Dick, Pat Amos, Don Yeomans, Phil Janze, Roy Vickers, Duane Pasco, Joe David, Ron Sebastian, Tony & Noreen Hunt, Robin Wright/Billie Seaweed, etc. Collection of Inuit Stonecut Prints by Pitseolak, Lucy Qinnuayuak, Imoona Karpik, Jamasie, Tivi Etook, Tuckiakshuk, Leah Qumaluk, Kananginak, Pudlo Pudlat, Johny Pov, Ikuyukta, Josie Paperk, etc. Collection of Fred Machetanz S/N Alaskan Lithographs, Collection of Rie Muñoz S/N Prints including a rare early AP print, etc. Jewelry: Silver Teardrop Pendants by Eugene Hunt, Rectangular Argillite Pendant by Pat Dixon, 2pc Larry Ahvakana Ivory Art Jewelry, 4pc Augustus Googins (Husband of Nakwesee, Patty Fawn's Daughter) Kwakiutl Art Jewelry, Killer Whale SS Pendant by Lloyd Wadhams, Antique NW Coast Silver Bracelet, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Hawaiian Calabash Bowl, Antique Chilkat Style Dance Robe Worn at the AYP, Eskimo Scrimshawed Walrus Skull with Tusks, A Rare Four Tusk Walrus Taxidermy Mounted Head with Provenance, 2pc Bing & Grondahl Large Bird Figures, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday January 28, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates including Interior Decorator's Estate, 18th & 19th Century Period Antique Furnishings, Mirrors, Artwork, Stained Glass Floor Lamps & A&C Fixture, Sterling, Crystal, Artglass, Chinese & Asian Ceramics, Toys, Trains

Antique and Vintage Furnishings: Period Sheraton & Marquetry Chests, 18th Century Welsh Kitchen Dresser, 18th Century Italian Decorated Bombay Chest on tall legs with Hoof Feet, early 1800's Cherry Corner Cupboard, Early 19th Century Pembroke Drop Leaf Tables, Early 19th Century Tilt Top Birdcage Tea Table, Fine English Inlaid Tall Pedestal, (3) Pairs of Carved French Armchairs, English Early 1800's Boot Rack, 2 American Oak Curved Glass China Cabinets, Large Oak A&C Armchair, Oak 2 drawer Lowboy, Carved Oak 1920's Renaissance Dining Table with 6 chairs & matching Buffet, Heavily Carved Wood Frame 1920's Sofa & 2 matching Armchairs, Vintage Iron/Glass 2 door Medical Cabinet, French Pine Chest & Desk, Primitive Pine Hutch, Walnut China Cabinet, Designer Black Buffet, Venitian painted & decorated green folding table, Oriental runner & scatter rugs, Sarouks, Italian Verde Marble Pedestal, large Gold framed Pier Mirrors, etc. Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Set of 12 Brueton Chrome Dining Armchairs, White Tulip Table & 4 Chairs, Cherner by Plycraft side chair, Mongolian Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table, Set of 6 Designer Italian Armchairs by Accademia, Pair of Teak Night Stands, Benches & Stools, large Gilt Metal Sheath Wheat Designer Lamp by Marbro Lamps, etc. Lighting: Antique Leaded stained glass A&C ceiling fixture, stained glass lamp shade, Leaded Glass Antique Floor Lamp, Oil Lamp Ball Shades, Studio Pottery Lamp, many Designer Floor & Table Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: NW Landscape Oil Paintings by listed artists: William Carson, John Fery, John DeLane, Newton, Lobb, Hasselbar, Many Antique Etchings & Engravings, group of (6) 18th Century Botanical Prints, large group of 18th Century Greek Copper Engravings, Watercolors, Mirrors, Sydney Laurence Prints, Elton Bennett, Walton Butts Serigraphs, Block Prints, Antique frames, Bronze Frieze Plaques, Russian Icon, Heavy gilt gold Italian framed Miniature Plaques, Italian carved Marble Bust, etc. Firearms: Walther P38 9mm pistol w/Waffen marks, Colt 380 pistol, I Hollis & Son double barrell shotgun, Civil War Rifle, (2) Russian 1898 Tula rifles, .300 Savage El Paso, Texas rifle, New Haven model 2510 22lf rifle, Remington Model 700 .17 rifle, Remington Mondel 4 7mm EXP/Rem rifle, Remington 788 22-250 rifle, Kimber model 82 218 bee rifle, Ruger 77/22 rifle, Winchester Model 70 XTR featherweight 7mm Mauser, Ruger .280 REM or 7mm REM express Ruger #1 rifle, Winchester Model 70-XTR featherweight .257 Roberts Winchester rifle, etc., 6 of these rifles are new in box and never fired. Gold & Sterling: 14K & 18K Jewelry, pins, rings, Costume Jewelry, Amber, laarge International Hammered Sterling Compote, Sterling top Dresser Boxes, Sterling Baskets, Early Gorham Sterling Box, Sterling Flatware, Coin Silver, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Servers, etc. Clocks & Watches: Mahogany Case Grandmother Clock, Pocket & Wrist Watches, etc. Firearms & Military: 15 Rifles, Remington, Winchester, Russian WWI rifles, WWII PPK Pistol w/Waffen Marks, German WWII Banner, some rifles new in boxes, etc. Trains: American Flyer Trains, Many passenger & freight cars, roundabout, buildings, lights, accessories, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Large Display Perfume Bottles, Collection of Royal Doulton Lady Figures & Miniature Figures, Collection of 60+ Limoges & Halcyon Days Trinket Boxes, Scent Bottles, Glass Jewelry Boxes, Lalique Bird Figure, Verlys large Blue Vase, Murano, Cut Glass, large set of Spode Shanghai Fine China, large set of Wedgwood Patrician Dishes, Hampshire Matt Green Pot & Vase, Roseville & Weller Pottery, Miniatures, Lladro Figures w/boxes, Antique Figural German Character Stein & Humidor, Large Mettlach Covered Punch Bowl w/under tray, Early Hobnail Pitcher & 12 Glasses, Peruvian Pottery, etc. Asian: Pair of 5' Chinese Ceramic Palace Vases w/stands, Antique Chinese Moon 2 door Cabinet, Low Chinese Cabinet w/door, Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Wood Block Prints, Chinese Carved Shrine w/Buddha, Chinese Ceramics, Vases, Urns, Teapots, Incense burners & Censer, Peking Glass, Scroll Paintings, Jade & Hardstone Carvings, Jade discs, Chinese Make Up Boxes w/Mirrors, Stack Baskets, Temple Carvings, (4) large Meiji Silk Screens, Scrimshaw Bone Opium Pipes, large Double Happiness Jars, etc. Items of Interest: Cast Iron Construction Toys, Tootsie Toys, Lead Soldiers, American Flyer Trains, Central Station House, Round House, Passenger Cars, Buildings, Signal Lights, etc, Antique Candlesticks, Wood Carvings, Silver Plate Serving Pieces, lg Food Dome, vintage Mandolin, Sharp Flat Screen TV w/wall mount, antique Oak Wall Telephone, Vintage Iron/Glass 2 door Medical Cabinet, Framed Antique Fans, Heavy Gilt Framed Miniatures, some US Silver Dollars, Foreign Coins & Currency, antique powder horn & flask, Mahogany case upright Victrola, Marble Crypt Upright Slab from NY late 1800's Bouvier Family (Jacqueline Kennedy Relations), Italian Birdcage on stand, Powder Horns, Star Wars Posters & Memorabilia, Panasonic Bookshelf Stereo SA-PM27, Milk Can, Nehi Soda 3 tier Bottle Stand, Space Needle Bottles, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 7, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections: Collectibles, Murano Clowns, Stained Glass Lamps & Fixtures, lots of Sterling, Designer 1980's Furnishings, Antiques, Art, Cut Glass, Crystal, Artglass, Imari & Asian Ceramics, Toys

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: French Marquetry and heavy ormolu Inlaid Bureau Plat w/drawer, Pair Carved Oak Massive Throne Armchairs, French Oak Carved Settee & side chairs, set of 8 Shield Back Dining chairs, Early 1800's English Secretary, English Inlaid Dresser & Bench, Victorian Chair & Corner Chair, Massive Heavy Carved Oak Frame Wall Mirror, Carved tables, Adams Style large China Cabinet painted white w/curved glass front, Nest of Tables, vintage Cedar Chest, etc. Oriental & Designer Rugs: 12x18 Edward Fields Designer Rug, 9x12 Chinese Hooked Dragon Rug, Oriental runner & scatter rugs, etc. Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Mongolian Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table, Italian Lacquered Sideboard by Acerbis, large Round framed bevelled mirror, set of 4 Stendig Black Leather "X" Armchairs, large Wicker Armchair & Ottoman, many Designer Floor & Table Lamps, Murano vertical round glass shade floor lamp, 2 Eiffel Tower Herman Miller Chairs, Redwood Heavy Plank Coffee Table, large Ottomans, large half round smoked glass top coffee table w/lucite legs, etc. Lighting: Collection of 8 Antique & Vintage leaded stained glass ceiling fixtures & 6 table lamps, figural lamps, Fenton Decorated Peachblow hurricane lamp, pair of Coach Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Prints: Erte "Phoenix Trimuphant" S/N Serigraph, Bev Doolittle S/N Prints, Rie Muñoz S/N Prints, Dennis Mukai S/N Prints, Patrick Nagel S/N Silkscreen, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Oil Paintings, Etchings, Prints, Watercolors, many fine Mirrors, Pair of Italian carved wood gilt mirrors, Block Prints, Antique Young Woman prints, fancy frames, Studio Pottery, Studio Glass, etc. Sterling: Mayer Bros large Sterling Compote, Set of Sterling Flatware, Coin Silver, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Sterling candlesticks w/cut hurricane shades, Plates, Servers, etc. Clocks & Watches: Mahogany Case Grandmother Clock, Vienna Regulator Clock, Mantle Clocks, Table Clocks, (40) clocks, Pocket Watches, etc. Lifetime Murano Collection: over 100 glass clown figures, Animals, Peacocks, Birds, Snails, Dogs, Elephants, Fish, Octopus, Cats, Dancers, Figures, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Lalique Plate & Bowl, large Phoenix or Consolidated 16" Bowl w/Koi Fish Decor, Fine Paperweight Collection, Val St Lambert, Verlys, Cut stemware, many American Brilliant Cut Glass items, Meissen, Mary Gregory glass, early porcelain, service plates, large Capo di Monte items, English Argyle Pitcher & Bowl Set, Tea Leaf Lustre Dishes, Fiesta Dishes, Francisan Apple Dishes, Depression Glass, Bohemian Glass, Collector Plates, signed Gone with the Wind, Christmas Plates, Van Briggle & Roseville Pottery, Diamond Quilted Satin Glass vases, Old Paris vases, Flow Blue plate, Miniatures, Doulton Pots, etc. Asian: Fine 4 Panel Scrimshaw Bone & Hard Stone Inlaid Floor Screen, large Japanese Imari Charger, large Japanese Cloisonne footed Champleve Pot, Satsuma & Asian Ceramics, Japanese fine Cloisonne, Japanese Wood Block Print, Japanese Dolls, Japanese Sweet Meat Ceramic Server, Incense burners & Censers, Chinese Bronze Man on Horse, Japanese Scroll Paintings, Hardstone Carvings, etc. Items of Interest: Mills 1945 Golden Gate 25 cent Slot Machine, large Brass Ships Clock, Advertising Ice Cream Sign, Advertising Country Store Needle Dispenser, Copper & Brassware, Antique Books, Telescope, Cecilio Cello, Violin, Guitar, large Tramp Art Box, Copper Milk Can, Vintage Postcards & Albums, Tonka Vehicles & Construction Toys, African Carved Masks, Fur Coats, Mink, Seal, Metal Horses 50's, large Metal Elephant Figure, old woodworking planes, lighters, Advertising trays, 45 records, Carved Totem & Indian Figure, large Russian Samovar, Beam Decanter Collection of Antique & Vintage Autos unopened and several w/boxes, large primitive Tools Chest w/antique tools, large group of Forma Vitrum stained glass leaded light houses & buildings w/boxes, vintage Monroe Calculator, vintage Chrome Christmas Tree, Coon Chicken Inn Platter, group of artist signed Armani figuers, Armani Disney 7 Dwarfs, Carved Marble Bust, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 17, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections: Primitives, American Primitive Pine Antiques, Lots of Sterling, Fine Jewelry, Art, Cut Glass, Crystal, Artglass, Large Group of Antique Imari & Asian Ceramics

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Pair of Stickley Brothers Oak Arts & Crafts Armchairs, Early 1800's Primitive Pine Tables, Pub Table, Dry Sink, Dressing Tables, Chests, Cabinets, Chairs, etc, Victorian Secretary, Fabulous French Carved Ladies Desk & Chair, Ormulu Mounted German Wall Cabinet, French Carved Vitrine Cabinet, 2 Chippendale Armchairs, Heavy Carved Throne Chair, period Tip Table, Drop Front Desks, (2) Quilt stands, Pair of Pedestals, Fine English Inlaid Ladies Writing Desk, Pair French Carved Armchairs & Loveseat, etc. Oriental Rugs, 6x9 & Scatter rugs, etc. Mid Century Designer & Contemporary Furnishings: Danish Draw Leaf Teak Dining Table, Danish Teak Square fold over Sm Dining Table, Denmark Teak Double Bookcase on Stand, Danish Teak Single Pedestal Desk, Arrebo Mobler Teak End Table, (2) Ekornes Leather Armchairs & Ottomans, Murano Glass Ceiling Fixture, Martz pottery Lamp, 50's Lamps, Mid Century Coffee Tables, End Tables, Walnut & Teak, Dansk Teak Salad Bowls, Set of Arabia Polaris Dishes, Pair of Upholstered Armchairs, Studio Pottery & Bronzes, Art Glass, Enamelware, large Newcomb Floor Vase, Lucite Base Coffee Table, Pair Lucite layered lamps, 8' Mirrored 3 panel screen, etc. Lighting: Bradley & Hubbard Stained Glass Table Lamp, Antique Green Slag Glass large Ceiling Fixture, Oil Lamps, Banquet Lamps, lg Waterford Crystal Lamp, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Antique Engravings, group of Antique Giovanni Piranesi Etchings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Abstract Paintings, s/n prints, Elton Bennet Serigraph, Kasimir Etching, Block Prints, Antique portraits in fancy frames, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: (2) large Sets of Sterling Flatware, 107pc set of Reed & Barton Francis 1st, 107pc set of Watson George II, Partial Sets, Gorham Heraldic Fish Server & Fork, American Coin Silver, Serving Pieces, Francis 1st Bowl, Bowls, Pitchers, Plates, Servers, Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold Rings, Pocket & Wrist Watches, lots of Great Costume Jewelry, Sterling Miniature Furniture items, Carved Jadeite Jewelry, Womans Tudor by Rolex wristwatch, Mikimoto, strands of pearls, Tiffany silver childs spoons, Cameos, etc. Clocks: Mahogany Case large Grandfather Clock, Vienna Regulator Clock, Mantle Clocks, Table Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Tiffany Pinecone Letter Holder, Lg Meissen Covered Server, Fine Stuart Abelman Pulled Feather Artglass Decanter, Waterford Lismore Crystal, Large Waterford Lamp, Cut Glass, Nippon, Modern Artglass pieces, HP China, Sugar Shakers, Staffordshire Figures, Old Paris, Roseville Vase, Doulton, Hummels, Bing & Grondohl Figures, Orient & Flume Paperweight, Quimper, Limoge, Fish Service, Punch bowl set, Italian Pottery, vintage restaurant ware, etc. Asian: Fine 4 Panel Scrimshaw Bone & Hard Stone Inlaid Floor Screen, Rosewood Snuff Bottle Display Cabinet, Large Collection of Japanese Imari, Satsuma, Kutani & Asian Ceramics, Temple Carvings, Dish Sets, Chargers, Kutani, Japanese fine Cloisonne, Japanese Lacquerware, Wood carvings, Group of Japanese Wood Block Prints, Kioshi Saito 3'd Print, Paul Klee & Miro Prints, Chinese Brass Bell on Stand, Rosewood Box, Mah Jong Set, Japanese Hibachi Collection, Lacquerware miniatures, Japanese Dolls, 14K & Jadeite jewelry, Japanese & Chinese silks & textiles, Chinese Sweet Meat Covered Ceramic Server, Antique Chinese sang de boeuf vase, Incense burners & Censers, Iron Tetsubin Tea Pots, Cinnabar, large Tibet Bronze multi arm figure, Japanese Scroll Paintings, etc. Vintage Stereo Items: Pair Infinity 2000 II speakers, Pair KES Monitor SP3253 Speakers, DBX DB-SW15, Mid Century Console Stereo w/2 large Speakers. Items of Interest: Duck Decoy, Primitive Iron, Copper & Brassware, Red Wing Crocks, Inlaid Boxes, Old Balance Scale & Scale Weight Sets, Native American Ethnology Books, Antique Books, Celestron 8 Telescope, Accordian, Antique Lap Desks, Antique Wood Mixing Bowls, Leica S4E Stereo Zoom Microscope, Vintage Postcards & Albums, Stereo Cards, Antique Local Kent Photos including storefronts & interiors, Logging Photos, Edson Photos, HO Trains, Tabacco Cards, 1930's Deanna Durbin Doll in Original Box, US & Foreign Currency, Beaded Bags, AYP items, Military items, Harrison Fisher book w/box, Antique map, Gun Cabinet, Victrola, Baseball Cards, Comics, vintage fishing reels & creel, doll bed, ironware, wood mortars, old Stamp collection including Chinese stamps, cameras, binoculars, pressure washer, Tonka Chevron pick up truck in box, Stetson Bowler Hat in box, carved wood fish figures, vintage magazines, African Carvings, (2) Rotax Airplane engines NOS in original boxes, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 3, Premier Fine Art & Antique Auction

Northwest Estate Collections

Northwest Art: Two Large Z.Z. Wei Landscape Oils "Shade of the Cypress" and "Country Road", Impressive Carl Morris 1978 Large Acrylic on Canvas, Large Carl Morris Vertical Abstract on Board, Impressive James Washington Jr. Large Hatching Bird Granite Sculpture, Impressive Peter Camfferman Abstract Landscape Oil, Early Leo Kenney Surrealist Ink Portrait, Morris Graves "Crickets" Ink on Paper, Exceptional Frank Okada Red/Green Abstract Oil, Several Small Frank Okada Abstract Works, Robert Colescott Small Figurative Oil, Gerard Tsutakawa Modernist Bronze, Richard Gilkey Abstract Horizontal Painting (Morris Graves Influence), Richard Gilkey Frog Drawing, Paul Horiuchi Abstract Vertical Collage 1960's, Paul Horiuchi Abstract Horizontal Collage, Carl Morris Abstract Acrylic on Paper, Impressive John Franklin Koenig Abstract Oil, Kathleen Gemberling "Odyssey" Abstract Oil, Impressive Virginia Banks Abstract Oil with Labels, Helmi Juvonen Impressive Winter Scene Figurative Painting, Impressive Ambrose Patterson Cityscape Tempera, Manfred Lindenberger Early Abstract Gouache, Collection of Wesley Wehr Small Landscape Paintings, William Cumming "Sleeping Man" Ink, Kenneth Callahan Figures on Horseback Inks, Paul Havas Cityscape Oil, Guy Anderson Woodcut Print, Early George Tsutakawa & Fay Chong Linocut Print, Louis Bunce "The Wall" Small Oil Painting, Paul Dahlquist Abstract Lg Painting, Byrdon Birdsall Watercolor of Japanese Woodblock Print, Large Arne Jensen Landscape Oil, Impressive Dick Weiss Painted Portrait Vase, Lynn DiNino Sculptural Works (4 Pieces), etc. Fine Art: Important Maurice Prendergast (NY/France) Watercolor of Two Woman with Umbrellas, A Rare Harvey Ellis (NY) Night Landscape Watercolor (Architect and Stickley Designer), Impressive Jules Dahlager Large Deer Mountain and Eddystone Rock Oils, Two Carl Sammons California Impressionist Landscape Oils, Cleveland Rockwell NW Coast Watercolor, Melville Wire (OR/CA) Autumn Landscape Oil, Carl Heffner (German) Harbor Scene Impressive Oil, William Lionel Wyllie (UK) Marine Scene Watercolor, Maurice Haycock (Canadian) Four Impressionist Landscape Oils, Clair Dooner (CA) Impressionist Landsacpe Oil, George Baer (CT) Modernist Boy Fishing Oil, Arnold Mountfort (CA) Mountain Landscape Oil, Cecil Chichester (NY) Autumn Landscape Oil, R.E. Ball Neo-Impressionist Oil (Christies Label), Frederick Southworth (WA) Schooner Maritime Oil, Peter Hohnstedt Landscape Oil, Jean Mannheim (CA) Portrait Oil of Young Norman Edson (NW Photographer), George Baer (IL) Impressionist Portrait of Boy Fishing, Norman Edson Mt. Rainier and Native Papoose Oils (2 Works), Scott McDaniel Alaskan Oils (2 Works), Josef Brabender Impressionist Miniature Oil, Pair of Joseph Bennett (CA) Impressionist Landscape Oils, Barbedienne Large Bronze of Female Amazon Warrior (Amazone), etc. Fine Print & Photography: Collection of Edward Curtis Goldtone Photographs including "Maiden of Dreams", "Signal Fire to the Mountain Gods", and "Rush Gatherer", Jacob Lawrence "The Studio" S/N Lithograph (Edition of 60), Three Early Joan Miro Pencil Signed Lithographs, Joan Miro Pencil Signed Lithograph in Colors, Salvador Dali "Torero Noir" Signed Lithograph, Albrecht Durer "Sudarium Spread Out by an Angel" 16th Century Woodcut, Tadashi Nakayama Woodblock of Girl, Sadao Watanabe Print, Akiyama Iwao Prints, Rare Kiyoshi Saito Parisian Woman Numbered Print, Kiyoshi Saito Prints, Tsuchiya Koitsu Prints, Kawase Hasui Prints, Tetsuro Sawada S/N Serigraphs, Yoshida Hodaka Modernist Woodblock Prints, Several Norman Edson Tinted Photographs (Direct from his Family), Leo Katz Surrealist S/N Lithograph, etc. 20th Century Design: Finn Juhl NV-45 Teak Lounge Chair for Niels Vodder, Pair of Finn Juhl Teak Armchairs by Bovirk, Pair of Albert Pailey Designer Iron Candlesticks, Curtis Jere Seagulls Large Sculpture, Bjorn Wiinblad Pair of Ceramic Figural Candlesticks, Bob Stocksdale Art Wood Charger, Leerdam Unica Copier Art Glass Vase, etc. Studio Ceramics, Glass, & Craft: Museum Quality Marcello Fantoni Double Cubist Pottery Figure Group, Richard Marquis Double Spouted Teapot Goblet, Museum Quality Richard Marquis Lumpyware Teaset, Dick Weiss Painted Portrait Vase (Blown by Benjamin Moore), Brian Rubino Filigrana Tear Drop Large Vase, Museum Quality Klaus Moje Fused Glass Large Charger (Purchased from Pilchuck School Collection), Impressive Giles Bettison (Australia) Murrini Glass Vases, 3pc Richard Satava Petroglyph Vases, Impressive Patti Warashina Peapod Woman Ceramic Sculpture in Plexiglas Box, Betty Feves Wax Resist Face Plaque, Robert Sperry White Crackle Glaze Handled Bowl, Robert Sperry Gold Luster & Crackle Jar, Mutsuo Yanagihara Brutalist Stoneware Vase, Fred Bauer Stoneware Jar & Tray, Early Patti Warashina Stoneware Jars & Cvrd Bowl, Ramona Solberg Silver & Found Bead Necklaces (Facere Purchased), etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Flawless 1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring, Russian Gilt Silver Imperial Crest Round Box with Jewels, London Georgian Sterling Pierced Fruit Basket, Early Boston Coin Silver Tankard, Collection of Chinese Export Silver, etc. Fine Porcelain & Art Glass: L.C. Tiffany Blue Aurene Tazza, L.C. Tiffany Gold Aurene Tazza, Madonna of The Chair Porcelain Framed Plaque, L.C. Tiffany Gold Aurene Bottle Vase, Leerdam Unica Iridescent Vase by A. Copier, Impressive Dick Weiss Painted Portrait Vase, etc. Chinese Antiquities: A Rare Porcelain Imitation Bronze Porcelain Hu Form Archaic Vase (Museum Quality), Qianlong Mark and Period Porcelain Bottle Vase, Turquoise Ground Nine Foo Lion Porcelain Vase (Qing Dynasty), Fine Famille Rose Porcelain Baluster Vase with Qianlong Marks (Qing Dynasty), Antique Bronze Tripod Censer with Xuande Mark, Group of Hoi An Hoard Blue & White Porcelain, Polychrome Porcelain Dragon Charger (Guangxu Period), Dayazhai Yellow Ground Porcelain Plate (Guangxu Period), Pair of Antique Polychrome Enameled Sang de Boeuf Baluster Vases, Blue & White Porcelain Dragon Jar with Stand, Blanc de Chine Twin Immortals Figure Group, Set of Tongzhi Copper Red Nanking Riceware Plates, Collection of Tongzhi Pedestal Dishes, Antique Buff Yixing Wine Cup Warmer with Calligraphy, Old Small Bronze Censer with Xuande Mark, Collection of Zee Sung Export Silver, Larg Collection of Antique Snuff Bottles Consisting of Jade, Agate, Porcelain, Rock Crystal, etc. Qing Dynasty Gold Thread Coral Ground Dragon Robe, Antique Huanghuali 3-Drawer Altar Coffer Table, Huanghuali Modular Display Shelving Unit, etc. Japanese Antiquities: Museum Quality Genryusai Seikoko Mixed Metals Meiji Vase (Similar to Sumida Gawa Pieces), A Fine Satsuma Gilt Bronze Mounted Oil Lamp, Fine Kinkozan and Kozan Satsuma Miniatures, Impressive Meiji Imperial Satsuma Chrysanthemum Vase, Silver Pierced Lid Art Deco Satsuma Koro Censer, etc. Lifetime Pre-Columbian Collection including Human Effigy Vessels, Tripod Vessels, Bowls and Framed Textiles. Cultures include Colima, Jalisco, Chimay, etc. Decorative Arts: 18th Century Italian Bishop's Silver Standing Mirror, French Napoleonic Empire Gilt Bronze Clock, Gilt Bronze Empire Figural Mantel Clock, Antique Kirman Room Size Rug, Semi Antique Kirman Room Size Rug, Semi Antique Sarouk Room Size Rug, Antique Marble Ormolu Mounted Pedestals, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Saturday November 21, Collectibles, Coins & Jewelry Auction

Northwest Estate Collections.

Coins and currency: US Gold & Silver Coins, Double Eagles, $10, $5, $3, Silver Dollars, Rare Coins, Sets, Currency, Chinese Silver Dollars & Gold Coins, etc. Fine Estate Jewelry: Diamond Rings, 14K & 18K Jewelry, Tiffany, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Pins, Platinum, Navajo Turquoise, Rolex Bubble Back Wrist Watch & 14K Gold Pocket Watches, etc. Chinese & Japanese Items: Snuff Bottles, Netsuke & Carvings, Jade, Amber & Coral, etc. Artworks: Fine Art Prints, 1830's Indian Chiefs Prints, RPPC Post Cards, Norman Edson, Asahel Curtis, NW Scenes, Early Washington and Alaska Photos & Albums, etc. Items of Interest: WWI & II Items, Civil War, Documents, Mettlach Steins, Antique & Rare Books, NW Books, Antique Map Collection, Antique Firearms, Whaling gun, Disney Animation Cels, Jetsons, Fantasia, etc.  See photos and hammer prices.


Saturday November 7, Real Estate Auction

Beacon Hill Real Estate

5565 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA.  Sold at auction.  Great Location, Close to City, 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, 2,325 sf Fixer Home on 7,860 sf lot. Built 1954, 2 Fireplaces, Oak Floors, Recreation Room, Fenced Yard, 1 Car Garage Attached, In-ground swimming pool as-is. 2015 King County Assessed Value: Land $168,000; Improvements $142,000; Total $310,000. See photos.


Thursday October 29, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, American Antiques, Mid Century Dining Sets, Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Art, Cut Glass, Crystal

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Period American Chests & Inlaid Mahogany Buffet, Vienna Marquetry 3 Drawer Chest & Marquetry Display Topper, Set of (4) Austrian Period Carved Dining Chairs (From Vienna Austria 1920's US Ambassador's Estate), Brown & Jordan Patio Table, 8 matching Armchairs, 2 Lounges, Bench & Side Table, Long Walnut Plank Bench, Antique Period Wall Mirrors, Chippendale Lighted Narrow Display Cabinet on Legs w/Drawer, Henredon Aston Court Queen Anne Oval Dining Table w/6 Chairs, Victorian Walnut Oval Lamp Table, Lg Morris Chair, (10) 6' Bookcases, Folding Wood Card Table w/6 matching Chairs, Oak swivel tall stool, Oak Office Swivel Armchair, etc. Mid Century: Poul Hundevad Danish Teak Buffet with Hutch, Niels O. Moller by Gudme Mobelfabrik Danish Teak Extension Dining Table, Teak Buffet & Wall Unit, set of 4 Mobler Teak Dining Chairs, Round Marble Top Teak Base Dining Table, Set of 6 Teak Dining Armchairs, 3 Folding Teak small tables, Natural Redwood Burl Coffee Table & Matching Wall Clock, Mid Century Coffee Table, Chrome Glass Top Round Table w/4 matching Chrome Lucite Swivel Chairs, Lunstead Square Bronze Low Table, Pair Glass top metal square small tables, etc. Primitives, Furnishings, Baskets, Quilts, Brass & Copper Wares, Glass, Paintings, etc. Oriental Rugs, Beluch Prayer Rug, Antique scatter rugs, etc. Lighting: Fine Double Student Oil Lamp, Crystal Drop Lamps, Floor Lamps, Figural Lamps, large group of glass light shades, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Antique Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Abstract Paintings, Primitive Paintings, Frames, s/n prints, Miniature Paintings, Bronzes, Iilg Indian Motif Metalwork Wall Sculpture, Tapestries, Vintage Bronze Spread Wing Geese Bookends w/matching Figural Marble Base Pen Holder Stand, Pair of Fine 18th Century Scenic European City Scene Engravings, A Loysen Winter Scene Oil Painting, Picasso Prints, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: lots of Sterling Silver, Gorham Sterling Coffee Pot on Stand, lg Sterling Pitcher, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Georg Jensen Sterling Ladle, Contiental Silver, Sterling Souvinir Spoons, Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold, Lady's Omega Wrist Watch, Costume Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, etc. Clocks: Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Clock, Large Cherry Case Grandfather Clock, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben, Lalique, Baccarat, Tiffany Favrille Salt, Large Store Display Perfume Bottles, Waterford Lismore stemware, Fine American Cut Glass, sgn Libbey Bowl, Modern Art Pottery pieces, HP China, Roseville, Doulton, Hummel figures, Cookie Jars, Owl Figure Collection including Royal Copenhagen, B&G, Steuben, Swarovski, Wood, Metal, Bronze, etc, SW Pottery, Royal Vienna Cabinet Cup & Saucer, Old Paris, Pair of Antique Staffordshire Dogs, Belleek, lg Group of Flow Blue Dishes, Platters & Serving Pieces, Haviland Ransom China Set, Lenox Mansfield Fine china set, Bisque Piano Babies & Bisque Figures, Fenton, Catalina pottery coffee pot, S&P shaker collection, etc. Chinese & Asian: 4 panel Inlaid Screen, Chinese Carved Rosewood Display Cabinet Topper, Scroll Paintings, Carved Lapis Figure Group on silver inlaid stand, Stone Carvings, Ceramics, Cloissoné, Wood carvings, Mah Jong Set, Satsuma, Japanese Cloisonné, Decorated Lacquered Chest, Antique Japanese Samurai Doll Figures, etc. Items of Interest: Duck Decoys, Handmade Childs Table, Chairs & 2 Cradles, Linens, Copper Cookware & Brassware, Patchwork Quilts, Inlaid Boxes, Primitive Baskets, Mitsubishi Stereo Components w/large Speakers, Postcards, Antique Dolls, Violin, Guitar, Books, Baseball Memorabilia, Baseball Cards, Signed Baseballs, Bats, Bone Handle Carving Set & Steak Knives, Exotic Wood Boxes, Lg Hand Held School Bell, Marine Knot Display, Fabulous Antique Fans, (2) Antique Industrial Double Jeweler's Benches, Large Brass Antique Candlesticks, Unusual large Needlework Local Seattle Wall Hanging, Vintage Carrom Board/Table, Ice Cream Maker, Ironware, Trunks & Footlockers, Chess Sets, Portable Typewriter, Paper Goods, Hartman hard suitcase, Filson Leather Luggage & Bags, Furs, Hallicrafters S-38 Tube Radio, Dunhill Pipe, Minolta 700 Camera Outfit w/lenses, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 15, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, American Antiques, Arts & Crafts Oak Stickley & Limbert Furnishings, Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Art, Cut Glass, Crystal, early 18th & 19th Century Ceramics, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Stickley large Arts & Crafts Oak Armchair, Lifetime Stickley Heavy Oak Library Table, Set of 6 Limbert Oak Dining Chairs, Limbert Oak Rocker, Stickley Oak Magazine Stand, A&C oak round Pedestal Dining Table, Period American Federal Secretary, Rare Biblioteche/Artist Cabinet, Buffet, Period Rocker, Sets of Period Antique Chairs, Side Chairs, Work Tables, Early Oak Ship Captains Campaign Secretary Chest, Federal Pedestal Carved Games Table, Console Table, Decorative Wrought Iron Fire Screen, Large Carved Mahogany Partner's Desk w/Claw Feet, Antique Display Cabinet, Antique 2 part drop leaf Harvest Table w/Drop Leaves, Oak Sectional Bookcase, Period Canterbury, Drop Leaf Mahogany Pedestal Hall Table w/Drawer, etc. Primitives, Furnishings, Crocks, Quilts, Brass & Copper Wares, Glass, Paintings, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 Chinese Rug, Scatter rugs, etc. Coins: $50 bags of uncirculated pennies, rolls of pennies, Dimes, Silver Bullion, Foreign Coins, etc. Toys & Trains: Pre War Lionel & American Flyer Trains, Street Lamps, Sets, Dinkey Toys, Sunshine Bisquits Advertising Metalcraft Toy Truck, Cast Iron Toys, Lead Figures & Animals, w/u Chein Disneyland Ferris Wheel, Lionel 249E, 3412, Dorfan, Metal Airplane Toys, Lionel City of Denver Passenger Set, Large RC Helicopter, Lots of Train Accessories, etc. Lighting: Crystal Lamps, Floor Lamps, Oil Lamps, Banquet Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art Collection: Antique NW Mountain Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Block Prints, Mirrors, Abstract Paintings, Primitive Paintings, Frames, s/n prints, Miniature Paintings, Antique Portrait Oil Paintings in Fancy Frames, Large Original 1920's Maxfield Parrish Calendar, Bronzes, after Edward Curtis & Asahel Curtis Orotones by Fred Gomez, etc. Native American: Indian Baskets, Beadwork, Navajo Jewelry, Memorabilia, Carved Ivory & Stone Inuit Figures, Inlaid Abalone Shell Carved Ivory Figures, Eskimo Ivory, Native Masks, Ivory Cribbage Board, etc. Jewelry and Sterling: Lots of Sterling Silver, Serving Pieces, Bowls, Tiffany Sterling, Contiental Silver, Souvinir Spoons, Estate Jewelry, 18K & 14K Gold Wrist Watches, Omega, Piaget, Lord Elgin, Longines, Accutron, etc., Costume Jewelry, Large Sheffield Centerpiece, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, Tea Urns, Candleabra, Amber, Coral, Cameos, etc. Clocks: French Figural Clocks, Large Regulator Wall Clock, Table Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Waterford Lismore stemware, Cut Glass, Modern Artglass pieces, HP China, Roseville, Doulton, Sandwich glass, Hummel figures, Armani Figure Group, Bohemian glass, Depression, Brayton Laguna Mammy Cookie Jar, Dedham Pottery Rabbit Plate, Modern & Studio Pottery, etc. Chinese & Asian: 8 panel Coromandel Screen, Chinese Carved Teak Double Pedestal Desk, 2 sets of antique Carved Chinese Rosewood Nests of Tables, Carved Chinese Teak Camphor Chest, Chinese Carved Bench Display Table, Many Temple Carvings, Silk Screens, Scroll Paintings, Snuff Bottles, Ivory, 18th Century Chinese Export Ware, Stone Carvings, Ceramics, Large Ceramic Vases, Jars, Plates, Chargers, Cups, Paste Box, Teapots, etc., Cloissoné, Wood carvings, Inlaid Laquered Cabinet, Sectioned Wedding Basket, Cinnabar, large group of Rose Canton Ceramics, etc. Items of Interest: Duck Decoys, Indian Baskets, Fine Linens, Kashmiri Needlework Drapes, Copper & Brassware, Antique Patchwork Quilts, Kashmiri Hand Made Drapes, Inlaid Boxes, Primitive Baskets, Swords, Pinback buttons, Precision Instruments, Marrantz Stereo Components, RPPC Postcards, Antique Dolls, Cello, Marrantz Model 1530 Stereo Receiver & SR 4010 Receiver, Antique Leather Bound Books, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 1, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Primitives, American Antiques, lots of Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Art, Cut Glass, Crystal, Artglass, Collection of very early 18th & 19th Century Ceramics, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Primitive Display Cabinets, Secretary, Blanket Chests, Buffet, Dowery Chests, Pie Safe, Pine Chests, Boston Rocker, Pine Stools & Benches, Several Early 1800's Antique Mirrors, NY Inlaid Ormulu Mounted Sidboard, French Heavy Carved Vitrine Display Cabinet/Table, French Inlaid Narrow Tall Marble Top Chest, Pair of Fabulous very Detailed Carved French Side Chairs, Marble Top Victorian Dresser, High Back Victorian Bed, Oak Dresser, Work Table, Period Tip Table, Empire early 1800's Mahogany NY Table w/Drawers, Early Birdseye Maple/Cherry Chest, Early Rosewood Corner Display Cabinet, Deco Iron Stands w/marble tops, Austrian Carved Dresser w/Marble Top, Antique Dresser Mirror, Console Table, etc. Primitives, Furnishings, Crocks, Spatterware, Rockinghamware, Quilts, Churn, Brass & Copper Wares, Glass, Homespun, Paisley, Paintings, etc. Oriental Rugs: (2) 9x12, (2) 6x9, Scatter rugs, etc. Designer Contemporary Furnishings: Italian Designer Round Table & 4 Chairs, Henredon large Oval Dining Table, 6 matching fine Designer Dining Chairs, Italian Designer Leather Sectional Sofa, Henredon Club Chair & Ottoman, etc. Lighting: Crystal Lamps, Cranberry Ceiling Fixtures, Bradley & Hubbard old Store Ceiling Fixture, Oil Lamps, Banquet Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Abstract Paintings, Primitive Paintings, Frames, s/n prints, John Eastman, R C Gorman, John Ebner, Nancy Taylor Stonington Original WC & Signed Print, Block Prints, Kazumi Amano, etc. Jewelry and Sterling: Gold & Costume Jewelry, 2 sets Sterling flatware, large set of Prelude Sterling Flatware, Sterling items, Serving Pieces, Bowls, etc. Clocks: American Pine Tall Case Primitive Clock, Gilbert Oak Regulator School Clock, Mantle Clocks, French Figural Clocks, Coo Coo Clock, Table Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Waterford, Thumbprint Enamel Punchbowl Set, Cut Glass, Nippon, Modern Artglass pieces, HP China, Steuben, Blue Crystal Candlestick & Compotes, Footed Bowl, Aurene Candlestick, Orrefors, Moser, Galle, Early 17th & 18th Century Ceramics & China, Wedgwood Black Basalt wares, Rum Pot, Sugar Shakers, Staffordshire, Historic Wares, Flow Blue, Old Paris, Early English China, Gaudy Dutch, Roseville, Quezall, Kralick, American Belleek, Figural Milk Glass Covred Dishes, Blue Milkglass, Cranberry, Rockingham, Doulton, Early Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates: 1898, 1903, 1905, 1908, 1930, 1940, Lehman Monkeys, Butter Pats, Sandwich glass, etc. Asian: Red Lacquer Alter Table, Snuff Bottles, Ivory, Jade Bowls, Chinese Export Ware, Stone Carvings, Ceramics, Cloissoné, Gold Panda 1/10oz coin pendant, Peking carved vase, Wood carvings, etc. Items of Interest: Duck Decoys, Indian Basket, Police Badge Collection, World Globe on stand, Copper & Brassware, Antique Spoon Carved Doll Bed in figured maple, Patchwork Quilts, Wood Bowls, Advertising Crocks, Coach Lanterns, Fine Pair of Antique Brass Andirons, Inlaid Boxes, Bentwood Boxes, Coffee Grinder, Candle Mold, Early Balance Scales, Many early brass & pewter candlesticks, Books, Eagle Door Knocker, Primitive Baskets, Shaker Baskets, Early Kitchen Wood Implements, Early Irons, Graniteware, Antique Bottles, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Saturday September 26, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Antiques, Furnishings, Oriental Rugs, Sterling, Costume Jewelry, Doulton, Crystal, Artglass, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Antique 5' Oak Roll Top Desk, Oak Roll Front File Cabinet, Oval Dining Table, 6 Shield Back Mahogany Dining chairs, Drexel Mahogany Display Cabinet, Mahogany Breakfront Secretary, Henredon 18th Century Portfolio Mahogany Inlaid Buffet, Baker set of 3 small oval Tables, Baker End Table, Marble top Lamp Table & Console Table, Victorian Parlor Set, Mahogany Server, Cherry Display Cabinet, Coffee Table, End Tables, Pedestal Drum Table, Console Cabinet, Drop Leaf Dining Table, Waterfall Dresser, Old Foldup School Desk, etc. Mid Century: 2 Ericasson Ericofon Mid Century Telephones, Sculpture, Studio Glass & Pottery, etc. Store Fixtures: Glass Upright and Counter Showcases, Bookcases, Displays, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 Kirman, 12x16 Indo Chinese, 3x13 Kirman Runner, 2'6"x16" Oriental Runner Rug, etc. Lighting: Large Waterford Crystal Lamp, Stiffel Lamps, Baccarat Candelabras, Crystal Table Lamps, Oil Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, etc. Jewelry, Sterling, & Silver: Gold & Costume Jewelry, 2 sets Sterling flatware, large set of Prelude Sterling Flatware, Sterling items, Serving Pieces, Bowls, etc. Pottery, Crystal, & Glass: Baccarat pair of Double Candelabras, Cranberry Glass, Roseville pottery, Waterford Stemware, Lg set Orrefors Crystal Glasses, Cut Glass, Nippon, Modern Artglass pieces, Depression, Heisey Lariet Punchbowl Set, HP China, Lenox Rhodora Fine China Set, Flow Blue dishes, Wedgewood Jasperware, elegant glassware, Royal Doulton Figures, vases, pots, plates, trays, Flambe, Oyster Plates, Moriage Items, Chinese Carved Seals & Ceramics, Fiestaware, Mixing Bowls, vintage Perfume Bottles, etc. Items of Interest: Large Antique Ornate Pump Organ w/gallery, Chanel Handbag, Chef's Knives, Carving Sets, Brass Bird Cage on Floor Stand, Foreign Coins, Stamp Collection, Boeing Items, Vintage Toys, Cast Iron toys, Pot Belly Stove, Vintage Women's Hats, Inlaid Boxes, Mortars & Pestals, Inlaid Boxes, Nikon 35mm camera, Greek Items, Ship's Lantern, Carved Wood Don Quixote, Charles Dana Gibson large Book, old Comics, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 17, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Mid Century, American Antiques, Lots of Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Hummels, Lladro Figures, Art, Fine Cut Glass, Crystal, Artglass, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Oak Globe Wernicke 5 & 2 Section stacking Barrister Bookcases, Batesville Mahogany Chippendale 10 Piece Dining set w/Extension Table, 6 Chairs, Buffet, Server & China Cabinet (all with carved claw feet), Mahogany Chippendale Carved Twin Bedroom Set, Carved Mahogany Coffee Table, Period Chippendale Figured Maple Blanket chest w/under drawers, Period Primitive Pine Commode, 19th Century Vernis Martin Hand Painted Nest of 4 Tables, Pair French Carved Boudoir Chairs, Empire Pedestal Games Table, Antique hand painted Boston Rocker, Large Antique Mirrors, Oriental Rugs, Marble Top Victorian Chest, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Designer Mid Century Hundevad Danish Rosewood Bookcase, Mid Century Teak File Cabinets, 2 Vladimir Kagan dining chairs, Baker Inlaid DemiLune Conole Cabinet, Stainless Steel Serving Cart, Glass Top Kidney Coffee Table, Heywood Wakefield White Wash Table & 4 Chairs, Thomasville Tokaido 4 section Modular Wall Cabinet, 2 Mid Century China Sets by Rosenthal, Designer Blue Display Cabinet w/Birds, Pennsylvania House Cherry Server, Mid Century Danish Rosewood Table Games, Lucite Tic Tac Toe Game, Bakers Rack, etc. Lighting: Large Decorator multi light Floral Wall Sconce, Cut Glass Dome Lamp w/prisms, Fenton Double Student Lamp, GWTW lamps, Banquet Lamps, Oil Lamps, Crystal Lamps, Capo di Monte Lamps, Unusal Antler Floor Lamp & Chandelier, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Abstract Paintings, Collage, Large Oil Saloon Painting Semi Nude Girl, Fred Fellows, H Munns, Robert Kercher, Frames, Shirell Graves, Luigi Kasimir, Elton Bennetts, Western & Animal s/n prints, Block Prints, Kawano, Edward Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson Photos, Vasarely, Marc Chagall, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Large Set of Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Flatware, Early English & Irish Sterling Serving Pieces, Baskets, Plates, Salver, Flatware, Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, Estate Jewelry, 18K & 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, nice Costume Jewelry, Sterling Serving Pieces, Georg Jensen Items, Tiffany Sterling & Gold, DiMario, Hollycraft, Pocket & Wrist Watches, Small Silver boxes, Sterling Scissors, Cigar Cutters, Inlaid Silver Boxes, etc. Firearms: Gene Autry Winchester Model 94AE 30-30 Win lever action rifle, Zimmer Schotzen Antique Rifle, Swords, Stevens 22 lever action rifle, Heckler & Koch GMBH Model HK770 rifle, Ithaca DB shotgun, Mossberg Model 46B-B 22 rifle, Winchester 32WCF l/a rifle, Remington Octogon Barrell 22 rifle Model 12, more antique rifles, etc. Clocks: Mantle Clocks, Coo Coo Clock, Table Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Set of Meissen Demi Tasse Coffee Service, Royal Beyreuth Cabbage & Scenic Ware, Hummels & Lladro Figures, Waterford, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Nippon, Modern Artglass pieces, HP China, Sets of fine china, large set of Royal Crown Derby "Vine" Fine China, large set of Haviland Floral China, Royal Copenhagen fine China, Old Ivory Silesia china, Holmgaard, Orrefors, Miniature Painting on China, Jean Pauyat Limoges Desert Service, Pitcher & Bowl Sets, Hutchenreuther Figures, Carved Bone Boxes, Snuff Boxes, Treen Boxes, etc., Peill-Glasser Stemware, Set of Rosenthal Mid Century Porcelaine Noire designed by Tapio Wirkkala, etc. Asian: Antique Carved Rosewood Display Cabinet, Large Japanese Meiji Mizuya Tansu Kitchen Chest, 2 Antique Sets of Carved Rosewood Nests of Tables, Fine Temple Carvings, Snuff Bottles, Ivory, Jade, Netsukes, Inro, Stone Carvings, Needlework, Lacquerware, Rose Medallion Ceramics, Ceramic Blue & White Vases & Candlesticks, Covered Jar, Cinnabar covered jar & boxes, Textiles, Jackets, Yixing Pottery, Ink Stone, Japanese Lantern, Japanese 4 Panel Silk Screen, Pierced Carved Jade/Wood Standing Frame, Seals, Chinese Stacking Wedding Box, Books, etc. Items of Interest: Large Texas Longhorns Antler Mount, Duck Decoys, Unusual Antler Floor Lamp & Chandelier, Art & Antique Books, Yashica Camera, 3' Hand Made Conoe Scale Model, Indian Baskets, Weavings, Kachina Doll, Copper & Brassware, Nilus Leclerc large Loom, Macomber Medium Loom, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Old Collectible Toys, Crosscut Saws, Italian Gold Leaf Wall Sconces, large Doberman Dog Figure, Chinese Junk Dragon Boat Model, Antique Spoon Carved Doll Bed in figured maple, Patchwork Quilts, Stamps, Curly Maple Doll Bed, MacIntosh MC7100 Stereo Power Amp, Old Photos, Postcard Album, Wood Bowls, harp, Pair White marble pedestals, Figural Lamps, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Saturday August 29, Online Collectibles Auction

Collectibles from Northwest Collections, American Primitive Pottery Collection, Native Americana, Nautical Items, Jewelry, Toys & Trains

Toys & Trains: Buddy L Pressed Steel, Fire Trucks, Construction Toys, Airplanes, Delivery Trucks, Outdoor Railroad, Keystone, Mamod, Structo, Kingsbury, Steelcraft, Britains Soldier Sets, Canons, Winchester, Dinky Toys, Matchbox, Tootsietoy, Tin Litho, Cap guns, Cast Iron toys, Pre War & Post War Lionel Trains, American Flyer, Marx, Accessories, Transformers, Walt Disney Items, Mickey Mouse, Bowling Games, etc. Primatives: Early Crockery Jugs, Crocks, Advertising, Samplers, Coverlets, Baskets, Country Store Fixtures, National Brass Candy Store Cash Register, Early Trunks, large Pine Display Cupboard, Wire Cradle, Candlesticks, etc. Nautical: Ship Models, Compass, Clock, Figure Head, etc. Door Stop Collection: Cast Iron Figural Door Stops, Advertising, Campbell's Soup Kids, Hubley, Animals, Birds, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Western & Indian Themes, Charles Bear, Ron Stewart, Robert Meyers, Gregory Sievers, K Nelson, Jeffrey Craven, Burt Dinius, Howard Munns, Jessica Zemsky, Gary Dapp, Sheryl Bodily, Joe DeYong, B Bellrock, Jack Hines, Fred Fellows, Bob Wood, Sheridan oman, Hans Kleiber, Bob Kercher, Ted DeGrazia, George Catlin, etc. WWI & WWII: Documents, Memorabilia, German Helmet, signed Adolf Hitler Documents, Presidential Documents, Buttons, Postcards, Photos, Medals, Flag, Banner, Japanese Sword, US Swords, Early Indo Persian Weapons, Shield & Helmet, etc. Jewelry, Sterling & Silver: Diamond Rings, Victorian Jewelry, Sterling Tea & Coffee Services, Figural Napkin Rings, etc. Guitars, etc.: Guild DV 72 Guitar, Gibson ES 120 T Guitar, Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Vintage Martin ukulele Native American: Indian Baskets, Inuit Art, Rattle, Beadwork, Cornhusk bag, Implements, Pipes, Navajo Rugs, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, Squash Blossom Necklace, Bracelets, SW Pottery, Rondina Huma, Stella Huma, Hopi, Ortiz, War Clubs, Edward Curtis Photogravures, Native Photographs, etc. Items of Interest: Rare Books, Maps, Original Roy Roger's Horse (Trigger) Traveling Tack Cabinet, Canons, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday August 27, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring Fine Asian Antiquities & American & Northwest Fine Art

Modern Art Important Mark Tobey 1957 Sumi Swirl & Splash Painting 24"x34", Mark Tobey Large Sumi Abstract Painting 21"x29" (Foster/White Label), Museum Quality Paul Horiuchi Abstract 4-Panel Collage Hanging Screen, Paul Horiuchi "Spring Cliff" Vertical Collage, Important Guy Anderson "Man in Battle" 1953 Large Abstract Oil, Impressive Kenneth Callahan Tempera of Horses & Figures, Impressive Ambrose Patterson "The City" Abstract Tempera, Large Paul Horiuchi "Serenity in Lavender" Casein Collage 1987, Rosalyn Gale Powell Still Life & Floral Oils, Wendell Brazeau Cubist Figures Early Acrylic Painting, Charles Krafft Early Watercolor, David McCosh Town Scene Watercolor, Jacob Elshin Early Logging Scene Watercolor, Group of Early Louise Gilbert Watercolors, Group of Victorian Avakian Ross Early Oils, Virginia Banks Abstract Collage, John Haugse (CA/OR) Large Modern Seascape Oil, Mark Tobey "The World of a Market" Presentation Signed Book, Tony Onley (BC) Abstract Watercolor, Early 1968 Frank Okada Black Abstract (Richard White Gallery Label), Charles Stokes Mixed Media Work from 1970's, James Martin Early Suite of Nudes, John Franklin Koenig Small Original & S/N Lithograph, Neil Meitzler Yellow Abstract, Jeffrey Bishop Abstract Painting, Louis Bunce Abstract Painting (Fountain Gallery Label), Amanda Snyder Abstract Face Oil, Ray Ho Abstract Collage, Mark Tobey Small Abstract Figure Mixed Media, Jeffrey Mitchell Abstract Painting, Clayton James Mountain Scene Oil, Alden Mason Early Abstract Acrylic Paintings (3 Works), etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Richard Marquis "Crazy Quilt" Teapot Sculptures (3 Pieces), Takuya Tokizawa "Fizzies" Vases, Martin Blank Studio Glass Bowls, Early Benjamin Moore Amethyst Cylinder Glass Vase, Museum Quality David Shaner Sculptural Saying, David Shaner "Shaner Red" Hanging Landscape Charger, Shaner River Rocks 5pc, Several David Shaner "Shaner Red" Bowls, Clayton James Sculptural Vases (2pc), Museum Quality Patti Warashina Large Funk Pottery Vase, Museum Quality Mutsuo Yanagihara Sculptural Stoneware Floor Vase, Museum Quality Ken Shores Hanging Fetish in Plexi Frame, Tom Coleman Porcelain Umbrella Stand, 2pc Patrick McCormick Silver Luster Ceramic Tubular Constructions, Rare Howard Kottler "Look Alikes" Paper Plate (Gifted Work), Fred Bauer Stoneware Hinged Large Box, Robert Sperry White Crackle & Gold Luster Glazed Ceramics (2 Works), Mutsuo Yanagihara Funk Pottery Mug, Frank Boyden Raku Bird Pot, William Creitz Covered Jar, Several Tom & Elaine Coleman Functional Wares, Joyce Moty Painted Animal Cup Saucers, 3pc Richard Fairbanks Studio Pottery, etc. Native Americana: Museum Quality Hawaiian Calabash Large Bowl with Provenance Circa 1850's, Museum Quality Duane Pasco Native Warrior Carved 7' Totem Pole (Award Winning), Maria & Santana Martinez Blackware Pots, Maria & Adam Martinez Blackware Pot, Early Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, etc. American & European Fine Art: Carl Oscar Borg Watercolor of Mountain Landscape, Sydney Laurence Early Fields Oil Painting, Frederick Southworth Early Washington Landscape Oil, Keith Christie Western Bronze, David Walkley Genre Scene Peasant with Child Impressive Oil, Otto Holm (MA) Impressionist Winter Landscape Oil, Jaques Voyet Modernist Oil of Boats, John Fitz Marshall (UK) Oil of Scottie Dog & Cat, C.L. Flummer (Illinois) Tromp l'oeil Oil of Baby Shoes, Scott McDaniel Alaskan Northern Lights Oil, Hoi Lebadang Original Ink & Watercolor Composition, Keiko Minami (Japan) Modernist Small Oil, Henri Michaux Abstract Watercolor, Leonardo Nierman Abstract Bronze Sculpture, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Rare Pablo Picasso 1965 Cubist Linocut (Edition of 50), Fine Pablo Picasso "Femme Endormie" 1960 Linocut (Purchased at San Francisco Gallery), Pablo Picasso "Le Viol" Etching (Unnumbered Edition of 250), Marc Chagall "Self Portrait, Frontispiece" 1960 Signed Lithograph in Colors (Edition of 40), Joan Miro Pencil Signed Lithograph, Salvador Dali Several Signed Lithographs, Victor Vasarely S/N Geometric Serigraph, Tadashi Nakayama Running Horses Woodblock, Reika Iwami Japanese Woodblock, Shoji Osugi Modernist Embossed Lithograph, Paul Jacoulet "Le Rocher de Jokadj" Female Nude Woodblock, R.C. Gorman Signed Serigraph, Erte Signed Serigraph, Marie Laurencin Portrait Etching, George Rodrigue Signed Serigraph of Dogs, Carol Summers Abstract S/N Lithograph, William Sanderson (CO) Surrealist Landscape Oil, Joseph Henry Sharp Etching, Edward Borein Pencil Signed Etching, Gollings Western Etching, Rufino Tamayo Lithograph in Colors (Edition of 100), etc. Fine Jewelry, Silver, & Watches: Rare Gorham Narragansett Smaller Shell Serving Spoon, 1930's Towle Art Deco Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, Heavy French Silver Flatware Service, Modernist Men's Rolex Sub Mariner Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch (Purchased 2002 with Box), 18k Rolex Precision Women's Bracelet Wristwatch, 1+ Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring, 1+ Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring, Collection of Mikimoto Pearls, Aquamarine & Diamond 14k Ring, Sy & Wagner Berlin Art Nouveau 800 Silver Tea & Coffee Pots, German Art Nouveau 800 Silver Liquor Set with Tray, Pair Sheffield Plated Armorial Wine Buckets, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Museum Quality Royal Vienna Gilt & Hand Painted Classical Urns 22", Meissen Little Boy with Rocking Horse (2) Figures, Set of Meissen Opulent Court Pink Dragon Porcelain China Service, Set of Meissen Hand Painted Fish Plates, Kralik "Silberisis" Acid Cut Vase, Impressive Royal Copenhagen Satyr Large Figure by Knud Kyhn, etc. Important Museum Quality Collection of Chinese Song & Ming Dynasty Ceramics: Including a Dingyao Northern Song Twin Fish Lobed Porcelain Bowl, Song Geyao Arrow Vase, Ming Longquan Arrow Vase, Song Geyao Tripod Censer, Song Persimmon Glaze Conical Bowl, Tang Phosphatic Glazed Dish, Song/Ming Geyao Mallow Form Brush Washer, Song Yaozhao Celadon Covered Box with Interior Compartments, Song Ge Type Fish Handled Censer, etc. (Each Article has Collection/Retailer Labels on Bottom. This is one of the finest groupings to be sold in the Seattle area). Asian Antiquities: Museum Quality Antique Chinese Imperial Court Coral & Jadeite Necklace with Lacquered Box, 18th Century Huanghuali Rolled Edge Brush Pot, Aloewood Carved Rooster Wine Cup with Silver Interior, Rare Dehua Blanc de Chine Porcelain Oil Lamp (17th Century), Yuan Dynasty Longquan Celadon Bowl, Song Dynasty Yingqing Celadon Scalloped Dish, Late Qing Gilt Blue Monochrome Shangping Dragon Vase, Fine Chinese Republic Porcelain Butterflies Vase, Late Qing Turquoise Ground Dragon Bowl, Qing Carved Jade Dragon Belt Hook, Mutton Fat White Jade Buddhist Hand Citron & Rats Carving (2pc), Group of Tongzhi & Guangxu Small Porcelain Wares, Kangxi Blue & White Prunus Jar, Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze Kinnaris (Kinnara) with Bird Body Statue, Collection of Antique Snuff Bottles including Coral & Ivory, Antique Cinnabar Ink Box with Qianlong Mark, Antique Silver Inlaid Snuff Box, Antique Blue Enameled Metal Snuff Box, Chinese Celadon Jade Dragon Belt Hook, Fine Jadeite Apple Green & White Calligraphy Pendant, Collection of Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery including many robes, sleeve panels, collars, etc. Antique Chinese Silk Hanging Panels, Chinese Archaic Bronze Bell on Carved Stand, Impressive Japanese Meiji Lacquered Shibayama Immortal Tray, Thai Jeweled Gilt Sutra Box, Antique Carved Hongmu Rosewood Square Table, Antique Hongmu Carved Bench, Impressive Large Jade Trees in Cloisonné Pots, Fine Large Jade Trees in Cloisonné Pots, Japanese Meiji Bronze Vases & Lacquerware, etc. Mid Century Modernism: Pair of George Nelson for Herman Miller Dressers, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Armchair, Saarinen Tulip Dinette Table by Knoll, etc. Antiquities & Décor: Rare Tiffany & Co. Nautilus Shell Leaded Glass Reading Lamp with Bronze Base, Victorian Triple Fusee Gothic Bracket Clock, Pre-Columbian Stirrup Vessels, Moche Gilt Metal Artifacts, Crab & Turtle Full Example Fossils, Semi Antique Sarouk Oriental Large Rug, Tiffany & Co. Baroque 3-Piece Mantel Clock Set, French L. Pessier Ormolu Mounted Marble Neoclassical Shelf Clock, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Saturday July 23, Antique and Estate Auction

Northwest Estates & Collections: Featuring Mid Century Jens Risom Desk, US Gold & Silver Coins, Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, including items from a Lifetime Antique Collection, a Diplomat's Laurelhurst Estate & Items from a large Magnolia Blvd home, Collections of Hummels, Doulton & Lladro Figures, Art, Crystal

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: (2) Primitive Pine large Display Cupboards, Sm Oak China Cabinet, Oak Bookcase, Walnut Dining Set, Antique China Cabinets, Secretary, Pinelong bench, Mahogany Leather Top Coffee & Pedestal End Tables, Drop Front Desk, Victorian Style Settee, Armchairs, Side Chairs, Lamp tables, Oak, Fine 10x13, 9x12, (2) 4x6 & 3x5 Oriental Rugs, Marble Top Lamp Table, High Back Velvet Upholstered Armchair, Antique Drop Leaf Tables, Antique Round Walnut Dining Table w/4 leaves, set of 4 rush seat dining chairs, Oak rocker, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Designer Jens Risom 7' Mid Century Walnut Executive Desk, Mid Century long hall table w/flip over extending leaf, Contemporary Cherry Corner China Cabinet, Mahogany Lighted Display case w/mirror back, Mid Century Ball in Square Lamp, Studio Pottery, Ikora Large Mixed Metals Deco Vase, etc. Lighting & Stained Glass: Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Capo di Monte Lamp, Many Oil Lamps, GWTW lamps, artglass light shades, Floor & Table Lamps, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Large Bronze Bust of King George, Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Large Spelter Figures, Watercolors, Ned Mueller, Mirrors, Frames, Thomas Kinkaide, Robert Bateman, Bev Doolittle, Terry Redlin, Keith Warrick, R J McDonald, Robert Wyatt, Animal s/n prints, Kaiko Moti s/n Lithographs, Antique Prints & Engravings, large Bronze Figure Group, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: 18K Tiffany Earrings, 2 Sets of Shell Sterling Flatware, Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold & Diamond Insect Pins, 14K Broochs, Large Amythyst Ring & Earrings, 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, nice Costume Jewelry, Sterling Serving Pieces, Georg Jensen Items, Pearl Jewelry, Navajo Jewelry, Large Squash Blossom Necklace, Turquoise, Amber & Coral Necklaces, etc. Coins: 1911D & 1914D $2.50 US Gold Coins, 1852 $5 US Gold, Trade Dollars, Large Cents, Antique Chinese Silver Dollars, Fractional Coins, Foreign Coins, Gold Krugerand, a few silver dollars, etc. Clocks & Watches: Grandfather Clock, Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks, Kitchen Clocks, Black Forest Carved Mantle Coo Coo Clock, Ladies Gold Pin Watch, Wristwatches, etc. Hummels, Lladro & Doulton: 100's of Early Hummel Figures in all sizes (mostly Crown Marks TMK1), Hummel Clocks, Signs, Figure Groups, etc, 50+ Royal Doulton Elegant Lady Figures, Lladro Figures, Precious Moments Figures, Thomas Kinkaide Hawthorne Village Collection, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben Crystal, Baccarat, Lalique, Roseville, Waterford Lismore Win Hocks & Snifters, Waterford Bisquit Jars, Candlesticks, Moorcroft, Venetian Glass, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Nippon, Paperweights, Baccarat, Clichy, Perthshire, Wedgwood, Doulton, Modern Artglass pieces, Pickle Casters, Coalport Indian Tree dishes, Spode Historic Newport dishes, Ruby Glass, Carnival, Heisey, HP China, artglass light shades, Christmas Plates, Wavecrest, colored cut glass stemware, Bisque Figures, Cobalt Glass, Set of fine china, Royal Copenhagen fine China, Mantle Lustres, B&G Christmas Ornaments, etc. Asian: Antique Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Vases, Pots, Japanese small Tonsu, Hibache,Carved Jade, Cloisonné, large Imari antique bowl, large Wedding Basket, Chinese Framed Plaque, Japanese Block Prints & Etchings, Antique Chinese Framed Rank Badge, Bronze Buddha, etc. Items of Interest: Large Celestron, Telescope w/tripod, Art Deco Nude Bookends, Designer Alligator Hand Bags, Old Photo Albums, Coffee Grinders, Stone Mortar & Pestle, Crebe Synchropase Radio, antique dolls, Steiff dog, Leitz Binoculars, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Saturday July 18, Antique and Estate Auction

Northwest Estates & Collections Featuring American Pottery Collection, Sterling, Costume Jewelry, including items from Antique Dealer's Personal Collection, Nautical Antiques, Antique Tools, Doulton, Crystal, Artglass

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Fantastic Collection of 18 pieces of Victorian Wicker Furnishings including Rockers, Armchairs, Photographer's Chairs, Tables, Settees & Stools, Sewing Stand, Drop Leaf Mahogany Dining Table, Round Oak Pedestal Table, Victorian Side Chairs, Oak Marble Top Commode, Camphor Sea Chest, 3x5 oriental rug, Karastan scatter rugs, Wood Office Secretarial Swivel Chair, Antique Beaded & Needlepoint Carved Firescreen, Large Carved Frame Wing Back Pink Armchair, Oak Captain's Chairs, antique lap desk, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Unusal Swivel Bar Stool, Lamps, Arts & Crafts Style Modern Oak & Leather Recliner, Console Cabinet, Baker Side Table, Mahogany Display Cabinet, Desk, Tempurpedic twin bed, mid century serving cart, etc. Lighting & Stained Glass: Victorian Pull Down Cast Iron Ceiling Fixture, stained glass windows, Oil Lamps, Parlor lamps, Stiffel Lamps, Floor Lamps, Lilly lamp w/artglass shades, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, Robert Bateman sgn lithograph, etc. Jewelry, Sterling & Silver: Men's Wrist Watches, nice Costume Jewelry, Bead Collection, Sterling items, Georgian antique Silver Plated Centerpiece Compote w/cut glass inserts, Hot Tea Urns, large Silver Plate Lobster Server, etc. Clocks: Grandfather Clock, antique Kitchen Clock, Mantle clocks, Wall clocks, etc. Native American: 3 Indian Baskets, Inuit Art, Iron Indian Chief Bookends, etc. Pottery, Crystal & Glass: Signed Webb artglass vase, Coralene vase, Steuben Crystal, Steuben Aurene Vase & Candlestick, Baccarat, Satin glass, lots of pottery, Rookwood bookends, vases, dated 1918 Van Briggle small pot, Roseville, early Weller, Hudson Vase, high glaze Weller, wall pockets, matte green large jardinier, A&C Tiles, Waterford Lismore Stemware, Cut Glass, Nippon, Modern Artglass pieces, Ruby Glass, Depression, Heisey, HP China, colored cut glass, Theodore Haviland Varenne Fine China Set, Flow Blue dishes, Century by Salem dish set, Fostoria American Crystal, Set of Wedgewood fine china, elegant glassware, cookie jars, steins, Mettlach, Royal Doulton elegant Lady Figures, vases, pots, plates, trays, etc., Mugs, Fenton blue hobnail punchbowl set, F&F, majolica, knives, carving sets, etc. Asian: Chinese & Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics, carved ivory figures, netuskes, carved jade, beads, Japanese pidgeon blood vase, etc. Nautical Antiques: (12) Vintage large Ships Life Rings, Ship Model in Glass Enclosure, Ships hardware, Brass, Gimballed Compass, Barometer, Ships large Wood Carved Sign, Nautical Charts, photos, etc. Items of Interest: Fairbanks antique small platform iron scale w/brass, Telegraph Key, Small Glass Churn, Antique "Safety Coaster" Wood Wagon w/wood spoke wheels, Antique Magic Lantern & slides w/original wood box, Wardrobe Steamer Trunk, Radio tubes, Antique woodworking tools, Old Fishing items, plugs, creel, rods, patchwork quilt, ironware, kitchenware, lead soldiers, pipes, Russian lacquerware, crocks, 4 gallon crockery icewater dispenser, advertising crock, seltzer bottles, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday July 9, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring NW Estates & Collections, Fine Baker & Designer Furnishings, Mid Century Rosewood, Asian Antiques, Sterling, NW Estates Fine & Costume Jewelry, including items from a Diplomat's World Traveler Laurelhurst Estate, Items from a Magnolia Blvd large home, Pre Columbian & Ethnic Arts Collection, Fossils, Inlaid Chests, Crystal, Artglass

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: Fabulous Baker & Designer Furnishings, Baker Mahogany Inlaid Marble Top Buffet, Baker DemiLune Inlaid Mahogany Cabinet, Baker Historic Charleston Mahogany Banded Inlay Double Pedestal Dining Table w/3 Leaves, Set of 10 Council Craftsman Mahogany Dining Chairs, 2 Door Chippendale lighted Display Cabinet, Antique Tall Carved Mahogany Pier Mirror w/Console Stand, Large Oak Art Nuveau Sideboard w/Copper Accent Hardware, American Oak Triple Curved Glass Carved China Cabinet w/Lion Head and Claw Feet, Oak Carved Secretary, Pair of Large Victorian Style Wicker Rockers, Antique Victorian Black Square Center Table, Mahogany corner Inlaid display stand, Fine 12x16, 7x9, (2) 4x6 & 3x5 Oriental Rugs, Antique Wrought Iron Double Bed, Designer John Richards Mirror Top Round Table, Harden Upholstered Lounge Chair, Marble Top Pub Table, Pie stand, Pedestal, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Fabulous Mid Century Rosewood Executive Desk & Credenza, Bruksbo Rosewood Bench/Coffee Table, Mid Century long hall table w/flip over extending leaf, Designer Burl Wood/Brass/Bamboo Console Table & Mirror, etc. Lighting & Stained Glass: Victorian Pull Down Ceiling Fixture, Leaded stained glass EXIT sign, stained glass windows, Oil Lamps, GWTW lamps, several Quezal artglass light shades, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Bronzes, Fine Scroll Paintings, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Set of Shell Sterling Flatware, Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, nice Costume Jewelry, Coral Necklaces, Georg Jensen Items, etc. Clocks: Gustav Becker Regulator Wall Clock, Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, French Antique Sevres Type Mantle Clock w/hand painted china panels, German Mantle Clock w/Delft Tiles, Carriage Clock, Georg Jensen Travel Table Clock, Small Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben Crystal, Baccarat, Steuben Aurene Vase, Roseville & Weller, Waterford, Venetian Glass, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Nippon, Paperweights, Miniature paintings on ivory, Wedgwood, Doulton, Modern Artglass pieces, R S Prussia, Caster Set, Ruby Glass, Carnival, Heisey, HP China, Quezal Artglass set of 4 pulled feather light shades, more artglass light shades, Bing & Grondohl Figures & Christmas Plates, Parian Plaques, Wavecrest Box, Teplitz vase, Blue Caprice Goblets, Kosta vase, signed Moser Vase, Amberina tumblers, colored cut glass, Shelley, pair large Bisque Figures, large Italian Bulldog Figure, Stork Figure & Bird Figure Group, Cobalt Glass, Violin Bottles, Royal Rudolstadt Kewpie Tray, Set of Wedgwood fine china, Chintz, Noritake, Royal Copenhagen fine China, Lladro figures, Pair Fine Bohemian Lustres, etc. Asian: Chinese & Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics, Pair of Chinese Framed Porcelain Plaques, Chargers, Vases, Imari, Figures, Bowls, Stacking Boxes, Tea Caddy, Cloisonné, large Cloisonné Figural Horse, Vases, Bowls, Boxes, etc., Carved jade, Carved ivory, figures, cinnabar boxes & pair of large candlesticks, Mixed Metals Hibaches & Ikebana Pot, Temple Carvings, Fine Scroll Paintings, India Fine Paintings on Parchment & Silk, Fine Double Tonsu Chest, Bird Cages, Japanese Dressing Box w/Mirror, Japanese Dolls, Chinese large Metal Hand Mirror w/Lacquer Box, Knives & Sword, Opium Pipes & Figural Scale Weights, Pigskin Chinese Decorated Trunk on Iron Stand, Low Lacquer Red Decorated Cabinet, large heavy Carved Rosewood Chinese Settee/Banch, Lacquerware, Chinese Pictorial Lucky Gods Rug, Chinese Nan King Export Porcelain Items, Carved Elephant wood panels, Ink stones, Censors, Japanese Hibache, etc. Pre-Columbian, African & Ethnographic: (37) Mother of Pearl & Bone Inlaid Philippine Antique Trunks/Chests, Figural Carvings, Ancient Pottery, Collection of Pre-Columbian Vessels, Figures, African, Masks, Figural Carvings, (40) modern Mother of Pearl Jewelry Boxes, Large Baskets from Asia, Phillipines, Africa, (2) Tribal Kulintang Bronze Musical Gong Bell Sets, Carved Wood Bowls, Peruvian Textiles, Bags, Weavings, Persian Copper & Brass, India Brass, Islamic Brass, etc. Items of Interest: Bausch & Lomb Harbormaster 4058 Limited Edition Brass Telescope w/3" Diameter Lens, 48" Long w/Tripod, Antique Brass Military Helmet, Wrought Iron Stands, Carved Indian Totem, Oil Lamps, large antique bisque head doll, World Globe on Stand, Chess Sets, Century 21 Items, Books, Pixie Vintage Metal Tray, Vintage Fishing Creel, Stone Figural Carvings, Trunks, Pair of 5 light Candelabras, Whale Oil Lamp, antique 4x6 Navajo Rug, large Insect Specimens, Many Fine Fossils of Fish, Flowers, Insects, etc, Fine Woven Baskets, Wind chimes, Trunks, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday June 25, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Mid Century Teak Furniture, Period Antiques, Asian Antiques, Lots of Sterling, Lots of NW Estates Fine & Costume Jewelry, including items from Former Houston, Texas Antique Dealer's Estate, Kirkland Antique Dealer's Collection & Items from a University of Oregon Professor's, Professor Nixon's Estate (Professor of Metal Arts & Crafts) including many hand made sterling arts & crafts items, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: 2 Mahogany Secretary Desks, Rosewood Inlaid small dressing table, Mahogany drop leaf dining table w/6 lyre back chairs, Mahogany curved glass front china cabinet, Mahogany Credenza, Painted White Kitchen Queen, Pair fine French side chairs, tip table, nice small pieces of furniture, pie racks, Designer lamps, Windsor Chair, Period English Table/Commode, Benches, Fire Screens, Parquetry Tables, Wicker small receiving table, Georgian Antique Knife Box, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Falster Teak Chest, Credenza & 2 night stands, Sigh & Sons Teak Refractory Dining Table & Chairs, Cado Teak Coffee Table, Teak nest of tables, Laurel Mushroom Floor Lamp, Mid Century Lamps, Chinoisserie large Black Display/China Cabinet, etc. Lighting & Stained Glass: Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Mica large lamp shade, pair of cherub figural lamps, stained glass front door, stained glass windows, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Icart Etching, Rie Muñoz print collection, Oil Paintings, Etchings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Wallace Nutting, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Bronzes, Vintage Framed Photos, Vintage Framed Gallery Posters: Bernard Buffet, Chagall, Picasso, etc, Round Eagle Mirror, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: 950 Sterling Baroque Tea & Coffee Service, Sterling American Tea & Coffee Service, German Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, sterling bowls, Sterling Flatware, large group of Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, lots of nice Costume Jewelry, 5 Pocket Watchs, wrist watches, Mexican Sterling, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry including Squash Blossom Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Turquoise fetish necklaces, Concho Belts, Old Pawn, Sandcast, etc., sterling trinket boxes, Beads, Russian Trade Beads, etc. Coins: Lots of US Silver Dollars, Morgan & Peace Dollars, Mercury Dimes, Indian Head Pennies, Buffalo & V Nickles, 3cent pieces, lots of silver coins, US currency, foreign, etc., from Everett estate. Clocks: Antique Skeleton Clock, Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Carriage Clock, bracket clocks, Automaton Singing Bird in Cage, Small Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Lalique Vases, Bowl & figures, Roseville Pinecone, Weller, Steuben crystal, Waterford large serving pieces, Venetian Glass, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Nippon, Paperweights, Perfume Bottles, Miniature paintings on ivory & porcelain, Wedgwood, Doulton, large Modern Artglass bowl, Carletonware Rouge Royal, Doulton Red Flambe, Gaudy Dutch, Flow Blue, Caster Set, large CapodiMonte figure group "Cheats" by Bruno Merli, Ruby Glass, Depression, Carnival, Heisey, HP China, Custard Glass, Moorcroft, Artglass, large Italian Faience Charger, pair of McKee Bottoms Up glasses, etc. Asian: Chinese & Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics, Chargers, Vases, Imari, Figures, Bowls, Cloisonne, Carved jade, Carved ivory, figures, cinnabar boxes, Rose Canton, Rose Medallion, Mixed Metals Vases, Bronze Tibetan Figures, Copper & Brass Items, Temple Carvings, Collection of Rare Chinese & Japanese Textiles, Silk Embroideries & Weavings, Persian Copper & Brass, India Brass, Islamic Brass, Chinese Prayer Beads, Menuke, etc. Ham Radio Equipment: Kenwood, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, Books, Base Stations, Tubes, Meters, Power Supply, Astron, Icom, Johnson Viking Match Box, Marine Radio Receiver, Federal Telephone & Radio Corp, Minerva Radio, Tube Tester, Old Vintage Microphones, etc. Baseball Collectibles: Jamie Moyer Autographed Jersey, Garrett Anderson Autographed Framed Jersey, Bat & Ball, Collection of Baseball Player's signed baseballs including Mariners & Major League Hall of Famers, Ken Griffey, Dave Niehaus, Nolan Ryan, Bats, Seahawks Helmet, Signed Baseball Glove, Vintage Basball Cards & Posters, Hats, Paper, etc. Items of Interest: Oil Lamps, Old Samovars, large Ship Model in Glass Case, Inkwells, Antique Coffee Grinder, Oak Table Top Cash Register, Ships Telegraph, US Navy Scope in Wood Case, Wind up record players, 2 Lionel Train Sets, Airplane Manuals & Booklets, Old Scooter, Arts & Crafts Copper, miner's lamps, Pre Columbian Items, Black Powder gun & powder flask, large Collector Medallions, Magic Lantern w/5 wood boxes of glass plate magic lantern slide photographs, large vintage Transit on Wood Tripod, Accordian, Zither, Jeweler's tools, antique tools, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday June 11, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Baker Furniture, Period Antiques, Rugs, Asian Antiques, Lots of Sterling, Lots of NW Estates Fine & Costume Jewelry, including items from Former Houston, Texas Antique Dealer's Estate, Parkshore Tower Estate & items from a fine home in the Highlands, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Quality Furnishings: 17th Century Inlaid Cassone, Period George I Japanned Cabinet on Stand, Period large English Oak Secretary Desk, English Mahogany Inlaid small wall cabinet, English Antique locking small glass display stand on legs, French Ormulu Heart Shape Table, Pedestal Inlaid Chess Table, Baker Mahogany Banded Inlaid Buffet/Server, Baker Inlaid Mahogany Hall Table, Baker drop leaf small table, Imperial Mahogany Narrow China Cabinet, Widdecomb Bow Front Chest, Pair of Widdecomb Walnut twin beds, Stickley Quaint Oak Library Table, Very Nice Carved American Oak Hall Seat, Oak Marble Top Commode, Miniature Oak 4 drawer chest, Victorian Oval Marble Top Table, 30's Walnut Drop Front Desk, pair of Mahogany night stands, Designer lamps, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Mid Century Modern Credenza, Leather Covered Modern Console Table, Lunstead Coffee Tables, Floor Lamps, Abstract Artworks, Dansk Rosewood Tray, 3 matching large Wicker Tapestry Lounge Chairs, 2 large wicker Lounge Chairs w/Green Upholstery, Glass top Coffee, End & Nest of Tables, Decorator Lamps, Like new Loveseat from DelTeet's, like new Leather Loveseat, Ladies Writing Desk, Henredon mirror top coffee table, Henredon pair of high back armchairs, 3 panel divider screen, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: 100+ Framed Antique to Modern Oil Paintings, Western Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Watercolors, Raoul Ibanez, Wallace Nutting, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Bronzes, Vintage Framed Photos, Engravings, carved marble busts, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Large Set 92pc Early Towle Canterbury Sterling flatware, Set of International Royal Danish Sterling flatware, sterling pitcher, Sterling Bowls, Spratling Sterling small bowl, large group of Estate Jewelry, 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, lots of nice Costume Jewelry, 14K Gold Pocket Watch, 18K large bracelet, wrist watches, Mexican Sterling, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, opera glasses, collection of miniature sterling trinket boxes, set of 8 Gorham Versailles forks, collection of sterling souvinir spoons, enamelware, guilloche/silver box, antique silver mustard ladles, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, Morgan & Peace Dollars, etc., from estate. Books: Large Library of 350+ Franklin Library Leather Bound Books, large format Antique Books on California, etc. Clocks: Sovereign Limited Edition Monumental Mahogany Case Grandfather Clock, Howard Miller Oak Case Grandfather Clock, Seth Thomas Grandmother Clock, Seth Thomas Regulator Wall Clock, Many mantle clocks, bracket clocks, Anniversary Clocks, Automaton Singing Birds in Cages, Small Clocks, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: German Stein Collection, large Lalique Vase, Roseville Sunflower vase, Sevres Box, Waterford Stemware, Bohemian Glass Decanters, Serving Pieces, Stemware, etc, Venetian Glass, Large Grouping of Rosenthal & Tirschenreuth Fine China sets, vases, bowls, etc., Spode Billingsley Rose China set, very fine American Brilliant Cut Glass, Hand painted Vienna Austria Fine China Punch Bowl Set, Nippon, Paperweights, Perfume Bottles, Miniature paintings on ivory & porcelain, Wedgwood, Doulton, Hummels, fine gold band crystal stemware set, large group of Belleek Tridacna, Royal Worcester, pair of Mettlach Vases, large Modern Artglass bowl, SW Pottery, Cabinet cups & saucers, etc. Rugs: Like New 12x22 Karastan Kirman Pattern rug, 3x12 Runner Rug, etc. Asian: (5) Antique Tonsu Chests in varied sizes, Rosewood Snuff Bottle Cabinet, Chinese & Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics, Pillows, Vases, Imari, Figures, Bowls, Cloisonne, Carved jade, Carved ivory, snuff bottles, netsukes, cinnabar boxes, Rose Canton, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Early Handcarved Glider Horse w/original stenciling, Antique Snuff Boxes, Important Archive of Canadian Photos of Petroliana, Railroad, Mining, Stock Certificates, Collection of 50's & 60's Original Foreign Sports Car Auto Brochures, B-17, Pan Am & Boeing Manuals, DAR 14K Gold medals & memorabilia, Dinkey Toys, HO Train Set, Pocket Knives, Hawaiian Steamship Menus, Tapa Cloth, Vincente Maneiro Guitar Ukulele, WWII Military items, medals, photos, signed photos of Generals, footlockers, paper goods, Copperware, Woodenware, Russian Samovar Tray, Small boat wheel, antique sled, lots of Silver Plated items, Copper Boiler, typewriters, Pair of Fine Parian Lamps, antique walking sticks, sword cane, vintage RCA portable TV & vintage Zenith Table Radio, Candle molds, Safeway Advertising Wall Cabinet, Santos Figures, Inlaid Antique Wood Boxes, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thussday May 28, Fine Art and Premier Auction

Featuring Fine Asian Antiquities & American & Northwest Fine Art

Northwest Modernism: Museum Quality Leo Kenney "Ghost Lake" Large Gouache from the Marshall & Helen Hatch Collection, Jarred Rue Large Contemporary Oil of Trees, Katherine Ace "The Game" Large Contemporary Oil, Impressive Z.Z. Wei "White Barn & Shadows" 1990 Large Oil, Exceptional Paul Horiuchi Collage with Gold Foil & Calligraphy "The Golden Wall", Impressive George Tsutakawa "Point of Arches" 1981 Sumi (Purchased Foster/White), George Tsutakawa Beach Scene, La Push Watercolor in Colors, Margaret Tompkins 1956 Abstract Watercolor Painting, Kenneth Callahan Impressive Mountain Sumi Painting, William Ivey 1979 Small Abstract Oil, Impressive James Washington Jr. "Northwest Gull" Carved Granite Sculpture, James Washington Jr. "Samuel" Prophet Head Carved Granite Sculpture, Fine James Lee Hansen "Shaman Study" 1970 Abstract Bronze Sculpture, Impressive Frank Okada "Tumescent Red" Large Abstract Oil, Richard Gilkey "Spring" Long Oil Painting, Leo Kenney Surrealist Image Gouache 1944 (Ex. Marshall Hatch Collection), Morris Graves Abstract Tempera Painting Circa 1970's (Sotheby's Labels), Morris Graves Abstract Mandala Tempera, Mark Tobey Figure Study in Color Painting (Multiple Gallery Labels), Kenneth Callahan "Departure" Tempera with Figures, Kenneth Callahan "Sky Bridge" Vertical Oil, Early Kenneth Callahan WPA Era Tempera Landscape, Paul Horiuchi "Artifacts of Genroku" Early Collage (Zoe Dusanne Label), Paul Horiuchi Early Abstract Collage with Calligraphy (Double Sided), Paul Horiuchi "Poem" Small Collage, Paul Horiuchi Medium Diptych Collage, Paul Horiuchi Diptych Small Abstract Collage, William Cumming 1974 Tempera on Board of Little Girl Running, William Ivey 1986 Long Abstract Oil, George Tsutakawa Mountain 1962 Sumi Small Painting, Rosalyn Gale Powel Floral Still Life Small Oil, Rosalyn Powel Still Life with Pears Oil, RGP Large Floral Still Life Oil, Fay Chong "Apple Tree" Sumi Painting, Joseph Goldberg Early Abstract Painting 1969, Guy Anderson Abstract Woodcut, Guy Anderson Female Nude Ink, Impressive Wendell Brazeau Abstracts of Hands & Geometrics, Walter Isaacs Still Life Small Oil, James Martin Early Still Life Abstract, Group of William Ivey Painting Studies, Paul Havas Small Artworks, Jacob Elshin Architectural Gargoyle Oil, Ambrose Patterson Colored Charcoal of Whale, Yvonne Twining Humber (2 Works), Maria Frank Abrams (2 Works), Betty Frost NW Landscape Oil, Diane Katsiaficas Abstract Mixed Media, Eunice Jensen Parsons (OR) Original Watercolors & Print Work, Manuel Izquierdo Abstract Still Life Watercolor, Large Maria Frank Abrams "Rays of Light" Oil, etc. Modern Art: Two Works by Important Egyptian Modernist, Adam Henein. "Adam" Mixed Media Painting on Paper, "Adam & Eve" Mixed Media Painting on Paper, Tony Phillips (IL) Surrealist Image, James Castle (Idaho) Small Bell Figure Drawing, Patricia Adams (CA) Small Abstract Oil, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Impressive Richard Marquis Teapot Goblet, Klause Moje 1986 Fused Glass Bowl, David Schwarz Z-Axis Cobalt Bowl, David Chihuly 1991 White Seaform with Black Lip Wrap, Henner Schroder Cast Glass Petroglyph Sculpture on Stand, Gizela Nabokov (Czech) Cast Glass Table Sculpture, Bryan Rubino Cobalt Vase (Foster/White Gallery), Bryan Rubino/William Morris Collaboration Vase, Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Yellow Seaform Glass Set, Richard Marquis "Noble Effort" Art Glass (2 Works), James Minson Pair Floral Goblets, Clayton James Ceramic Sculptural Vase, Viola Frey (CA) Funk Pottery Cloud Large Ceramic Box, Jun Kaneko Colorful Glazed Ceramic Hanging Sculpture, Piper Snow (CA) Large Ceramic Sculptures, Large Collection of Northwest Studio Pottery including Works by: Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, David Shaner, Betty Feves, Robert Sperry (20pc), Rare Robert Sperry Nude Small Sculpture, Robert Sperry Bird Sculpture, Cobalt & Gold Luster Sperry Work, Raymond Grimm Large Bowl, Louis Midweek (7pc), Richard Fairbanks, Sequoia Miller, Tom & Elaine Coleman, Rex Mason (CA), James & Nan McKinnell, Gladys Crooks, Ben Bieri, Reid Ozaki, Ben Sams, Lucille Nutt, Ivarose Bovingdon, John Fassbinder, Jane Wherrette, R&L Spencer, Ginny Conrow, Janetta Nelson, Loren Lukens, etc. Group Nicoya Costa Rican Pre Columbian Pottery Vessels, Ancient Ramos Casas Grande Pot, Nazca Pre Columbian Stirrup Vessel, etc. American & European Fine Art: Frederick Schafer "Rocky Mountains" 30"x50" Large Oil Painting, Impressive Samuel F.B. Morse (Early American) Italian Landscape Oil Painting, Impressive Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau (French) "Look Before You Leap" Large Oil of Children, Fine Louis Aguste Lapito (France/Italy) Large Mountain Landscape Oil, Carl Oscar Borg "Pueblo Village" 12"x16" Oil, Robert Henri (Ashcan School Founder) Little Girl Portrait Oil Study, Karl Stuhlmuller (German) "Country Market" Fine Oil Painting, Eliza Barchus Mt. Rainier Small Oil, Charles Volkmar Landscape Oils (2 Works), Rolla Taylor (Texas) Winter Landscape Small Oil, Nathaniel Cooper Maritime Deco Oil Painting, William Reese Indian Maiden Oil, Michael Ferguson "Columbia Raw" Seascape Oil, Harvey Goodale "Prospector" Oil Painting, Michael Godard Original Oil of Martini Glasses with Smoking Olive, Robert Wyland (CA) Dolphins Watercolor Large Painting, Merrill Dean Mahaffey Large Modernist Southwest Oil Painting, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Alberto Giacometti "Buste II" Female Nude Pencil Signed Etching (Numbered 6 of 150), Pablo Picasso Pencil Signed Lithograph (Anniversary of Eiffel Tower), Salvador Dali "Le Danse" Signed Lithograph, Edward Curtis "Piki Maker" Signed Platinum Photograph, Edward Curtis "Prayer to the Stars" Orotone Photograph, Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Platinum Print, Edward Curtis "Castle of Dreams" Blue Tone Photograph, Asahel Curtis "Mt. Rainier" Tinted Large Photograph, Norman Edson Large Tinted Photograph, Guy Anderson Abstract Woodcut Print, Group of Japanese Modernist Woodblocks, Clifton Karhu Large Woodblock, Toshi Yoshida, Kawase Hasui, Nishijima, etc., Gordon Gilky Etchings, Arthur Luiz Piza Etchings, etc. Native Americana: Tom Patterson "Puguis" Carved & Painted Mask, Eugene Hunt Carved & Painted Masks (2 Works), Stephen Hunt Carved & Painted Small Paddle, Pitseolak Ashoona Etching, Tony Hunt Signed Lithograph, Duane Pasco Signed Lithograph, etc. Fine Jewelry, Silver, & Watches: Exquisite 2.7 carat Solitaire Diamond Ring, Pair of 18k Diamond & Sapphire Drop Earrings (Art Deco Style), Impressive Victorian Etruscan Revival Gold & Carved Coral Cameo Jewelry Set (Tiara & Earrings), Vintage Women's Rolex Wristwatch, 18k Heavy Gazelle Hinged Cuff Bracelet, Italian 18k Diamond Heavy Choker Necklace with Earrings, Antique Mine Cut Diamond Bar Pin, Antique Ruby & Pearl Bar Pin, Deco Omega 18k Pocket Watch, 14k Solid Band Omega Deville Wristwatch, 14k Egyptian Revival Scarab Bracelet, Very Rare Gorham Narragansett Shell Serving Spoon, Early Gorham Aesthetic Figural Olive Spoon, George Sharp (PA) American Sterling Figural Mountain Goat Head Ladle, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, 800 Baroque Silver Tea Service, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, etc. Ceramics & Glass: Impressive KPM Painted Porcelain Plaque of Bride, Royal Vienna Painted Porcelain Tray of Woman with Putti, R. Lalique "Lobelia" Fern Frond Crystal Vase, Pair of Bohemian Gilt Overlay Portrait Perfume Bottles, Royal Vienna Portrait Plates, etc. Asian Antiquities: Important Ming Dynasty Celadon Vase (Published in Chinese Ceramics Book), Monumental & Important Kangxi Antique Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Yen Yen Floor Vase on Carved Stand, Impressive Dominick & Haff Floral Sterling Tall Vase, 4pc Dutch Silver Tea Service with Original Sales Pamphlet, Antique Chinese Celadon Glaze Lotus Vase, Yuan Dynasty Celadon Handled Porcelain Vase, Fine Chinese Republic Famille Rose Porcelain Bat & Lotus Vase, 4pc Persian Blue Porcelain Lotus Vases, 3pc Antique Silk Embroidered Women's Robes, Antique Chinese Peacock Blue Handled Dragon Vase with Qianlong Marks, Impressive Mongolian Silver & Carved Jade Teapot, Antique White Jade Carved Peach on Stand, Antique Celadon Jade Bat Carving on Stand, Antique Silk Embroidered Women's Robe, Fine Blue & White Porcelain Yen Yen Dragon Vase with Yongzheng Marks, Collection of Fine Carved Agate Snuff Bottles, Meiji Japanese Monkey Carved Ivory Whisk Counter, Antique Chinese Carved Coral Snuff Bottle, Lavender Jadeite Carved Bird Figure on Stand, Antique Chinese Tea Dust Glaze Porcelain Handled Vases, Antique Chinese Cylinder Vases, Set of Six Kangxi Milk & Blood Porcelain Plates, Qianlong Chinese Export Porcelain Bowl on Stand, Fine Chinese Carved Ivory Brise Hand Fan, Antique Chinese Mother of Pearl Inlaid Rosewood Document Box, Antique Chinese Wucai Lion Dog Porcelain Jar, Antique Chinese Copper Seated Buddha, etc. Mid Century Modernism: Set of (4) Eames Herman Miller DCM Dining Chairs, Set of (3) Eames Herman Miller Armchairs, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Chrome Armchair, Laurel Orange Mushroom Table Lamp, etc. Antiquities & Décor: Impressive Antique Lyon & Healey Concert Harp in Original Crate, Antique Carved Gilt Harp, Vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar with Case, Gibson Mandolin in Case, A Wonderful Selection of Antique Decorative Oil Paintings, Collection of European Miniature Paintings on Ivory, Antique French Lyre Form Gilt Bronze Clock & Garniture Set, L. Marti French Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, Fine Silk Tree of Life Rug, (2) Semi Antique Room Size Sarouk Oriental Rugs, Fine Silk Tree of Life Rug, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Saturday May 16, Sports, Entertainment, Historical Memorabilia and Autographs

Highlights include and exceedingly rare collection of over 200 vintage and antique signed baseball photos including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Frank "Home Run Baker", John Evers, Chief Bender, Zach Wheat, Roger Bresnahan, Cy Young, Grover Alexander, Al Simmons, Eddie Collins, Mordecai Brown, Tris Speaker, Ed Walsh, Fred C. Clarke, Paul Waner, Rogers Hornsby, Nap Lajoie, Ted Williams, Dazzy Vance, Jackie Robinson, Melo Ott, Hank Greenberg and many, many more. All listed come with PSA/DNA LOA. Hundreds of signed postcards, index cards, small photos and cut signatures. Memorabilia from the entertainment business and Hollywood including a rare Hoosiers movie prop, a basketball used in the filming of the game scenes. Crew member's jacket from motion picture "The Natural," a Life Magazine with Roy Hobbs on the cover that was a movie prop from "The Natural," early studio promotional items from the film "Giant" starring James Dean, and many Hollywood autographed photos and programs. A collection of antique sports equipment including leather football helmets, early 1900's baseball gloves and bats and more. Transportation memorabilia, including very rare Seattle steamship photo and broadside, aviation autographs and more.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday May 14, Coin Auction

Part 2 of 2 Coin Collections from 2 Estates including the Estate of Wayne Schroll of Kirkland and a Broadmoor Estate. Coin Collections include Vintage, Antique, Medieval & Ancient Coins from Rome, Persia, Islamic, US, Gold & Silver Coins, Sets, Large Quantity of US Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Pennies, Vintage US & Foreign Currency, etc.

US, Gold Coins, GSA 1880's Carson City Silver Dollars w/original shipping boxes & containers, (some never opened) Large Quantity of Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, etc, groupings, US, Liberty, Halves, Standing Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy, Barber Quarters, Dimes, Mercury, Roosevelt, Nickels, Jefferson, Indian Head Pennies, Currency, etc. Antiquities: Roman, Persian & Islamic Coin Collection, 100's of Ancient Roman & Islamic Silver Coins, Advanced Collection, etc. Books: Some Desirable Books on Coins, Islamic & Persian Coin Books & more!  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday April 23, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Dining Sets, Oriental Rugs, Asian Antiques, Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Pottery, etc, including items from 1223 Spring St, Seattle & an Overlake Estate, Antique Dealer's Display Cases, Coins, 2000 Honda CRV Auto, etc.

Antique, Vintage & Furnishings: Period Inlaid Mahogany Server/Buffet, Period Mahogany Bow Front Chest, Chippendale large Mahogany Hall Table, Vienna black marble top small dressing table w/mirror, Mahogany lyre base game table, Drexel Mahogany Oval double pedestal dining table w/6 matching chairs & Credenza, Small Drop Leaf Pedestal Dining Table, Mahogany Drop Leaf Dining Table w/6 carved back dining chairs, Antique Inlaid French Armoire, French Style Pair of Consoles, 3 section Oak Shaw Walker File Cabinet, Set of 5 Hitchcock black side chairs w/cane seats, Pair of matching Mahogany lighted narrow display cabinets, Carved table w/full figure elephant head legs w/tusks, French Style Ormolu Ladies Writing Desk & Chair w/swans, Oak Refractory Dining Table, Antique Curved Glass China Cabinet, Twin & Full size antique brass beds, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Danish Modern Teak Lounge Chair & Ottoman, group of 7 assorted 50's black wire iron & wood bookcases, 50's Lamps, Modernist Bronze Lamp w/birds, Sculptures, Tile Tables, side chairs, 50's items, Traditional Style large Sofa w/carved claw feet, Large Curtis Jere Wall Sculpture, Iron Bread Rack, Contemporary A&C Style Hutch, Modern Oak Corner Curved Glass China Cabinet, etc. Showcases: (4) large Vertical 6' Showcases, 4' horizontal showcase, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Many Framed Oil Paintings, Western Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Bronzes, Vintage Framed Photos, Pair 18th Century Botanical Engravings, carved marble bust, Salvador Dali print, Buffalo Bronze, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Large Set of Gorham Buttercup Sterling flatware, Service for 12 Towle French Provincial Sterling Flatware, Japanese 950 Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, 14K Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces, Estate Jewelry, lots of nice Costume Jewelry, wrist watches, Mexican Sterling, cameos, opera glasses, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, CC Silver Dollar, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies, Currency, etc., from estate. Crystal, China & Pottery: 150+ pieces of Waterford Lismore Stemware, Decanters, Candlesticks, Serving Pieces, etc, Also Waterford Tramore Wine Hocks & Stemware, Venetian Glass, Sets of Limoges, Mikasa Harrow & Lenox Aurora fine china, Handpainted limoges pitchers, Lundberg glass vases, very fine American Cut Glass, Jeweled Black Glass Dresser Set, Heisey Lariet Punch Bowl Set, Heisey, Candlewick, Imperial, Depression, Miniature paintings on ivory & porcelain, Roseville, McCoy, Fiesta, Depression Glass, Flow Blue, Copper Lustre, etc. Rugs: 11x13 antique Sarouk oriental rug, 3x12 Runner Rug, Kazak 4x8 Rug, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Native American & Ethnic Art: Indian Baskets, Navajo Turquoise items, Eskimo ivory bracelets, etc. Asian: Profusely decorated Cabinets, Alter Tables & Temple Carvings from Tibet, Korean Tonsu Chests, Huge Collection of Chinese & Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics, Large Imari Chargers, Figures, Bowls, Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Carved jade, Carved ivory, Japanese Block Prints, Scrolls, Carved Rosewood Netsuke or Snuff Bottle Display Cabinet, Carved Soapstone Figures, 2 Coromandel Screens, framed textiles, Peking glass, large Cloisonne Horse & Swan Figures, Carved Camphor Wood Sm Chest, Coral, Turquoise, Pots, Large Set of Rose Canton fine china, several large planter pots, Marble Top Rosewood carved tall stand, Inlaid small rosewood table, etc. Items of Interest: 2000 Honda CRV, Red Wing Water Cooler, Lionel Trains, Walthers Models Trains, Fisher Stereo w/speakers, Advent Speakers, Beer Signs, Bar Memorabilia & Signs, Large Samovar, antique Remington typewriter, Books on China & History, Telescope, 2 old portable Typewriters, Camphor Wood Sea Chest, post cards, Crystal Chandelier, trunk, John Deere & Construction Toys, Arcade Iron Greyhound Bus, Crystal Lamps, Contemporary large stained glass lamp, plateau mirror, lots of large Silver Plated Serving Pieces, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 9, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, American Oak Antiques, Oriental Rugs, Asian Antiques, Sterling, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Pottery, Art Glass, etc., including items from Northgate & University District Estates, etc.
Also, items from Fox's Gem Shop due to move

Antique, Vintage & Carved Furnishings: French Style Pair of Consoles w/Fabulous Antique Carved & Gilt Oval Frame Mirrors, French Hand Painted Curio Cabinet from Wm L Davis, Limbert Arts & Crafts Oak High Back Rocker, A&C Oak Drop Front Desk, A&C Inlaid Round Back Oak Armchair, American Oak: 54" Round Oak Pedestal Table w/claw feet, Set of 6 Spindle Back Pressback Dining Chairs, Carved Oak Sideboard, Carved Oak Drop Front Desk, Victorian Walnut Small Chest, Oak Cabinets & Tables, Mahogany Sleigh Style Drop Front Desk & Chair, Pair of Period Mahogany Side Chairs, Fir Commode, Waterfall Cedar Chest, Period Wash Stand, Hitchcock Side Chair, Empire Butler's Drop Front Desk/Chest, etc. Mid Century & Contemporary Furnishings: Round Glass Top Iron Base Table, Set of 4 Black Leather Italian Dining Chairs, Pair of Black Leather Italian Bar Stools, Set of 6 Crate & Barrell Modern Dining Chairs, Mid Century Walnut Coffee Table, Iitala Glass, Mid Century Floor Lamps, large set of Rosenthal Raymond Lowey Rythm White Fine China, Studio Pottery, etc. Fox's Gem Shop Items: Jeweler's Equipment, Modernist Lighted Floor Model Small Showcases, IWC & Bremont, Gemologist Microscope, Voland Precision Balance Scale in glass case, Watch Setting Equipment, Watch Displays, (6) Kindel Swivel Stools, large Commercial Aluminum Letters from Building, Track Lighting Items, Jewelry Displays, Reference Books, Minerals, Jades, Group of 6 wall mount Modernist Sconce Light Fixtures Brushed Brass, Signs, Ship Wreck Items from Conde De Tolosa 1794, Buffing Wheels, Double Sided Standing Sign, 8x10 Santa Claus Entry Rug, Brass Costumer, Collection of Antique Victorian Stick Pins, Coral Cameos, Loose gemstones, Brass Standards w/rope, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Many Large Framed Oil Paintings w/Fancy Frames, (5) Keith Warrick Wildlife Oil Paintings, Signed Norman Rockwell Lithograph, Fred Machetanz Signed Lithographs, Charles Gause, Indian Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Portrait Paintings, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Prints, Western Paintings, Bronzes, Britannia Figures, Vintage Framed Photos, etc. Firearms: Remington Model 1100 12ga Shotgun, Winchester Model 70-300 H&H Magnum Rifle w/Scope, Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12ga Shotgun, Remington Model 700 .22cal Target Rifle w/large Scope & Handguns, etc. Stained Glass & Lamps: Large Double Stained Glass Window circa 1900, Large Arts & Crafts Style Hanging Lamp, Old Stained Glass Floor & Table Lamps, 2 small table lamps w/Quezal Pulled Feather Shades, Antique Student Lamp w/Green Glass Cased Shade, Many vintage table lamps, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Large Set of Gorham 124pc Sterling Flatware, Unusual Sterling Items & Serving Pieces, 14K & 22K Persian Gold Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces & Jewelry, Antique 14K Stick Pin Collection, Coral Cameos, Estate Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Enamel Silver, Sterling Art Nuveau Hand Mirrors, Randal Sterling Hammered A&C Bowl, Shreve & Co A&C Copper & Silver Inkwell, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Tiffany Favrille Gold Compote, Steuben Aurene Blue Compote, vase & sm bowl, Loetz Vases, Baccarat Heavy Crystal Vase, Steuben Crystal Vases, Verlys lg ftd bowl, Fine Venetian Glass Bowl, Lots of Waterford Crystal Stemware 100+ pcs, Decanters, Pitchers, Serving Pieces, Pie Server, etc, in the Lismore & Tramore Patterns, Galway Crystal, Paperweights, Orient & Flume, Colored Glassware, lots of Flow Blue, large Flow Blue Pitcher & Bowl, large Collection of Fiesta Dishes with many rare & hard to find pieces, Sets of Rosenthal Mid Century White Fine China, Haviland Florals, Antique Heinrich, Port Marion, Royal Doulton Grantham, Heritage Hall English Georgian Townhouse China, Iittala Glass, Bohemian Glass, Antique Ruby Scent Bottle, lots of Belleek, Pottery Tiles, Roseville, Fine Lenox China, vintage mixing bowls, Majolica, Glass Punch Bowl Set, etc. Rugs: 3x12 Lesghi Star Runner Rug, Kazak 4x8 Rug, Oriental Scatter Rugs, etc. Clocks, etc.: Fine Antique Carriage Clock, Mantle Clock, Deco Green Marble Table Clock, Movado Table Clock, Neon Mid Century lighted Clock, Art Deco Marble Table Clock, Movado Table Clock, etc. Native American & Ethnic Art: Inuit Stone Carvings, Indian Basket, Navajo Turquoise items, Phillipine Native Shield, Native African Carved large Figure, Australian Didgeridoo, etc. Asian: Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics, Large Chinese Vases, Figures, Bowls, Japanese Cloisonne, Carved jade, Carved ivory, Japanese Block Prints, Amber, Cinnabar, Scrolls, Carved Rosewood Netsuke or Snuff Bottle Display Cabinet, Snuff Bottles, Netsukes, Carved Soapstone Figure Groups, Cricket Cage, Large Celedon Pots, Screens, framed textiles, Peking glass bowl, Thanka, Rosewood Small Table, Large Pots, 3' large Wood Bowl, etc. Items of Interest: Large Rare Roycroft 3 footed hammered bowl, Mandolin, Neon Beer Sign, Beer Signs, Copper & Brassware, typewriters, Restaurant ware china, Wood boxes, Fireplace tools, Small Flat TV, Several Pairs of Vintage Bookends, Singer Hand Crank Table Model Sewing Machine w/case, Steiff & Vintage Teddy Bears, Books on Indians, History, Snuff Bottles, Watches, etc., Iron fireplace mantle, Copper Boiler, Copper Cookware, Cigarette Card Collections, DVD movies, Art Nuveau Items, Fish Floats, B&L Zoom Balscope Telescope, 2 old Typewriters, Vintage Coca Cola Tray, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday March 26, Antique and Estate Auction

NW Estates & Collections, Over The Top Antique Furnishings from Mansions & Penthouses, Rugs, Asian, Antique Thimbles, Jewelry, Pottery, Glass, Gold & Silver Coins, Sterling, Trains, etc., including items from Queen Anne, Lake Stevens & Bellevue Estates

Antique & Carved Furnishings: Oval Oak Pedestal Heavy Carved Dining Table, Set of 6 highly carved Oak Dining Chairs, Heavy Carved Sideboard w/Lion handles, Set of 4 Dining Chairs w/carved Lions, Italian Inlaid Oval Dining Table w/8 chairs, Oak French Armoire converted to lighted Display Cabinet, Vienna Inlaid Marble Top Dresser w/Mirror, German Carved Corner Cabinet, Carved oak Hall Seat w/stained glass, R J Horner Heavy Carved Library Table w/Winged Griffins, French Walnut Inlaid Small Cabinet/Stands, Victorian Fainting Lounge, Carved Side Chairs, Large Carved Victorian Rocker, Cedar Chest, Mahogany Secretary Desk, 18th Century high back hall bench, Set of 4 French Carved Cane Back Armchairs, Set of 4 French Carved Side Chairs, Primitive Twig Rocker & Side Table, 42" Mission Round Oak Pedestal Dining Table & 2 chairs, Marble Top Night Stands, Antique Commode, Carved Full Figure Elephant Chair, etc. Mid Century: Danish Teak Hugo Troeds Dining Table w/6 matching chairs & 2 large leaves, Stanley Mid Century Dining Set w/Table, 6 chairs & matching buffet, Teak Desk, Walnut Coffee & End Tables, more mid century glass & pottery, Mideke, Ann Hirondelle Teapot, large Mid Century Bratman Table Lamp, Pair of Magnuson Side Chairs, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Baker Mahogany Library Desk w/Pullouts, Pair of Wood Frame Sofas, Lighted Brass Mirror Back Dispay Modern Cabinet, etc. Artworks & Fine Art: Large Heavy Framed Oil Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Watercolors, Mirrors, Frames, Miniature Paintings on porcelain, Maxfield Parrish Print Bubbles, etc. Firearms, Knives & Military: Winchester Model 94 .30WCF lever action rifle, Remington Gamemaster Model 760 30.06 Springfield Rifle w/scope, Winchester Model 12 Shotgun 12ga, Remington 12ga semi auto shotgun, lots of ammunition, shotgun shells, holsters, antique 6 shooter handgun, Springfield Model 872 22short rifle w/scope, Savage Model 220LD 20ga shotgun, Sheath & Pocket Knives, Wayne Goddard Sheath Knife, WWI Rare Trench knife, WWI US Uniforms, BB guns & rifles, etc. Coins & Stamps: 6 1oz Gold Coins, $20 US Gold St Gaudens, Silver Dollars, Mint Sets, US Silver Halves, Quarters, Dimes, First Day Cover Stamp Collection, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: Unusual Sterling Items & Serving Pieces, 14K Gold Rings, Estate Jewelry, Good Costume Jewelry, Mirriam Haskel, Weiss, Cherry Amber Beads, Antique Sheffield Silver Plated items, Candelabra, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Verlys, Lalique, Waterford Crystal, Enamel Glass, Meissen Green Leaf Coffee/Tea Set, Cut Glass, Fenton, Paperweights, Colored Glassware, Antique Bisque Figure Collection, Sevres, Capo di Monte, Staffordshire Dog figure, Royal Worcester Figure/Basket, Limoge Miniatures, Battersea Boxes, Flow Blue, Swarovski, German Figural Plaques, Gin Pottery Crock Dispenser, Epergne, Parian items, Gouda Bowl, etc. Rugs: 9x12 1930's Sarouk, 9x12 Karastan & 9x12 Oriental Pattern Rug, large Afghan Saddlebags, etc. Clocks, etc.: Antique Steeple Clock, Mantle Clock, Oak English Carved Barometer, etc. Native American: Inuit Stone Carvings, Indian Basket, Eskimo Carved Ivory w/inlaid Mother of Pearl item, etc. Books: More Fine Books from Outstanding Antique & Rare Book Collection, 6 tall bookcases full, Coins, History, Art, Volume Sets, Childrens Books & Games, etc. Asian: Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics, Japanese Cloisonné, Carved jade, Carved ivory, Japanese Block Prints, Hakumake, Cinnabar, Yixing teapots, Scroll, etc. Items of Interest: More Antique Thimbles, 100's of sterling, china, enamel, wood, advertising & treenware thimbles, antique sewing items, thimble stands, Miniature Collection, Lionel Trains, Rollieflex SL35M Camera, Nikon Binoculars, lighters, Old Woodworking Tools, Pioneer SA420 Amp, TX520 Receiver, Stereo Set w/Speakers, Antique Wood Bowls, Mixing Bowls, Primitives, Tins, Compasses, Egg Cutters, Scissors, Old Marbles, Fountain Pens, AYP items, Copper & Brassware, Horse Weathervane, Horse Models, Flutes, Trombone, Deco Double Nugget Gumball Machine, Old Store Fixture Bar Scales, Vintage Kodak Verichrome Glass Display cabinet, antique typewriter, Restaurantware china, Roman Figures, vintage dress form, Wood boxes, folding rules, Whale Oil Lamp, Plateau mirror, Old Childrens School Chalkboards, Old Kitchen Utensils, Old Oak Trunks, Antique Fireplace tools, Faux Leopard Fur Coats, Glass shade lamp, Stained Glass Leaded Hanging Ceiling Fixtures, Wall mounted Sylvania Flat TV, Antique Brass Coal Hod, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday March 12, Fine Art Auction

Featuring Northwest Estates, Rare & Fine Books, Paper, Period American & English Furnishings, Navajo Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Modernism, Toys, Crystal, etc.

Period Antique Furnishings: Lifetime Collection of American 18th & Early 19th Century Mahogany, Cherry & Maple (3) Chests, Lowboy, Sideboard, Drop Leaf Tables, Pembroke Tables, Work Tables, Stands, Armchairs & Side Chairs, Wing Back Chairs & Settee, Early 2 Door Display Cabinet, Early English Oak Tavern Table, etc. Rare Books: Fabulous Lifetime Collection of Fine & Rare Books from the 17th Century to Present, (The Best Collection of Rare Books we have handled), First Editions, Leather Bound 17th, 18th & 19th Century Fine Books, Mostly Non Fiction, Limited Editions, Author Signed Books, First Editions by Mark Twain, Jack London, Western Books, Remington, Russell, Historical, Washington, British Colombia, Seattle, King & Pierce County History, Easton & Franklin Press, Art Books, Fishing Books, etc. Mid Century: Danish Teak Dining Set w/6 Chairs, Teak Buffet, Westnofa Leather Chair & Ottoman, Industrial Pair of Office Armchairs, Danish Teak Coffee Table, Lamps, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Antique Portraits, Antique Oil Paintings, Watercolors, 100's of Artworks, Etchings, Engravings, Mirrors, Vintage Photos, Asahel Curtis, Kinsey, Norman Edson, Maps, Japanese Block Prints, Yoshida, Waldo Chase, Piranesi Engravings, Bronzes, Vintage Hand Tinted Charles Russell Litho, Disney Cels, Audubon Prints, Piecrust Frames, Marble sculptures, J L Lambert Bronze Bookends, etc. Vintage to Modern Furnishings: Pair of High Quality Lighted Mirror Back Display Cabinets, Ashley Wrought Iron/Wood Round Pedestal Table w/claw feet & 4 Chairs, Wrought Iron Glass Top Round Patio Table & 4 Chairs, Many Fine Lamps, Marble Lamps, Floor Lamps, Pair of Small 3 Drawer Mahogany Chests, Queen Anne Style Dressing Table & Octogon Table, Victorian Marble Top Library Table, Oak Lamp Tables, Victorian Armchairs & Rocker, Mission Oak Morris Chair, Unusual Inlaid Round Back Chair, 3 Door Early 1900's Mahogany Bookcase, Inlaid Phillipine Chests, etc. Navajo & Oriental Rugs: 8x10 Bokara, Antique Oriental Rugs, Prayer Rugs, Kirmans, Sarouks, Many Antique Navajo Rugs in Various Sizes, 10x16 Karastan, Scatter Rugs, Runners, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Fine Antique & Victorian Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Carved Jade, Sterling, Spanish Silver 900 Tea & Coffee Service, Watches, Costume Jewelry, Cameos, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Early Staffordshire T Hall Quadrupeds Reticulated Bowl & Plate, Baccarat Crystal, Steuben, Murano glass, large Mettlach Vase, art glass, Lladro & Hummel items, Belleek, Royal Worcester Chamberlain pattern large fine china set, Fine American Brilliant Cut Glass, Fenton, Mid Century & Studio Pottery, Heisey, Waterford, Johnson Brothers Margaret Rose China Set, Franciscan Desert Rose, Lots of Crystal, Wedgwood Jasperware, C Allen Johnson figure, etc. Indian & Native: Indian & Native Baskets, Many Navajo Rugs from several estates, Inuit Carvings, Collection of Carved Wood Native Masks, etc. Asian: Vintage Chinese Carved Camphor Wood Chest, Tonsu Chests, Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Chinese Porcelain Asian Jewelry, Pair of Vintage Porcelain Framed Plaques, Mah Jong Set, etc. Sewing: Many Gold & Sterling Thimbles, Acorn Thimble Cases, Silver Thimble Cases, Delft, Wood Shoe thimble holders, etc. Items of Interest: Floor Model World Globe, Trommel & Hezzanith Sextants, large gimballed compass in wood box, Antique Wrought Iron Cradle, Vintage John Deere Peddle Tractor w/Cart, Vintage & Antique Toys & Trains, Hubley, Sterling & Collectible Pocket & Pen Knives, Bradley & Hubbard Stained Glass Lamp, King Sonorous 4-B Silver Trombone, King Liberty 2-B Trombone, Fine Needlework & Linens, Tablecloths, Trivets, Copper ware, Ships in Bottles, Trade Cards, Postcards, Pre Columbian Items, Vintage Western Leather Chaps, Tooled Leather Holster Double Gun Rig, Tamron Zoom Telescope 20x-60x, antique tea caddies, Official Century 21 Worlds Fair Band Uniform used in Elvis Movie, Early Pan Am Airlines Pilot Manuals, Brochures, Postcards & Photos, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday February 26, Fine Art Auction

Featuring a Lifetime Collection of Fine Chinese Antiquites A Lifetime Pre-Columbian & Ethnographic Collection

Northwest Modernism: Morris Graves "Bouquet" Pastel on Paper with Louvre Gallery Label, Paul Horiuchi Large Collage "Morning #2", George Tsutakawa WPA Era Landscape Paintings (3 Works), Early Kenneth Callahan Dock Scene Large Oil, Kenneth Callahan WPA Small Landscape Oils (2 Works), Early William Cumming "Nun" Bronze, William Cumming Figure Paintings (3 Works), Walter Isaacs 1955 Abstract Figures Oil, Peter Camfferman Modernist Still Life Oil, Kathleen Gemberling "Times Strata" Abstract Oil 33"x66", Kathleen Gemberling "Spring Crysalis" Abstract Oil 80"x70", Group of Early Louis Gilbert WPA Era Artworks, Dorothy Milne Rising WPA Era Works, Robert Bruce Inverarity Alaskan Illustration Artwork, Collection of Nicolai Kuvshinoff Artworks (Purchased Directly From Artist), James Washington Jr. Small Woodcut, Mary Randlett Skagit Valley Photograph, Several Richard Kirsten Abstract Artworks, Ray Ho Abstract Painted Collages (4 Works), Important Early Dale Chihuly Glass Macchia Bowls (3 Works), Sonja Blomdahl 2-Color Incalmo Glass Bowl, etc. Native & Western Art: Important Richard Thomas (CO) "Cowgirl" Large Western Oil (Pictured on Cover of Exhibition Brochure), Richard Thomas Buffalo Grazing Oil Painting, Leigh Gusterson Impressionist Oil, Perry Brown Landscape Oil, Dan Bodelson (NM) Indian on Horseback Oil, William Berra (NM) "By The Pond" Oil, Stanley Long (CA) Western Scene Watercolor, Maria Santana Small Blackware Dish (Purchased at Museum), Aubrey LaFortune Carved Raven Mask with Pearl Inlay, Barry Herem "Spirit Master" Bronze Mask, Joe Sylvester Carved Raven Mask, Joe David "Maori Mask" Bronze Sculpture 1 of 4, Beau Dick "Ridicule" Carved Mask, Wilfred Sampson Carved Sun Mask, Art Thompson Painted Drum, Todd Couper "Maori Mask" Carving on Stand, Bill Reid "Haida Wolf" & "Haida Thunderbird" S/N Serigraphs, Robert Davidson Jr. S/N Serigraph, Art Thompson Serigraphs (8 Works), Joe David Serigraphs (4 Works), Beau Dick Serigraphs (3 Works), Susan Pointe Serigraphs (2 Works), Ben Houstie Paintings & Serigraphs (3 Works), Danny Dennis Watercolor & Ink, Walter Harris Serigraphs (2 Works), Sylvester Ayek Soapstone Polar Bear Carving, Kaka Ashoona Modernist Carved Green Soapstone Sculpture, Bill Allard Soapstone Bird Carvings, Henne Goodale Mountain Scene Oil, Taqialuk Nuna Soapstone Inuit Mask Carving, Charles Gause (Alaska) Bear Mountain Scene Large Watercolor, Jessica Zemsky (MT) Pastel of Indian Maiden, Pudlo Pudlat Inuit Woodcuts (2 Works), John Joseph Englehart Large Mt. Rainier Oil Painting, etc. American & European Fine Art: Jennifer Bartlett (NY/CA) "Granite House" Modernist Oil, Lee Long Looi (Malaysia) Modernist Watercolor of Figures, Hugo Kaufmann (German) Bronze David Sculpture, Henriette Ronner (Dutch) Cast Playing with Spinning Wheel & Birdcage Oil on Panel, King Ludwig I and II of Austria Miniature Portraits on Ivory, F.J. Carmona French Enamel Rural Scene Plaque, (2) After Jules Moigniez Impressive Bird Bronzes, After P.J. Mene Elk Bronze, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Early Laura Gilpin "Beta-Ta-Kin Cliff Dwelling Navajo National Monument" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Mary Randlett Skagit Valley Silver Gelatin Print, Yousef Karsch Silver Gelatin Photograph of George Bernard Shaw, George Tice Photograph of Sheep, Marsha & Michael Burns Signed Photographs, Victor Vasarely "Makk-S" Signed Serigraph, Glen Alps "Figures" Serigraph, Collage of Lisel Salzer Small Etchings, Tony Angel A.P. Owl Lithograph, Helmi Juvonen Native Woodcut, etc. Fine Silver: George III Silver Tankard by Thomas Wallis I, Victorian Silver Plated Tankard by Martin Hall & Co., Carl Weishaupt 900 German Silver 5-Piece Tea Service, Simon Rosenau German 800 Silver 3-Piece Heart Shaped Teapot Set, Late 18 th Century French Silver Coffee Pot with Armorial, 184pc W&S Sorensen Denmark "Funkis" Modernist Sterling Flatware Service, Group of Burmese Repousse Silver Bowls & Boxes, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Important Dale Chihuly 1989 Large Macchia Bowl with Turquoise Lip Wrap (Museum Quality), Chihuly 2000 Carnelian Macchia Bowl, Chihuly 1999 Macchia Bowl with Yellow Lip Wrap, Newcomb College Handled Daffodil Small Pot by Anna Frances Simpson, Set of (6) Dedham Pottery Small Plates, Pair of Meissen Figural Putti Double Candle Sconces, Meissen Gilt Floral Serving Tray, Antique Capodimonte Framed Relief Plaque, Moser Gilt Trumpet Large Vase, etc. Asian Antiquities: Important Qing Dynasty Blue & White Hu Form Lotus Large Porcelain Vase, Important Qing Dynasty Famille Rose Nine Peach Large Porcelain Vase, Fine Chinese Famille Rose Triptych Porcelain Framed Shou Plaque, Antique Chinese Black Monochrome Pear Shaped Porcelain Vase (Appraised $17k), Fine Blue & White with Copper Red Underglaze Porcelain Peach Vase with Kangxi Mark, Fine Collection of Chinese Carved Jade Pendants & Guanyin Figures (Antique & 20 th Century), Large Collection of Chinese Carved Rose Quartz/Carnelian/Agate/Turquoise Guanyin & Buddha Carvings, 2pc Antique Carved Ivory Doctor Models, Large Antique Carved Ivory Guanyin 2', Several Japanese Carved Ivory Netsuke & Okimono Figures, Collection of Ming Martaban Jars, Fine Carved Jade Trees with Cloisonné Jardiniers, Several Antique Blue & White Covered Porcelain Jars, Antique Chinese Cloisonné Teapot with Inset Carved Jade Pendants, Pair of Chinese Cloisonné Figural Deck Vessels, Chinese Blue & White Egg-Shaped Dragon & Bat Vase on Stand, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Ginger Jars, Fine Chinese White Jade Carved Pendant, Meizan Hododa Japanese Satsuma Vase, Sevearl Ning Yeh Chinese Modernist Sumi Paintings from Weyerhaueser Collection, Chen Chi A.P. Signed Lithograph, etc. Pre-Columbian, African & Ethnographic: Ancient Khmer Carved Limestone Vishnu Full Figure, Khmer Carved Limestone Head of Dignitary, Khmer Bronze Standing Buddha, Thai Ayuthaya Bronze Buddha Fragment, Old Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha on Stand, Ancient Greek Apulian Hydria Blackware Vessel 4 rd Century BC, Ancient Apulian Gnathian-Ware Epichysis Ewer, Collection of Pre-Columbian Moche/Chavin/Requay/Nasca/Inca Stirrup Vessels (25 Pieces), Tairona Zoomorphic Bowls, Chorrera Culture Ceremonial Bowl with Fruit, Fine African Mende Helmet Mask, Izzi Nigeria Elephant Spirit Polychrome Mask, Fine Burkina Faso "Bwa" Mask, Kuba "Bwoom" Congo Mask, Nimba Shoulder Mask, Bamun Helmet Mask Cameroon, Senufo Male & Female Carvings, Burkina Faso Buffalo Helmet Mask, Several Philippines Ifugao Shields & Spears, Ifugao Containers & Bowls, Ifugao Bulul Carved Deities, Group of Burmese Repousse Silver Bowls & Boxes, etc. Mid Century Modernism: Stendig DS 600 Non-Stop 16-Section Brown Leather Sofa, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Marble Top Server, Bernhard Pedersen & Son Denmark Teak Tambour Sideboard, 3pc Erik Buck OD61 Teak & Rosewood Bar Stools, Impressive Ron Kent Turned Wood Art Vases, Robert Sperry 1980 Black Crackle Charger, Monumental F. Carlton Ball Floor Vase, Ray Ho Ceramic Slab (Published in LaMar Harrington Book), F.Carlton Ball Ceramics, Akio Takamori Face Cups (2 Works), Ben Sams Sculptural Face Mugs, etc. Antiquities & Décor: Duffner Kimberly Blue Iris Leaded Glass Shade Hanging Light Fixture George Baker Swiss Music Box on Stand with 23" Cylinder, Impressive Pierre Victor Ledure Greek Carthage Bronze & Gilt Mantel Clock, Gilt Painted Trumeau Mirror with Harbor Scene, Finely Carved European Ivory Crucifix, French Carved Ivory Beauty Small Bust, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Saturday February 21, Estate Coin Auction

Outstanding Coin Collections from 3 Estates including the Estate of Wayne Schroll of Kirkland, the Estate of Dr Lindley of Mercer Island, and a Broadmoor Estate. Over 500 lots!

Coin Collections include Vintage, Antique, Medieval & Ancient Coins from Rome & Greece, US, China, South Africa, Foreign Gold & Silver Coins, Sets, Proofs, Rarities, Britain, South Africa, Liberia, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Gold Panda Set, US Gold Coins, $20, $10, $5, $2.50, St Gaudens, Liberty Heads, rare $3 Gold, US Gold Type Sets, Slabbed & Graded Coins, Krugerands, Bullion, American Silver Rounds, Vintage US & Foreign Currency, etc. US, 100's of Gold Coins, 100's silver dollars, GSA 1880's Carson City Silver Dollars w/original shipping boxes & containers, Trade Dollars, Collections in Books: Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, etc, groupings, US, Liberty, Halves, Standing Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy, Barber Quarters, Dimes, Mercury, Roosevelt, Nickels, Indian Head, Jefferson, Pennies, etc. Medals, 19th Century French Medals, Papal Medals, Peace Medals, etc. Other: Currency, Fractional Currency, Colonial Currency, Gold Nuggets, 14K & 10K Gold Thimbles, etc. Antiquities: Roman & Greek Silver Collection, 2 Roman Gold coins, Hadrian, Faustina, Sabina, Marcus Aurelius, Cladio, Denarius Roman Silver Coin Collection, Advanced Collection, 100's of Ancient Coins, etc. Books: Exceptional Collection of Many rare and hard to find Numismatic Books, (9) 6' Bookcases full, including books on coinage, currency, tokens, medals, etc, United States, Colonial, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia, Russian Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Israel/Jewish, Armenian, India, Middle Eastern Countries, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Chinese, Ancient, Medieval, Turkish/Ottoman, Islam, Coin Hoards, vintage auction catlogs, antiquarian, rare & more! Stamps: Stamp Collection in albums, graded Graf Zeppelins, US Plate Blocks, First Day Covers, Foreign Stamps, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday January 29, Antique and Estate Auction

Northwest Estates & Collections, Antiques, Asian, Bronzes, Thimbles, Jewelry, Pottery, Glass, Rugs, Sterling, 2000 & 1988 Cadillac Autos, etc., including items from the estate of Dr. Andrew Martinis of Edmonds & the estate of Wayne Schroll of Redmond

Cadillacs: 2000 Cadillac Eldorado 2dr Auto w/33k miles, 1988 Cadillac Biarritz 2 dr w/44k miles. Antique Furnishings: American & English Period Furnishings, Early 1800's Chests, Tables, Candle Stands, Tip Tables, Drop Leaf Tables, Work Tables, Inlaid Pembroke Table, etc, American Oak: Oak Backbar from an 1880's Montana Saloon, 54" Round Oak Pedestal Dining Table w/4 leaves & carved claw feet, 48" Oak S rolltop Desk, Oak Highboy Chest, 2 Oak Drop Front Desks, set of antique pressback dining chairs, Oak Lamp Tables, Vienna Walnut Sideboard, Dutch Trestle Table & 4 Chairs, Oak Dutch 3 cushion sofa & loveseat, Mahogany Kneehole Desk, Mahogany pedestal tables, American Spoon Carved Chestnut Dresser w/mirror & Commode, Pair of Oak large Armchairs, 2 old school desks, Pair Victorian Side Chairs, etc. Mid Century: Danish Rosewood Coffee Table, round side table, square end tables & nest of tables, Teak Serving Cart, Teak End Table, set of Raymond Loewey china, Lamps, Fixtures, Denby Pottery Dish Set, Teak Console Unit, Pair of Pilgrim Glass Black Pedestals, Roche Bobois Armchair, Norwegian serving pieces, Norwegian Woodenware, Stelton SS teapot, Blenko Glass, more mid century glass & pottery, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Drexel Chinoiserie Block Front Chest, Oriental Bokara Rugs, Oak Double Dresser, Receiving Table, Cherry 2 section lateral file cabinet, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Edward Christmas RA oil, Pasqual Cucaro oil Street Scene, G Bragolin listed Oil Painting, Jess Cauthorn WC, Ray Gerring, Enrico Frattini listed oil, Garcia, Antique Prints & Engravings, Block Prints, Antique Frames, Oil Paintings, Bronze Figures, after Remington Western large Bronze, large Bronze Pig Figure by Barbara Brown, after Mene Bronze Elk, Bev Doolittle ltd ed print, Antique Framed Documents, Antique Maps, etc. Firearms: Browning 9mm semi auto hand gun, Colt 25 semi auto hand gun, 2 black powder pistols. Coins & Bullion: Large group of Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Wheat back Pennies, Nickels, Canadian small cent collection 1920-1943, American Silver Eagle Rounds, Silver Bullion bars, Gold Coin, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: lots of Sterling serving pieces, Set of International Royal Danish Sterling Flatware, Spanish .915 Silver sets of Plates, Goblets & a large Tea & Coffee Service w/tray, Georg Jensen Sterling items, Persian Silver, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Lalique & Baccarat Figures, large group of Waterford Lismore Stemware & decanters, Royal Copenhagen Figures & Vase, lots of Porsgrund, large Hummel Figure Groups w/original boxes, Artglass, Lladro Figure Collection, 2 Goldschieder Busts, Signed Fenton Glass & Fairy Lamps, Chintz China, 2' large Ginori Frog Figure, Colored Glassware, etc. Clocks: 2 Antique German Bracket Clocks, Wall clock, Carriage Clocks, mantle clocks, etc. Native American: Collection of Inuit Stone Carvings & C Allen Johnson figures. Books: large group of Assorted books on Coins, Antiquities, Coin Major Auction Catalogs, books on Roman & Greek Mythology & Art, History Books, Books on Firearms, Books on Stars & Astronomy, etc. Asian: Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics, Cloisonné, Carved jade, Carved ivory, Japanese Block Prints, Japanese Netsukes, Snuff bottles, Antique Carved Wood Buddhas, Pair of Rosewood Marble Top sm tables, Soapstone Carvings, Mud Men Figures, Imari Chargers, etc. Items of Interest: Part 2 Large Thimble Collection, 100's of sterling, china, enamel, wood, advertising & treenware thimbles, antique sewing implements, needle cases, figural measures, thimble cases, thimble stands, darners, Oak wall telephone, Lionel Trains, some MIB, Star Wars, Rocket models & play sets MIB, Marx Cape Canaveral Missile Base Play Set MIB, AFX Giant Raceway Slot Car Set w/cars, Patchwork Quilts, Harley Davidson items, 3 small cannons, 3 Microscopes, 2 Telescopes, Binoculars, Sheath & Combat knives, lighters, vintage Barbie Dolls, Ipod, Kindle, lots of newer Woodworking Tools, Snap On, Toolboxes, Werner Ladders, small Power Tools, Computer monitors, Bose Speakers, Cadillac Items, CDs, Shop Vac, Antique Rosewood Inlaid Travel Vanity Box w/sm boxes & cut jars, Nambe, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 15, Antique and Estate Auction

Northwest Estates & Collections, Antiques, Asian, Bronzes, Canes, Thimbles, Jewelry, Watches, Vintage Stereo Items, Pottery, Glass, Rugs, Sterling, including items from a Broadmoor Estate, 2 Whidbey Island Estates & an Issaquah Estate, etc.

Antique Furnishings: Marble Top Stands, Victorian Walnut Settee & Rocker, Carved Mahogany Armchair, (2) French Style Inlaid Marquetry Library Tables w/orulu, Marble Top Marquetry French Style Sideboard, Large Bronze Cherub Base Pair of Glass Top Tables, Austrian Ornately Carved Sideboard, 3 inlaid walnut French Style round side tables & Parlor Table, 18th Century Rosemauling Decorated Corner Cabinet, etc. Mid Century: Modernistic Stendig (Switzerland) Double Pedestal Conference or Dining Table, (3) Eames Herman Miller Storage Units, 1x1 & 1x2, Danish Teak Refractory Dining Table, Danish Teak Serving Cart, Teak glass top end & side tables, Set of Lauffer Stainless Flatware, Dansk Stainless Serving Items, Dansk Teak Items, Harry Lunstead Bronze Pedestal Round Table, Modernist Plank Top Dining Table, set of 6 Italian All leather covered dining chairs, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Wrought Iron Base Round Glass Top Table, Pair Modern Wicker Armchairs, Pair of light green velvet sofas, pair of light green rolled back armchairs, Red Leather & Brushed Stainless Steel Ikea Recliner & Ottoman, Hickory American Masterpiece Collection Mahogany Hall Table w/drawers, Oak Standing Full Length Mirror, Custom Made 200+ Bottle double sided wine cart/bar, plank kitchen prep table/cart, Bookcases, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Artworks from Weyerhaeuser, Harriet Woessner Oil, Joe Reno oils, J Martin, J Espinosa, Keeler, Floral Paintings, large ornate oil paintings of Cherubs in ornate frames, Mid Century Abstract Paintings, Bergstrom Collage, Collages, Antique Austrian & German oil paintings, Carl Kessler Munich Watercolor winter scene, Cut Steel Deco 3' Square Sculpture, many Watercolor paintings, fancy antique frames, Photos by E Fraehlich & Leonora Heald, Vintage Framed Photos, Mattise print, Large Stone Carved Bowl, very fine Abraham Lincoln Antique Engraving, Many large Bronze Figure Groups, Islamic Illuminated Manuscript pages, 2 American Primitive Portrait Paintings, etc. Firearms: (2) Baretta, Italy, Over/Under 12 Guage Shotuns, 586 Onyx & Special, Simpson & Co Suhl double barrell shotgun, Browning 12 Guage Over/Under Shotgun w/fancy engraving, J Stevens 22 single shot rifle, Antique Damascus Double Barrell shotgun, 2 antique rifles, etc. Lighting: Waterford Glass Dome Table Lamp, Vintage Stained Glass Adjustable Table Lamp, Asian Lamps, Floor lamps, Contemporary Lamps, Vintage Brass & Crystal Drop Chandeliers, Stained Glass Lamp shades, Deco Mica Lamp Shade w/Greek Key Design, etc. Stereo Components & Speakers: Klipsch Pair Klipschorn K-C ER w/K-55-V K400 Horn Floor Standing Speakers, s/n6M058, Marantz Model 18 Reciever/Amp, Marrantz SLT Universal Turntable, Pair of Bose 901 speakers w/stands, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, Watches & 10K & 14K Gold Rings, lots of Sterling serving pieces, Pocket Watches, wrist watch collection, Costume Jewelry, Beads, Mother of Pearl handle knife set, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben, Orrefors, Tiffany Crystal, Waterford vases & decanters, Doulton figures, Lenox, Limoge Hand Painted China items, Wedgwood Jasperware, Pottery, Hull, Flow Blue Domed Platter w/reservoir, Cranberry Glass, Signed Hawkes Cut Pitcher, sugar & creamer, Crystal Stemware, old pattern glass, glass toothpick holder collection, Fostoria, Crystal Candlesticks, Green cut to clear cut glass, art glass, Napoleonic fine china figures, Hummels, Lladro Figure, etc. Indian & Native American & Western Collection: Indian Baskets, Inuit Carvings, Native Prints, Native American Wood carvings, Bolero Spurs, Hats, Boots, Dream Catchers, Sculptures, Beadwork, Remington Bronze Group, Native Weavings, Sterling Western Belt Buckle set, SW Pottery, etc. Clocks: Gustav Becker 2 weight wall clock, Swedish Mora Long Case Clock Dated 1868, mantle clocks, etc. Asian: Antique Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics, 8 panel hand painted Chinese 3' Screen, Cloisonné Collection, Pair of Dragon antique Cloisonne Vases, Carved jade, Jade Bangles, Jade Beads, Carved ivory, Mah Jong Set, Japanese Block Prints, Porcelain Shard Silver Boxes, Snuff bottles, Miniature Asian figures, Bronze figures, Plique a Jour, Bronze Buddha, Pottery Arrow Vase, Rosewood Plant Stand, Carved marble Quan Yin, very large 4' Jade Tree in Cloisonné Pot, Chinese inlaid hardstone headboard, etc. Items of Interest: large Thimble Collection, 100's of sterling & some gold, china, enamel, wood, ivory, advertising, treenware thimbles, etc, antique sewing implements, sewing bird, needle cases, treenware, figural measures, thimble cases, thimble stands, darners, etc, 3' full figured Carved Wood Eagle, African Wood Carvings, Sepic River New Guinea Carvings, Antique oil lamps, Century 21 Worlds Fair oversized photos, large collection of canes & walking sticks, flask canes, seat canes, etc, vintage Wilson Wing Front Football Helmet, Signed footballs, helmets, sm vintage tins collection, antique & modern books on Western subjects, Remington & Russell, Art, Race Horses, History, etc, Gillette glass top advertising display case, Antique Australian Wall Telephone w/bells, Dragon Box, Pewter Collection, Antique English Pewter Mugs, Womans gloves, antique copperware, Pavoni Espresso Machine, Bookends, Autoharp, Meerschaum carved pipes, large antique Silver Plated Food dome, Collector & Antique Dolls, Antique Doll Furniture, Department 56 snow baby items, needlework, linens, 2.25" antique sulphide marble w/dog, banks, German Athearn Train Collection, pocket knives, lighters, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 27, Antique and Estate Auction

End of Year Auction, items comes from several estates & Collections, Antiques, Pottery, Glass, Rugs, Sterling, etc.

Vintage & Antique Furnishings: vintage Stickley large Oak Rocker, (2) 3 section Oak Attorneys Bookcases, Oak China Cabinet w/curved glass, Drop Front Desk, Hatbox Dresser, 2 Morris Chairs, Victorian Walnut Commode, Victorian Hall Stand, Oak Umbrella rack, Oriental Design Room Size Rugs, Chinese rugs, Mid Century Floor Lamps, Mahogany bookstand, French Ormulu Mounted Tiered/Inlaid stand, Mahogany coffee table w/marble top, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: More Artworks from Weyerhaeuser, Sunol Alvar, Elton Bennett, Antique Oil Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Engravings, Scroll Paintings, Mary Randlett Photo, Antique Japanese Woodblock prints, large Bronze Figures, Edward Curtis Photogravures, 2 large Asahel Curtis photos, Antique Ships Needlework Print, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, 2 sets of Sterling flatware, 100+pc set of Wallace Grand Baroque, Gorham fancy sterling flatware set, sterling silver serving items, Pocket Watches, wrist watches, lots of Costume Jewelry, Beads, Black Tahitian Pearls, Pearls sets, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Lalique, Doulton, Lenox, Wedgwood Dragon Lustre vases, Wedgwood Jasperware, Schumann, Teplitz, Amphora, Pottery, Weller, Flow Blue, Cranberry Glass stemware, Oiva Toikka Birds, Carnival Bowl, Bossons Heads, set of Signed Hawkes Cut Crystal Stemware, lg Verlys Vase, signed Quezal & Steuben aurene light shades, Hutchenreuther & Kaiser figures, Antique Figural Humidors, Antique Steins, Mettlach Charger, Paperweights, etc. Indian & Native American: Indian Baskets, Inuit Carvings, Native Prints, Wood carvings, Navajo rugs, Kachina dolls, Skookum doll, etc. Asian: Antique Very nice large 2 door lacquered cabinet w/Thousand Children Design, Lacquered Chest on Stand, Chinese Cabinets, Pair of Carved & Inlaid Chinese Side Chairs, Pair of Rosewood Garden Stools w/mother of pearl inlay, Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Chinese Porcelain figures, Japanese Block Prints, Koson, Fujita, Asian Jewelry, Snuff bottles, large group of Rose Canton fine china, large Chinese Planter Pots on stands, set of 4 inlaid Carved Jade Lacquered Panels, Stone Buddha, Temple Carvings, fine Satsuma items & buttons, etc. Items of Interest: Nippon Kogaku Transit in wood case, Oak Machinist Chest, large Bronze Fountain, large Copperware items, Pair Egyptian Bronze large standing figural lamps, large Collection of Hot Wheel Cars (mostly mint on cards), BMC Tractor Junior Pedal Tractor Toy, Sword, Cedar Carved Wood Fish Plaque, Coin Op Soda Dispensing Machine, Minerals & Crystal Formations, Cameras, Lighters, Large Jade Carved Aztec Head, Barometer, Old Photos, postcards, Vintage Boeing Memorabilia and Training Manuals, Antique Sampler, Quilts, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 11, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Deaccessioned works of art from The Weyerhaeuser Corporation Collection & Fine Asian Antiquities.

Northwest Modernism: Carl Morris "F-79 XIX" Large Abstract Oil 60"x90" (Fountain Gallery Label), George Tsutakawa "Summer Forest" 1986 Large Sumi Painting 52"x26", Paul Horiuchi "Forms with Red" Large Collage on Canvas 50"x40", Mark Tobey 1966 Figures in Interior Small Oil, Morris Graves 1936 Dog Portrait Drawing, Kenneth Callahan Rearing Horse Tempera & Sumi Painting, William Ivey Untitled White Squares 1974 Large Oil Painting, William Ivey "Yellow & Blue" 1974 Oil Painting (Exhibited at 1975 SAM Exhibition), Paul Havas "Kobe Gardens" 1988-1996 Large Oil Painting 69"x109", John Franklin Koenig "Almost" 1966 Large Yellow Oil (Former Bank of Washington Coll.), Richard Gilkey "Sea-Stone" 1961 Abstract Oil, William Cumming 1982 Seattle Opera Poster Original Tempera, Paul Horiuchi 1957 Lake Union Watercolor Painting, William Ivey 1960 Abstract Oil, Z.Z. Wei Small Landscape Paintings 11"x14" (2 Works), Paul Havas Several Small Paintings, Paul Horiuchi "Poem" Abstract Collage on Canvas, Guy Anderson Lioness Graphite Drawing, Charles Heaney Figures in Landscape (OR) Small Oil, Wes Wehr Small Landscape Painting, William F. Reese Large Dock Scene Oil Painting, Marshall Johnson Mountain Landscape with Moose Oil, Michael Ferguson Rushing River Large Oil, (2) Charles Mulvey Watercolors, Galen Garwood Abstract Collage, Jay Steensma Paintings & Prints (7 Works), Dale Chihuly V&A Rotunda Painted Lithograph & Baskets AP Lithograph, Galen Garwood Abstract Collage, Paul Immel Still Life Watercolor, Harry Bonath Dock Scene Watercolor, Fred Marshall Watercolor, Arne Jensen Watercolor, etc. Alaskan Art & Photography: Important Magnus Concord Heurlin Alaskan Mountains Large Oil, Eustace Ziegler "The Sessment Work" Oil Painting (Nugget Shop Label on Verso), Sydney Laurence "Waves & Seagulls" Oil Painting in Ornate Frame, Jules Dahlager Small Cache & Landscape Oils, Curtis Wagner Oil Painting of Cache, Scott McDaniel Northern Lights & Mt. McKinley Large Oils, Jack Shaw (Early NW) Mt. Shasta Oil Painting, Edward Curtis Border Prints (4 Works) including Maiden of Dreams, Wishwam Fisherman, The Lone Scout, Canyon del Muerto, etc. Fabulous Collection of Wildlife & Illustration Art used for Weyerhaeuser print advertising by Jack Dumas (20 Works), Stanley Walter Galli (23 Works), Fred Ludekens (7 Works), Bruce Bomberger (6 Works), Roy Terry (2 Works), Plus many more! American & European Fine Art: Important Andy Warhol "Hammer & Sickle" Original Graphite Drawing with Provenance, Collection of Emerson Woelffer (CA) Abstract Paintings (9 Works), Important Maximlien Luce (French) Portrait of Frederic Luce Bebe 1896 Oil, Evgeni Lancerey (Russian) "Peasant's Sleigh" Figure Group Antique Bronze Sculpture, Raphael Soyer (NY) Woman Portrait Oil, Raphael Soyer (NY) Female Nude Portrait Oil, Paul Lauritz (CA) Western Landscape Oils (4 Works), Thomas Wells (WA) Schooner Ship Maritime Paintings (3 Works), Clyde Leon Keller (OR) Landscape Oil, etc. Fine Print & Lithography: Rembrandt Van Rijn "Jan Lutma" (The Goldsmith) II/III State Lifetime Etching, Rembrandt Van Rijn "Christ Driving the Money Changers" II/III State Lifetime Etching, Marc Chagall "Ulysses Disguised as a Beggar" Signed & Numbered of 30 on Japon Nacre, Marc Chagall "Meal at Dryna's House" Aquatinted Lithograph (From Unnumbered Edition of 250), Mary Cassatt "Margot Wearing Bonnet" Lithograph, Mary Cassatt "Woman Looking into Hand Mirror" Etching, Group of (4) Mary Cassatt HC Soft Ground Aquatint Etchings from 100 th Anniversary of Original Suite, Pablo Picasso "Lysistrata" Pencil Signed Lithograph with 3 of 6 Suite Prints, Manuel Robbe Aquatint Etchings, Peter Listed "Young Girl in Blue Pinafore" Aquatint Etching, etc. Asian Antiquities: Impressive Chinese Export Silver Archaistic Fanghu Covered Vessel in Presentation Box, Antique Chinese Enameled Silver Lobed Tea Caddy with Inset Coral & Turquoise, Antique Chinese Enameled Silver Square Box with Inset Hardstone & Jade Double Happiness Pendant, Antique Chinese Famille Rose Blossoming Lotus Vase, Antique Chinese Blue & White Chrysanthemum Large Brush Pot, 2pc Qianlong Export Porcelain Large Tureens, Pair of Antique Cinnebar Hu Form Vases, Chinese Green & Yellow Cinnabar Covered Jar, 2pc Fine Satsuma Covered Incense Burners, Chinese Hand Carved Jade Bead Necklace, 3pc Chinese Natural Jade Cabochon 14k/18k Rings, Chinese Carved Jade Buddhist Hand Citron Pendant, Monumental Chinese Gilt Bronze Guanyin Riding a Kylin Floor Statue, Antique Chinese Carved Hardwood Sign with Seals, Chinese Cloisonné Covered Tripod Censer, Cloisonné & Hardwood Carved Table Screen, Chinese Cloisonne Warming Teapot with Jade Inserts, Chinese Jade Applique Hanging Lacquered Panel, Antique Rose Canton Covered Hot Water Dish, Rose Canton Covered Tureen, Antique Indian Koftgari Gold Inlaid Steel Caskets (2 Pieces), Antique Anglo Indian Intricately Carved Teak Armchair, Carved Jade & 14k Jewelry, etc. Ceramics & Glass: Dale Chihuly 2007 Castilian Red Pheasant 2-Piece Macchia Glass Set, Dale Chihuly 1995 Red Seaform 2-Piece Portland Press Set in Case, Edwin & Mary Scheier Bowl with Figures and Fish, Monumental Lisa Larson for Gustavsberg Lion Figure, Small Lisa Larson Lion Figures (2 Pieces), Antonio Prieto Splash Vase, 9pc Robert Sperry Gold Luster & Blue Glazed Pottery, F. Carlton Ball Pottery Vases, Toshiko Takaezu Small Bowl, Pair Impressive Fantoni Italian Vases, Carol Gouthro Sculptural Studio Ceramic Floor Vase, Stan Gibson Gold Luster Studio Ceramic Vessel, etc. Antiquities & Décor: French Sevres Gilt Panel Dore Portfolio Cover, 4pc Sevres Miniature Pill Boxes, (2) Semi Antique Persian Sarouk Room Size Rugs, Semi Antique Persian Kirman Room Size Rug, Antique Princess Bokhara Small Rug, etc. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Saturday December 6, Coin and Jewelry Auction

An Outstanding Coin Collection & Fine Jewelry from NW Estates.

Coin Collection includes US, Chinese, South African & Foreign Gold & Silver Coins, Sets, Proofs, Rarities, Shipwreck Coins, Errors, Pandas, Panda Sets, US Gold Coins, $20, $10, $5, $2.50, Krugerands, Bullion, Rounds, Vintage US & Foreign Currency, etc. Fine Jewelry includes large assortment of 14K, 18K, 21K, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Chains, Coin Jewelry, Precious & Semi Precious, Coral, Shell Cameo, Chinese Jade, Pendants, Lavaliers, etc. Also: 22K Chinese Gold Foil Calligarphy Panel in Zitan Wood frame, etc. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday November 13, Antique and Estate Auction

This grouping of items comes from several estates & collections, Stein Collection, Chinese & Asian Items, Mid Century, Artwork, Weyerhaeuser Collection Japanese Dolls, etc.

Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Antique 3 piece large Carved Settee & Chair set, Mahogany Oval dining set w/6 shield back chairs & credenza, Adams style Mahogany China Cabinet, (2) 9x12 Karastan Rugs, Antique Pine Period lift top desk, etc. Mid Century: Dux 3 section Teak cabinet w/drawers, Dux Teak Night Stand & Headboard, Teak Settees & Chair, set of 4 Black Leather & Walnut Mid Century Chairs, End tables, Coffee table, Brass Mid Century Glass top table w/8 brass chairs w/woven seats, set of 5 outdoor large metal armchairs, Pair of Stendig Chrome Arm Chairs, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Keith Warrick Oil Paintings, (3) David Waller Oil Paintings, (2) Roberto Lupetti Oil Paintings, large group of Thomas Kinkaide s/n Prints Collection, (3) Elton Bennetts, Ace Powell, Nancy Powell, Japanese Block Prints, Saito, Sugakudo, Koitsu, Antique Triptich, etc., Etchings, Engravings, Mirrors, Hagenauer, Vintage Photos, Antique framed Maps, Japanese Dolls in glass cases from Weyerhaeuser Art Collection, Alvar, Albert Fisher Oil Paintings, etc. Coins: $2.50 US 1911 Gold piece, many uncirculated Morgan silver dollars, US silver dollars, halves, quarters, dimes, nickels & pennies, old world currency, Foreign Gold Coin Pendants, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Fine Antique & Victorian Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, lots of Sterling, 3 graduated Gorham Sterling Bowls, assorted flatware, sterling silver serving items, Pair triple candleabras, Gold Pocket Watches, wrist watches, lots of great Costume Jewelry, Beads, Native & Mexican jewelry, fine Cameos, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Fine Lifetime Collection of Amphora, Wahliss, Stellmacher & Carlsbad, Hand Painted Limoges Collection, Willets Belleek, Jean Pouyat, T & V Limoges, 17th, 18th & 19th Century antique & collectable stein collection, antique beakers, Mettlach placques, Murano glass, art glass, Lundberg, Richardson, Orient & Flume, Tiffany Favrille bowl, paperweights, Baccarat, etc, NW Studio Glass, Lladro & Hummel figures, Belleek, Rochard set of Fruit Plates, Royal Worcester Dunrobin pattern fine china set, Cut Glass, Fenton, Mid Century & Studio Pottery, Rookwood, Rozane, Roseville, lots of Heisey Crystolite, Crystal bells, Bohemian glass, Cut Glass, Waterford, large collection of Fostoria American Crystal including punch bowl, pitchers, salvers, bowls, serving pieces, set of Martha Stewart Danish Fern Dishes, Flow Blue items, etc. Dolls: Antique bisque dolls, vintage dolls, Japanese dolls in glass cases from Weyerhaeuser Collection, etc. Indian & Native American: Indian & Native Baskets, etc. Clocks: Howard Miller large 3 weight Grandfather Clock, Mantle Clocks, Antique Kitchen Clock, LeCoultre Atmos Clock, etc. Asian: Very nice Japanese 3 piece step Tonsu cabinet, Rosewood china cabinet w/mother of pearl inlay, Pair Elmwood Chinese Antique Armchairs, Elmwood Antique Chinese Desk, large Chinese Palace Vase, large group of Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Chinese Porcelain figures, Asian Jewelry, large Carved Temple Panel, Peking Glass, group of 4 hardstone & coral Inlaid Panels, very large alter table, Asian Baskets, Lacquered Chest on Stand, etc. Items of Interest: Antique primitive crockery stoneware, Vintage Circus Posters, Antique knives, Gold Bonds, Chinese antique paper goods & post cards, Signed 1954 San Diego Padres & 1953 Seattle Rainiers baseballs, Antique Maps, antique stereo views, Collection of Circa 1864 CDV photos of Civil War Generals w/signatures, old photos, 1954-55-56 Topps Hockey Cards, Nioma Hawaiian steel guitar, old Wood Machinist Chest, American Flyer Train Set #20175 w/box, toys, Gold Bonds, Miniatures, Britain soldiers, Nambe items, Trombone, etc.   See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday October 30, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring a Lifetime Native Americana Collection and Northwest Modern & Traditional Artworks

Northwest Art & Sculpture: Impressive Z.Z. Wei "From Out of Nowhere" Oil Painting 48"x48", Richard Gilkey "Poppies & Grasses" Oil, George Tsutakawa "Mt. Rainier" Sumi & Ink Wash Painting, Impressive Demetrios Jameson "Battle with Cattails" Exhibited Large Oil, Group of William Ivey Small Paintings, Paul Horiuchi "Heritage" Early Collage with Calligraphy (Exhibited Work at SAM), Paul Horiuchi Early Abstract Collage Painting, (2) Paul Horiuchi Small Abstract Collage, Kenneth Callahan Abstract Figures Oil on Board, Paul Horiuchi "Rain in the East" Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Bird" Mixed Media Artwork, Kenneth Callahan Mushrooms Sumi, Impressive Large Robert Colescott "Queens Promenade" Oil, (3) Early Robert Colescott Small Oils, Paul Ripley Jenkins Figure Oil Painting, Tom Hardy Abstract Steel Hanging Sculpture, (2) Therman Statom Modernist Paintings on Glass, Richard Kiehl & Deborah Gregor Mixed Media Artwork, Harold Balazs Sculptural Carved Wood Pedestal 1960's, Dale Chihuly 1990 Venetian Pastel Drawing, Dale Chihuly 1993 Large Venetian Acrylic Painting, Dale Chihuly V&A Rotunda Chandelier S/N Acrylic over Lithograph Painting, (2) Susan Russell Hall Artworks, Arne Jensen Landscape Watercolor, Edmond James Fitzgerald Watercolor, Impressive Harold Balazs Butterfly Enameled Panel 1970's, Margaret Tompkins Abstract Landscape Painting, Several Paul Havas Landscape Paintings, Rare Robert Sperry Painting on Pigmented Paper, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Raymond Dabb Yelland (CA) "Alameda Farm" Fine Exhibited Oil, Johann Berthelsen (NY) Winter New York Street Scene Oil, Claude Curry Bohm (Indiana) Impressionist Landscape Oil, Frank Vining Smith (MA) Landscape with Flying Ducks Oil, Richard Langtry Partington (CA) Coastal Scene Oil 1909, Charles Dormon Robinson (CA) Sand Dunes Oil, Emille Gruppe (MA) Small Landscape Oil, Carl Oscar Borg (CA) Egyptian Watercolor, Original Ted DeGrazia 1954 Bronco Buster Oil, Richard Ernesti Dated 1901 Indian Portrait Oil Painting, Richard Ernesti Indian Portrait Pastel Painting, (2) A.H. Barnes (OR) Early Large Northwest Oils, Robert Ple (French) David Classical Bronze on Marble Base, Vassili Grachev "Sleigh Ride" 19 th Russian Bronze19 th Century French Painted Miniature Portrait of Frederick the Great (18 th Century Prussian Ruler) on Marseilles Porcelain, 18 th/19 th Century Italian School Large Religious Scene Oil, Moses Soyer (NY) Nude Charcoal, Jian Wang (b.1958 China) Large Graphite Drawing, (3) Abstract Oils by Emerson Woelffer (CA), Merrill Mahaffey (AZ) Large Canyon Scene Oil, Bennett Bradbury (CA) Coastal Scene Oil, Walter Alexander Bailey (CA) Large Desert Landscape Oil, Nels Hager up (CA) Sunset Seascape Oil, Franz Bergmann Orientalist Bronzes, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Margaret Bourke-White "Lady Liberty" Numbered Gelatin Photograph (Purchased from LIFE Photo Gallery), Karel Appel "Musician" S/N Embossed Lithograph, Edward Curtis "Homeward" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Collection of Mary Randlett Silver Gelatin Photographs (Including Images of Immogen Cunningham), Michael Rosen Nude Gelatin Photograph, Rare Elton Bennet Signed Serigraph, Early Nori Sato Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Urban Renewal" S/N Lithograph, (4) R.C. Gorman S/N Lithographs, (3) Bill Reid Native Serigraphs, Tony Hunt Serigraph, (3) Robert Davidson Serigraphs, Reg Davidson Serigraphs, Collection of Inuit Stonecut Prints by Kenojuak Ashevak, Simon Tookoomee, Kananginak Pootoogook, Jessie Oonark, Victoria Mamnguqsualuk, Pauta Saila, Pudlo Pudlat, Pitseolak Ashoona, Alashua Aningmiuk, Erte "Spring Opening" 1978 AP Serigraph, John Stuart Curry "John Brown" Pencil Signed Lithograph, etc. Studio Glass: Early Dale Chihuly 1986 Green Seaform with Red Lip Wrap Bowl, David Schwarz 1989 Z-Axis Glass Sculpture, (3) Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Bowls in Different Colors, Benjamin Moore & Richard Royal Collaboration Vase, Early Benjamin Moore Threaded Bowl, Greg Engelsby Glass Sculpture, (3) Early Martin Blank Conical Form Glass Sculptures, Marvin Oliver "Face to Face" Cast Glass Mask, Leon Applebaum Glass Bowl, Rare Toshichi Iwata Japanese Art Glass Vase in Box, Murano White Reticello Bowl, etc. Studio Pottery: Impressive Rudy Autio Slab Thrown Stack 3' Vessel, Peter Voulkos 1975 Brutalist Ice Bucket, Early Rudy Autio Archie Bray Era Wax Resist Vase, Claude Conover "Calab" Large Black Bottle Vase, Betty Feves "Structure" Ceramic Sculpture on Wood Base, Early Peter Voulkos Archie Bray Era Wax Resist Charger, Beatrice Wood Volcanic Glaze Cylinder Vase with Figures, Arthur Baggs Art Deco Blue Glazed Vase, Picasso Madoura Vallaurus 1953 Face Plate, Pair of Early Akio Takamori Man & Woman Candlesticks, David Shaner Rock Form Vase, Ken Ferguson Early Covered Casserole, Antonio Prieto Vase, Ken Shores Bowl, Museum Quality Joel Edwards Seed Pot Large Wax Resist Vase, (4) Betty Feves Early Tea Bowls & Sculptural Vases, Group 1960's Robert Sperry Blue & Green Splash Glazed Pottery, Ray Grimm Flambe Glazed Large Bowl, David Shaner Grasses Slab Tray, F.C. Ball Wax Resist Large Bowl, Charles Krafft "Morris Graves" Painted Pottery Plate, Charles Krafft Delft Grenade, Cecil Strawn Covered Pottery Box, Richard Fairbanks Cat Pottery Sculpture, (2) Erik Gronborg Funk Pottery Mugs, Erik Gronborg Arrow Large Bowl, Rupert Deese (CA) Covered Bowl, Roy Lichtenstein Rosenthal Studio Line LE Plate in Box, etc. Native Americana: Rare Athabascan Formed Horn Bowl 19th Century, Haida Carved Totemic Horn Spoon, Athabascan Totemic Carved Horn Spoon, Tlingit Carved Horn Spoon with Abalone Inlay, Robert Davidson Carved Argillite Totem Pole, 1850's Haida Carved Argillite Small Bowl, (3) 19th Century Haida & Tlingit Silver Spoons attributed to John Robson & John Cross (Contemporary of Charles Edenshaw), Fine Pomo Feather Basket by Laura Somersal (Famous Basket Weaver), Fine Aleut Covered Basket, Point Hope Alaska Baleen Covered Basket, Haida Basketry Hat by Lydia Charles, Large Pomo Burden Basket, Hupa Basketry Hat, Thompson River Large Covered Basket, Group of Makah Baskets, George Hunt Jr. Painted Raven Drum Rattle, Collection of Alaskan Native Stonecut Prints, Bill Reid & Tony Hunt Serigraphs, Collection of Carved NW Coast Masks by Duane Pasco, Glen Rabena, Francis Horne, Dwayne Simeon, James Schoppert, Ron Sebastian, Rick Williams, Doug LaFortune Eagle Carving, Collection of Southwest Pottery by Maria & Santana Martinez, Priscilla Nampeyo, Featherwoman, Lucy Lewis, Haungooa (Art Cody), Grace Medicine Flower, Helen Naha, Doug Hyde (Nez Pierce) Large Marble Carved Sculpture, Antique Large Silver Conch Belt, Old Navajo Silver Salad Set, (4) R.C. Gorman S/N Lithographs, Kevin Red Star S/N Lithograph, Group of Pre Columbian Effigy Vessels, Large Shipibo Tribe Peruvian Face Pot, Antique German Kutchenreuter Black Powder Pistol with Silver Inlay, Early 19th Century Scrimshawed American Powder Horn, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of Antique Chinese Export Silver Vases with Scholars, Chinese Carved Red Coral Scholar Figure, Chinese Daoguang Mark & Period Celadon Glazed Lotus Jar, Jiaqing Period Famille Rose Bat & Shou Symbol Bowl, Antique Chinese Green Ground Famille Rose Bowl with Qianlong Marks, Fine Antique Chinese Doucai Porcelain Bowl with Lotus Flowers, Antique Chinese Export Doucai Floral Bowl, Antique Chinese Lotus Covered Celadon Jar, Pair of Carved Jade & Silver Brooches, Yellow Ground Famille Verte Large Vase with Scholars, Rust Glaze on Bisque Dragon Bottle Form Vase, Collection of Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles, Group of Antique Yixing Clay Teapots, Ming Dynasty Lead Glazed Covered Jar, Pair Canton Enamel Lotus Blossom Cups, Chinese Bronze Seated Guanyin, Antique Tibetan Bronze Enameled Small Buddha, Group of Antique Chinese Currency, Carved Rosewood Stand with Coin Decoration, WWII Japanese Samurai Katana Officer's Sword, etc. Collection of Chinese Gold Panda Coins including Prestige Sets, Mint Sets, & Graded Coins. Fine Jewelry, Watches & Silver: Approx. 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring, Vintage Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Men's Wristwatch, Patek Philippe 18k Manta Ray Men's Wristwatch, Art Deco Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Tiffany & Co. 18k Diamond Flower Brooch, Large Strand of Black Pearls, 18k Mabe Pearl & Diamond Earrings, Collection of 14k Diamond Jewelry, Girard Perrigaux Modernist Women's Wristwatch with 14k Diamond Bracelet , Boucheron 14k Ruby/Diamond/Sapphire Figural Rabbit Fur Clip, Art Deco Platinum Diamond Wedding Band Set, Georg Jensen Denmark 3pc Jewelry Set, 14k Jadeite Leaf Brooch, Russian Carved Malachite Miniature Box, Chinese Carved Coral Frog Ring, Antique Chinese 22k Apple Green Jadite Bar Pin, Solid Sterling Gilt Stagecoach Model (100 Troy Ounces), etc. 20th Century Design & Decorative Arts: Pair of Albert Paley "Millenium" Wrought Iron Candlesticks, Pair of Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chairs, Rare Pair of Poul Kjaerholm for E. Kold Christensen PK61 Slate Top Coffee Tables, Pair of Poul Kjaerholm for E. Kold Christensen PK 31/1 Lounge Chairs, Original Hans Wagner for Johannes Hansen "Valet" Chair, Pair of Herman Miller Eiffel Tower Chairs, Herman Miller Eames Black Leather Rosewood Chair & Ottoman, Set of (4) Herman Miller Eames DAF Armchairs, Harold Balazs Carved Sculptural Pedestal, French 19th Century Gilt Bronze Miniature Curio Cabinet, European Carved Marble Busts, European Terracotta & Britannia Sculptures, Harry Lunstead Console Table, Collection of Austrian Bronze Miniatures & Animal Bands, Bergmann Orientalist Bronzes, Rene Lalique "Dahlias" Vase, Daum Nancy Gilt Strawberry Bowl, Handel Blue Iris Leaded Glass Hanging 3-Light Fixture, Tiffany Studios 417 Counter Balance Lamp with King Tut Shade, etc.   See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday October 9, Antique and Estate Auction

A Very Good Selection of Northwest Estate Items including Lots of Fine Estate Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, English Arts & Crafts Antique Furnishings, Oriental Rug Collection, Chinese & Asian Items, Firearms from 2 Estates, A Doctor's & an Artist's Estate from Mercer Island (Estate of Atsuko Lindley, Artist & Gallery Owner), 3 generation Magnolia Estate, and others.

Mid Century Items: Small Walnut Chest, Scandinavian Pottery, Lamps, Gense Focus Deluxe Sweden Flatware, Studio Glass, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Period Antique English Furnishings, Tip Table, Hall Table, Drop Leaf Tables, Chests, (2) 2 section Campaign or Nautical Chests, American Oak: 3 Oak buffets w/mirrors, Lowboy w/lg oval mirror, Lamp table, Oak Case treadle sewing machine, Pair of high wing back settees w/tapestry covering, English Oak Arts & Crafts Sideboards, Hall Seats, Chests, sets of chairs, tables, antique partner's desk, Vintage Radios, Mahogany Secretary, Mahogany Butler's fold up coffee table/server, Pyrographic Tables, Examining Screens, Stools, Benches, Bookcases, large French Armoire, large Belgian black glass top Sideboard w/attached triple mirror, Cedar Chests, antique trunks, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: High Boy Designer Chest, Queen Size Brass Poster Bed. Oriental Rugs from Lindley Estate: 50 rugs in all sizes, Persian, Turkish, Tribal, Afghan, Prayer Rugs, Kilims, Flat Weaves, etc, a very diverse collection of decorative rugs from their world travels. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Large group of Original Oil Paintings by Ako Lindley, also William Elston Oils, Ross Gill, Antique Oil Paintings, Japanese Block Prints, many signed Thomas Kinkaide artworks, Vintage Mirrors, Vintage Photographs, Etchings, Engravings & Prints, Antique & Fancy Frames, etc. Clocks & Watches: Antique English Grandfather w/date, Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Figural Clocks, 14K gold pocket watches, Steinhausen wrist watch, Piaget wrist watch, etc. Firearms: Glock 9MM, Colt 32 pocket pistol, Browning 9MM, (2) Charter Arms Explorer II 22 target pistols, Hawes antique pistol, Win Model 12 12ga pump shotgun, Remington Wingmaster Model 870 20ga pump shotgun, Iver Johnson 410 shotgun, Remington Model 24 22 rifle, Remington Model 1200 Defender 12ga shotgun, Remington Model 1100 12ga shotgun, Winchester Model 180 22 rifle, antique flintlock rifle, antique flint lock pistol, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, Antique & Vintage 14k Gold Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Carnelian, Emerald & Enamel Jewelry, Tiffany Sterling Items, 18th & 19th Century Collection of English Sterling small spoons, unusual antique sterling silver serving items, Sterling Bowls, Pitchers, Goblets, Salts, flatware, etc, Fine Pearl Jewelry Necklaces Pins & Rings, Fine Designer Jewelry, Great Costume Jewelry, Deco Jewelry, Navajo Silver & Turquoise jewelry, 14K & 18K Gold rings, Lavaliers & Earrings, some old US & foreign coins, Chinese coins, Mayan beads & necklace, carved Coral ring, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: large Collection of Lalique (over 100 pieces) figures, vases, tablewares, decor, etc, lots of Waterford Crystal, Decanters, Stemware, Candlesticks, etc, Gorham Crystal Cherrywood Stemware set, group of Fire King Lustre Dishes, Bauer Mixing Bowls, Sets of Limoges Fine China, Wedgewood fine China, Wedgewood Blue Pacific, lg Nippon Scenic Vase, Depression Glass, Tudric Pewter, studio pottery, Weller Sicard Vase, etc. Asian: Pair of Antique Chinese Carved Side Chairs, Chinese Horseshoe Back Carved Armchair, Block Prints, Japanese Lacquerware, Netsukes, (2) Mah Jong Sets, Vases, Cloisonne, etc. Items of Interest: Pioneer Artillery Wheel Coaster Wagon, Vintage Electronics, Marrantz Model 2285, Bogen components, Radios, console & table top, telescope, Western & Indian Design Blankets, Japanese Knives & Axes, vintage Smoking Pipe Collection, vintage Post Card Projector, lots of old postcards, Old games & toys, vintage table model Zenith TV, Paillard Bolex Movie Camera Outfit, Nikon, antique cameras, old books, large dictionaries, Gerber Knife set, Russian placques, Beck Kassel Vintage Stereo Microscope w/box, antique sword, walking sticks, fountain pens, Militaria, War Memorabilia, German WWII knife, armbands, medals, pins, patches, US military uniforms, pair Roycroft Copper Candlesticks, Heintz, Burl Wood Bowls, Ironware, Griswold & Wagner, old tins, sewing goods, vintage Doctor's Leather Bags & Instruments, Guitar, Victor Table Model Disk player w/stand, stained glass lamp, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 25, Antique and Estate Auction

This grouping of items comes from several estates & Collections, Mid Century Furnishings, Part 2 Massive Frankoma Pottery Collection, Lots of Fine Estate Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, Art Pottery, Chinese & Asian Items, Large Coin Collection from a Seward Park Estate, Mercer Island Estate, Maple Valley Estate & a Magnolia Estate, and others

Mid Century & Modern: Lamps, Stendig 4 pc Brown Leather Sectional Sofa, Mid Century Walnut Frame low back Lounge Bench/settee w/attached side table, H P Hansen Teak double pedestal desk, John Van Koert for Drexel Mid Century Dining Set including Dining Table w/3 leaves, 6 dining chairs & matching Buffet, Pair of John Van Koert for Drexel End Tables, 2 pairs mid century lamps, White Surfboard top coffee & end tables, Armchair, 2 Lounge Armchairs w/bentwood & leather, Walnut Cedar Chest, Adjustable Room Divider Bookcase, Teak Desk w/lift top storage compartments, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: English mother-of-pearl inlaid papier mache tilt top tea table, Mahogany Inlaid Game Table, Mahogany Demi Lune Console Table, Carved Book Stand/Table, Drop Leaf Dining Table, Large Carved Armchairs, Set of 6 Vintage Armchairs from Washington Athletic Club Dining Room, Set of 4 Belgian Prayer Chairs, Hall Table w/Drawers, 2 old piano stools, Inlaid sq game table w/drawer, Arts & Crafts Oak Armchair, French Carved marble top coffee table, Antique Cedar Chest, large serpentine front carved sideboard w/large mirror back, large French Pine Armoire, antique canterbury, antique Davenport Desk, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: High Boy Designer Chest, Sofa Table, Heavy Glass Top Coffee Table, etc. Ship Model Collection: Many finely detailed scale model wood ship models, some in fitted cases, etc. Vintage Radio Collection: 40 Radios, Console & Table Top Radios by Zenith, RCA Victor, Philco, Majestic, Silvertone, Electron, Brunswick, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Large Oil Painting of Roses by Franz Zallinger, Pair of Modernist Abstract oil paintings by deFerrante, Anton Fortescu sgn Modern Print, Japanese Block Prints, Vintage French & English Etchings, many signed Thomas Kinkaide artworks, Pair of Opposing Wall Sconce Gold Mirrors w/Birds, Vintage Mirrors, Collection of art posters by UofW press: Jacob Lawrence, Tobey, Imogene Cunningham, Judy Dater, Marsden Hartley, Emily Carr, Dale Chihuly, Alden Mason, Antique & Fancy Frames, large 4' Bronze Figure of Ballet Dancer, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Large set 140+ pc 12 place setting Towle Old Master Sterling flatware w/many unusual serving pieces, unusual antique sterling silver serving items, 14K Ladies wrist watches, 14K gold Necklaces & bracelets, Fine Pearl Jewelry Necklaces Pins & Rings, Fine Designer Jewelry, Very Fine Costume Jewelry, Vendome, Deco Jewelry Jade & Lapis beads, Navajo Silver & Turquoise jewelry, 14K & 18K Gold rings, Jade, Amythyst, Opal, & Diamond Rings, Bangles, Diamond Lavaliers & Earrings, Mid Century & Art Jewelry, Deco & Victorian Jewelry, antique Sheffield Plate Silver, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Verlys deep blue vase & bowl, Steuben Crystal Items, Waterford, Lalique, Lifetime Collection of 100's of pieces of Frankoma Pottery, including many rare and early hard to find examples, fine SW & Native Pottery, Herend Butterfly Bowl, artglass, Murano, B&O Railroad China items, Lenox China set, etc. Coins: Coins: 100+ US Silver Dollars, Morgan & Peace Dollars, Slabbed coins, Commemorative Coins, CC, Ship Wreck coins, Coins sets, Silver Kennedy, Franklin & Walking Liberty Halves, Washington Quarters & Mercury & Roosevelt Dimes, Nickels, Indian Head pennies, Modern Silver Rounds, (2) 1/2 oz Australian Gold Coins, Currency, Silver Certificates, $10, $5, $1, Walking Liberty Silver rounds, Decorated Silver Rounds, Mint & Proof Sets, Type coin sets, Gorbachov The Legacy 10th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Silver Coin Set, Group of Chinese 10 Yuan Silver Coins, Presidental $1 coin collection, States 25 cent coin collection, 5oz silver rounds, $1 California gold coin, etc. Asian: Heavy Carved Camphor Chest, Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Blue & White Porcelain, Japanese Block Prints, Asian Jewelry, Small Chinese Cabinet/Chest, fine Jade Bangle on stand, etc. Items of Interest: Collection of Nambe items, Russian Samovar, Vintage Hand Colored Photos, Sheath Knives, 22' Oriental Runner Rug, Old Toy Trucks, Donald Duck Fisher Price Early Push toy, Gimballed Compass in wood box, Scales, Miners Lamps, Gerber Knife set, Old Crockery Jugs, Antique Level, 78 records, set of graduated Pewter Measures, 2 lg glass fish floats, Exotic Shells Collection, Fur Coats, Raccoon long coat, Silver Fox long Coat, Mink stoles, Pendleton Indian design blanket, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 11, Antique and Estate Auction

This grouping of items comes from several estates & Collections, Mid Century Furnishings, Massive Frankoma Pottery Collection, Fine Estate Jewelry, Art Pottery, Chinese & Asian Items, from a Queen Anne Estate, Mercer Island Estate & Bellevue Estate, and others

Mid Century & Modern: Set of 4 Teak Armchairs, Set of 2 Danish Teak side Chairs, Leather Armchair & Canvas Armchair, Coffee & End Tables, Vintage Zerbee Texteel Co. Metal Mesh Patio Furniture Set including double settee, 2 spring rockers & 2 side tables, Marble Pedestal Marble Top Table w/Lazy Susan, Pair of McGuire Armchairs, Pair of Cassella brass floor lamps, Mid Century Lamps, Pair wire chairs, Walnut Bench, Howard Miller Modern wall clock, Designer Lamps, Roche Bobois Sofa, Cork Top Designer long Coffee Table w/matching end tables, Pair of Designer Copper/Mica Shade Lamps, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Heavy Carved Upright Chest, Mahogany Barometer, Unusual Peruvian inlaid pair small chests, Modern Oak 2 drawer File Cabinet, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Antique Oil Paintings, Fine Antique Engravings, Antique Botanicals, French Etchings, Japanese Block Print Collection, Yoshi Toshi, Sara Porter, Don Forsythe, Jacob Lawrence signed poster, Cary Carter, Group of Jacob Elshin original Printers Blocks, Michel Estebe Mezzotint Prints, Vintage Photographs, Atkinson, Nixon, Douglas Miley, Modern Studio Pottery & Glass, Thomas Kinkaide artworks, Miciol Stephan Black, Charles Donker, Vintage Mirrors, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, large set 100+ pc King Richard Sterling flatware, unusual antique sterling silver serving items, ladies 18k/diamond wrist watch, 14K gold bracelets, Mikimoto and Ming's Pearl Jewelry Pins & Rings, Fine Designer Jewelry, Very Fine Costume Jewelry, Mirriam Haskell, DiMario, Very large group of Jewelry making supplies including Beads, findings, gemstones & equipment, Jade & Lapis beads, Navajo Silver & Turquoise jewelry, Jolene Eustace Navajo Necklace, 14K & 18K Gold rings, Jade, Amythyst, Opal, and Diamond Rings, Bangles, Diamond Stud Earrings, Mid Century and Art Jewelry, Deco & Victorian Jewelry, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Lifetime Collection of 100's of pieces of Frankoma Pottery, including many rare and early hard to find examples, etc., 18th Century Chinese Export Cups & Saucers, Kosta Bertil Vallien Vase, Finnish Glass, NW Studio Glass, Mid Century & Studio Pottery, 3 Antique PA primitive crocks, Advertising Whiskey Jug, 2 Mettlach Steins, Fine Crystal Vases, Waterford Crystal, Simon Pearce Blown Glass items, Limoges, Franciscan Dishes, a few pieces of Carnival glass, Royal Worchester Bowls, Pottery Tiles, Cobalt & Ruby Stemware, etc. Indian & Native American: Several Indian Baskets, Eskimo prints, Carved wood items, Indian Drum, SW Pottery Pots, Navajo Jewelry, etc. Asian: Cloisonne & Lacquer Chest, Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Blue & White Porcelain, Japanese Block Prints, Asian Jewelry, Temple Carvings, Yixing Pottery Teapots, Inlaid Panels, Lacquer Buffet & China Cabinet, etc. Items of Interest: Transit, antique sleds, 6' & 4' WWII Navy Scale Model Motorized Ships, Stained Glass Lamp, Art Books, Nambe items, Brass & Copper Wares, Ironware, Vintage Hand Colored Photos, Schoenhut toy piano, Lionel Train Set, antique Sleigh Bells, Antique Sword & Standard, African Carvings, German WWII books, 2 Black Powder Pistols, Woodworking chisel set, Sheath Knives, Amish Fireplace Heater, Golf Clubs, Butcher Block Kitchen Table, Oriental Rug, antique Trunk, Heavy Bronze Antique Light Fixture, Schwinn Tandem Bicycle, Chihuly Books, NW Art Books, Violin & Bow, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday August 28, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring items comes from several estates & collections, Roseville Pottery Collection, Firearms, Lladro, Hummels, Fine Miniature Bisque Dolls, Chinese & Asian Items.

Vintage & Antique Furnishings: French Fancy Brass Double Bed w/2 matching night stands, Austrian Carved Bed w/2 marble top night stands, Drexel/Heritage Spiral Poster Queen Size Bed Set, Deco Oak Buffet, large Victorian Cylinder Roll Top Secretary, Chinoisserie quality Display cabinets, Oak sliding door lighted display cabinet, Corner Oak display cabinet, 2 round oak tables & chairs, Room size Oriental & Chinese rugs, Pair Mid Century End Tables w/tile inserts, Vintage Oak Map Cabinet, Side Tables, Pedestal Stands, 5 piece Carved Satin Wood Double Bedroom Set, Oak Dresser Base, Walnut Davenport Desk, Wall displays, Like New Lift Chair/Recliner, etc. Firearms: Browning A-500-G Grade 1 12GA Shotgun (Belonged to Robert Stack), Browning B-2000 12GA Shotgun, Winchester Model 94 new 30/30 Rifle w/box, Reminton Sportsman 48 12GA Shotgun, Benelle Armi 12GA Shotgun, Remington Model II 20GA Shotgun, Remington Model 710 243Win w/scope, Remington Model 24 22cal takedown rifle, Springfield Armory Model 1898 30-40 Krag, Enfield Mark III rifle, Mosin Nagant rifle w/bayonet, Enfield 308, Radom VIS Mod 35 9MM (w/Waffen marks), Walther PPK 7.65 w/holster (Made in Germany 1938), S&W 38 Revolver Victory Model, Hi Standard Model B 22 semi auto, Model RG23 22 revolver, Butler 22 Cal Derringer, Colt Woodsman, H&R Model 686 22 revolver, H&R 649 22 cal revolver, High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 9 shot revolver, Taurus Raging Bull .41 Magnum 6 shot revolver, S&W Model 6298-1 44 Magnum, Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum, S&p;W 38 1890's 5 shot revolver, Sauer & Sohn Western Marshal 22lr revolver, John Buckingham English Double Barrell shotgun, Antique Persian Rifles, Pellet & BB rifles, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Bev Doolittle Signed Limited Edition Print Collection, Bev Doolittle Portfolios, Books, etc, French Etchings, Currier & Ives Print, Engravings, Japanese Block Prints, Very Fine Antique Ornate Heavy Oval Mirror, Metal Leaf Wall Sculptures, Large Very Fancy Venetian Mirror, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, large set of Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items, Pocket Watches, wrist watches, Costume Jewelry, Beads, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: 150+ pieces of Roseville Pottery, Carnelian, Zepher Lilly, Snowberry, Peony, Cameo, Magnolia, & much more, etc, Lamps, Pedestals, Jardinier & Pedestal Sets, Wall pockets, Hanging planters, Daum large Crystal Bowl, Kosta Bertil Vallien Bowl, Finnish Glass, NW Studio Glass, Many Lladro figures, Belleek, large Hummel figure Collection, Royal Albert fine china set, Cut Glass, Fenton, Goofus, Mid Century & Studio Pottery, Polish Hand Painted Stonware, Lenox Christmas Figures, etc. Dolls: Group of fine Miniature Bisque Dolls from Montana Collection, Piano babies, etc. Native American: Several Kachina Dolls, Baskets, Ernest Hunt large Sand Painting, Navajo rugs, etc. Asian: Very nice deep carved Camphor Chest, Inlaid Makeup Mirror Boxes, Chinese Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Famille rose, Chinese Porcelain figures, Japanese Block Prints, Asian Jewelry, Japanese Cloisonne, Carved Temple Panels, Peking Glass, Inlaid Panels, Impressive Large Brass Chinese Incense Burners, Cricket Cages, Cloissone & Lacquer Trunk, etc. Items of Interest: Full size antique sleigh, antique sleds, Dog Sled, 6' & 4' WWII Navy Scale Model Motorized Ships, Gretsch Drum Set, Railroad lanterns, Stained & Beveled Glass Front Door, Cast Iron Railroad Stove, Stained Glass Lamp & Ceiling Fixtures, Musk Ox Horns, Canes, Art Books, 2 large office swivel chairs, Nut Crackers, Aluminumware, Ironware, Model Cars, Slides, Photos, TNT Amp, Gong, Transit, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday August 14, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring a Fine Antique to Modern Art Glass & Ceramics Collection From the Estate of Lois Schafer, Great Falls Montana. Also Featuring a Fine Selection of Northwest Paintings, Sculpture, Studio Glass, & Ceramics.

Northwest Art & Sculpture: Mark Tobey "Kibuki" 1958 Calligraphic Small Painting, Mark Tobey 1958 Market Figure Ink Drawing, Morris Graves Glowing Flower Tempera on Paper Painted Letter, William Ivey 1972 Large Abstract Oil 82"x69", William Ivey 1969 Large Black Abstract Oil 6'x6', Important Paul Horiuchi 1967 Colorful Collage (Pictured in Famous Photograph of Artist), Philip McCracken 1964 Hanging Bird Carved Wood & Metal Sculpture (Published), Early 1963 William Cumming Religious Scene Tempera & Large Nude Study, Large Alden Mason "Shaman's Mother" Acrylic on Canvas 60"x50", Kenneth Callahan Frog Sumi, Six Important Geometric Abstraction Oil Paintings by Wendell Brazeau, Paul Havas Landscape & Early Oil Paintings, John Franklin Koenig Abstract Oil, Robert Sperry Sumi Abstract from Estate, Boyer Gonzales Abstract Landscape, Maria Frank Abrams 1980 Blue Abstraction, (4) Norman Lundin Early Figure & Landscape Paintings, (3) William Ivey Ink Studies and Monoprint, (4) Original Glen Alps Abstract Paintings, Phil Flash Boating Scene Watercolor, Impressive Gregory Grenon 1983 "Victim of Love" Large Woman Portrait Painting, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Impressive Sydney Laurence "Mt McKinley" 15"x20" Oil Painting, Sydney Laurence Landscape Watercolor, Pompeo Massani Man with Parakeets Fine Italian Oil, Charles Webster Hawthorne (MA/NY) Pastoral Landscape Oil, (2) Colin Campbell Cooper Small Oil Paintings - Monterey Garden & Brooklyn Bridge, Michel Delacroix (French) Original Paris Café Scene Small Oil, Michael Stack Arizona Sunset Oil 24"x36", Robert Bruce Horsfall Large 1914 "Willamette in Spring" Oil, Bernard Uhle Pennsylvania Landscape Oil in Newcomb Macklin Frame, Keith Christie "Dos Riendes" Large Cowboy Western Bronze, Tom Sander (Montana) Foxes Bronze, (3) J.J. Engelhart Landscape & Indian Oil Paintings, Large Mt. Rainier Engelhart Painting, Peter Hohnstedt (TX/OH) Large Mountain Landscape Oil, James Everett Stuart Landscape Watercolor, Joe Knowles Seascape Oil in Piecrust Frame, (4) Scott McDaniel Alaskan Impressionist Oil Paintings, William F. Reese Impressionist Landscape Oil, etc. Photography: Very Important Irving Penn 1974 "Nobile Young Beauty of Diamare (Camaroon)" Platinum & Palladium Photograph on Aluminum, Rare Edward S. Curtis "The Maid of Dreams" Original 14"x11" Goldtone Photograph in Original Frame, Edward Curtis 11"x14" Canyon de Chelly Goldtone Photograph, Edward Curtis 16"x20" Vanishing Race Platinum Print, Asahel Curtis Original Mirror Lake 11"x14" Goldtone in Piecrust Frame, Asahel Curtis Mt. Rainier Tinted Photograph 16"x20", Norman Edson 14"x11" Twilight Goldtone Photograph, Karl Bodmer Mandan Indians Aquatint Color Engraving by Ackermann, etc. Fine Print & Etchings: Important Selection of (5) Robert Rauschenberg Signed C-Print Color Artist Proof Photographs from the Studies for Chinese Summerhall Series, Rare Joan Miro "Miro a L'encre II" 1972 Signed Color Lithograph Edition of 70, Alexander Calder Signed Artist Proof Lithograph, Picasso "La Celestine" Small Nude Etching, Mark Chagall "The Pharaoh's Daughter: The Story of the Exodus" Vintage Lithograph, Norman Rockwell "Texas Ranger" S/N Lithograph, Rare Collection of Toshi Yoshida Abstract Woodblock Prints (2 Very Large Low Editions), Original Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau Lithograph, etc. Studio Ceramics & Sculpture: Picasso Madoura "Toros" Plate, Museum Quality Patti Bauer (Warashina) Low Fired Kiln Sculpture, Patti Warashina & Fred Bauer Covered Bowl, Paul Bonifas Crackle Glaze Fish Bowl, Robert Sperry 1978 Gold Luster Crackle Charger, Robert Sperry White Crackle Handled Bowl, (2) Akio Takamori Porcelain Ball Vases with Nudes, Toshiko Takaezu Drip Glaze Tall Bowl, (2) Toshiko Takaezu Small Bowls, Robert Sperry Set of Plates, Robert Sperry Covered Server, Jeffrey Mitchell Pottery Elephant Sculpture & Vase, (2) Erik Gronborg Funk Studio Pottery Vessels, (2) Tom Coleman Studio Vases, etc. Studio Glass: Dale Chihuly Pilchuck 25 th Anniversary Cobalt Hanging Aerial with Signed Book, Fine Richard Marquis Figural Latticino Teapot Goblet, Richard Marquis 1979 Crazy Quilt Glass Cylinder Vase, Harvey Littleton Double Eye 1971 Glass Sculpture, Dante Marioni Blown Glass Vase, Hank Murta Adams "Bowl Boy" Cast Glass & Copper Sculpture in Bronze Bowl, Early Marvin Lipofsky Copper Over Glass Abstract Sculpture, Martin Blank Large 1993 Pilchuck Sculptural Vase, Dick Weiss Leaded Glass Standing Screen, Chuck Lopez Pratt Arts Center Glass Vase, Floris Meydam for Leerdam Unica Art Glass Vase, Barovier Gold Aventurine Signed Vase, Venini Murano Glass Egg, etc. Fine Art Glass & Pottery Collection: Daum Nancy Large Sunflower Cameo Glass Bowl, Daum Nancy Gilt Floral Cameo Box and Creamer, Galle Cameo Glass Floral Vase, Baccarat Gilt Poppy Cut to Clear Bowl, Tiffany Favrille Pulled Feather Compote, Webb Satin Peachblow Decorated Large Vase, Steuben Blue & Gold Aurene Pedestal Bowls, Legras Red Cameo Glass Floral Vase, Soleil Cameo Glass Tall Vase, Moser Smoke Glass Acid Cut Floral Vase, Moser Acid Cut Amethyst Covered Vase, Val St. Lambert "Danse de Flore" Cut to Clear Tall Vase, R. Lalique "Lys" Footed Floral Bowl, R. Lalique Poissons Fish Iridescent Glass Bowl, Kralik 3-Piece Console Set, Signed Moser Acorn Gilt Enameled Quilted Bride's Basket, Several Pieces of Steuben & Quezal Glass, Loetz Handled Green Vase with Rosettes, Several Pieces of Schneider Cameo Glass, Several Quezal Iridescent Glass Lamp Shades, Pair of 1918 Van Briggle Owl Bookends, Teco Matt Green Floral Vase, Tepltiz Amphora Art Nouveau Floral Vase, Pair of Impressive Longwy French Enameled Asian Style Bird Vases, etc. Fine Jewelry, Watches, & Silver: Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual 18k Solid White Gold & Diamond Wristwatch (Diamond Bezel/Numerals/Band), Piaget 9025 Men's Dress Wristwatch, Cartier Santos Automatic SS Men's Wristwatch, Art Deco Platinum Diamond & Rock Crystal Brooch (3.7 Carats), Pair of David Webb 18k Designer Emerald & Sapphire Earrings, Impressive Castellani Type Italian Micromosaic 18k Locket Pendant Grand Tour, Impressive Russian Sterling Moscow 19th Century Samovar, Set of (8) Russian Enameled Sterling Feodor Rucker Spoons, Set of (4) Feodor Ruckert Enameled Sterling Spoons (Worked for Faberge), Russian 14k Enameled Imperial Medal, 1910 Tiffany & Co. French Sterling Yachting Clock in Fitted Leather Box, Antique Tiffany & Co. Sterling Presentation Page Turner/Bookmark, Art Nouveau Black Starr & Frost Heavy Sterling Framed Mirror, 82pc Set of Georg Jensen Acorn Sterling Flatware, Los Castillo MOP Inlaid Modernist Pitcher, Group David Andersen Norway Enameled Sterling Flatware & Shakers in Boxes, etc. Asian Antiquities: Qianlong Imperial Famille Rose Hu Form Vase with Buddhist Precious Ornaments, Important Ming Dynasty Chinese Bronze Arrow Vase with Relief Figures, 17 th Century Chinese Bronze Buddha's Hand Citron Statue, Chinese Imperial Dragon Silk Framed Large Embroidery, Tongzhi Period Baluster Vase, Celadon Cong Shaped Vase, Fine Gilt & Copper Red Decorated Cong Shaped Vase on Stand, Chinese Famille Rose Hat Stands, Various Blue & White Porcelain Jars & Vases, Pair of Crackle Glaze Low Bowls, Pair Famille Rose Bird Vases with Dynasty Marks, Large Pair of Oxen Famille Rose Vases, Pair of Famille Rose Large Immortal Vases, Carved Jadeite & Cinnabar Long Box, Boy with Lingzhi Jade Pebble Carving, Large Meiji Japanese Imari Dragon Planter, Several Small Jade Carvings, Pair of Antique Chinese Blue & White Underglaze Children Porcelain Temple Jars, Chinese Buff Colored Yixing Tea Caddy, Chinese Carved Yixing Bird Vase, Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Bird Plate, Large Qing Rose Medallion Garlic Top Vase, Pair Chinese Imari 18 th Century Export Tankards, 18 th Century Chinese Export Over-Sized Teapot, etc. 20th Century Design: Set of 4 Original Warren Platner for Knoll Metal Armchairs, Nicos Zographos Designer SS Glass Top Round Coffee Table, C.T. Chew Abstract Wool Rug, Martin Borenstein Design Mid Century Long Bench with Cushion, Pair of Venini Hanging Glass Light Fixtures, Pittsburg Reverse Painted Ocean Waves Umbrella Shade Table Lamp, Selection of Antique Oriental Scatter Rugs, Meiji Japanese Inlaid Large Dome Rolltop Desk, Antique Apache Coiled Indian Basket, Collection of Antique Arrowheads, etc.   See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday July 17, Antique and Estate Auction

Best Auction this Summer! This grouping of items comes from several estates including many more items from the Estate of Lois Schafer of Great Falls, Montana, Well Known Collector & 50 year Antique Dealer, Art Glass & Pattern Glass Collection, Pottery, great quality American antiques, Mid Century, Studio Glass & Pottery, Chinese & Asian Items, etc.

Vintage & Antique Furnishings: 2 Period Chippendale chairs, Period fine carved wall mirror, Fabulous American Oak including Carved Lions, Mermaids, Serpents, 2 Oak curved glass china cabinets, 2 Oak Bedroom Sets, 3 Kitchen Queens, many oak stands & lamp tables, 2 Oak Roll Top Desks, Oak Hat Box Dresser, large Oak Rocker, Pair of Egyptian Revival Armchairs w/Ormulu, Mahogany curved glass corner china cabinet, Mahogany double pedestal dining set, Mahogany Credenza, Mahogany drop leaf dining table & 6 chairs, Mahogany straight china cabinet, Mahogany serpentine tall Lingerie Chest, Mahogany case cedar chest on legs, night stands, fabulous 20's Walnut Carved Center Table small round table w/full carved figure legs, Antique Oriental rugs, Torchere Lamps & Floor Lamps, 30's Chests of Drawers, Overmantle Mirrors, 3 piano stools w/glass ball feet, Marble top lamp table, 2 tea carts, Hall seat, Heavy Butcher Block on legs, etc. Mid Century: Serving Cart, Heywood Wakefield Modern Highboy & Dresser w/mirror, Tree Root & Burl Base Coffee & End Tables, large Fossil Top Table/Sculpture, Pair Mid Century Arm Chairs, Designer Chrome w/heavy glass top occasional tables, large set of Denby Pottery Dishes, Studio Pottery & Glass, Tall metal stands, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Original Peter Arno Illustration, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, fine original Maxfield Parrish Prints, large Lute Players, Med & Sm Stars, signed lithographs, Etchings, Engravings, Vintage Prints, Photos, vintage frames w/curved glass, mirrors, Jessie Wilcox Smith Red Cross Posters, Silent Movie Vintage Posters, Disney Serigraph Cels, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Japanese Block Prints, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: 14k Gold Jewelry, beaded bags, Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items, German Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, 67pc Gorham Rose Sterling flatware, 18K Gold Pocket Watches, wrist watches, several Navajo Squash Blossom large Turquoise necklaces, Navajo Turquoise Bracelets, Rings, Great Costume Jewelry, Amber beads, Hand Mirrors, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Artglass Collection, Early Pattern Glass, Holly Amber, Stevens & Williams, Orient & Flume, Lundberg, Moser, Orrefors, Carnival Glass, Colored cut to clear Cut Glass, Mary Gregory, Pottery, Roseville, Weller, Fine Nippon Game Set, Nippon Humidor, Royal Bonn Tapestry Vase, Limoges Handpainted Punchbowl Set, Gustavsberg, Lladro figures, Rohrstrand, large group of Waterford stemware, Belleek Collection, large Hummel figure Collection, Bohemian Glass Collection, Fabulous antique Stein Collection, Royal Doulton "The Beverley" fine china set, Jadeite Glass, Capo di Monte, etc. Music: Selmer Super Action Tenor Saxaphone, Buscher 400 Saxaphone w/castle, C F Martin Ukulele, antique violin, etc. Asian: Rosewood Carved Telephone Bench, Rosewood inlaid Commode Chair, Set of 6 Carved Rosewood Dining Chairs, Korean Inlaid Makeup Mirror Boxes, Chinese Cloisonné, Carved Jade, large Famille rose Bowl, Chinese Porcelain figures, Blanc de Chine, Japanese Block Prints, Asian Jewelry, Japanese Cloisonné, Fishscale Cloisonné vase, Carved Asian Masks, etc. Items of Interest: Deco Spartan Blue Mirror Table Radio, Old Saloon Faro Table Keeper/Card Counter & Roulette Wheel, Antique Flintlock Pistol, Rare Barber Shop Cash Register, Vintage Beer Tray Collection, Advertising figures & Dolls, Vintage Wind Up Toys, Large Carved NW Indian Mask, Fine Antique Clocks, Piller & Scroll Clock, Calendar Regulator Clock, Real Photo Postcards of Gold Mining Camps in Alaska, Photographers, Old Store Fronts & Interiors, old photo albums, antique books, very nice Vintage Stained Glass Lamps, Stained Glass Ceiling Fixtures, GWTW lamp, Banquet lamp, Piano lamp, Handmirror Collection, Micromosaic hand mirror, Antique Austrian Bronzes, Carved Nut Crackers, Silent Movie Star Memorabilia, Early Seatte PI 1891 Die Cut Calendar, fine rare large Onionskin End of Day Marble, Fine Patchwork Quilts, Seattle Rainiers Memorabilia signed balls etc, Buck large Bowie Knife, Carved Cigar Store Indian, Vintage 1890 Ride On Horse, Eastern European old wood wagon, large Folkart Carved wood anchor & chain, Japanese large fish floats, Carved German Stein Rack, Apothecary Bottle Collection, Morter & Pestle Collection, Druggist Bottles, Samovar, Ironware, Antqique Brass, 5 saddles, Tack, Vintage Playboy Magazine Collection, Model Toys, Madame Alexander Dolls, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices (first 100 items).


Thursday July 3, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring items from several estates including the Estate of Lois Schafer of Great Falls, Montana, Well Known Collector & 50 year Antique Dealer, Art Glass & Pattern Glass Collection, great quality antiques, mid century, Chinese & Asian antiques, firearms, etc.

Mid Century: Danish Teak & Rosewood High Boy Chest & Double Dresser, Eames Style Black Leather & Walnut Lounge Chair, Eames for Herman Miller Rosewood & Black Leather Lounge Chair Ottoman, Pair of Oak Moller side chairs, Pair of Mid Century Walnut & Leather Armchairs, Pair of Walnut Mid Century Arm Chairs, Burke Tulip Table & 5 Matching tulip chairs, 50's Black Wire coffee & end table set, Teak tall table lamps, Steelcase Stainless Steel single pedestal office desk, Pair of Knoll Fog metal side chairs, White Leather Modernist Pedestal Chair & Ottoman, Falcon Chair by Vatne Mobler, Suite of 8 Italian Designer Swivel Office Chairs & Armchairs, Russell Wright by Knowles Grass Pattern Dish Set, Scan Design Bow Front Chest & Pair of Night Stands, Mid Century high boy, Great Studio Pottery from Montana, 3 teak bookcases, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Circasian Walnut Massive 60" Pedestal Dining Table w/matching large Buffet & large Curved Glass China Cabinet, Very Nice Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet, Oak Secretary, Oak 3 door Ice Box, Oak Hall Tree/Umbrella Stand, Oak Settee, sets of Oak Chairs, Round Oak Pedestal Dining Table w/claw feet, Oak Commode, several Oak & Walnut lamp tables & Center Tables, Chests, Carved Oak Sideboard, antique oak Pedestal, Mahogany Dining Set w/matching large hutch w/curved glass, Mahogany console table, Berkey & Gay Empire style High Boy, Vanity & Sleigh Bed, Library Tables, Early Federal Pedestal Work Table, fine large double & single Brass Beds, mahogany end tables, cedar chest, Pair of white column pedestals, etc. Oriental Rugs: 9x12 Chinese Rug, 2'6"x6'6" Fine Sarouk, various Pattern Rugs, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Ikea large wall unit shelving/cabinets, Pilgrim Pine drop front desk. Artworks, North West & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Mid Century Art, Watercolors, Collection of 10 Elton Bennett prints, Jerry Stitt Watercolor, Byron Birdsall 3 part & 2 part signed lithographs, Etchings, Engravings, Vintage Prints, Large Photographs, Jeanne Laurence Floral Painting, vintage frames w/curved glass, mirrors, etc. Firearms: Winchester Classic lever Action 30 30 rifle, Remington 22 clip fed rifle, Springfield 22 bolt action rifle. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, 14K Diamond Ring, beaded bags, Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & souvinir spoons, Sterling dresser sets, sterling & Lenox demitasse set, Many Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches, Navajo Squash Blossom large Turquoise necklace, Figural Napkin Rings, Great Costume Jewelry, Amber beads, Gold Coin, Cuff Links, Alaskan jewelry, large German Silver Tray, Early Sheffield SP items, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Quezal Vase, Peach Blow, Rubina Verde, Amberina, French Enamel Licquer Set, Coralene, Doulton Rouge pr vases, Miller Fiori, Muller Freres, Verlys, Austrian Art Glass, US Coin Pattern Glass, Chocolate Glass, Purple Slag glass, French Cameo Vase, Kaiser Porcelain fine figures, Mt Washington Mushroom Hatpin Holder, Nippon, Moriage, Depression Glass, Signed Libbey Cut Glass Vase, Roseville, Pinecone, Weller, Weller Forest Wall Pocket, Red Wing, McCoy Pottery Collections, Coors, Shaving Mug, Fine Quality Belleek, Carnival Glass bowls & Plates, large Flow Blue Scenic Platter, Meissen, Early Wedgewood, Royal Bayreuth, Cabinet cups & saucers, Early Doulton Hand Painted Pedestal Boat Serving Bowl, MZ Austria, Consolidated & Phoenix Glass, Lladro figure, Antique Royal Dux large pieces, Majolica mantle large figures, atomizer perfume bottles, Diamond Quilted Satin Glass, Fry Compote, RS Prussia, Victorian Glass, Tiffin, Fenton, Hummel Figure Collection including many large Hummel Figure Groups, Murano, Bohemian Glass, Satsuma, Pair of Nice Cranberry Enamel Lustres, Liptons tea pots & china, large group of Jadeite mixing bowls & serving pieces, grill plates, Cosmos cheese dish, paperweights, etc. Sets of Fine China: Spode Dimity set, Spode Florence Set, Victoria Czekoslovakia Indian Tree set, Noritake Elysian set, Noritake Asian Song set, Oscar de la Renta Black Travertine set, Gumps Floral set, some Franciscan Apple, etc. Asian: Mah Jong set, Japanese large Censer, Pair Japanese Imari Jars, antique Chinese ceramics, Fine Asian Butterscotch Amber Beads, fine vintage Chinese & Japanese Cloisonne, Pair large Metal Candlesticks, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Toys, Singer Toy Sewing Machine w/box, Bakelite Poker chip set, straight razors, fountain pens, old photo albums, antique books, antique parsol w/sterling Cherub handle, small cast iron toy stove, 1930's table lamps, Christian Becker Chainomatic Precision Balance Scale in Glass Case, Hart Skis Metal Advertising Sign, Pabst Figural Advertising Display, Leather Desk Set, Desk pen set, vintage oak wall phone, Candlestick phone, Metal Ware Corp 1 cylinder steam engine, Crocks, GWTW lamp, Fine Carved Ducks & Decoys by Keith Stevens, Banquet lamp, Stained Glass Lamp shade, Brass Music Stand, Antique Fireplace screen & andirons, antique shoes, vintage baby scale w/weights, fine vintage linens, tools, fishing reels, holsters, cream can, Model Cars & Dragsters, antique bisque doll, large Glass Fish Float, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday June 19, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring Northwest Estatesperiod American Antiques, Scrimshaw Collection, Fine Glass & Pottery, etc.

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: American Period Federal 3 part Cherry Dining Table w/casters circa 1800, American Early 1800's Federal Mahogany Chest, 17th Century small tables, Early 1800s American Windsor Settee w/2 matching side chairs, Federal Period Game Table, Federal Mirror, Chinese Chippendale Armchair, Early straight chairs, Pair of Matching Victorian Walnut Bookcases, Victorian Marble Top table & Rocker, 50's Patio Chairs & Table, Pair of Wicker rolled back armchairs, Wicker Rocker, French Aubusson 6x9 rug, Antique Grandfather Clock, Pine Armoire, Chaise Lounge, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Ikea Modern Entertainment Center for flatscreen TV, Kindel Cherry Buffet, Nest of Tables, Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, Glass Door display cabinet, Wrought Iron Daybed, etc. Fine Art & Prints: Listed Artists Oil Paintings: Jacques Henri Guyot, Oz Fanca, listed Artists Watercolors: Jerry Stitt, Les Barnett, Olive Malstrom Carl, Antique Oil Paintings, Abstracts, etchings: Thomas Handforth, Reginald Marsh, engravings, Japanese block prints, Hisashi Otsuka, Lucy Lui, Mountain Photos, Linkletter & Scalia, very nice framed vintage mirrors, Collection of Lafayette Engravings, Red Skelton canvas prints, etchings, American Primitive Portrait, Thomas Kinkaide signed prints, Equestrian Engravings, Antique Nautical painting, etc. Firearms: Remington Model 50 30.06 bolt action rifle w/scope, Winchester Model 1890 pump 22 cal rifle w/octagon barrell, P Bannerman Damascus shotgun, Remington 12ga lever action shot gun, Winchester Model 12 12ga pump shotgun, H&R Topper M48 shotgun, G F Stormer Herzberg double barrell Damascus shotgun w/gold inlay & elaborate engraving, Carl Gustafs Stads 1907 bolt action rifle, Antique German bolt action rifle, etc. Stringed Instruments: Epiphone Acoustic Guitar, 3 Banjos, Clariphone, Quincy Senior, Zither, etc. Asian: (2) Antique 9x12 Peking Chinese Rugs, Chinese Needlework panels, large Japanese Carved Fish outdoor trade sign, Japanese block prints, Carved Chinese Jade & Ivory, Netsukes, Figures, Hardstone, Rose Quartz, Chinese & Japanese pottery & Porcelain, Chinese paintings, Lacquerware, Asian painted spice chest, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Sterling, 14K rings, Man wrist watch w/heavy gold nugget bracelet band, set of sterling flatware, sterling serving pieces, sterling rim coaster set, etc, pearls, rose quartz beads, bakelite, lots of vintage costume jewelry, silver coach & horses model, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: Steuben Crystal Stemware, Plates, Bowls & Serving Pieces, Swarovski large figures & ornaments, Baccarat decanter, Belleek, Royal Doulton Sonnet Fine China set, Lenox Wheat fine china set, Lenox gold band fine china set, Candlewick, depression glass, Buffalo Deldare cup & saucer, Vintage Hummel figures, Roseville, Rookwood, Weller, Van Briggle, Bauer, Sascha Brastoff, Carnival vase & bowl, cut glass, Set of Lamberton Lafayette College Scenic Plates, etc. Native American: Several Indian Baskets, Eskimo Indian Carvings, Bilikins, Cribbage Boards, Figures, Bears, Scrimshaw, African Ivory, Navajo rugs, Indian paintings by Marjorie, Collection of 13 C Allen Johnson figures, etc. Items of Interest: Edison Standard Cylinder Phonograph w/ Morning Glory Horn, large group of Cylinder Records, History of King County 3 volume book set, Antique Military Sword, large natural Sponge, Hydroplane Memorabilia & Programs, Handbags by I Santi & Diamicci, vintage L C Smith typewriter, sea shells, comics, vintage real photo postcards, old photo albums, vintage baseballs in original boxes, duck decoys, vintage set of horseshoes in original wood box, early American knife box, lg sulphide marble, trunks, Harmony Kingdom figurine collection, Harmony Circus, Ships clock, figural mantle clock, Owl andirons w/glass eyes, Ironware, Williams & Sonoma dishes, antique Oriental rug, lg wall barometer, advertising items, Books: Aircraft, Firearms, Marrantz turntable, Tube Tester 667 Conductance Tube/Transistor Tester, Oil cans, Bats, BB guns, 5hp Outboard Motor, antique crocks, pair Stiffel lamps, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday June 5, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring Northwest Estates, an antique collection liquidation, vintage toys, including an Enetai/Bellevue Estate, a Gig Harbor estate & others.

Mid Century: Jens Risom Design Walnut Executive Office Desk & Credenza, Danish Teak small desk w/drop leaf, Knoll small desk w/matching chair, 3 Kettell Spoon Chairs, Artemeide Tola Mega Boom Adjustable Lamp, Heywood Wakefield Modern Bedroom set & Dining Table, Lane Walnut Cedar Chest, 50's black wire serving cart, lamps, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Carved Oak Massive Curved Glass China Cabinet, 3 section Oak Attorneys Bookcase, Mission Oak buffet, Antique Period Inlaid English Bookcase, Mahogany Spiral Column Carved China Cabinet w/mirror back & bevelled glass, Mahogany Rocker w/Swan arms, Mahogany China China Cabinet, Mahogany drop leaf dining table, Mahogany rope edge kneehole desk, Cherry Gateleg Table, Vermont Winsooki Hardrock Maple Sideboard & a pair of matching display cabinets, Oak spool cabinet, many Art Nouveau figural busts & bronzes, Victorian Wicker Sewing stand, Antique oak office swivel armchair, Pair Victorian side chairs, Ice Cream style childs rocker, antique doll buggy & stroller, antique carved wood platform rocking horse, Pair of Wicker rolled back armchairs, Wicker Rocker, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: 2 piece designer sectional w/down cushions, Pair of Maroon Velvet Wing Back Chairs, wrought iron patio table & 2 chairs, Ladies Writing Desk, 2 sets of Nest of Tables, etc. Fine Art & Prints: Antique Oil Paintings, Abstracts, etchings, engravings, Japanese block prints, Bronze Sculptures, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print Collection including several rare images, Enchantment, Royal Gorge, Dinkey Bird, Morning, Calendar Tops, Collection of Yard Long Prints, Mary Pickford, etc., Indian Maiden prints, Mountain Photos, very nice framed vintage mirrors, pair of flower Hawaiian paintings by Tip Freeman, Betty Mears WC, Eugene Pizzuto abstract paintings, Sperry bowl, Urquart, Eidenberger etchings, etc. Toys: Vintage Cast Iron Cars, Tractor, figures, wind up toys, stuffed animals, monkeys, etc. Asian: Chinese Rosewood large oval dining table w/8 matching chairs & long buffet, Rosewood Bar, Cloisonne jardiniere w/matching cloisonne pedestal, carved wood panel w/Dragons, cloisonne, Asian lamp, Japanese needlework panels, pair of inlaid Japanese carved wood panels, Carved Tiger Eye Elephant, Carved Pink Quartz Elephant, Korean double Tonsu stacking chest, Antique carved Chinese Alter Table, etc. Clocks, Watches, etc.: Oak Case Regulator Clock, Figural French Marble Clock, English China case clock set, Oak case kitchen clock, pocket watches, wrist watches, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Sterling, US Gold Coins, Gold Nuggets, set of Francis 1st Sterling flatware, sterling souvinir spoons, serving pieces, etc., 14K & Diamond Rings, 14K bracelet, lots of vintage costume jewelry, Eisenberg sets in original box, Navajo Silver bracelet, stick pins, Designer costume jewelry including jewelry and collection from a silent movie film actress, fine Sheffield Silver servers, Brides Basket, 2 sets of German silver flatware, silver coach & horses model, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: Many Vintage Perume bottles, Guerlain, Lalique, Worth, Jean Patou, Shalimar, Hermes, Shiaparelli, Nuit de Noel, Ciro, etc., Satin Glass, many pieces of Waterford: Decanters, Bowls & Stemware, large set of Spode Billingsly Rose china, Group of Arabia Christmas plates including a 1976, Royal Doulton figures, Cranberry Glass collection, Art glass, Group of 2 color green/pink Caprice stemware, set of Rosenthal fine china, Rosenthal Maria fine china set, Villory & Boch Vendome Fine China set, blue, green & pink depression glass, childs dishes in original boxes, Buster Brown vintage dishes & shaving mug, fine cut glass, Libbey cut glass, Royal Beyreuth tapestry pitcher, WaveCrest items, Moriage, Nippon, Antique Staffordshire figures, Spode covered urn, Buffalo Deldare plate, Edinburgh Crystal bowls, lg Group of Syracuse State of Minnisota Restaurant Ware, Cobalt glassware, set of Kathy Hardwick for Mikasa Onyx pattern Bone China dishes, 2 large punch bowl sets w/mugs, Willow ware, Phoenix ware, Hummel figures, etc. Lighting: 2 antique student lamps w/green cased glass shades, ribbed green cased glass shade lamp, 2 Art Deco Figural lamps w/Alabaster shades, Figural glass owl lamp, 50's lamps, Glass shade desk lamp, Nouveau figural lamp w/aurene artglass shade, etc. Items of Interest: Early 1900's Diecut Calendar Collection, Edison Gem Cylinder Phonograph w/horn, Gem Roller Organ in Original Box w/rolls, Large Collection of Anri Carved Wood figures, Indian Basket, collection of 60's & 70's Rock & Roll LP Albums, Beach Boys early Albums, Movie Star vintage photos, stills, post cards & memorabilia from Silent Movie Film Actress, Masonic ribbons, Full Sheet US vintage stamp collection, Mariner pro model hat, BB hats, SF 49ers signed SuperBowl football, photo albums, antique country store nickel plated brass counter top display cases w/curved glass, granite ware & ironware, Griswold, Wagner, History of the Great NW book, 2 bayonets, 2 Martin Saxaphones, 6x9 & 4x6 fine oriental rugs, oriental runner rug, Military ribbons & medals, tin types, currency, bisque dolls, Civil War belt buckle, old tins, beaded bags, trunks, primitive wood wheel barrows, wood boxes, carts, etc., Spatterware pitcher, marbles, world globe, Old Sleepy Eye pitcher, advertising items, Meade 20x80 Binoculars, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday May 22, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring items from the collection of Anne Hauberg, well known Seattle art patron and philanthropist. Important Works from the Estate of Ben Sams, Known Ceramic Sculptor, Professor, & Artist. Also Featuring a Fine Collection of Modern & Traditional Artworks, Chinese & Japanese Antiquities, & Other Rarities.

Northwest Art: Morris Graves "Winter Blossom" Original Painted Letter, Morris Graves Painted Letter of Glowing Flower, Morris Graves Graphite Study, Richard Gilkey Large Still Life on Table Oil Painting, Richard Gilkey "Portrait of Artist, Lubin Petric" Large Oil Painting, Richard Gilkey Barn Charcoal Painting, Kenneth Callahan "The Swamp" Oil & Tempera Painting (Published in Callahan Book), Paul Horiuchi "Tangible Rememberances" Collage, Exceptional Guy Anderson 1958 Abstract Landscape Oil on Board, Carl Morris Large 1978 Abstract Oil, (2) Small Carl Morris Deciphered Stone & Figure Study Works, Mark Tobey "The Family" Mixed Media Painting, Alden Mason Mixed Media Burpee (Seattle Art Museum Label), Gerard Tsutakawa 1998 Bronze Sculpture, Dale Chihuly Abstract Painting, Virginia Banks Large Abstract Oil, Boyer Gonzales Jr. Abstract Oil, William Cumming Reclining Nude Drawing, Norman Lundin Early Portrait Drawing (Exhibited), Neil Meitzler 1962 Large Abstract Landscape Painting, Dennis Evans (WA) Shadowbox Collage, Jeff Day (WA) Bronze Boy Sculpture, etc. Important Jessie Wilcox Smith Original Illustration Artwork of a Mother & Child. The work comes directly from a family member and was the cover of the June 1928 Issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. We have full provenance and documentation accompanying the painting. American Art & Sculpture: Impressive George Luks (Original Ashcan School Artist, New York) Brooklyn Bridge Street Scene Oil on Canvas, Johann Berthelsen (NY) New York Scene Small Oil, Important Lyonel Feininger (NY/CA) Untitled Cubist Forest Scene Oil on Canvas with Full Provenance & Authentication, Karolyn Fulop (CA/NY/France) Art Deco Carved Wood Sculpture Man with Sword, Henry Pember Smith (NY/CT) Venice Canal Scene Impressive Oil Painting, Emory Pius Seidel (IL/MD) Art Deco Bronze Six-Light Candelabra, George Post (CA) WPA Era Seascape Watercolor, William DeShazo Seascape Oil, John Sloan WPA Ink Illustration Art, Lionel Barrymore Original Watercolor Illustration, (4) Edgar Forkner (CA/WA) Still Life & Boating Watercolors, Keith Christie "Dos Riendes" (CA/MN) Large Western Bronze Cowboy on Horseback Sculpture, Lorenzo Ghiglieri (OR/CA) "The Grand Endeavor" Large Western Bronze Figure Group Sculpture, Bumpei Akaji (HI) Modernist Hanging Metal Sculpture, 19th Century American Puritan Female Portrait Oil, (2) Roland Gissing (Canada) Impressionist Landscape Oils, etc. European Art: Evert Pieters (Dutch) Shell Fisherman on Beach Oil Painting, Hans Muller (Austria) Bronze Napolean Portrait Bust Sculpture, Impressive After Dolci Large Religious Oil, After Dolci Small Madonna Oil, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Thomas Hart Benton "Island Hay" S/N Lithograph, (2) Paul Jacoulet (French) Woodblock Prints, Stanislav Libensky (Czech) S/N Lithograph, Dennis Evans/Nancy Mee Intaglio Etching, Several Dennis Evans Loose Lithographs, Elizabeth Sandvig Monotype, Phillip McCracken Signed Lithograph, Lucien Pillot (French) Art Deco "Bit'net" Full Size Poster, Marcel Duchamp Abstract Lithograph with Zoe Dusanne Label on Verso, (2) Mark Tobey Pencil Signed Etchings, Arnold Belkin (Spanish) Surrealist Chair Lithograph, Angel Botello (Spanish/Puerto Rican) Abstract Children Lithograph, (2) Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints, Hiroshi Yoshida Mt. Rainier Rare Woodblock, Kiyoshi Saito Haniwa Signed Woodblock, (2) Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblocks, etc. Studio Glass & Pottery: Benjamin Moore & Walter White "Hornet" Custom Made Hanging Light Fixture, Pair of Benjamin Moore & Louis Mueller "The Aristrocrat" Custom Made Vase Wall Sconce Light Fixtures, Klaus Moje (Australia) Glass Face Charger, Paul Oachilles Glass House Sculpture, (most works were custom made for Mrs. Hauberg), (2) Seguso Scavo Murano Glass Vases, Josh DeWitt Studio Glass Vase, Colin Heaney (Australia) Iridescent Shell Studio Glass Bowl, Ben Sams "Monsigneur of the Peach" 2-Part Ceramic Sculpture, Ben Sams "Rocket Man" 3-Part Ceramic Sculpture, Ben Sams "Martha Washington Hope Chest" 3-Part Ceramic Sculpture (Published Work), Several Small Ben Sams Face Mugs, etc. Native Americana: Fine Calvin Hunt Carved & Painted Moon Mask, Gary Rice 7' Carved & Painted Raven Totem Pole, Luke Swan 6' Carved & Painted Thunderbird Totem Pole, Tom Patterson Carved NW Sun Mask, (2) Don McClory Figural Carved Grease Bowls, (4) Duane Pasco Original Pastel Drawings of Indian Artifacts, Rare Steatite Monitor Pipe, etc. Southwest Pottery Collection: Marie & Julien Santana Large Oval Platter, M&J Santana Decorated Bowl, M&J Santana Blackware Small Bowl, Carmelita Dunlamp Large Black & Brown Pot with Birds, Adam and Santana Martinez Decorated Plate, 2pc Joy Navasie (Frogwoman) Hopi Decorated Pots, etc. Fine Silver: Antique 6-Piece Tiffany & Co. Floral Vine Sterling Tea Service with Ivory Mounts, Impressive Johan Rohde Design for George Jensen Large Pedestal Bowl Circa 1920, Georg Jensen Copenhagen Sterling Pedestal Bowl, Gundorph Albertus Design for George Jensen Sterling Pedestal Bowl, Early Gorham Aesthetic Large Serving Spoon, 3-Piece Mappin & Webb Sterling Tea Service, 2-Piece Mappin & Webb Sterling Teapots, Pair Georg Jensen Sterling Candlesticks, Italian 800 Silver Putti Pierced Tray, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Footed Salver, Pair of Antique Tiffany & Co. Sterling Tazzas, Large Georgian Sterling Lion Handled Server, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: 61c Natural Amethyst & Diamond Brooch, Scavio Italian Designer Diamond & Blue Topaz Earrings, 14k Apple Green Jadeite Cabochon Bar Pin, Chinese 22k Gold & Jade Bat Ring, Vacheron & Constantin Men's 18k Gold Dress Watch in Box, Vintage Ladies 18k Solid Gold Rolex Wristwatch, Group of Copal Amber Large Beads, (3) Fine French Miniature Travel Clocks in Fitted Leather Cases, 14k Solid Gold Lorgnette, 14k Carved Pink Coral Strand of Large Beads, Platinum & Diamond Cocktail Ring, Platinum & Diamond Band, Heavy 10k Alaskan Charm Bracelet, Omegas Seamaster Men's Wristwatch with Gold Nugget Band, Heavy 20k, 18k, & 14k Gold Cuff Bracelets, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Antique Royal Vienna Napoleon Porcelain Figure, Schumann Dresden Napolean Porcelain Bust and Equestrian Figure, (2) L.C. Tiffany Iridescent Lamp Shades, etc. Modern Furniture & Design: Impressive George Nakashima 1987 Rosewood & Walnut Trestle Dining Table, Louis Marie Jullien (French) "Wine Country" Modernist Hanging Aubusson Tapestry, (2) Lynn Basa Custom Made Designer Modernist Rugs, Russell Day Custom Made Mixed Woods Designer Sideboard, Jon "Tobey" Beard Custom Made Stone & Mixed Woods Designer Round Dining Table with Chairs (all pieces were made especially for Mrs. Hauberg), Designer Art Deco Style Figural Bronze & Glass Top Console Table with Stylized Greyhound Dogs, Roche Bobois Leather Club Chair & Ottoman, etc. Important BaoShi Fu (1904-1965) Chinese Landscape Scroll Painting of the Birthplace of Mao Zedong with Provenance. Purchased from the family of the President of Anhui University in China. Chinese & Japanese Antiquities: Antique Chinese Imperial 5-Clawed Dragon Round Rank Badge, (2) Chinese Pheasant Rank Badges, Ming Blue & White Porcelain Large Bowl with Bird, (12) Pieces of Antique Chinese Lienhing Export Silver Including a 3-Piece Tea Set, (3) Antique Chinese Blue & White Covered Vases, Large Antique Blue & White Porcelain Fish Bowl with Birds, Chinese Qing Famille Rose Large Bowl with Figures, Pair Qing Polychrome Glazed Hat Stands, Famille Rose Porcelain Hexagon Shaped Planter with Undertray, (3) Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Pillows, Antique Chinese Porcelain Table Screen with Figures & Calligraphy, Set (6) Kangxi Blue & White Porcelain Wine Cups, Chinese Famille Rose Celadon Leaf Tray, Chinese Carved Jadeite Brush Washer on Stand, Chinese Carved Jade Small Libation Cup on Stand, Chinese Carved Coral Guanyin Figure, Group of Chinese Yixing Clay Teapots, Buff Colored Yixing Vase with Calligraphy, Chinese Cloisonne Tall Teapot with Inset Jade Pendants, Chinese Amusing Boy Figural Porcelain Pillow on Stand, Japanese Edo Bronze Elephant Incense Burner Sculpture, Various Blue & White Covered Jars & Baluster Vases, Chinese Fine Carved Cinnabar Round Box, Chinese Cinnabar Yixing Style Teapot, Chinese Carved Wood Buddhas & Temple Panels, (2) Antique Chinese Famille Rose Teapots with Calligraphy & Figures, (3) Antique Chinese Porcelain Calligraphy Plaques or Ink Palettes, Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Mystery Ball & Figures with Documentation, Fine Meiji Japanese Carved & Colored Ivory Turtle Okimono with Documentation, Chinese Carved Quartz Crystal Ink Box, Pair of Sang de Boeuf Covered Porcelain Jars, Fine Chinese Pale Green Celadon Pear Shaped Vase, Fine Chinese Lacquered Bat & Shou Symbol Display Stand, (2) Antique Sang de Bouef Covered Jars, Pair of Famille Rose Child Parade Tea Cups, Chinese Fine Porcelain Chicken Figure Group, Pair of Phoenix Blue & White Porcelain Planters with Undertrays, Antique Chinese Rose Canton Palace Floor Vase, Pair of Meiji Japanese Bronze Phoenix Handled Censers, etc. Items of Interest: Fork Art Carved Wood Cigar Store Hanging Pipe, Folk Art President Harding Carved Wood Figure in Chair, French Lacquered Art Deco Urn, etc. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday May 1, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring a lifetime vintage jazz & blues record collection along with cylinder & disk record player collection, including estates from Mercer Island, Newcastle & others

Vintage Record Player Collection: Wurlitzer Model 61 countertop Coin operated Juke Box w/stand, Table Top Victor Talking Machine Disc player w/Mahogany "Arrow" Wood Horn, Table top disk player models, Console Models, Portable Models, Edison Cylinder Players w/horns, Unusual small and portable wind up record players, etc. Morning Glory Horn, Brass Horns, Must See! 20+ players, Record Memorabilia, etc. Also: Lifetime Collection of Rare Jazz & Blues Records, Vogue Picture Records, All Labels, All Artists, An Extensive Library all catalogued including many rarities, Cylinder Records, etc. Musical Instruments: Conn Naked Lady Tenor Saxaphone, Clarinet, Johann Baptiste Schweitzer Antique Violin w/bow (over 150 years old), Carlos Guitar, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Late Federal American tall chest, Oak triple curved glass china cabinet w/mirror top w/claw feet, (2) Mahogany Vintage Corner China Cabinets, Nice antique oak kidney vanity w/triple mirror, Set of 4 Thonet cane seat bentwood chairs, American oak armchair, English oak dresser w/oval mirror, Oak multi drawer card file, 9x12 oriental rug, Kindel Mahogany serpentine front highboy & matching dresser w/mirror, small mahogany chests & stands, etc. Mid Century: 2 Bentwood & Bamboo armchairs, teak tray set, rosewood ice bucket, Deco bronze figures, Heywood Wakefield style double dresser w/mirror & matching night stand, fine studio pottery & glass, vintage set of stainless steel flatware w/wood handles, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Tomlinson Beacon Hill Inlaid mahogany buffet, Schnadig Home Collections Marble Top Queen Size 3 piece bedroom set, Pair of Modern like new Wing Back armchairs by Sam Moore for Hooker Furniture, Like New Designer Quality Century King Size bed frame & Sealy Posturpedic King Mattress set, Ethan Allen Chippendale style double pedestal dining table & 8 chairs, Mahogany Chippendale double pedestal table w/6 matching chairs, Mahogany drop leaf table & 4 matching chairs, Oak dinette table w/4 chairs, Fine Asian style multi drawer spice chest, etc. Fine Art: Various Artworks from Northwest Art Collections, Oil Paintings, Pastels, Abstracts, Antique paintings, etchings, antique engravings, block prints, scroll paintings, s/n Chen YiFei lithograph, Bronze Sculptures, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print Collection including a large Garden of Allah, Medium Daybreak, Morning, Small Stars, Russian hand painted boxes, Triple Overmantle mirror, etc. Asian, Chinese Blue & White antique porcelains, carved jade, pair of Jade Bowls, Japanese cloisonne, Asian tables, Japanese Kutani, Chinese wedding basket, Asian baskets, large Bronze Kwan Yin figure, pair of large hand painted floor vases, large vases, covered jars, Rosewood nest of tables, etc. Clocks, Watches, etc: Vintage windup Singing Bird in Brass Cage Automaton (works), U S Navy Deck Clock, pocket watches, wrist watches, 14K woman's wrist watch w/14k bracelet, etc. Nautical: Large Heavy Brass Frame Porthole Window made into round side table, etc. Native: Hand Painted Drum, Carved Inuit soapstone figures, group of Indian prints by Gem, Ivory Whale's Tooth necklace, etc. Firearms: Antique Winchester lever action 44-40 rifle, hand guns, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Sterling: Set of Sterling flatware, Gorham Sterling Coffee & Tea Service, Bowls, Gorham sterling straight razor, serving pieces, etc., 14k gold jewelry, rings, Designer costume jewelry, Large Sterling & Turquoise belt buckle, Mexican sterling jewelry SP serving pieces and flatware set, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: set of Steuben Blue Crystal Plates, Fine Colored Cut glass Green Cut to Clear Crystal Pitcher, Waterford stemware, Very Fine Coronet Limoges Hand Painted Game set w/platter & 10 matching plates, Roseville Pottery, large set of Haviland Gold Rim Ranson Pattern fine china, Venetian glass, Flow Blue large Platter & Plates, Group of Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates including a 1951 plate, Royal Worcester figures, Art glass, Lenox, large set of Heisey amber color stemware, Wedgewood jasperware, studio art glass, Orrefors, set of Flintridge fine china, set of Wedgewood fine china service for 12, set of Spode Wickerdale china, large group of green depression glass, Fiesta ware, set of Cherry Blossom Depression childs dishes in original box, etc. Lighting: Quezal style pulled feather artglass lamp w/glass shade, Stiffel lamps, Victorian Pull Down Ceiling Fixture, floor & table lamps, etc. Items of Interest: Precision Balance Scale in glass case, weight sets, Advertising Items, Folk Art Vintage Hungarian Wood Barrell Clothes washer on stand, Vintage Tonka & Nylint Toy Trucks & Cars, HO trains, small metal cars, Vintage Auto Brochures from the 1950's, Vintage doll house w/furnishings, old cameras, vintage table model radios, Black Memorabilia, Duck Decoys, Primitive wood dough bowl, Chess set, Nambe, 8 candle wrought iron floor candleholder set, antique ironware, wagner, punchboard, all types of large silver plated serving pieces and china serving pieces from Mercer Island Estate, antique coffee grinders, monkeypod wood items, fishing reels, old license plates, old kitchenware, toy cash registers, German WWII war memorabilia, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 17, Antique and Estate Auction

Period Antiques, Asian & Collectibles from NW Estates, including an Ollala Estate, and Large Quantity of Interior Decorator Items

Mid Century Furnishings: Pair of heavy chrome Barcelona Style Chairs w/tufted leather cushions by Selig, Ekornes Leather Sofa, Ekornes Leather Chrome & Leather reclining chair & ottoman, a Danish Modern Leather Armchair & ottoman, a Teak floating top coffee table by France & Sons, a Danish Teak square end table by Grete Jalk for Glostrup, a set of Danish Rosewood nest of tables by Poul Jeppeesen, also mid century light fixtures, mid century Blond Dining table & chairs, several highboy chests, lamps, Dansk dishes, 93pc Hugo Pott German Stainless Modernist Flatware set, studio pottery, studio glass, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Period Gilt Frame Long Mirror, 54" Round Oak Pedestal Table w/leaves, set of 6 pressback dining chairs, Victorian 3 pc bedroom set, Victorian folding rocker, Marble Top Victorian Lamp Table, 30's Walnut diing set, Oak antique hutch, oak chests, oak dressers, cut down round oak pedestal coffee table, 30's chests, Cherry highboy & dresser w/mirror, oak swivel piano stool w/glass ball feet, Mahogany coffee & end tables, Oak Kitchen table w/leaves, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Almost new White Modern Queen size Bed frame w/matching dresser & night stand, Bob Timberlake for Lexington new cherry display coffee table, new Sealy twin bed mattress set & iron bed frame, also (2) like new Simmons Queen size mattress set, Modern long Wall TV stand, etc. Fine Art: items from the Anne Hauberg collection: Modern Artworks & Glass: William Ivey, Paul Havas, Andrew Keating, Italo Scanga, (3) Ed Higgins III (NY) Doo-Da Post Art Paintings, Judith LaScala, Susan Plum, Ed Rossbach, R. Purser, Sonja Blomdahl, Michael Posner, Eileen Lanna, Val Laigo, Beverly Longaker, (Pilchuck), Boyd Sugiki, Benjamin Cobb, Isola, Peter David, Murano Glass, Kosta Boda, Ann Worff, Bertil Vallien, Reid Ozaki, Mar Hudson, R&L Spencer, Cecil Strawn (MT), Layne Kleinart, etc, Also Alaska & NW theme vintage paintnigs, prints, Mountain photos, Lyman Byxbe, Modern Prints, Several Joan Miro Lithographs, Henri Matisse Numbered Lithograph, Calder Exhibition Poster, Giacometti Etching, Salvador Dali Etchings, Haku Make Woodblock, Boulanger, Birdsall, etc., cut steel sculptural panels, Posters, 1860 US map, Walt Disney Original Scamp Comic Strip Artwork Portfolio, Bronze Sculptures. Asian: Many Chinese Blue & White antique porcelains, carved jade figures, Korean Chest, Japanese cloissone vases, Asian tables, Antique Tibetan Thanka, Japanese Kutani, Japanese bottles, Satsuma tea set, etc. Clocks, Watches, etc.: Antique 18th Century Grandfather Clock, Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock, Seth Thomas Bracket Clock, mantle clocks, pocket watches, wrist watches, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Sterling, 2 sets of Sterling flatware including a Gorham Chantilly 98pc set, Bowls, serving pieces, etc., 14k gold jewelry, rings, Designer costume jewelry, Chanel, Givenchy, Swarovski, Christian Lacroix, Lots of Navajo & Mexican sterling jewelry: Squash Blossom Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, etc, Sheffield Tea Urn, SP tea service, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: Quezal Pulled Feather Artglass Vase, Steuben, Waterford, Enamel Cranberry Pickle Caster, Pair Bohemian Lustres, Fine Bohemian decanter, Paperweight Collection, Royal Dux large Horse figure, Fine Majolica, Roseville Luffa factory lamp, Pincone bowl, set of Royal Bayreuth Service Plates, Set of Royal Worcester Woodland fine china, set of Pickard Garland fine china, set of Noritake stoneware dishes, large hand painted Haviland & Limoges Trays & large pedestal bowl, Group of Haviland fine china, Arabia Dinnerware, Blenko vase, Rosenthal Winblad charger, American Brilliant Cut Glass, lots of studio art glass, Murano, Orrefors, Hat Pins, etc. Lighting: 2 1920's Stained Glass Lamps, Ceiling Fixtures, floor & table lamps, etc. Items of Interest: Folk Art Platform Rocking Horse, Pair of C M & St Paul medium Railroad Lanterns, Schatz Ships Clock & Barometer, Boeing Oak Machinist Tool Box, Collection of 18th & 19th Century Pastry & Dough Cutters, Primitive Wood Dough Bowl, Babe Ruth Celluloid Score Keeper, Antique Political Ribbons & Pins, WWI US Uniform, Coins, Stamps, Currency, Vintage Postcards, Scrapbooks, Photos, Vintage Football Cards Collection, vintage toys, Lionel 2018 train set, leaded window, Designer Couture Clothing from the Anne Hauberg Collection, L Frank Baum Wizard of Oz books, Vintage UW items, British Presentation Sword by Wilkinson, Bayonet, antique stereoscope viewers & slides, Antique Oak wall telephone, Candlestick phone, Green Enamel Shake Mixer, stereo equipment & speakers, knives, pair Soldier Andirons, waterfall motion lamp, Antique Figural Dragon Cigar Lighter, Kewpie Dolls, Zippo lighters, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday April 3, Antique and Estate Auction

A Wonderful and Varied Selection of Interesting items, featuring items from the collection of Anne Hauberg, a Ravenna Estate, a Wedgwood estate & others.

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: 17th, 18th & 19th Century Fine American and Continental Period Antiques, English, French, Carved Armoir, Chests & tables, Rare 4 chair back American period settee, all types of antique chairs, armchairs, sets of chairs, Pine Armoire & Chests, Dovetailed Trunks, Pine boxes, Victorian chests, postmaster desk, Antique Windsor Armchairs, set of Hitchcock dining chairs, game tables, Period American William & Mary gateleg table, Mahogany oval gateleg table, Antique library tables, stucco bamboo bookcase, Antique writing desk, Umbrella stand, 1930's walnut inlaid vanity w/mirror & bench, antique store fixture cabinet, period work table, period tripod stand, period Boston rocker, period long mirror, pair of French carved 3 drawer night stands, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Leather wing back recliner, pair blue leather recliners, loveseat, set of 3 wrought iron bar stools, Oval patio table w/6 matching armchairs, Designer square cocktail table, lamps, end tables, Oval Dining set w/6 chairs & matching display cabinet & marble top server, Thomasville dresser w/mirror & matching night stand, futon convertible sofa, etc. Fine Art: Antique Oil Paintings, Mirrors, Etchings & Engravings, large Norman Edson photo, Barry Herem sgn lithograph, Marvin Oliver sgn embossed lithograph, Pair Fox Hunt Scene colored engravings, Double whale bronze, etc. Asian: Chinese Boxes, porcelains, carved jade & bone, figures, Chinese Apothecary 42 drawer cabinet, Apothecary traveling folding multi drawer hinged box, figural cloissone birds, fine Japanese cloissone vase, Yoke back armchair, Asian tables, etc. Cameras: Mamiya 645 Camera outfit, Cannon Camera outfit, etc. Native American: Indian multi mask carving, Navajo weaving loom, etc. Clocks, Watches, etc.: 14K Longines man's wrist watch, Omega man's wrist watch, Phillipe Charriol mans wrist watch in box, (2) Breitling man's wrist watches, Tissot ladies wrist watch, (2) LeCoultre Atmos clocks including rare black dial, Howard Miller Moon Phase Grandfather Clock w/3 engraved weights, Antique English Barometer, Verichron Bracket Clock w/Westminster chimes, etc. Sterling, Jewelry, etc.: Lots of Sterling, Bowls, plates, flatware, candelabras, candlesticks, serving pieces, etc., 14k gold jewelry, costume jewelry, large set of Wallace silver plate in cabinet on legs, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: 30+ Lladro figure collection (most with boxes), Waterford Alana stemware, Majolica collection, Watt Pottery Bowls, Mixing bowls, large Set of Villeroy & Boch Boston crystal glasses & stemware, large set of Villeroy & Boch Fleurance French Garden fine china, large set of Haviland floral fine china w/many serving pieces, Hand Painted Limoges items, set of Blue Onion china, Paperweight collection, pair of fine pink lustres w/crystal drops, 2 sets Denby pottery English dishes, artglass, silver overlay crystal, etc. Lighting: Pair Bristol lamps, Unusual Lighthouse vintage lamp, floor lamps, etc. Items of Interest: Pair of tall porch columns, French copper pots & pans, ceiling copper pot holder, Collection of Longaberger Baskets, glass fish floats, Desinger bedding & towels, linens, Womans leather & mink long coat, Mens XL clothing, Olympia guitar, S&W 45ACP/410ga revolver, Russian HP boxes, 9x12 Karastan rug, paper goods, old photo albums, scrapbooks, pair of Onkyo tall speakers, Crate & Barrell dishes & serving items, camera tripods, Life magazines, vintage hand mirror collection, fine books, keys, 1899 Black Eagle silver certificate $1 bill, Britains soldiers, spotting scope, luggage, Bristol lamps, Bosch Axxis stack washer & dryer set, oil lamps, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday March 20, Antique and Estate Auction

Lifetime Texaco Petroliana Collection and Lifetime Toys and Automobilia Collection, Antiques and Northwest Estates

Toys: Collection Toonerville Trolley including 1920's tin litho wind up by Nifty, 1920's cast iron trolley by Dent with the original box, bisque figures, candy containers, penny toys, advertising signs, depot by Rich-Art, comics, etc., hundreds of model cars and model kits including Ferrari, Maserati, Chaparral, Cheetah by Cox, Strombecker, George Turner, Superior Models, Builders in Scale, The Fuelers, Mini-Exotics and more. Limited Edition Bad Robot Maquette w/COA, (2) 1:6 scale desk model engines, Corvette, Offenhauser, Marx Charlie McCarthy toy, Neptune B/O Tug Boat MIB, original Arcade cast iron Andy Gump, N gauge trains, railroad model kits and many more! Texaco: (3) restored Texaco Gas Pumps, Oil Dolly, advertising signs, collection rare restaurant ware, vintage service station jackets, hats and badges, early glass oil jars and oil cans, toy tanker trucks, ephemera including photo postcards, blotters, brochures, etc. gold service pins and jewelry, lighters, padlocks and more. Collectibles: WWI US military uniform, pottery, glassware, crystal, Gouda pottery, group 1960's NASA Space Program signed photos, letters, publicity photos and publications, lots books, photos, postcards, Valuable Chinese stamps and covers. Original Chas. Cory & Son Engine Room Telegraph removed from Washington state ferry M.V. Quinault following 1960's renovation. Antiques: Empire game table, antique oak library table, high boy chest, dresser and mirror, dining table and chairs, armoire, canes and walking sticks, Chinese porcelain, Chinese bronze vessel and more. Household: 9" x 12" Karastan rug, Villeroy & Bach dinnerware and crystal, (3) sets Henkel's knives, chef's quality cookware. Furniture: Like-new Thomasville sofa and loveseat, like-new Thomasville king-sized bedroom set, bookcases, shelving and much, much more! Jewelry: Gold jewelry, pocket watches, (8) 1 oz. gold Maple Leaf's, Silver rounds, rings, sterling and much more! Other: Colt Defender Series 90 .45 ACP (never fired), (2) Sherline miniature lathes, Mens Univega racing bike, Mens and Women's Crossroads mountain bikes, Guitar, Fischer metal detector. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday March 6, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring the Personal Alaskan Art Collection of Richard & Irene Cook, Personal Friends of Eustace Ziegler, Also Featuring a Fine Collection of Western Artworks, American & European Fine Art, Modernism & Design, & Chinese Antiquities

Alaskan & Western Art: Sydney Laurence Untitled Wild Iris Alaska 20"x16" Oil in Gilt Carved Frame, Sydney Laurence Ocean Waves Small Oil and Unusual "Wise Owl" Oil, Ted Lambert Cabin in Snow Oil Painting, (23) Works by Eustace Ziegler including Pack Horses on Mt. McKinley Oil (Berry's A&C Shop Label), Historic Eustace Ziegler "Gold Seekers" Watercolor Painting with Written Letter, Large Oil Men with Fishing Nets 20"x26", 2-Horse Team on Mt. McKinley Oil, Horses Rushing the Sushitna River, Caches, Eskimo Portraits, Landscape Watercolors & Oils, Steamship Scene, Historic Oil Study of Natives for the Baranof Hotel Mural, etc. Jules Dahlager "Deer Mountain" Landscape Oil, (10) Works by Ellen Henne Goodale, Eskimos, Landscapes, Dog Sled Teams, etc. (4) Works by Harvey Goodale, Eskimo Portraits, Eskimo Doing Scrimshaw Work, Fishing Boats, etc. Edmond James Fitzgerald Mountain Scene Oil in Piecrust Frame, Erik Johanson Mountain Landscape Oil, (3) Josephine Crumrine Works, Several George Ahgapuk Works, Scott McDaniel Alaskan Small Oil, (2) Ted Lambert Pencil Signed Etching, Cyrus Afsary "March in Overton" Landscape Painting, (3) Arlene Hooker Fay (Montana) Indian Portrait Oils, Newman Myrah (Oregon) Indian Portrait Oil, Sherry Salari Sander (Montana) Horses Large Bronze, Leonard Dobratz (Arizona) "Mt McKinley" Oil, Elizabeth Warhanik Harbor Scene Watercolor, Anna B. Stone Floral Still Life Oil, Charles Allen Merriam "Chief Sealth" Bronze Portrait Plaque, (2) Fred Oldfield Landscape & Cowboy Oils, Several Ned Mueller Northwest Artworks, Waldo S. Chase Original Tempera Painting, etc. Modern Art: Important Leo Kenney "Night Blooming Vessel" 1956 and "The Priestess" 1951-53 Surrealist Oil Paintings (two of the most important works to ever hit the market by Kenney), Paul Horiuchi "Reflections" Large Collage Artwork, (2) Z.Z. Wei Modernist Landscape Oils, Early Carl Morris Abstract Watercolor, William Cumming Nude with Chair Large Tempera, Exceptional Neil Meitzler Rocks in Snow Abstract Painting, (2) Kenneth Callahan "Figure" and "Elevation" Tempera Paintings, Early William Ivey Abstract Expressionist Oil, Several Paul Havas Paintings, Kenneth Callahan Sumi Painting of Goat, William Cumming Color Drawing of Girl Running, (2) Gertrude Pacific Large Western Oils, (3) Jay Steensma Modernist Oil Paintings, Doris Chase Small Abstract, Phillip Levine Abstract, (3) Robert Feasley (WA) Oil Paintings, Mari Frank Abrams "Kaleidoscope" Painting, Robert Sperry Studio Pottery Vase, Jack Laycox (CA) "Wharf Patterns" Abstract Boat Oil, Patrick Flammia "Sun Valley" Abstract Landscape, (2) Dennis Ramsay (Australia) Trompe l'oeil Still Life Paintings, Several Manuel de Arce (CA/Spain) Heavy Impasto Modernist Large Paintings, Sergio Bustamante Brass & Copper Large Triptych Wall Hanging, (2) Barbara Shanklin (Denmark) Carved Marble Sculptures, Marcel Delmotte (Belgium) Surrealist Still Life Large Oil, etc. American Art: Wesely Webber Large Tugboat at Sea Oil Painting in Ornate Frame 29"x48", Paul Lauritz California Landscape Oil, Helen Forbes (CA) "Twenty Mule Canyon" WPA Landscape Oil, Thomas Hill (CA) Small Landscape Oil, Bernhard Uhle (PA) "Cloud Patterns" Impressionist Landscape Oil, Joan L. Hanford (CA) "Convoy" WWII Ship Oil, Edith White (CA) Antique Oil of Roses, Gordon Coutts (CA) Desert Scene Large Oil, etc. Fine Print & Photography: (2) Robert Motherwell London Series #1 Red & Orange Pencil Signed/Numbered Lithographs, Le Corbusier "Unite #4" Pencil Signed Colored Etching, Rufino Tamayo Embossed Aquatint Etching, Marc Chagall "Fables of La Fontaine" S/N Etching, Norman Rockwell "Jazz It Up" Pencil Signed & Numbered Lithograph, Ben Nicholson (English) Modernist Architectural Etching, Thomas Moran Pencil Signed Small Etching, L.A. Huffman 1880 "Buffalo Grazing The Big Open North Montana 1880" Photograph, Norman Edson Large Tinted Photograph, Asahel Curtis Tinted Photographs, (2) Ted Lambert Etchings, Eustace Ziegler Study Etchings, Gene Kloss California Drypoint Etching, Collection of R.C. Lee Northwest Woodcuts, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Dale Chihuly Amethyst Persian, Dale Chihuly Opalescent Seaform Bowl, Satava Large Jellyfish Lighted Art Glass Sculpture, Brother Thomas Bezanson Pottery Bowl, David & Janet Leach (St. Ives) Studio Pottery, Several Pieces of Dame Doreen Blumhardt (New Zealand) Pottery, (2) Lela Gutierrez Early Santa Clara Painted Redware Vase, Maria & Julian Martinez Blackware Pot, Robert Sperry Studio Pottery Vase, etc. Modern Designer Furniture: Rare & Original Hans Wegner for Johannes Hansen Teak "Valet Chair", Hans Wegner for Johannes Hansen Teak "The Chair" Armchair, etc. Chinese & Japanese Antiquities: Antique Chinese Imperial Court Summer Dragon Silk Robes (Excellent), Pair of Qing Chinese Jade Inset Scholars Hanging Panels, Impressive Meiji Japanese 3 Flying Dragons Meiji Cloisonné 24" Charger on Custom Bronze Stand, Fine Chinese Carved Celadon Bottle Vase 18th/19th Century, Set of (14) Ornate Famille Rose Dinner Plates with Qianlong Marks, Ming Celadon Covered Jar with Carved Lotus, Kangxi Blue & White Bottle Vase, Group of Ming Dynasty Celadon Jarlets, Ming Dynasty Swatow Plates, Set of Fine Chinese Carved Spinach Jade Government Seals in Carved Zitan Wood Box, 3pc Antique Unusual Chinese Market Sterling Tea Service, 5pc Chinese Export Sterling Dragon Tea Service, Chinese Export Dragon Tea Caddy, Finely Carved Jade Table Screen, Antique Chinese Six Panel Painted Landscape Screen Qing Dynasty, Antique Chinese Silk Hanging Panel with Scholar & Deer, Chinese Imperial Court Appointment Scroll Guangxu Period, Large Chinese Famille Rose 19th Century Bird Vase, Pair of Meiping Porcelain Blue & White Warrior Vases with Kangxi Marks, Antique Blue & White Phoenix Garden Seat, Antique Celadon Glaze Vases, 18th Century Blanc de Chine Cricket Box, 19th Century Carved Ivory Floral Boxes, Antique Carved Ivory Lock Pendant, (2) Large Carved Ivory Mystery Balls, Antique Jadeite Guanyin Figure & Dragon Box, Large Collection of Yixing & Zisha Enamel Teapots, Vases, Planters, (2) Chinese Copper Ink Boxes with Calligraphy, Grouping of Antique Chinese Currency & Coinage, Grouping of Old Chinese Books, Large Sumida Ware Covered Temple Urn, Fine Republic Period Famille Rose Tea Bowl, Pair of Famille Noir Large Vases, Set of Guangxu Turquoise Ground Famille Rose Wine Cups, A Grouping of Antique Chinese Coins & Currency, Group of Fine Japanese Satsuma Miniatures & Buttons Kinkozan, etc. Chinese Yixing Collection Continuation: Zisha Enameled Teapots, Tea Jars, Buff Colored Teapots, Vases, Dragon Jar, Elephant Spout Teapot, Brush Pot, etc. Antique Oriental Rugs: Antique Heriz Oriental Large Palace Rug, Antique Sarouk Scatter Rugs, Antique Turkoman Bag Face, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Swiss "Ideal Soprano" Large Oak Music Box with (2) Extra Cylinders, Gustav Stickley Hammered Copper Bowl, Tiffany Studios Bronze Inkwell, Tiffany Studios Bronze & Art Glass Tall Candlesticks, Pair of Tiffany Bronze Candlesticks, Set of Versace for Rosethanl Dinner Service, Versace for Rosenthal Flatware Service, etc.   See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday Februuary 13, Antique and Estate Auction

Period Antiques, Asian & Collectibles from NW Estates, including a lifetime Carnival Glass Collection, Firearms Collection, a Bainbridge Island Estate, as well as a large quantity of Interior Decorator items. 

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: 17th, 18th & 19th Century Fine Continental Period Antiques, English, Carved Armoir, Marble chests & tables, Unusual Period Architects Desk, Chests, all types of antique chairs, armchairs, sets of chairs, early bed frames, Fireplace equipment, oriental rugs, Period Pine Secretary, fine lamps & lighting, Settees, Display cases, French & English Inlaid Coffee tables, Pembroke table, sideboards, French Carved Parquet top table & chairs, etc. Mid Century: Teak Oval Danish Extension Dining Table w/2 leaves, Chests, Desks, Dresser w/mirror, Settee, Westnofa Chairs & Ottoman, Tile Coffee table & sofa table, studio pottery, Teak Case Acrosonic Console Piano, mid century sculpture & artworks, Designer Lucite Glass Top Square Coffee & End Tables by John Geise, Adj lamps, etc. Lots of Fine Art: Fine Antique Oil Paintings, Antique Frames, Mirrors, German Etchings & Engravings, Western art, Sheryl Bodily, Dave Powell, Mercant, English Engravings, Maxfield Parrish Print Collection, Daybreak, Garden of Allah, many more, African art, Wood Carvings, etc. Firearms: Rifles & handguns, large collection WWI & WWII guns, Colt, Winchester, Mauser, Remington, Mannlicher, Webley, Springfield, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, etc. Sterling, 14k gold jewelry, Sterling flatware, costume jewelry, etc. Carnival Glass: Lifetime Collection features over 150 pieces by all makers includes a large array of examples including rarities, Bowls, Vases, Pitcher & Tumbler Sets, Dishes, Opalescent, All Colors, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Extensive Pottery collection including Rookwood, Fulper, Weller, Hudson Weller, Roseville, Rare Roseville Futura vase, Owens, UND, Van Briggle, Peters & Reed, California Faience, Standard Glaze, Artist Signed, Ulla Winblad Hjelmqvist, Fenton, fine crystal, fine china sets, large cut glass covered jars, etc. Clocks, Clock sets, Mantle Clocks, wall clocks, etc. Lighting: Antique lamps, Stained Glass lamps, Figural Art Nuveau lamps, floor lamps, etc. Items of Interest: Pair of tall adjustable torchere planters, 4 Antique Cast Iron Figural Hitching Posts, Antique Walking Stick & Cane Collection including, sword canes, umbrella cane, flag cane, compass canes, carved ivory & sterling handles, large Armani figure, Indian basket, Acrosonic Teak Case Console Piano by Baldwin, Vintage Baseball Trading Cards, Olympic & Cigarette Trading Cards from Estate, Asian items, Postcards, Photos, Albums, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 30, Antique and Estate Auction

This offering of items comes from the Craig Vinton Estate and others, featuring one of the largest Simpsons Memorabilia Collections in the World, also fine furniture, art, jewelry & Collectibles, etc.

This Simpsons Collection, which had been featured on Fox-TV's "Personal FX Collectibles" show, consists of 1000's of items all new and never used, mint in original boxes & packaging. This Collection has it all! Animation Cels, Limited Edition Seri Cels, 1st Edition Comics and comic book runs, Collector Cards, Pogs, Dolls, hundreds of Action figures, MOC, MIB, life size figures, games, toys, party goods, posters, school supplies, Soap, Ties, Pins, buttons, wrist watches & clocks, skateboards, telephones, radios, walkmans, talking dolls, character sets, computer games, clothing, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sheets, hats, masks, advertising, store displays, theatre displays, Production Drawings, promo posters, Simpsons desk model plane, new perishable collector products, Intelli-tronics voice activation figures, lunch boxes, Simpsons Weber Barbeque, many items signed by the creators & Max Grohnberg, International Memorabilia from Mexico, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, etc., from over 80 footlockers full, and many, many totes & boxes full. Contemporary Furnishings: Hickory White Modern style inlaid dining table & 6 solid cherry dining chairs, Drexel Collection large modern sofa, Bassett Upholstered large Armchairs & Ottoman, Leather ottomans, Wicker/Rattan Settee, Armchair & Ottoman, Bar stools, small mirror back curved glass curio display cabinet, Westnofa leather chair & ottoman, Marge Carson wood frame armchair, Black metal frame glass top bar & 2 stools, etc. Antiques: Mission style Oak armchair, Oak Mission lamp table, 3 section attorneys bookcase, Victorian rocker, etc. Artworks, Northwest, Western & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Mark Wheeler, Helmi Juvonen, Paul Dahlquist oil, Framed Lithographs, over 50 signed & numbered Olaf Wieghorst Western Lithographs, Robert Bateman, David Shepherd, Paul Rankin, Sydney Allistair King, Doug Thompson, Eugene Kapsin, Graciel Boulanger, Harold T Anderson Oil, Frederick Remington vintage Prints, Etchings, Cels, Disney, Simpsons production drawings, posters, Cels, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lion King, vintage Mickey Mouse production drawings & cel, Advertising, Eagle & Owl bronzes, Mirrors, Otsuka posters, Kaiko Moti block print, signed Dale Chihuly poster, and much more, etc. Fine Jewelry & Sterling: 14k gold rings, Diamond & Sapphire rings, class rings, 14K man's bracelet, Victorian jewelry, lots of Sterling, Shreve sterling pitcher, spoons, compacts, necklaces, serving pieces, Navajo & turquoise jewelry, rings, pins, rock crystal beads, costume jewelry, fine Cameo pin, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: many pieces of Orrefors, Fine Contemporary Art Glass & Studio Pottery, Dan Bergsma, S Chartton, signed Aquarium Block glass sculpture, Baccarat items, Waterford, Lalique, Murano paper weights, Caithness paper weights, Doulton figures, 2 old snow babies, Roseville, large Victorian triple epergne/centerpiece w/glass liners, Nippon, Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, Set of Evesham Midwinter Dishes, Set of Royal Albert Centennial Rose fine china, etc. Asian: Large Famille Rose Dragon Floor Vase, pair of fine Japanese cloisonne vases, carved jade & hardstone, antique mother of pearl inlaid rosewood framed mirror, Chinese carved ivory, etc. Items of Interest: Martin Ukelele, 3x5 Navajo Eye Dazzler vintage rug, 2 Bell Telephone cast iron vintage trucks, wind up tank toy, 5' Bronze crane bird, antique clocks, Barometer, 2 vintage carved duck decoys, vintage handcuffs in original box, cut out vintage dolls, stained glass panels, (50) footlockers, Dream Catcher, a group of large Boeing Airplane photos, eyeglasses, bakelite, etc.   See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 16, Antique and Estate Auction

This fine offering of items comes from estates located in Sequim, Bainbridge Island and others: Asian, Traditional, Native American, Jewelry, Antiques, 30 Firearms & Collectibles. 

Vintage & Antique Furnishings, Mahogany: Oak 6 stack attorneys bookcase, Oak twist leg library table w/metal claw & wood ball feet, Antique Walnut Hall Tree/Umbrella Stand, Mahogany bubble glass secretary/sideboard, Maqhogany China cabinets, Mahogany Sideboard, Carved Buffet, Dixie Mahogany Chest on Chest, Mahogany Chest, Dresser, Night Stands, Mirrors, Marble top tile back commode, set of 4 old wood office armchairs, Cedar Chests, Empire highboy chest, Victorian Eterge, drop leaf desks, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Custom made Koa Wood 3 section Armoire/Chest, Fine Chippendale Traditional style banded inlay double pedestal dining table w/8 highly carved dining chairs, High Quailty Leda Cherry Executive Desk w/matching Credenza, Tufted Leather Executive Swivel Office Armchair & Pair of Tufted leather Armchairs, Fine Leather Sofas, Westchester, large Leather Armchairs & Ottomans, Century Leather Wing Chair, Leather Hidabed, fine console & hall tables, Rockers, Stiffel floor & table lamps, nest of tables, stools, marble top stands, Kindel Chest, King Size Poster Bed w/mattress set, etc. Mid Century: Percival Lafer Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman w/chrome legs, Set of Dansk Dishes, Enamelware, Vera Neumann for Mikasa set of Silhouette dishes, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: fine Wester Paintings, Hal Sutherland, Ace Powell, large group Contemporary Abstract Oil Paintings by Marylee Skelly, Ross Gill, Robt Thomas, Hollis Richardson, Alex Young, Chubbuck, Bill McCusker, Watercolors, Etchings, Engravings, Vintage Prints, Western Bronzes, etc. Alaskan & Native: Carved Masks, Stan Wamiss Kingcorn Inlet, BC, Kwakiutl large Sun Mask, Many Eskimo Carved Ivory figures, 6 C Alan Johnson Eskimo Pottery figures, Indian Baskets, Navajo rugs, Scrimshaw, Totems, Kachina, Native Painted Drum, etc. Fine Jewelry & Sterling: 18k Bola Style Necklace with Tahitian Large Pearls, 14k White Gold & Diamond Brooch 2.19ctw, 14k Emerald Rings, Stuller 14k Pearl Brooch, 14k Bar Pin, Pearl Cluster Rings, 14k Natural Aquamarine Pendant, Impressive 18k Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace 10.1-13.6mm Each, Stuller 14k Blue Topaz Ring 1.58ct, 18k Ruby Pendant Necklace, Antique 14k Cameo Brooches, Ullman 14k Diamond Lady's Wristwatch, 14k Sapphire Slide Pendant Chain, Pair Kurt Gutmann 18k Diamond & Sapphire Earrings, 14k Gold Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Rings, lots of sterling, 3 sets of Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & spoons, sterling bowls, Sterling Coffee & Tea Service, Pocket Watches, etc. Glass, Crystal, China & Pottery: Lalique, Verlys, Fine Contemporary Art Glass & Studio Pottery, Set of Royal Doulton Kingswood fine china, Set of Dresden Saxony HP china, Set of Wedgwood Appledore fine china, Royal Copenhagen figures, Waterford, fine American Brilliant Cut Glass, Swarovski figure collection, Lenox cups w/sterling frames, Doulton figures, large Venetian bowl, sterling rim serving pieces, etc. Firearms & Fishing, etc: Large collection from 3 estates, 30 pieces, Antique & Contemporary Rifles, Weatherby, S&W, Colt, handguns, Fly Rods, Fly tying items, Fishing reels, flys, etc. Asian: Rosewood Sideboard w/inlaid Mother of Pearl, Pair of Rosewood inlaid MOP corner chairs, heavy Rosewood large Cocktail Table w/glass top, Chinese rugs, large Asian planter pots, Scrolls, Mah Jong set, Yixing teapots, jade, cloisonne, lacquerware, Chinese porcelain vases, 2 sets of Asian dishes, etc. Musical Instruments: Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Trombone, Trumpet, etc. TV's, Stereo: LG large flatscreen TV, Sanyo flatscreen TV, Stereo compnents, CDs, DVDs, etc. Items of Interest: Ships Clock & Barometer, Ships Bell, Carriage clock, Marble globe on stand, Ethnic Baskets, some airplane models, Old real photo postcards, albums, paper goods, Stamps, Parrish Arabian Knights book, mini souvinir bats, lighters, inkwell, Samovar, Stacking Tool chest w/tools, cross cut saws, Books, large carved wall clock, Fan firescreen, large Steinbach nutcracker collection, WWII items, Boeing Memorabilia, 707 steering caps, 40 bottles of vintage wine, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 28, Antique and Estate Auction

This grouping of items comes from several estates that we need to clear up by the end of the year, great quality antiques, mid century, airplane model collection, Native American, Chinese & Asian antiques, firearms, American & Foreign Coins & Currency and Collectibles from NW Estates, including a Newcastle Estate, a Seattle Roosevelt area estate, & a Horizon House estate, and others. 

Mid Century: Set of 6 Teak Denmark Dining Chairs by Niels Moller w/black leather seats, Round Teak Extension Dining table by Omann Jun w/3 large leaves (including one skirted leaf), Teak mid century coffee table & square end table by Gret Jalk, large Danish Teak Sideboard/Room Divider, Teak Serving Cart, Bronze top round walnut coffee table, mid century walnut dresser w/mirror, square heavy glass top bronze coffee table, Mid Century Sofa, Teak fold out bar, Mid Century Black Leather Tufted Settee w/brushed Chrome legs, Danish light fixtures, Bamboo Designer Sofa & Chair, Designer Dining table, Mid Century Credenza, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings, Beautiful Antique Double Glass Door Bookcase w/carved pillars & claw feet, Period American Mahogany Postmasters Desk/Cabinet, Period Butlers Chest, Period Cherry Hutch, Antique hall hatracks & umbrella stands, Mahogany Dining set, set of 6 antique Italian dining chairs, Oak 4 drawer file cabinet, Oak dressers, 17th Century twin bed frame, French Antique Bedroom Suite including large armoire, dresser w/mirror, 2 night stands & double bedframe, Art Nuveau French Armoire w/2 mirrored doors, Oak Art Nuveau Armoire, Mahogany Buffets, Pier Mirrors, Venetian Mirror, Leopold Art Deco Walnut Executive Desk, Carved Koa Wood Bench, Antique large settee, Skandinavian Antique Mahogany Library Table, Floor lamps, Bridge Lamps, Round Oak Dining table, Vienna carved Dining set, Antique wood bedframes, Antique Valances, etc. Oriental Rugs: Persian & Chinese room size rugs, silk inlaid 4x6 rugs, antique rugs, Kilim, Runners, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Flexsteel Wing Back Chair, Curio Cabinet, Quality small Mahogany Chests, Mahogany Library Table, etc. Artworks, Northwest & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Mid Century Art, Watercolors, Large Mount Rainer Oil Painting, Elton Bennett prints, Signed Lithographs w/Duck Stamps, Toshi Yoshida block prints, 2 Lebadang Lithographs, Etchings, Engravings, Vintage Prints, Airplane artworks, etc. Coins & Currency: Antique American & Foreign Currency, Silver Dollars, Trade Dollar, Morgan & Liberty Silver Dollars, Commemoratives, Standing Liberty Halves, Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head pennies, Chinese coins, Medallions, etc. Alaskan & Native: Fine Eskimo Carved Ivory folding Scrimshaw Cribbage Board, several C Alan Johnson Eskimo Pottery figures, 2 Indian Baskets, long NW native Totemic Carving, Arrowheads, Robert Mayokok small paintings, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k Gold Jewelry, 14K Charm Bracelet, Rings, Tahitian Pearls, Triple strand Mikimoto Pearl Necklace, Pearl & Turquoise necklace, Victorian Jewelry, 1920's beaded bags, Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & spoons, sterling card case, Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches, Silver plated tea & coffee service, serving pieces, Gemstones, hatpins & stick pins, Enamel Silver jewelry, Scandinavian Sterling Loving Cup, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Pair of Royal Worcester figures, Royal Bonn large bulbous vase, Set of Gustavsberg Mon Amie by Marianne Westman Rorstrand fine China, Set of Haviland fine china, set of Spode Wickerdale china including punch bowl, Scandinavian Pottery, Lisa Larson, Stig Lindberg, Royal Copenhagen, Nippon, Depression Glass, Art Nuveau Compote, Tiles, Waterford, Cut Glass, etc. Firearms, etc.: Antique Rifle, Shotgun by Browing, handguns, sheath knives, pocket knives, Kris sword, etc. Asian: Large Chinese Apothecary Cabinet, Rosewood Carved Settee & 2 Armchairs, Rosewood large Sideboard/Display Cabinet, Antique Rosewood carved coffee table, Antique Tortoise Shell & Ivory Chop Stick set, carved jade pendants, carved ivory items, large figural cloisonné: Elephant, Horses, Cows, Bulls, Foo Lions, Reindeer, etc, Antique Chinese ceramics, pottery, porcelain, Chinese pots, famille rose, scroll paintings, large Happy Buddha, Netsukes, Snuff Bottles, soapstone carvings, carved wood Foo Lion, temple carvings & inlaid panels, Inlaid table screen, 4 panel carved soapstone inlaid folding floor screen, Antique Abacus, Satsuma, Thankas, Antique Asian Stirrups, Chinese Brasswares, Large Framed Chinese Needlework panels, Large Chinese Planter pots & large Goldfish Bowl, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Stained Glass Lamp w/lighted base, Vintage Mills & Golden Nugget 5 cent Slot Machines, 2 Vintage Juke Boxes, Very Large Collection of Airplane Desk Models (Hundreds of models), Corgi, Airplane & Auto Diecast models, Mint in Box and Mint in Package Airplane models, Flight Jackets, Antique beer & liquor bottles, Large Pottery Oil Jars, pair of 17th Century Woman's Shoes, Kewpie dolls, Board Games, antique toys, antique tools, binoculars, Antique paisley & Homespun, Pair of Large Altec Lansing Speakers, Unusual Oak Railroad foldup sink/wall unit, Crystal chandeliers, Yamaha Acoustic Guitar, Fender Elec Strat Guitar, Original large Marilyn Monroe Nude Calendar, vintage radio & record player, Victrola, Poker chip set, Copperware, antique books, antique oak dental tool carrier, small cast iron toy stove, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 5, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring a Collection of Northwest Artworks, American & European Fine Art, & Chinese Antiquities 

Northwest Modern Art: Impressive Max Benjamin "MLK" 1968 Abstract Oil 72"x67", Impressive William Ivey Large Yellow Abstract Painting, Frank Okada 1966 Large Abstract Oil, Several Other William Ivey Works, Paul Havas "Taylor Falls" Painting, Several Small Paul Havas Works, Paul Horiuchi "Poetry" Collage with Original Woodside Receipt, William Cumming 1961 "Laundromat" Large Tempera Painting, William Cumming Nuns with Girl Large Oil, William Cumming Ink Sketches, Early 1941 Guy Anderson Mill At Granite Falls Oil, Guy Anderson 1958 "Lioness" Drawing with Seligman Label, Jack McCarty (Oregon) Large Abstract Nude Oils, Jack McLarty Etchings, Wesley Wehr "Winter Moonlight" Small Painting with Gallery Brochures, Neil Meitzler Large Mountain Oil Painting, Maria Frank Abrams Abstract Paintings, Michael Spafford "Death Wrestling" Painting, Art Hansen Original Floral Large Watercolor, etc. Modern Art & Sculpture: Chuah Thean Teng (China) Figure with Cow Batik Painting, (2) Chuah Siew Teng (China) Abstract & Figurative Batik Paintings, Robert Colescott "False Step From East to West" Large Abstract Oil with Figures, Erte "Emerald Night" Limited Edition Bronze Beauty Sculpture, (2) Original Erte Gouache Costume Design Paintings, Erte "Two Vamps" Limited Edition Double Female Figure Bronze, Erte "Coquette" Bronze Mirror Sculpture, Erte "Samson and Delilah" Bronze Hanging Panel, Joan Kimuara (Alaska) Early Abstract Oil Painting, Rene Guiette (Belgian) Oval Form in Space Abstract, (5) Works by Piero Graziani (Italy) Surrealist & Abstract, (3) Works by Alfredo Alcain (Spain) Abstract Still Life & City Scenes, Several Juan Manuel de Arce (Guatamala) Large Thick Impasto Social Commentary Paintings, After Henry Moore Large Reclining Nude Bronze Sculpture, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Magnus Concord Heurlin "Paradise" Alaskan Sunset Oil Painting, Robert William Wood "The Golden West" Landscape Oil, Belmore Brown (CA) Landscape Oil Painting, Thomas Wells "Penang Off Isle of Man" Schooner Ship Oil, Collection of Several Works by Robert Bruce Horsfall (Former Rookwood Pottery Artist) From His Estate, Nicola Marschall (KY) Mother & Child Portrait Oil 1880, (3) Buckeye Blake (Montana) Western Oil Paintings, George Brandriff (CA) Mission Scene Oil, etc. European Artwork & Antiquities: Giovanni Paolo Panini Italian 18th Century Oil of Ruins, Adrianus Cornelius Van Noort (Belgian) Children Playing on Beach Oil, (2) Josef Protozoa European Landscape Oil Paintings, Antique Vatican Shop Micro Mosaic "Roman Forum" Framed Panel, Martin Monnickendam (Dutch) Harbor Scene Oil in Ornate Frame, Maria Gianni Italian Gouache Landscape, Antique Black Forest Carved Figural Cherub Fern Stand, etc. Fine Print & Lithography: Rare Joan Miro "Serie Gaudi III" Pencil Signed Aquatint Etching Numbered 29 of 50, Marc Chagall Pencil Signed Lithograph 44 of 50, (2) Fred Machetanz S/N Stone Lithographs, Jamie Wyeth Aquatint Etching with Exhibition Catalog, (3) Vintage Antonio Zoran Music (Italian) Abstract Signed & Numbered Vintage Lithographs, Henry Moore Signed HC Reclining Nude Rare Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Homage to Rameu" Signed Lithograph, (2) Hiroshi Yoshida Pencil Signed Woodblock Prints, (2) Leroy Neiman Pencil Signed Football Lithographs, (2) Erte "Devotion" and "Drectoire" Embossed Lithographs, etc. Pottery & Porcelain: Claude Conover "Chuc" Impressive Studio Pottery Vase 23", Robert Sperry Unusual Form Large Vase, Frank Boyden Covered Raku Pottery Jar, Louis Mideke Covered Splash Jar, etc. Modern Designer Furniture: Hans Wegner for Johannes Hansen "Mama Bear" Armchair & Ottoman, Set Hans Wegner Teak Nesting Tables, Hans Wegner Teak Low Rocker, Finn Juhl for Niels Vodder Lounge Chair NV-53, Nanna Ditzel for L. Pontopiddan Denmark Teak & Wicker Chair, Borge Mojeson Denmark Teak Fall-Front Desk, Dux Swedish Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Milo Baughman for Lane Highboy Chest, Herman Miller Surfboard Coffee Table, Art Deco Baughman Wave Room Screen, etc. Fine Silver & Jewelry: 1930's Tiffany & Co. 14k Diamond Lavalier Pendant Necklace in Original Box, 6pc Gauthier French Sterling Tea & Coffee Service, 5pc Japanese Art Deco 950/970 Silver Tea Service with Tray in Fitted Box, Wang Hing Chinese Sterling Spider Kettle on Stand, (2) Meiji Japanese Chosi Sake Kettle Sterling Teapots, Pair of Diamond & Sapphire Earrings, etc. Chinese Antiquities: Pair of Yuan Dynasty Scroll Paintings by Imperial Court Painter, Chao Yung (1280-1350) with Multiple Seal Marks and Inscriptions, Impressive Famille Rose Meiping Large Porcelain Vase with Qianlong Blue Underglaze Seal Mark, Impressive Large Solid Ivory Guanyin Bust with Original Receipt Circa 1900, Fine Porcelain Blanc de Chine Gu Form Archaic Style Beaker Vase, Antique Ge-Type Celadon Porcelain Censer on Carved Stand, Ducai & Cinnabar Porcelain Baluster Vase, Carved Celadon Qing Dynasty Porcelain Vase, Pair of Famille Rose Quail Vases, Qing Dynasty Inlaid Lacquer Famille Rose Porcelain Vase, Antique Jade & Pewter Yixing Style Teapot, Chinese Export Hand Fan with European Figures in Case, Famille Rose Guanyin Seated Figure, Korean Yuhuchunping Pottery Vase, Gilt Lacquered Large Carved Figure Group, Group of Vintage Chinese Currency, Collection of 1900-1930 Chinese Unused Luggage Labels, Fine Blanc de Chine Seated Buddha & Guanyin Head Bust, Carved Ming Style Polychrome Wood Guanyin Standing Figure, MOP & Hardstone Inlaid Table Screen, Qing Dynasty Jade Inlaid Lacquered Hanging Panel with Precious Objects, Yuan Dynasty Style Blue & White Lg Lotus Jar, Pair Blue & White Double Happiness Large Jars, Impressive Carved Jade Six Imperial Dragon Seal Set in Finely Carved Wood Box, Pair of Chinese Carved Rosewood Qing Dynasty Armchairs, Chinese Export Armorial Serving Bowl, Qing Canton Enamel Dragon Bowl, etc. Chinese Yixing Collection Continuation: Zisha Enameled Teapots, Tea Jars, Buff Colored Teapots, Vases, Dragon Jar, Elephant Spout Teapot, Brush Pot, etc. Japanese Antiquities: 950/970 Fine Silver Art Deco Tea Service, Meiji Gilt Bronze Tsubas, (4) Gilt Bronze Kozuka Handles, Meiji Carved Ivory Eagle in Flight Figure, Meiji Double Fisherman Carved Ivory Group, (2) Meiji Silver Tetsubin Teapots or Kettles, Large Meiji Dragon Ginbari Cloisonne Vase, etc. Pre-Columbian, Native American & Ethnographic: Impressive Collection of Pre Columbian Figures & Vessels from Mexico, Peru, & Costa Rica, Mayan, Moche, Nayarit, etc. 1967 Thomas Ukas (1879-1973 Alaska) Tlingit Carved & Painted Raven Ceremonial Spruce Wood Hat with Provenance, Dated 1894 Alaskan Totemic Wood Carving, (2) Abraham Pov (Inukjuak) Alaskan Soapstone Carvings, Early Maori Hei Tiki Carved Whale Bone & Abalone Fertility Pendant, (2) Maori Hei Tiki Carved Nephrite Fertility Pendants, Large Alaskan Baleen Woven Basket with Figural Seal Ivory Finial, Small Signed Alaskan Baleen Basket by Eunice Hank, etc. Antique Oriental Rugs: Semi Antique Persian Sarouk Tree of Life Room Size Rug, Semi Antique Sarouk Medallion Room Size Rug, Antique Kirmanshaw 7'2"x10'3", Semi-Antique Lillihan 4'4"x6'8", etc. Collectibles: Collection of 1960's NASA Signed Astronaut Photographs with Provenance, 1950's Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Signature Album including Jackie Robinson and other HOF, 1930's Leon Schlesinger Looney Tunes "Little Brother Rat" Signed Animation Cel, Collection of 1920's Chinese Unused Luggage Labels, etc. See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday November 14, Antique and Estate Auction

Period Antiques, Asian, Georgian Silver & Collectibles from NW Estates, including a Horizon House Estate & large quantity of Interior Decorator items. 

Antiques & Vintage Furnishings, 17th, 18th & 19th Century Fine Continental Period Antiques, English, French Deco, Armoirs, Marble top bed set, Marble top Desk, French Ormulu Receiving Table, Chests, all types of antique chairs, armchairs, sets of chairs, early bed frames, Fireplace equipment, antique oriental room size rugs, large French Deco Buffet, Bamboo sofa, McGuire Dining Table, fine lamps & lighting, chandeliers, etc. Lots of Fine Art: Listed German vintage Oil Paintings, Luigi Kasimir aquatint etchings, Eidinger etchings, German Etchings & Engravings, some NW art, Pair of antique English Engravings the crowning of Queen Elizabeth, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k gold jewelry, 14K mens wrist watch, a group of antique Georgian English silver, 2 sets of Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & spoons, costume jewelry, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Large collection of early 20+ Royal Doulton figures, French blue stemware, pair of Cranberry lustres, Pratt lids, fine crystal, fine china sets, Murano "Door Stop" duck figures, Roseville, Weller, vintage Franciscan Desert Rose dish set (new in box), etc. Clocks: Clock sets, Mantle Clocks, etc. Asian: Carved jade & Peking glass figures, cloisonné, ceramics, vases, pottery, porcelain, large Needlework framed panel, pair of Forbidden Stich framed panels, Japanese lacquerware large set of serving pieces in original wood crate, etc. Items of Interest: Fountain pens, Pocket knives, Collectibles, vintage fishing lures, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday November 7, Antique and Estate Auction

Like New Designer Quality Furnishings, Antiques, Asian, Soda Fountain items & Collectibles from NW Estates, including Renton & Bellevue Estates. 

Lots of new and next to new Furnishings, Brown & Jordan Patio large glass top oval table 6 armchairs & 2 swivel armchairs, w/2 lounges & 2 small round tables & umbrella & stand, Maitland Smith: inlaid chest, 3 pc wall decorator ensemble, 2 footstools & unusual tables, Century burlwood parquet top Asian style Dining Table & 6 chairs, Century large overstuffed sofa, Leather 2 pc sectional, Leather loveseat, Leather Wing Back Chair, Leather & Tapestry large club chair & ottoman, Drexel 2 pc large lighted china cabinet, Pair of Drexel carved frame wing back chairs, like new Dining Table & 4 leather chairs, Oval double pedestal Dining table & 6 chairs, Stearns & Foster King & Queen mattress sets, Wood/Leather high back King bed frame, Queen high back upholsterd bed frame, Oriental & Chinese rugs in room & scatter sizes, Highboy Chest, Pair night stands, large mirrors, round high pedestal pub table & 2 bar chairs, Rosewood designer credenza, Drexel tall chests & corner shelves, Torcheres, many designer table & floor lamps, Carved French style library desk, 2 modern oak side tables w/drawers by Thomas O'Brien by Hickory Chair, console table, computer desk, Modernist square coffee table, large wicker round cocktail table, inlaid marble glass top iron cocktail table, etc. Antiques, Fine English Satinwood Banded Inlaid desk, Brunswick Oak Case Victrola, National candy store cash register, drop leaf oak twist leg table, bentwood cradle, etc. Northwest & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, 15 signed Fred Machetanz limited edition lithographs, 5 Scott McDaniel Alaska paintings, Hulan Fleming large Seascape oil, Charles Mulvey, W B Romeling, Maurice Meyer large seascape oil, Watercolors, fine etchings, antique engravings, large pointilist oil painting of woman w/parasol, framed miniature painting on ivory, signed Byron Birdsall triptich & signed Olympic posters, signed Rie Munoz print, signed John C Pitcher lithographs, signed John Van Zyle lithographs, signed Aldo Luongo limited edition Serigraph, sculptures, Leroy Nieman Steve Largent print, many large decorator oil paintings, etc. Alaskan & Native: Tlingit Rattle top Indian basket, More Indian Baskets, carved figural fish club, med large carved totem w/wings, Alaskan Ivory scrimshaw cribbage board, Edward Curtis photogravures, etc. Appliances: Bosch front load Washer & Dryer, Bosch Microwave, etc. Jewelry & Sterling, 14k gold jewelry, chains, rings, lots of antique Dutch Silver, bowls, serving pieces, tea set, creamers, strainer, trays, master salts w/cobalt liners, Continental Silver, Anton Mickelson pair of Danish double mid century candle holders, Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & spoons, fine costume jewelry, Tibetan amber and other necklaces, sets of SP flatware, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: Very Large set of Ginori White Fine China (service for 14) Lalique Polar Bear figure, 15 Lladro figures collection, Royal Bayreuth items, Coronet Limoge portrait pitcher, Set of Susie Cooper Dresden Spray English china, Wedgewood lamps, Old Ivory china, Cranberry glass, art glass, Heisey, set of fine cut stemware, Royal Albert, very fine fine early cut glass circa 1820's, Fenton, Nippon, Wedgewood reticulated basket, Double cut scent bottle, Val St Lambert crystal bird, Royal Doulton figures, large cobalt crystal gold decorated vase, Capo di Monte pedestal, etc. Clocks: Ridgeway large 3 weight Grandfather Clock w/moon dial, 2 Vienna Regulator wall clocks, American Eclipse Regulator Calendar wall clock, etc. Firearms: Colt 1901 D. A. 38 Army revolver, Remington shotgun, knives, etc. Asian: Scroll paintings, carved jade pendants, carved ivory figure & items, cloisonné, ceramics, large Asian vases, pottery, porcelain, Chinese teapots, platters, vessels, famille rose, Black Lacquer Carved & Inlaid bar, Imari ware, soapstone carvings, chargers, Japanese block prints, pair of Jade bowls, fine carved wood figures, bronze figures, 2 fine needlework Kimonos, etc. Items of Interest: Drug Store Fountain Advertising Drink Coca Cola Dispenser & Lyon's Root Beer Ice Cold Oak Keg dispenser, Coin Operated US Postage Dispenser, large antique globe on stand, Grundig Radio, Antique Oriental rugs, WWII field telephone, vintage hats & stands, Exotic wood boxes, vintage circus posters, old photographs, trains, old crocks, antique sled, Barbeque Grill gas smoker, large fountain, cast iron toys & wagons, 2 new golf carts, antique shipping trunk, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 24, Antique and Estate Auction

Quality Furnishings, Antiques, Asian, part 2 of the Vintage & Collector Dolls and related memorabilia from the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art (closing), Mid Century & Collectibles from NW Estates, including a Roosevelt Estate, Interior Decorator's Furnishings & West Seattle Estate. 

Mid Century: Soro Stole Denmark Teak Round Extension Dining Table w/4 leaves, set of 6 Niels Moller Teak dining chairs, Swedish Teak long buffet/sideboard, pair of small round tulip end tables, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Amazing Deluxe Leopold Massive 66" Quarter Sawn Oak S roll top desk w/deep beveled panels, Oak card file, McGuire Rataan Settee & Chair, 18th Century Italian Carved Arm Chair, Hawaiian Palace armchair, French Pine low table, Antique period cupboard, 30's Walnut 6 piece dining set, Cherry music cabinet, Period French draw leaf carved extension dining table, Designer Quality Library Table w/2 matching carved frame leather armchairs, Inlaid Display Cabinet, French Ormulu marble top stand, painted kitchen doughboy base, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Heywood Wakefield Dining table & 6 chairs, Milling Road for Baker Designer Writing Desk, Oriental rug, Contemporary lighted bow front china cabinet, fine leather top desk, framed mirrors, etc. Many, Many Fine Artworks, North West & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Mid Century Art, Watercolors, Michael Spafford Painting, Harry Bonath Watercolor, Ross Gill, Diane Katsiaficas, Andrew Keating Abstract Nude, Peter Juvonen, 3 Bill Ritchie Etchings, 4 Norie Sato, Several Carl Chew lithos, 3 Lockwood Dennis lithos, Karen Guzak, Nancy Mee, Sharon Scramstad, Deborah Poletti, Sandy Kinnee, Art Hansen, Richard Kehl, Art Thompson Native litho, Jerry Glenn Ceramics, Gerald Newcomb, Reid Ozaki, Ulla Hjelmquist, large group of Japanese block prints, Hiroshige, Toyokuni, Hokusai, Yoshitoshi, Kunisada, Yoshitora, Kuniteru, Shigenobu, Hirokage, Kunichika, Motoi Oi, Kiyoshi Nagai, Etchings by Nat Lowell, Frederick Owen, etc, Studio Pottery, Artglass, lots of artwork, fine etchings, 2 Red Skelton limited edition Lithographs appraised for $2400 & $1900, etc Dolls & Doll Memorabilia Collection: Large group of dolls, Bisque & China, new dolls in boxes, Composition, Vinyl, Japanese dolls, vintage toys, teddy bears, books, doll furniture, etc from Museum. Alaskan & Native: Indian Basket, dolls, etc. Jewelry & Sterling: 14k gold jewelry, chains, rings, 1920's beaded bags, 320 piece set of Gorham Chantilly Sterling flatware, sterling silver serving items & spoons, Japanese sterling flasks in original wood boxes, English sterling cigarette case, Japanese sterling & gold card case, wrist watches, Sheffield 1804 lagre dome top server w/large reservoir tray, etc. Crystal, China & Pottery: 3 pairs of antique Staffordshire Dogs w/glass eyes, Soft Paste French covered server, Orrefors, Waterford, Royal Doulton Carlyle fine china, Mammie collectibles, Chintz dishes, large tall Majolica Dolphin Pedestal from the movie set "In Harm's Way", large collection of Wade England items, Copper lustre, souvinier ware, McCoy pottery, etc. Firearms: Rifles & Shotguns by Winchester & Remington, 30-06 rifle w/scope, Smith & Wesson & Ruger handguns, antique handgun, etc. Asian: Chinese tables, large Asian chests, carved jade pendants, carved ivory items, Cloisonné, ceramics, large Asian Double Happiness vases, large Japanese Charger, pottery, porcelain, Chinese teapots, famille rose, carved stone seals, scroll painting, Calligraphy paintings, Carved & Inlaid bar, Imari ware, Japanese books, Japanese mixed wood & sterling trays, soapstone carvings, carved wood Foo Lion, group of Chinese sm animal & bird figures on carved wood stands, temple carvings & inlaid panels, pair of painted and lacquer Chinese high back chairs, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Burlwood Pipe or Smoking Cabinet, Quality portable massage table, Figural fine china lamps, Alabaster lamp, old photo albums, carved ivory African Alligator, ivory tusk carvings, 35mm cameras, knives, clocks, vintage elec fan, hat boxes, copperware, stereoscope & slides, spools, 50's & 60's items, antique tools, combination planes, draw knives, planes, copper boiler, books, comics, linens, rock & roll record albums & 45 records, textiles, baskets, cradles, mannequin, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday October 10, Antique and Estate Auction

Quality Furnishings, Antiques, Asian, Antiques, Vintage & Collector Doll Collection and related memorabilia from the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art (closing), Mid Century, Clocks, Books, Jewelry & Collectibles from NW Estates, including a Bellevue Green Lake Estate, etc.

Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Link Taylor Mid Century highboy chest, Walnut 2 door bookcase, Globe Wernicke Oak 4 section Attorney's Bookcase, Fabulous carved antique armchairs, Mahogany drop leaf dining table, set of 6 carved back dining chairs w/needlepoint seats, Mahogany credenza, 1920's Walnut double bedroom set, Mahogany china cabinet, vintage 50's metal card file cabinets, sheet music cabinet, antique oak sm display cabinet, 50's lamps, sm tables, teacart, Walnut carved kidney ladies desk, Antique English vanities, large crystal lamp, oriental rugs, oak A&C drop front desk, vintage 50's pink rolled back upholstered armchair, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Stickley modern Cherry Queen size Arts & Crafts style Bed Frame, LazyBoy like new double recliner sofa, Drexel lacquer 2 door cabinet, Oak curved glass china cabinet, etc. Northwest & Fine Art: Oil Paintings, Mid Century Art, Watercolors, William Cumming signed poster & postcard, etchings, lithographs, prints, large group of Japanese block prints, Kawano, Kunioshi, Hiroshi Yoshida, Studio Pottery, Artglass, Josef Scaylea blue angels photo, Jack Farrell mosaic tile sculptural wall hanging, Bergstrom collage, Dennis Porter large oil, lots of artwork, etc. Dolls & Doll Memorabilia Collection: Large group of dolls, Bisque, Simon Halbig, Kathe Kruse dolls in boxes (highly collectible), new Effanbee dolls in boxes, R John Wright dolls: Winnie the Pooh & limited edition Kewpie dolls (new in boxes), Composition, Vinyl, Madam Alexander First Lady doll collection, Madam Alexander Dolls, Japanese dolls, Kokeshi, vintage toys, Steiff bears, teddy bears, Santa figures, vintage brass doll's poster bed, Crissy dolls, book, doll furniture, etc. Alaskan & Native: Carved native mask, Carved wood panels, Northwest Indian related items, basketry, mini Navajo rugs, Navajo jewelry, turquoise, fetishes, Ivory walrus tusk/skull, 2 large carved & scrimshaw ivory cribbage boards, etc. Coins, Jewelry & Sterling: 14k gold jewelry, chains, rings, dental gold, proof sets, mint sets, US currency, foreign coins, sterling silver spoons, flatware, covered urn, etc. Murano glass, Roseville, 50's & 60's pottery items: Wedgewood, Heisey, Fostoria, Caprice blue crystal, fine china, set of Franciscan Desert Rose dishes in original boxes never used, etc. Military: 4 WWII vintage Army uniforms complete with helmets & accoutrements, etc. Asian: 9x12 1920's Peking Cobalt Chinese rug, Chinese carved alter table, 2 large Chinese 2 door cabinets, Carved round Chow Table, Carved ivory figures, Kwan Yin, carved jade figures, Cloisonné, ceramics, pottery, porcelain, antique Chinese teapots, famille rose, carved stone seals, scroll paintings, Asian chests, Carved & Inlaid bar, shoji panel doors, Asian wine cabinet, Imari ware, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Singer featherweight sewing machine (like new), Needlepoint tapestry, Stereoscopes, group of vintage real photo stereo slides by NW photographer: Arthur J Aleith (local Snohomish Photographer), long framed scenic photo, vintage men's hats & boxes, Uke, woodworking tools, chisels, machinist tools, Northern Pacific Railroad memorabilia, hat badges, hat, schedules, paper, Shure 55C Fatboy microphone, Winchester pocket knife, more knives, vintage clothes, manniquin, figural glass lamps, 35mm cameras, vintage Atwater Kent table radio, vintage paper cutter & typewriter, divider panel screens, quality folding massage table, Craftsman gas edger trimmer, vintage elec fans, vintage 1950s & 1960s Seattle Telephone Books, fishing reels, vintage Art Nuveau bronze stained glass lamp base, 66 Ford promo car, 5 coo coo clocks, etc. See photos and text catalog.


Thursday September 26, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring a Collection of Quality Furnishings, Antiques, Asian, Firearms, Swords, Knives, Clocks, Books, Jewelry & Collectibles from NW Estates, including a Bellevue Tall Firs Estate, Rock & Roll & Sports Memorabilia Collections. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Vintage Thonet bentwood floor standing costumers, 18th Century Carved Oak Lift Top Storage Chest w/iron strapping, antique Oak curved glass china, cabinet, Early 1800s Mahogany & Figured Maple Butler's Desk, vintage large Executive Carved Office Desk w/large claw feet, Oak buffet, 2 carved "North Wind" armchairs by Stomps & Burkhardt, fine Carved Oak drop front desk w/scene, period corner sm cabinet, old oriental rugs, mid century sm server cabinet, Heavy Burl Wood Coffee Table, 4x6 Karastan rug, set of 4 antique dining chairs, large fancy gold frame mirrors, small tables, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Quality Henredon large dining set w/double pedestal table w/2 leaves, 8 chairs and large china cabinet, Glass top iron round table & 4 chairs, marble top high bar table w/2 tall bar stools, set of 4 metal stools, heavy butcher block on legs, Pine drop leaf dinette table, Modern Executive Office Desk, Office chairs, Stiffel lamps, etc. North West & Fine Art: Tom Torrens Gong & Globe w/stand, Jule Kullberg, Arne Jensen, Fred Marshall, John DeLane, Weagant, Cathy Woo, Olive Malstrom Carl, Stefan Martin etchings, Tom Sander etchings, A F Jensen etching, nice collections of vintage 30's - 80's studio art pottery & ceramics, studio artglass, Bali paintings & ironwood carving, Jerusalem paintings, abstract
paintings, Curtis Jere marble base bird sculpture, Salvador Dali etching, Signed Rie Munoz prints, Handforth etching, Elton Bennett, Griffins Sydney Laurence Northern Lights, Mountain photo, French Etchings, sgn Bev Doolittle lithograph, Bergstrom collage, signed Perry Acker print, Reid Ozaki pottery, Matisse print, etc. Music & Rock & Roll Collection: Everett Spinet Piano & Bench, 8 guitars, Martin, Takamine, hand made guitar, inlaid guitars, Hawaiian Kalia Uke, Mandolin, signed Epiphone guitar by Alabama, Fats Domino signed guitar, signed items by Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, The Monkees, The Beachboys, etc. Sports Related: Signed Seahawks football, signed Sonics basketball, signed Matt Hasselbeck artwork & footballs, Ken Griffey signed baseball, Signed 49ers football, Lofa Tatupu signed Seahawks jersey, Hand carved wood duck decoys, more signed vintage baseballs, etc. Coins, Jewelry & Sterling: $20 1906 gold piece, $1 1874 gold piece, oversize US currency, Mint sets, Pocket Watches, Estate 14k jewelry, Victorian jewelry, set of sterling flatware, partial set of modern sterling flatware, misc sterling pieces, Navajo jewelry, Siam sterling, costume jewelry, mid century jewelry, scrimshaw, fine mesh & beaded bags, Los Castillo bracelet, etc. Steuben bowl, Waterford Crystal, Murano, Iittala Sarpaneva glass, Rookwood, Van Briggle, Weller, Majolica, Goebel Friar items, Crystal stemware, 2 sets of Mikasa fine china, Harrow, lg set of Hutchenreuther Echt Weimar Kobalt fine china, etc. Firearms, Swords & Military: Antique Derringers & Belly guns, Antique Pepperbox pistol, (2) Winchester Model 1897 12ga shotguns, Ithica 12ga pump shotgun, Harrington & Richardson 22 revolver, Ranger 22S-L-LR Model 102-8 22cal rifle, Civil war swords, Masonic swords, Antique powder horns, Military Combat Knives, antique bugle, German WWII memorabilia, heavy WWII binoculars on stand from German Submarine, etc. Asian: Inlaid Chinese Display cabinet w/carved ivory, Carved Rosewood china cabinet, Chinese carved alter table, Natural Teak square table & 4 chairs, Carved round Dragon Table, Carved Dragon Armchair, Bali iron wood carving, Chinese & Japanese porcelain, plates, vases, bowls, Carved Jade, Ivory figures, snuff bottles, netsukes, Rose Canton, cloisonne, Large Carved Stone Tang Horse, pair of Shoji floor lamps, Chinese brass box w/jade inset, Textile Boullion panel w/dragons, Carved Rosewood low stand, spice cabinet, etc. Fishing Trophy Collection:Marlin, Sailfish, 3 Salmon trophies, etc.Items of Interest: Movie & Magic posters, Edison cylinder phonograph w/morning glory horn & records, vintage dome radio, Large Sail Boat Yacht model, Vienna Regulator clocks, fine antique mantle clocks, lots of antique clocks, antique Barometer, vintage real photo postcards, photos, cameras, Zippo lighters, antique trunks, antique & vintage books, Casa Grande hammered brass items, petrified fish, Presidential Document by Andrew Johnson, Scientific instruments, Early American Hooked Rugs, vintage telescope, Boeing memorabilia, Pocket & Sheath Collector knives, Remington knives, Antique Mother of Pearl Inlaid Inkwell stand, fountain pen, Modern Popcorn Machine on cart/stand, vintage cameras, RR memorabilia, Machinist tools, Starrett, micrometers, Boy Scout memorabilia, uniforms, Collector Wines, large copper pot, nice wrought iron fire tool set on stand, milk cans, telescoping ladder, woodworking tools, Zenith Trans Oceanic Radio, Santas workbench building collection, Dept 57 houses collection, Thrustmaster T500RS Play Station 3 game console wheel stand, etc. See photos and text catalog.

Thursday September 12, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring a Collection of Chinese Coins & Currency from the Estate of Major Richard Vernon Hill & a Vintage Guitar & Rock and Roll Ephemera Collection & aeveral More Paintings from the Art Studio of William Ivey.  Northwest Art: Important George Tsutakawa 1974 "Lake Lanazi, B.C." Sumi & Colored Ink Large Landscape Painting 3'x5', Large William Ivey "Pacific Eagle" 1965 Blue Abstract Oil 66"x74", Large William Ivey Black & Blue Abstract 72"x66", Several William Ivey Oil Paintings from his Personal Estate, Kenneth Callahan "The Three" Tempera Painting with Figures, Early Paul Horiuchi "Cliff" Collage with Zoe Dusanne Label, Large Robert Colescott (AZ) Nude Oil Painting 49"x60", Several Paul Havas Landscape Oil Paintings, (2) William Hixson (Oregon) Abstract Oils, Several Ross Gill Paintings, Arne Jensen Watercolor, Early Neil Meitzler Casein Abstract, (2) Paul Horiuchi Black and White Collages, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Important Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (New York) "The Dancers" 1921 Bronze Figure Group with Gorham Foundry Mark, Leon Indenbaum (Russian) Modernist Nude Bronze Sculpture (Studied with Modigliani), Bob Scriver (MT) Large Elk Bronze Sculpture, Gustave Pickery Soccer Player Antique Bronze, Churyo Sato (Japan) Bronze Medallion, Collection of European Classical Bronzes, Barbedienne, Ernest Walbourn (English) "Woman by a Pond" Large Oil, William Dahlgreen (IN) "Brown Country Landscape" Oil, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Georges Braque Signed Cubist Lithograph, (2) Vintage Picasso Etchings, Original 1963 Roy Lichtenstein CRAK! Gallery Poster, Original 1964 Andy Warhol "Liz" Exhibition Poster, Margaret Bourke-White Large Silver Gelatin Photograph of South Africa Pictured in the Sept. 18th, 1950 Life Magazine, Aaron Siskind "Martha's Vinyard" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Helen Loggie 1938 Pencil Signed Landscape Etching, Collection of Stefan Martin/Ben Shahn Etchings, Kathe Kollwitz Nude Etching, Early Currier & Ives "Trout Brook" Lithograph, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Rare Fulvio Bianconi for Venini "A Contrasti" Bottle Form Vase Circa 1950, Fulvio Bianconi for Venini Incalmo Controlled Bubble Vase, Stanislav Libensky Early Studio Glass Piece, 2pc Dale Chihuly Glass, James Lovera (CA) Orange Glaze Bottle Vase with Exhibition Pamphlet, Early Ernie Kim (CA) Sgraffito Bowl, LC. Tiffany Favrille Green Vine Blue Iridescent Flower Bowl, LCT Favrille Gold Iridescent Taza, LaVerre France Cameo Glass Covered Box, 4pc Robert Sperry Pottery including Lamps, etc. Native Americana: Cyot Ivan Otterlifter Carved NW Bear Powder Horn, Very Fine Nootka Makah Trinket Basket with Whale Eating Canoe, (2) Helmi Juvonen Early Totem Drawings, Edward Curtis Ink Signed Photogravure, Large Apache Basket, Siletz Oregon Handled Indian Basket, Klee Wyk Painted Native Hanging Tiles, etc. Chinese Coins, Currency, & Glass Slides: Several High-Grade Early 20th Century Dragon & Emperor Silver Dollars, Half Dollars, 20 Cent Pieces, Large Collection of Ancient Chinese Coins, Knife Money, Spade Coins, etc. Large Collection of Chinese Paper Currency and Occupational Notes, Collection of Early Chinese Postmarks, Postal Covers, and Cancellations, Collection of Antique Chinese Glass Photo Negatives & Lantern Slides, etc. Chinese Antiquities: Several High-Grade Early 20th Century Dragon & Emperor Silver Dollars, Half Dollars, 20 Cent Pieces, Large Collection of Ancient Chinese Coins, Knife Money, Spade Coins, etc. Large Collection of Chinese Paper Currency and Occupational Notes, Collection of Early Chinese Postmarks, Postal Covers, and Cancellations, Collection of Antique Chinese Glass Photo Negatives & Lantern Slides, etc. Antique Oriental Rugs: Amazing Collection of Antique Persian & Caucasian Scatter Rugs, Vintage Heriz 11'x22' Palace Rug, 1940's Room Size Sarouk Oriental Rug, Several Old Unusual Hooked Rugs, Early Hooked Floral Rugs, etc. Designer Furniture, Lighting, & Designer Items: Matching Pair of Herman Miller Eames Brown Leather & Rosewood Chair & Ottomans with Matching Nov.2, 1978 Labels, Pair Vintage Knoll Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Black Leather Benches, Pair of Eames Herman Miller DKR Wire Chairs, Tiffany Studios Form 320 Lilly Gilt Bronze Desk Lamp, etc. Fine Porcelain & Pottery: Meissen Figural Finial Soup Tureen, Meissen Double Figure Group, Meissen "Winter" Double Figure Group, Meissen "The Broken Eggs" Triple Figure Group, Meissen Rabbit Figure, Set of Meissen Gilt Cup & Saucers, Sevres & KPM Portrait Plates, Tiffany LCT Green Art Glass Lamp Shade, 4pc Mary & Edwin Scheier Studio Pottery, Ernie Kim (CA) Studio Pottery Sgraffito Bowl, etc. Fine Silver & Estate Jewelry: Platinum 5.5ct Emerald & Diamond Ring with Appraisal, Georg Jensen Floral Sterling Bracelet, Art Deco Ladies Hamilton Platinum & Diamond Cocktail Watch, 24k Chinese Jadeite & Seed Pearl Bar Brooch, Pair of 22k Chinese Jadeite Drop Earrings, 22k Solid Chinese Butterfly Brooch, 22k Chinese Jade Men's Ring, 14k Carved Carnelian Pendant Necklace, Carved Nephrite & Jadeite Pendants, 4pc Chinese Wo Sing Lung Export Sterling Dragon Tea Set with Tray, etc. Rock and Roll Ephemera Collection: The Rolling Stones Group Signed Album Cover, Signed Elvis Presley Postcard, Bee Gees Signed Vintage Album Cover, The Beach Boys Signed Vintage Album Cover, etc. Guitar Collection: 1957/60 Fender Stratocaster Guitar Serial Number 18120, Vintage Martin, Gibson Nouveau Lmtd Edition Guitar, Collection of Guitars Signed by the The Ventures, Garth Brooks, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Alabama, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Boeing 727 In-House Fiberglass Desk Model with Provenance, Collection of the Marilyn Monroe Collectible Wine, etc.   See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday August 22, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection, Large Quantity Quality Furnishings, Antiques, Victorian, Oak & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including a West Seattle waterfront Estate, a Renton Cedar River Waterfront Estate & others.   Antique Furnishings: Stickley Brothers Quaint Oak Arts & Crafts Settle #700-3320, Scottish marquetry inlaid armchair, Set of 6 painted high back Jacobean dining chairs w/carved cherubs, Victorian Tables & Chairs, Round Oak table, period single dining chairs, Needlepoint & Pettipoint Carved Throne Chair, early Spanish Carved Cabinet, Oak armoire, Antique Mahogany frame tall wall mirror, Oak rocker, French Inlaid marble top demilune side table w/drawers, Victorian Ladies writing desk w/chair, Miniature salesman sample dovetailed period blanket chest, etc. Jewelry, Sterling & Watches, large set of sterling flatware over 130pcs, pair of 835 German silver triple candleholders, Siam sterling jewelry, Navajo jewelry, modernist jewelry, pocket watches, costume jewelry, fine enamel boxes, Alaska ivory scrimshaw & carved ivory jewelry, carved whalebone masks, etc. Contemporary & Quality Furnishings: Baker drop leaf side table w/2 drawers, Tapestry Sofa & Loveseat, Leathercraft Green Leather Armchair & Ottoman, large Leather recliner, Chippendale set of 8 carved chairs, Chippendale side table w/2 drawers, double pedestal extension dining table, mahogany buffet, nice oval coffee table, Green upholstered recliner, Metal Round glass top table & 4 chairs, Monterey style wicker/stick bench, Karastan & room size oriental rug, Hitchcock oval drop leaf sm table & 4 chairs, Leather tufted swivel office chair, heavy carved pineapple poster twin bed, Pair of marquetry inlay pedestal piecrust tables, provincial chest on chest & vanity, Davenport desk, etc. Artwork & Mirrors: NW art, Antique Gentlemans portrait dated 1841, Antique painting of mother & military son, many large framed vintage & contemporary oil paintings, studio artglass, studio pottery, fine quality prints, etchings, block prints, W S Chiang oil of race horses, Winston Churchill oil painting, antique Persian illuminated manuscript page, Staffordshire figures, etc. Crystal, Pottery & Porcelain: Lalique Crystal Decanter & Perfume Bottle, Steuben bowls & vases, Aurene artglass, Loetz, Orient & Flume vase, Swarovski, Tiffany crystal, large Weller jardinière pedestal with birds, artist signed Rookwood, Sara Sax, Waterford, Roseville, large group of vintage Fiesta Ware Dishes, depression glass, etc. Clocks, Wall clocks, mantle clocks, etc. Asian Items: Carved Stone figures, carved jade, ivory & hardstone figures, snuff bottles, netsukes, Chinese porcelain, vases, bowls, Inlaid panels, Temple carvings, large set of Rose Canton Chinese Porcelain dishes, Xiching teapot, Kwan Yin figure, inro, fine antique Cloisonné, Imari charger, Chinese framed photos, etc. Items of Interest: large Salish Indian Basket, large contemporary bronze figure of boy on ride on toy, Antique oriental rugs, Zebra skin rug, large collection of newer Lionel Trains, Equipment, buildings, etc: MTH, Rail King, Williams, K Line, diecast toys, Vintage table top radios, Radiola, Atwater Kent, crystal chandelier, old tins, wood airplane propeller, Hamilton Beach vintage green enamel triple shake maker, copper ware, ship model, African carvings, carved trunks, fine books, antique Barometer, vintage real photo postcards, vintage interesting photo album w/military, Pentax cameras, lighters, antique toleware tray, antique fireplace fenders, old wagons, Silver Plate lg platter & tea service, Ship Diarama antique, vintage Coca Cola trays, pair alabaster lamps, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday August 8, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection, Mid Century, Antique & Contemporary Furnishings, Victorian, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Fine Books, Jewelry & Collectibles from Northwest Estates, including a Whidbey Island Artist's Estate, a Bellevue Estate & a Mercer Island upscale Condo, plus more.
Mid Century: Drop Leaf Teak sewing stand designed by Hans Wegner, Chrome/Marble Designer Serving Cart, Modern Console & Mirror, Teak designer wall shelving/drawer unit, Danish Teak large Dining Table w/extension leaves, set of 6 Mid Century Cane Back Dining Chairs by Jamestown Lounge Co., Herman Miller style wall clock, Tall Danish Teak coffee table, Standing Teak Dresser or Wall Mirror w/shelf, Mid Century small table, 2 Mid Century Fiberella Lounges, set of Russell Wright pottery Stebenville dishes, Modernist Artglass, teak tall bookcase, mid century pottery, etc. American & European Antique Furnishings: Arts & Crafts style round oak pedestal dining table w/5 leaves, Victorian Cylinder Roll Top secretary, Victorian pedestal center table, Large Antique Cheval Mirror w/ormolu, Large French Aubusson Carpet/Rug, 10x14 Karastan rug, antique & contemporary oriental rugs in scatter sizes, Unusual Arts & Crafts Pyrographic Bookcase w/leaded glass, Oak convertible high chair, childs rocker & buggy, several settees, unusual armchairs & rocker, Wicker library table w/oak top, Desinger Mid Century White drop down light fixture, Period Birdcage tip table, Oak stick & ball umbrella stand, piano stool, table top square larger oak showcase, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Modern style high long dresser w/matching tall highboy chest, Pair of Contemporary Etergeres, Henredon chest on chest, Gordons Furniture Hall table, night stands & endtable, Ron Fisher for William Sonoma tall Semanier chest, Drexel Asian style dining set w/6 chairs, etc. Sterling, Watches & Fine Jewelry: vintage Estate 14k jewelry, rings, earrings, pearls, ivory necklaces, costume jewelry, watches, perfume bottle, mid century jewelry, Towle Contour sterling flatware, etc. Artwork: NW art, Large Modern Oil Paintings, Many listed artist's works, Emmy Packard woodblock, Altschuler, Joseph Hirsch, Carl Schwartz, Mary Gehr, Lillian Desow-Fishbein, framed vintage oil paintings, large Erte Follies Bergere Poster, Japanese Woodblock prints, Artglass pieces, Chihuly glass, Bronzes, art pottery, Etchings, T J Dunlap tile placque, James Martin sculpture, etc. Books: Large Group of fine Art Books, Furniture & Design Books, Decorating books, etc., from Artist's Estate as well as a nice group of books from a Publisher's collection, portfolios, vintage art catalogs, first editions, etc. Baseball Collectibles: Vintage Baseball Cards, Signed BaseBalls, Press Passes, Tickets, Pinback buttons, Babe Ruth wrist watch, 19th century baseball trade card album, etc. Crystal, Pottery & Porcelain: Group of Steuben teardrop stemware & Decanter, Waterford Decanter, Crystal & Stemware in the Lismore pattern, Lalique Tiger, Pillin vase, 3 pc Rookwood, Bauer, set of Rosenthal by Mario Bellini, large artglass figures, set of Raymond Loewy black/white mid century dishes, Hummels, Copper lustre, violin bottles, antique pattern glass, Swarovski, Bohemian glass, etc. Asian Items: Japanese & Chinese porcelain, bronzes, plates, vases, bowls, scroll paintings, Jade bowl, Teapots, Thailand antique Bronze, Antique Carved Thai Buddhas, Chinese lacquer inlaid cabinets, pair of Yoke lacquer armchairs, Chinese Chinoisserie fabulous secretary, large Cloisonne Charger, Indonesian carved Temple Figures, Persian sword/long knife, Satsuma, Cinnabar beads & bangles, Carved Ivory Elephant, etc. Items of Interest: Nice Crystal drop Chandelier, a pair of fabulous Spanish wrought iron candle sconces, Antique Mantle & Kitchen Clocks, Ships clocks, Model ship in case, Antique Thor electric Washer, Ramon Marin Guitar, old tradecard album, 2 old Navajo rugs, Fur Coats, Vintage Clothing, Totems, SW pottery & Indian basketry items, Ivory fans, folding rules, marbles, vintage telephone, blues & rock vintage record albums, Rolling Stones, Beatles, 2 groups of vintage Lionel Trains & American Flyer trains, transformers, Lionel shipping boxes, antique trunks, native carved masks, military hats & hemets, holsters, binoculars, monkey collection, graniteware, dolls, stamps, vintage sled & waterskis, new NSF chrome rolling storage rack, lamps, spinning wheel, Toscanini bronze & signed photo, antique tall candlesticks, knives, pachinko game, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday July 25, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring Wonderful Selection, Large Quantity Designer Mid Century Furnishings, Antique Furnishings, Victorian, Oak, Swords, Coins, Jewelry, Fine Japanese Woodworking tools & Collectibles from Northwest Estates, including a waterfront Port Ludlow Estate, Two Bellevue Estates & a Shoreline Estate
Mid Century: Dux Danish Teak 3 cushion sofa & chairs, armchairs, reclining teak frame chair & ottoman, Teak designer wall shelving/drawer unit, 2 Designer Danish Teak sideboards or buffets, designer table lamps, glass top designer teak base coffee tables, teak square corner table & teak coffee table, pair of Teak twin bed headboards, Pair of Erik Buck Mobler Teak Bar stools, Northwest Studio Pottery, Wood Modern Art Sculptures by Jim Martin, Stainless Steel Cabinet on wheels, Bentwood round table, 2 Moller teak dining chairs, Dansk, Stainless flatware, etc. American & European Antique Furnishings: Fine Antique French large tapestry covered settee, matching armchair & 3 side chairs (all w/ormolu), Fine Italian Carved Walnut Hall Seat w/faces & figures, Fancy American Twist leg lamp table w/metal Winged Lion brackets w/ball & claw feet, Fine Antique English hand painted deorated coffee table w/lift glass serving top, pairs of carved armchairs, carved antique settees & chairs, 2 great carved antique mantles, Antique Wrought Iron/Brass high back twin bed, Fancy antique brass double & twin beds, Victorian marble base hall display mirror/display stand, 9 piece decorated & hand painted French style twin bedroom suite, antique drop leaf tables, Childs Pitcher & Bowl set on Wicker Stand, Victorian Wall Sconce, Oak pedestals, Fern Stands, A&C umbrella stand, Victorian Walnut Sideboard w/mirror back, Victorian high back bed w/matching marble top dresser w/mirror, Oak Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, 10' Grained Oak Old Country Store display cabinet w/sliding doors and multi drawer base, Antique Floor lamps, several fine Wood frame fire screens, some w/needlework, Classical Giltwood Overmantel Mirror early 19th Century, Rococo Revival large mahogany Sideboard/Buffet, Drop Leaf mahogany dining table, fine dining chairs, footstools, Chaise Lounge, large mahogany drum table, Antique Mahogany Sleigh Bed, Poster bed, Victorian Childs Armchair, Antique Oak Watchmakers Bench, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Brown & Jordan Patio set, table w/umbrella & 5 armchairs, Small patio table w/umbrella & 2 chairs, Pair of Black Leather & Chrome Swivel Reclining Armchairs & Ottomans, etc. Coins, Watches, Sterling & Fine Jewelry: Gold Coins, Chinese Coins & Stamps, 14K & 18K gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins, Mikimoto, Costume jewelry, Diamond ring, Jade ring, 3 English Fish Services in Presentation Cases, vintage Beaded Handbags, Antique & Vintage Pocket & wrist watches, Mexican Sterling jewelry, set of Russian Silver spoons, Danish Enamel set of sterling spoons, Judaica sterling spice tower, etc. Artwork: Antique Oil Paintings, Landscapes, Portraits, NW art, framed vintage oil paintings, large Erte Follies Bergere Poster, Japanese Woodblock prints, antique map of Washington, Etchings, etc. Woodworking Tools: More fine Japanese chisel sets, knives, chisels, wood planes, most never used in original boxes, exotic planes, etc. Swords: Masonic swords, etc. Crystal, Pottery & Porcelain: Beautiful pair of Crystal drop wall sconces, large Steuben vase, Meissen, KPM, Doulton, RS Prussia Bowl w/swans, Red Wing Mixing Bowls, Botanic Garden dishes, large Copeland Parian figure, art glass, white carnival bowl, Waterford, Antique flow blue scenicware dishes, Venezia tea set, Art Deco Matt Green Pottery umbrella stand or sand jar, etc. Asian Items: Japanese & Chinese porcelain, lots of antique Imari: plates, vases, bowls, Chinese rugs, scroll paintings, Snuff Bottles, Netsukes, Chinese coins & stamps, Mah Jong set, fine Japanese Cloisonne, Rank Badge, Jade Cups, Teapots, Asian Bronze, Chinese carved rosewood small marble top stand, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Sextant in original wood box, Several Antique Bronze figures, Yamaha guitars, S-101 Standard Guitar and one more guitar, Stagecoach trunks, Wicker bird cage w/wicker stand, Primitives, antique sythe, antique double oxen yoke, table top radio, miniature scale model buggy, Oriental & American Oriental rugs in room & scatter sizes, 2 old cash registers, Gilmore Gas Lighted Neon Advertising Sign, Flintstones Cell, antique Indian photos, old postcards, some vintage comics, Scrapbooks, Antique Ivory inlaid lap desk, old iron frame table mirrors, Hot Wheels, wind up toys, Books, Drafting sets, Vintage Pavoni Brass Espresso Machine, Copperware, Meerschaum Figural Pipe, old fountain pens, Indian baskets, nice kitchenware, More Yoyos (most in original packaging), Antique toy riding horse on wheels, Antique Thor electric Washer, flat TV, Bose speaker set, Mechano building set, old wood chests, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday July 11, Antique and Estate Auction

Featuring Northwest Estates, Fine Selection, Large Quantity Antique Furnishings, US Gold & Silver Coin Collection, Firearms American & European Period Furnishings: Early 19th Century New England Corner Cupboard, late 1700's/early 1800's American secretary/desk, also American drop front desk circa 1780-1800, New England Maple Highboy chest on stand w/carved shell, early work tables, Early 1800's Empire Standing Mirror w/heavy ormolu, 18th Century Italian Armchair, Oval Oak 18th century wine maker's table w/tilt top, set of Hitchcock dining chairs w/original paint, Early Hitchcock child's high chair w/original paint, 2 pairs of carved French Armchairs, Carved & Decorated lamp table, Heavy carved oval parlor table, early woven seat chairs, early Boston Rocker w/original paint, Inlaid Court Cupboard, antique period drop leaf table, small heavy brass tripod pedestal, Antique needlework reversible firescreen, etc. American Oak & Victorian Furnishings: Beautiful Carved Oak Hall Seat, Carved oak vanity, dresser w/mirror, highboy w/mirror, large Victorian Cylinder Roll Secretary Desk, 3 panel screens, 4 marble top chests, marble top Victorian lamp table, heavy carved oak buffet w/claw feet, Tufted carved oak fainting lounge, Settees & Chairs, Victorian Armchairs & side chairs, Walnut oval drop leaf table, set of 5 oak bentwood chairs, heavy carved frame rocker w/lion's heads, spool bed, Dictionary stands, trunks, etc. Quality Furnishings: Dixie Mahogany serpentine dresser w/mirror, cherry knee hole desk, Queen Anne style Silver Display chest, etc. US Coin Collection: Over 50 US Gold Coins, large quantity of US silver dollars, halves, quarters, dimes, coin books, etc. Art: NW Art, Prints, antique framed items, paintings, studio art glass, large Erte Follies Bergere poster, etc. Sterling & Jewelry: Large group of sterling items, flatware set, serving pieces, bowls, Group of early Plated Wares, Tea sets, fine jewelry, 14K, watches, Diamond Rings, Navajo Turquoise jewelry, SW jewelry, lots of great costume jewelry, Bakelite, Tiffany sterling jewelry, etc. Firearms & Swords: Civil War rifles, 3 Springfield rifles, Mossberg hand held modern shotgun, S&W 38 special revolver, Collection of Masonic Swords, WWII German Dagger, Case Knife/Ax combo, etc. Crystal, Fine China & Pottery, large collection of Heisey crystal (colored & clear), Roseville, Weller, McCoy, Peters & Reed, Limoges, Sevres, Meissen, Royal Staffordshire, Spode, German Steins, Royal Crown Derby, Crescent china, Moser, Waterford, Van Briggle, Moriage vase, etc. Items of Interest: Full length Mink Coat (cost $5000), large antique Ship Model, 2 Ship Diaramas, large antique sea chest that came over on the Mauritania, Cunard Line, antique oriental rugs, large antique kilim, several antique baby & doll buggys, several antique childs rockers & chairs, very nice upright Victrola & Edsion wind up record players, Wood phone booth from the old Seattle Opera House, vintage baseball bat collection, 2 pump organs, Indian dolls, stained glass lamps, antique dolls, antique sled, antique childs metal bathtub, crystal chandelier, old tins, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday June 27, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles Featuring a Collection of Chinese Antiquities From the Estate of General Richard Vernon Hill, War Hero & Author Stationed in China during WWII; Also Featuring Artworks from the Personal Estate of Northwest Artist, William Ivey

Northwest Art, Studio Glass, & Ceramics: Important Large Fred Machetanz 1977 "Winter Moonlight" 32"x52" Dog Sled Landscape Oil on Masonite (Includes Original Letter from Him Explaining the Piece), Eustace P. Ziegler Large Native Oil, Morris Graves 1967 "Minnow" Tempera Painting, Large Paul Horiuchi "Old Snow No.2" Black & White Collage, Early Mark Tobey Pike Place Market Scene Oil with Provenance, (6) Early William Ivey Abstract Paintings from his Personal Estate, (2) Robert Colescott Paintings (From Ivey Estate), (4) Paul Havas Landscape Paintings, Large Frank Okada "AX14" Oil (Pictured in 50 Northwest Artists Book), William Cumming Tempera of Couple on Bench 1965, (2) Adolph Newman Northwest Landscape Oils in Piecrust Frames, (3) Scott McDaniel Alaskan Landscape Paintings, Dale Chihuly Pilchuck 25th Anniversary Skagit Blue Aerial, Chihuly 2pc Seaform Bowl Set, Sonja Blomdahl Lavender Incalmo Glass Bowl, Benjamin Moore White Interior Fold Platter, Benjamin Moore Incalmo Bowl, (2) F. Carlton Ball Studio Pottery Vases, Paul Volckening (CA) Splash Vase, Collection of Glass by Charles, David, & John Lotton, etc. b>Fine Art & Sculpture: Important Louai Kayyali "Maaloula" Syrian Modernist Oil Painting, Franz Van Kempten (Belgium) Sheep Grazing with Windmills Oil, Alexander P. Proctor (NY/CA) "Princeton Tiger" Bronze Sculpture, H.C. Butler 1857 Interior Scene Oil, Gudbrand Mellbye (Norway) Pointilist Interior Scene, Paul Lauritz Seascape Oil, Wayne Morrell (MA) Snow Scene Landsape Oil, William Copp (NY) Forest Scene Oil, Karl Albert Desert Scene Landscape Oil, Wayne Dye (CA) Seascape Oil, Franz Quaglio (German) Equestrian Oil on Board, (2) Ludwig Muller Cornelius (German) Miniature Peasant Scene Oils, (2) Tina Regina-Leopoldine Blau (Austrian) Rome Sketches, (2) Robert Lee Eskridge Hawaiian Watercolors, Chinese Antiquities: Important Antique "Spring Orchid" Scroll Painting by Zheng Banqiao, Guan Shanyue 18' Large Painted Landscape Scroll, Antique Carved Ivory Libation Cup in Fitted Box, Set of (8) Kangxi Blue & White Warrior on Horseback Plates with Conch Shell Mark, Set of (8) Kangxi Blue & White Wine Cups with Hare Mark, Pair of Carved Ivory Guanyin Figures, Chinese Polychrome Carved Ivory Cricket on Lettuce, Carved Ivory Guanyin Dble Figure in Fitted Box, Large Carved Ivory Guanyin Figure in Fitted Box, Carved Ivory Buddha Figure in Fitted Box, Fine Carved Jade Dragon Belt Hook, Fine Carved Jade Miniature Lock Amulet, Antique Carved Jade Brush Washer with Tao Tie Mask & Dynasty Mark, (3) Fine Carved Ivory Snuff Bottles including a Figural Corn Stalk, (2) Carved Ivory Seals in Silver Cases, (3) Antique Applied Famille Rose Vases, Carved Rock Crystal Guanyin Lamp Base, Collection of Antique to Modern Scroll Paintings Qi Bashi etc, Carved Jade Handle Flat Iron, Carved Cinnabar Bowl Flat Iron, Collection of Famille Juane Bat Plates, etc. Japanese & Ethnographic: Japanese Inaba Fine Cloisonne Box and Bowl, (2) Japanese Carved Ivory Panda Okimono, Edo Period Bronze Dragon Vase, (3) Antique Komai Mixed Metal Hat Pins, Antique Tibetan Buddhist Thangka, Collection of Hasui & Kasamatsu Woodblock Prints, Collection of Scroll Paintings, etc. Antique Oriental Rugs: 1930's Persian Isfahan 11'9"x22'9' Palace Rug in Excellent Condition, 1930's Persian Sarouk 10'x19' Palace Rug in Excellent Condition, Antique Persian Bijar 8'6"x13', Antique Persian Qashqai 6'x9', etc. Woodblock Print, Etching, & Photography Collection: William S. Rice (CA) Arts & Crafts Woodblock of Barn, (2) Luigi Kasimir S/N Etchings, Joseph Eidenberger Early Night Scene Etching, (12) Shiro Kasamatsu S/N Modernist Woodblock Prints Found Loose, Hiroshi Yoshida "Mt. Rainier" Rare Woodblock Large Print, Clifton Karhu Sanju Sangendo Woodblock, (5) Kawase Hasui Blue Street Scene & Lake Woodblocks, Kyoshi Saito Temple Woodblock, Asahel Curtis Mirror Lake Large Tinted Photograph, Group of Memorabilia from the Asahel Curtis Estate, Victor Vasarely S/N Serigraphs, etc. Furniture, Lighting, & Designer Items: Tiffany Studios Form 424 Harp Table Lamp with Original Favrille Shade, Handel Bell Harp Floor Lamp with Steuben Vine Shade, JL Moller Denmark Teak Dining Set - Table with (8) Chairs, American Carved Oak Neoclassical Revival Style 9pc Dining Set, Louis XV Style Ormolu Mounted Bureau, Meiji Japanese Carved Dragon Leg Dining Table, 18th Century Cast Iron Ship's Anchor, Erhard & Sohne Jugendstil Art Nouveau Brass & Rosewood Inkwell with Frame, etc. Fine Porcelain & Pottery: Antique Meissen Female Card Player Figure, Set of Antique Dresden Floral Porcelain Plates, Ruskin Crystalline Glaze Unusual Vase, etc. Fine Silver & Estate Jewelry: 3pc Georgian London Sterling Tea Service, Pair of English Sterling Triple Candelabras, 5pcVictorian Sheffield Over-Sized Tea & Coffee Sterling Service, 18k Diamond Rose Quartz Mandolin Brooch, South African Gold Krugerrand Set with 14k Heavy Rope Chain, Heavy 14k Charm Bracelet, etc. Antique Cane Collection: English & German Silver, Sterling Horse Heads with Glass Eyes, Mechanical Monkey Head Carved Wood Cane, Sword Canes, Flask Canes, Presidential Canes, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday June 13, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates   Jewelry & Silver: 104pc Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Flatware Set, Lots of Misc. Sterling Flatware & Bowls, Royal Danish Sterling Bowl, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Several Antique Pocket Watches, 14k Women's Watches, Victorian SP Compotes, Lots of Ornate SP Serving Pieces, Mexican Sterling Salad Set, Southwest Jewelry, Silver Cigarette Cases, etc. Crystal & Porcelain: R. Lalique Perfume Atomizer, Lalique Vase, Steuben Bowl, Set of Lenox China, Royal Copenhagen Blue Onion & Figure, Herend Fine Porcelain, Collection of Kusak Cut & Colored Crystal, Libby Glass, Fine Italian Covered Large Urn with Courting Scene, Depression Glass, Cranberry, Bohemian Glass, Zsolnay Vase, Cut Claret Jugs, Waterford Crystal, Antique Cut Glass, Set Booth's Blue Willow China, Lots of Belleek, Glass Paperweights, LeChaussee Art Glass Center Bowl with Balls, Doulton Large Tobey Mug Collection, etc. Furniture: Pair Mid Century Chests, Mid Century Coffee & End Tables, Retro Table Lamps, Antique Carved Mahogany Bookcase with Ionic Columns, Gothic Revival Carved Chest, Carved Mahogany Scrolled Arm Bench, Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet, Ca. 1880 Pine English Secretary, Primitive Green Long Kitchen Table, Primitive Pierced Tin Panel Pie Safe, Balloon Back Chairs, Oak Stacking Bookcase, Antique Craps Table, Bedside Tables, Victorian Marble Top Lamp Tables, Oak Round Dining Table, Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, English Oak Curio Cabinets, Carved Camphor Chow Table with Benches, Antique Small Desk, Carved Oak Clover Stand, Antique Carved Over-Sized Mantel, Pair Victorian Bed Frames, Lighted Vintage Globe, etc. Artwork: (3) R.C. Gorman S/N Navajo Serigraphs Gallery Framed, Fox & Parrish Prints, Listed Ernest Tonk Polo Player Watercolor, Antique/Vintage Landscape Paintings, Victorian Oil of Woman, Collection of Looney Tunes Framed Animation Cells, Lots of Decorative Framed Vintage & Contemporary Prints, Set of Gay 90's Pastel Caricatures, etc. Collectibles: Large Collection of Antique/Vintage Pinback Buttons, Advertising, Political, Character, etc. WWII Insignia, Nazi Items, Alaska Yukon Exposition Badges, Patch, & Hat, Antique Books & Paper, Foreign Coin Collection & Currency, Chinese Notes, Vintage Yoyo Collection, Antique Token Collection, Poker Chip Collection, Old Travel Clocks, Boeing B29 Chrome Desk Model, Souvenir Spoons, Smoking Pipe Collection, Collection of Ron Lee Figures, Collection of Coca Cola Merchandise, Antique Cast Iron Toys, Vintage Postcards, Collier's Parrish Covers, Vintage Dolls, Raggedy Anne, Antique Peanut Tin, Carnation & Adv. Tins, Vintage Playboy Magazines, etc. Asian Items: Chinese Porcelain Dragon Palace Vase, Chinese Cloisonne Vases & Covered Jars, Japanese Cloisonne Vases, Carved Wood Horses, Carved Hanging Panels, Silkwork, Pottery & Porcelain, Lots of Antique Japanese Imari & Kutani, Chinese & Indian Carved Ivory Figures, Indian Painted Miniatures, Lacquered Boxes, Chinese Gilt Shrine, Large Carved Rats on Radish, Carved Soapstone Mountain Carving, Mah Jong Sets, Carved Jade Pendants & Figures, Japanese Silver, Chinese/Polynesian/Thai Carved Wood Figures, etc. Guns, Swords, & Canes: Early H&R Revolver in Box, Several Revolver Pistols, Rifles, Masonic Sword Collection, Antique Silver Walking Sticks, Political Figural Canes, etc. Items of Interest: J. Gall New York Antique MOP Inlaid Barometer, Herman Miller Grandfather Clock, Coo Coo Clocks, Pair Bose 501 Speakers on Tulip Bases, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday May 30, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including more Designer Quality & new Ultra Modern Furnishings, a Providence Point Diplomat's Estate, Fine Japanese & Danish Items.  Ultra High Quality Contemporary & Mid Century Furnishings, Tonal 6' square glass top dining table, Isamu Noguchi for Herman Miller new Glass top Coffee Table, New (never used) Henk Vos "Aulia" Coffee and End Table by Linteloo, Designer Ligne Roset Peter Maly Wood Frame Ultra Modern King Bed, Louis Poulsen - Poul Henningsen Modern Table Lamp, Group of Designer Area Rugs (all never used), Chilewich, Pair of Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese Leather Lounge Chairs, Pair of Hans Olsen design for Vatne Mobler Rosewood/ Brushed Metal Leather Arm Chairs, Danish Teak (2) sideboards, set of 3 Cube Nest Teak Tables, Teak Coffee & End Tables, Teak floating top desk, Teak side chairs, 3 Harry Lunstead style Metal Benches, Ralph Andesrson Design Tile Top Oak Pedestal Dining Table & 3 graduated tile top round nesting tables, Group of 4 Charles Pollock for Knoll Armchairs, Designer lamps, Denmark Teak lighted tall Display Cabinet, Modernist Stainless flatware by Lauffer, Hackman, Inox, Maya, etc. More Furnishings, Fine Henredon dining set (cost $25,000) including Table, 2 leaved, 8 chairs, large sideboard unit with 2 tall lighted display cabinets, middle chest, mirror and light bar (or can be used separatly), 2 Lane Cedar Chests, large 3 section tall bookcase set w/crown moulding, Contemporary lighted mirror back Display Cabinet, Adjustable tall Drafting table, Asian style double dresser, Oak narrow tall curio cabinet, Upholstered hall bench, etc. Wine: 200 bottles of Vintage California Wines. Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Period American lift top pine desk, Pair of Oak Office Arm Chairs, Antique Carved Settee & Chairs w/lions heads, Oak 2 door file cabinet, Victorian Davenport Desk, long French pine farm table, set of 4 hide covered antique dining chairs, antique plank chest on large wood wheels, antique pierced tin pie safe, very early antique carved plank table w/2 drawers, round oak pedestal table w/claw feet, 2 low English display cabinets, Victorian large Armchair, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glass, Pottery, Waterford, Orrefors, Boehm, Lladro figures, Lenox figures, Belleek, Royal Albert Old Country Roses dishes, R S Prussia footed bowl, Swarovski items, artglass, cut glass, large punch bowl set, Craig Zweifel studio art glass, studio pottery, Coleman, Bing & Grondohl figures, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, antique prints, Barry Herem serigraphs, Travel posters, Japanese block prints, etc. Asian: Carved antique Rosewood Side Chair, fine antique Country Chinese Armchair, large Asian Bronze Buddha, 2 antique Bronze Buddha heads on stands, Asian Paintings & blockprints, Cloisonne, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: Navajo Sterling Jewelry, 14k Diamond Rings, 14K jewelry, Amber, costume jewelry, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Barbie dolls in their original boxes, Barbie Clothing, Antique Bisque Dolls in custom cases, Kestner, Chatty Cathy Doll in box, Harness Racer large Weather Vane, great group of new garden tools, Vintage Olivette Praxis Typewriter, large group of new commercial grade carpet squares, new ladders, needlework & linens, scrimshaw ivory items, antique wood bowls, antique pots, pre-Columbian pottery items, Leica Camera, Collection of Russian lacquer boxes, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday May 16, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Designer Quality new Ultra Modern Furnishings, Bellevue Fine Woodworker's Estate, Des Moines Phonograph & Radio Collector's Estate, WWII German & US Memorabilia, Mercer Island Waterfront Estate.  Ultra High Quality Contemporary Mid Century Style Furnishings never used, Herman Miller Wall units, Knoll, Platner for Knoll, Marcel Brauer settee & chair & tables, Plank laminated bar stools, fine designer coffee tables, designer lamps, 60's Mid Century Walnut Bedroom Set, 50's lamps, etc. Antique & Vintage Music Collection: 15 vintage Radios, Upright metal disk coin op player w/dancing girls, 3 Edison Cylinder Disk players (2 with Morning Glory Horns), Cylinder Disks, 5 table top oak wind up disk players, Oak Stands for Music Boxes, etc. Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Arts & Crafts Oak Limbert #164 2 drawer Library Table, Antique Kitchen Queen, Sq Oak Lamp Table w/metal feet, wing back settee, sofas & armchair, Period birdcage tip table, nests of tables, Inlaid Mahogany Credenza, Mahogany kneehole desk, antique period work table, marble top Victorian commode, Pair mahogany Chippendale twin beds, Cedar chests, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glass, Pottery, fine set of Nude Stem Etched Goblets, Waterford, Lladro figures, Daum crystal sailboat, some Carnival glass, Belleek, Large set of Rockingham Spode fine china, Shelley Dainty White fine china service for 12, fine Austrian Art Glass Vase w/metal frame, antique art glass vases, R Johnson figure, Roseville vase, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, antique prints, German etching, fine signed prints, Maxfield Parrish vintage prints, Mid Century Etching, Vintage oil paintings, Watercolors, Studio Pottery, Murano glass, 2 large Western Bronzes, etc. Asian: fine large oversize carved alter table, Asian carved panels, inlaid Mother of Pearl Corner Chair, several very nicely carved rosewood coffee tables, small tables, Asian Paintings & blockprints, Cloisonne, Carved Jade, Ivory, Netsukes, Beads, jewelry, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Carved Cinnabar items, Carved Camphor Chest, Chinese mixed metals tray, jade covered boxes, water decoys, etc. Firearms, Badges, Russian Cosmonaut Collection & WWII Memorabilia, Baretta 9mm semi auto handgun, Part 2 of Police and Railroad badge & patch collection, WWII German Flag, Armbands, medals, etc, US Uniform, trunk, medals, patches, buttons, Japanese swords, several vintage rifles, Photos, badges, pins & watch from the Russian Cosmonauts, antique flintlock pistol, etc. Music: Ivers & Pond Baby Grand Piano & Bench s/n #76380, Varied Collection of fine Japanese Stringed Instruments, etc. Native American: Carved Rattles, Inuit Carvings, Carved Cedar masks, Kachina dolls, SW Pueblo pots, stone pipe, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc.: Gold pocket watch, Divers Watch, lots of great Costume Jewelry, large set of Gorham Strasbourg sterling flatware, sterling vases, sterling serving pieces, Mexican sterling jewelry, Siam Sterling, 18K gold Olympic Coin, Lighters, Dunhill, Mirriam Haskell bib necklace, Kenneth Lane & Noland Miller jewelry, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Mills 25 Cent Slot Machine w/stand, Copper & Brassware, large collection of very fine and expensive Japanese Woodworking Tools including chisels with rosewood handles, planes, saws, hammers, Damascus metals, knives, signed tools, very high quality, 2 antique wall clocks, Mountain photos, slides, Victorian Kitchen Clock, large carved wood giraffes, advertising, books, antique baskets, large modern pottery pots, trunks, furs, vintage clothing, flat panel TV, new air compresser, new DeLonghi Pinguino PAC L90 portable air conditioner, antique framed mirror, new triple locker unit 6' tall, new Ryobi sander, Western Saddle, ammo boxes, antique scales, (2) 4x6 silk oriental rugs, Crystal & Murano Chandeliers, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday May 2, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including fine antique items & sterling from a prominent early Seattle Family, Mercer Island Waterfront Estate and Bothell Home Downsizing  Mid Century & Contemporary: Vintage Dyrlund Danish Flip Flap Round Table & 6 chairs, New Hideabed, New Lift Chair, Rosenthal fine china Mid Century Dish Set Studio Linie, Arts & Crafts style modern double high chest, 50's lamps, etc. Antique & Vintage Furnishings: Early American Period Blanket Chest, Oak Carved Secretary, Oak Kitchen Queen w/roll sides, Maple Kitchen Queen w/roll topper, Cylinder Roll Top desk, Oak Carved Morris Chair, Oak 2 section leaded glass sectional bookcase, Stucco Bamboo cabinets & shelves, Oak carved servers, Victorian carved settee & chair, Carved French Arm Chair & small Footstool, Duncan Phyfe mahogany dining table, Pair very fine French Carved Cane Back Twin Beds, Oak frame mirrors, Mahogany 4 poster bed, Palmer Home Collection Lexington Furniture fine Mahogany Carved Triple Dresser, Early 1800's Sea Chest, 30's wood dinette drop leaf table & 4 fiddle back chairs, drop front desk, Oak high chair, Oak twist telephone stand & chair, Carved French small settee, Waterfall cedar chest, antique Cherry harvest table, Early Period Mahogany Canterbury circa 1820, etc. China & Crystal: Perfume Bottles, Hand Painted fine china, Cut Crystal, Cut Glass, Steins, figurines, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glass, Pottery, Waterford, many Lladro figures, Hummels, Mettlach stein, Meissen vase & platter, Belleek, Monumental cut glass vase, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, antique prints, German etching, fine signed prints, Barry Herem Eskimo artwork, Antique Queen Victoria Oil Painting, Desert Painting, Mid Century Etching, W S Rodda 1920's set of 5 pastel paintings, Watercolors, etc. Asian: Antique Marble top carved sm stand, Silk needlework panels, Asian Paintings & blockprints, Cloisonne, Ivory, Netsukes, Beads, jewelry, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, Chinese Court Necklace, Menuke, Japanese Dolls in cases, etc. Native American: Several Indian Baskets, Jade Adz, Navajo weavings, Turquoise jewelry, Inuit Carvings, Kachina Dolls, carved ivory beads & scrimshaw, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: Gold hunter case pocket watch, lots of great Costume Jewelry, 5 piece sterling English early 1800's tea & coffee service, sterling bowls, sterling serving pieces, sterling salts, poultry shears, spoons, serving pieces, Sterling candelabras, Mexican sterling jewelry, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Cast iron Black Jockey Hitching Post, Cast Iron Fist double hitching post, Early Knife boxes, Early Tea Caddy, Russian hand painted signed placque, Unusual free standing iron decorated fire box, nice stained glass lamp, New Maytag Washer & Dryer, Samsung Flat Screen TV, 5 vintage neon beer signs, Peter Pan peanut butter tin, lighter collection, fountain pens, police and badge collection, WWII collection, K rations, Ration Kits, German dagger, Helmet, Hats, Patches, medals, RR locks, RR lanterns, Lionel Trains, Marilyn Monroe signed photo, Many Oriental Rugs, antique scales, riding boots, coffee grinders, Pachinko game, Vintage Easter Decor & Eggs, buttons, primitives, lots of fine linens, vintage duck decoys, spinning wheel, trunks, bird bath, Ford ride on Tractor Toy, comics, gaming devices, pressure washer, Karastan runner rug, world globe, large pots, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Saturday April 27, Onsite Estate Auction

Estate of 95 year old former spouse of French Ambassador includes High Quality Asian Furnishings & Decor.  Furnishings: Carved Rosewood Dining Table & 8 chairs, 8pc Carved Rosewood & Marble Settee w/4 Armchairs, Marble Top Coffee & End Tables, Asian Lamps, 2 Rosewood buffets, 5 carved Rosewood Cabinets, Buffets & Sideboards, Inlaid Lacquer Screen, Inlaid & Lacquer Cabinets, Lacquer Display Cabinet, Set of 8 stacking Lacquer Boxes on stands, Oriental Rugs, Carved Rosewood Bedroom Set, Dressers, Beds, Lacquer cabinets, Mid Century modular office ensemble, Patio Furnishings, concrete garden benches, figures & pots, Wood Frame Sofa & Chairs, Mid Century Asian Theme Armchair, Pair American of Martinsville Mid Century night stands, Large ornate Mirrors, Mid Century Barrell swivel armchair, Corner Sectional Sofa, Marble Top Rosewood Carved Stands, etc. Asian: Large Quanitity of Carved jade, Cloisonné Vases, Bowls, Dishes & Figures, Foo Dogs, Chinese Palace size pair of Portcelain Dragon Floor Vases on carved wood stands, Chinese large Porcelain Pots on carved wood stands, Vases, Glass, Miniature vases, Wall hangings, Block prints, Silk Screens, Dishes, Cinnabar, Wood carvings, Peking Glass trees, Silk Embroidered items, Carved Rosewood Snuff Bottle Cabinets, etc. China & Crystal: Perfume Bottles, Hand Painted fine china, Cut Crystal, Cut Glass, Steins, figurines, etc. Items of Interest: Crystal Chandeliers, many lamps w/crystals, Furs, Mink stoles, Persian Lamb coats, Fox, Leopard and other furs, collection of wood jewelry boxes, Collection of Dog Figures, plants, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday April 18, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Featuring the Estate Collection of Bellingham Artist, Pat Fleeson, Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS).  Northwest Art & Sculpture: Important Philip McCracken 1977 "Heron" Maquette Bronze for Public Commission in Bellingham, James Washington Jr. "Robin with Worm" 1977 Carved Granite Sculpture, G. Alan Wright 1966 "Cock-o-the-Walk" Bird Bronze, Robert Davidson 1960 Carved Argillite Totem Pole, William Cumming 1979 Tempera of 2 Girls, Guy Anderson 1968 Oil Painting "Light & Dark of Seeding (Green)", Max Benjamin Abstract Landscape Oil, Clayton James "Skagit Winter Sky" Oil, Wesley Wehr Small Landscape, William E. Ryan (WA) "Pioneer Square" Large Oil, Park Anderson (WA) Acrylic Sculpture #41 on Custom Pedestal, Robert Huck (OR) Abstract Lithograph, (3) Billy King Paintings, Rosalyn Gale Powell Still Life Oil, etc. Fine Art: (2) Antoine Blanchard French Street Scene Oils, John Noble Barlow Rhode Island Landscape Oil, Collection of (8) Harvey Goodale Alaskan Scene Oil Paintings, Karl Albert "Symphony in Spring" Large Oil, Important Silas Jerome Uhl Sr. (1842-1916 OH) Portrait Oil of Poet & Author Charles R. James (Personal Friend of Abraham Lincoln), Charles R. Warland (British) Landscape Oil in Carved Frame, Dennis Ramsay (UK) Trompe l'oeil Still Life Oil, Dennis Ramsay (UK) Plantation Home Oil, Jose Trinidad (Canada) Sunset Landscape with Ducks Oil, Richard Ernesti (WA/CO) Forest Scene Oil, John Dominique (CA) Early California Lake Scene Oil, Clarence E. Davis (IL) Church Scene Oil, Helen Wolcott (MA) Southwest Desert Scene Oil, Walter Copp (NY) Forest Scene Oil, etc. Sculpture: George Rickey (NY/PA/MN) "Box with Lid" 1976 Constructivist Steel Sculpture, Impressive John Borjeson (1835-1910 Swedish) Maquette Bronze Sculpture on Custom Pedestal of "King Charles X Gustav" which was a presentation to the court of Sweden. The full size bronze sculpture sits in the town square of Malmo, Sweden., Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse Art Nouveau Bronze Woman with Ivory Face, Maurice Favre Art Nouveau Bronze Woman with Ivory Face, Erte "Duetto" Numbered Bronze Sculpture of Two Women, Robert Thomas (CA) Abstract Three Graces Bronze Sculpture, etc. Fine Print & Etchings: Norman Rockwell Pencil Signed Collotype Print "Raleigh Travels" with Dog, Yasuo Kuniyoshi "Dress Form in Interior" 19 of 26 Pencil Signed Lithograph, Luigi Kasimir "St. Stephan, Vienna" Pencil Signed Etching, 19th Rembrandt Landscape Etching, (3) Antique French Advertising Lithographs, Several Eustace Ziegler Pencil Signed Etchings, etc. Photography: Doris Ullman (TN) 1930's Landscape Platinum Photograph, Norman Edson Mt. Rainier Goldtone Photograph, Rare Small, Norman Edson Mt. Rainier Goldtone, etc. Ethnographic: Robert Davidson 1960 Carved Argillite Totem Pole, Collection of African and New Guinea Native Carvings, Antique Thai Folding Sutra Illuminated Manuscript Book with 73 Panels, Thai Carved & Jeweled Deity Figure, Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessels, Antique Carved Santos Figures, Russian Lacquered Icon of Saint, etc. Fine Art Glass & Pottery: Dale Chihuly Cinnamon Macchia in Plexiglass Case, Pillsbury Artist Signed Weller Floral Vase, North Dakota School of Mines Early Drip Glaze Pot, etc. Fine Silver & Watches: 69ct Amethyst & Diamond 18k Pendant Brooch, Heavy French 18k Rope Necklace with Owl Pendant, Wang Hing Chinese Silver Footed Dragon Serving Tray, 18th Century Dutch Worked Silver Tobacco Box with the Four Seasons, 19th Cent. Russian Sterling Snuff Box, English Georgian Sterling Snuff Box by John Shaw, Mexican Sterling Service Tray, Waltham Riverside 18k White Gold Pocket Watch, French 14k Gold Cased Pocket Watch, etc. Asian Antiquities: Meiji Japanese Carved Ivory Tusk with Macaque Monkeys Playing with Turtle, Pair of Impressive Chinese Cloisonné Seated Emperor & Empress Large Figures with Ivory Heads, Antique Chinese Carved White Jade Mountain Carving, Pair Antique Rose Medallion Baluster Vases, Rose Medallion Reticulated Fruit Bowl with Under Tray, Antique Chinese Carved Cinnabar Phoenix Tray on Stand, Chinese Carved White Marble Buddha Head, Antique Chinese Bronze Worked Hexagon Dragon Jardinier, Qing Dynasty Enameled Handled Vase with Birds & Chrysanthemums, Pair of Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Bat Handled Vases, Chinese Carved Celadon Longquan Pear Shaped Vase, Chinese Blue & White Lotus Blossom Porcelain Garden Seat, Antique Chinese Sang de Boeuf Oxblood Glaze Porcelain Vase, Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Pendants, Group Jade Pendants and Carvings, Japanese Carved Ivory Insect Cup & Saucer, Antique Chinese Dragon Hanging Silver Thread Embroidery, Chinese Bronze Ding Censer with Stand, Chinese Elephant Head Bronze Covered Censer, Large Blanc de Chine Guanyin Porcelain Figure, etc. Samurai Swords: WWII Era Japanese Katana and Short Sword with Scabbard, Meiji Japanese Tonto Dagger with Gold Inlaid Fittings, WWII Japanese Silk Flag with Writing, etc. 1930 and 1931 Harley Davidson Model "V" and "VL" Motorcycles from a former Cossacks Motorcycle Club Stuntman. Both bikes are fully restored and in running condition. Collectibles: Collection of 1930's Pan Am Airlines Hat Badges & Pins, 1910 Theodore Roosevelt Hand Typed & Signed Letter, Collection of 1893 and 1904 World's Fair Press Passes, Pair of 18th Century Women's Shoes, Collection of Marilyn Monroe Merlot Wine from 1986 On and Magnum Bottles, 19th Century Continental Carved Wood Male Doll, etc. Period Furniture/Clocks/Lighting/Rugs: American Chippendale Mahogany Slant Front Secretary with Carved Shell & Claw Feet, American Federal Banded Inlay Game Table, William & Mary Style Gate Leg Oak Drop Leaf Round Table, 3pc H. Journet French Champleve Gilt Clock Set, Pair of Gilt Bronze Cherub Candelabra Table Lamps, (2) Large Antique Leaded Glass Windows, (2) Ornate Antique Leaded Glass Windows, 1920's Sarouk Fine Oriental Rug, (2) Antique Caucasian Rugs, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday April 4, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including More Items from Retired Antique Dealer's Estate, also from Ballard and Walllingford Estates. Mid Century Teak Cylinder Roll Top Desk, Westnofa Leather Chair & Ottoman, Antique Boston Windsor Pine Long Settee, Antique Larkin Arts & Crafts Oak China Cabinet, Antique American Pierced tin Pie Safe, Carved Oak Secretary, Cherry extension dining table & 8 chairs, Mahogany Credenza, Mahogany Corner China Cabinet, Cherry Hutch, 4 section contemporary bookcases, folding bookcases, Mahogany Console Stand, Mahogany nest of tables, Oak gun cabinet, Office armchairs, Heavy Asian carved tall cabinet w/door, Asian Lacquer tall cabinet, Floor & Table Lamps, 15 assorted Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, Walnut extension table, oak drop leaf table, set of 4 Thonet bentwood chairs, Birdseye Maple Dresser, low chest & table, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Northwest photographs, antique prints, Mark Horiuchi Studio Pottery, 5 Maxfield Parrish Prints, etchings, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, Etc: Many Lladro figures, Moser, Hawkes, Venetian Glass, Heisey, Lots of Pottery by Roseville, Fuschia, Lilly, Catalina Deco Vase, Hull, Van Briggle, Red Wing, Camark, Bauer, California Pottery, LuRay, Winfield, Vernon Kilns, Fenton, Flow Blue, Cups & Saucers, Depression Glass, etc. Asian: Ci Zhou figural headrest, Lots of cloisonne, Dragon Vases, Porcelain, Pots, carved jade, cinnabar, cabinets, carved ivory fan, rugs, etc. Native American: Several Indian Baskets, Eskimo Indian Spear Tips, Implements, Arrow Heads, Beadwork, Adz, Pestle, SW Pots, Totem poles, Navajo rug, Turquoise jewelry, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 14K rings, lots of great Costume Jewelry, sterling bowls, sterling compotes, spoons, serving pieces, etc. Musical: 5 Guitars, Cello, 3 Violins, Everett Mahogany case Spinet Piano & Bench, Saxaphone, Sterling silver flute, flutes, Accordian. Clocks: Antique Bracket Clock, Antique Oak carved Kitchen Clock, 40's clocks, etc. Items of Interest: Outstanding collection of antique real photo postcards, Indians, street scenes, logging, railroad, etc, holiday postcards, lots of antique stereo views, street scenes, Asahel Curtis Lantern Slides, antique Railroad Lantern, New Samsung plasma TV, Bradley & Hubbard Inkwell w/Swiss Lion, Vintage Advertising Posters, Lots of antique books and antique reference Books, Fountain Pens, Swords, Kris, Knives, set of 3 wall mount Arts & Crafts stained glass light fixtures, Inlaid Boxes, Primitive painted dowery chest, Precision Balance scale in glass case, Chrome lighted glass Deco Ship lamps, Barbie Dolls, Old Table Radio, 30's Chromeware, Antique Shoe Shine Stand, Deco items, Lapton Computer, old tools, grinder, old magazines, Alaska Sportsman, sled, binoculars, stucco bamboo items, 2 churns, patchwork quilts, stained and bevelled leaded glass windows, scenic stained windows, leaded glass lamp shades, 15 old school wall maps, antique coverlet, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Saturday March 30, SeaTac Real Estate and Travel Trailer Auction

4011 S 173rd St, SeaTac, WA 98188    Sold at auction.   Features: Great Location, 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, Built 1957, 1,830 sf home on 10,800 sf lot, Attached 2 car garage, Large Yard with Large Fir Trees, Tool Sheds, Oak Floors, Large Rec Room over garage, Turn Around Drive. 2012 King County Assessed Value: $220,000. 1985 Avion 30' Travel Trailer. See photos.

Thursday March 21, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from an important Bellingham artist's estate, and also Carnation and Capitol Hill Estates  Lots of Mid Century: Harry Lunstead coffee table, Bruksbo Rosewood Long Cocktail Table & sm chest, Hans Wegner Teak Rocker, Danish Teak Armchair, Mid Century Dining Set, Table & 4 chairs, matching China Cabinet, End Table, etc. Contemporary & Vintage Furnishings: Oak Pie Display Case, Oak Sectional file Cabinet, Oak 2 door bookcase, Oak Library Table, Victorian Dressers, Bed, Tables, Spinet Desk, Rosewood side chair, Oak teacart, Drexel Mahogany Sideboard w/curved glass, Victorian Walnut standing easel, Marble Pedestal, Slant Front Oak frame showcase, Wrought Iron chairs, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Northwest paintings, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Studio Pottery, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, etc: Roseville jardiniere & stand, Murano Glass figures, Cobalt cut to clear perfume atomizer, Cut Crystal Stemware, Cut Glass, Heisey Candelabra, etc. Asian: Inlaid & decorated jewelry chest, Asian lacquer cabinet, Chinese Silk & Wool room size rugs, Carved Camphor Chest, Cloisonné, Cinnabar, Marble carviing, Porcelains, Jade, Ivory, Enamelware, Snuff bottles, Asian Dolls, Marionettes, brass incense burner, Asian Needlework Silk framed panels, Copper & Brass Ware, Hand Painted Scrolls, etc. Native American & Ethnic: Indian basket, Kachina Doll, Squash Blossom Necklace, Blow Gun Dart Case, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 18K Large Bow Pin, sterling Bowls, Vases, flatware, Rock Crystal Necklaces, Costume Jewelry, etc. Items of Interest: Gas Chopper & Pocket Bike neither bike ever used, Steinway upright grand piano & bench, US Navy scope in box, Emblems, Bell, Cannon, 8'x17' US Flag from Aircraft Carrier, Ships Clocks, Barometer, Placques, Carved large Crucifix, Steinbach Music Box Fisherman, Wall maps, Harvard Armchair, Duck Decoy, Copper Boiler, Terra Cotta Bust & figures, Antique Oak case 3 bottle Tantalus, Tortoise Shell boxes, Zither, Antique Tooled Leather & Tack Box, Vintage Clothing, Fur Coats, Mink, Silver Fox, Persian Lamb, African carved masks, Antique Standing Gilt Frame Mirror, Jewelry Showcase, Syrian bone handle knife, Extra Large folding "pocket knife", Tolledf Leather Gun Rig, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday March 7, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from Mercer Island, Queen Anne & Lopez Island Estates.   Lots of Mid Century: Harry Lunstead coffee table, Sm round Tulip Table, 3 way folding divider screen w/lamps, Drop Leaf Table & 4 chairs, Formica drop leaf table & 2 turquoise dinette chairs, Danish Modern Armchair & Ottoman, Mid Century Armchair, Corner & End Tables, Teak & Marble Surfboard Coffee Table, set of 6 Mid Century swivel bar stools, Packard Bell B&W TV, Space Age Stereo & Table Radio, Mid Century Lamps, Lighted World Globe on stand, Metal Leaf Sculpture, etc. Contemporary & Vintage Furnishings: Pair of fine French Carved Wood Frame Bonnet Top armchairs, Drexel & Henredon Asian Style Cabinets, Teak & Cinnamon Bark Dining set w/6 chairs, Butcher Block Kitchen Island, Pair Chrome & Leather Bar Stools, Oak Empire style highboy w/mirror, Birdseye Maple dresser & Highboy, 2 Oak armoirs, 2 White Oak china cabinets, Set of 6 carved Italian dining chairs, 2 Drexel fold out tables making a large dining table, set of 6 carved Bamboo style dining chairs, Willets library table, pair of wing back chairs, sofa, marble top coffee & pedestal tables, Floor lamp, Harmony House Mahogany double dresser w/mirror & Chest on Chest, Oak roll top desk, watchmaker bench, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, North West paintings, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Thomas Handforth Etchings, French Etching, Olaf Wieghorst signed Lithograph, Oils, Earl Chalk, Watercolors, Antique Picture Frames, NW Mountain Photos, Japanese Block prints, Joan Arend Kickbush watercolors, Norman Edson photos, antique gold frame mirrors, Illuminated Persian Manuscript Page, Sergio Bustamante Paper Mache Egg & figures, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, etc: Steuben, Aurene, Baccarat items & Stemware, Lalique, Ruby Glass, many Royal Doulton Figurines, old pattern glass, Sets of fine china by: Smithsonian Botanical, Royal Worchester Evesham, Theodore Haviland Floral, Noritake Pheasant, Noritake Young Love, Noritake Laureate, Souvinir china, lots of Collector Plates by Boehm, Norman Rockwell, Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl, Leyendecker, Schumann, Vickers, etc, Master salts w/cobalt liners, French Cameo vase, Venetian Glass, Murano, Salviati, Artglass pumpkins, Orient & Flume Dragonfly, Victorian Caster Set, Belleek, Fenton, Fostoria, Foley Breakfast fine china set, blue & white china, Roseville, etc. Asian: 4 panel inlaid soapstone & hardstone screen, Inlaid coffee table, Inlaid sideboard, Carved Chinese Rosewood Nest of Tables, Rosewood carved side tables, 2 vintage low marble top Chinese carved stands, Temple Carvings, Chinese & Japanese Ceramics, vintage Porcelain, carved Jade, Carved Ivory, Cloisonne, Japanese Block Prints, cinnabar, Asian Wig in box, Kimonos, Sashes, Mahjong set, Asian folding silk screens, Large set of Chinese Floral Dishes, etc. Native American: Inuit Carvings, Indian rattles, native copper bowls, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 14K rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Diamond Rings, Victorian Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, sterling bowls, sterling compotes, spoons, serving pieces, 14K gold Men's & Ladies Pocket and pin watches, Diamond ladies wrist watch, Pearls, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Peanut Bagger unit, Barrell Churn, Minox Camera and Accessories, Small showcases, Albums, Vintage Guitar, Ships lanterns, Kinsey photos, antique books, Carving knife sets, African wood carvings, collector knives, fine quilts, native weavings, carved wood angel figure, luggage, antique Persian toys, Eastern Airlines Airplane Desk Model, Betty Boop Cel, Antique Bisque Head doll, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday February 21, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including more items from a retired Antique dealer's estate, a Ballard Estate & a Lopez Island Estate   Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Mid Century Dux low Teak Sideboard Cabinet w/sliding door & drawers, Folding Teak Bar, Antique Period Tip Table, French Inlaid Display Cabinet w/orumulu mounts, Antique French Boulle Tortoise Shell & Ormolu mounted marble top cabinet, Oak Dressers, High Boys, Oak S Roll top desk, Mahogany S Roll Top Desk, large Sampson Mahogany desk or Director's table w/2 drawers, oak lg office flat library table w/2 drawers, Carved oak Secretary Desk, Mahogany drop front desk, Drafting Table, Victorian stands, Oak lamp tables w/glass ball feet, Benches, Old Radio Cabinets, Oak Typing folding table, small wrought iron round table & 2 charis, chaise lounge, armchairs, sets of antique dining chairs, Arts & Crafts Oak dining chairs, antique English Court Cupboard w/carvings, Inlaid Period Settee, Empire drop leaf table, Pine Queen Anne Lowboy, large Modern TV Stand, etc. Ivory: Collection of Eskimo ivory carvings, Chinese Ivory carvings, African ivory tusks, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Northwest paintings by Fred Marshall, Lois McFarland, John Joseph Englehardt, Florence Harrison Nesbit, Mirrors, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print Collection, Daybreak, Garden of Allah, Canyon, etc, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Watercolors, Antique Picture Frames, NW Mountain Photos, Japanese Block prints, sgn Rie Munoz, sgn Byron Birdsalls, Diego Rivera posters & SW Artworks, Bronzes, Marquetry Inlaid Placques, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, etc: Lalique, Lots of Doulton figures, Ruby Glass, Depression Glass, Gaudy Dutch Ironstone Collection, Stemware, Waterford, Royal Doulton Figurines, Amberina tumbler, Tumblers, old pattern glass, Set of Spode Gainsborough, Flow Blue Pitcher & Bowl, Candlewick, Haviland, Service Plates, Souvinir china, etc. Asian: Large Carved & Gilt Wood Buddha figure on carved wood stand, Chinese Temple figures, Temple Carvings, Chinese Ceramics, vintage Porcelain, carved Jade, Carved Ivory figures, Cloisonne, Japanese Block Prints, Chinese makeup mirror box, cinnabar, etc. Native American: Carved Eskimo Ivory cribbage board & figures, Indian Baskets, Hide Conoe, etc. Mauchline Ware Collection: Another good amount of the rare Mauchline Ware Boxes, Banks, mini boxes, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 14K rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Costume Jewelry, Set of heavy sterling flatware, sterling bowls, sterling compotes, spoons, serving pieces, porringers, etc., Hamilton 21 jewel Railroad pocket watch, etc. Firearms & Weapons: Large collection of reproduction antique pistols & rifles, shotguns, 2 Nazi WWII daggars, medals, patches, 1847 Walker Pistol ~ 9", 1848 Dragoon Model 1 ~ 7 1/2", 1848 Dragoon Model 1 ~ 7 1/2", 1848 Dragoon Model 3 ~ 7 1/2", 1860 Fluted Army ~ 8", 1851 Navy Squareback ~ 7 1/2", 1862 Police 5 shot ~ 5 1/2", 1849 Pocket Model ~ 3", 1836 Colt Patterson 5 shot ~ 6", Jagar Dakota Nickel 45 cal ~ 7 1/2", Jagar Dakota Steel 45 cal ~ 7 1/2", Uberti Single Action Cavalry .45 cal ~ 7 1/2", Smith & Wesson .32 cal Police Special, Rossi Interarms .22 cal, Tower Flintlock Pistol Japan, Percussion Cap Pistol, Tanarmi Derringer TA38 (.38 cal Special), IAB Marcheno Sharps "Old Reliable" .45/70 w/ 4x15 brass scope, Navy Arms Winchester 1873 Lever Action Rifle .44/40, Harrington & Richardson Model 1873 Trapdoor Saddle Ring Carbine .45/70 Govt., Stevens .410 Single Shot Shotgun, Kentucky Style 33" Muzzleloader Flintlock Rifle, 1860 Navy Arms Henry Rifle, Rossi Overland 12 gage Double Barrel, etc. Doll Collection: Antique Bisque head Dolls, German Dolls, Kewpie Dolls, wind up toys, die cast toy collection, Matchbox cars, etc. Clocks & Scientific Instruments: Hamilton Gimballed Ships Clock N8068 1941, Antique German & Austrian Wall Clocks, Oak case Kitchen Clock, Mantle Clocks, Oak case Regulator School Clock, K&E Sextant, US Navy Sextant, etc. Items of Interest: Leica Cameras, Antique Period Carved Bible Box, Nautical Antiques, Antique Siebe Gorman & Co foot pedal Fog Horn, lg brass propeller, folding telescope, Hatch Cover Tables, Ships Lantern Lamp, Hammarlund HQ-140-X Ham Radio Receiver, Bose Speakers, high quality speakers, large Red Rocking Horse made out of an old barrell, Stereo Views, oil lamps, Surge Babson Bros Milker, Collection of Harmonicas including advertising display stand, Carved Wood large Horse, Music Box, Tramp Art, Books, Collection of 50's & 60's Bound Sports Illustrated including volume 1 #1, Hide Drum, Longacres Horse Racing Photos, Tarzan 7 Edgar Rice Burroughs books, Boeing memorabilia, pin back buttons, etc.  See photos and text catalog.

Thursday February 7, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Northwest Art: Large Guy Anderson "Man & Woman" 1964 Oil on Board with Otto Seligman Label, George E. Johanson (Oregon) "Dark Mother" 1958 Abstract Oil, Kenneth Callahan "Sky Bridge" Tempera on Panel, Several Jack McLarty (Oregon) Ink Drawings & Prints, (3) Small Eustace Ziegler Oil Paintings, Josephine Crumrine Husky Dog Portrait Large Oil (Alaska Steamship Menu Cover), Jules Dahlager Small Summer Scene Oil, Arne Jensen "High and Dry" Watercolor with Frye Label, Dorothy Dolph Jensen Watercolor, Louise Gilbert Abstract Watercolor, Gene Amondson Mt. McKinley Oil, Fred Oldfield Mt. Rainier Large Oil, Elizabeth Parrot Pond "Three Sisters" Oil, Several Joan Arend Kickbush Alaskan Children Scene Oil Paintings, Victoria Adams Still Life in Basket Oil, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Romero Britto (b.1963 Brazilian) "The Boot" and "Good Buddies" Modernist Acrylic Paintings with Certificates of Authenticity, Amerigo Tamburrini (Italy) "Princess of the North" Eskimo Portrait Oil, Karl Albert Seascape Impressionist Oil, Maurice Randall (English) Illustration Oil for "Nixey's Stove Polish", Edmond Weill (NY) Snow Scene Landscape, A.D. Greer (Texas) Large Still Life Oil of Roses, Collection of Original Drawings by Maurice Sendak Illustrator of "Where the Wild Things Are" including correspondence and books, Collection of Remington & Russell Large Western Bronzes, etc. Fine Print & Etchings: (2) David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican Muralist) Pencil Signed Abstract Figure Lithographs, Louis Icart Pencil Signed "Faust" Lady & Devil Etching, Erte "Flames of Love" AP Serigraph, Erte "Broadway's in Fashion" S/N Serigraph, Marc Chagall Pencil Signed Lithograph, Lebadang Pencil Signed Lithograph, Reinhold H. Polanski "Morning to New Hunting Grounds" Indians on Horseback Etching, (3) Early Nat Lowell Philadelphia Street Scene Etchings, Muirhead Bone Harbor Scene Etching, (2) Otto Protzen German Boating Scene Etchings, Group Paul Geisler Landscape Etchings, Pair Yoshitoshi Mori Japanese Modernist Woodblock Prints in Original Mailing Tube, etc. Photography: Edward Curtis "Well at Acoma" Platinum Signed Photograph, Asahel Curtis Rare Mt. Rainier Goldtone Photograph, Rare Large Asahal Curtis Self Portrait on Horse Tinted Photograph, Collection of Asahel Curtis Tinted Photos & Glass Slides, Collection of Norman Edson Tinted Photos & Goldtones, J.B. Barton Mt. Rainier Goldtone Photograph, Photo Album of Norman Edson & Asahel Curtis Tinted Photographs Dozens of Pieces, etc. Native Americana & Historical: Important and Rare Navajo Third Phase Rug with Crosses, Early Navajo Rugs, Antique California Baskets Hupa etc, (2) Tsimshian Baskets, Tlingit Small Basket, Large Navajo Handled Basket with Crosses, Early Painted Navajo Drum, Collection of Ray - John - Eric Williams Carved & Painted Totem Poles, Unusual 1953 Alaskan Carved Walrus Tusk with Eskimo Canoe, 1844 American Powder Horn with Scrimshawed Eagle & Indian, Famous Antique Iditarod Dog Sled with Provenance, etc. Fine Art Glass & Pottery: Rare Zsolnay Figural Panther Dresser Tray 18", Zsolnay Large Owl on Book Figure, Rare Boch Freres Schooner Ship Art Deco Pottery Vase, Amphora Figural Pinecone Basket, 1996 Charles Lotton Art Glass Floral Bowl Pictured in Book, R. Lalique "Chamarande" Handled Topaz Floral Vase, Jaques Blin French Modernist Bird Pottery Bowl, etc. Fine Silver: Large Set of Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Flatware, Chinese Silver Presentation Pagoda Censer in Fitted Box, Mexican Sterling Heavy Water Pitcher, Set of Christofle Fine Silverplated Shell Pattern Flatware, Chinese One Pound Silver Panda Medallion, etc. Fine Selection of Estate Jewelry: Several 1ct Art Deco Diamond & Gold Rings from Estates, 14k Solid Gold Vintage Women's Rolex Wristwatch, Diamond & Ruby Deco Cocktail Ring, Diamond & Ruby Hamilton Art Deco Cocktail Watch, Victorian & Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry, 14k Chinese Jade Jewelry Suite with Necklace & 2 Pairs of Earrings, 14k Jadite Carved Squash Pendant, Pair 18k Ruby Tiffany & Co. Cufflinks, Alaskan Gold Nugget Necklace with Diamond Cross, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of Chinese Ivory Dragon Tusk Carvings on Stands, Rare Jin Dynasty Henan Glaze Meiping Jar, Chinese Imperial Copper Red & Blue Underglaze Dragon Bottle Neck Large Vase, Set of (3) Chinese Carved Guanyin Figures on Animals, Chinese Famille Rose Gourd Vase 19th/20th Century, Chinese Enameled Figures in Landscape Vase 19th Century, Chinese Blue & White Imperial Dragon Bowl with Qianlong Marks, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Baluster Jars, (2) Chinese Carved Ivory Female Doctor Models, Fine Japanese Lacquered Miniature Box, Blue & White Porcelain Charger with Birds, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Bird Urn Lamps, Pair of Chinese Blue & White Baluster Jars with Figures, Large Chinese Porcelain Baluster Urn with Foo Dog Finial, Chinese Han Dynasty Granary Jar, Collection of Antique Chinese & Japanese Painted Scrolls, Original Scroll Paintings by Ji Ruoxiao (Artist & Professor), etc. Designer Furniture: Percival Lafer Brazilian Rosewood Modernist 6pc Living Room Suite with Sofa, (2) Armchairs, (2) End Tables and a Coffee Table, Set (6) Neils O. Moller Teak Modernist Dining Chairs, Harry Lunstead Dark Stained Brass Panel Buffet, Lunstead Long Bench Table Combination, Curtis Jere Twist Metal Wall Sculpture, etc. Rare Sports Cards, Memorabilia, & Autographs: Thomas Carlisle & Charles Dickens Double Signed Letter on Dicken's Letterhead, F.D. Roosevelt Signed Presidential Pardon from Prohibition, Ty Cobb HOF Cut Signature, Babe Ruth 1931 W517 & W551 Card, Mickey Mantle 1954 Redheart Trading Card, Shoeless Joe Jackson 1940 Play Ball Card, Collection of Circa 1915-1955 HOF Baseball Cards, Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Michael Jordan Rookie Cards, Bound Collection of Sports Illustrated Magazines from Issue No.1, Leatherbound 1827 Don Quixote 3-Volume Rare Book Set, etc. Items of Interest: Tiffany Studio Bronze 423E Bell Shaped Floor Lamp, Pair of Antique Long Multi-Colored Stained Glass Windows with Urns, Antique Moro Philippines Single Edge Sword, European Art Nouveau Carved Ivory Floral Umbrella Handle, Antique Bokhara Area Rug, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday January 24, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from a retired Antique dealer's estate, Renton Estate & Bellevue Estates. Mid Century Danish Armchair, Dillingham Mid Century Walnut Double Bedroom Set w/dresser & mirror, high chest, night stand & headboard, Waterfall Cedar Chest, Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Antique French Boulle Tortoise Shell & Ormolu mounted marble top cabinet, Mission Oak Square China Cabinet w/Curved Glass Front, Arts & Crafts Oak Library Table, 3 Mahogany drop leaf dining tables, drop front secretary desk, set of 6 shield back mahognay dining chairs, 3 Stucco Bamboo Display stands, Stucco Bamboo Music Cabinet, Oriental runner rugs, Hooked rugs, Marble Top Victorian Chest, Victorian stands, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Watercolors, Antique Picture Frames, Portraits, NW Mountain Photos in Batwing & Crimped Edge Frames, Japanese Block prints, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, Etc: Artglass, Steuben animals, Steuben Aurene light shade, Majolica, Heisey, Elegant Depression Era Colored Crystal, Ruby Glass, RS Prussia, Staffordshire, Souvinir China, Hotel Ware, Venetian Glass, Royal Worcester, Set of Spode Chelsea Garden fine china, Set of Theodore Haviland, Set of Royal Albert Tea Rose China, Royal Doulton, Set of Winterling Bavarian China, Cut Glass, Hall China, etc. Asian: Chinese Floor Screen w/painting, Chinese Ceramics, Porcelain, carved Jade, Carved Ivory figures, Cloisonné, Dolls, Mah Jong Set, Japanese Block Prints, etc. Mauchline Ware Collection: A very good amount of the rare Mauchline Ware Boxes, Banks, Whistle, mini boxes, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc: 14K rings, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Gold coins, Fine Costume Jewelry, Stanley Hagler, Weiss, Set of International Royal Danish Flatware, Set of Wallace Rose Sterling Flatware, sterling goblets, sterling bowls, sterling compotes, spoons, serving pieces, etc, Mexican & Navajo sterling jewelry, wrist watches, Bakelite, etc. Firearms & Weapons: Radon Polish semi auto handgun made for the German Army WWII, 22 pistol, Remington Mohawk 600 308 Win Rifle w/Scope, WWII Nazi daggar, Japanese sword, etc. Doll Collection: Japanese Dolls, Bisque head Dolls, German Dolls, Kokeshi Dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, etc. Items of Interest: Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine w/original folding Featherweight sewing table, Bernina Sewing Machine, Pfaff 297-1 Sewing Machine, Unusual corner Commercial Antique display cabinet, Pair of antique Torchere wought iron lamps w/mica shades, Fire Fender, vintage toys, cap guns, pocket knives, pin back buttons, postcards, many antique scrapbooks, photo albums, tin types, Disney Items, small Indian Basket, Fur Coats, Baseball Cards, Dutch Tile Placque, Glass lantern slides, Archie Comics, Wardrobe Trunk, Clocks, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday January 19, Onsite Public Auction ~ Bernie's Antiques

After 25 years Bernie is closing his antique shop. Bernie never had a going out of business sale, so there is a large quantity of neat collectible items all to be sold. Complete Liquidation. Antiques, Decor, light fixtures, light shades, vintage toys, costume jewelry, lots of postcards, paper goods, catalogs, signs, lots of old photos, Cedar Chest, old outboard motor, dining sets, oak tables, chairs & rockers, kitchen cabinet, show cases, table top show cases, shelving, old tins, old oil memorabilia, lots of antique tools, wood planes, block planes, Books, old Life magazines, Childrens books, oil lamps, lots of framed vintage prints, nice framed mirrors, old country store fixtures, scales, Roseville, pottery, figurines, salt & pepper shakers, Depression glass, Native items, Dolls, Wicker baby buggy, cribs, china cabinets, corner stands, pocket knives, wrist watches, fountain pens, fishing rods, reels & creels, radios, saddles, brass bed. paintings, stereo views, stereoscope, pipes, hat pins, clocks, Model Airplane, etc. See photos.

Thursday January 10, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from an Antique collector's estate, an estate out of the Mirabella, a Broadmoor Estate & a West Seattle Estate, etc. Mid Century, Lunstead Custom Sideboard w/sliding smoked glass doors, Lunstead Bench, 2 Mid Century chests, 3 small marble top sq tables, Ekornes leather armchair & ottoman, Mosaic Tile top sq coffee table, glass top art metal base coffee table, Danish Teak King size headboard w/attached night stands, etc. Vintage, Modern & Antique Furnishings: Lane Robe Walnut Cedar Lined Chiffarobe, Asian & Chinese Cabinets & Tables, Curio Cabinet, Victorian Settee & Side Chairs, Pair French Carved Armchairs, Baker Receiving Table, Lamps, Oriental rugs, Pair of Colonial 3 drawer night stands from Wm L Davis, Bookcases, Lamps, Cedar Chest, 4 panel carved wood folding screen, Lane Walnut Bar, Carved wood frame French large armchair & ottoman, Pedestal inlaid mahogany side tables, Oak game table w/twist legs, mahogany tall pedestal, etc. Sterling: Large set of Reed & Barton Classic Rose Sterling Flatware, 2 Georg Jensen sterling top lipstick holders, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Watercolors, NW Studio Pottery, Studio art glass, sgn Kawano block print, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, etc: Majolica pottery umbrella stand, Group of Majolica pottery figures, vases, plates, platters, etc., Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, Shawnee Cookie Jars, Smiley & Puss & Boots, Fostoria, Tiffin, California Pottery, Pottery Tiles, large Pottery Mixing Bowl, Nippon, Set of Tiffany & Co by Taitu dishes, set of Theodore Haviland Rose Service Plates, Royal Doulton Tobey Jugs, Spode Pitcher & 12 matching Tumblers, large Hand Painted Limoges Floral Pedestal Bowl, Carnival glass, set of Royal Worcester Rhaposody fine china, pair of Spode figural base Tazzas, large bisque figures, Shelley, Murano glass, Waterford, Crystal animals, Ruby stemware, large Cut glass items, cut stemware, set of Lenox Rosemont fine china, large Mettlach Christmas plates, Collector Plates, Frederick Remington Metal Western Theme plates, etc. Asian: Carved Chinese Cabinets, large Carved Wood Buddha, large Asian carved Bird Figure, Bronzes, Porcelain, Ivory, Cloisonne, Netsukes, pair large Chinese Tang Style Vases, Carved Amber figures, Asian miniature teapots, table screen, Asian needlework framed large panel, Asian baskets, large pottery Dragon figure, large Iron Asian Bell lamp, Chinese Fan Painting, Chinese rug/round floor pillows, Asian Decorated chest, Carved Rosewood Table, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc.: Costume Jewelry, Mexican & Navajo sterling jewelry, Hobe Sterling pin & earrings, mens cuff links, 14K cufflinks, wrist watches, etc. Music & Electronics, etc.: Hawaiian Uke, (2) McIntosh 240 Amplifiers, Pair KLH Model 4 Speakers, Pair Magneplanar Model MG-I large Speakers, Roberts reel to reel tape desk w/speakers, Sansui 2000 receiver/amp, etc. Native Americana: Indian Beadwork, SW pottery, Skookum dolls, Beaded & Fringe dresses, etc. Doll Collection: Japanese Dolls, Bisque head Dolls, German Dolls, Ginny Dolls, Skookum Dolls, Character Dolls, Kokeshi Dolls, Dionne Quints dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, MIB & MOC movie figures, etc. Vintage Toys: Smith Miller Tow Truck, Tonka Livestock Truck, Structo, Racers, Metal Cars, Airplanes, Ships, License plates, Farm toys, Disney figures, target rifle in box, etc. Items of Interest: French small iron functional canon, Swords, Black Powder Rifle, small wrought iron lamp w/carnival glass shade, stained glass light shades, Antique Hammond Typewriter in Oak Case, Canon A1 camera & lenses, more cameras, pocket knives, Stained Glass lamp, Chef's knives, Collection of Sebastian figures, large format vintage photographs, large Foundry Wood Panel w/small wood circles, large metal & crystal candleopera, Quality King Size Tapestry Bedspread & Pillows, large Gold Floor Pillows, oil lamps, clocks, vintage tool boxes, scales, large group piano rolls, film reel cans, gum dispenser, Mad magazines, vintage books, stereo viewer & slides, childrens books, large carved wood carousel horse, vintage Red Cross poster, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday December 27, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Asian, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from a Broadmoor Estate, Antique Collector's Estate & a Roosevelt estate, etc. Asian: large group of antique Carved rosewood, elm, & unusual wood furniture including stools, tables, cabinets, chests, trunks, low tables, coffee tables, snuff bottle cabinet, displays, etc, Cloisonne, Mudmen figures, Porcelain, baskets, Carvings, 2 part Step cabinet w/drawers & doors, Standing screens, Wall hangings, Chests on stands, Wedding Baskets, Asian Dolls, Netsukes, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Mid Century Coffee table w/drawer, 12x14 Indo Chinese rug, Oriental rugs in room & scatter sizes, Oak highboy chest, Oak 2 door armoire, Pair of Designer Roman Seat Benches, Inlaid pedestal table, Victorian side chairs, Chippendale child's armchair, Victorian Walnut Eterge, Lamps, Pine Dry Sink, Antique Pine 6 board chest, French Carved Needlepoint upholstered arm chair, 3 mid century armchairs, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: large iron & brass baker's rack, Leather double recliner sofa, pair of long benches, bedside benches, Oak Butler's coffee table, Pair Oak carved end tables, Secretary Desks, large Designer Quality Open double display stand, etc. Sterling & Silver Plate: Chinese Export sterling small box, Sterling flatware, set of Gorham Strasbourg goblets & napkin rings, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Antique Oil Paintings, Charles Mulvey watercolor, vintage Maxfield Parrish Prints, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, etc: Large Steuben bowl, group of Waterford Lismore Stemware, Early Spode fine china, Belleek, Hummels, several Lladro figures, Doulton Lady Figure, Hutchenreuther figure group, RS Prussia Bowls, Meissen dishes & Bowl, Nippon, Covered Chicken & Chicken figure collection, O Toika duck, Schafer & Vater, art glass, Fenton, set of Mikasa fine china, etc. Pottery: large collection of Roseville pottery, Rookwood, Pisgah Forest, Peters & Reed, Navajo & South West Pottery, Majolica, Pottery umbrella stand, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Coins, etc.: Rare $10 gold piece, 14K Gold Omega Man's Wrist Watch, Pocket Watches, wrist watches, Bakelite, Costume Jewelry, cameos, etc. Clocks: Antique mantle clocks, Wall clocks, etc. Firearms & Weapons: Walther PPK semi auto pistol, Smith & Wesson 32 revolver, swords, bayonet, sheath knives, etc. Native Americana: Indian Baskets, Beadwork, Navajo & South West pottery, Navajo Yei weaving, Indian Papoose, Collection of South West Native Pottery Shards, Kachina dolls, etc. Items of Interest: Antique cane & walking stick collection, Pair of Fancy Iron decorative urns, Pair of Iron Pedestals, Concrete garden urn, antique fancy cash register, antique bisque dolls, vintage toys, Antique Brass Fire Fender & Andirons, Myrtlewood colletion, Nambe Aluminum collection, Antique Books including 2 volumes Puget Sound History, 3 volumes Washington History, 3 volumes Pierce County History, carved Anri figures, Military items, Sports memorabila, paper goods, Russian Samovar, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday December 15, Edmonds Real Estate Auction

7927 228th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026   Sold at auction.  Great Location, Close to Shopping! 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,258 sf Fixer Rambler Home on 9,583 sf Corner lot, Built 1955, Fireplace, Oak Floors, Patio, Fenced yard, Recreation Room. 2012 Snohomish County Assessed Value: $215,400. See photos.

Thursday December 6, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Northwest Art: Sydney Laurence Trapper's Cabin Watercolor, Dale Chihuly 1993 Orange & Yellow Persian Studio Glass, (6) Early Helmi Juvonen Native Totem Pole Drawings, Doris Totten Chase Oil of Blue Trees, Ebba Rapp Mixed Media of Birds, WPA Era Inez Hill Bailey Watercolor, Harriet "Hattie" Foster Beecher (WA/CA) Victorian Portrait Oil, William Reese Still Life Oil, (2) Ernest Horswill Oil Paintings, (6) Ross Gill Northwest Harbor Scene & Landscape Paintings, David Waller Fishing Boats Oil, (2) Lucille Nutt Crystalline Glaze Vases, Asahel Curtis Mt. Rainier Goldtone & Tinted Photo, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Anne Mary Robinson Moses "Grandma Moses" (Attributed Until Authenticated) "Snowy Night" Oil on Canvas Board, John Henry Dolph 1866 Still Life Oil, Millard Sheets 1937 California Landscape Watercolor with Horses, Peter Moran (PA) "Cows Grazing" Oil, (2) Robert Lee Eskridge Tahiti Street Scene Modernist Watercolors, Charles Paul Gruppe (MA/NY) Harbor Scene Oil, Guy Buffet "Le Sommelier, Gaston" Bronze Waiter Sculpture, Frederick MacMonnies "Pan of Rohallion" Bronze, Willis M. Rue "New Trail" Cowboy on Horseback Oil, Paul John Bettinger (Ohio) Autumn Landscape Oil, Alexander Garfield Tupper (MA) "Clipper Ship" Oil, Alma Held (Iowa) Portrait Oil of Woman, Wellington Jarard Reynolds (IL) Seascape Oil, Arthur Greenus Still Life Oil, John Tensfeld (CA/NY) Child Portrait Oil, (2) Harut Hakobyan Modernist Heavy Impasto Floral Paintings, etc. European Artworks: David Burliuk Parisian Street Scene Oil, Franz Wilhelm Odelmark (Sweden) Large Cairo Egyptian Street Scene Oil, F.W. Odelmark Venedig Italy Oil, Daniel Sherrin (The Elder) English Landscape Oil, P.J. Mene Whippet Dog Bronze, etc. Fine Print: Kathe Kollwitz "Self Portrait at Table" Etching, Salvador Dali "Servantes" E.A. Signed Etching, Tadashi Nakayama "Girl with Caged Birds" Modernist Woodblock Print, Kevin Red Star "Crow Husband & Wife" S/N Serigraph, Signed Joe DiMaggio AP Serigraph by Carl Beninati, Shinichi Takahashi Japanese Modernist Woodblock, etc. Northwest Native Art: Alaskan Native Carved Whale Bone Dance Wand or Club with Salmon Effigy, Apache Olla Fine Weave Basket with Figures & Animals, Washo & Paiute Baskets & Miniatures, Rich Lavalle Attr. Carved Bear Head Rattle with Abalone Inlay, Early Teresita & Christina Naranjo Santa Clara Carved Blackware Pot, Carved Northwest Miniature Totems and Paddles, Pair of Carved Bolivian Men/Woman Busts, etc. Fine Art Glass & Pottery: 1927 Rookwood Elizabeth Lincoln Artist Signed 14" Vellum Glaze Floral Vase, Wiener Werkstatte Kitty Rix Austrian Art Deco Pottery Vase, Loetz Oil Spot Fluted Vase, Pair Steuben Signed Yellow Twist Candlesticks, (2) Lucille Nutt Crystalline Glaze Vases, (2) Minton Majolica Oyster Plates, Rookwood Pottery Footed Lamp, Rookwood Artist Signed Floral Platter, Roseville Blue Pinecone Pitcher & (4) Glasses, etc. Fine Silver: M. Buccellati Italian Sterling Baroque Handled Center Bowl, Lainchang Shanghai Chinese Export Sterling Teapot on Stand with Chrysanthemums, Chinese Silver Vermeil Temple Model, German Silver Presentation Trumpet Vase, etc. Fine Jewelry: 18k Tiffany & Company Ruby Floral Spray Brooch, 1.56ct Loose Brilliant Round Cut Diamond, 2.5ct TW Oval Diamond Wedding Ring Set, 23ct Aquamarine Ring, 16ct Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds, Pair 18k White Gold Aquamarine Earrings, Diamond & Blue Topaz Brooch, Gold Leaf Brooch with Large Citrine Stone, 14k Citrine Large Pendant, Large Emerald Cut Amethyst 14k Ring, Grouping of Ming's Carved Ivory Hawaiian Jewelry, etc. Asian Antiquities: Large Lavender-Ground Famille Rose Garlic Shaped Vase with Kangxi Mark, Pair of Ming Dynasty Wanli Blue & White Meiping Vases, Ming Dynasty Carved Celadon Large Bowl, Chinese Qing Dynasty Porcelain Bowls and Vases, Japanese Meiji Silver Plated Dragon Handled Vase, Meiji Bronze Dragon Beaker Vase, Large Chinese Blue Monochrome Vase 19th Century, Chinese Hand Painted Warrior Porcelain Vase, Pair Japanese Imperial Cloisonne Dragon Palace Vases, Japanese Cloisonne Large Palace Vase, Meiji Japanese Cloisonne Floral Vase, Large Chinese Spinach Jade Reclining Boy Figure on Rosewood Stand, etc. Collection of Antique Chinese Elmwood & Rosewood Furniture: Altar Tables, Stands, Benches, Mahjong Table, Stools, War Chests, 17th/18th/19th Century, (2) Chinese Peking Art Deco Room Size Rugs, etc. Collection of Antique Oriental Rugs: Antique Isfahan Tree of Life Rug, Vintage Sarouk, Hamedan, Caucasian Scatter Rugs, Antique Senneh Caucasian Oriental Runner Rug, (2) Art Deco Chinese Peking Room Size Rugs, etc. Items of Interest: (3) Antique Russian Painted & Gilt Wood Icons, Regina Table Top Disc Music Box, 19th Century French Picture Clock with Music Box, 18th Century Continental Lowboy Chest, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday November 15, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including more items from a Waterfront Olympia Antique Dealer's Estate, Laurelhurst and Bellevue Estates. Mid Century! Denmark Teak: large display cabinet, 2 door armoire, double pedestal desk, 2 side chairs, coffee table, etc, lots of Heywood Wakefield Modern Furnishings: Hiboy chest, Desk, Vanity & bench, double bed, pair night stands, dining table & 6 dining chairs, buffet, round coffee table, corner end table & lamps, Blond desk w/black wire legs, Mid Century Coffee & End Tables, Mid Century pair of armchairs, Mid Century 5 pc corner bookcase ensemble, Mid Century 5pc bedroom set, large collection of mid century studio pottery, studio art glass, fine prints, 50's lamps, Denmark Teak Orb Lamp, studio pottery by Jerry Glenn & other known potters, Orrefors Graal artglass vase, Norwegian glass, Chrome dinette set, 2 low teak bookcases, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: 1900 era Oak heavy square dining table & chairs, Oak carved sideboard w/mirror, French heavy carved pair of armchairs & pair of side chairs w/tapestry upholstery, Needlepoint benches, (2) 3 section attorney bookcases, French style heavy carved 3 cushion sofa & armchair, Mahogany oval marble top coffee table w/2 matching end tables, California Tile Top Tables, Oak painted 3 door icebox, oak piano stool w/slat back, round oak twist leg lamp table w/metal feet, Ormulu mounted French sideboard/display cabinet, piecrust pedestal tables, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Large iron & brass baker's rack, large leather & tapestry recliner, Capo di Monte 2 deck marble stand, etc. Sterling & Silver Plate: Lots of unusual Sterling flatware, set of Gorham Lilly flatware, bowls, vases, souviner spoons, sterling serving pieces, SP candlesticks, lots of coin silver, pair of nice Continental Sterling ornate candlesticks, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Dorothy Dolph Jensen large watercolor, Jerry Stitt large watercolor, 2 Tip Freeman Hawaiian airbrush paintings, collection of Maxfield Parrish Prints, Collection of Indian prints, Scott McDaniel painting of Polar Bear on black velvet, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, Etc.: Artglass Heart & Vine pair artglass vases, collection of rare antique Majolica, Roseville, set of Lenox Imperial fine china, set of Lenox Landmark Gold fine china, set of Fitz & Floyd Kuruma china, Spode china groups, sets of Haviland and fine hand painted fine china, many antique Oyster plates, Doulton large Turkey Platter & Plates in flow blue, Venetian Glass, Waterford, fine elegant depression era crystal, Royal Crown Derby pair candlesticks, many antique Staffordshire figures & vases, Cobalt glass, studio art glass, Delftware, large American Brilliant cut glass punch bowl, more cut glass, Hummels, Lladro large figure, fine china figures, early Wedgwood bowl & underplate, more unusual Quimper pottery, Large Majolica pottery pedestal, Italian Majolica, etc. Asian: Carved Rosewood dining table & 8 chairs, carved stone figures, Cloisonne, unusual Mudmen figures, Porcelain, baskets, Shagreen Asian Chow table, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc.: Costume Jewelry, Mexican & Navajo sterling jewelry, cameos, bakelite, etc. Clocks: Railroad Station oak case wall clock, large Oak case antique wall clock, mantle clocks, Oak PI wall clock, etc. Music & Guitars, etc.: Violin, collection of ukeleles, inlaid mandolin, trumpet, etc. Native Americana: Indian Baskets, birch bark conoes, Navajo pottery, Skookum dolls, etc. Items of Interest: Tiffany bronze lamp base, Tiffany Furnaces enamel round tray gold dore, Antique carved wood gold leaf Religious Figure, Play Ball trade stimulator, Singer featherweight sewing machine, Mink full length coat, duck decoy, shells, Hawaiian carved lamps, telescope, old advertising boxes, patchwork quilts, oil lamps, hanging lamps, Tapestry velvet & mohair throws or table covers, antique photo albums, real photo postcards, Hawaiian vintage photots, Hawaiian lantern slides, lots of antique photos, many Victorian photo albums, antique levels, cuspidor, Swords, Desk plane model, Canon AE1 camera outfit, Hawaiian monkey pod wood items, oriental rugs, vintage pocket knives, Case pocket knives, fountain pens, silver coins, Arts & Crafts hammered copper Hawaii bookends & copper pots, large inlaid boxes, vintage Hawaiian fabric & shirts, tapestry draperies, Lionel trains, binoculars, Steamship Lines framed poster, vintage Swiss Alpine Walking or Climbing stick, vintage Tanning Hide Bench, old boat oars, Crocks, posters, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday November 1, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including more items from a Boeing Executive's Mercer Island Penthouse Contents & a more items from a Waterfront Olympia Antique Dealer's Estate, also a pioneer Seattle family estate. Mid Century! Designer Furnishings including a Benny Linden Teak Dining table & 6 chairs, Teak nest of tables, Teak desk, (5) Herman Miller DSX molded chairs, large collection of mid century studio pottery, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Victorian Square Extension Table w/6 chairs, Victorian Mirror, 3 Empire large Chests, Oak Mission Rocker, California Pottery Tile Top sm tables, mahogany nest of tables, antique work tables, drop leaf table, dresser mirrors, antique chests, spool beds, antique Centennial Mahogany Secretary, Antique Postmaster's Secretary, Canonball bed, Oriental rugs, floor lamps, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Bubble Curved Glass Mahogany Breakfront, Croquet traditional style small chest, bookcases, Contemporary Bar cabinet, wrought iron settee, armchair & table, etc. Sterling & Silver Plate: lots of unusual Sterling flatware, bowls, vases, souviner spoons, sterling serving pieces, SP candleabras, Plated fish service, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, fine antique Eagle Convex mirror, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, Etc.: Pair nice pink lustres, Mt. Washington Burmese decorated sugar & creamer, antique Majolica, Meissen, Moorcroft, Rookwood, Van Briggle, Roseville, Weller, set of Lenox Cretan fine china, set of Bing & Grondohl Seagull fine china, set of Spode's Aster china, sets of Haviland and fine hand painted fine china, Oyster plates, Doulton Figures, Venetian Glass, Waterford, California Pottery large oil jars, fine elegant depression era stemware, paperweights, wall pocket, hand painted miniature on porcelain in ornate gilt frame, Belleek, Bohemian glass, Swarvoski, Royal Crown Derby, Waterford, fine antique cranberry shade lighting, Staffordshire, etc. Asian: Carved Rosewood dining table & 6 chairs, Rosewood nest of tables, Rosewood 2 panel screen, Rosewood Tonsu chests, Lacquered chest, Fine Cloisonne pot, Mudmen figures, Asian sword w/scrimshaw bone scabbard, Porcelain, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc.: Lots of Costume Jewelry, Mexican & Navajo sterling jewelry, LeCoultre desk clock, necklaces, etc. Music & Guitars, etc.: Yamaha classical guitar, Oscar Schmidt Guitar, Hondge Family 4/4 violin, Benjamin Joseph Roy 4/4 violin, etc. Native Americana: Several nice Indian Baskets, hide canoes, etc. Items of Interest: Duck & goose decoys, antique ship's lantern, antique brass candlsticks, shells, machinist tool box oak, signed 1993 Seahawks Football, Military hats, US Rock Arsenal Model 1903 rifle, Nantucket basket, Hawaiian carved koa wood lamps, telescope, coins & stamps, fine books, old advertising boxes, walking stick, Inlaid Betel Box, antique patchwork quilts, large figurine collection, oil lamps, wrought iron hanging cooking pot holder, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday October 28, Onsite Auction

2004 Lexus ES 330 w/62k miles, Quality Modern Furnishings & Decor, Modernist Round Metal Base Table & matching Metal Chairs, Leather sectional sofa & chaise lounge, Console tables, 9x12 Karastan & Oriental rugs, Dressers & Chests, Bookcases, Sm portable air conditioner, newer Sony flat screen TVs, nice Kitchenware, Cannondale H300 & Comfort (size large) bicycles, Patio items, newer large barbeque, good quality XL mens clothing, Bose computer speakers, computers, computer desk unit, garden tools, mirrors, luggage, CDs, Space Needle bottle, Cactus plants, large pots, Wedgwood Gourmet Professional china set, Mikasa fine china, Pink Depression Glass, large set of Calphalon Stainless cookware, etc. See photos.

Saturday October 20, Onsite Auction

50 years accumulation: Victorian Square Walnut Dining Extension Table & 6 matching chairs, Victorian Settee, Armchair, Rocker & Side Chairs, Antique Rope Bed, Antique Paintings, Oils, Watercolors, Etchings, Prints, maps, etc. Bisque dolls, Vintage Toys, Steiff, Indian items, Patchwork Quilts, Copper & Brass Wares, Paint Sprayer, Generator, Tools, Lots of Books, DVDs, Christmas decorations, Cameras, Fountain pen collection, Thimble collection, China, Crystal, etc.
House is available for sale: 3425 24th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199, 5 BR, 3 BA, 2,690 sf Magnolia View Home, 5,225 sf lot, Great Territorial Views, Updated Kitchen, Deck, Patio, nicely landscaped, 2 car basement garage, asking $549,000.
See photos.

Thursday October 18, Fine Art and Antique Auction

Northwest Art: Important 1974 Morris Graves Large 23"x35" Tempera Painting Titled, "Winter Bouquet" with Exhibition Pamphlet (Pictured on the Cover), Important Leo Kenney 56"x56" Surrealist Landscape Oil Dated 1946, Philip McCracken 1962 "Bird On The Highway" Carved Cedar Panel (Pictured in Book), Ambrose Patterson "The Festival" Tempera, Neil Meitzler "Winter Landscape" Casein Painting, Jacob Elshin Surrealist Large Tempera, Jacob Elshin Religious Scene Small Oil, William Elston (WA) Large Impressionist Oil, Glen Alps Graphite Work, Edgar Forkner Watercolor, Edith Willey (Ziegler Student) Mt. Rainier Oil, etc. European & American Fine Art: George Smith of Chichester (1714-1776 English) Figures in Landscape Oil, Jean Guerin (Franz Von Defragged (German) Boy with Dog Oil on Tin, 17th Century Italian School Oil on Copper of Nude with Peacock, Alfred Heaton Cooper (1903-1995 English) Mountain Scene Watercolor, N Neal Solly (19th Cent. English) Landscape Watercolor, Bernard Uhle (PA) Impressionist Landscape Oil, Collection of (10) California Plein Air Impressionist Artworks by Listed Contemporary Artist Jeffrey Watts, (3) Frank Glendinning California Landscape Watercolors, (4) Ron McKee Impressionist Artworks, (4) Works by Anthony R. Klitz (British Modernist), Several Bill Mack Bonded Sand Hanging Sculptures, Dan McCawDale Hanson (AK) Bronze Whale Sculpture "Buddies", Luciano Spazzali (Italy) Modernist Oil, Vladimir Pavlosky Fishing Boat Watercolor, Wilson Chu "White Roses" Impressionist Oil, etc. Fine Print: (2) Christo Pencil Signed Architectural Umbrellas Lithographs, Japanese Woodblock Prints by Hasui, Toshi Yoshida, Ikeda Zuigetsu, Rakusan, Kiyoshi Saito Nagasaki Woodblock, etc. Studio Glass: Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Glass Vase, Simone Cenedese Signed Murano Glass Vase, Lundgren Modernist Orrefors Bowl with Floating Murines, etc. Northwest Native Art: Tlingit Large Open Indian Basket, Several Old Navajo Rugs, 8' Cared Northwest Thunderbird Totem Pole, Dale Hanson Alaskan "Buddies" Bronze of Whale Chasing Seals, etc. Fine Art Glass Collection: Loetz Silver Overlay Iridescent Art Nouveau Glass Vase, Signed Loetz Pulled Feather Vase, Tiffany Favrille Blue Iridescent Leaf & Vine Flower Bowl, Tiffany Favrille Gold Iridescent Vase, Durand Threaded Glass Blue Iridescent Vase, Pair of Mont Joye Cameo Glass Large Gilt Floral Vases, Daum Nancy Miniature Cameo Glass Mounted Jeweled Ewer, Daum Large Multi-Color Vase, Moser Cabochon Paneled Green Portrait Vase, Pair of Moser Cabochon Paneled Cranberry Cologne Bottles, Steuben Rose Quartz Acid Cut Art Deco Flower Bowl, 2pc Legras French Enameled Glass, Set of (3) Rene Lalique "Perles" Crystal Perfume Bottles, Pair of Imperial Glass Heart & Vine Green Iridescent Vases, St. Denis Legras Cameo Glass Gilt Floral Vase, Crown Milano Large Art Glass Ewer with Painted Landscape Scene, Green Loetz Style Iridescent Large Vase, Early Venetian Glass Dolphin Handled Taza, etc. Fine Porcelain & Pottery: Pair of Minton Persian Blue Moon Vases with Floral Enameling, Art Deco Zsolnay Figural Male/Female Blue Iridescent Pedestal Bowl, Zsolnay Art Nouveau Rose Bowl with Figural Female & Butterfly Design, Wedgewood Majolica Salmon Fish Service including Large Platter & (12) Matching Plates, Pairpoint Limoge Courting Scene Hand Painted Tall Vase, Pickard Artist Signed Bowl & Arts/Crafts Sugar Creamer Set, Meissen Figures, etc. Fine Silver: Chinese Enameled Sterling Sugar/Creamer/Tray Presentation Set from Former President of China Jiang Zemin, English Hallmarked Sterling Presentation Candelabra from Rolls Royce to Boeing, Buccelatti Italian Sterling Presentation Tray, 40pc Raymond Loewy Design Modernist Wallace Sterling Flatware Service (Nearly Unused), Large Christofle 144pc "Aria" Silverplate Flatware Service in Custom Regency Chest (Paid $8,000 Used), Theo Faberge "Mockba" Sterling Limited Edition Egg in Fitted Case, Tiffany Furnaces Enameled Dore Bronze Round Tray, (3) Pieces Lino Sabattini Italian Designer Modernist Silverplate (Estro Bowl, etc.) etc. Jewelry & Watches: 18k Cased International Watch Co. Chronometer Pocket Watch with 14k Chain, Russian Worked Gold, Diamond, & Cobalt Enameled Bouquet Brooch, Victorian Bumble Bee 14k Brooch with Diamonds/Rubies/Sapphire, etc. Asian Antiquities: Impressive Chinese Rosewood Inlaid Table with 18th/19th Century Pierced Jade Carvings/Ivory/Carnelian, Chinese Rosewood 4-Panel Room Screen with Inlaid Jade/Ivory/Carnelian/Coral/Hardstone, Collection of Carved Jade Pendants with 14k Hand Made Bails, 14k Jade Earrings & Brooches, Three Color Jade Squash Covered Bowl, Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Precious Ornaments Relief Enameled Large Vases, Impressive Large Chinese Famille Verte Bird Charger on Rosewood Stand, (3) Chinese Bronze Censers, Large Famille Noir Dragon Baluster Vase, Antique Chinese Blanc de Chine Carved Porcelain Brush Pot on Stand with Dynasty Marks, Chinese Carved Amber Elephant on Stand, Korean 10-Panel Sumi Landscape Painted Room Screen, Lin Fengmian Female Scroll Painting, etc. Chinese Scroll Paintings by: Lin Fengmian, Guanzhong Wu, Hongzhang Li, Antique Calligraphy Scrolls, Floral & Bird Scrolls, etc. Antique Clocks: 19th Century Austrian Picture Clock Landscape Painting with Music Box, 19th Century Austrian Picture Clock Cathedral Painting with Music Box, etc. Furniture & Oriental Rugs: Edward Wormley Design for Dunbar No.2010 Pedestal Occasional Table, Knoll Modernist Popsickle Table, Collection of 1930's Persian Sarouk Area Rugs, Antique Kazak Caucasian Oriental Rug, Several Old Navajo Rugs, etc. Leica Camera Collection from Field & Stream Writer, Ted Trueblood. Ted wrote for many outdoor magazines beginning in the early 1950's. His career spanned 30+ years as a writer and photographer. Collection includes: (3) M3 Camera Bodies, M4 Camera Body, Leica CL Body & Lens, Leitz 400mm Lens in Case, Grouping of Microphotographic Lenses & Attachments, Range Finders, Tripods, & Other Accessories, Leica IIIf in Original Box, etc. Collection of Antique Photography: Collection of D.F. Barry (Famous Indian Photographer) Indian Photographs, Antique Indian Themed Cabinet Cards, Large Group of Early Hawaiian Albumen Photographs by J.A. Gonsalves, etc. Items of Interest: Dated 1720 Byzantine Virgin with Child Icon, English 6th Dragoons Guards Regiment Troopers Helmet, Japanese Presentation Military Dress Sword, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.

Saturday October 13, Sheriff's Sale Auction

Never Opened NW Modern aka Black Ball Lines Antiques & Decor on the Seattle Waterfront.
Huge Selection of Antiques & Mid Century Furnishings & Decor with large quantities vintage light fixtures and building decor, doors, panels, etc.  Vintage & Contemporary Furnishings: Mid Century Sofas, Sideboards, Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Art Deco, Designer Furnishings, Bamboo, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, large cabinets, showcases, very unusual and one of kind items, Oak pews, etc. Over 100 Vintage Chandeliers, Light Fixtures, 100's floor & table lamps, Ceiling & Wall Fixtures, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, frames, etc. Vintage Arcade Games, Art Deco Enamel floor scale, lots of room size oriental rugs, afghans, etc. Lots of Tools, Table Saws, Clamps, Saws, Hand & power tools, etc. Building Materials, lots of raw lumber, pipe, plywood, beams, etc. Advertising signs, posters, banners, Vintage Monarch 40" Electric Range, Appliances, Vintage Wall Clocks, Freestanding mid century modern enamel fireplaces, file cabinets, scaffolding, lockers, world globes in assorted sizes, etc. See photos.

Thursday October 4, Antique and Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Boeing Executive's Mercer Island Penthouse Contents & Waterfront Olympia Antique Dealer's Estate

Mid century! Designer Furnishings including a Teak & Leather Ekornes Sofa & Loveseat, Ekornes Coffee & End Table and a Ekornes Teak Base Glass Top Round Dining Table w/6 matching Teak Dining Chairs, also Teak serving cart & tile top Denmark Teak nest of tables, Designer mid century lamps, custom rugs, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Oak circa 1900 triple mirror drop center carved vanity, Chestnut antique display cabinet, Chestnut oval drop leaf dining table, Mahogany antique gate leg dining table, 2 antique wrought iron twin wrought iron bed frames, cobbler's bench, pair of wrought iron torcheres, pair of wallmounted light fixtures, walnut drop leaf desk, Victorian Walnut corner eterge, large antique flax wheel, Child's wood chest w/mirror & kitchen queen, Antique French Carved Curio Cabinet, Inlaid Antique Mahogany English Display cabinet, Antique Spoon Carved Commode, Oak 3 drawer dresser base, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Henredon Oval Dining Table w/2 leaves & 8 matching dining chairs, Henredon large lighted Sideboard/Display Cabinet w/glass shelves, Sligh Kidney Desk, Pair of 3 step end tables, Pair high Back Wood Frame Wing Back Chairs, Arts & Crafts Style Oak Dining set w/6 chairs & buffet, Fine Oriental Rugs, Pair of Eterge Wood Designer Display open shelving units, Pair of Designer oak night stands, Floor lamps, etc. Sterling & Silver Plate: Sterling flatware, bowls, vases, souviner spoons, 2 silver plate tea & coffee services (one with ivory handles), etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Friedlander Vintage Etching, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Glassware, Pottery, Etc.: Steuben, Lalique, Bacarrat, Large Collection of antique Majolica, large collection of antique Quimper pottery, French Faience, Meissen charger, Roseville, Weller, Fulper, McCoy, Meissen, set of Lenox fine china, Oyster plates, Doulton Figures, Hummels, Lladro, Venetian Glass, Waterford, set of Lenox Weatherly fine china, set of Theodore Haviland Normandies Garden fine china, etc. Firearms & Militaria: Browning 12ga pump shotgun, WWII canteen, etc. Asian Items: Cloisonné lamp, lots of Peking glass, Jade, Netsuke, Ojime, etc. Watches, Jewelry, Sterling, etc.: 14K gold Omega Men's & Women's wrist watches, Cartier Wrist watch, Pearls, Art Nuveau sterling & Art Deco Costume Jewelry, Amber beads, etc. Clocks: Antique OG clock, etc. Native Americana: Indian Baskets, Ivory jewelry, Navajo turquoise squash blossom necklace, bracelets, rings, Indian rugs, Pre Columbian pottery & arrow heads, etc. Items of Interest: Radios, 1930's double light standing torchere floor lamp, misc appliances, Kitchenaid mixer, wall sconces, Eureka Oak Antique 3 drawer spool cabinet, antique buckboard wagon seat, coffee grinders, Acrosonic Mahaogany Case spinet piano, Micro Mosaic sm pill box, Heintz copper desk set, Inlaid boxes, Stereoscope, sea shell collection, wrought iron light fixtures, Mink full length long coat, Pendleton items, Coach lanterns, sled, Coffee grinders, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday September 29, Puget Sound Group of North West Artists Art Auction

The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters (PSGNWP) 2012 Benefit Auction
Opening Reception by Blue Ribbon Catering in the EAFA Gallery, Free Beverages and Refreshments, Special Early Bird Selection of Small Artworks by the Region's finest painters and sculptors, "Artists in Action" Portrait Demonstrationm, FREE drawing for select works, followed by the Live Auction in the PSGNWP Gallery. See Photo Catalog and PSGNWP Website.

Saturday September 22, Auburn Estate Auction, Real Estate and Personal Property

1615 1st Street NE, Auburn, WA    Sold at auction, $121,000.  Real Estate: Downtown Auburn, 3 Bedrooms, 1.75 Bathrooms, 1,490 square foot rambler home on 8,738 square foot lot, originally built 1957, Attached 2 car garage, Vinyl siding with vinyl double pane windows, fully automatic sprinkler system, all weather covered patio, copper plumping, secure RV parking, newer furnace & water heater (6 years old), Heatpump with air conditioning, very nice landscaping, shrubbery, shed, fenced yard, newer appliances, washer, dryer, 2 door stainless steel refrig, attic storage over garage, lots of storage cabinets, etc. King County Assessed Value $178,000. Contents include living room furnishings, sectional sofa, recliner, end table & lamps, oak bedroom set, chests, dressers, beds, safe, 2 upright freezers, fine china, crystal, glassware, kitchenware, garden tools, waterfall feature, hanging pots, rugs, flat screen TVs, books, mirrors, safe, etc. See photos.

Thursday September 20, Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques and Collectibles from Northwest Estates including an Architect-Designed Bellevue Estate and part 1 of a Yakima fine artglass collection.

Mid Century! Designer Furnishings including a Bruksbo Norway Rosewood oval dining table & 6 chairs, Rosewood China Cabinet, Dux Armchair & Ottoman, Danish Armchair & Ottoman, Upholstered Bucket Chair w/ottoman w/rosewood/metal bases, set of 4 Moller Teak dining chairs, Mid Century chest, Teak nest of tables w/tile tops, floor lamps, studio pottery, Martz large pottery table lamp, DCM Chair, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Large Queen Anne Dining Set: Round Walnut dining table w/6 leaves/6 chairs/buffet & china cabinet, 2 sets of 4 balloon back early Victorian chairs, Mahogany Case Brunswick Victrola, Carved Mahogany long hall table, Pedestal Game Table, secretary & drop front desk, walnut tea cart, etc. Sterling: Sterling flatware, bowls, serving pieces, frame, candlesticks, etc. Watches, Fine & Costume Jewelry: Pocket watches, 14K gold lavalieres, garnet necklace, great costume jewelry, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, NW artworks, NW studio glass, Fine Watercolors, etc. Asian: Cloisonne, Carved Ivory, Asian china, Porcelain, fine Moriage vase, etc. Fine Antique Artglass Collection, Crystal, Pottery: Steuben, Quezal, Aurene, Kew Blas, Wavecrest, Schneider, Burmese, Nailsea, Satin, Peachblow, Millifiori, Carnival, Amberina, Cranberry, Satin Glass, Cut Glass, Waterford, Venetian glass, Perfume bottles, Doulton, Mt Washington, Franciscan Desert Rose dishes, Heisey Rose crystal & Heisey animals, Cut to Clear, Steins, Mary Gregory Barber Bottle, Staffordshire, Advertising Whiskey Decanter, Paperweights, Moser, tea caddies, Poison Decanter, RS Prussia Scenic Castle lg bowl w/12 matching sm bowls, scent bottles, Royal Dux vase, Hummels, Lladro, Spode dish set, Mettlach steins, Orrefors, Denby Greystone stoneware dish set, Iittalia Oika Toikka Birds, Teplitz, Lenox sterling rim servers, etc. Military: WWII US helmet, arm patches, photos, English antique sword, vintage airplane guages, etc. Indian Items: Carved Horn Spoon, Mini hide covered canoe, carvings, totem, 3 native carved masks, mini snow shoes, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Madame Alexander dolls in original boxes, bisque doll, 2 tobacco cutters, double wheel sm coffee grinder, vintage Green Oster shake maker, pocket watches, clocks, sword/quirt, Western tooled leather chaps, antique & vintage postcards, lighters, knives, stereo views, ships bells, collection 30+ vintage cookie jars, crocks, fishing rods & reels, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday September 6, Estate Auction

Great Selection of Mid Century, Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Architect-Designed Bellevue Waterfront Estate & Large Capitol Hill Estate
Mid-Century: Designer Furnishings including a Teak Finn Juhl Dining Table with 2 large extension leaves, set of 7 Jensen Teak Dining Chairs (Denmark), Danish Teak Sideboards & Buffets, Teak square game table & 4 chairs, Teak Dining table & 6 chairs w/pull out extensions, 2 pairs of Teak Danish Arm Chairs, Lundstead Teak Coffee Table & Teak End Tables, Floor lamps, Pottery Table lamps, pottery, 3 cushion & 4 cushion Danish Sofas, White Pedestal Round Table w/4 pedestal swivel formed fiberglass chairs, Moroccan Rugs, 3 Chests of Drawers, Walnut 4 drawer console table, etc. Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Heavy Carved Claw Foot 60" American Carved Round Oak split pedestal dining table w/5 leaves and 9 chairs w/carved claw feet & matching buffet, Oak China Cabinet, (2) antique pedestal game tables, Mahogany inlaid marble top side board, Oak Heavy Carved Sideboard, Walnut 30's china cabinet, walnut tea cart, Antique Mirrors, trunks, etc. Contemporary Furnishings: Oak Arts & Crafts style Dining set w/6 chairs & buffet, Brown & Jordan Patio Set & Lounge Chair, etc. Sterling: Sterling flatware, bowls, coasters, master salts, spoons, etc. Watches, Fine & Costume Jewelry: Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual wrist watch, Georg Jensen Art Deco Sterling Fish Pin, Boeing pins, 14k gold cuff links, Bakelite, great costume jewelry, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, Ross Gill Fishing Boat Painting, Doris Chase Sculpture double sided on Slate, Renoir "Sur La Plage" etching, NW artworks, NW studio glass, Fine Watercolors, Indian Watercolors, vintage Mt Rainer Oil Paintings in Piecrust Frames, etc. Militaria: Bayonets, Combat Knife, Helmet, Sword, etc. Vintage Toys: Vintage Japanese wind up toys, Shuco, Ertl, toy cars mint in packages, Chevrolet Road Rally race set, vintage Lionel HO Train Set in box, vintage promo cars from dealership, etc. Asian: Small Asian Tonsu Chests, Cloisonne, Asian china, Porcelain, carvings, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Studio NW Art Glass, Carnival bowls, Satin Glass, Cut Glass, Steuben lg Green Jade vase, Venetian glass, Perfume bottles, Doulton China, Fostoria, etc. Clocks: Oak Subscription Arts & Crafts Wall Clock, Mantle Clocks, Table Clocks, Sterling case travel clock, etc. Items of Interest: Carousel vintage horse w/riding wagon, Leitz Microscope w/box, Lincoln Bookends, antique ink well, lg crystal chandelier, Model Ships, Guitar, Trombone, Flute, large vintage stamp collection & Duck stamps, antique & fine books, bellows, boat flag, vintage golf clubs & bag, antique inlaid boxes, etc. See photos and text catalog.

Thursday August 23, Fine Art & Antique Auction

Great Selection of Fine Art and Antiques  
Fine Art & Sculpture: Eustace Ziegler (AK) Mt. McKinley with Mountaineers Oil, Eustace Ziegler Alaskan Oil of Pack Horses on Mountain, Jules Dahlager (AK) Small Oil, John French Sloan (NY) Original Illustration Ink Drawing with Krushaar Gallery Label, Bernard Uhle (PA) "Cloud Shadows" Impressionist Landscape Oil, Salvador de Regil (CA) Surrealist Gouache with Gumps Label on Verso, Gordon N. Cope (Utah) Canyon Scene Oil, Fokko Tadama (WA) Large Ship Oil in Piecrust Frame, Willem Van Den Berg (Netherlands) "Head of Urker Fisherman" Oil, Robert Wesley Amick (CT) Impressionist Washington Square NY Oil, March Avery (Milton Avery's Daughter) Child Oil, Ernest Narjot (CA) Oil of Irish Setter Dog, Several Original Oils by Marcel Olis (NY) Impressionist, Thomas Cooper Harmer (WA) Impressionist Landscape Oil, Bernardo Hay (Italy) Portrait of Child in Original Frame, Agnes Pelton (CA) Taos Portrait Pastel, Tim Cotterill "Frogman" 1995 Early Large Frog Bronze, Linda Budge (AZ) Bronco Buster Oil, WPA Era Indian/Mining/Fishing Mural Study Oil on Paper, etc. Northwest Art: Rare Kenneth Callahan Carved Slate Panel with Figures & Horses 1963, 1959 Guy Anderson "The Family" Oil on Wood Panel, Paul Horiuchi 1958 Abstract of Boats on Water, Early 1966 Frank Okada Round Oil, Walter Isaacs Abstract Small Oil with Figures, John Franklin Koenig Abstract, (2) 1968 Neil Meitzler Winter Scene, Rene Rickabaugh (OR) Watercolor, John Ford Abstract Oil, (3) Jay Steensma Works, Pehr Hallston Small Work, Ray Hill Forest Scene Landscape Watercolor, Eugene Fuller (Seattle Art Museum Founder) Abstract Oil, Fokko Tadama (WA) Large Ship Oil in Piecrust Fame, Erik Johansen Impressionist Mt. Landscape Oil, Frederick Southworth Large Seascape Oil, Thomas Cooper Harmer (WA) Impressionist Landscape Oil, William F. Reese Portrait Oil, Ned Mueller Oil, Austin Dwyer Impressionist Oil, (2) Paul Immel Watercolors, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Impressive Dale Chihuly Venetians Conical Form Glass Sculpture, William Morris Artifact Hook Glass Sculpture, Caleb Nichols Fused Glass Large Sculptural Vessel, Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Glass Bowl, Benjamin Moore & Richard Royal Art Glass Vase, Claude Conover (Ohio) "Huxab" Large Studio Pottery Vase, Clayton James Large Studio Pottery Pot, David Shaner 8-Piece Drink Set, Impressive William Creitz Covered Floor Jar with Original Exhibition Label, Jerry Glenn, Peter Shire (NY) Memphis Style Teapot, etc. Fine Prints: Birger Sandzen Pencil Signed Woodcut & Lithograph, Early Kiyoshi Saito Numbered Woodblock, (3) Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Prints, Shiro Kasamatsu Woodblock, (3) John Noble Nautical Signed Lithographs, Leroy Neiman "Joe DiMaggio Yankee Clipper" Artist Proof No.1 Signed Serigraph (Signed by DiMaggio), Carlo Benatti "Joe DiMaggio" Signed Serigraph, etc. Collection of 1960's Original Concert Posters from the Filmore & Avalon including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Quicksilver Messanger, Grateful Dead, etc. Northwest Native Art: Rare Circa 1850's Tsimshian or Tlingit Carved Whale Bone with Inlaid Abalone Shaman's Amulet or Soul Catcher with Bears & Wolf Effigy, (5) Antique Tlingit Indian Baskets including a Rattle Top, (3) Makah Lidded Indian Baskets, California Hupa Fine Indian Basket, 19th Century Haida Carved Argillite Totem Pole, Carved Haida Argillite Small Amulet Carving, 19th Cent. Eskimo Carved Cedar Whistle, Eskimo Carved & Painted Wood Food Bowl, Native Carved Soapstone Pipes and Arrowheads, James Omnik Jr. Eskimo Baleen Basket, Eskimo Carved Ivory Figures, Large Inuit Hunter Sculpture of Bone Inlaid with Baleen & Ivory, etc. Historical & Presidential Signature Collection: Abraham Lincoln Signed Presidential Appointment, Martin Van Buren Signed Document, Millard Fillmore Signed Document, Grover Cleveland Signed Document, Warren Harding Signed Document, Taft Cut Signature, Calvin Coolidge Signed Document, Charles Dickens Hand Written & Signed Letter, etc. Fine Glass, Porcelain & Pottery: Rare Ercole Barovier "Mosaico" Floral Murano Glass Vase Made for Vetreria Artistica Baroviar in the 1920's, Rare Moorcroft Arts & Crafts Covered Jar with Blue Trees, R. Lalique "Malesherbes" Crystal Vase, (2) Loetz Austrian Art Glass Vases, Daum Majorelle Orange Art Glass Large Vase, Pair of Impressive Royal Copenhagen Figural Blue Onion 5-Arm Candelabras, Meissen Figural Couple with Bird Cage Candlestick, Rookwood Artist Signed Margaret McDonald Vellum Glaze Vase, Meiji Satsuma Vases, KPM Floral Muffineer, etc. Fine Silver: Impressive 1906 "Studebaker Cup" (Studebaker Automobiles) Horse Racing Figural Loving Cup Trophy Made by Tiffany & Co. Weighing 50+ Troy Ounces, Theo Faberge "St. Petersberg" Sterling Egg in Box, Russian Hallmarked Sterling Cut Glass Wine Claret Jug, Pair of Baccarat Cut Glass Bowls with Russian Hallmarked Sterling Bails, Dated 1690 Floral Repousse Beaker Cup, Pair of German 800 Silver Rococo Tall Candlesticks, Heavy American Sterling Pierced Wine Bucket, English Hallmarked Pierced Sterling Center Bowl, English Sterling Taza, Antique Christofle Silverplate Flatware Service in Original Box, Early Towle Sterling Horse Show Loving Cup Trophy, Siam Sterling Large Humidor, (3) Antique Thai Repousse Silver Bowls, 5 Piece Thai Sterling Tea Service with Tray, 48pc Carl Aubock Design for Amboss Austrian "Maestro" Stainless Steel Modernist Flatware Set in Original Boxes, etc. Jewelry & Watches: 1.47 Carat European Cut Loose Diamond, 14k Diamond Rings, Rare Tissot 14k Men's "Navigator" World Time Wristwatch, Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men's Datejust Wristwatch, Vintage Women's 14k Rolex Wristwatch, Birks Guilloche Enameled Pierrot's Serenade Compact, Pair of Enameled Silver Compacts with Horse Heads, Victorian 14k Carved Coral Hand Brooch with Elgin 14k Women's Pocket Watch, etc. Asian Antiquities: Fine Chinese White Jade Rectangular Pendant with Bats, Pair of Antique Chinese Jade Sword Guards, Large Spinach Jade Seated Buddha Figure, Chinese Ivory Fisherman Tusk Carving, Carved Ivory Doctor's Model, Japanese Large Bronze Elephant with Ivory Tusks, Carved Jade Pendants & Bangles, Pair of Antique Jade Sword Guards, Jade Archer's Rings, Chinese Blue & White Large Vase, Polychrome Porcelain Covered Duck Server, Pair of Armorial Export Plates, Pair of Famille Noir Plates, Chinese Pierced Carved Ivory Box, Chinese Carved Ivory Dragon Round Box, Small Collection of Fine Japanese Carved Netsuke, Fine Japanese Cloisonne Vases, Chinese Sang de Bouef Porcelain Vases, Chinese Emperor Scroll Painting, Chinese Landscape Scroll Paintings, Large Chinese Brass 3-Part Incense Burner or Censer, (2) Ancient Thai Buddha Bronze Heads, Large Grouping of Thai Sterling Silver, Large Japanese Uzu Stump Rice Mortar, etc. Swords & Armor: 18th Century Moro Philippines Chain Mail & Horn Chest Armor, 19th Century Lion Pommel British Saber with Ivory Grips, 18th Century Continental Flintlock Pistol, Collection of 16th & 17th Century Japanese Tsuba Sword Guards, Collection of Gold Inlaid Fuchi, Antique Japanese Menpo Face Mask, Fine Japanese Wakazashi Short Sword by Namihira Yoshiyasu with Gold Inlaid Bronze Tsuba/Menuki/Fuchi, etc. Furniture and Oriental Rugs: Torbjorn Afdal Design for Bruksbo Norway Long Teak Bench, Several Antique Oriental Rugs, Kazak, Caucasian, Persian Tribal, Chinese Carved Rosewood Daybed, etc. Books, Instruments, Items of Interest: 1960 Leica M3 Black Body Camera with Lenses, Original 1910 C.F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Style 00-21 in Case. Serial Number 11055, The Gibson Soprano Ukelele in Case, W.& L.E. Gurley New York Brass Surveyor's Vernier Compass in Fitted Box, Tiffany Studio Form 618 Bronze Lamp Base, 1859 Limited Edition Numbered Book "Sylvie" by Gerard de Nerval, Frank Lloyd Wright "Building Plans & Designs" Large Portfolio, FLW Wendingen Book in Slipcase, (3) Vintage Disney Animation Cells, etc.  See photos, photo catalog and hammer prices.

Saturday August 18, Onsite Estate Auction, Real Estate and Personal Property

4209 Interlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103  Sold at auction.  Real Estate: Wallingford Fixer or Teardown! 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Fireplace, Gas Heat, Alley Rear Access, 850 sf home on 3011 sf lot, Built 1906, Fenced Yard. 50 year Contents include: Tools, Kitchenware, chests & collectibles. See photos.

Thursday August 9, Antique & Estate Auction

Fine Estate Items from Northwest Estates including Issaquah, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill & Kent  Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Spectacular Vintage Circa 1900 American Oak Dining Set including 54" Round Oak Dining Table w/Heavy Carved Claw Feet w/5 leaves, set of 6 matching Oak Dining chairs w/Claw Feet, Carved Oak Large Curved Glass China Cabinet, Carved Oak Sideboard Base, Oak 5 drawer highboy chest, Mayline Oak Double Section Stacking Map or Art Cabinet on Base, Antique Period Oak German Drop Front Desk/Secretary Desk, Mid Century Walnut Marble Top Console Cabinet, Lexington Hand Made Solid Cherry Sideboard Cabinet, Table & Floor Lamps, 10x14 Bokara Oriental Rug, Pair vintage Walnut/Leather Office Armchairs, Drexel Red Leather Sofa, Primitive large double glass door red cabinet, (2) 4 drawer contemporary legal file cabinets, Hand Made & Signed Modern Oak Sideboard, etc. Lots of Sterling including 4 sterling flatware sets including Kirk & Sons, Steiff, Norwegian & Thailand decorated, etc, English Footed Tray, Bowls, serving pieces, candlesticks, trays, shakers, plates, Chocolate Pot, Siam sterling serving pieces, also Silver Plate: Pair Fancy Reed & Barton Candleabras, Serving Dome Cover, Cansk Tea Set, Trays, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, NW artworks, Richard Engstrom, Wes Broten, Framed Edward Curtis Prints, Studio Pottery, Studio Art Wood Bowls, etc. Chinese, Japanese & Asian Fine Antiques & Furnishings: Vintage Carved Rosewood 2 door cabinet, Chest on stand, Lacquer 2 door cabinet, 4 panel Coromandel Screen, Carved Rosewood Coffee Table, Cloisonne, Chinese & Japanese Porcelain, Temple Carvings & Pottery, Carved Jades, Archer's Rings, Chargers, Dragon Plates, Riceware, Carved Ivory Mystery Ball, Kimonos, 2 carved Dragon Blow Guns, Large Carved Wood Japanese Home Carp Fish Figure, Asian Small Heavy Wood Game Board, Japanese Baskets, Basket Table, Leather Chest & Boxes, Asian bronze figural weights, etc. Books: Fine Book Collection from the Estate of Wallace Engstrom, large quantity of very fine books, Must See! Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl figures & vases, Lots of Waterford Crystal, Marquis Crystal, Royal Brierly Crystal, Art glass, Cut glass, Set of fine Royal Swansea Service Plates, Red Wing Pottery Pitchers, Carnival Glass, Delftware, Cobalt glass, large Mottahedeh Covered Duck Server, Val St Lambert Cut To Clear Vase, Fine China Sets: Friendly Village, Castleton MaLin, large Longwy French Bowl, Hull, etc. Firearms, Sword & Related War Memorabilia, 1889 Springfield Trapdoor rifle w/bayonet, French 1936 7.5mm Carbine Rifle w/bayonet, US military sword, Bayonets, Civil War scale model actual firing model cannon, German & Japanese WWI & WWII Military Helmets, etc. Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, Gold Rings, Diamond Rings, vintage 14k gold pocket watch, English Sterling Box w/blue butterfly wings inset in top, Fine Opal Necklace, Large Natural Pearl, Pearls, lots of gold jewelry, costume jewelry, etc. Indian & Native American Items: Indian basket, Navajo Sterling Squash Blossom Necklace, Large Signed Sterling Navajo Concho Belt, Navajo Buckle & Bolo Tie w/turquoise, etc. Items of Interest: Bausch & Lomb Vintage Microscope in fitted box w/accessories, Buff & Buff Transit w/fitted box, Gimballed Compass in Wood Box, Canadian Mist large Airplane Hanging Ceiling Advertising Model, 1942 US Issue Snow Shoes, 4x6 Turkish Kilim, Hanging Carved Wood Goose Decoys, Duck Decoys, Old Copper & Brass Ware, Vintage Electric Table Fan, Oak Kitchen Shelf Clock, Seth Thomas small Banjo Clock, Singer Featherweight sewing machine, Toleware HP tray, Nautical Lantern, some US silver coins, pocket knives, beaded bags, halloween, Fine Art Nuveau items: large Brass/Copper decorated Pitcher & Letter Holder, Antique Primitve Wood Scoop, Large Crystal Chandelier, Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Mahogany large Inlaid Humidor, Rare Hallicrafters WWII Model SX-28 U S Army Super Skyrider Radio Receiver, Fine Linens, Paper Goods, Iron Banks & Bank Parts, Very Unusual Barn Metal Topper w/Horse Weather Vane from the Booth Gardner family home, Vintage Hats & Boxes, Bowler, Needlework, Stereo Components, JBL JSR 400 Receiver, Digital Aucio Model DA-U2 Speakers, Small vintage lathe, Fishing Rods, Oak boxes, toy Singer sewing machine, Lionel 2338 Engine & Train track & accessories, Stamp Collection, Boeing Memorabilia, vintage large toy truck, Barbies, etc.  See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday July 26, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Bellevue, Issaquah, West Seattle and Stanwood, etc.  Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Very High Quality Furnishings: Baker Mahogany Double Pedestal Dining Table w/2 large extensions & Banded Inlay Top, Set of 8 Carved Henredon Dining Chairs, Pair of Henredon Blue Velvet Club Chairs, 2 Henredon Wing Back Chairs, Henredon Chippendale Carved King Size headboard, Designer Mid Century Chrome coffee table w/heavy glass top, 4 Bokara room size oriental rugs, Runner rugs, Another Mahogany Dining set w/lyre base extension table, 8 cane back & seat dining chairs, buffet & china cabinet, 2 Mahogany vintage Bedroom Sets, Poster Bed, Chests, Primitive Red large 2 glass door cabinet, Antique Primitive Pine Round Top Dovetailed Chest, Antique Pine Wall Cabinet, Period Mahogany inlaid gentlemans mirror, Oak Standing Cheval Mirror, Antique rockers, Victorian Chairs, Childs wicker rocker, Cherry antique settee, Walnut carved oval coffee table w/glass tray top, Inlaid Mahogany spiral leg kidney table, Mahogany Kidney Desk, Group of Oak Captain's Chairs from 1900's saloon, Large Thonet Bentwood Rocker, 2 narrow curio cabinets, Vintage Carved Wood Frame Sofa & Wing Back Chair & ottoman, Pair of Cut Glass Lamps, Antique Oak Carved Open Bookcase, Mahogany Console Cabinet Extension Table, 2 Cedar Chests, Vintage Rolltop Desk, Chrome Dinette Set, Floor Lamps, Bamboo pair Armchairs & small round table, etc. Very Large Quantity of Sterling: Lots of Sterling including 5 sterling flatware sets, Pitchers, Baskets, Bowls, serving spoons, napkin rings, boxes, salad sets, candlesticks, trays, shakers, plates, shell dishes, Mugs, Compacts, Salts, also Silver Plate Victorian Caster Sets, Serving Dome Cover, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, NW artworks, Dorthy Dolph Jensen Woodblock, NW studio glass, Pilchuck, Watercolors, Collectin of vintage Baby Prints, 20's prints, lots of vintage frames, Vintage NW framed tinted photos, Very Nice Antique Mirror w/Matching Wall Console, Japanese Block Prints, etc. Vintage Radio Collection: Early Radios, Speakers, Crosley, GE, Stromberg Carlson, Radiola 20 w/horn speaker, console radio, cathedral radios, Hallicrafters, Philco, Coronado, Air Cheif, etc. Vintage & Antique Stained Glass Lamp Collection: over 12 antique stained glass lamps, assorted antique lamp bases, etc. Asian Items: Cloisonne, Asian china, Porcelain, Inside Painted Snuff Bottle, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Chihuly Spiral Glass Pieces, Large Webb Satin Glass Artglass vase, Mary Gregory Barber Bottle, Cut Glass, RS Prussia, Bavarian China, Caster Sets, etc. Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, Miriam Haskell, DeMario, Eisenberg, Cameos, Gold Rings, Diamond Rings, Group of Sterling Mesh handbags, Pettipoint handbag, Beaded Bags, vintage pocket & wrist watches, Vintage Watch Fobs, GAR medals, Lincoln Watch Fob, Sterling & Enamel Compacts, Pins, Pearl Necklace, Bracelets, Masons large Pitcher & Bowl Chamber set, etc. Banks: Collection of Cast Iron & Metal Still Banks & 2 antique Mechanical Banks, Jolly Nword & Owl, Safes, Banks, Figurals, Dogs, Horses, Beer Cans, Iron Billiken Bank, etc. Indian & Native American Items: Indian beaded cuffs, Eskimo ivory carved Billikens, Alaska Ivory Scrimshaw pins, etc. Antique Tools: Stanley, Planes, large crosscut saw, wrenches, hammers, levels, mitre saw, ivory folding rule, etc. Clocks: Telechron Clock w/Westminster Chimes, Mantle Clocks, Victorian Kitchen Clock, German clocks, 2 Carriage Clocks, etc. Items of Interest: Colombia Grafonola Victrola, large Antique Brass Birdcage, 2 Brass Fireplace Fenders, Fire Dogs, 2 Hand Pump antique vacuum cleaners, Advertising Bulova Clock, Iron Smoking Stand, antique enamel balance scale, Ivory handle riding crops, Several pieces of WWI Trenchart, Soviet Flight Suit, Nice Crystal Chandelier, Antique Trunks, Vintage Clothing, Paisley, Collection of Antique Patchwork Quilts, Vintage Barbie Dolls, Patsy Dolls, Pie Birds, 1923 Husky UW vs USC vintage Football Program, Vintage Postcards, Indian Postcards, Hotwheels, Ironware, Opaque Projector, Stereoscope, Old Books & Catalogs, Victorian Wall Shaving Mirror, Vintage Barbie & Patsy Dolls & Accessories, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday July 12, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Everett, West Seattle & Stanwood, etc.   Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Heavy Carved French 10' Sideboard, 9x12 Karastan Rug, Early American Primitive Furnishings, Pine Drysink, large pine Harvest Table, Early Work table, Early pine dome top chest w/iron straps, Inlaid pembroke table, Antique Oak kitchen cupboard, Oak bookcases, Mahogany drop leaf round table, chairs, Marble top Victorian table, carved low tables, nests of tables, Sq oak lamp table w/glass ball feet, Early Decorated wood Chest, Queen Size very exotic log bed frame, etc. Very Large Quantity of Sterling: Lots of Sterling including 3 sterling flatware sets, Pitchers, Baskets, Bowls, serving spoons, napkin rings, boxes, salad sets, candlesticks, trays, shakers, plates, shell dishes, Mugs, Compacts, Salts, Steiff lg serving spoon, also Silver Plate serving pieces & flatware sets, Hollywood Regency Serving Cart, etc. Stamps & Baseball Cards: Large US Stamp Collection including Duck Stamps, Special Delivery, 30's & 40's, Group of early baseball cards, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Etchings, Oils, NW artworks, NW studio glass, Pilchuck, Watercolors, etc. Firearms: Antique Early Winchester pump 22 rifle, bolt action 22 rifle. Vintage & Antique Dolls, Toys & Model Airplanes: Large bisque head dolls from Bellevue Doll Museum, Collectors dolls, Japanese battery operated toys mint in boxes including: Alps, Linemar, Marx, Kragstan, TN, Y, Santa, etc., Charlie McCarthy hand dummy doll in original box, Sun Rubber Popeye figure, Mint in Box Airplane Models, Gas Engines by Cox, Enya, Tigre, etc, Props, Balsa Wood, Fuselage parts, wheels, mint in package airplane model supplies, etc. Trade Stimulators: Drinker Tinker Test of Skill, Atlas Tilt Test, Zipper Skill, Your Fortune Dice, Twico Read Your Fortune, Figural Gumball Machine, etc. Asian Items: Cloisonne, Asian china, Porcelain, Jade carving, Jade bangles, Ivory carvings, Asian Bronze Buddha figure, Carved Chinese Dragon Arm Chair, Artwork, Inside Painted Snuff Bottles, Pair Chinese Carved Soapstone Figures, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Studio NW Art Glass, Hummels, Antique Belleek basketweave basket, Carnival bowl, Satin Glass, Cut Glass, RS Germany, Faience, Tiffany crystal stemware, Bing & Grondahl, Wedgwood, Swarovski crystal figures & ornament, etc. Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, Platinum & Diamond Deco Cocktail Ring, vintage pocket & wrist watches, Pins, Necklaces, etc. Indian & Native American Items: Indian Baskets, Carved wood bowl, Eskimo ivory items, etc. Clocks: Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Regulator Wall Clock, Coo Coo Clock, etc. Items of Interest: Early Seattle Trolley 1920's street car passenger counter & bell, 1930's Seattle Street Car Coin Box on stand, Seattle Fire Department items including 1909 Fire Alarm Telegraph Register & 1909 Triple Crystal Radio Detector, Fire Hose nozzles, All types of steam brass guages, Collection of RailRoad Lanterns, Antique Pedal driven Industrial Coping saw, Pedal Lathe piece, Antique Oak Spool Cabinet, Ladies Schwinn Bicycle, Masonic Sword, Antique NW Photographs, Real Photo postcards, Haynes Stereo Views, Antique Stereo Viewer, Paper Goods, old photo albums, Electric Guitar, oil lamps, cookie jars, Bossom figures, Bridge lamps, Binoculars, Sheath Knives, piecrust frames, Cameras, 46 star US flag, Storey & Clark Mahogany Case Spinet Piano, smoking pipes, Playboy mags, Western & Detective Mags, Pin back buttons, sheet music, marbles, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday June 28, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Bellevue, Burlington & Everett, etc.   Vintage & Antique Furnishings: Heavy Carved French 10' Sideboard, 10' Carved Gilt Frame Mirror, Carved French Walnut Buffet, Victorian Eastlake Highboy Chest, Cherry Cedar Chest, 6' heavy carved oak bench, Marble top French Brass/marble table, French Kidney marble top table, set of carved French walnut dining chairs, Deco Bamboo large Armchair & Ottoman, Deco Bamboo Bar & stools, Antique Oak Pub Table & 4 chairs, Period Walnut drop leaf table, 2 mahogany spinet desks, 1930's Mahogany Inlaid Bedroom set, Oak highboy, lots of lamps, 9x12 Karastan Rug, 10x13 Afghan Oriental Rug, 2 old school desks, Antique Oak Morris Chair, Marble top Mahogany low 2 door cabinet, Oak Throne Chair, Antique Oak single pedestal desk & spindle back swivel office armchair, Chinese rugs, Antique American Pine Drysink, Inlaid Checkerboard Table, Carved walnut fireside bench, Sewing stand, Rattaan wicker table & 2 chairs, etc. Sterling: Lots of Sterling including 3 sterling flatware sets, bowls, serving spoons, napkin rings, boxes, salad sets, candleabras, trays, goblets, shakers, etc. Stained Glass Lamps: Bradley & Hubbard Bronze Base lamp, 2 more vintage slag glass lamps, etc. Coins, Stamps & Currency: Gold & Platinum Coins, Antique US Currency, US Coin Collection, Early coins, First Day Cover Stamps, large collection of US full sheets stamps from 30's & 40's, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Indian prints, Cupid, etc. Firearms: Antique Early Winchester lever action 30.06cal rifle, Marlin 45/70cal lever action rifle, Colt 38 special detective model 2" barrell revolver. Asian Items: Cloisonne, carved amber vase, Asian china, Porcelain, Jade carving, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Art Glass, Steuben, Tiffany, Waterford stemware, American Brilliant Cut Glass, Rookwood, Royal Worchester, Meissen, Lalique, Royal Bayreuth collection, Tapestry, Miniature paintings on ivory, lots of fine Cranberry stemware, Mt. Washington, Weller bow w/figural centerpiece, High Glaze Pottery Jardinier, Consolidated & Phoenix glass, Webb artglass enamel pitcher, fine 6 bottle caster set, Majolica, Royal Doulton figures, Hummels, Carnival vase, pairs lustres, fine crystal stemware, Steins, Ironstone, RS Prussia, Moorcroft, etc. Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, 14K & 18K rings, Lockets, Stick pins, vintage pocket & wrist watches, Pearls, Pins, Necklaces, etc. Clocks: Large Inlaid clock made for Tiffany, Brass & Wood Frame School Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Regulator Wall Clock, Ships clock, Grandfather clock, etc. Tools: Craftsman stack tool chests, Hand & Power tools, Antique Tools, Homelite chain saw, etc. Items of Interest: Early portable key wind cylinder record player, English brass telescope in fitted box, Antique Fairbanks Standard platform scale, Antique Pedal Grinder/polisher, Lionel Trains, Marbles, 2 Singer Featherweight sewing machines, Old GE table fan, microscope, books, antique paper goods, postcards, pamphlets, old photo albums, pocket & sheath knife collection, Military knife, Cameras, Fire bells, oak wall telephone, wicker baby carriages, old Schwinn ladies bicycle, vintage 40's microphone on stand, lg glass fish float, antique school bell, toleware, collection of red wood handle kitchenware, coffee grinders, vintage hand cuffs, Aurora Postage Train set, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday June 14, Fine Art & Antiques Auction

Featuring the Collection from the Estate of Wallace Engstrom.   Fine Art: Sam Francis (WA/NY) Original Ink Abstract (From the Lou Guzzo Collection), William Trost Richards Seascape Watercolor in Original Frame, Carlos Orozco Romero (Mexico) "Lake Patzcuaro" Oil, Brownell McGrew (AZ/NM) Southwest Landscape Oil, Original Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) Gouache of a Prince, John Anthony Conner California Landscape Oil, Thomas Hill A.W.S. (AZ) Mexico Watercolor, Several Frank DiVita (Montana) Wildlife Bronzes, Fred Oldfield Paintings (3), Sheryl Bodily Western Oils (3), Scott McDaniel Oil, Eugene M. Dyczkowski (NY) Several Artworks, Dean Waite (MA) Ship Oils (2), William E. Elston, Abe Blashko (3) Illustrations, Paul Green, Christian Michel, Alexander Petrov Surrealist Works (2), Selen Santucci, JD Hartman Rhino Bronze, Pair of Erte Marquetry Inlaid Wood Alphabet Letter Plaques, etc. Northwest Modern & Traditional Art: Important Neil Meitzler "The Tempest" Oil 6'x6' Public Commission for Columbia Tower, Works by William Cumming (2), Neil Meitzler (3), William Ivey, Paul Horiuchi, Virginia Banks (2), Guy Anderson, Mark Tobey, Fay Chong, Gaylen Hansen, Windsor Utley, Helmi Juvonen, Tom Hardy (OR) Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Michael Stasinos (2), Susan Bennerstrom (3), Sylvain Klauss, Art Hansen (2), Bill Brewer, Lockwood Dennis, Francesca Sundsten (2), Max Grover (2). Mark Meyer, Allen Wolf, Carol Wax, Eustace Ziegler, Waldo S. Chase Watercolors (2), Edmond James Fitzgerald (2), Waldo Chase, Edgar Forkner, Robert Engard, Pauline Johnson, Johnsel Namkung, etc. Studio Ceramics: Rare Mutsuo Yanagihara Gold/Silver Luster Funk Vase, Akio Takamori Head Vase, Betty Feves Tray, David Shaner Slab, Anne Hirondelle Vase, James & Nan McKinnel Drink Set, Ivarose Bovingdon (3), Regnor Reinholdsten, Sam Scott, Phil Eagle, Forest German, Paul Lewing, etc. Fine Print & Photography: Ansel Adams & Brett Weston Signed Gelatin Silver Print Photographs, Edward Curtis "Clam Diggers" Border Photograph, Works by Harry Gottlieb, Oskar Schlemmer, Rockwell Kent, Francesca Sundsten, Eustace Ziegler (Etchings 4), Howard Bear, Harold Altman, Charles Baskett, David Becker, Hans Bellmer, Frances Blakemore, Arnold Blanch, Abe Blashko, Klaus Bottger, Peter Brauninger, Bruno Bruni, Jacques Callot, Henry Chapront, Waldo Chase, Ethelyn Pratt Cobb, John O'Hara Cosgrave II, Daniel Dallman, William Daniell, Emily Atkins Day, Oleg Denisenko, Lockwood Dennis, M. Dubourg, Conrad Felixmuller, Tony Fitzpatrick, Don Freeman, Isac Friedlander, Phillip Galle, Eric Gill, Erwin Graumann, Paul Green, Stephen Hazel, Erich Heckel, Joseph Hirsch, Jan Hisek, Pauline Johnson, Robert Kipniss, Peter Klucik, Alexander Zerdin Kruse, Vladimir Kush, Louis-Aguste Lepere, Louis leGrand, Clare Leighton, Charles Locke, Tranquillo Marangoni, Reginald Marsh, Anne Kutka McCosh, Mathaus Merian, Frederick Mershimer, Kenneth Hayes Miller, Peter Milton, Barry Moser, Chrispin Van de Passe, Pavol Pevny, Charles Philipon, Valentin Popov, Marina Richter-Tesarikova, Thomas Rowlandson, Jenny Schmid, Georges Schreiber, Anthony Sisti, Scott Smith, Herman Van Swanevelt, Leticia Tarrago, Jacques Villon, Jan Van Der Velde II, James J. Vullo, Carol Wax, Art Werger, Ephram Wolff, Paul Wunderlich, and Eugene Zimmerman. Antique Maps: Works by Johannes Blaeu, Richard Horwood, Guillaume de L'lsle, Pierre Mortier, Samuel Parker, etc. Collection of Animation Cels including: Rare 1937 Snow White Cel of the Seven Dwarfs, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book, Lady & The Tramp, Aristocats, etc. Group of Antique Dolls: Effanbee, Madame Alexander Godey Lady, Ideal Toni, Wislizenus Bisque Head Baby, Schoenau & Hoffmeister Bisque Head Baby, Creche Lady Doll, etc. Silver: Set of 98pc Georg Jensen "Acorn" Pattern Sterling Flatware Service, Georg Jensen "Argo" Modernist Sterling Flatware Service, Gorham "Chantilly" Pattern Large Sterling Flatware Service, Gorham "Strasbourg" Sterling Flatware Service, Birks "Gadroon" Sterling Flatware Service, Tiffany Sterling "Blackberry" and "Chrysanthemum" Berry Serving Spoon, 4pc Sterling 950 Chippendale Tea Service, Set (8) Francis 1st Sterling Nut Bowls, Randall Hammered Sterling A&C Sugar/Creamer, International Sterling Large Pierced Center Bowl, etc. Fine Estate Jewelry: Strell 14k Diamond Cluster Pendant with a 1.13ct Center Stone (3.95ct TW), 1.56ct Diamond (Loose), 22k Filigree Chinese Cuff Bracelet with Carved Jade Inset Panels, Antique Medusa Carved Shell Cameo with 14k Weaving Snake Bezel, 23.88ct Natural Aquamarine (Emerald Cut) in 14k Setting, 16.12ct Natural Aquamarine & Diamond Ring in 14k Setting, Pair of 14k & Platinum Natural Aquamarine (14.54ct TW) Earrings, 25.47ct Natural Citrine Quartz 14k Leaf Brooch with Diamond Accents, 2.6ct Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond 14k Leaf Brooch, 14ct Natural Citrine Quartz Pendant Necklace in 22k Gold Setting, 18k Colored Multi-Stone Ring with Garnets/Topaz/Natural Amethyst/Natural Citrine Quartz/Green Tourmaline/Natural Peridot Stones, Men's & Women's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Wristwatches in Boxes, Vintage Women's 18kt Solid Gold Omega 17J Wristwatch with Diamonds, 14k Solid Gold Mesh Women's Bag, Assortment of 14k Artisan Figural Brooches, etc. Pottery & Porcelain: Early Artemis Van Briggle 1903 Poppy Vase, Van Briggle 1905 Blue Matte Glaze Vase, (2) Early Van Briggle Vases, Meissen "Europe & The Bull" Figure Group, Set of Meissen Floral Fine China Service, American Green Cut to Clear Trumpet Vase, Loetz Art Nouveau Metal Overlay Bowl, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of Chinese Carved Ivory Fishermen Tusk Carvings, Japanese Fine Carved Ivory Okimono of Geisha with Child, Chinese Famile Rose Porcelain, Sadao Watanabe "Last Supper" Woodblock, Antique Samurai Shoto Sword, WWII Japanese Officers Shagreen Handled Sword, Edo Period Japanese Interior Painting with Gallery Note, (6) Meiji Japanese Small Tansu (Apothecary) Chests, etc. Items of Interest: 19th Century French Bronze Mounted Ormulu Curio Cabinet, etc. See Photos, Silent Auction Photos, Text Catalog, and hammer prices.

Saturday June 2, Onsite Estate Auction

Antique Dealer's Estate: Carved Oak: Hallseat, Curved Glass China cabinet w/leaded door & claw feet, Round Oak Table w/claw feet, Buffet w/mirror & claw feet, Mission Oak drop front desk, Antique Oak & Walnut china cabinets, Player Piano, Vintage Radios, Stained Glass lamp, mini oil lamps, mixing bowls, cobalt glass, vintage kitchenware, Childrens prints & artwork, Patchwork quilts, 20's Walnut Bedroom Set, Budweiser Guitar Beer Sign, vintage clothing, Walnut Cedar Chest, Vintage large "Record your Voice" Booth, Wicker settee, chairs, desk & chair, Oak medicine cabinet, mult drawer sorting cabinet, stucco bamboo display cases, Nouveau Oak 3 panel folding screen, Oak wall telephone, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday May 31, Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including Bellingham, Issaquah & Capitol Hill Estates, etc.  Vintage & Contemporary Furnishings: Mid Century Teak Dining set w/tile inset top, drop leaf table, chairs & china cabinet, teak bookcases, Paul McCobb Planner Group Winchendon Round Iron base coffee table, 50's black wire leg dining table, California tile top stand, tall Provincial lingerie chest, Mahogany drop front desk, Mid Century dressing table, large room size Afghan oriental rug, Antique Oak carved hall seat, carved oak high chair, US Coin Collection: Many Morgan Silver Dollars including Carson City Silver Dollars, assorted silver halves, quarters, dimes, silver bullion, French antique marquetry game table w/ormulu, Unusual Wrought Iron Round Wine Display Bar Cart from Nieman Marcus, etc. Sterling: Lots of Sterling including 5 sterling flatware sets, bowls, baskets, very large collection of sterling souvenir spoons including cities, states, Indians, scenic, etc, salad sets, candelabras, trays, goblets, shakers, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Photos, Framed prints & lithographs, Northwest Scenic Paintings, Nautical ship paintings, also large antique photo collection, Darius Kinsey logging photos, railroad photos, antique military photos, Venetian Oval Mirror, Modern Studio Pottery by Lucy Chamberlain, large Victorian walnut framed mirror, etchings on silk Italian, etc. Asian items: Asian bronzes, Asian pottery & Porcelain, collection of Rose Canton & Rose Medallion Chinese dishes, Cloisonné vases, Exportware, Bowls, pots, chargers, carved jade figure, carved soapstone figure group, fine pr bookends, etc. Dolls & Related: Vintage dolls, Kewpies, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Waterford stemware & shakers, large collection of American Brilliant Cut Glass, large collection of souvenir china, Bellingham Bay Brewery mugs, Baby portrait tea set, fine Hutchenreuther figures, Orient & Flume vase, Royal Vienna, Royal Bayreuth, Van Briggle, Rookwood, Quimper, Lalique, 2 sets of Spode china including Fairy Dell, etc. Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Costume Jewelry, 14K & 18K rings, Lockets, Stick pins, etc. Clocks: Antique Mahogany Case Herschede Grandfather clock, antique clocks, Carved Black Forest Cuckoo clock, etc. American Indian: Beadwork bags, moccasins, sashes, etc. Items of Interest: Old Advertising Banner, Signs, large collection of souvenir china, lots of fine paper goods, rare books, signed first editions, black memorabilia books, slavery, Basketball book by Clarence (Hec) Edmundson, NW books, Leather Bound books, pamphlets, early crockery churn, Singer featherweight sewing machine, signed Bing Crosby photo, "Bartender" Occupational Shaving mug by Koken, Small Antique Beluchistan mat, Spooks Arcade Shooting Gallery stand up game, One Arm Bandit $1, Vintage Radio tube tester, Smoking Pipes, pin back buttons, patchwork quilts, large bronze w/glass panels ceiling fixture, braided rugs, bronze elephant figural wall sconces, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Saturday May 19, Onsite Estate Auction

Lifetime antique dealer's estate, house is packed. Many Collections including 1000's books antique reference library, books on Glass, China, NW, Indian, Western, Paper, Lamps, etc., childrens books, leather bound books, NW books, etc. Lots of art glass, silver, Victorian glass, bisquit jars, advertising, beer trays, pottery, souvenir china, many crocks, tons of paper goods, attorney bookcases, 2 dr bookcase, Mahogany dining set, Trunks, postcards & valentines, paperweights, antique paintings, prints, silhouettes, calendars, menus, maps, lots of cut glass, fine china sets, Mintons, Haviland, Bayreuth, Carnival glass, buttons, Asian items, copper lustre, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday May 17, Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including items from another Bellingham Estate, part 2 Lalique Collection & a Capitol Hill Estate, etc.  Designer, Vintage & Contemporary Furnishings: McGuire Designer Computer Center Cabinet (Cost $20,000), Widdecomb extension dining table, 9x12 Designer Modern Oriental Rug (Cost $8,400), Deco Chinese 9x12 rug, Stickley Oak Library Table, McGuire Bar Stools, Dania Pedestal Table w/4 chairs, Set of 4 Mid Century Dining Chairs, George Nelson for Herman Miller large platform slat bench (as is), Oak large lighted China Cabinet, Marble Top Console Cabinet, Globe Industrial Steel Mid Century Sectional Glass door bookcase, Leather Reclining Armchair & ottoman, etc. US Coins & Stamps: Many Morgan Silver Dollars including 3 uncirculated Carson City Silver Dollars, Mint sets, Stamp Collection, First Day Covers, Plate Block Collections, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Framed prints & lithographs, Luigi Kasimir etching, Rie Munoz prints, Vintage Photos, etc. Firearms & War Memorabilia related: Marlin Model 336 30-30 lever action rifle w/scope, Browning 20ga over/under shotgun (in box never fired), Browning Light 12 12ga semi auto shotgun, Ruger 22 revolver, various antique hand guns, pellet rifle, US WWII helmet & accessories, Military Combat Knife, Bayonet, etc. Asian items: Pottery & Porcelain, Chinese jade, etc. Dolls & Related: Storybook dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Raikes bears, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Herend Fine Porcelain, Steuben, Large Collection of Lalique Figures, Vases, Perfume Bottles, etc., in Original Boxes, Cambridge Crystal, Collection of Royal Worchester Figures, Collection of Antique Souvenir china, set of Spode Fairydell China, antique Christmas Plates, Artglass, Satin Glass, Tiffany, Italian Porcelain, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Sterling, 14K Gold, Schiaparelli, fine costume jewelry, Lots of Sterling including 6 sets of flatware, Bowls, Candlesticks, Serving Pieces, etc. Clocks: Antique clocks, Ansonia China Case Mantel Clock, Bailey & Co Carriage Clock, etc. Items of Interest: Advertising, Antique Beer glasses, Lionel Train items, 2 antique Graflex Cameras, Canon Camera & many lenses, Rolleiflex Camera, Mid Century Pottery, Vintage Matchbook Collection, Evinrude Outboard Motor, Vintage toys, Lamps, Comic Book Collection, Vintage Baseball Collection, GWTW lamps, Oil Lamps, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday May 3, Estate Auction

Northwest Estates: Antiques, large Lalique Collection (all in original boxes), lots of Sterling including 2 flatware sets, Gorham Snowflake Christmas sterling Ornaments, etc, US Coins & Antique Currency, fine 14k and costume jewelry, Chippendale Dining set w/10 chrs, Victorian settee set, Armchairs, Commode and tables, Carved Oak Display Cabinet, Oak Pedestal, Terra Cotta Pedestal, Satin wood tilt top piecrust table, Pair Baker Decorator Upholstered Armchairs, Pair Light Blue Velvet Low Back Occasional Chairs, Loveseat, Oriental Rugs, Paintings, Oak Case Brunswick Victrola, Mahogany drop front desk & spinet desk, pair Baker armchairs, Early American Work Table, large set of Turquoise Blue Fiesta dishes, Candlewick crystal, set of Lenox Wheat (never used), Old Country Roses Royal Albert dishes, Royal Doulton, Florence, Cranberry, Art Glass, Cut Glass, Roseville Collection, Bisque Dolls, large selection of Vintage Dolls & Accessories, More from Rosie's and Doll Museum, Books, lots of Records including 45s LPs and 33s, Advertising, 30's matchbook collection including sports figures, advertising, etc., license plates from the 20's & 30's, fishing rods & reels, linens, ivory, fancy fireplace sets from Mansions, lots of Linens, Gold Scale, Collection of Antique Eyeglasses, lg Brass hall tree, large Oak 2 door storage cabinet, large Majolica jardinière, large 4 panel Chinoiserie screen, Small 4 panel inlaid Asian screen, Chests, 50's items, beadwork, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Saturday April 28, Onsite Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

17526 154th St SE, Monroe, WA  Sold.  Real Estate: Monroe Fixer! 3BR, 2BA, 1826sf Rambler with 2 car attached garage, on 1/2 Acre 22,651sf lot, built 1970, 2 fireplaces, deck, very large lot. Contents: 40 year contents, living, dining & bedroom furnishings, China, Crystal, Glassware, kitchenware, lots of crafts & sewing supplies, mini washer, basketball free standing hoop, Tools, Yard Art, etc. See photos.

Saturday April 21, Onsite Estate Auction

Uplake Kenmore Estate Auction, Mid Century & Modern, All furnishings very clean, Newer Modern Queen Bed Set, Leather Sofa, Beige sofa, Oak draw leaf table & 2 chairs, Inlaid mother of pearl lacquered tables, modern coffee & end tables, lamps, Cedar Chest, Bookcases, mid century Walnut Buffet, China cabinet, Asian Pots & Cheramics, Studio Pottery, Crystal, Glass, Tools, Women's clothing & shoes, nice Stereo Components & Speakers, kitchenware, patio furniture, large storage chests, etc. See photos.

Thursday April 19, Fine Art & Antique Auction

Extremely Rare 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Baseball Team Photo Card by Peck & Snyder. Considered to be one of the first baseball cards ever made, of one of the first professional baseball teams. This was found in a local Washington estate and is one of very few examples known. Estate Fresh and Guaranteed Authentic. Fine Art: Charles Marion (C.M) Russell 1880 Bronco Buster Drawing with Provenance, Theodore Roosevelt Lambert (AK) Gold Seeker 12"x14", Belmore Brown (CA) "The Forty Mile Range" 1926 Oil, Paul Lauritz California Impressionist Landscape Oil, Jules Dahlager (AK) "Deer Mountain in Winter" Small Oil, Harvey Goodale (AK) Large Sailboat Oil, Theodore Victor Valenkamph (MA) Schooner Ship Oil, Pieter Van Veen (CA/NY) Large Landscape Oil, Merlin Enabnit Early Alaskan Landscape Large Oil, Henry James Soulen "Three Musketeers" Illustration Oil, Morris Walton Leader (TX) "Autumn in Texas" Oil, Christian Von Schneidau "Oregon Waves" Oil, Franz Zallinger Small Oil of Deer, Douglas Oliver (AZ) Very Large Landscape Oil, Kerry Kinman (OR) Desert Scene Oil, Larry Fisher Canadian Pacific Railway Illustration Oil, P.J. Mene Large Whippet Dog Bronze, Isaac Maimon Original Women in Café Large Oil, Pat Steir Original Modern Drawing, etc. Northwest Modern Art & Glass: Dale Chihuly Hanging Green Persian Art Glass, Dale Chihuly Blue & Red Persian Bowl, Dale Chihuly Abstract Acrylic, Bryan Rubino Art Glass Vase, Jean-Pierre Canlis "Blue Wave" Art Glass Sculpture, Amedeo Rosetto Murano Glass Vase, Mark Tobey "Family of Yore" Original Mixed Media, Mark Tobey "Male Torso" Original Ink in Louvre Exhibition, Max Grover "'D' for Dog" Painting, Steve Jensen Carved Wood Mask & Photos, (3) Works by Dick Brown, etc. Photography and Print: Collection of Edward Curtis Blue Toned Gelatin Photographs "Floating Aphrodite", "Castle of Dreams", and "Sunset Trail", Asahel Curtis 1911 Mt. Rainier Goldtone (Orotone) Photograph in Original Frame, Norman Edson Tinted Photographs, Salvador Dali Vintage Signed Lithograph, Aldo Luongo Aerosmith S/N Lithograph, Mel Hunter "Jumper" Equestrian S/N Lithograph, Lawrence W. Lee S/N Indian Serigraph, Robert Natkin Abstract Serigraph, Erte Signed Serigraph, Boulanger S/N Lithograph, etc. Silver: Exceptional Bulgari Italy Sterling & 18k Gold Presentation Cigar Box Humidor inset with Ancient Roman Coins Weighing 2100+ Grams: Made for the Former CEO of Boeing in the 1970's, Fine French Guilloche Sterling Box with Canal Scene, Austrian Enameled Courting Scene Box with White Enamel Paneling, Russian Enameled Sterling Serving Spoon, 17th Century German Silver Gilt Figural Horse & Rider Cup with Jeweled Eyes, 17th Century European Repousse Salt, Russian Sterling Jiggers, Russian Sterling Over-Sized Sugar, Whiting Sterling Overlay Large Vase, Set of Tiffany Sterling Salts in Boxes, Edvard Stromberg Sterling Grape Handled Vases, etc. Jewelry: Vintage Women's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch in Box, 14k Diamond Art Deco Hamilton Women's Wristwatch, Strand of Mikimoto Vintage Pearls, etc. Art Glass: Exceptional Loetz Jeweled & Gold Gilt Vase, Collection of Cameo Glass by Daum Nancy, Galle, DeVez, Webb, etc. Tiffany Favrile Pastel Green Opalescent Petal Vase, Tiffany Favrile Floriform Opalescent Vase, Set of (12) L.C. Tiffany Finger Bowl & Under Plates, Steuben & Quezal, Moser Glass, etc. Fine Porcelain: Impressive Teplitz Large Figure Group of Man on Horseback Spearing a Rhino, Large KPM (Royal Berlin) Hand Painted Plaque after Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun's "Mother & Daughter", Royal Vienna "Bianca" Cabinet Portrait Vase, Pair of Sevres Hand Painted Cobalt Urns, (2) Wedgewood Dragon & Butterfly Lustre Bowls, Several Meissen Figures, Collection of Antique Royal Worcester, (2) Large Covered Mettlach Tureens, Pair of Fine Italian Porcelain Figural Griffin Candlesticks, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of 18th Century Chinese Blue Glazed Dragon Martaban Storage Jars, Large Flambe Glazed Martaban Storage Jar, (3) Large Chinese Carved Ivory Tusk Figures, Pair of Wucai Gu Beaker Dragon Vases with Wanli Mark, Fine Chinese Colored & Carved Ivory Snuff Bottle, Japanese Ando Fine Cloisonne 12" Vase with Birds, Carved White Jade Snuff Bottle with Silver Mounts, Pair of Fine Japanese Meiji Handled Vases with Immortals, Large Meiji Satsuma Vases and Chargers, Fine Satsuma Miniature Cabinet Vases, Large Japanese Imari Covered Urn, Pair of Chinese Porcelain 5' Tall Palace Vases, Antique Japanese Carved & Painted Wood Store Sign, etc. Fine Collection of Antique & Modern Japanese Netsukes: Noh Masks, Children, Rats, Animals, Frogs, Actors, Scholars, Commoners, etc. Collection of Vintage Trade Stimulators, Gumball Machines, and Coin Operated Arcade Machines including: Reel Dice, Pikes Peak, Exray, Baseball Upright Machine, Best Hand, Skill Shot, Sweepstakes Horse Racing, and Dice-o-Matic. Designer Furniture & Oriental Rugs: 19th Century Italian Pietra Dura Inlaid Stone Round Center Table with Carved Base, American 18th Century Slant Front Desk, American 4-Drawer Tiger Eye Maple 19th Century Chest, Antique French Painted Vitrine Curio Cabinet, Antique French Gilt Bronze Mounted Vitrine Table Cabinet, Paul McCobb Design (Planner Group) for Winchendon Black Laminate Dining Set with China Cabinet, 1930's Sarouk Room Size Carpet 9'x12', Antique Bokara Bag Face, Antique Kilim Area Rug, Antique Senna Area Rug, etc. See Photos, Text Catalog, and hammer prices.

Thursday April 5, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques and Collectibles from Northwest Estates including more from the Bellingham 90+ year old retired antique dealer's Estate, part 2 of Rosie's Too & items from the Museum of Doll Art, also Medina Estate, etc.  Vintage & Contemporary Furnishings: Pair of Baker Bamboo style armchairs, large triple curved glass mahogany display china cabinet w/mirror back, glass shelving & lighted, pair of large Oak mirror back leaded glass china cabinets w/lighting & glass shelving, Pine display cabinet, Pair mahogany side display cabinets, Victorian marbe top lamp table, Victorian carved slipper chair, Microfiber green Ethan Allen & Flexsteel sofa & loveseat, Drexel oval dining table & 6 chairs, 12x14 Karastan rug, 9x12 oriental pattern rug, Matching pair of traditional style camel back sofas on high legs, large cherry glass top coffee table & 2 drop leaf end tables, antique round pedestal dining extension table, Victorian marble top commode, Matching pair of fine console stands with mirror backs, Oak icebox, 1930's Mahogany twin bedroom set w/2 beds, highboy, dresser w/mirror, small standing mirror, vanity & bench, highboy chest, pair of tall matching bookcases, etc. US Coin Collection: Many Morgan Silver Dollars including many Carson City Silver Dollars, $10 Gold Piece, lots of Mint sets, assorted silver halves, quarters, dimes, buffalo nickles, silver bullion, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Framed prints and lithographs, large artglass centerpiece sculpture, etc. Asian Items: Asian bronzes, Asian pottery & Porcelain, collection of Mud Men figures, Carved Ivory & Wood Netsukes, Asian cast iron lanterns, large carved Asian wall panel, pair of large Cloisonné vases, Asian riceware china, etc. Lionel Train Collection: Pre War & Post War, 752, 753, 754, 2360 Pennsylvania GG-1 in box, 2349, 2343. Dolls & Related: large A&M Bisque head doll, More bisque head dolls, composition dolls, Storybook dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, bears, stuffed toys, doll parts, doll accessories, doll furniture, doll clothing, great selection, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Baccarat Eagle figure, Orrefors bowls, Steuben, Cambridge Cobalt Ball pitcher, Cobalt glassware, Dresden lamps & candleoperas, Dresden footed bowl & mirror, Waterford Crystal, Royal Winton Chintz plates, fine cups & saucers, Bohemian glass, antique American pattern glass, set of Noritake Legacy Platinum fine china, Mid century fine china set, willow plates, Lipton Teapot, sugar & creamer, Royal Doulton figures, Cutglass lampsk, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & Sterling, 14K & 18K rings, Diamond rings, fine costume jewelry, Womens Wrist watches, set of Sterling heavy goblets, Lockets, Stick pins, large strand 16mm Tahitian black pearls, Amber beads, etc. Clocks: Antique clocks, mantle clocks, Gimballed compass, US Navy wall clock, Royal Crown Cola advertising lighted clock, etc. Indian & Inuit Carvings: large collection of Inuit carvings in Soapstone, figure groups, wood carvings, decorated drum, Fine Indian Navajo Sterling & Turquoise jewelry, Sterling carved cuffs & bracelets, large necklaces, Indian arrowheads, Carved totems, etc. Items of Interest: Bausch & Lomb Antique Brass Microscope, Bradley & Hubbard Stained Glass lamp, Bradley & Hubley standing mirror, Very Fancy Cincinnati Victor Luminaire 1920's vintage Standing Fan, fine collection of Italian & Danish smoking pipes, pocket & sheath knives, marbles, medals, Brass & Copperware, 2 guitars, antique trunks, antique tools, Hitachi cutoff saw, vintage glass door knobs, vintage flashlights, large wall map 1939 of Washington state, More postcards, vintage calendars, prints, Inlaid ivory w/scrimshaw rosewood key cabinet, high Table/display glass cabinet, group of vintage Saturday Evening Post magazines, large Nambe designer bowl w/box, Chandeliers, lots of nice tools, Porter Cable air stapler, sawsall, hand & power tools, Deco Chrome items, plateau mirror, beaded bags, DVDs, Ironware, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Saturday March 31, Clinton Waterfront Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

6627 Columbia Beach Dr, Clinton, WA.  Sold at auction.  Real Estate Features: Fix or Teardown, Great Opportunity, 50' Waterfront, Great Location Faboulous Views, 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 625 sf cabin/home on 50x150 lot + tideland, Built 1927, Porch, Space heater. Island County Assessed Value: $546,126. Contents: Furnishings, Dolls, Glass, China, Kitchenware, Tools, etc. See Photos.

Saturday March 24, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

941 North 79th Street, Seattle, WA.  Sold at auction.  Real Estate: Fixer Home, Great Opportunity, Good Neighborhood, Good Location 2 Bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 1940 sf home on 6000 sf lot, Built 1941, Deck, Detached garage, Oak floors, Basement Recreation Room, Fireplace. King County Assessed Value: $336,000. Contents: Furnishings, Dolls, Glass, China, Kitchenware, hand tools & lots of garden tools, hardware, Beam Bottle decanter collection, dolls, B&H mirror, etc. Contents sold via silent auction bidding ending in 3 stages following real estate offering. See Photos.

Thursday March 22, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including a Bellingham 90+ year old retired antique dealer's estate, part 1 of Rosie's Too, items from the Museum of Doll Art & a Paulsbo estate, etc. Vintage & Contemporary Furnishings: Antique Period circa 1800 Mahogany 3 drawer bow front chest, work table, wall display, Cherry "Hitchcock" Secretary, Hitchcock Oval dining table & 6 chairs w/buffet & china cabinet, 2 antique primitive armoires, Primitive pine/painted farm table, Wicker base Oak top dining extension table, set of 4 oak dining chairs, loveseat, nice leather lift chair, oak stick & ball 3 panel screen, pair twin carved beds, designer brass mirror back wall display cabinet, Pier Mirror w/marble top low base, Pair of Ormulu mounted console stands w/mirror backs, large stucco bamboo display shelving, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Framed prints & lithographs, etc. Dolls & Related: Bisque head dolls, composition dolls, Storybook dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, bears, stuffed toys, Cradles, Childs rockers, doll parts, doll accessories, doll furniture, vintage 50's toys in original boxes, doll clothing, great selection, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Steuben Green Jade large vase, Verlys large vase w/nudes, more steuben pcs, artglass stick vase, lg collection of Hummel figures, fine china, crystal, glassware, Quimper, Spode, Wedgwood jasperware, Asian pottery, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry: Sterling Jewelry & odd pieces, 14K & 18K rings, Diamond rings, fine costume jewelry, Pocket Watches, Omega & other Wrist watches, collection of Sterling souvinir spoons, Lockets, Stick pins, heavy sterling commemorative plates, etc. Clocks: Antique clocks, mantle clocks, shelf clocks, wall clock, etc. Items of Interest: Antique English lg wall barometer circa 1800, large 6x6 stained glass window, large quantities of antique & vintage postcards (1000's), Books, Advertising Beer & Tip Trays, Australian leather saddle, antique pin back buttons, political buttons, Military medals, Viz1o large flat screen TV, 2 nice showcases, antique skis & poles, fishing rods, boat models, African spears, etc. See Photos and Text Catalog.

Thursday March 8, Northwest Fine Art & Antique Auction

Northwest Modern Art: Important Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Large Oil on Canvas featured in his 1973 Universal Voyage Exhibition, Mark Tobey "Family of Yore" 1964 Mixed Media with Otto Seligmann Label on Verso, Mark Tobey Abstract Still Life on Table 1939 Mixed Media, Mark Tobey Male Nude Torso Ink 1955 with Seligmann and Louvre Retrospective Labels on Verso, William Cumming Large Female Standing Nude 1966 Tempera/Board, William Cumming Large Standing Female Frontal Nude 1962 Tempera/Board, (3) William Cumming Female Portraits Tempera from 1960's, (4) William Cumming Ink Drawings, (4) Mark Tobey Signed Lithographs from 1950's with Seligmann Labels on Verso, (2) Kathleen Gemberling Large Oil Paintings , Works by Wendell Brazeau, Louis Hafermehl (Former UW Professor) Small Abstract Oil, Manfred Lindenberger Early Watercolors, (2) Dale Chihuly Blue Art Glass Hanging Aerial Pieces, Large 40"x60" Dale Chihuly Basket Acrylic Painting, Dale Chihuly Venetians Acrylic Painting, 1991 Dale Chihuly Large Acrylic Basket Painting, Doris Totten Chase "Trees" Large Oil, 3pc Louis Mideke Pottery, Spike Mafford Photograph, Margaret Peterson (Canada) Abstract Figure Painting, (3) Jay Steensma Paper Bag Paintings, Guy Anderson Driftwood Sculpture, etc. Traditional Fine Art & Sculpture: Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Alaska 16"x20" Oil Painting, Eustace Paul Zeigler "Eskimo" and "Horse Creek Mary" 8"x10" Oil Paintings, Tina Regina-Leopoldine Blau (1845-1916) Homestead Oil with Chickens, Pierre Jules (P.J.) Mene Whippet Dog Bronze Sculpture, Harry Rountree (UK Illustrator) Pekinese Dog Watercolor, Antique Bronze Sculpture of David, J.H. Martin Impressionist Grazing Cows Oil, William Perring Hollyer (UK) Large Highland Cattle Oil, Collection of Francesco Piranesi Architectural Etchings, etc. Fine Selection of Painted Miniature Portraits on Ivory including (2) by well known English artist, William Wood (1769-1810 UK). Also an English military portrait painted miniature by C.J. Fox (1860-1904). Art Glass, Porcelain, & Pottery: (2) Dale Chihuly Blue Art Glass Hanging Aerial Pieces, (2) Antique Meissen Figurines, Large Set of Royal Crown Derby Gold Imari Fine China Service including Urns, Candleholders, and Various Serving Pieces, 19th Century Crown Derby Porcelain, Pair of Sevres Portrait Plates, Pair of Royal Vienna Portrait Plates, Pair of Austrian Green Threaded Glass Vases, Antique KPM Cabinet Cup with Cathedral, Meissen Scalloped Cabinet Cup Saucer, Mid 19th Century Worcester Cabinet Vase, Antique Worcester Figural Wheat Pile Condiment Server, Steuben Pulled Feather Glass Shade, Pair of Steuben Amber Threaded Glass Candleholders, Several Pieces of Loetz/Kralik Art Nouveau Austrian Glass, Pair L.C. Tiffany Favrille Candle Lamps, Herend Large Foo Dog Porcelain Figure, Set of Meissen Blue Onion Pattern Fine China, etc. Fine Sterling: 1960's Henning Koppel Design for Georg Jensen Denmark 5pc Modernist Sterling Tea Service with Ivory Handles, 80pc Georg Jensen Denmark Modernist Sterling "Argo" Pattern Flatware Service, 90pc Tiffany Sterling "English King" Pattern Flatware Service with Serving Pieces, 16pc Tiffany Sterling "English King" Pattern Gold Wash Luncheon Flatware Set, Pair of Arts & Crafts Hammered Sterling Mint Julep Cups, Allen Adler Modernist Wood Handled Sterling Creamer or Gravy, 19th Century Pierced Dutch 800 Silver Pancake Server with Cupids, Set of (6) Tiffany Sterling Service Plates with Original Felts, Set of (8) Tiffany Sterling Gold Washed Bread Plates, 4pc M.H. Wilkens & Sohne German 800 Silver Art Nouveau Tea Service with Rose Finials, Thomas Bradbury & Sons Sheffield English Sterling Footed Salver, R. Carr Lmtd. Sheffield English Sterling Chippendale Salver, 18th Century Silver Childs Cup, Pair of Sheffield Sterling Neoclassical Column Candlesticks, etc. Collection of (300) Old US Silver Dollars and Misc. Coinage Chinese & Japanese Antiquities: Set of Japanese Four Seasons Lacquered Panels Inlaid with Soapstone, Ivory & Mother of Pearl, Pair of Chinese Decorated Monochrome Covered Jars, Tibetan Seated Buddha Bronze, Large Chinese Blue Monochrome Porcelain Vase on Stand, Fine Carved Ivory Japanese Netsukes, Carved Lapis Chinese Snuff Bottle, Pair of Japanese Satsuma Bird Vases, Carved Amber Egg with Bee Inside, Group of Chinese Early Pottery Items, Lapis & Malachite Miniature Carvings, Pair of Chinese Painted Silk Floral Scroll Paintings Purchased at Gumps, etc. Historical & Native Americana: Pair of 1868 Political Ferrotype Pins for U.S. Grant & Schuyler Colfax, Antique Alaskan Walrus Tusk Ivory Table Lamp, Alaskan Scrimshaw Large Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board, Sioux Indian Beaded Bags, Northwest Coast Native Masks, etc. Fine Furniture & Rugs: Victorian Tall Gilt Wood Pier Mirror with Heads, 1930's Sarouk 5'x7' Floral Oriental Rug, 4'x6' Antique Sarouk, 2'x4' Beluch Oriental Rug, Pair of Fine Oriental Silk Mats, Items of Interest: Rare Antique McLoughlin Bros."The Hand of Fate" Halloween Board Game, Antique Carved Wood & Painted Large Carousel Horse, Pair of Gilt Bronze Base Victorian Cut Glass Compotes with Female Heads, etc. See Photos, Text Catalog and LiveAuctioneers hammer prices.

Saturday February 25, Magnolia Condominium Public Auction

3505 W Government Wy, Unit #106, Seattle, WA 98199.  Sold at auction.  Discovery Park Fixer Condominium first floor unit with balcony, sunken living room, fireplace, excellent location close to close to shopping, bus lines and Discovery Park just across the street. Secure garage parking and storage. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 825 sf unit, built 1975. King County Assessed Value: $185,000. Parcel #2041500060, Taxes: $1,842.49. See photos.

Thursday February 23, Art, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection of Antiques & Collectibles from Northwest Estates including estates of a Bellingham 90+ year old retired antique dealer and others. Vintage Furnishings: Mahogany Breakfront Secretary, Mahogany chest on chest, Antique Tall Mahogany storage chest, Antique 18th Century domed top wood chest, Marble top table w/wrought iron base, Refractory Walnut hall extension table, set of antique cane seat chairs, Period small chest/lap desk, Antique French brass inlaid turtle back parlour table, small stands, Victorian side chairs, Walnut buffet, 30's wood bookcase, Chippendale childs armchair, Mid Century bedroom furniture, many lamps, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Abstract paintings, NW paintings, African carved figures, etc. Fine China, Artglass, Crystal, Pottery: Mahogany Breakfront Secretary, Mahogany chest on chest, Antique Tall Mahogany storage chest, Antique 18th Century domed top wood chest, Marble top table w/wrought iron base, Refractory Walnut hall extension table, set of antique cane seat chairs, Period sm chest/lap desk, Antique French brass inlaid turtle back parlour table, small stands, Victorian side chairs, Walnut buffet, 30's wood bookcase, Chippendale childs armchair, Mid Century bedroom furniture, many lamps, etc. Fine Asian Items: Chinese pottery, Canton plates, Carved Rose Quartz figure of Rhino, fine cloisonné, opium figural weights, Large jade tree, Carved soapstone inset set of 4 wall panels, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry, Sterling Jewelry & odd pieces, 14K & 18K rings, Mirriam Haskell, Eisenberg, Ethnic jewelry, Mexican sterling jewelry, Collection of fine Pocket Watches, Wrist watches, RR pocket watches, Very large collection of Sterling souvinir spoons, Amber beads, Lapis beads, Lockets, Stick pins, etc. American Indian Items: Indian Baskets, Indian Beadwork, SW Pottery, etc. Clocks: Antique clocks, shelf clocks, regulator clock, mantle clocks, cuckoo clock, etc. Items of Interest: USN Sperry Gyroscope Company Gimballed Compass on tall stand from ship, Large Antique W & L E Gurley Surveyors Transit w/tripod & original wood box, Very large quantities of antique & vintage postcards, real photo post cards, Halloween, vintage photo albums & many, many vintage photos, old Scrapbooks, Railroad pamphlets, Books, stereo views, stained glass, Advertising Beer & Tip Trays, Vienna Art Trays, antique pin back buttons, political buttons, Military medals, Woven hair jewelry, English Enamel Cast Iron Fireplace, Wrought iron 3 panel folding open screen, Brassware & Copperware, fountain pens, many pocket knives, beaded purses, old fishing creel, old woodworking tools, decoys, Large Ride On Toy Cars, Plane, Trucks, Animals, Scooters, Horses, Carousel ride on pieces, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday February 11, Kent Onsite Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 24436 109th Place SE, Kent.  Sold at auction. 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, 1320sf Rambler Fixer Home in nice Neighborhood, Built 1963 10,504sf lot, Detached Garage w/breezeway between the house and garage, patio, King County Assessed Value: $190,000 & Vacant Building Lot to be offered separately to the south of the house, King County Assessed Value: $146,000, also a 10,504sf lot (separate tax lot). Note: These properties are on a nice dead end street with a public park at the end of the street and with newer homes in the immediate area. Very close to all stores and services. A great opportunity. Contents: 1992 Ford Probe Auto w/22k miles, 1994 Nissan Sentra Auto w/42k miles, small boat, 4 outboard motors, fine tools, Grizzly Contractor's table saw, Craftsman small metal lathe, hand & garden tools, woodworking tools, Mid Century furnishings, fine china, crystal, glassware, kitchenware, carnival glass, pocket & wrist watches, depression glass, linens, collectibles, etc. See photos.

Thursday February 9, Art, Antique & Estate Auction

Vintage Furnishings: Antique Oversize Oak triple curved glass carved oak china cabinet w/claw feet, Oak Arts & Crafts Style Antique Library Table, Pair of Cherner for Plycraft straight chairs, Antique inlaid mahogany marble top chest, Oak spool cabinet, Pair of Antique HP rush seat armchairs, Pair of fine antique carved frame leather armchairs, American of Martinsville Mid Century Triple dresser, 2 night stands & headboard, bedroom set, Mid Century coffee & end tables, etc. Designer & High Quality Furnishings: Baker Dining Table, Baker Asian Decorated large Octagonal Cocktail Table (5,000 cost), Baker Modern Black Sofa Table, Pair of Baker low Upholstered Armchairs, Baker Loveseat, Henredon Scene Two inlaid buffet, Henredon carved 2 door Silver cabinet/server, Henredon parquet Dining Table & Chairs, Kindel large Mahogany Breakfront, Mahogany block front low chest, Baker Mahogany Butlers Chest, Heritage slate top wrought iron large cocktail table, Marge Carson carved Armchair, Baker ottomans, McGuire Black glass top bamboo style square table & 4 matching armchairs, Howard Miller lighted Oak china cabinet, many Chapman lamps, set of 4 Chippendale dining chairs, large Mahogany Executive desk w/left hand return, Slate top oval cocktail table, large Tufted Leather Wing Back Armchair, plant stands, (3) fine designer Etergere metal & marble display stands, Pair of Henredon Grey Upholstered Armchairs, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Art Books, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, North West, John Ebner large Watercolor of Mt. Rainier, large Oil paintings in ornate frames, watercolors, Charles Mulvey, Luigi Kasimir & Eidenberger Etchings, Several Elton Bennett Serigraphs, antique prints, antique frames, Mid Century Enamel placques, Rie Munoz signed prints, Bronze bust of Cowboy, Mid Century metal wall sculpture, Miniature paintings on ivory, Waddington s/n print, Illuminated Manuacript page on vellum, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Pottery: Lalique, Meissen, Lenox Westchester fine china set, Wedgwood fine china set, Baccarat crystal stemware, Waterford crystal, Lladro figures, Polish stoneware, Artglass, Venetian glass, Heinrich & Co demitasse set, Heinrich & Co set of 12 gold rim service plates, large collection Northwest Studio pottery, California Pottery, Roseville, Van Briggle, Lenox, Nippon, Noritake ducks, Royal Vienna portrait plates, Kitten wall plates, fine cut glass oil lamp & other items, Spode, HP Minton plates, Oiva Toikka artglass bird, perfume bottles, Royal Copenhagen items, Italian pottery, Genori items, Wedgwood jasperware, Fenton glass, etc. Fine Asian Items: 8 panel massive Coromandel Screen, Coromandel 2 door cabinet, Lacquerware, Cloisonne, Carved jade & rose quartz figures, Carved ivory figures, Carved Ivory Netsukes, lamps, porcelain, kutani, celedon, scrolls, Rosewood tall carved plant stand, Rosewood carved Netsuke/Snuff Bottle cabinet, Rosewood carved Wedding Procession Figure group, Tonsu cabinet, double pedestal mirrored showcase, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry, Sterling items, sterling candleholders, compotes, candlesticks, serving pieces, etc. US Coins: Silver Dollars, Dime collection, mint sets, etc. Dolls: Antique & vintage dolls, several antique Bisque dolls, etc. Clocks: Large Herschede 9 tube oak case grandfather clock, antique clocks, etc. Items of Interest: Deco Enamel coin operated horoscope & American Scale Manufacturing Co. stand up scale, Oster vintage green enamel shake mixer, Vintage Cameras, Antique Cased balance scale, more antique balance scales, weight sets, antique oak ballot box, vintage radios, small cabinets, sleigh bells, Arthur Court Aluminum large Fish Platter, Planters Peanut store jar, Sylvania plasma TV, Denon bookshelf stereo, duck decoys, large antique metal figural pub sign "The Parrot", wall sconces, stained glass, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday January 21, Onsite Estate Auction

Somerset Estate Auction, 1995 Buick Riviera w/54K miles, Mid Century Estate: Danish Rosewood Dining Set: Extension Table w/8 Chairs & matching Hutch, Rosewood large wall unit, Rosewood Desk, Brazilian Rosewood/White/Black Wire Designer Desk & Chair, Danish Teak Armchairs, Teak & Rosewood Bowls, Lots of Studio Pottery, Pair of marble top small teak square end table, Pair of 4 drawer Mid Century Chests, Set of Lenox Fairmount Fine China, Arabia Fine China, Paintings, Mirrors, Etchings, Blockprints, P{ostcards, Old Photos, Daum, Finland Crystal, Doulton, Thomasville Queen Bed Frame, Mahogany Console Table & Highboy chest, Fiesta lg mixing bowl, California Pottery, Murano, 2 Lunstead Designer Desks, Tapio Wirkala Crystal Bowls, Vases & stemware, Glassware, Exotic Rock collection, lots of antique Books, patio set, tools, etc. See photos.

Saturday January 15, Onsite Estate Auction

Contents of 6 bedroom Home right on the Green of the Twin Lake Golf & Country Club Golf Course, Owners moving out of the Country, everything to be sold regardless of price. Furnishings: 5 Oak Display large China Cabinets & Display Cases, Massive oak Poster Bedroom Set, Oak Dressers, Oak double pedestal Dining set w/6 chairs & hutch, Oak pedestal dinette table w/4 chairs, Dual Recliner Corner Sectional sofa, Leather Recliners, Hideabed, Dual Recliner Loveseat, Oak Coffee & End Tables, Queen size Craftmatic Bed, 4 swivel armchairs, lamps, Outdoor patio set, table, chairs, white kitchen cabinets, Oak & Cherry Bookcases, Home Entertainment ensemble, oak & Cherry Executive Desks w/returns & credenzas, file cabinets, Oak reproduction icebox, pair of Torchere floor lamps, leaded glass lamps, oak trundle bed, etc. Antiques: Victorian Walnut Marble Top Dresser & Commode, large Antique Bible, Oak case Singer treadle sewing machine, Arts & Crafts Oak Buffet, vintage red wagon & tricycle, wagon wheel, etc. Appliances: Frigidaire double door side by side refrigerator w/icemaker, Maytag double door refrigerator, Microwave, etc. Art & Mirrors: Antique Mirrors, Signed lithographs & prints by Thomas Kinkade, Ledan, Chen, Bellet, Tarkay, Medvedev, Krasnyansky, Le Kinff, etc. Jewelry & Watches: Costume Jewelry, 14K gold rings & bracelets, Gold Pocket Watches, Gemstones, etc. China & Glass: Antique American Pattern Glass Spooners, Venetian Glass, Cut Glass, HP China, Depression glass, etc. Collections: Vintage Barbie Dolls w/case & various clothing, Complete set of Madame Alexander First Lady Dolls in original boxes, More Madame Alexander Dolls, Antique Dolls, Elephant figure Collection, etc. Items of Interest: Doll Buggies, Childrens Books, Oriental Rugs, Foosball Table, Movie Posters, Christmas goods, Laminator, Garmin Nuvi, Vacuums, Needlework bedspread, crystal chandelier, sculptures, Black Forest Carved Cuckoo Clock, Signed Seahawks Jerseys, Warren Moon & Shaun Alexander, etc. See photos.

Thursday January 12, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Fremont Estate, Neon & more Polish Stoneware, etc. Vintage Furnishings: Antique Rocker & matching Arm Chair, vintage 30's telephone stand & chair, fireplace brass box, Brass Fire fender w/stools, Fireside cast iron bench, Oak Double Pedestal Quality Desk, Chippendale Library Table, Armchairs, Antique Oak Bathroom cabinets, Oak Wall telphone, Oak Umbrella stand, Mid Century Stacking wood seat & back chairs, Swedish Mid Century Chair, lg Oak Display Upright Cabinet w/door, 5 unusual wrought iron armchairs, Victorian Pier Mirror frame, large Leather Executive Office Armchair, Multi drawer card file, etc. Lighting: Many George Nelson Bubble Ceiling Light Fixtures, Art Deco Chandelier, many Mid Century light fixtures & lamps, many vintage brass ceiling & wall light fixtures, sconces, many, many glass light shades in all varieties, globes, hardware, etc. Lots of Artworks, Paintings, Art Books, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Vintage North West Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, antique frames, Auction Catalogs, Mid Century Enamel Wall Sculptures, etc. Fine China, Crystal, Pottery: Large collection of Polish Hand Painted Stoneware, Waterford, Galway, Hummels, Doulton figures, Carnival Bowl, Satsuma Tea Set, Roseville, Heisey, Artglass, Studio Pottery, etc. Costume & Fine Jewelry Sterling Ship Sculpture in glass case, gold lockets, sterling candleholders, compotes, candlesticks, etc. Boeing Items: Fine Plane Desk Models including lg B29 Metal plane on stand, Boeing placques, other desk models, Boeing year pins, Boeing Photos, etc. Dolls: Antique & vintage dolls, Edgar Bergan's Charlie McCarthy doll w/original button, Vintage Disny Pinnochio, Snow White, Native American Indian & Beaded dolls, Ethnic Dolls, Cloth Dolls, Bisque doll, etc. Clocks: Many antique wall clocks, oak case kitchen clock, nautical clocks, lighted advertising clocks, etc. Items of Interest: Indian Baskets, Carved Ivory & Scrimshaw items, signed Frank Leahy (Notre Dame Football Coach) photo, Sony 40" plasma TV, Lionel Train 8913, Antiques reference books, Women's Auxiliary Army Corps First Aid Box, Neon Signs, Advertising Signs, Anko tube tester, many antique scales, balance scales, Duck Decoys, glass mail box, Brass & Copper items, marbles, watch bands, antique photos, Totem pole carving, Antique Regency English Oak Case Bagatelle Pool foldout table, balls & sticks, Vintage Flashing lighted "OPEN" sign 6' tall, many vintage radios, records, stained glass, American Modeler Magazines, Tools, Scroll Saw, Ryobi Spindle Sander, World Globe, Victorian Marble & Tile Fireplace surround, 2 Robot toys, Pacific Northweswt Ballet 7.5' tall & 4' wide full figure NutCracker figure, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday December 29, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Capitol Hill Estate & a Vintage Movie Poster & Lobby Card Collection, etc. Vintage & Newer Furnishings: Carved Chippendale Partners Desk, 3 Chippendale carved Armchairs & Ottoman, Glass top pedestal table & 4 Drexel Uphlostered wing back dining chairs, large Chinese Hooked Rug, Oriental Rugs, Pair of Kindel End tables, Pair of Drexel End Tables, Console Tables, Plant stands, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: Carved Marble Antique Fireplace Surrounds, Carved Marble Busts, set of 5 carved French dining chairs, Pair of Carved French Woodframe Armchairs, Inlaid Mahogany Armchair, Antique Oak Roll up file cabinet, Oak carved Hall Seat, Antique chests, oak rocker, English Pub Table, Stucco Bamboo lamp table, wrought iron glass top table & chairs, etc. Lighting: (2) 8' tall polished bronze Torchere Lamps, Pair Brass Fancy Wall sconces w/vaseline globes, large Chandelier w/Cherubs & flame glass shades, Pair Cherub Wall sconces, Pairs of antique lamps, etc. Asian Items, Asian Pottery & Porcelain, Cloisonné items, Mah Jong set, carved Ivory lady, Jade jewelry, 4 panel silk screen, etc. Music: Young Chang Console Piano (like new), Antique Violin & Bows, Vuillaume, Paris bow (as-is), etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, large antique frames, etc. Fine China, Pottery: Set of Spode Tower Dishes, Artglass, Steuben light shades, Venetian, Lalique ornaments, Polish hand painted stoneware, Flow Blue, Delft, Willow, large pottery jardinier & pedestal, Roseville, Pottery, set of Noritake Alma china, Ralph Lauren Dishes, Lenox Christmas Tree plates, Boehm Floral plates, Rosenthal China, Fostoria crystal, Depression, Carnival, Cambridge, fine china figural dresser standing mirrors, Waterford, 2 steins, Bohemian glass, Kay Finch dog figure, fine Bavarian Eagle figure, pair of Lustres, etc. Jewelry & Watches, Costume & Fine Jewelry pocket watch, Watch fobs, Tiffany sterling pen, gemstones, Coins, 18K gold ring w/opal, 14k ring w/emeralds & diamonds, pearls, etc. Indian: Bark Conoe, Bow, Basket, Beaded moccasins, Beaded doll, SW pottery, etc. Items of Interest: Large Collection of Vintage Western Theme Movie Posters & Lobby Cards, large hand woven antique tapestry, Fine Stained glass window w/bullseyes & jewels, Pair of arched top stained glass windows, Vintage Route 66 sign w/glass buttons, large Ferry Fog Horn, Unusual Game Wheel w/carved gargoyles base, vintge magic show w/props, antique "Ladies" room full size door, Figural Bear Hall stand, Vintage Erector Set, Moon Shot Toy set, Bisque head doll, Precision Balance Scale, Mantle Clocks, Antique boxes, Dunhill lighter w/box, old photos & photo albums, carved woodenware, Starbucks Barista machine, fancy coat hooks & hardware, large figural crosses, antique tools, antique marbles, books, tapestries, machinst chest, copperware, beaded bags, set of Lantern Slides: "Parks, Playground & Boulevards of Seattle," etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday December 15, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a $5,000,000 Belltown Penthouse Condo Estate & a Montlake Estate, Boehm Collection, Steuben, Baccarat, Royal Copenhagen, Sterling, etc. Vintage & Newer Furnishings: Hand painted decoration on Bedroom set by Embassy House Furniture, Jamestown New York, Drexel End Tables, Unusual pair of full figure dolphin base glass top tables, Bronze glass top oval coffee table, Round Pedestal table w/4 chairs, large Mirror Back Display China Cabinet w/bevelled glass doors, Pair of fine open display cabinets, pair tall cherry bookcases, pair of Suede swivel armchairs, pair of Designer wood frame armchairs w/cushions, Quality Wood frame bench w/cushions, Designer lamps, French Country Primitive youth bed, antique American pie safe, German carved wall thermometer, etc. Antiques & Vintage Furnishings: 1880's Marble Top 3 Piece Matching Bedroom Set, Drexel Mahogany China Cabinet, Oriental rugs, large hooked rug, 6x9 Chinese rug, Mirrors, Carved 3 leg pedestal with Elephant head legs, etc. Asian Items: Asian Pottery & Porcelain, many Cloisonné items, very fine carved ivory Asian standing lady figure, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: More Waterford stemware, Royal Copenhagen large owl figures & bird figures, large collection of Boehm colorful bird figures, Bear figures, etc, Cybis figures, Swarovski figures, many Steuben figures including Eagle, Apple, Birds, etc, Baccarat figures, Set of Lenox Aristocrat fine china (never used), Haviland China, fine quality hand painted Limoge floral vases & serving pieces, fine American Brilliant cut glass, Royal Doulton Figures, Pewter & Cranberry decanter & condiment set, Cranberry glass, Carnival glass, Carletonware china collection, Christmas Plates, cup & saucer collection, large quantity of new Polish hand painted stoneware, Venetian glass, flow blue, Bristol, Herend double figure group, Royal Bonn, Artglass, Paperweights, etc. Vintage Toys & Dolls: All American Toy Co semi trucks, Gari-car, Robin Hood Castle play set w/accessories, Marx train set in box, fine bisque dolls, Charlie McCarthy doll, Character dolls, etc. Jewelry & Watches: Mens Rolex wrist watch, Piaget wrist watch, Angelus Chronograph wrist watch, Girard Perregaux wrist watch, Elgin, Longines, Hamilton, Benrus, etc, Gold, 2 heavy Sterling flatware sets: fine quality 14K gold jewelry, costume jewelry, Turquoise, Jade, vintage ceiling light fixtures, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, Silver Halves, Commemoratives, etc. Items of Interest: German Grandfather Clock, John Rogers large figure group, Carved Eskimo ivory items, Airplane desk models, African beadwork, wood bowls, inlaid masks, Indian beaded vest, sheath knives, Minolta camera, Movie camera, Bookends, Books, large glass fish float, Early Canon screw mount camera, Collection of Bronze Age Comics 1500+, Set of Wallace & Gorham Christmas Bells in original boxes, etc. See photos and catalog. (pdf)

Tuesday December 1, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a LaConnor Estate & a Montlake Estate, also Trains & toy collections of Dennis Mooney, etc. Antiques & vintage furnishings: Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet w/claw feet, Victorian Walnut Marble Top 3 Piece Matching Bedroom Set, Drexel Mahogany China Cabinet, Period Mahogany corner cupboard, Ethan Allen Extension Table, Mahogany inlaid tip table w/claw feet, Inlaid Armchair, large Wing Back chair & ottoman, Antique Chairs, Oriental rugs, large hooked rug, Maple hutches, 5 sheet music cabinets, etc. Asian Items: Asian Pottery & Porcelain, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Waterford stemware, Baccarat stemware, Royal Doulton Figures, etc. Trains: Large quantity of Lionel, MTH, Rail King, Marx, train sets, engines, cars, accessories, Play sets, metal soldiers, Dinkey toys, Lesney cars, books, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling: Fine quality 14K gold jewelry, costume jewelry, Pearls, Turquoise, Jade, etc. Christmas: Ornaments, figures, etc all in original boxes, Nativity sets, etc. Items of Interest: 40's Zenith Console Radio Oak wall telephone, Indian baskets, etc. See photos and catalog. (pdf)

Tuesday November 22, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Bellevue Estate, Edmonds Estate & an Everett Estate, Camera Collection, North Carolina Pottery Collection, etc. Antiques & vintage furnishings: Antique American Period Mahogany buffet, 5 antique multi drawer file cabinets green metal w/brass pulls used for courtroom files w/25, 30 & 36 drawer units, Antique Victorian small Billiard Table, Chippindale bed frame, Antique chests, dovetailed antique 6 board chest, Pine tall leg antique buffet, Cherry antique cupboard, antique wash stand, antique bonnet top cradle, primitive green tables, childs oak high chair, childs roll top desk, small tables, nest tables, Antique jelly cupboard, 9x12 & 6x9 Chinese rugs, large Cedar storage chest, Circasian walnut desk & vanity, vintage 40's yellow dinette table & benches, 2 large mahogany bookcases, wall cabinets, Oak wall telephone, large Oak bookcase, etc. Modern and Mid-Century Furnishings: Mid Century Teak Armchair, 2 side chairs, set of 3 Lane walnut coffee & end tables, 2 Quality Mahogany inlaid gateleg drop leaf dining tables, set of 6 Queen Anne style dining chairs w/leather seats, large Wing Back Chair, Harden Cherry wood sideboard, Quality Mount Airy Mahogany 2 small chests, 2 mirrors, night stand & matching poster headboard, small tables, mahogany bookcase, mahogany butler's coffee table, designer lamps, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Japanese block prints, Coromandel 6 panel screen, 4 panel silk screen, antique Asian Pottery & Porcelain, lacquerware, Satsuma, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, vintage paintings, Japanese block prints, Inuit art, Disney Cels, Antique maps, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Large set of Spode Buttercup dinner service, large Weller jardinier, artglass Victorian brides basket, large collection of North Carolina pottery, Venetian glass, Crystal, etc. Firearms & War Memorabilia: WW II rifles, Japanese, Belgian, Antique double barrell shotgun w/carved figural stock, Shotguns, bolt action, WW II German & Japanese war memorabilia, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling: Lots of sterling, exceptional souvinir spoons, very fine antique pattern flatware, flatware set, trays, napkin rings, servers, lots of antique coin silver, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, costume jewelry, pocket watches, wrist watches, Mexican silver jewelry, cuff bracelets, etc. Watchmaker's estate includes Jeweler's lathe, watchmaking tools, parts, precision tools, Favorite, Golay - Buchel & Cie riveting & staking tool set, microscopes, Newall, Jewels, etc. Camera Collection: Early Graflex camera, Nikon, Kodak, Russian cameras, Yashica, Olympus, Pentax, large lenses, telephoto lenses, Leitz lenses, Zeiss Contax, Leitz slide projector, antique movie cameras, quality tripod, Photos, Photo albums, stereo views, antique photos, etc. Christmas: large collection of quality Christmas ornaments, houses, figures, etc., all in original boxes, Nativity sets, etc. Dolls: Antique Bisque head dolls, composition dolls, etc. Tools: Antique & Vintage quality woodworking tools, Marbles, Chisels, planes, saws, etc. Items of Interest: Miniature painting on ivory in ivory frame, Singer Featherweight sewing machine, Hendryx brass bird cage on stand, lg airplane model, Cast iron antique parlor stove, beaded shade antique floor lamp, Griswold iron, vintage tapestry, patchwork quilts, books & memorabilia from Architect's estate, linens, needlework, Shure M100 stereo set w/Dual 1009 turntable, radios, old license plates, drafting instruments, Scottish Black Watch memorabilia, Bookends, pair large Coach lanterns, etc. See photos and catalog. (pdf)

Sunday, November 20, Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters Annual Auction

The Puget Sound Group of NW Painters once again is offering a fun afternoon with an auction of works of art by some of the NW region's finest painters and sculptors at the Seattle Design Center in their new gallery. PSGNWP's rich heritage of 83 years has seen many visionary NW artists such as Bill Cumming, Kenneth Callahan, Mark Tobey, Eustace Ziegler & Sydney Laurence pass through their ranks. Today nationally renowned artists such as Ned Mueller, Austin Dwyer, Phil Levine, Matt Buckner, Michael Reagan, Lyle Silver & John Ebner, to name a few, continue the work of their predecessors by sponsoring an art auction to fund educational scholarships for emerging local artists. Here is a chance to purchase the art from nationally acclaimed NW artists, at very comepetitive prices, with part of the proceeds going to supporting the education of deserving local artists.
Artists of PSGNWP ( will feature at auction works by: Brian Beausoleil, Mark Bistranin, Matt Buckner, Mike Casad, Truman Castle, Stan Chraminski, Paul Daneker, Mark Downey, Kim Drew, Austin Dwyer, Mark Eaton, John Ebner, Gordy Edberg, Clark Elster, Charles Fawcett, Phillip Flash, Mark Foley, Kevin Furya, Frank Gaffney, Gary Griswold, Michael Grygiel, Don Haggerty, Owen Hall, Steve Hill, Michael Hoppe, Steve Hu, David Jayne, Tom Jensen, Al Johnson, Harold Johnson, Aleks Kargopolts, Scott Landry, Gary LaTurner, Stuart Laughlin, Phillip Levine, Joe MacKechnie, Michael Maher, Jim Matthew, Walt Meldrich, George Milliken, Ned Mueller, Paul Newman, David Nichols, Glen Oberg, Ted Pankowski, Michael Reagan, Eric Richter, Dan Riley, Granerson Russell, Grnat Saylor, Tenaya Sims, David Spangler, Leon White, Steve Whitney, Brom Wikstrom, and others.
- Catered hors d'oeuvres and drinks
- Live Music
- Artist in Action: watch several artists perform art demos
- A silent and live auction for over 80 quality artworks
- More than 200 paintings, drawings and sulptures, by some of the region's finest artists, will be on display and available for purchase in the new Gallery.
See photos and hammer price results.

Thursday & Friday, November 10-11, Fine Art, Antique & Collectibles Auction

Northwest Modern Art & Sculpture: Important Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing 1955 Ink/Paper purchased from Maxwell Galleries in 1961 with receipt, 1958 William Ivey 24"x20" Abstract Composition Oil, Richard Gilkey 1955 North Fork of the Skagit River Landscape Large Oil, William Ivey Untitled Interior Abstract Oil, William Ivey Mixed Media Interior Painting, 1958 Manuel Izquierdo "The Runner" Bronze, 1969 Izquierdo "Woman in Furs" Bronze, Philip McCracken 1989 Carved Wood Stone Sculpture, Kenneth Callahan Universal Voyage Tempera with Figures on Horseback, Callahan "Red Figures" (Double-Sided) Painting, Callahan Tidal Pool Small Work, Callahan Sumi of Bull, Callahan Small Sumi of Rabbits, Alden Mason Abstract Oil, Guy Anderson Signed Woodblock, Rare Mark Tobey Signed #'ed Abstract Etchings, (3) Michael Spafford "Lapiths & Centaurs" Signed #'ed Lithographs, Pair of Exceptional Rosayln Gale Powell Bouquet in Urn Oils, Fay Chong Sumi of Birds, Leland Standley Large Impressionist Oil, Deidre Tucker Impressionist Large Oil, Deborah Gillis (OR) Panoramic Landscape Mixed Media, Glen Alps Cut Steel Abstract Hanging Sculpture, Glen Alps Cut Steel Hanging Swag Lamp, Glen Alps Lithograph, Paul Horiuchi Signed Lithograph, Marilyn Bergstrom Collage, Works by C.T. Chew, etc. American & European Art: Lawton Silas Parker (IL/France) 1920 California Impressionist Oil, Robert William Wood (WA/CA/TX) "Sunset on Mt. Rainier" Oil, 1966 Dale Nichols (IL/KS) Large Panoramic Oil of Guatemala, 1970 Peter Max (NY) Original Psychedelic Ink, Early Evylena Nunn-Miller (CA) California Panoramic Landscape Oil, Edwin A. Georgi (NY) Illustrator Couple Kissing Painting, George William Whitaker (RI) Sunset Landscape Oil, Frederick D. Ogden (IL) Snowy Landscape Oil, Darrow Peter Durham (CA) Desert Scene Oil, Virginia Cooper (CA) Eucalyptus Trees Landscape Oil, Paul Lothar Muller (German) "Berlin Winter Scene" Oil, William Henry Midwood (British) Maternal Scene with Children Oil, Victor De Grailly (NY/France) Hudson River Style Landscape Oil, Giuseppe Salvati (Italy) Venetian Harbor Scene Oil, Tromp L'oeil Still Life Paintings by Fabrice de Villeneuve, Antique Large Neoclassical Oil, Charles Shepard Chapman (NJ/NY) Indian in Canoe Illustration Watercolor, etc. Fine Prints & Lithography: (3) Pencil Signed Marc Chagall Lithograph, (3) Peter Max Signed & #'ed Lithographs, Glen Alps S/N Lithograph, Paul Horiuchi S/N Lithograph, Mark Tobey S/N Lithographs, Guy Anderson Woodblock, etc. Art Glass: Boyd Sugiki 2000 Incalmo Glass Bowl, Curtis Brock Large Orange Art Glass Vase done in conjunction with other Artists, (2) Thomas R. Kreager 1989 Pilchuck Acid Cut Vases, Susan Anne Glass Pilchuck 1989 Swirl Vase, Stephen Jon Clements 1989 Glass Sculpture, Hank Murta Adams (1990's Blenko Glass Designer) 1985 Sculptural Glass Vase, Early Italian Glass Aquarium Vase, etc. Sterling: Rare 1880's Gorham Sterling Narragansett Pattern Salad Fork & Spoon Set in Original Felt, 19th Century Chinese Export Sterling Dragon Teapot, Early Tiffany Sterling Items, Japanese Sterling Items, Pair of Persian Repousse Silver Cup & Saucers, Steiff Repousse Sterling Gravy & Underplate, etc. Fine Jewelry: Early 19th Century Regency Gold Jeweled Figural Hand Sprung Fine Necklace, Fine Japanese Mixed Metals Geisha Girl Figural Choker Necklace, Platinum & Diamond Bow Brooch, Russian Niello Bangle, 6 Carat Emerald Ring with Appraisal, 14k Diamond Ring with Appraisal, Movado Men's & Woman's Watches, David Yurman Necklace in Pouch, etc. Porcelain: Collection of Antique Wedgewood Black Basalt Ware, Set of Dresden Monkey Band Porcelain Figurines, etc. Asian Antiquities: Important Japanese Meiji Kiryu (Kiritsu) Kosho Kaisya Mixed Metals Bird Vase (From Same Estate), Fine Pair of Mixed Metal Japanese Meiji Curio Vases attributed to Kiryu (Kiritsu) Kosho Kaisya Company (From Same Estate), Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Top Carved Rosewood Stand, 19th Century Fine Chinese Seated Woman Ancestral Scroll Painting, Chinese Embroidered Flag from Boxer Rebellion, Chinese Cloisonne Footed Incense Burner, Collection of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain, Famille Rose, Flambe Vase with Reign Marks, Bowls, Bell Shaped Candleholders, Japanese Celadon Glaze Vase with Rats & Radish, Meiji Kutani Vases, Pair of Japanese Large Bronze Urns, Pair of Japanese Bronze Candleholders, Fine Japanese Carved & Colored Ivory Turtle Signed, Pair of Japanese Satsuma Dragon Floor Vases, Carved Ivory Chess Set, Tansu Chests, etc. Designer Furniture & Rugs: Pair of Edward Wormley Designed Dunbar Upholstered Club Swivel Chairs (All Original), Edward Wormley Dunbar Side Table, Two Pairs of Widdicomb Robsjohn Gibbons Dining Chairs, McGuire Rattan Designer Glass Top Dining Table, Set of (8) Henredon Leather Covered Dining Chairs, Pair of LaBarge Chinoiserie Hanging Mirrors, (3) Antique Japanese Tansu Chests, Vintage Room-Size Kirman Oriental Rug, Room-Size Sarouk Oriental Rug, etc. Collection of Antique Painting Frames: American & European, Ornate Gilt Wood & Gesso Frames, Piecrust, etc. Native Americana: 1980 Haida Northwest Designed "Eagle" 14k Bangle, Early Pomo Coiled Indian Basket with Zig-Zag Design, Selection of Southwest Indian Baskets, Large Navajo Wool Rug, etc. Items of Interest: 5 Cent Vintage Coca Cola Machine, Rare Metal Coca Cola Bottle Rack, Vintage Clown Top Gumball Machine, French Gilt Bronze Cherub Mantel Clock, Pair of Gilt Bronze Lions Head Tall Candelabras, Original Scottish Military Uniforms, Carved Ivory Chess Set, Collection of 19th Century English/French Medallions, etc. See photos, catalog (pdf), hammer price results session 1 and session 2. (pdf)

Thursday, October 27, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Bellevue Estate, Lake Forest Park Estate & a Mercer Island Estate, also the balance of the antique print collection, etc. Antiques & vintage furnishings: Carved Oak drop front desk, Deco 30's Walnut twin bed, dresser & chest, Mahogany highboy chest, 3 vintage cedar chests, 9x12 Heriz oriental rug, more oriental pattern rugs, Pair of Lenox figural lamps, pair of corner tiered display shelving, etc. Modern and Mid-Century Furnishings: Skovby Denmark Teak large double pedestal designer Dining table w/ 2 leaves, Herman Miller/Eames Molded Plastic Armchair, Wittemore & Sherrill Green Leather 3 cusion sofa, Pair of large Wicker armchairs & ottoman, Queen Size Sleigh Bed, 7' Tall Gold Decorated 4 panel screen, Mid Century Walnut chest, Gold decorated metal glass top end table, etc. Asian Items & Decor: 2 signed Kaoru Kawano block prints, Carved Asian 2 panel screen, 2 Coromandel 4 panel screens, Pair large carved Asian Temple doors, antique Asian Pottery & Porcelain, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, vintage paintings, Japanese block prints, 2 original Janet Nason Watercolors of dolls, 2 Bev Doolittle signed lithographs, Stephen Lyman signed lithograph, 3 Josef Scaylea signed large photos including Mt Rainer w/Blue Angels in flight, antique frames, Italian carved gilt mirror, lots of antique & vintage prints from print collection, Indian prints, Lone Wolf, large Japanese WW II era oil painting, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Waterford stemware, Lalique, 2 early Lladro figure groups, 3 large Murano lamps, Murano glass, Salviati Murano walrus figure, fine crystal stemware sets, 50's green stemware, art glass, 2 large Weller matt green jardiniers, North West Studio Pottery, Fenton, Heisey large crystal Duck figure, signed Libbey cut glass bowl, large set of Winfield Bamboo dishes (over 150 pcs), Franciscan Desert Rose dishes, set of Italian HP pottery dishes, set of Haviland Limoge fine china, set of Aynsley fine china, Hummels, etc. Firearms & War Memorabilia: Ruger M77 Mark II 300 Win Mag SS Target Bolt Action Rifle w/Nikon scope, Antique Remington Rifle made into floor lamp, German & American WWII patches, flags, pins, Antlers, Deer trophy, Bull skull w/scrimshaw artwork, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling: Lots of sterling, flatware sets, trays, napkin rings, servers, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, costume jewelry, SP coffe & tea service, SP candelabras, etc. Clocks: German antique Wall Clocks, Antique Mantle Clocks, Oak case Kitchen Clock, Cuckoo clock, etc. Christmas: Carole Towne village collection, Hawthorne village collection, Lemax village collection, figures, etc all in original boxes, Nativity sets, etc. Items of Interest: Steiff 5' Giraffe, 2 small carved totems, Eskimo scrimshaw ivory cribbage boards & carvings, antique stained glass lamp, Antique Tool Chest w/antique tools, needlework, vintage comics, lots of antique & vintage Books on History, the North West & Washington, Oak case Singer treadle sewing machine, wall sconces w/crystal, 2 small toy Singer sewing machines, Stick pins & hat pins, fine Gallenkamp London precision glass cased balance scale, Carved oak pipe cabinet, oil lamps, Zither, vintage Atwater Kent table top radio w/matching external speaker, vintage clothing, fur coats, patchwork quilt, fishing rods & reels, MCA Minerva 40's table radio, new Hollywood balloon tire Man's & Woman's bicycles, 4 drawer art/chart cabinet, vintage Barbie dolls & clothing, Easle, vintage Conn Saxaphone, large Italian hammered brass scalloped pot or wood holder, CDs & DVDs, old photos & postcards, A&C oak bookholder, knives, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday, October 13, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Kenmore Estate, North Bend Estate, Mercer Island Estate & A Bankruptcy liquidation of over 200 bottles of wine & baseball card collection, etc. Antiques & vintage furnishings: L&JG Stickley Arts & Crafts Oak Armchair, Oak 6 door commercial icebox, Oak S roll top desk, Oak Morris style rocker, Period English oak blanket chest, Empire chest, Art Deco highboy & dresser, Oak carved drop front desk, Victorian round folding walnut table, Oak rocker w/carved owl, sets of Victorian chairs, English Oak chairs, set of 8 Chippindale dining chairs, set of 4 Oak captains chairs, Mahogany drop leaf round dining table, Mahogany drop leaf table w/4 chairs, Mahogany butlers coffee table, Chrome dinette table, oak sideboard, antique trunks, pie safe, green painted tall kitchen cabinet, wrought iron beds, large pine cabinet w/12 file size drawers, 1930's console table w/scalloped edge, Antique brass/marble lamp table, marble top Victorian lamp table, etc. Modern and Mid-Century Furnishings: Teak draw leaf table w/4 chairs, 2 Teak low cabinets, Teak night stand, 3 pc rosewood/chrome wall unit, 2 Curtis Jere wall sculptures, another fine mixed metals wall sculpture, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Rosewood small tables, Block prints, Cinnabar boxes, Cloisonné, Ivory, scrolls, Asian Pottery & Porcelain, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, vintage paintings, Japanese block prints, Studio glass sculpture items from Pioneer Square Gallery from 20 years ago, Joseph Iilg Northwest Native theme sculptures, glass blocks, copper panels, antique frames, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Royal Doulton, fine china sets, Elegant Depression glass, Weller, Lladro, studio glass, art glass, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling: Vintage 1950's Rolex mans wrist watch, lots of sterling, 116pc set of International Prelude sterling flatware, Reed & Barton sterling flatware, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, Navajo squash blossom necklace, turquoise jewelry, fine costume jewelry: Eisenberg, Mirriam Haskell & Regency, etc., jewelry making supplies, findings, beads, stones, etc. Bankruptcy items: by order of the Court, Wine collection including over 200 bottles of wine: 80's 90's and later vintages French & Napa Valley wine, etc., large collection of Baseball Cards, 80's & 90's factory sets & wax pack boxes, unopened packs, Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Score, Upper Deck, Bowman, Sportflics, complete sets, etc. Items of Interest: 3 stained glass lamps, Bradley & Hubbard Lamp, Antique clocks, Vintage Eagle in flight weather vane, Oak Victrola floor model, Oak table top Victrola, Wedgwood enamel 1930's gas range, 35mm cameras, sheath knives, political buttons, wine racks, primitives, antique tools, antique bird cage, buck saws, canoe paddles, needlework, vintage comics, lots of Books, antique gas & elec ceiling fixtures, several crystal chandeliers, Many crystal lamps w/prisms, wall sconces w/crystal prisms, crystal candelabras, antique cash register, hurricane lamps, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday, October 1, Estate Auction

High Valley Mid Century Contents: 23 Oriental rugs in room & scatter sizes, Teak Furnishings, Benny Linden Teak dining set, large Teak sideboard, Falster Furniture Denmark Teak credenza/sideboard, Teak teacart server, Set of 4 Erik Buck Teak bar stools, Teak large wall unit, coffee & end tables, Ekornes large Teak/Leather reclining chairs & ottomans, teak & leather settees & chairs, outdoor teak patio furnishings, teak deck chair, paintings, etchings, prints, hand & garden tools, upright freezer, 3' suit of armor, stained glass lamps, leather sofas, wine racks, crystal, china, teak executive desk, office chairs, hideabed, lamps, wrought iron patio set, mid century low oak cabinet w/2 doors, native wood drum, books, pottery, American Security Products STTS 6' gun safe, Delta scroll saw, speakers, lamps, large carved wood figure of woman, gold framed mirror, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday, September 29, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Horizon House Estate, more from the Madison Park Interior Designer's Estate & An Olympic Manor Estate:   Antiques & vintage furnishings: Rosewood Dining set, oval table w/2 leaves and 8 matching chairs, Inlaid Rosewood Buffet, A&C oak bookcase, Tall candle screen, antique, vintage & room size oriental rugs, tile top table w/6 chairs, oval table & 4 chairs, needlepoint carved benches, small drop leaf inlaid mahogany side table, Modern reclining armchair & ottoman, Pair of low round back white upholstered chairs, lamps, marble top sideboard, etc. Fine Quality Modern & Designer Furnishings: Pottery Barn Round dining table w/leaf, set of 4 wicker armchairs, Dining Table & 4 chairs, Stainless Steel & Heavy Glass cabinet, Modern Stainless Steel Ceiling Light Fixture, Heavy metal modern round coffee & end tables, many designer style modern floor lamps, modern swivel leather recling armchair & ottoman, Carved tall poster king bed frame, Stearns & Foster highest quality king size mattress set, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Asian Emperor & Empress pictures, Asian Artworks, Asian china, porcelain, large Cloisonné urn, block prints, large carved alter table, Cloisonné, antique Asian porcelain, vases, chargers, bronzes, scrolls, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, vintage paintings, Elton Bennett prints, signed Thomas Wells Ship print, Japanese block prints, French & Italian etchings, Asahel Curtis photos, Curtis & Miller large photo, large logging scene photos, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Royal Doulton, Belleek, fine china sets, Heisey, Fostoria, Elegant Depression glass, Roseville, Weller, more modern Polish Pottery dishes, Sevres, Limoges, China Candeloperas, 2 prs Lustres, Crystal, Depression Glass, Hummel plates, Lladro figures, 2 pairs antique lustres, antique fine china candleoperas, antique bisque, Royal Doulton, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling: lots of sterling, sterling flatware, sterling dresser sets, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, Mikimoto pearls, sgn Begay Navajo bangle bracelet, Navajo & turquoise jewelry, fine costume jewelry, strands of pearls, Opal Dealer's Estate includes over 15 trays full of cut & polished opals ranging in value from $25 to $800 per opal, very large quantitly opals, wrist & pocket watches, etc. Items of Interest: LG 50" plasma TV, several crystal chandeliers, crystal sconces, Vienna wall clock, antique & historic Northwest photos, brass & copper antique items, vintage postcards, antique & vintage paper goods, scrap books, airplane photos, shipping photos, fine needlework, high quality stereo components, speakers, wrought iron floor candelabra, several Red Wing crocks, antique iron footed pots, lots of books, sets of volumes leather bound books, fine quality lapidary bench grinders & buffers, exotic specimens of rocks & minerals, neon advertising clock w/roller, Craftsman rollaway tool chest full of tools, Craftsman edger trimmer, Sailboat model, Aiwa bookshelf stereo, antique enamelware, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic ornaments, tapestries, stained glass, Fountain Pen & Pocket Watch advertising framed signs, knives, Telescope, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday, September 24, Real Estate Auction

1818 N 137th St, Seattle, WA.  Sold at auction. Real Estate Features:  Fixer or Teardown! Haller Lake Fixer! 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 840 sf home on 5,720 sf lot, Built 1948, Fenced Yard, Tall Trees, Nice Neighborhood. King County Assessed Value: Land $140,000, Improvements $71,000, Total $211,000. Parcel #6150700190, Taxes: $904.00. See photos.

Saturday, September 17, Real Estate Auction

2224 96th Place SE, Everett, WA.  Sold at auction. Real Estate Features:  Fixer or Teardown! Rambler with 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1,080 sf home on 9,583 sf lot. Built 1963, Oak Floors, Fireplace, Attached Garage. Snohomish County Assessed Value: Land $110,000, Improvements $33,500, Total $143,500. Parcel #00597800001900, Taxes: $1,981.51. See photos.

Thursday, September 15, Estate Auction

This is a very large Auction with a Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a Woodinville Estate, Madison Park Interior Designer's Estate & Others: Antiques: Italian hand painted furniture including a secretary, china cabinet, Bombay chest, small stands, tables, etc., Oak Library Table, Victorian Settee & Chairs, Period tip tables, Crystal Chandeliers, large American Victorian Armoire, etc. Furnishings: Henredon 60" round pedestal table & 8 chairs, Mahogany King Size poster bed, Pair round tables w/claw feet, room size oriental rugs, etc. Jewelry & Silver: Lots of fine & costume jewelry, 14K & 18K, Navajo squash blossom necklaces, lots of sterling serving pieces, dresser sets, bowls, vases, etc. Art: Japanese block prints, folding screens, etchings, paintings, prints, lithographs, etc. Fine China & Crystal: Lots of crystal, Heisey, Fostoria, artglass, large quantity of Polish Pottery dishes, etc. Items of Interest: Lots of books, Paper goods, antique maps, advertising, travel, posters, NW history items, Scrapbooks, 2 safes, Steiff animals, etc. See photos.

Thursday, September 8, Estate Auction

Very large Auction with a Great Selection from Northwest Estates including an Edmonds Estate, Kent Collector's Estate & Photography collector's Estate & Others. Antiques & vintage furnishings: Carved American hall seat, Oriental rugs, Spanish style Oak carved 3 piece bedroom set, Mahogany sheet music cabinet, Oak case tabletop & standing Edison Victrolas, Atique brass fire fender, etc. Mid Century: 2 Ekornes leather recliners & ottomans, 2 formed wood/leather ottomans, Collection of Northwest & Studio pottery: F C Ball, Mideke, Spencer, etc. Fine Quality Modern & Designer Furnishings: Whitecraft Designer Bamboo & Rattan: Dining set w/8 chairs, Bedroom set & Living set w/sofa, loveseat, 2 armchairs & ottoman w/matching tables, Pair of contemporary overstuffed loveseats & matching ottoman, Modern rugs, Asian theme king size headboard, bookcases, etc. Asian Items & Decor: large Japanese wood cabinet w/multi sliding doors, Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Imari, Kutani, Bowls, Plates, Vases, Artwork, Cloisonné, carved figures, carved ivory jewelry, Japanese block prints, Japanese & Chinese Scrolls, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Mirrors, Etchings, Oil paintings by listed artists, watercolors, antique prints, 6 signed Rie Muñoz Alaskan prints, 3 Bill Mack signed lithographs, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Weller, Lladro figure, Hummels, Depression glass, Rare Kay Finch Horse Figure, Catalina vase, Fenton, etc. Firearms: Colt 45 Government model semi auto handgun, Ted Williams Sears Model 300 12ga pump shotgun, 22 rifle, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling & Silverplate: lots of sterling, Tiffany sterling pierced bowl & standing frame, Gorham, sterling tea & coffee service, sterling candleabras, bowls, trays, sterling serving pieces, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, 18K gold & diamond earrings, 14K rings & diamond ring, fine costume jewelry, Schiaparelli, Vogue, Kramer, Navajo silver & turquoise jewelry, strands of pearls, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Mills Bonus nickel Slot Machine, 2 more slot machines, Edison Cylinder recorord player w/records, Carved scrimshaw ivory cribbage boards, Indian baskets, Steiff animals, oversize large crystal chandelier (from Wm Lyon Estate former owner of Harrah's casino), antique & vintage toys, antique Railroad padlock collection, Antique & Vintage badge collection, Ford Badges, women's & mens's vintage hats, antique & vintage paper goods & US silver coins, vintage patchwork quilts, duck decoys, Stanley 55 & 71 antique planes, large quantity of great books: Art, Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Photography, vintage train set, antique clocks, Vintage Stereo Components, Pr Marrantz speakers, lg wall train whistle, churn, antique doll furniture, tins, collection of antque auto lamps & bicycle lamps, vintage glass case balance scale, gas powered hydroplane wood boat, WWII posters, Fairbairn-Sykes commando daggar, German WWII daggar, etc. See photos and catalog.

Wednesday/Thursday, August 24-25, Fine Art & Antique Auction

Featuring 100 Artworks from the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters: Austen Dwyer, Steven Hill, Frank Gaffney, Lyle Silver, Ted Pankowski, George Millken, F.W. Thomas, Gary Griswold, Mike Casad, Ray Gerring, Joe MacKechnic, Kim Drew, David Jayne, Don Haggerty, Aleksandr Kargopoltsev, Dan Riley, Phillip Levine, Hal Sutherland, Mark Eaton, Gary D. LaTurner, Walt Meldrich, P.R. Daneker, Stan Chraminski, etc. Northwest Art & Sculpture: (5) large Mark Tobey cubist charcoals, Dale Chihuly Aerial piece, Paul Horiuchi "Yellow Vertical" Collage, Paul Horiuchi "Winter Lakeside" Landscape painting, Important Collection of (26) Works by Rosalyn Gale Powell from personal friend, Lee Kelly Steel abstract 3' sculpture, John Matsudaira small oil, Virginia Banks abstract oils, Neil Meitzler figure study, Phillip Levine bronze sculpture & artworks, C.T. Chew prints, Mark Tobey S/N lithograph, James Martin artworks, William (Bill) Turner artist's portfolio, John Rock lithographs, John Gary Brown large abstracts, Leo Adams large mixed media, Larry Gray large atmospheric oil, Elizabeth Warhanik still life oil, Ambrose Patterson woodblock print of Hawaii, Karen Guzak abstract, Reid Ozaki pots, Arne Jensen fish town watercolor, Paul Ripley Jenkins original graphite, Judith Kindler large contemporary triptych (paid $20k), Z.Z. Wei diptych surrealist landscape oil, etc. American & European Art: Joseph Francis Kernan Baseball and Olympic Discus Thrower Illustration Oils, Robert Lee Eskridge Hawaiian portrait painting, Original Aldo Luongo large oil painting of man, David Burliuk woman drawing, (3) Bill Mack bronze nude sculptures, Hoyland Bettinger (CA) watercolor, Simon Michael (TX) orientalist still life oil, Wilton McCoy desert scene landscape, Richard Peter Smith mountain scene Alaska oil, Nancy Taylor Stonington watercolor, Amadio Napoli nude mercury bronze, Olaf Jensen monk with kittens oil, Charles Kvapil nude woman French oil, Gerda Strom cottages oil, etc. Photography & Fine Print: Lucien Clergue "Venise" gelatin photograph, Massive Collection of (40) Edmund Teske (CA) gelatin silver photographs including very famous images of Frank Lloyd Wright, Ansel Adams, and Jim Morrison, Nathan Oliveira (CA) early insect lithograph, Helen Hyde block print, Johsel Namkung photographs, William Werling photograph, Norman Edson goldtone and tinted photographs, Barnes Mt. Rainier goldtone photograph, Asahel Curtis tinted photographs, Group of (8) Paul Jacoulet prints, Shosen (Koson) block prints, Hasui block prints, Edna Hibel lithographs, Louis Claude equestrian etchings, L. Lucien Faure early French lithographs, Roy Lichtenstein signed exhibition poster, Paul Augustin Aizpiri modernist lithographs, collection of vintage Frank Lloyd Wright books, signed Frank Lloyd Wright books, early Rie Muñoz lithograph, etc. Arts & Crafts: Rare Gustav Stickley No. 138 Wrought Iron 4pc Fire Set, Gustav Stickley No.660 Oak Plant Stand, L&JG Stickley Oak Cabaret Stand, Handel 3-Light Reverse Painted Landscape Shade table lamp, Rookwood Kataro Shirayamadani artist signed vellum glaze vase, Steuben acid cut Frederick Carter jadite floral bowl, Amphora painted Rose handled large vase, unusual Weller twist pottery vase, Nippon 5pc desk set with painted Indians, etc. Mid Century: Uldum Mobalfabrik set of (6) Danish rosewood chairs, Rosengaarden rosewood round table with leaf, danish rosewood china cabinet, Verner Panton modernist wave rug, etc. Jewelry & Sterling Silver: Tiffany Sterling floral vase, (3) heavy hammered sterling bowls, Japanese sterling figural flower bowl, Japanese mixed metals fish box, 800 silver Italian compact with ivory miniature and garnets, etc. Asian Antiquities: Shoji Hamada attr. vase, Chinese Famille Rose bowl, Pair of Chinese Famille Verte large vases, Pair of Chinese Eggshell Porcelain Rice Bowls on stands, Pair Rose Canton Vases, Rose Canton Teapot, Satsuma, Kutani, Snuff Bottles, Carved Ivory Cup, Collection of Paul Jacoulet block prints, etc. Firearms & Swords: Winchester Model 1873 lever action rifle, Colt .31 pocket revolver, Civil War swords, Antique Winchester advertising Black American paper sign, Peters advertising calendar, etc. Items of Interest: Rare Gunthermann Charlie Chaplin tin windup toy, J. Chein tin windup Santa Clause, Schuco windup monkey, Popcorn Steam Engine, Antique table-top electric Cigar Lighter, Black Americana "Watermelon Eaters" lithograph in painted wood watermelon frame, (4) large carved African elephant ivory tusks, large antique wood Ship's wheel, English period long grandfather clock, primitive grain painted hope blanket chest, Vickar period carved religious bench on bench, etc. See photos and PDF catalog, hammer price results session 1 and session 2.

Saturday, August 13, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 20147 17th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA. Sold at auction. Real Estate Features: NW Contemporary, Shoreline Fixer! 3 Bedrooms, 1-1/2 Bathrooms, 2,460 sf home on 7,350 sf lot, Built 1958, Basement Garage, Deck, Fireplace, Corner Lot, Oak Floors, Nice Setting, Trees & Shrubs. King County Assessed Value: Land $151,000, Improvements $158,100, Total $309,000. Parcel #2759800095. Contents include 50 years accumulation: 60's Items, 2 leaded glass door cabinets, antiques, US coins, old books, living, dining, bedroom furnishings, Ford Taurus w/31,000 miles, Auto canopy, Marx train set, old wood skis, china, crystal, glassware, kitchenware, pottery, lamps, tools, table saw, chipper, etc. See photos.

Saturday, August 6, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 2202 Rucket, Everett, WA. Historic Everett Estate Auction. Real Estate Features: Fabulous Fixer! Fabulous Sweeping Views of Puget Sound & Mountains! 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4,318 sf home on 6,098 sf corner lot, Built 1905, Oak Floors, Fireplace, 2.5 Stories, Grand Style, Nicely Landscaped Snohomish County Assessed Value: Land $243,700, Improvements $276,900, Total $520,600. Parcel #00439148203100, Taxes: $5,383.70. Auctioneer's Note: A Great Opportunity to own one of the Grand Old Homes of one of the Everett Historical Families. The Mackey family, Everett pioneers, were former owners of Washington Stove Works. 70 year contents include: Super Antique Collections, Oak Backbars & Front Bar, Cast Iron antique Stoves, Advertising, Everett Memorabilia, etc. Furnishings: Over the top Carved Oak sideboard w/stained glass and grape carvings, 3 Backbars including 16' Oak Backbar w/pillars, 16' Oak Front Bar, Oak 6' Backbar cabinet w/glass doors up & down, 11' Fir Backbar w/stained glass panel on top, 2 Round Oak Pedestal Dining tables, Ice Cream Table & chairs, Bentwood chairs, Oriental & Karastan rugs, lots of Antique Trunks, Captains chairs, Oak Curved glass china cabinets, Arts & Crafts Oak Bookcases & China Cabinets, 3 section Oak Attorney's Sectional Bookcase, Oak Tall Store Fixture Accounting/Receiving Table, Old Bar Gaming Tables, Antique Oak Sideboard, Arts & Crafts Style Sidboard w/heavy iron strap hinges, 2 Oak Mission Library Tables, Antique Koken Carved Oak Barber Chair & Oak Barber Station, Oak commodes, Oak rockers, Mahogany large claw foot rocker w/ tufted leather cover, Poster Brass Bed, Antique Brass Bakers Rack & Costumer, Wrought Iron Crib, Piano Stool, etc. Antique Cast Iron Stoves: Large collection: Very Fancy Round Oak large parlor stove w/Indian Head top, Very Fancy Antique parlor stoves, Ships Stoves, Toy Stoves, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Salesman Sample stoves, Old Stove Catalogs, Advertising Signs, etc. Items of Interest: Antique English Grandfather Clock, Antique wall & mantle clocks, Ship Models, Sad irons, lots of ironware, enamelware, Antique butter churn, National small fancy cash register, many Antique Ceiling light fixtures, Historic photos, Old Beer & Coca Cola Trays, lots of Books, Boy Scout collection, Old Copper Still, Old Copper pans, Antique Historic Dugout Conoe, Political Signs, Antique Dolls, etc. Railroad & Street Car Items: Large Great Northern enamel sign, Large Everett Metal Sign, Reinhold Reiss Railroad Calendars, Antique Wells Fargo heavy Iron Strongbox, Street Car Bell, Street Car Fare Box & Hat, Railroad lanterns, Ships lantern, etc. Glass, Pottery, China: Beer steins, Red Wing Crocks, Barware, Seltzer Bottles, Decanters, Mugs, lots of fine china, crystal, glassware, depression glass, etc. Binnacle, Compass, Marine Items, Ships Telegraph, Big Eyes Binoculars on heavy Tripod, WWII Poster Collection, etc. See photos and PDF catalog.

Thursday, August 4, Estate Auction

Antiques & vintage furnishings: Antique Carved Frame sofa, Chippendale carved side chairs, Drop front mahogany desk, set of 4 oak dining chairs, oak Arts & Crafts footstool, pairs of antique chairs, 2 antique grain painted chests, antique chests, Oak roman seat bench, Victorian chairs, Carved French Chairs, Wrought Iron double bed, Antique Poster bed, antique inlaid sewing box, wicker high chair, etc. Fine Quality Modern & Designer Furnishings: 2 very nice Henredon matching pair of Console Cabinets, Very Fine Quality Henredon Pair of Carved Frame Large Armchairs, Baker Marble Top Chest w/Lion handles, Pair of Baker Black lacquer & Mohair Armchairs, Century large cherry breakfront/china cabint, Designer Double Pedestal Desk, Fine China cabinet w/curved glass, Large Set of Designer Quality Synthetic Woven Rattan Patio Furniture including large table w/umbrella w/6 matching chairs, 3 cushion Sofa, Armchair, 2 large Ottomans, Glass Top Coffee Table & 2 glass top end tables, Chaise Lounge, etc, Black tall lingerie chest w/matching dresser, swivel standing jewelry cabinet, lots of Designer Lamps, 2 new wrought iron benches, etc. Mid Century Items, Glass & NW Pottery: Patricia Garrett leaf plates, Venetian Clown glass figuers, Stanley walnut inlaid end tables & side table, mid century hall table w/decorated pewter top, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Bowls, Plates, Vases, Artwork, carved figures, Nippon, Carved Rosewood Netsuke cabinet, large Asian pottery planter pot, garden pottery stools, silk screens, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Mirrors, Etchings, Northwest Art by Molstad, Charles Mulvey, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, J Gould & H C Richter antique bird prints, Designer Quality Mirrors, Venetian cut mirror, SW pottery, Convex Eagle Mirror, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: lots of Waterford stemware in many patterns, Waterford & Atlantis Crystal Decanters, Many fine china sets, Royal Doulton Majestic Collection Booths Real Old Willow China set, Williamsburg Imperial Blue Mottahedeh service plates set, more Mottahedah dishes, Coalport Countryware china set, Wedgwood Countryware china set, Japanese lithophane tea set, Set of Theodore Haviland Windsor fine china, Noritake Fine China set (new in box), Stonehenge Maize pottery dishes, Vietre pottery dish set, Lenox, Royal Doulton Cat figures, Dresser set, perfume bottles, Delft dishes, Loetz artglass vase, Lalique vases, artglass tumblers, fine cut glass, cut glass lamps, large pottery planter pots, Spode, Weller antique high glaze jardinier, old pattern glass, Lots of Hand Painted Polish Stoneware, Belleek, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling & Silver plate: large set of Gorham sterling flatware, vintage garnet pin, carved ivory jewelry, agate pin, mesh purse, sterling marcasite rings, Navajo silver & turquoise jewelry, rings, squash blossom large necklace, fine costume jewelry, lots of Silver Plate serving pieces, etc. Appliances: New double door white refrigerator w/lower freezer, Amana upright new freezer. Items of Interest: Herschede 9 tube Triple Chime w/moon phase Grandfather Clock, Wrought Iron Birdcage on Wrought Iron Stand, large antique toleware hand painted tray, Kachinas, vintage Carnation tin advertising sign, Vintage Lionel Train set, Patsy Doll w/original clothing, Buck & Kabar sheath knives, pocket knives, US penny collection, 1909S VDB penny, Currency, foreign coins, nautical stop watch, K&E fine compass, fine fine needlework, signed Inuit soapstone carving, binoculars, designer women's hand bags, Fendi, Dooney & Bourke, etc, Pronto M51 Electric Powerchair Wheelchair, Art metal garden deer figures, wheel chair, etc. See photos, PDF catalog.

Thursday, July 21, Antique & Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including Laurelhurst Waterfront Estate, North Bend, West Seattle Fine Estates & Others. Antiques & vintage furnishings: Antique Period French Armoire, Very fine Victorian Rosewood dresser w/mirror & 2 cylinder side toppers, Victorian Rosewood lg Armchair, Victorian marble top oval tables & dresser, 3 vintage red leather armchairs, many great mahogany pedestal & tiered tables, coffee tables, end tables, large mahogany secretary desk, small upright square secretary w/mesh door, pair carved mahogany twin poster beds, Oval mahogany drop leaf dining table w/6 matching dining chairs, 30's walnut highboy chest & dresser w/mirror, Double Poster Bed, Empire antique dresser w/mirror & matching vanity, 2 large wing back chairs, drop leaf maple table w/4 captains chairs, 2 mahogany tea carts, half round mahogany drop leaf coffee table, very fine carved mahogany large buffet w/ball & clawfoot legs, 30's mahogany china cabinet, very fine pair of carved French wood frame armchairs, set of 6 carved dining chairs, Walnut sewing stand w/flip sides, Oriental rugs, etc. Fine Quality Modern & Designer Furnishings: 2 very nice Henredon matching pair of Mahogany Curio 7' tall cabinets w/bevelled glass and glass shelves and lighted, Asian style modern 7 pc dining set, Very Fine Quality Henredon Aston Court banded inlaid mahogany dresser, high chest & pair of matching night stands, framed mirror, Henredon Aston Court carved mahogany butler's chest, Henredon Chippendale library desk w/carved ball & claw foot legs, Henredon mahogany side table, Drexel Game table & 2 armchairs, Heritage green leather armchair & ottoman, Century large cherry breakfront/china cabint, Stickley Cherry hutch, many fine Stiffel lamps, oval brass base heavy glass top coffee table, Henredon nest of tables, etc. Mid Century Items: Stanley walnut inlaid end tables & side table, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Imari, Kutani, Bowls, Plates, Vases, Artwork, Cloisonné, carved figures, Satsuma, carved ivory jewelry, Asian bronzes, Jewelry & small boxes w/carved jade insets, Nippon, Tsuba, carved jade pendants, carved jade fruit items, large carved marble Buddha figure, Ikebana Bronze, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks, Mirrors, Etchings, South West Artworks, Oil paintings, watercolors, antique prints, NW vintage paintings, Luigi Kasimir signed prints, etc. Fine China, Pottery, Artglass & Crystal: Very large fine china sets, over 130pc set of Spode Mayflower china, over 100pc set of Haviland Decorated Haviland floral china, Hutschenreuther gold band fine china set, Lenox Gold Leaf fine china set, lots of fine cut glass, Meissen, Venetian glass boxes, Murano, signed Waterford crystal, bubble stem fine crystal stemware, artglass, pair fine enamel lustres, epergne, Bohemian glass, Wedgwood, Bauer Pottery, Weller, Catalina Island bowl, set of Hammersley service plates, Staffordshire, Cranberry glass, Shelley, Pickle caster, C Allen Johnson Alaskan figures, Doulton figures, Hummels, Caster sets, Fenton, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling & Silver plate: Lots of sterling, 3 sets of sterling flatware, sterling tea & coffee service w/sterling tray, sterling candleabras, sterling sets of forks, sugars & creamers, sterling covered server, sterling serving pieces, fine quality 14K gold jewelry, 14K rings & diamond cluster ring, 14k gold lorgnettes, pocket watch, fine costume jewelry, Schiaparelli, Mirriam Haskell, Vogue, fine Trifari jewelry, jeweled hair combs, carved ivory bracelets, fine carved jade jewelry & pendants, lots of Silver Plate tea sets & serving pieces, Navajo silver & turquoise jewelry, Pocket & wrist watches, strands of pearls, etc. Items of Interest: 2 large Italian crystal chandeliers, Carved African & South Seas masks, 6 antique trunks, old wood barrells, antique sleigh bells, antique photo albums, Vintage UW football programs from the 30's to 50's, UW memorabilia, Sports Illustrated Issues 1-5, Hawaiian menus & photos, large ivory handle carving set, vintage 1950 TV & radios, vintage commemorative Shriner Glassware, vintage Hawaiian menus, collection of women's vintage hats from the 50's, brass & copper antique items, large Harrison Fisher book of prints in box, vintage postcards, kachinas, Kensington designer aluminumware, Silver Age Comics, lg set of new Calphalon cookware, antique & vintage paper goods & stamps, vintage patchwork quilts, fine needlework, etc. See photos and catalog.

Wednesday/Thursday, July 6-7, Fine Art, Antique & Collectibles Auction

Northwest Modern Art & Ceramics: Early Michael Spafford "Hercules Wrestling with Death" Charcoal, Early Michael Dailey Abstract Landscape Oil, Demetrios Jameson (OR) Landscape Watercolor, Phillip McCracken 1952 Carved Cedar Hanging Panel, Collection of Gary Curtis (WA) Modernist Paintings, Final Offering of Allen Wolf (WA) Abstract Paintings, Fay Jones Cat Pastel, Aaron Ray Linburg Works, John Rock (OR) Lithographs, Hulan Fleming (WA) Stormy Seas Oil, Marsha Burns Photographs, Spike Mafford Photograph, Robert Sperry Ceramics, David Keyes, Ben Sams, Tom Coleman, F. Carlton Ball, Gerald Newcomb, Regnor Reinholdsten, Eric Norstad, Sandra Zeiset Richardson, Carved Cedar 8' Tall Duane Pasco Northwest Coast Totem Pole, 3pc Dale Chihuly Macchia Glass Bowls & Vase, Fritz Dresibach Hanging Glass Sculpture, etc. American & European Art: Raimonds Staprans California Modernist "Portrait of a Young Girl" Oil, Edward Burns Quigley (OR) Cowboys on Horseback Oil, Ed Mell Arizona Modernist Oil Painting, Paul Forster "Navajo Riders, Arizona" Large Oil, William S. Darling (CA) Landscape Oil, Large Eugene Garin Stormy Seas Oil, Harold Lyon (AZ) Landscape Oil, (2) Enrico Donati (NY/Italy) Ink Nude Studies, Louis Jacque Canadian Modernist Oil, Alexander Chomsky (Russia) Modernist Parisian Woman Oil, Thomas R.C. Dibdin British Cathedral Scene Fine Watercolor, Gino De Colle Italian Canal Scene Fine Watercolor, Robert Williams Women on the Beach Oil, Phyllis Randall Taos Modernist Pastel, Ann Templeton New Mexico Landscape Oil, Miro Fitzgerald Southwest Landscape Oil, Jeff Day Modernist Bronze Sculptures, etc. Japanese Woodblock Print Collection: Bertha Lum, Sadao Watanabe, Kiyoshi Saito, Toshi & Hiroshi Yoshida, Tsuchiya Koitsu, Katsuyuki Nishijima, Koson (Shoson), Kawase Hasui, Kawano, antique Japanese prints, etc. Etching, Lithography & Photography Collection: Frank Benson Duck Pencil Signed Etching, Elyse Lord Etching, Frank Brangwyn, Peggy Bacon, John De Martelly, Franklin Boggs, John Steuart Curry, (2) James Abbott McNeill Whistler, T.F. Simon, Max Webber Signed Stone Litho, Joseph Knowles, Adolf Dehn, Piranesi, Currier & Ives, William Sharp, Umberto Romano, Botanical & Audubon Prints, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Bernard Buffet Lithographs, Several Edmund Teske (CA) Gelatin Photographs, Judy Dater Signed Photograph, Marsha Burns Photographs, Spike Mafford Photograph, John Ball Photograph, etc. Art Glass, Porcelain, & Pottery: Large Dale Chihuly 1986 Pink & Gray Macchia Bowl, Dale Chihuly 1982 Lavender Macchia Bowl, Early Dale Chihuly 1970's Iridescent Chartreuse Vase, Fritz Dreisbach Hanging Glass Sculpture, Kataro Shirayamadani Artist Signed Rookwood Bowl, Tiffany Aurene Art Glass Bowl, Southwest Art Pottery, Rare Derby Porcelain Hound Stirrup Cup, Set of Artist Signed Fine Porcelain Fish Plates, Large Set of Minton Fine China Service, Historic China Service from the Theodore Roosevelt Family, etc. Sterling, Fine Jewelry, & Watches: Mexican Heavy Sterling 7pc Tea & Coffee Service with Tray (Weighing Over 13lbs), English Georgian Sterling Creamers, English Marrow Spoon, Gorham 3pc Art Nouveau Sterling Coffee Service, Set of Gorham Chantilly Sterling Flatware, Victorian Gorham Sterling Taza, Pair of Women's 18k Presidential Rolex Watch (Nearly Brand New), Women's Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Wristwatch, Women's 14k Solid Gold Movado Wristwatch, 14k & Diamond Brooch, etc. Asian Antiquities: Important Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Company Japanese Mixed Metals Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper Bird Vase & Covered Urn attributed to artist Suzuki Chokichi, Sunshing Chinese Sterling Chased Dragon Stem Goblet, Japanese Tsuba/Menuki Hammered Gold Box, Chinese Blue & White Porcelain, Famille Rose, Blanc de Chine Figures, Carved Ivory Figures, Carved Wood Figures, Japanese Bronze Floor Candlesticks, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Vases, Signed Cloisonne Vases, Ando, Pair Large Soapstone Multi-Figure Seals, Japanese Iron Teapots, Chawan Tea Cups, Lots of Antique Satsuma, Kutani & Imari Porcelain, Japanese Lacquered Altar Cabinet, Tsubas, Menuki Collection, etc. Native Americana: Collection of Polychrome Southwest Pots, Plains Beaded Papoose, 8' Carved NW Coast Totem Pole by Duane Pascoe, Alaskan Ivory, etc. Rare Oak Upright Regina 27" Disk Music Box Player Fine Furnishings, Lighting, & Oriental Rugs: Limbert Oak A&C Footstool, Oak A&C Stickley(?) Large Armchair, (3) Vintage 20's & 30's Room Size Sarouk Oriental Rugs, Vintage Lillihan Room Size Oriental Rug, French Boulle Ladies Writing Desk, Mahogany Round Piecrust Tip Table, Cloisonne Floor Jardinier, Antique Sheet Music Adjustable Stand, etc. Collection of WWI & WWII Posters & Memorabilia: Dozens of Original Posters, Norman Rockwell, Jean Carlu, Fred Ludekens, German WWII Flag, Rare British Dagger, Spanish American War Medals, Prussian Helmet, Powder Horns, Bugle, etc. Rare Grouping of Early Boy Scout Jamboree Items & Insignia & Insignia from the 1947 International Jamboree direct from the estate of the scout that attended! Silver Age Comic Book Collection: Superman, Superboy, Superwoman, Green Lantern, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Batman, Spiderman, Turok, Magnus Robot Fighter, etc. Collection of Salesman Sample Stoves from Historic Everett Estate and Arcade Toy Cast Iron Doll Furniture, Wringer Washer, Piano, Simon Halbig Large Bisque Doll, etc. Items of Interest: 8' Carved NW Coast Totem Pole by Duane Pascoe, Folk Art Grain Painted Spinning Wheel-of-Fortune Game Wheel in Box with Eagle on Cover, Early Over-Sized US Currency, French Boulle Tantalus, French Boulle Writing Desk, Early Over-Sized US Currency Notes, etc. See photos, PDF catalog, hammer price results session 1 and session 2.

Thursday, June 23, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including Bellevue & Shoreline Estates & Others

Antiques, Fine Quality & Designer Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Antique Victorian Walnut Massive 4 door bookcase, Oak 5 section Globe Wernicke Barrister Sectional Bookcase, Victorian Marble Top Dressers & Chests, Oak, Mahogany inlaid music cabinet, antique heavy oak long library table, 2 pairs traditional wood frame armchairs, modern oak curved glass china cabinet, antique fir 2 door tall bookcase w/carving, wrought iron patio table & 4 chairs, 9x12 Indo Persian heavy pile Oriental rug, Needlepoint chair, Mahogany drop leaf hall table, set of 4 Chippendale mahogany dining chairs w/claw feet, end tables, lamps, mahogany triple mirror vanity, antique pedestal game table, whitewash pine daybed & display cabinet, vintage mantle, pair of large wing back armchairs, lamps, gun cabinet, antique davenport desk, vintage wicker chairs, etc. Mid Century Items: Art Deco Designer Plycraft dental cabinet w/pop up top, pair of teak Folke Palsson FDB Mobler dining chairs, set of 4 Denmark modern dining chairs, 2 mid century white square chests, teak coffee table, etc. Asian Items & Decor: ine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Imari, Kutani, Bowls, Plates, Artwork, Cloisonné, carved figures, Satsuma, carved ivory, Nippon, pair of Rosewood armchairs, Rosewood end table, etc. Artworks, Paintings, Antique & Vintage artworks: Japanese wood block prints, Saito, Kawano, Hakumaki, Paintings, prints, Mirrors, Etchings, Bev Doolittle & Paul Calle s/n prints, Isaac Maimon s/n print, temple rubbings, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Royal Doulton Figurines, Cut Glass, Lalique vase & perfume bottle, lg set Coalport fine china, Royal Worchester, Majolica items, Spode Mandaly dishes, set of Paragon DuBarry fine china, set of Royal Doulton gold rim service plates, Steuben, Bride's basket, Pickard, Hull, Roseville, Weller, Parian, ruby glass, lots of Waterford, Majolica pedestal stand, Bing & Grondohl figure, Lladro figure, Orrefors, antique pattern glass, Mintons demitasse c/s set, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling & Silver plate: Lots of sterling, Steiff sterling flatware, large set heavy sterling flatware, sterling bowls, flask, candleholders, salt & peppers, etc, Navajo & Zuni sterling & turquoise jewelry, very nice concho belt, pins, figural napkin rings, lots of silver plate serving pieces, etc. Items of Interest: Precision balance scale, antique lap desk, Oak wall telephone, antique & vintage barber shop collection, straight razors, signs, barber shop photos, anitque & vintage postcards, African masks, Token collection, Vintage Victorian scrapbooks, Military field telephones, crosscut saws, field microscope, cameras, crocks, antique books, Volume sets of History of NW, Washington, Oregon, Seattle, Voyage around the world 1836-1842 by Sir Edward Belcher, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday, June 16, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including Edmonds & Capitol Hill Estates & Others

Antiques, Fine Quality & Designer Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Antique Kittenger Heavy Carved Oak Dining Extension Table w/6 carved chairs & large carved buffet, Antique Oak bevelled panel 5' S roll top desk, Spoon carved Victorian highboy chest, Mahogany Governor Winthrop secretary desk, Mahogany 4 piece poster bedroom set, many curio cabinets, 9x12 Karastan Tabriz rug, 30's HP decorated cedar chest, corner cabinet, very nice Mahogany poster bedroom set, Mahogany piecrust pedestal table, Mahogany Canterbury magazine rack, Mahogay game table, Oak captain's chair, Victorian Settee & several Victorian Chairs, Victorian marble top lamp table, Needlepoint footstools, large carved console cabinet, Oak bubble glass display cabinet, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Imari, Kutani, Bowls, Plates, Artwork, Cloisonné, cloisione, carved figures, Satsuma, carved ivory, Nippon, etc. Northwest Modern Studio Artworks Collection of Paintings, Glass & Studio Pottery & Ceramics, Antique & Vintage NW artworks, Mirrors: Layne Kleinart, Greg Kucera, C T Chew, Claudia Bark, d'Elaine Johnson, Frank Fabens pottery, Assorted Modern Studio Pottery, Artglass, Jane Noland artglass, NW Art pamphlets & books, Antique framed mirrors, Jeanne Laurence floral painting, vintage NW framed paintings, Art & Mirrors: Paintings, prints, posters, Antique engravings, Etchings, Wallace Nutting photo, Toni Onley sgn lithographs, sgn Kukaro print, W Caither sgn lithos, sgn Thomas Kinkaide s/n lithograph, Miller Hawaiian whale triptich, studio pottery & driftwood hangings, native carved figures & masks, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Many Royal Doulton Figurines, very nice Lladro figures, fine Teplitz floriform vase, Waterford crystal, RS Prussia, lots of Cut Glass, Noritake, Crystal stemware, Limoges, Haviland, Artglass, Wavecrest, sets of Hutchenreuther Dresden china, set of Lenox Harvest pattern fine china, Mikasa, large collection of Swarovski crystal figures, 2 Crystal World "Majestic Bald Eagle" figures (paid $1200 each), Steuben, Rosville, studio pottery, Francisan, brides basket, bisque figures, Belleek, antique HP English plates, Botanical prints, caster set, etc. Jewelry, Gold, Sterling & Silver plate: Sterling, Pocket & Wrist Watches, Omega mens wristwatch, heavy sterling bowl, Elgin sterling cigarette box, etc. Firearms: Remington Model 1100 20ga shotgun, Antique Parker double barrell shotgun as-is, Springfield WWI rifle, British rifle, etc. Items of Interest: Watling 6' Vintage Enamel Penny Scale w/fortune answers, Antique Dental Equipment including 1865 Barnes Dental Chair, Adjustable Decorated Iron & Enamel Adjustable Dental chair, Oak & Cherry Dental Cabinets, Skeleton Display, Spinal Display, Charts, Dental Small tool cabinet, Set of Dental Teeth Molds in Oak Case, Antique Wood Duck Decoys, Paper decoys, Antique Storefront double sided Dentist advertising sign, large Oak artist easel, Oak Frame shadowbox, lots of nice antique frames, lots of collectibles, antique & vintage Northwest photos, Masonic sword, medals & photos, antique scrapbooks w/trade cards & postcards, 1924 Heavy Bronze Dedication Placque of the West Seattle Bridge, Fishing rods & creel, large print/flat art sectioned cabinet on wheels, pewter & brass, Victorian kitchen clock, wall 2 weight clock, Graphotype machine for making metal charge plates, several antique trunks, Oak whiskey cask, pair of 2x4 antique Lillihan oriental rugs, inlaid antique lap desk, oil lamps, cameras, childrens books, antique wood chest, shells, Philco Cathedral Radio, Columbia oak case table top Victrola, Carved wood horse, cuckoo clocks, etc. See photos.

Thursday, June 2, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including Wedgewood & Laurelhurst Estates & Others Large Quantity of Antiques, Fine Quality & Designer Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Antique Oak bevelled panel S roll top desk, Harden Cherry extension dining table, 2 pairs large decorative columns, marble top designer chests, very large gold frame mirrors, Italian large console, Antique Oak curved glass china cabinet, Antique Oval turtle top carved pedestal inlaid table, Chests, dining & bedroom furnishings, Mahogany, Walnut & Oak furnishings, Vintage upright Victrola, Imperial oversized drop front mahogany secretary desk, Beacon Hill Old Colony Collection lighted Curio Cabinet, Hekman curio cabinet, (2) fine Mahogany credenzas, fabulous American Oak carved vanity, Oval Oak 2 column library table, Victorian Marble Top library table, Mission Oak Library table, Oak stick & ball glass ball footed lamp table, Mahogany game table, Pair fine carved Mahogany armchairs, Imperial Mahogany side table w/2 drawers, Victorian Eastlake 2 door tall bookcase, Mahogany library table, Wrought iron glass top tall table w/2 tall chairs, Bridge lamps, Carved Oak credenza, set of 6 carved oak dining chairs w/needlepoint seats, set of 6 oak dining chairs, Vintage smoking stand, Century Designer portable modern bar, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Carved Camphor Chest, Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces, Imari, Kutani, Korean pottery, Vases, Bowls, Plates, Artwork, Cloisonné, Asian covered jars, Asian & Japanese Bronze planters, fine cloisione, carved hardstone figures, Satsuma, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Royal Doulton Figurines, Spode, Cauldon, Royal Crown Derby, Noritake, Ginori, Limoges, Haviland, Artglass, fine cut glass, fine china, lots of paperweights, Duradel, etc. Art & Mirrors: Listed NorthWest Artworks, Listed SouthWest Artworks, Paintings, prints, posters, Oil paintings by listed artists, Antique prints, Etchings, Contemporary prints by Erte, Bracque, Picasso, Dali, Marvin Oliver signed print, 8 Greg Colfax s/n prints, Antique framed George & Martha Washington Victorian Framed hand colored prints, Glen Alps s/n lithograph, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Silver: Sterling flatware & serving pieces, Costume jewelry, 14k gold jewelry, Watches, English fish services boxed sets, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, dimes, coin collection books, type sets, etc. Items of Interest: Indian covered basket, SW pottery pots, Edison console radio, antique patchwork quilts, large French tapestries, Ladies riding saddle, lots of interesting & unique antiques & collectibles, record collection, 2 antique bayonets, etc. See photos.

Thursday, May 26, Estate Auction

Antiques, Fine Quality & Designer Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Morganton Mahogany dining set with double pedestal dining table & 6 sheild back chairs w/matching Credenza, Antique Chippendale long 2 door bookcase, Pair of Wrought Iron Patio Bar tables, Wrought Iron Glass top table & 6 chairs, Mahogany side tables, Wood frame side armchairs, French Style Chaise Lounge, French style carved twin bed frame, teak desk/bar, antique highboy chest, decorated dresser w/mirror, Windsor rocker, Wood bookcases, Antique Empire Chest, Antique Game tables, Nest of Tables, 4 panel carved teak folding screen, Canterbury, English Mahogany wall hanging smoking cabinet, folding bookcases, etc. Mid Century: Heywood Wakefield Modern Drop Leaf Dining Table w/2 lg leaves, set of 6 Heywood Wakefield dining chairs, Heywood Wakefield bookcase, Heywood Wakefield round coffee & 2 end tables, Heywood Wakefield Sideboard, Lane Walnut 6 piece bedroom set including triple dresser w/mirror, highboy chest, 2 night stands, double bed frame, desk & chair, Lane Walnut Sideboard, Walnut dining table w/6 chairs, Starburst clock, Asian style bedroom set, Lamps, figures, teak nest of tables, studio pottery, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Fine Older Asian Porcelain pieces including a pair of Foo Dog Figures, Vases, Bowls, Plates, Tea Caddies, Artwork, Cloisonné, Japanese wedding kimono, Tsuba, 4 panel silk screen, Asian bronze vases, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Steuben cocktail shaker & 6 martini glasses in original box & lg Steuben bowl, Fine Murano pair of large bird figures, large Orrefors crystal bowl & vase, Fine cut glass pair of cobalt/clear covered compotes, Large Set of Edelstein Bavaria Maria Theresia fine china, fine crystal cut stemware, depression glass, Fostoria American crystal, Herend, Mintons, Arabia Finland, Franciscan Desert Rose dishes, Group of early antique china, Perfume bottles, Nieman Marcus Fish Service Set, Italian Pottery, Venetian glass, lots of great glass & china, Italian pottery, Roseville vase, Niloak vase, Fenton, art deco pottery lamp, Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, Lenox Colonial Christmas wreath plates, Haviland, Chihuly spiral glass pieces, Sevres plates, fine cut stemware, Lenox Ming china, Wedgwood Patrician china, Fisher's restaurant china, Dresden figures, Heisey elephant figure, enamel artglass, Beswick figure, Fenton decorated fairy lamp, etc. Art & Mirrors: Lots of High End Designer Artworks, Large antique oval framed mirror, Victorian Walnut frame mirror, Antique Gold frame bevelled mirror, Oil paintings by listed artists: Chapman, Gonzales Mara, Obican, H Mueller, W M Werrbach, Lawrence Harris from Taos, Antique prints, Etchings, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Silver: Antique Sterling flatware & serving pieces, 14K gold fine jewelry, 14K Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Diamond stick pin, Emerald & Diamond rings, Mexican sterling cats eye necklace, pair of large cactus sterling bangles, Navajo turquoise bracelets, bolo ties, jewelry, etc, Costume jewelry, antique enamel sterling match safe, Group of 14K & fine Pocket Watches, 14K gold nugget wrist watch, antique sterling pieces, heavy sterling bowls, etc. Coins: US Silver Dollars, Halves, Quarters, dimes, gold pieces, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Figural Fish Weather Vane, Antique toy cast iron wagon & horses w/rider, clocks, Antique oriental rugs, Toleware trays, Winchester Model 06 takedown 22 pump rifle, Japanese sword, German WWII uniform, US uniforms, Antlers, Fine Linens, tablecloths, Cameras, Frigidaire Upright new freezer, New Horizon Fitness 1.3T treadmill, old postcard album, split bamboo fly fishing rod, Indian baskets, Indian beadwork, vintage wrought iron lamp, 50's figural lamps, antique iron toy wagon w/horse & rider, antique bisque head doll, etc. See photos and catalog.

Wednesday & Thursday, May 10-11, Northwest Fine Art & Antique Auction

European & American Art: 18th/19th century English grand manner portrait of oil King George III, Gordan Grant "South Seas Trading Post" maritime oil, William Aylward maritime schooner ship oil, stunning Joseph P. Frey California desert scene oil, George Howell Gay (NY) seascape watercolor, Mose Bianchi Italian "The Washers" oil, William Coulter California seascape oil, Ray Strong California landscape oil, Thomas Benjamin Pope (NY) forest scene watercolor, Edward B. Gay (NY) seascape oil, Hagenaur Wien Austrian Bronze Portrait Bust, Eliza Barchus Mt. Hood Oil, Lionel Salmon Mt. Rainier watercolor, Scott McDaniel small Mt. McKinley oil, George Pflanz panoramic horizontal large northwest landscape oil, Ross Gill harbor scene acrylic, Thomas Benjamin Pope NY forest scene watercolor, Ganu Gantcheff large seagull bronze sculpture, (2) Joan Kickbush Alaskan watercolors, Eustace Ziegler small oil, Milton Caniff original Terry & The Pirates comic strip art, etc. Northwest Modern Art: Featuring an important portfolio of original artworks by Mark Tobey that came directly from the estate of Northwest Artist, Patricia K. Nicholson. Nicholson was good friends with Tobey and the works date from the 1940's to the 1960's. Many of her works will also be included in the sale. She was a well respected artist and teacher with very few works released to the market. Also in this sale are works by, Leo Kenney "Relic of Light" 1970 painting, Leo Kenney "Study for the Dreaming Akhnaton Painting" 1962 large pastel, Mark Tobey 1933 "Entombment" tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Universal Voyage" large tempera, K. Callahan early mystic mountains oil, K. Callahan "Robin" sum, early 1954 Frank Okada oil, Carl Morris sumi, Paul Jenkins early ink abstract (Dusanne Label), early Alden Mason abstract oil, Virginia Banks interior abstract oil, Neil Meitzler "Gradual Dark" 1958 casein, Neil Meitzler "Grasses" small casein, Kathleen Gemberling "Face of Fall" large abstract oil, Helmi Juvonen "Tlinget Design" tempera, Kenyu Moriyasu (OR) large abstract oil, many works by Allen Wolf (WA/NY) directly from his estate, James Wandesforde still life oil, Benjamin Moore glass, Louis Bunce signed lithograph, etc. Studio Ceramics: Pablo Picasso Madoura "Wood Owl Woman" vessel, Picasso Madoura heads cubist pitcher, Picasso Madoura Don Quixote bowl, Several Robert Sperry pieces, early Patti Warashina vase, David Shaner slab trays, Anne Hirondell large vessel, several Louis Mideke pieces, Maya Oakes slab thrown bowl, Gladys Crooks bowls, Reid Ozaki, Ted Smith Raku vessel, etc. Fine Etchings, Prints & Lithography: Alexander Calder S/N "Little Arabesque" lithograph, Waldo Chase harbor scene woodblock, Marie Laurencin woman modernist etching, Kasimir "Henschel" large railroad etching, Leon Danchin signed hunting dog etching, Boris Riab dog etching, (3) Charles J.A. Wilson maritime ship etchings, Nag Arnoldi lithograph, Alice Standish Beull Dartmoth etchings, Louis Bunce signed lithograph, Allen Wolf etchings and prints, wonderful collection of English & Islamic illuminated manuscript pages, etc. Fine Glass: Daum Nancy large enameled cameo glass flower vase, Daum Nancy large cameo glass landscape vase, pair of L.C. Tiffany favrille candle lamps with shades, pair of Legras cameo glass vases, 19th cent. English cut glass gilt decanter, Moser style enameled glass vase, pair of Benjamin Moore NW glass vases, etc. 1.8 carat brilliant cut diamond solitaire ring Silver: 110pc Durgin "Engraved Windsor" pattern heavy sterling flatware service, early Georg Jensen art nouveau shell pattern serving spoon, Tiffany & Co. clover pattern sterling bowl, heavy Sanborns Mexican sterling tea service & large serving bowl, Peter Krider 1850 coin silver mint julep cup, early Boston coin and sterling silver, Abel Moulton, Robert Evans, Porter Blanchard, Newell Harding & Co., Kalo sterling spoon, Rand & Crane hammered spoons, Persian silver 3pc teaset, Persian worked silver bowls, English figural SP character stein, Indian plated repousse figural handle elephant humidor, early Gorham sterling repousse inkwell, etc. Fine Porcelain & Pottery: Pair of Royal Vienna busts, (3) Royal Vienna portrait plates, Capo di Monte Casket 19th Cent., Capo di Monte cupid bookends, Meissen girl w/basket figure, Sevres & Dresden china, Dresden cupid inkwell, antique Royal Dux art nouveau woman & shell compote, Nippon moriage portrait humidor, 2pc Hampshire matt green pottery, unusual Weller jardinière, etc. Designer & Antique Furniture/Lighting: Haimi "Karuselli" leather chair & ottoman designed by Yrjo Kukkapuro, Original Joe Columbo designer "Elda" chair, J.L. Moller 7pc Dining Set - Table with 6 Chairs, Troeds Swedish Nils Jonsson designed teak sideboard, set (4) Knoll Bertoia wire chairs, Stendig Marcel Breuer "Wassily" chair, Dux Denmark Folke Ohlsson lounge chair, Karl Springer designer round standing vanity mirror, McGuire silver gilt rattan glass top coffee table (paid $3600), 6pc carved rosewood Chinese living room set custom made in Hong Kong, unusual Eastlake carved hall tree, claw-foot empire style highboy dresser, fine art deco umbrellas shade cast iron floor lamp, scarce Statue of Liberty slag glass table lamp, carved alabaster woman lamp, carved marble pedestal, Chinese silk room size rug, etc. Fine Selection of Asian Antiquities: Early Chinese porcelain, blanc de chine, Imari dragon dog, pair of Chinese porcelain large palace foo dogs, Japanese Imari & Kutani porcelain, Japanese gilt bronze walking stick handle, several Tibetan & Nepalese Bronzes, India silver shrine, India sarcophagus "Koftgari" casket, Tibetan copper repousse mandalas, Chinese bronze foo dogs, Persian silver bidri bowls and trays, betel boxes, Chinese carved hardstone foo dog, Syrian carved wood figural goat box 18th cent., Persian porcelain Kendi, jade handled pewter Chinese box, large Chinese sumi/ink painting of men or horses (purchased $4700), wonderful collection of English & Islamic illuminated manuscript pages, etc. Fabulous collection of antique Lap Desks and Inkwells! 19th cent. French boule lap desk, antique India ivory and porcupine quill lap desk, antique gyptian revival sphinx plated inkwell, English figural dolphin horn inkwell, India carved sandalwood lap desk 19th cent., Dresden porcelain inkwell, early Gorham sterling repousse, inkwell, figural Elk bronze inkwells, etc. Collection of Rare Antiquarian Books from the 16th, 17th, & 18th Century: Volume leatherbound sets, war themes, Voltaire, Napoleon, etc. Items of Interest: Several 19th cent. Russian silver icons, 18th cent. French gilt bronze reliquary casket, English 19th cent. pewter and plated tankards/steins, early Yankee scrimshawed ivory clipper ship page turner, scrimshaw ivory Alaskan tusks, 18th cent. scrimshaw Italian large abalone shell, early Southwest Indian basket, Apache basket with figures, pair of early western boot spurs, pair of Disney Aristocrats animation cells, Milton Caniff Terry and the Pirates original comic strip art, English military uniform, early Charles Frodsham English mantel clock, group of Italian gilt wood icons, etc. See photos and catalogAuction results:  Session 1  Session 2

Saturday, May 7, Real Estate Auction

Real Estate: 2956 E Republican St, Seattle, WA. Sold at auction. Madison Valley Estate Auction. Great Location, Madison Valley Fixer! 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1,500 sf home on 4,128 sf corner lot, Built 1907, Craftsman Style, Just Finish the Basement, Partial Remodel in progress. King County Assessed Value: $218,000. See photos.

Saturday, April 30, Real Estate Auction

Real Estate: 4908 SW Charlestown St, Seattle, WA. Sold at auction. Genesee Estate Auction. Great Location, Genesee Fixer! 4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1,390 sf home on 6,240 sf lot, Built 1955, 1.5 Stories, Patio, Fireplace, Nice Yard, Attached Garage, King County Assessed Value: $308,000. See photos.

Thursday, April 28, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates including a High-End Mercer Island Estate & Others Antiques, Fine Quality & Designer Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Baker Tables, Baker Console, Baker Bedroom Furnishings, Henredon Dining Set & China Cabinet, Victorian Ladies Cylinder Roll Secretary, Victorian Side chairs, Oak Attorney's 4 section bookcase, Oak chests, Oak pedestal tables, Walnut Dining Table & Buffet, large Iron & Brass Bakers Rack, Designer Lamps, Oriental Rugs, Chinese Rug, NSF Chrome Rack, Designer Glass top/metal frame dining table w/8 upholstered dining chairs, High End Designer Office Chairs, Desinger Pompeii Patio Set glass top round table & 4 chairs w/matching bench, Antique English Davenport Desk, Modern glass top coffee table w/"X" glass base, Floor Lamps, 2 small oak reproduction ice boxes, 2 drawer oak file cabinet, antique primitive barber chair, 2 antique oak secretaries, Stanley coffee table & 2 console tables, Designer glass/metal teacart, room size & scatter oriental rugs, display cabinets, etc. Mid Century: 8 sections modular Denka Teak Bookcases/Wall unit, 4 Teak Bar Stools by Stuart Moldrem, Oval Tulip Dinette Table, Lane walnut step table, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Asian Porcelain pieces, Artwork, Vases, Chargers, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Steuben figures & lg bowl, lots of green & pink Depression Glass, Cut Glass, Art Glass, set of Waterford fine china in the Seahorse Ivory pattern, etc. Art & Mirrors: Lots of High End Designer Artworks, lg Robinson Abstract Oil Painting, Greg Kucera, D'Elaine Johnson, Rirchard Kirsten, Alan Wolf, many signed oil paintings, etchings, prints, lithographs, Victorian framed photos, lots of Bessie Pease Guttman prints & childrens prints, Western theme art prints, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Silver: Lots of antique Sterling flatware & serving pieces, 14K & 18K gold fine jewelry, Tiffany gold bangle, sterling jewelry, Costume jewelry, Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches, very nice strand of larger pearls, etc. Native Americana, Carved Indian Mask by Matt James, Ivory & Indian Baskets, Kachina doll, etc. Items of Interest: Clocks, Towel Warmer, German Regulator Wall Clock, Old Toys, Doll Collection, Trunks, lots of CDs & DVDs, lots of high end designer decor items, Mammod Steam Tractor, Boat & Ship models, lots of Books: on Indians, North West, Fishing, rolls of material, iron trivet collection, silhouette collection, bayonets, pocket knives, ships lantern, Commercial NSF aluminum cookware, etc. See photos.

Saturday, April 23, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 7029 40th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. Sold at auction. View Ridge Estate Auction Great Location, View Ridge Fixer! 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2,080 sf home on 5,040 sf lot, Built 1952, Oak Floors, Deck, Fireplace, Basement, Attached Garage, Nice Setting, Trees & Shrubs. King County Assessed Value: Land $255,000, Improvements $145,000, Total $400,000. Parcel #7974200554, Taxes: $3,834.89. Auctioneers Note: A Great Opportunity, Great Location, View Ridge Fixer! 50 year accumulation personal property. See photos.

Thursday, April 21, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates Antiques, Furnishings, Rugs & Decor: Mahagany 3 door bookcase, Oak 20's 9pc Spanish style refractory dining set w/6 chairs, buffet & china cabinet, Oak Curved glass china cabinet & buffet, Oak 5' "S" roll top desk, 2 section flat art metal cabinet, Art Deco tall Dental Cabinet, Oak bench, Mahogany coffee table, Mahogany secretaries, English Oak armoirs, English carved buffet & china cabinets, Vintage 48 drawer metal magazine cabinet, Pair Art Deco Green/Black rolled back armchairs, Vintage Kolster console radio, Oversize Spanish style chest, China cabinets, English Deco secretary, pair of curio cabinets, 12x14 Kirman oriental rug, 11'5"x14' Karastan rug, 8x10 oriental rug, antique chests, oak childs rocker & highchair, Mahogany frame sofa, Carved frame overstuffed club chair, Antique marble top humidor, Oak costumer, etc. Mid Century: 2 Lane coffee tables, Formed wood lounge chair & ottoman, etc. Asian Items & Decor: Antique Asian Porcelain pieces, Brassware, Figures, Vases, Snuff bottles, Peking Glass, Cloisonné, Plique a Jour, Japanese enamel on metal cigarette case, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Dresden, Doulton, Sevres, Fine China antique German figures, CapodiMonte, Fine 18th & 19th Century China pieces, Antique glass, Bohemian Glass, Cranberry Glass, Decanter sets, Heisey, Tankards, many antique & vintage Steins, German steins, Regimentsal steins, glass tankards, Lefton Figures, Haviland, Cups & Saucers, Seguso Murano gold fleck large lamp, Spode partial sets of India Tree & Rosalie, etc. Art & Mirrors: NW vintage oil painting in batwing frame, framed vintage prints, vintage signed etchings, vintage triple overmantle mirror, CA oil by listed Massie, Vintage oil by H Lenz, Picasso portfolio, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Silver: 14K gold jewelry, bracelets, necklace, rings, sterling jewelry, Costume jewelry, Sterling Porringer, Sterling flatware, large Sterling Dresser Set, Sterling Bar sets, Early Antique Silver Plate, etc. Military & Knives: Sheath knives, hat badges, German sword strap, etc. Native Americana, Ivory & Indian Baskets, Pima basket, Ivory carving of Billikin, Alaska carved scrimshaw ivory cribbage board w/polar bear, more carved ivory figures, a few more Indian Baskets, etc. Coins: US Silver Vintage Halves, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies, Commemorative coins, etc. Items of Interest: Wall clocks, Shelf clock, Pitcher & Bowl Sets, Antique balance scales, Iron pots, pottery, Antique copper & brassware, Inlaid Boxes, Vintage Bridge Lamps, large assortment of Antique Books and books on antiques, Silver, Persian Arts, Asian, China, Furniture, Armor, etc, antique Bisque head doll, antique wood carvings, antique candlesticks, antique metalware, large Coca Cola metal advertising sign, 2 antique Sarouk 3x5 oriental rugs, spinning wheel, yarn winder, antique knife box, Antique carved side chair, footstools, linens, copper boiler, antique baton, antique tea caddy, German wood carvings, antique Persian metalware, lighters, antique 1824 Sampler, boxes, Volume set of leather bound Works of Victor Hugo 1888, Sets of Art books, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday, April 7, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates Furnishings & Decor: (2) 5 section oak bookcases w/leaded glass top sections, Pulaski Oak large carved mirror back lighted china cabinet w/heavy glass shelves, Pulaski matching Carved Oak Dresser w/mirror, commode w/mirror & chest all with marble tops and matching large oak armoire, (2) low spice cabinets, large Carved Armchair, large Hand Painted French style bedroom armoire clothes press, Large Framed Artworks, Mahogany kneehole desk, Governor Winthrop Secretary, etc. Mid Century: Large Walnut Display cabinet/sideboard, Curtis Jere large sculpture w/birds, etc. Antiques: English Art Nuveau sidebord, Wrought iron & brass twin bed, paintings & prints, Maxfield Parrish calendar print, etc. Asian Furniture & Decor: (2) Carved Rosewood snuff bottle curio cabinets, (2) Carved Rosewood sofas & matching armchair, Carved Rosewood low bench, Profusely Carved Teak Dining Table 2/ 2 leaves & 8 chairs, Carved teak large display cabinets with dragons, Carved teak bar, Carved teak drop leaf desk, (5) Carved Teak camphor chests, Carved teak nest of tables, Teak 4 panel pierced screen, Teak Carved Chow Table Oval w/6 stools, 4 panel silk screen, Large teak double chest of drawers, Cork carvings, Samurai warrior helmets, abacus, lanterns, Brassware, Figures, Vases, porcelain, charger, 3 Asian Opium Water Pipes, Peking Glass, Cloisonné, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Pair of Tiffay artglass salts, Rookwood vases, Moorecroft vase, Weller Woodcraft vase, Majolica plates, Royal Bayreuth, Venetian paperweight, Satsuma, sets of dishes, Depression Glass, Fenton, etc. Jewelry, Gold & Silver: 14K gold jewelry, bracelets, necklace, rings, sterling jewelry, Costume jewelry, Sterling Souvinir Spoons, Sterling flatware, lg Georg Jensen Spoon, Tiffany Sterling flatware, etc. A Very Large US Gold & Silver Coin & Silver Bullion Collection: US Gold coins: Double Eagles, $20, $2.50, also gold bullion coins, over 300 US Silver Dollars, Carson City uncirculated Silver Dollars, 1876CC Trade Dollar, Walking Liberty & Franklin Silver halves, over 3000 US silver Quarters, Mercury & Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head Pennies, many rolls of Silver Rounds, 100oz bar of silver, many 10oz bars of silver, etc. Military & Knives: Pocket knife collection, Sheath knives, Military combat knives, Case, Schrade, Herbertz, Ulu knives, etc. Items of Interest: Flute, Bengal Tiger rug, long wood curtain rods, Chess set, Cameras, paper goods, books, etc. See photos and Catalog.

Thursday, March 24, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates Furnishings: John Widdicomb large leather armchair & ottoman, Pottery Barn Dining Set w/table & 8 chairs, Orleans Collection Massive Dining Set with large Dining Table w/3 leaves, 10 matching chairs, Hutch & Server, also Orleans Collection Highboy & Triple Dresser, large carved Asian Cabinet & Chest, Drop leaf table w/4 matching folding chairs, Cherry secretary & display cabinet, 9x13 Oriental pattern rug, lamps, marble top & glass top contemporary tables, Large Gold frame bevelled mirror, Triple etched mirror, Set of 4 highback spindle dining chairs, Large Glass top coffee table, small Wrought Iron white glass top table w/2 matching chairs, Column pedestals, Dark finish 2 drawer lateral file cabinet, Lingerie chest, night stands, Pair Carnival Lamps, Drop Leaf Mahogany small oval inlaid stand, pair of John Richards Monkey Wall Sconces, etc. Antiques: Oak Arts & Crafts Library Table, Oak A&C swivel office armchair, Antique Metal Decorated "Security" Flour & Spice Kitchen Safe, Antique 1880's Gem Roller Organ (Organ Grinder) with 20 extra cobs, Carved Drop front desk, English Sideboard, Antique Wicker Baby stroller, Antique Empire large Carved Chest, Marble top Dresser, Antique wood frame settee, Victorian Armchair & Side Chair, Barnwood handmade table w/drawer, Oak secretary desk, Oak console carved cabinet Victorla, Copperware, Antique oil paintings, etc. Scientific Instruments: Bausch & Lomb microscope, Transits, David White Level, 2 Gurley Levels, Hygrographic Recorder, Vacuum pump, etc. Asian: Antique Carved Small Asian cabinets, 2 marble top Asian console cabinets, 4 panel pierced divider screen, Dishes, etc. Fine China, Pottery & Crystal: Several pieces of Steuben crystal, bowls, vases, etc, Orrefors bowl, Lalique, Baccarat, Rare Fostoria American stemware w/amythyst bowls, Vintage Fiesta dishes, lots of Pottery, Roseville, Weller, Hull, Wedgwood, Van Briggle, Artglass, Swedish Crystal, etc. Gold & Silver: 14K gold jewelry, bracelets, necklace, rings, turquoise jewelry, sterling jewelry, Sterling Souvinir Spoons, American Coin Silver spoons, Sterling flatware, etc. Coins: US coins, Silver Dollars, Silver halves, Quarters, Dimes, Pennies, US Large Cents, Buffalo nickles, V nickles, Mercury Dimes, Indian Head pennies, Rare Coins, Paper currency, Silver Commemorative Rounds, etc. Native Americana: (2) Indian Baskets, Large collection of Native Beaded items, moccasins, belts, shirts, cases, pouches, etc, Carved Indian Masks, rattles, halibut hook, Native Carved Walking Stick, etc. Firearms & Related: Colt 38 revolver, antique double barrell shotgun, Japanese Arisaka rifle, practice rifles, BB guns, Bayonets, etc. Items of Interest: 2 signed Rie Munoz lithographs, WWII large original Savings Bond Posters by Norman Rockwell, WWII large German Building Banner w/symbol, (2) Artist Signed Carved Decoys by Big Sky Carvers, Bozeman, MT, more carved bird decoys, lg lighted world globe on stand, sm globe, art books, paper goods, old photos, Worlds Fair Items, New high quality stationary from exclusive Madison Park Gift Shop, Books, Frames, Fishing rods & reels, sheet music, linens, 2 Pendleton blankets, Sailfish trophy, Civil War Register for the 149th Regiment Pennysylvania, PA, Pilots operating books, Pilots Jacket, Beatles Record Albums, Watercolor paintings, postcards, etc. See photos and catalog.

Thursday, March 10, Antique and Fine Art Auction

Great Selection of Fine Northwest, American,and World Class Artworks.  English, Continental, International Art & Sculpture: Felix Ziem oil Venice boating scene, attributed to E W Cook large oil Marine Scene, Arthur Perigal oil painting, pair John Syer oils (English), Atkinson oil, attributed to Frederick Waters Watts large oil, Branco Polianski (Polish) oil, Oil of Wedding Scene by J S Raven & C J Lewis Collaberation, Frances E Nesbitt Watecolor, large oil of the Matterhorn by Heinz Munnich, Umberto Ongania Venetian WC, many antique oil paintings, Louise Mascre bronze figure of jester, etc. Northwest & American Art: Samuel Hyde Harris (CA) 25"x30" Oil "Sentinels", Emil Gruppe oil painting, Ned Mueller WC, very large Oil of a Marine Whaling Scene signed Alex Martinez (NW), large Karl Albert Desert Scene oil (CA), Robert Atwood (TN), Atributed to Gilbert Gaul Oil painting after Frederick Remington, Wesley E Webber (Mass) oil Marine scene, (2) David Burliuk (NY/Russia) oil paintings, Richard Hickson oil, (2) Sandy Wadlington (New Hampshire) Pastels, (2) Beatien Yazz (AZ) paintings, Harrison Begay (AZ) painting, Frank Vigil (NM) painting, Robert Chee (AZ) painting, (2) Walt Disney original Celluloid Illustrations from "The Lady & The Tramp" w/gold foil labels, Walt Disney original Celluloid Illustration of Donald Duck from cartoon w/gold foil label, Antique oil painting of woman w/pug dog (Ortiz), (2) Wah Ming Cheng (CA) Bronze sculptures, large C Ruskin painting Mother w/child, etc. Northwest & Modern Art, Studio Pottery & Sculpture: Several signed Allen Wolf (NY) abstract oils, Michael Spafford Charcoal & Cutout original Minotaur Series #4, Doris Chase (NW) WC, Neil Meitzler painting (NW), James Martin oil, Sylvain Kloss (NW) abstract oil, Stanley Sobossek (NY) abstract oil, (2) Eugene Pizzuto oils, Large Thomas Coleman covered floor jar, Jim Appel pottery vessel, Reid Ozaki Pottery item, Gerald Newcomb pottery jars, Jerry Glenn pottery vase, Haviland Punch Bowl,Modernist Bronzes, Jane Wherrette pottery bowl, etc. Fine Etchings & Lithographs: Rockwell Kent (NY) etching, Ernest Haskell (NY/MN) etching, Kerr Eby (CT) etching, Phillip Kappel etching, Michael Ehle (NW) etching, Angel Botello signed Lithograph, Joseph Knowles etching, Luigi Lucioni (NY) etching, C Jac Young (NY/NJ) etching, (2) Joseph Flock signed lithographs, Stow Wengenroth (NY) lithograph, Adolf Arthur Dehn (NY) lithograph, Jorge Dumas lithograph, etc. Photographs & Orotones/Goldtones: Norman Edson Goldtone Photograph, Norman Edson Tinted Photograph, (2) Asahel Curtis Tinted Photographs, (2) Kinsey Framed Photographs, etc. Art Glass, Porcelain, & Pottery: Dale Chihuly Persian 14" Basket, Daum Artglass sculptural dish, Lalique opalescent sm bowl, George Bucquet (CA) Cast glass large sculpture w/fish, Heinrich set of 12 gold rim service plates, 3 bottle Bohemian decanter set in Victorian silver frame, etc. Sterling, Silver & Fine Jewelry, & Watches: Tiffany 1ct diamond/platinum ring, Rolex 18K gold Cellini man's wrist watch w/18K gold band, Tiffany 18K gold brooch & earring set, 18K gold jade rings & pin, Sterling & Ivory page turner, Sheffield antique silver plate serving pieces, 76 piece Cutlery service by George Butler & Co., Sheffield, England, English Sheffield dome top server, Coffee urn, large 4 compartment entree server, large trays, etc. Asian Items & Antiquities: 19th Century Chinese floor vase, Mao-Sien Tseng painting, (3) 4 & 6 panel Japanese Silk Screens, Imari & Arita Chargers, 20th Century blue & white pottery floor vase, Inaba Japanese cloisone vase, Japanese cloisone vase w/foil, Imari covered rice bowls, Japanese Kutani items, large Imari scalloped bowl, (7) fine Chinese paintings on silk, 2 pairs of Asian Horseshoe Armchairs, 3 section Japanese Tonsu Chest, Pair of Hand Painted Chinese Ginger jars, Takahashi woodblock print, Japanese Tsuba, carved ivory figures, etc. Fine Furnishings, Lighting, & Oriental Rugs: Limbert branded Oak Arts & Crafts style rocker, L & JG Stickley Oak Magazine Stand (#46), Jefferson reverse painted glass shade lamp on bronze base, English Mahogany inlaid console table, Kittenger double pedestal dining table w/2 large leaves & 6 matching dining chairs, Fine Enlish Burlwood Davenport Desk, Inlaid Syrian Gaming Table w/matching stools, Set of 6 Inlaid Antique dining chairs, English Mahogany small writing desk & inlaid chair, Selection of Oriental Rugs, 9x12 all silk pile medallion Oriental Rug, Dated 1781 Oak Cupboard/Display cabinet, Fine Quality wood frame daybed, etc. Native Americana: Authentic Indian Atlatl Throwing Spear w/ivory tip, 2 vintage Southwest Indian Baskets, Plains Indian strike a lite beaded bag, Scrimshaw Ivory Eskimo cribbage boards, Native pot, etc. Sport Memorabilia: Original photo scrapbook of the Jeffries/Johnson Heavy Weight Title Fight, January 4th 1910 held in Reno, Nevada including over 100 real photos taken by professional photographers from Dana Photo, San Francisco, Authentic Sicks Stadium Home Team Dugout Bench (home of the Seattle Rainers, Indians & Pilots) installed in Sicks Stadium 1938 w/provenance, 1940 Seattle Rainiers team signed Wood plate, Rainers 50's team photos & pocket schedules, etc. Clocks: Scottish Long Case Clock w/oak case made by David Greig circa 1810-1837, Joseph Brumer Calendar Repeater Grand Soniere Mantel Clock circa 1830, Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator wall clock, 2 weight Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, International Oak Case School Master Clock, etc. Items of Interest: Randall M-1 Springfield Military 12.5" sheath knife w/original leather sheath, Collection of Historical Civil War Documents in original Trunk held by Family Circa 1860s, circa 1864 Civil War Scrimshaw Texas Longhorn powder horn, Pair mounted Walrus Tusks, Polynesian Tribal Shield, Newcomb Macklin frame, Carved Ivory Monkey Head mechanical walking stick, life size Bronze Stork figure, etc. See photos, catalog and hammer price results.

Thursday, February 24, Estate Auction

Northwest Estates fill our floor with many exciting items including items from an exclusive Madison Park Estate: Furnishings: Mid Century Sofa & Tables, Mid Century Teak sm 4 drawer chest, Antique Period Dining Table w/2 large leaves, Highest Quality Carved Hall or Center long table w/2 drawers and pull outs on each side, Howard Miller lighted Display Cabinet, Antique Period Oval Dining table w/2 large leaves, Designer Carved large hall table w/2 drawers and end pull outs, Quality Credenza, Designer Chrome & Brass Display stand w/glass shelves, Teacart, small Baker stand, Pair of McGuire side chairs, Desinger hall table & pair of night stands, Victorian Cylinder Roll top Secretary Desk, Victorian Walnut oval lamp table, Victorian armchair & side chairs, Imperial Mahogany drop front desk, Quality highboy chest, Inlaid Asian Bar, small tables & stands, Pennsylvania House cherry sm end table/chest, Quality Silk upholstered overstuffed loveseat, French Inlaid Coffee Table, vintage Waterfall Cedar chest, Japanese tea cabinet on stand, Asian garden stools, etc. Art: Oil paintings, Watercolors, 2 Elton Bennett silkscreen prints, framed prints, etc. Jewelry & Watches: 14K gold jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, Sterling jewelry, Desinger Costume Jewelry: Mirriam Haskall, Marvella, Hobe, watches, etc. Sterling & Silver: 2 sets of Sterling flatware, Sterling serving pieces, Souvinir spoons, lots of Antique Sheffield plate, large unusual early Silver Plate serving pieces, Victorian Trays, Silver Plate tea & coffee services, lots of serving trays, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Steuben pieces, Art Glass, Waterford Stemware, Baccarat, Fine Crystal stemware sets, Frosted glass, Cut glass, lots of Fine China, Haviland, Limoges, Lamberton, Pair of Royal Crown Staffordshire Parrot figures, 3 sets of fine china dishes, Asian porcelains, Orient & Flume paperweights & vase, Belleek, etc. Pottery: Roseville items, collection of Hummel figures, Portuguese large pottery bowls & urns, 2 large signed Bellaire Harlequin figures, large Italian pottery center bowl w/monkeys, etc. Items of Interest: Vintage Zenith upright console radio, Books, lamps, Asian items, Carved African figures, vintage telegraph, etc. See photos.

Thursday, February 17, Estate Auction

Northwest Estates: Major gold & silver coin collection: (71) gold Krugerands, (21) gold 1/4 Krugerands, (20) 1/10 Krugerands, Vintage US $1, $2.50 & $5 gold coins, various other gold coins, 20 100peso silver rounds, misc coins, etc. Furnishings: Mid Century Danish Teak Frame Sofa, Settee & Armchair (all with loose cushions), Pair Teak End Tables, Oak: Antique Carved Oak drop front desk w/mirror back, Vintage Arts & Crafts Oak Buffet, Library Table, Oak Highboy Chest w/mirror, Oak case treadle sewing machine, Mahogany: Poster Bed, Double Dresser w/mirror, pair of 3 drawer night stands, Walnut: Waterfall highboy w/bakelite handles, like new twin bed, large entertainment center, Ethan Allen stenciled settee, 3 marble top provincial end tables, 2 provincial lowboy chests, lamps, chandelier, light fixtures, Chinese & pattern rugs, 3 narrow chests, Chrome ped table & 2 chairs, chrome dinette table, Small English display cabinet, Pine drop leaf kitchen table w/2 drawers, Pair bentwood modern armchairs, small tables & stands, etc. Art: 2 sign Rie Muñoz signed Lithographs, Original Artwork including medals, coffee table, placques, etc, by Joseph Illg, Jackie Brooks, Carl Roessler, Joyce Reynolds, Elton Bennett Silkscreen print, Walton Butts, Marvin Oliver, Leila Dawson, NWWS, Joanne Scott, Oil paintings, prints, etc. Firearms & War Memorabilia: US Remington 45 semi-auto pistol w/2 clips & holster, Savage 30 30 lever action rifle, Savage model 2200 20ga shotgun, Ithaca double barrell shotgun, US Remington model 03-A3 bolt action 30.06 rifle, JC Higgins 22 rifle, 2 Spanish Cutlass Vintage Swords, Masonic Sword, Japanese short sword in scabbard, sheath knives, Doughboy Helmet, 2 WWII helmets, field telephones, Medals & ribbons, photo scrapbook Pacific theatre wartime, medals, ribbons, etc. Musical Instruments: Supro steel guitar, Banjo uke, Hawaiian string instrument, Hohner Accordian, Conn trumpet, Concertina, etc. Jewelry & Watches: 14K gold jewelry, bracelets, earrings, Sterling jewelry, Mirriam Haskall large faux pearl necklace, lots of modern designer jewelry from exclusive gift store in Madison Park, Rose Quartz, Coral, Lapis, beads, Elgin pocket watch, Hamilton mans wrist watch, etc. Sterling: Wallace Rosepoint Sterling flatware, Sterling serving pieces, English cased fish service in presentation box, Wilcox International Silver Plate Tea & Coffee Service, Antique Victorian enameled glass pickle caster, Caster set, Better dish, Water pitcher, compotes, sets of Silver Plate flatware, Ice bucket, Victorian Trays, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Art Glass, Carnival glass, Frosted glass, Perfume bottles, Dresden, Asian porcelain, Cut glass, cut glass lamps, Blue Ridge covered dish, etc. Items of Interest: Antique Oak barrells, antique round top wood slat trunk, framed NW scenic photos, Salem ships bell ships clock, Sessions mantle clock, fishing items, rods, reels, tackle, antique frames, studio pottery, Cinnabar boxes, Deco base world globe, Boeing memorabilia, Airplane photos, Airforce 1 photos, Scale model of Marquardt Corp Supersonic Ramjet Engine on stand, 2 antique steam whistles, etc. Tools: Antique Stanley 45 plane w/cutters, Stanley planes, woodworking tools, Drill press, Sockets, Wrenches, Pliers, Skil elec plane, Skil worm drive elec saw, bit braces, etc. See photos.

Thursday, February 4, Estate Auction

Items from Northwest Estates: Furnishings: Oak Arts & Crafts Style Drop Front Desk, Large High Quality Breakfront w/4 doors, Quality Vintage Mahogany Display Cabinet, Very Nice Carved 4 drawer chest, Large Antique Victorian Walnut Marble Top Sideboard, Contemporary Oak Double Pedestal Roll Top Desk, Oak 2 section bookcase, 2 Cedar Chests, Childs antique school desk, Plasma TV, Pair carved wood 5 light candle sconces, Crystal lamp, 3 pc Provincial Cherry Bedroom Set, etc. Mid Century: Long walnut frame low sofa, kidney coffee table, Teak serving cart, pair black upholstered wood frame armchairs, paintings, Modern Studio Art Glass, etc. Coins: US Silver coins, silver dollars, silver halves, quarters & dimes, Mint sets, lots of Canadian silver coins, etc. Asian: Large Carved Camphor Chest, Carved Chinese Nest of Tables, Carved Round Teak Folding Stand, Teak End Table, Cloisonné, Carved jade pendant, etc. Items of Interest: Sterling lg stuffing spoon, Danish sterling items, sterling serving pieces, 2 Antique oriental rugs, modern oriental rugs, Antique lap desk, Stevens antique 22 rifle, Scale w/weights, Inlaid Mandolin, 12 string Granada Guitar, Vintage Advertising items, Prada purse, Head vases, German wood carvings, sheath knives & pocket knives, Wendell August solid bronze worked tray, Bookshelf stereo, etc. Native American & Indian Items: Indian Baskets, Baleen, collection of Kachina Dolls, Ivory, signed Ray Williams Totem, etc. Pottery: Many pieces of vintage Van Briggle Pottery, Roseville vase, Red Wing Crocks: 6gal, 4gal, 3gal, Cottageware teapot set, etc. Art: Antique oil paintings, Modern oil paintings, Antique engravings, vintage framed photos, prints, etc. Clocks: Antique wall clock, Seth Thomas steeple clock, Ships clock & Barometer, etc. Jewelry: Lots of Fine 14K & 18K Gold jewelry, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets, etc., Woman's Omega 18K wrist watch, antique watches, Nolan Miller jewelry, Sterling compacts & jewelry, fine Costume Jewelry, Eisenberg bracelet, Hollycraft, Joseff, mesh bags, pearl jewelry, etc. China, Glass & Crystal: Lalique bird figure, Antique enamel pickle caster, Carnival glass, German Parrot figure group, Belleek, Fine china figures, Cut Glass, Stemware, Antique Artglass, Cranberry pitcher & tumbler sets, Flow Blue dishes, Antique Transferware, Franciscan Apple & Desert Rose dish sets, Kosta vase, Heisey Elephant, etc. See photos.

Saturday, January 22, Estate Auction

Very Clean Estate Contents Include: 4 Danish Teak Mid Century Cabinets: 2 with sliding doors, 1 with drawers, 1 large buffet, Teak nest of tables, Teak stands, Antique Oak sm chest, German antique wall clock, Samsung plasma TV, Franciscan Desert Rose dishes, Books, Desks, night stands, lamps, Upright Freezer, 2 door refrigerator, Artists Studio equipment, easel, paints, canvases, art books, kitchenware, workshop hand tools, garden tools, etc. See photos.

Thursday, January 20, Fine Art & Antique Auction

Great Selection of Fine Northwest, American, and American Artworks: International Art & Sculpture: Frits Thaulow River Scene Oil, Chris Krohg Landscape Oil, Conrad Selmyhr Fjord Scene Oil, J. Langlois Antique Oil of Three Dogs, 19th Century Portrait Oil of Artist, Paul Duboy French Allegory Bronze Sculpture of Woman with Dog, (2) Mark Dolnitz French Dancer Paintings, etc. Northwest & American Art: Sydney Laurence Oil, (2) Eustace Ziegler Oils, (2) Jules Dahlager Oils, Clyde Leon Keller, Fred Oldfield, (2) Peter Hayward Large Oils, (3) Fred Marshall Acrylics, May Marshall Large Acrylic, Paul Grimm Large Mt. Rainier Oil, Donald Frederick Witherstine A&C Landscape Oil, Edgar Forkner Watercolor, William F. Reese Landscape Oil, Ned Mueller Indian Oil, Elizabeth Warhanik Watercolor, Josephine Crumrine-Liddell Mt. Rainier Oil, Ross Gill Acrylic, Arne Jensen Large Watercolor, (2) Gene Amondson Alaskan Landscape Oils, Austin Dwyer Marine Acrylic, Jerry Stitt Watercolor, George Randall Western Drawing, (2) Robert Mayokok Alaskan Native Drawings, Edwin Bruns Mission Scene Oil, Margaret Hodgson California Landscape Oil, (2) Tip Freeman Hawaiian Airbrush Floral Paintings, etc. Modern Art & Sculpture: Paul Horiuchi "Festival of July" Collage, William Cumming 1965 Child Acrylic, Kenneth Callahan "Tidal Pool" Tempera, (3) Kenneth Callahan Sumi Paintings, Guy Anderson Sketch & Small Painting, Fay Chong Saxophone Player Sumi, (3) Duane Zaloudek Abstract Oils, (4) Marlene Gabel Mixed Media Abstracts, William Hixson Figure Study Oil, Mark T. Mueller Original, (3) Jay Steensma Graphites, Windsor Utley Sumi, Michael Spafford Woodcuts & Large Lithograph, Billy King Graphite, (5) Alejandro Serrat Blasco-Ibanez Large Abstract Paintings, Shlomi Haziza Acrylic Optic Sculpture, Signed Axton Copper & Glass Triptych Wall Sculptures, Large Studio Pottery Urn with Cubist Design, David LeBlanc Bronze Modern Hanging Sculpture, Northwest Studio Pottery, etc. Lithography & Fine Print: Mark Tobey 1961 Paris Exhibition Signed & Inscribed Poster, Omar Rayo S/N "Safety Twins" Intaglio Etching, Vintage George Braque Cubist Lithograph, Vintage Pablo Picasso "The Dancer" Lithograph, 1971 Picasso Arles Exhibition Framed Poster, Vasarely S/N John F. Kennedy Serigraph, etc. Photographs & Orotones/Goldtones: Rare Edward S. Curtis "Returning from the Field" Signed Photograph, (2) Norman Edson Orotones, (2) Norman Edson Tinted Photographs, (2) Asahel Curtis Tinted Photographs, (2) Darius Kinsey Logging Photographs, etc. Art Glass, Porcelain, & Pottery: Dale Chihuly 1996 Skagit Blue Aerial Glass for Pilchuck School's 25th Anniversary, Steuben Blue Aurene Vase, Steuben Crystal Large Modern Bird Figure, Art Glass Nautilus Lamp Shade, Loetz Type Vase, Collection of Fine Antique Paperweights, Clichy, Baccarat, Antique Italian, Zellique Modern Art Glass Vase, Figural Dresden Clock with 4 Putti, (2) Antique Royal Worchester Figures, Antique Royal Doulton Pharoah Vase, Longwy French Bronze Footed Center Bowl, Hamshire Pottery A&C Vase, Weller Louwelsa Potter Vase, Rookwood Pottery Lamp, Moorcroft Pottery Bowl, etc. Sterling, Fine Jewelry, & Watches: Old Mark Reed & Barton Francis First Sterling Flatware Service, International Sterling Water Pitcher, Gorham Sterling Figural Fox Head Shell Dish, 14k Italian Bracelet & Necklace Set, Pair of 14k Three Color Mesh Bracelets, 14k Pearl 34" Long Necklace, Pair of 14k Pearl Mikimoto Earrings, 14k Sapphire & Diamond Necklace, 14k Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet & Earrings Set, Hamilton 21J Double Roller Railroad Pocket Watch, Burlington 21J Deco Pocket Watch, Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Clock, etc. Asian Antiquities: Fine Antique Chinese Lacquered Panel with Jade/Ivory/Cloisonne/Cinnebar Inserts, (2) Antique Japanese Blockprints, Kawase Hasui "Starlit Night, Miyajima" Blockprint, Carved Chinese Rosewood 2 Door Cabinet with Dragons, Chinese Porcelain Blue & White Painted Vase, Pair of Antique Japanese Silver Rim Cloisonne Pigeon Blood Vases, Antique Chinese Pottery Items, Pair of Large Carved Tibetan Temple Carvings, etc. Fine Furnishings, Lighting, & Oriental Rugs: Pair of Exquisite Inlaid Baker Demilune Tables, Period Tip Table, Large Carved Mahogany Partner's Desk with Large Claw Feet & Rope Edging, Heavy Carved Mahogany Presidential/Resolute Desk by Victorian Replicas, (Exact Replica of the President's Desk in the Oval Office at the White House), Profusely Carved Writing Desk from India, French Dinandre Art Deco Silver Inlaid Bronze Lamp with Original Shade Signed L'Autum, Jefferson Reverse Painted Shade Lamp with Landscape Scene, Bronze 4-Tier Deco Light Fixture, Cut Crystal Drop Chandelier, Selection of Antique & Vintage Oriental Rugs, etc. Firearms & Native Americana: Civil War Era Samuel Colt Revolver Pistol with Matching Serial Numbers #109760, Winchester Model 94 30-30 Theodore Roosevelt Comm. Lever Action Rifle with Box, Carved & Painted Cedar Northwest Indian Storage Box, Long Alaskan Scrimshaw Carved Ivory Cribbage Board with Applied Seals, Large IOOF 1866 Sterling & Garnet Fraternal Medal in Case for Service from 1847-1848, Navajo Small Rug, Pendleton Beaver State Indian Blanket, etc. Sport Memorabilia: Collection of Professional League & PCL Signed Baseballs including 1955 & 1957 San Francisco Seals Team Ball, 1968 San Francisco Giants Team Ball, 1957 Vancouver Mounties Team Ball, 1941 & 1957 San Diego Padres Team Ball, 1949 & 1955 Seattle Rainiers Team Ball, etc. Vintage Stan Musial & Joe DiMaggio Mini Bats, Collection of Assorted 1950's Topps Baseball Cards - All Commons, etc. Items of Interest: Art Nouveau Stained Glass Window Resembling a Maxfield Parrish Design, Large Italian 4' Faience Pottery Urn, Albert Berry A&C Copper Vase, Pair Roycroft Copper Bookends, Vintage Kay Bass Viol Model M-1-B (M1B), Antique Schweizer Violin with Bow, etc. See photos, auction catalog and hammer price results.

Saturday, January 15, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 6006 173rd Pl SW, Lynnwood, WA. Sold at auction. NW Contemporary, Rambler Fixer! 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,538 sf home, 8,276 sf Corner Lot, Built 1961, 2 Car Garage, Patio, Cedar Finishing, Nice Setting, Trees & Shrubs. Snohomish County Assessed Value: $292,100. Contents include: Full Mid Century Estate, 50 years accumulation, Mid Century Danish Teak Dining Table w/butterfly leaf and 6 chairs, Danish Teak Highboy Chest w/round standing mirror, Antique Oak Buffet, China cabinet & server, Mid Century Serving Cart, lamps, glass, Venetian, Blenko, Military items, Old photos, old framed prints, some sterling, head vases, Weller pot, Bookends, Cut glass, Cut Crystal Stemware, large set of Royal Albert fine china, Apothecary items, lots of Silver Plate, furnishings, 50's & 60's items, China, Crystal, Glass, Industrial style office chairs & settees, lots of old books, lots of vintage 50's & 60's women's clothing, fur coats, old trunks, kitchenware, fishing reels, lots of linens, costume jewelry, Nile related items, Waterfall cedar chest, Western items, Asian items, mantle clock, shadow box, radios, etc. See photos.

Thursday, December 30, Estate Auction

NW Estates including a Seward Park Estate fill our floor with new Estate Items:  Furnishings: Mahogany 9pc Dining Set including Double pedestal dining table w/3 leaves, 6 matching chairs, Credenza & China Cabinet, Mahogany tall Corner China Cabinet w/mirror back and beveled glass, Kindel Buckingham Mahogany Chest on Chest Highboy, Mahogany China Cabinet, Mahogany Kidney Desk, Mahogany Knee Hole Desk, Oak Queen size large Bedroom Set w/2 night stands and Highboy Chest, Pine Queen size large Bedroom Set with Dresser & Mirror, Lingerie Chest and night stand, Wrought Iron glass top serving cart, Oak Coffee Tables, French style Inlaid Marquetry Coffee Table & 2 End tables, Wood 4 chair dinette set, Telephone Stand, Oriental rugs, Waterfall Bedroom set, Oak Mid Century Bedroom Set, 50's Lamps, Chests, Swivel overstuffed rocker & ottoman, Oak ladies roll top desk, Tile Top Dinette Table, Mid Century Lane Cedar Chest, Paintings & Artwork, etc. Jewelry: Lots of 14K gold bracelets, necklaces, rings, Diamond & Jade, watch chain, cuff links, 14K antique slide chain, Stick Pins, (2) 14K gold Pocket Watches, Hamilton RR pocket watch, Unusual Monkey Double pin, Mexican Silver bracelets, Mens Wrist Watches by Tissot & Movado, Fine Costume Jewelry, etc. Clocks: Large Howard Miller Regulator Oak Case Clock, 2 large Mantle Clocks w/Garniture Candelabras, Starburst wall clock, etc. Antiques: 2 Convertible Victorian iron adjustable chairs, Fancy Iron Parlor Heater Enamel Stove, Persian Brass Trays, Servers, Figures, Busts, Moorish Brass, Bronze bust placques, Antique Persian 18th Century Shield, Oval large gold frame mirror, Stained Glass windows, etc. Items of Interest: Oak dining chairs, Piano stool, Large Swarovski Style Cut Crystal Chandelier, Large Knife Collection, Pocket Knives, Sheath Knives, Lighter Collection, Salt & Pepper Collection, Vintage Aluminumware, tire Ashtray Collection, Oil signs, Books, Paper Goods, Old photos, Studio Pottery Collection, Fine Patchwork Quilts, 35mm Cameras, McCoy Pottery, Peters & Reed vases, Ivory cribbage board, Harmon Kardon AVR 25 II receiver amp, Bronze Desk Lamp, Tapestries, vintage dress form, etc. Silver & Coins: Sterling Serving Pieces, US coins, Silver coins, etc. Dolls: Doll Collection, Madame Alexander Dolls in original boxes, lots of contemporary bisque head dolls in boxes, etc. China, Glass & Crystal: Large Set of Spode Buttercup fine china, Large Set of Polish Christmas Dishes, Jadeite, Depression Glass, Royal Doulton, Fenton, large glass pots, etc. See photos.

Thursday, December 16, Estate Auction

NW Estates including items from an exclusive Bainbridge Island Home: High Quality Furnishings & Décor, Antiques & Jewelry: Furnishings: Antique Victorian large Display Cabinet, 2 large Sofas, large Decorator Wicker Rocker & Armchair, Oval Antique Pedestal Table, Marble Top Pub Table, Arts & Crafts Oak Rocker, Mahogany Kidney Desk, Antique Oak Dresser, Oak Chiffarobe, Oak Rocker, etc, Mid Century Dining Set, Fine Quality Oak Dining Set w/6 chairs, Marble Top Ormolu Console Cabinet, Oriental Rugs, Oak Oval Dressing Mirror on Stand, Drexel Bar Cabinet, Baker small oval drop leaf side table, small tables, Bamboo octagon table, etc. Asian Furnishings & Décor: Fine Carved Rosewood Alter Table, Decorated Lacquered Chest on Stand, Zebrawood Tea Cabinet, Low Elmwood long cabinet w/sliding doors, Rosewood Netsuke Display Cabinet, Ivory Netsukes, Inside Painted Snuff Bottle, Asian Pottery, Asian Dish Sets in Presentation Boxes, Chinese & Japanese Porcelain, etc. Jewelry: Fine 14K & 18K Gold Designer Jewelry including 3 Aaron Basha 18K Gold Shoe Charms, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets, etc, Designer Jewelry from Exclusive Madison Park Gift Store Closeout: Sonya Ooten, David Aubrey, Purple Pelican, Patrice, Black Pearls, etc, Fine Costume Jewelry, Kenneth Lane, Di Mario, etc, Woman's Wrist Watches, Gucci Necklace Watch, etc. Crystal & China: Tiffany/Mintons service plates, Dresden, Royal Doulton Gibson Girl plates, JPL France, Limoges, Haviland, RS Prussia, Cut glass, Art Glass, Stemware, etc. Items of Interest: Sterling, 35mm Cameras & Lenses: Zeiss, Leitz, Sigma, Canon, Minox, Nikon, Exacta, etc, Antique Spinning Wheel, Military Knives, World Globe, Silver Plate Flatware set, Silver Plate Serving Pieces, Antique Silver Plate Basket, etc. Art: John Richen Iron Sculptural Ceiling Light Fixture, Oil Paintings, Prints, signed Lebadang print, Small Maxfield Parrish Rubiyat print, Collection of NorthWest Mountain Photos in Piecrust Frames, Antique Whiskey Advertising Framed Poster, etc. Clocks: Westwood Grandfather Clock, Fine Elliott London Bracket Clock, Mantle Clocks, etc. See photos.

Thursday, December 9, Estate Auction

Great Selection from Northwest Estates: Vintage Koken Barber Chair w/Childs Seat, Antiques, Large Victorian Display cabinet, Asian Rosewood Alter Table, Oak Dressers, Chiffarobe, Windup table top Victrola, Asian Style large china Cabinet, Mid Century dresser & night stands, Dining Sets, Large Contemporary Sofa, Rugs, Art, Fine 14K gold Jewelry, Watches, Fine Costume Jewelry, Netsukes, Asian pottery, Asian Dishes, Collectibles, etc. See photos.

Thursday, December 2, Estate Auction

NW Estates: Antiques, Mahogany 3 piece Carved Settee set, Mahogany & Oak Library tables, 2 Mahogany Secretaries, Mahogany Dining Set w/buffet, High Quality Contemporary Cherry oval Dining Table & 6 Chair dining set, Mahogany & Oak Small Tables, Teak bookcases and wall units, Unusual Tall Display case, Vintage 1940's Sofa & Chair, High Quality Console Table, Marble top Pedestal, carved French Kidney Desk, Mahogany Rocker, Channel Back Arm Chair, Victorian Wishbone Dresser, Victorian Chairs, US Coin Collection, Silver Dollars, Fine 14K Gold Jewelry, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Pins, Gemstones, 14/18K Charm Bracelet, Tiffany, Signed Turquoise Jewelry by Gary Reeves, A Cadman, Barse, etc., Fine Costume Jewelry, Mirriam Haskall, DiMario, Coro, Kenneth Lane, Eisenberg, Pearls, Sterling, Baum & Mercier, Cartier & Gucci Women's Wrist Watches, Fine Art, Listed Artists, Unique & High Quality Gift Items from Exclusive Gift Store, Cut Glass, Fine Hand Painted China, Artglass, 59pc Set of Gorham Sterling Buttercup flatware, Antique World Globe, Several Indian Baskets, Civil War Document, Books, Wrought Iron Podium, Asian cabinets, 50's items, lots of Silver Plate Serving Pieces, Antique Organ Lamp, Coal Hod, Slipper Chair, Nice Mannequin, Cloisonné Lamp, Needlepoint Bench, Pair Century Chests, Chrome Dinette Set, Majolica Pot, Mid Century items, lots of Books, Northwest Books on Seattle, Washington, History, Indians, Volume Sets, large set of Spode Indian Tree China, etc. See photos.

Thursday, November 20, Estate Auction

50 yr Estate Contents: Living, 1930's Dining Room Set, Bedroom Furnishings, Lots of Tools, Franciscan Desert Rose dishes, China, Crystal, Glass, Lots of Vintage Women's Clothing, Vintage Stereo Equipment, Speakers, Costume jewelry, etc. See photos.

Thursday, November 11, Estate Auction

Northwest Estates fill our floor with great items up for auction: Furnishings: Chippendale mahogany breakfront, Partners Desk, Large Walnut Office Table w/drawers, Pair Leather Armchairs, Antique Mahogany 3 piece Carved Poster Bedroom Set, Mahogany inlaid twin beds, Chaise Lounge, Daneker Grandfather Clock, Antique Oak carved ladies desk, Wrought Iron table & chairs, Mid Century tufted lounge, 3 Bidjar matching Oriental rugs in room & scatter sizes, Karastan Rugs in Room Sizes, etc. Coin Collection: Vintage US silver coins, proof sets, commemorative sets, Statehood Quarter Collection, $2.50 gold piece, etc. Jewelry: Lots of fine 14K Gold jewelry, Womens Wrist Watches, Fine Costume Jewelry, Regency, Miriam Haskall, DeMario, lots of Mexican Sterling jewelry, Harley Davidson sterling jewelry, etc. Doll Collection: Antique & Modern, Alaskan Ivory & Artifacts, Indian Baskets, Carved Ivory Horses, Eskimo Dolls, Beaded gloves, Totem, etc, Pair Bronze Sconces, Antique Lion Door Knocker, Asian Items, Boxes, Baskets, Carvings, Vintage Toys, MTH large train set, Set of Ralph Lauren China, Parrish Prints, Artwork, Vintage Calendars, Collection of 80+ Manoil military metal figures, etc. Firearms & Military: Rifles, Remington Model 600 6MM w/scope, Remington Model 510 22 rifle, Japanese Arisaka rifle, Japanese military sword, Japanese bayonets, etc. See photos.

Thursday, November 4, Fine Art & Antique Auction

Fine Art: (2) Édouard Cortès (1882-1969) French Street Scene Oils Titled "Place de la République" and "Gare du Nord" Both Measuring 18x21.5", Cecil Kennedy (1905-1997) English Still Life in Urn Oil 30x25", Antoine Blanchard (1910-1988) Parisian Street Scene Oil 16x20", Gilbert Scott Wright (1880-1958) English "The Bell Inn" Oil with Stagecoach & Horses 29.5x19.5", George Wright (1860-1942) Equestrian Scene with Dogs Oil 25.5x17.5", Jean Salabet 1952 Parisian Street Scene Oil, Pair of Carl W. Oswald 19th Century English Highland Cattle Landscape Oils, Otto von Ruppert German Snow Scene Oil after Monstedt, Lazzaro Donati Italian Modernist Oil, R. Sgrilli Italian Scene Oil, Ludwig Meixner German Lake Scene at Night Oil, Gustav Likan Modernist Watercolor 1968, (2) Alberto Lobos Chile Oils, (4) Modern Oil Paintings by German Artist Robert Freund, Hagenaur Austrian Bronze Double Horse Sculpture, Hagenaur Brass Zebra Tray, etc. American Art & Sculpture: Thomas Hill (1829-1908) "El Capitan, Yosemite" Oil 16x24", Carl Kauba (1865-1922) "War Bonnet" Indian Chief Bronze, (2) Carl Sammons California 12x16" Oils, Warren Eliphalet Rollins (1861-1962) California Landscape Oil 18x24", Paul Grimm "Mt. Rainier & Lake Washington" Large Oil Painting, Guy M. Welch (1886-1958) "Driving of the Golden Spike, Transcontinental Railroad" California Oil 18x24", William Lee Judson (1842-1928) California Coastal Watercolor 13x20", Pair of William F. Cogswell (1819-1903) California Portrait Oils in Ornate Frames, William F. Reese "Grandmother's Saddle" Indian Watercolor 22x30", W. Linsley Harbor Scene Oil, M. Helm Oregon Mt. Scene Oil, Collection of Works by Betty Jean Sabo New Mexico Artist, Don Foster California Coastal Scene Oil, Pair of Arthur Weindorf New York Landscape Oils, Margo Alexander Illustration Art of Black Boy with Monkeys, Kenneth Callahan Mountain Sumi, Alden Mason Burpee Artwork, (2) Virginia Banks Artworks, Eugene Pizzuto Oil, George Tsutakawa Sumi Card, Paul Horiuchi Abstract Card Painting, Jay Steensma Artwork, Robert Sperry Ceramics, etc. Photographs, Etchings, & Fine Prints: Extremely Rare Edward Curtis "Tarzan" Goldtone/Orotone 11x14" Photograph (One of Few Known), (3) Helen Hyde Woodblock Prints, Sadao Watanabe S/N Woodcut, Antique Kunisada Japanese Woodblock Prints, Vintage Pablo Picasso Lithographs, Pierre-Auguste Renoir Vintage Etching, Art Nouveau Paul Berthon Lithograph, Edison-Mazda Full-Size Maxfield Parrish "Reveries" & "Enchantment" Uncut Calendars, Set of (4) Nicholas Roberts Botanical Prints, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: Women's Omega Constellation Diamond Bezel Wristwatch, 18k Solid Gold Women's Longines Diamond Bezel Wristwatch, Heavy 18k Emerald/Sapphire/Diamond Ribbon Necklace, David Yurman Silver "X" Necklace & Bracelet Set, 14k Heavy Gold Charm Bracelet w/20 Charms, 18kt Engagement Ring w/1.04ct Diamond Center Stone, 14k Mesh Necklace w/5 Mounted Diamonds Center Stone .98ct, Pair 18k Fine Diamond Earrings, Pair 18k Emerald & Diamond "X" Earrings, 14k Heavy Sapphire & Diamond Ring, 14k Diamond Ladies Creseaux Bracelet Watch, 14" and 15" Strand of 5-5.5mm Cultured Pearls, Georg Jensen Denmark Sterling Bird Brooch in Box, etc. Silver: 78pc Wallace "Sir Christopher" Sterling Flatware Service for 12, George III English Sheffield Silver Tea Urn, Antique Sheffield Silver Epergne with 5 Cut Crystal Inserts, Pair of Impressive Sheffield Plated 3-Tier Candelabras, Victorian Reed & Barton Over-sized 5pc Silver Tea Service with Floral Finial, Antique Ducal Silver 3pc Domed Bun Warming Unit with Ivory Insert, English Hallmarked Sterling Marrow Spoon, Modern C.C. Hermann Denmark Sterling Basket, etc. Asian Antiquities: Pair of Folding Chinese Horseshoe-back Armchairs, Collection of Antique Asian Hanging Scrolls in Boxes, (2) Signed Carved Ivory Japanese Netsuke, Fine Satsuma Signed Small Dish, Impressive Cloisonné Jade & Hardstone Floral Arrangement, Antique Chinese Cloisonné on Bronze Table Lamp, Japanese Black Lacquered Writing Set, Arita Large Charger, Kutani Decorated Bowl, Large Collection of Antique Woodblock Prints, Several Japanese Triptych Battle Scene Woodblock Print Sets, Large Framed Embroidery Skirt, 8-Panel Lacquered Room Screen, etc. Pottery & Porcelain: Pair of Vintage 27" California Pottery Oil Jars, Pair of California Pottery Handled Oil Jars, Pisgah Forest Crystalline Pottery Vase, Weller Figural King Fisher Bird High-Glaze Flower Frog, Pair Sevres Applied Flower Reticulated Bowls, etc. Fine Tondo Painting on Porcelain after Raphael's "Madonna of the Chair", Unusual German Figural Ceramic Tobacco Box of Gnome on Cigar Box, etc. Fine Furniture & Oriental Rugs: Irving & Casson - A.H. Davenport Co. Boston Impressive Mahogany Chippendale China Cabinet, 19th Century Empire Over-Sized Secretary, John Richardson Antique English Grandfather Clock, Pair of English 2-Deck Gallery Stands from William L. Davis, Pair of English Brass Lion's Head Andirons, Pair French Ormolu Urn Andirons, Pair of Fine Bohemian Cut Glass Table Lamps, Art Deco Carved Marble Figural Jester Lamp, Wonderful Selection of Antique Oriental Rugs, Heriz, Sarouk, Kelims, Fine Silk Prayer Rug, etc. Items of Interest: Tiffany Studio Grape Vine Bronze & Caramel Slag Glass Humidor, Period Oil Painting Frames, Antique "The Olympian" Tabletop Music Box 15.75" Disc Player with 28 Original Discs, Small French Table-Top Music Box, Y. Chen "Soloist" 2004 Fine Full-Size Cello in Case with C.R. Chagas Brazilian Bow, Large Antique Russian Brass Samovar, etc. 1951 Harley Davidson Hydra-Glide Motorcycle. All original and complete with original saddle bags. This motorcycle has been maintained with factory parts its entire life. From original owner with 20,680 original miles. See photos, catalog and hammer price results.

Saturday, October 23, Estate Auction

Short notice auction: Cannonball queen bed set, Maple Bedroom Set, Ikea Sofa with Chrome frame, Carved Mahogany nest of tables, Chippendale side table, Pair of Vintage Rolled Back Arm Chairs, Maple corner cupboard, Whitewash Oak Desk, Credenza & File Cabinet set, Bookcases, Set of Coalport Ming Rose China, Heisey, large collection of Ron Lee Sculptures Clown Figures, Nut Cracker collection, Lalique figure, Swarovski, Silver, large collection of Sports Memorabilia, Baseball Cards, Superbowl Programs, Photos, signed baseballs, Huskies, Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics, Sports Clothing, Caps, Football helmets, Programs & Game Day items, many pieces of Murano Glass, Glass clown figures, Framed Artworks, Cardin Enamel 8x10 panel, Lots of Clocks, 1st Day Cover Collection, World Globe, Ship models, Lots of Books, Bing & Grondahl & Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates and ornaments, Set of Pfaltzgraff Modern Pottery Dishes, 2 Showcases, Wrought iron floor candle holder, Entertainment cabinet, Gold frame mirror, Pewter figures, Punchbowl set, Silver Plate items, Glass stemware, Pedestals, Cut glass, Set of Haviland china, Hawaii Scrap Book from the 1950s, Ship models, Lamps, etc. See photos.

Thursday, October 21, Book Collection & Estate Auction

Book Collection: We are please to offer the personal book collection of famous Northwest author, James Stevens. Stevens created and wrote the story of Paul Bunyan, The Saginaw Paul Bunyan, Mattock, Homer in the Sagebrush, etc. We have his personal author's copies of each novel including his first copy of Paul Bunyan. Also an unpublished manuscript by him. Collection includes books, photos, letters, personal writings, prints, artworks, certificates, etc. from his estate. Also included are books from a descendent of the Denny Family with a large group of early Seattle, Northwest, and Exploration books. Author Signed Books & First Editions. Antique, Leather Bound, Civil War era Books as well. Large Art Reference Books and Catalogs. A very historic grouping! Art, Photos, Etchings, Engravings, & Woodblock Prints: Large collection of Japanese Antique & Modern Woodblock Prints, Antique Engravings and Etchings, WWII and Boeing Photos, Steamship Photos, Antique Postcards, Northwest Artworks by Joe Reno, May Marshall, Tinted Mountain Photos, Antique & Modern Oil Paintings & Prints, Many Loose Prints, Silhouettes, Collection of Art Exhibition Posters, etc. Furniture: Mid Century Designer Danish Teak Table with 6 Chairs, Danish Teak Designer Buffet on Legs, Komfort Teak Armchair & Ottoman, Harry Lunstead Brass Top Coffee Table, Heritage Chinoiserie Wardrobe Chest, (2) White Furniture Lighted China Cabinets, (2) White Furniture Asian Style Canopy Queen Beds, Queen Mattress Set, Designer Pewter Inlaid Sideboard & Endtables, Arts & Crafts Vintage Oak Hall Seat, Large Antique Carved Wood Spinning Wheel, Rattan Dinette Set Table w/4 Chairs, Mid Century Walnut Dining Set, 4pc Dillingham Walnut Mid Century Bedroom Set, Carved Rosewood Chinese Nesting Table Set, Polaski Lighted Curio Cabinet, Ridgeway Grandfather Clock, Bakers Rack, Lane Leather Office Chair, 1908 Mahogany Small Practice Piano, Green Leather Loveseat, etc. China, Pottery & Glass: Large Group RS Prussia Porcelain, Imari Chargers, Asian Porcelain & Pottery, Nippon, Murano Glass, Northwest Art Glass, Fine Cut Glass, Studio Pottery, etc. Sterling & Jewelry: 80 Piece Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Flatware Service, Misc Sterling Serving Items, Souvenir Spoons, 14k Gold Jewelry, Mexican Sterling, Silver Charm Bracelets, Navajo Signed Cuff Bracelet, Lots of Costume Jewelry, Hat Pins, etc. Items of Interest: Indian Baskets, 2 Large Kachina Dolls, Chinese Carved Jade Pieces, Scroll Paintings, Asian Dolls in Cases, African Artifacts, Wood Carvings, Cameras, Don Blanding Signed Photos, Silent Movie Star Signed Photos, Antique Clarinet, Fishing Rods & Reels, etc. See photos and catalog.

Saturday, October 16, Estate Auction, Real Estate and Contents

Real Estate: 16805 126th Ave SE, Renton, WA. Large Rambler Home Fixer, Great Location, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,100 sf home on 8,178 sf corner lot, Double Sided Fireplace, Fenced Yard, Built 1959, Attached 2 Car Garage. King County Assessed Value: $223,000. Contents: Living, Dining & Bedroom Furnishings, Showcases, Kitchenware, Tools, etc. See photos.

Saturday, October 9, Estate Auction

50 years Accumulation, Dining Room set w/Hutch, Living Room sets, Dinette Set, large TVs, Player Piano, Wurlitzer Juke Box, 8 Pinball Machines: Atari Atarians, Bally Speakeasy, Gottlieb's Jacks to Open, Williams Gorgar, Williams Pretty Baby, Gottlieb Cleopatra, Williams Phoenix & Williams Firepower II, 2 Harrah's Slot Machines 25 cent & 5 cent, Medalist Competitor Electronic Dartboard Machine, Howard Miller large wall clock, Grandfather Clock, Lots of Bar Supplies, Barware, Decanters, Beam Bottles, Trains, Ammunition, Sterling Souvinir Spoon collection, Ivory scrimshaw cribbage board, Antique Mandolin, Accordian, Rosewood sculptures, 1985 Honda CRX Auto, 1978 Jet Ster Speed Boat w/Trailer, 1997 Ford Econovan, Animal Trophies, Sailfish, Bear Rug, Deer, Otter, Very heavy large Burl Wood Tables, Tools, Many Picnic Table Sets, 2 large Wrought Iron Patio Sets, Roll Top Desk, Artwork, Honda EX5500 Generator like new only 10 hours, Hand tools, auto tools, power tools, etc. Real Estate Sold: 23243 17th Place S, Des Moines, WA. 3600sf 5BR, 5BA, View Home w/Swimming Pool on 1/2 Acre Lot at the end of the Cul de Sac, Waterfalls, Koi pond, several decks: $439,000. See photos.

Thursday, September 30, Estate Auction

NW Estates & part 2 large Broadmoor Estates: Fine furnishings, Drexel Dining set, Marble base glass dining table, 2 large antique armoirs, Chaise lounge, Wing chairs, Antique dolls collection, Bisque dolls, large US Coin Collection, Silver Dollars, halves, quarters, Fine 14K & Costume jewelry, Sterling, Mid Century items, Santa Anita pottery dish set, RS Prussia, Caster sets, Cranberry, Majolica, hatpins, Cloisonné, Delft, Haviland, Waterford, hanging lamp, Spode, Morrocan rugs, Stickley coffee table, Medical cabinet, attorney sectional bookcase, ironware, etc. See photos.

Thursday, September 23, Estate Auction

Very High Quality Furnishings & Décor from large Broadmoor Estate & Others Furnishings: Drexel Inlaid Mahogany 54" round pedestal table w/9 leaves, 6 chairs, china cabinet & credenza, set of 4 dining chairs, Cherry Settee & Chair, Mahogany frame pairs of Armchairs, Mahogany side chairs, 8 sided Mahogany large center table, Mahogany inlaid drop leaf small table, Antique Grandfather Clock, Antique Oak Double Door Bookcase, Mahogany vanity by Imperial, Antique Mahogany framed mirrors, Designer Mahogany coffee & end tables, Club Chairs, Empire ottomans, 2 wrought iron patio tables w/4 chairs each, wrought iron settee & 4 armchairs, wrought iron coffee & end tables, Picture mirror, Teak Mid Century Chest, etc. Art: Many pieces by Peter Wetzler, paintings, Albertine Randall Wheelan, Tiles, F Senior oil, floral prints, signed prints, etc. China: 3 sets of Lenox China: Lenox Rose, Wheat & Shell patterns, Royal Doulton Figures & Toby jugs, Dresden figures, Bing & Grondahl Figures, Figural lamps, Royal Copenhagen lamp, Wedgwood jardinière, Pair of Lenox Lamps, etc. Glass: Swedish Crystal, Castor Sets, fine cut glass, paperweights, Venetian glass, Waterford, fine stemware, etc. Silver: Sterling trays, flatware, serving pieces, chocolate pot, carving set, lots of silver plate serving pieces, antique candle snuffer, etc. Jewelry: Fine 14K gold pocket watches, 14k gold rings, large Opal pendant, strands of pearls, pearl tierdrop lavaliere, vintage garnet earrings, fine costume jewelry, etc. Barometer, Mid Century Enamelware, Glidden, Clocks, Barware, Linens, vintage photos, slides, slide projectors, Opera glasses, Atmos clock by Le Coultre, Weller lamp, Sansui 9090 Receiver, Sansui SP 5500X pr speakers, Pair of Fisher speakers, Hartmann wardrobe trunk, Asian China, Cloisonné, etc. Vintage Designer Women's clothing, beaded dresses, gowns, beaded purses, compacts, shoes, Mink stoles, Furs, etc. Craftsman 5.5 HP gas mower and much, much more. See photos and